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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" a tough talk nor abandoning our values or giving into fear. that's what groups like isil are hoping for. instead, we will prevail by being strong and smart. in a prime time address, president obama lace out his plan to defeat isis and keep the united states safe from the growing terror threat. good evening i'm natasha brown, it is a rare speech from the oval office, president obama discussed the strength of our nation as well as the changes we need to make. >> good evening. >> president obama addressed the nation sunday from the oval office, first time in five years. o'connell condemned last week's shooting rampage. >> this was an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people. >> the commander in chief reinforceed his strategy to
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defeat sits. the president called the terrorist group a bunch of thugs and killers who biopty to exploit or differences. >> we can turn against would have by letting this fight be defined as a fight between america and islam. that too is what groups like isil wants. >> only 21 percent of americans have a great deal of confidence in the government's ability to protect against terrorism. meantime obama also called on congress to pass legislation that would band assault willful rifles used. >> no one on a no fly list is able to buy a gun. what could possibly be the argument for allowing a terror suspect to buy a semiautomatic weapon. >> president candidates have blasted the president for under estimating the threats. president obama says the u.s. military will continue to hunt down terrorists ploters anywhere
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it necessary. the president urged muslim community to be a partner in the fight. >> we are looking for your opinion tonight and set up a poll on our twitter page. we'd like to know what you thought of president obama's speech tonight. tweet us at cbsphilly to vote. this is just the third time president obama has spoken from the oval office. both other instances were back in 2010. in june of that year to address the oil spill in the gulf of mexi mexico. august to announce the he wanted of work in iraq. >> we're trying to determine wet she radicalized her husband and if he was the drives force in the san bernardino massacre, there appears to be nothing in farook's history that would show him as the mastermind. the community continues to mourn the 14 victims, worshipers of all faniths gathered at a mosqu to show solidarity. a new video shows a attacker
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in last night's knife fake in london before taken down by a police officer's stun gun. one person seriously injured after the loan attacker was threat threatening people. several eyewitnesses say the attacker shouted this is is for syria police are call it a terrorist incident. entering day's show down with the defending super bowl champion. the eagles was reeling from blowout losses and no one was giving them chance at all. then they played the game. early deficit and took down the heavily favored pats in the road. where new england has been instruckible in the regular season, greg argos caught you have let's begin that foxboro where it all went down. >> reporter: it was an absolutely miraculous game here for the philadelphia eagles. you said it correctly. no one expected them to do what
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they did here today. i want you to consider this. since 2001 the patriots are 94 and 0 when they have at least an eight point lead at this stadium behind me. now they are 94 and one. we go to the highlights and pick it up in the third quarter. the game tied up at 14ch here we go, tom brady the future hall of affirm. picked off by malcolm jenkins. down the field, 99 yard touchdown returned. they've harassed brady all day long. this is the first time eagles have a lead in this game, 21 to 14. sam bradford back from an injury, hooks up with jordan mathews in the end zone for the touchdown 35 to 28 yourinal score. bradford this was a much needed win. >> the last three weeks were tough on us all.
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i'm not sure anyone outside that locker room gave us a chance to come in here and win tonight. we believed in oushrselvess we knew we had a chance. then to come in here and get the contributions from all three phases tonight. i think this is the definition of a team win. >> reporter: natasha got to tell you this for first time in my contrary i walked into a locker room after a game and heard something i've never heard before. the eagles were blasting gospel music after the win. that never really happened normally it's hip hop, maybe some wrap, heavy metal, it's like they were thanking the heavens, their prayers were answered for coming away with this huge win. we will talk about it after this show in the sports zone back to you in philadelphia. >> gospel music. what a difference ten days makes. "eyewitness news" greg argos is in south philly tonight. he spoke with fired up fan you say out there.
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greg? >> reporter: that's exactly right. no gospel music here. earlier this plays was packed. hundreds of eagles fans here who were honestly pleasantly surprised with the massive win. >> blocked by philadelphia and it will lead to a touchdown. >> reporter: the shock of an eagles win against the patriots. >> has been intercepted malcolm jenkins. >> reporter: could be felt all the way from foxboro massachuset massachusetts. . >> reporter: fans pumped by the 35 to 28 victory against brady and the pack now the sword is on everyone everyone's topic. plenty has to happen. >> i'm worried a little bit about the arizona game. i don't think they have much of a chance for that. >> they take the hand off to sproles into the end zone jordan
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mathews. >> reporter: everyone thought there was no chance tonight cch somehow the birds pulled off this upset and put a little thrill back fans. >> i'm waking up now. >> eagles made us proud tonight. do it baby. >> reporter: this excitement will, of course, continue throughout the week. all eyes now focused on next sunday. that's when the eagles play the bills here at home at the linc. live in south philly. greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> eagles shuffle there thank you very much what do you think about the eagles big win over the patriots? have the birds finally turned the corner? connect with us on facebook and twitter. use the #cbs3 we'd love to hear from you. meantime we're getting a look at video of security guards tackling fans who rushed the field after temple's loss to houston yesterday. thousands of people stormed
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object to the field after the accumulate gars, others were tackled immediately after leaving the stand. the archdiocese of philadelphia is closing two roman catholic churches. the announcement made this weekend. immaculate conception bvm church in, and they will close on january first, due to financial reasons. the parish merged with larger churches last year. a delaware county man takes action after he spots threatening graffiti toward police in his neighborhoodsch the graffiti had the neighborhood cop killing season spelled out. when pat discovered that hateful message he jumped into action decided to paint over it and leave behind a holiday message. in a video he posted he already has over 75,000 views.
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>> i got a raised heartbeat. i hope i don't get in trouble for this. we're in and out of there three minutes. i figured, you know, clean that up. sooner than later in case kids think that's the message they should be hearing. >> reporter: john linder commended pat his action saying he's glad. montgomery county is training firefighters in a new kind of way to map them get out of dangerous situations at the new facility in abington firefighters took on the challenge of narrow tubes in concrete rooms. it's designed to simulate the life-threatening conditions of a building collapse or an under ground explosion. >> something we don't do every day. something we got to keep our skill set sharp on. awkward? it's fun skill rating. it's fearful. it's everything that you need to keep you on your toes. >> abington township at that five fire companies spend more than 7000 hours a year training
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for dangerous situations we have good news about jimmy carter the 91-year-old said today that he's cancer-free. made the revelation in front of a sunday school class he teaches at his church in plains georgia. carter has been under going treatment for melanoma spots the doctors found on his brain and liver. he was receiving a recently approved autoimmune drug that greatly improved his prognosis. he was diagnosed back in august but now cancer-free. today would have been frank sinatra's 100th birthday, musicians came together to celebrate old blue eyes, for one local dj this was about much more than the music. 150 years since the united states abolished slavery see how one local church was helping slaves to gain the freedom before the 13th amendment was
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♪ ♪ ♪ star studded salute to the frank sinatra tonight. celebrated the man affectionly known as the voice. there's local dj sid mark. he befriended sinatra more than half a century go. he sat down with jessica dean to talk about the time he spent with his friend frank. >> celebrating 69 big years. it's sunday with sinatra on talk
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radio 1210 wpht. frank sinatra and sid marks. >> the songs are medical denies medical denies of memories. >> if you were a friend you had the friend, frank sinatra. >> start spreading the news. >> every sunday you can find sid mark right here at 20121210 wph. he started the gig in the fifties meeting old blue eyes himself for the first time in the late '60s. >> i got the call saying mr. sinatra would like you to be his guest in las vegas for the weekend. i went out and met with frank it was easy the most exciting thing in my contrary and we hit it off. became friends. >> as friends do the two spent
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time together exchanged letters and christmas proefrnts present over the year, the his royalty that set him apart. >> he thanked me, i should thank him and i do every sunday. >> why do you believe, frank sinatra's music end doers e endures after all these years. >> because diamond is nice on any outfit. >> some of the hottest acts lined up to pay tribute on cbs. >> who else had hit records in seven decades? >> sinatra died in 1998. all these years later, sid mark still feels close to his friend. >> last time i was with him he said i'll be watching out over you. he's probably in the studio now. >> in that case play another one
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for mr. sinatra ♪ . >> reporter: jessica dean cbs news "eyewitness news". >> sounds great. recognizing the ab limitatilitionof slavery ri, back in this day the 13th amendment was ratified. a church is celebrating st. paul's elkins park church where a new exhibit the old york trowed freedom is unveiled this weekend. it was home to a hiding spot if the under grounds rail road. it an important role in history. >> we have done this in all the plays that is surrounded the old york road to freedom. there were many hiding places. jake cook lived here and there were a lot of -- this was a hot bed of activity.
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>> featured lectures tours of the exhibit and threatrical, an mayor michael nutter also dmashgd's anniversary reading the 13th amendment at the national constant crucionstitut center. santa gives special attention to very special and deserving children. "eyewitness news" at the philadelphia mills mall where kids with special needs were able to ask sept santa their wishes in a calm environment. the children got to listen to christmas stories and participate in other fun holiday activities as well. it's part of the caring santa eve event. >> and lots of holiday cheer tonight at the south street head house district. "eyewitness news" at the neighborhood tree lighting, jim donovan van helped to flip the
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switch on there. crowds gathered to see santa clause and shop at the holiday market. there was the lighting of the menorah for the first night of hanukkah. you can make the holidays a lot brighter. toy collection drive is in full swing. new unwrapped toy, head to fest to find a list of toy drop-off locations. they will be given to the veilings army, uso and boys and girls club flyers fan can donate a new toy. if you're going to the wells fargo bring the toy along with you. drop it off as you walk in the door. it will be greatly appreciated. so many kids out there really need toys this christmas. it's definitely christmas coming. when is the weather going to feel like it? >> maybe nighttime and then daytime forget it. >> gets chilly you need the coat in the morning then shedding it
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by the afternoon. >> difficult for this time of year, i think we do enjoy the mild temperature, even though we do have to shed a couple of lawyers. the chilly settling back in, clear skies, temperature able to warm up nice and efficient's conversely the calm winds really help us cool down as well and that chill is settling in across center city philadelphia right now after a chilly start to the day, coatesville 23, doylestown 25, 20 in medford lakes. chilly start in atlantic city at 28 degrees. philadelphia had our coldest start of the season so far dropping down to the freezing mark. temperatures heading down again. 33 in allentown. 41 philadelphia 20 in millville. checking in on neighborhood network, still up at 40 in drexel hill, 33 in hammonton, medford 36. hunting for another chilly night get you out the door tomorrow
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morning monday morning early, i know, 6:00 patchy fogs, mostly sunny by 8:00, still lingering areas of patchy fogs could reduce your visibilitys. temperatures will be chilly in the mid to upper 30's we'll warm up nicely into tomorrow afterno afternoon. stormscan 3 showing us quiet conditions. looks like a lot of cloud cover but this is mainly high level. we have clouds streaming in across the delaware valley but we are dealing with clouds closer to the surface in at way of fog forming especially across parts of lancaster and berks county reduced visibility reading down to four and two miles in lancaster and seven mile visibility in philadelphia and overnight we will be decedenting with patchy areas of fog otherwise dropping down to around 36, wind speeds stay on the light side. no windchill factor. wind around five miles per hour nice and light tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny and up to 54 degrees.
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that is about six degrees above average for us tomorrow afternoon. future weather showing us the areas of fog mainly north and west of the city as we wake up tomorrow. by lunchtime tbright sunshine. nothing to see, no cloud cover, late day clouds moving in mainly across the shore as we head into tomorrow due to coastal system that will ride up but not provide us with precipitation as we head into tuesday, could see pimps of fog once again mainly north and west, otherwise a lot of sunshine into our tuesday. it will be a cooler day on tuesday. tomorrow morning, get the jacket. head outside early, look up. this one is for you, lesley cresce crescent moon and venous side by side. you always miss out these events, check it out tbefore sunrise you have to get up a little early, sunrise about 7:09. venous and the moon hanging out t 49 on tuesday, 50 on
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wednesday, mix of sun unclouds, warm, trends kicks in on thursday. 55 and then yes, upper 50's by friday, sunny skies, what a way to end the work week and those are 60's. those are not typos, mid december, 60's. >> my gosh. >> i did have to do a double take on that. >> i want to see this moon actually. i'm calling you at 7:00 a.m. >> she's giving you plenty of warning. >> need to see it. all right. >> set your clock. >> we had a big day today, the college bowl invitations are out. temple owls and penn state, great time for a shiny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches
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snits help covering temple. >> i do natasha. >> it's a lovely plays to go. >> who wouldn't want to go to florida a few days before christmas. the temple owls are going headed to boca raton and will take on
11:26 pm
throwe throwed. ten win this season, now getting a chance to break the record. when they face their conference knows. first bowl for owls in four years. >> i think at fitting end for our guys, we're hopeful we can finish the year in the top 25. we're excited that we're in the top 25. i believe when we were picked to finish third in the east as the eastern champions with 11 never been done before with a bowl win versus a quality potent no, i d. >> they will take on georgia. january 2nd when nittany lions finish the season with a seven and five record, second bowl appearance under head coach james franklin. >> re. coming up next, don bell will be life from foxboro sports
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radio wip brian haddad will be joining me in the studio coming up in just a few minutes. >> there's lots to talk about. >> there is. >>
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nephritis of hanukkah, menorah s being lit.
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thank you so much for joining us tonight we do appreciate it we're always on we're handing things over to lesley and the cbs3 sports zone and don bell. take care. ♪
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this is nissan sports zone. welcome to the zone. here we are in foxboro massachusetts in front of gillette where hour ago the philadelphia eagles did the up thingible beating the patriots 35 to 28. i'm don bell we will go to the studio in a few minutes. couple things stood out to me about this game. it was complete team win. offense, defense, special teams all three elements of the game were sharp. all three scored here today. two, this team actually does have a puzzle, we weren't quite sure after watching them where they were out scored 90 to 31.
11:35 pm
now let's go down i95 who and catch up with lesley van arsdale and a special guest in the studio. >> thank you, done, lesley van arsdale along with brian haddad, brian with us to break down the game, and we're going to get right to the highlights. sam bradford was back. the birds kwab after missing two weeks were any concussion and shoulder injuries. after a scoreless first half the pats struck first, tom brady pitching. that is a four-yard touchdown pass new england goes up seven to nothing. later second quarter passing the red zone brady finds brady am dough la this time. hauling it in. doubled the lead 14 to nothing. new england tried and failed on side kick. position for birds in the ensuing drive. bradford, zach earths for the touchdown toss, show us some life here,


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