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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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hump back whales are catching local fishermen off guard. why the marine mammals are hanging out in such big numbers. also a beloved community active visit murdered in her own home. police say she knew her killers. why they think she was a target as shocked neighbors reaction to the gruesome news. >> developing right now, a big water main break sends water gushing into the street streetsa philadelphia neighborhood. crews are trying to get the problem under control. good evening everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we begin tonight with whale of a tail down the injuries shore. >> "eyewitness news" reporter diana rock companies shows you why the whales are showing up down the shore this time of year. >> reporter: people walking the boards out on the water this weekend up and down the jersey shore surprised to find unexpected visitor who's didn't mind putting on show many off the coast of ocean city this video shows one fisherman getting quite the bump from a hump back whale. enough to rock his boat. >> feeding, blowing water out
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his blow hole and at one point he started just kind of breaching coming towards us and then, you know, zigzagged arou around. he comes basically underneath this guy's boat. >> jim shot the video monday morning about a mile offshore. fishing for stripe%. when he saw the whale getting a little too close to another bo boat. >> seemed like the whale knew where the boats were at one point people were video and takintaking pictures almost liks putting on show for people. >> whale was captured by another bass fisher in niece pictures breaching a short distance from the beach with the jersey shore skyline in the background. >> it's amazing. it doesn't matter how good the fishing is and it has been very good when the whales show up they take center stage. >> captain joe hughes charters fishing trips from ac to cape may he's seen hump backs around this time. this year they've been closer to shore preparing for winter and feeding following the bait into shallow water. >> whales have been right along the beach if you were walking down the beach you probable see them at least they're spouts out
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to two or 3 miles. >> reporter: this weekend he spotted several hump backs on his charters 20 to 30 feet long he says she swim around the school of fish and then move into to feed. >> they'll swim under it and swim out water and eat the bunker all in one shot. >> reporter: that's when you see them breach. >> they stick their head out of the water and breach. report roar ocean has been so calm over the last couple of days the whales could actual be seen breeching about a mile from shore. marine experts say it's just a matter of time before they continue on south for the winter. in see see ale city, diana rocco cbs3 oy were the news. tonight a confession in the murder of a fishtown woman who was beloved community active visit. police have a couple in custody in a crime they say was motivate beside money. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is at police headquarters right now with the very latest on the crime and the community that is in disbelief. todd? >> reporter: ukee, friends tell me the 5484 old victim was a trusting soul but sadly it was
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that trust that wound up getting her killed. catherine wilson's badly beaten body was found inside her fishtown home on monday. two suspects 50-year-old james, and his 47-year-old jane johnson have been arrested and charged with murder. >> wonderful lady to get along with but i didn't know she was killed. until just now. she was my friend. >> reporter: wilson known for her sunglasses and sense of humor depended on them for years. they helped her around the hou house. they even became friends. >> the female suspect used to clean her house four or five times week and the male suspect used to do little odds and ends inside the house like handyman type of work roar report those friends be trade her motivate beside money the couple beat the 54-year-old to death likely with a wrench. the gas stove was left turned on investigators believe in an tempt to blow up the house and destroy evidence inside the home on the 1300 block of earl street. wilson's sister tells me wilson had recently inherented
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thousands of dollars from familiar and police say her suspected killers knew it much. >> it's estimated between 20 and $25,000. we know they split and it's both of their residences. our detectives are in the process of getting search warrants and they'll go out and recover the money. >> wilson community active visit last seen alive friday. police believe she welcome the killers into her home. believing their intentions were kind. >> i'm just really in complete shock. she knew everybody in the neighborhood and i don't understand. just crazy. >> reporter: police say it was johnson who first initiated contact with them and that she sold out her boyfriend. in the meantime investigators say both of the suspects have confessed to the crime. reporting life tonight from police headquarters in center city, todd quinones cbs3 it were the news. >> all right, todd, thank you. tonight the san bernardino community came together to honor the san bernardino shooting victims and their families.
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pastors spoke on stage moon situations performed for the emotional crowd. in the meantime, authorities are revealing new information about the shooters in the rampage but there are still many unanswered questions. this is a picture of syed farook and tashfeen malik at chicago o'hare airport entering the us for the first time as epp gauged couple in july 2014. they killed 14 people at a holiday party in san bernardino california investigators are working around the clock to pinpoint what led them to do it. >> we have learned and believe that both subject subjects were radicalized and have been for quite sometime. >> fbi says the couple prepared for the attack. they even went to gun ranges a round the los angeles area for target practice. >> workers at this riverside range said farook practiced shooting his ak15 rival alongside law enforcement officers just days before the attack. >> i'm still real until shock. ooh mean there was no signs of
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anything. >> reporter: fbi is combing through evidence seized from this home that belongs to farook's friend enrique marcus. ages trace wood assault rifles used in the shooting to marques who checked himself into a psychiatric hospital after the attack. >> our major concern is determining how those firearms the arrivals in particular got from marques to farook and mal malik. >> thousands of san bernardino county workers headed back to work monday while this memorial for their co-workers continues to grow. law enforcement sources tell cbs news tashfeen malik pledged her allegiance to isis on fiss book at the time of the shooting. republican presidential candidate donald trump issued a policy statement today calling for freeze on all muslims entering the country. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the
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united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> not take long for trump's republican opponents to condemn his proposal. jeb bush called trump unhirshed. fiorina called trauma's quote dangerous. >> a severed pigs head is thrown outside the academy on germantown avenue. the building is home to a school mosque and inter faith community center. surveillance cameras captured red pick up driving past the center with two people inside. >> the intent of that person who did that was obviously a hate crime. i mean it was an attempt to deface row hiss? institution. a pig' head doesn't do much, i mean, physicall physically, i mt next thing ab pipe bomb. >> the incident is under investigation by both local and federal law enforcement agenci agencies. mayor elect jim kenney released a statement condemning the incident. authorities say they're
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ready for this week's army/navy football game saturday at lincoln financial field. the game is attended by tens of thousands people every year and features military members and other dignitaries. police commissioner charles rap say says the city is prepared for the event. >> i mean we do have security plan for the army/navy game that's coming up work wig our federal partners, working with military. i can't divulge everything but you'll see a nice presence of uniform and also a lot of people you will not immediately recognize as being police obviously. >> the commissioner also told us no immediate threats have been made and he expects the game to carry out as schedule. two northeast philadelphia high school students are arrested after police say they attacked a teacher. officers say the males in ninth and tenth grade aisled the teacher at george washington high school this morning. after that teacher confiscate add cell phone. the teacher was hospitalized as precaution. the students have been suspended pending an investigation. developing now 15 properties
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are without water tonight in juniata park. crews had to shut down 12-inch main after it broke around 10:00 o'clock tonight. repairs will start tomorrow morning on the 1100 lock of ca cayuga street. >> local man being called hero after he risked his life to save a woman from a burning car in south jersey in mt. laurel saturday when a driver crashed in a utility pole bringing down live wires and a transformer. as the car became engulfed in names, the good samaritan sensed the woman at the wheel did not have much time and was able to get her out moments before the explosion. >> i heard a big explosion when it hit the hole and ba-boom, ba-boom. something told me just to go. i said to myself i'm not going to see a lady die in front of me. everybody was staning around i just took off to the car. >> police will not identify the driver but say she went to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. hard to believe it's december. we've been spoiled by unseasonably warm weather. >> no kidding. if you think the past few days
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were mild wait for what you're about to see. kate what are we talking about here? >> we are talking about a stumbling block tomorrow and temperatures on their way up toward the 60s by the weekend. take a quick look at storm scan3. seeing a few showers move off the coast of the jersey shore there could be stray shower here tonight but after seasonal tuesday, we're headed on up and we could be talking 15 to 20 degrees above average by the weekend. i'll have your full forecast in just a few minutes. also ahead at 11:00, which state has the best drivers? new jersey, pennsylvania or delaware? and the report claims he it has the answer. stick around to see if you agree. vittoria? roar report we're live in are a list staff farms in glenns mills where nativity scenes are coming to life. take look at this camel and wait until you see the holiday hayride they have planned. >> and coming up after "eyewitness news" the late show with stephen colbert is on all
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new. tonight stephen welcomes steve carell and jennifer hudson. show time 11:35. be right back.
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>> on this december 7th our nation commemorates the attack on pearl harbor. local veterans gathered aboard the battleship new jersey today to lay a wreath in the delaware river. it was 74 years ago japan attack the nave base in hasn't lulu, hawaii killing 2400 americans. and that tack led the united states to enter world war ii. on pearl harbor remembrance day, we are hearing from the oldest living war world war ii veteran. 110-year-old frank living ton was in washington, d.c. joining on the fet veterans and laying wreaths at the world war ii memorial. today's ceremony honor the thousands who died and this was an extra special visit for living ton his very first time in the nation's capitol. >> never thought i'd see a day like this. >> these are gentleman who have been through all of this. >> he will also visit the white
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house for the first time he hopes to meet president obama. >> something tells me that's going to happen. thank you, sir. believe it or not new jersey drivers are among the best in the country. that's according to new study by car insurance the sight used federal data and compiled rankings based on fatalities per miles driven, drunk driving, speeding and careless driving tickets. new jersey was seventh best overall. pennsylvania was way down the list at 35th. and the state of delaware was last in the tri-state region at 42nd. the guessing game is over. kim carrying and conway yesterday named their new bobby boy much it's not easton as many predicted. the couple chose the name saint. the baby was born saturday in cedar sinai hospital in hospital laying 8 pounds 1 ounce much they took almost a week to name their first child of course the name was north. >> the holiday season means front yards full of lights and decorations all across our area. >> dry through neighborhoods you'll find twink list displays inflatable santas but local
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attraction that's really brought christmas to life. >> our vittoria woodill in glenn mills delaware county where the displays have taken on life of their own. tori? >> reporter: you know you guys this is the first time that i can say during the holidays you can feed a live camel. i didn't think i'd he have say that on life tv. that's right. i'm live at the farm take look how some of the nativity scene is coming to life. and not only do they have amaz amazing creatures like this but they have amazing grounds earlier dye their holiday hayride. it was spectacular. take a look. we got to fine the perfect tree. can youing down or pickin pickit your own tree is a fun way to breathe in the fresh cent jen of the holidays. >> whoa! >> this is great one. don't you think? >> ♪ >> reporter: but the colorful sites at these farms that take over acres of land for all to enjoy.
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the holiday hayride is super special. >> we really enjoy it. >> randy owner of the farms loves the change in seasons and breathing in a bit of magic in to his land. >> we go from scarier to murray. take lot of work to break things down and change things over but this is really, you know, a work of love. we really enjoy entertaining the people and watching the little kids and grandparents such a great time. >> let's go! >> reporter: and can i tell you i felt like a kid all over again. our cheeks were nice and rosy and comfy and chose were we snuggled up today for the 80 lights displays we'd see. ♪ >> reporter: a ginger bread house pretty enough to eat. jumping fish and a bright blue stream. airplane and something completely unexpected.
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>> let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. >> reporter: how beautiful is that? i mean really a beautiful hayride filled with lights amazing snow, unexpected, and also unexpected this camelias well. shout out to jenn shannon who actually name the camel here winning a $200 gift card to did you haves the name of the this camel is humphrey very fitting for the holiday season and i don't want to neglect these adorable donkeys here as well. if you want information about this farm and all the wonderful things they do for the holidays visit it's so magical. you guys i'm so lucky doing all these fun holiday community events. feeding a camel, check off the bucket list. >> done. >> check. i just want to jump in the screen. that looks locate a great time. >> thanks tori. appreciate it. >> it really is. >> appreciate it. kate joins us now with perfect night to be out there tonight. >> perfect night f you're looking for snow you may have to go down there and go under the snow making because mother
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nature doesn't have any snow in our future in fact we're talking about near record temperatures this weekend. the record both days saturday and sunday 65 degrees. we'll be close that number. >> wow. >> both days. how about that? >> if you're looking for winter weather, unfortunately, we don't have that in the forecast for you if you're loving the warmth and knowing that winter is going to hit us at some point it is still technically fall after all. we'll get our cold but for now, well, temperatures on that are way up once again after we drop a couple of degrees into tomorrow. let's take a look what's happening outside right now take you to sky scam three and everything is clear and dry. no problems outside tonight. skies clng. we had the clouds come in during the afternoon and it was beautiful sunset across the area as well. take a look at a still image in just a moment i'll show you on our live neighborhood network we have a beautiful sunset over the delaware river in the city of philadelphia. but as you can see right now on storm scan3, the clouds are clearing and we're seeing some clear skies take over portions of berks and lancaster counties
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you'll see when i show you the temperatures the numbers are dropping pretty steadily in those areas with the clearing sky. but take a look all this rain just off the coast of the shore it's just brushing your shore points here so if you're on the boardwalk in atlantic city or ocean city may be seeing a couple of showers. all in all this storm is missing us going to head up towards southern new england, skies clear in the wake of that system and we have mostly sun 93 day on the way for tomorrow. pal my rah cove nature park that um manage i was showing you just after the sunset. 46 degrees there now. temperatures in the city 47 in philadelphia 40 in millville but notice how much cooler it is in our western suburbs. seeing clearing all that radiation is escaping into the atmosphere and temperatures dropping into the 30s already. now of the slow start to the cooling because of the clouds that are in mace in philadelphia tonight, tomorrow morning will not be as cold as the past two and temps at or below freezing and it's been mild. even though we had our first freezing temperature sunday morning we're blow freezing this morning with still above average the past few days.
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today 6 degrees above average in fact the entire month of december so far has been in the red and that major mild trend will continue. 49 tomorrow a degree above average but then take look at this rise by saturday, 62 the daytime high. as that storm moves away high pressure wedges in for day tomorrow into wednesday. watching this little system off to the north. that'sing to move by to our north wednesday night into thursday. few more clouds thursday morning. big story the warming. should stay dry through the remain of the week. cool down tomorrow. watch how the jet stream lifts to the north as we head into the weekend. warm air invading from the south. overnight, skies gradually clearing. watch for patchy fog the low down to arthritic degrees. tomorrow's my 49 coldest day of the week that's something because 48 is arriver look at that warm up. 62 by saturday. 63 on sunday. the record again 65 and we can get pretty close to that number. both days this weekend. >> that's amazing.
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>> december warmth. >> absolutely amazing. thanks kate. >> lesley has a look what's coming up in sports. >> sixers are still the sixers. >> okay. >> looking for their second win of the season but the team did hire a well high respected 60 tiff to help speed up the whole rebuilding process. sports is neck. [slow, building african-style music] it's the little moments.
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>> the sixers at the center tonight taking on san antonio. brett brown facing his former team. jahlil okafor came off the bench. he finish serve his two game suspension. jal with 10 points. tony parker with the pass to lamarcus aldrich. he shot 11 for 15 from the floor scoring 26 points. final play of the first half butler he hit the floater to beat the buzzer. the spurs beat the sixers 119 119-68. that 51-point win the largest in san antonio history.
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before the game big announcement sixers announced they hired one of the most row inspected basketball executives join the front out of the, jerry joanne jell-o the new chairman of basketball operations. he's a former coach, general manager and ran u.s. a basketball. he hopes all that knowledge will help sam hinkie. >> i think i can offer a lot of mentoring to sam. to help him in his job to make him even better at what he does. >> to be able to have someone as talented as him with the can i track record they has in our organization and available to me to work with us ton help us all make decisions is a great day. >> radical changes to what we're doing. we're committed to sam. we're committed to the process. we wante wanted it to move fast. >> eagles this afternoon released wide receiver miles austin really not a big surprise did he not dress for yesterday's game gets the pats. 13 catch this season but yesterday in foxboro eagles spotted the defensing super bowl
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champ as 14-zero lead. eagles needed the win. but will this give them a boost in the final four games of the season? >> you asked me the same exact question after the dallas game. we went out and lost to my many me. our total company fuss and concentration is just on buffa buffalo. >> let's talk about the buffalo bills. coming into the linc on sunday that mean the return of the eagles all-time leading rusher shady mccoy. our coverage will start at 11:30 on sunday kick off. great news for temple os head football coach matt ruhle is not heading -- not leaving north broad street he deed to six year contract that runs through the 2021 season. the owls match the team record for wins. they will play in the boca rah ton bowl against toledo december 22 and. to college hoops villanova taking on oklahoma at the pearl harbor invitational. numerous vets there honor on the 74th anniversary of the attack
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on herl harbor. cousins missed buddy for the slam. oklahoma held villanova to 33, beat the cats 78-55. good things are come fog nova this season. >> no question. >> thanks lesley. appreciate it. are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, beep!
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this way! where'd they go? they went that way! that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked! beep, beep, beep!
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♪ signs of the holidays are all over including down the beach. >> take a look at this from from beach in spain. traditional nativity made out of sand. 3 tons of sand were used to represent seven christmas scenes designed by artists. many raised through visitor donations will be donated to soup kitchens. >> our joy of sharing toy fest collect drive in full swing all you have to do is buy a new unwrapped toy head to to find a list of toy drop off locations. the toys will be given to the salvation army, u.s.o. and boys and girls club. flyers fans flyers nation you can donate new toy as well when you head to tomorrow's game at the wells fargo center just bring the eye toy with you and drop it off as you walk in the door. let's go flyers. we'll be right back. ♪
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thanks for watching everyo everyone. that will do it for us. our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7am, for kate, lesley everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on for you at up next the late show with stephen colbert. >> have a good night, family and sleep well.
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