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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> donald j trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representative can figure out what the hell is going on. >> more controversial words from done $5 trump there is morning being condemned by his republican opponent. tough morning for dozen of people without water, can't brush your teeth, can't shower, that's after water main break, floods a neighborhood. update on the neighborhood. good morning, i'm erika von tiehlment check in with katie and meisha a this forecast, i mean, i'm loving t i know the snow bunnies are hating it. but if you're a fan of mild weather, feels pretty good today? >> no bunnies, sorry. not so sorry. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. roadways are looking good. we still have overnight construction project, some bridges are open and, yes, water main breaks, all coming up. so katie, still feeling chilly outside?
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>> absoluteliment the early morning is absolutely chilly. chilly enough to warrant a winter coat for sure. but, yes, you know, we kid, but truly, those ski resorts really could use some colder air. it is just not coming any time soon. now, on the flip side of that, there are a loft people that are rejoicing in the fact it is not terribly cold just yet. really depend on who you ask, right? for now, storm scan3, quiet as can be. storm system still pulling a which us from, nice little near miss as opposed to one that real had i any kind of major impact on us. still cloud cover ocean county monmouth county but starting to just thin out, as the storm rotates away. so, what are we looking at here? an interesting little development frankly. air quality alert has actually been issued for less than healthy levels of particle pollution, specifically, for all of the counties shaded in the gray there. so, new jersey, not included here. but it is southeastern pennsylvania, issue as well as the state of delaware, basically when we say unhealthy for sensitive groups talking kids, elderly, maybe if you have any casino every respiratory illness, take it extra easy out there.
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look at the air temperatures, at 38 degrees, currently at the airport, much combed err by comparison in the poconos, that higher terrain, ten solid degrees colder but, we do rebounds, normally topping off in the upper 40's this time of year. so we still should be a smidge above average at 50 degrees, but meisha by comparison it does feel little cooler than it did yesterday. >> yes, certainly does, katie. i felt that right away when i woke up this morning, thank you so much for. that will we have good news in store this weekend. i can tell you that. right now or morning commute is actually looking pretty good. just couple every trouble spots out there. talcony palmyra bridge is up. you can she in this camera shot, also the burlington bristol bridge is still up as well. left lane block, see evidence by all of the flashing lights, also, you can see, the back of starting to happen here, bucks county. route one north again, past oxford valley. from to sit in that is correct you might want to give yourself couple of extra
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minutes, i'm let you know it clears. delaware county northbound, 452, looking good when you take this all the way north to the airport also looking good, no major delays at the airport either. so whether traveling by vehicle, or by airplane, looking pretty good this morning, this is where we had water main break, happen last night, in juniata park. east cayuga street closed between benning ton street and claring street. use alternate hunting park avenue. over to you. >> thank you, updating store now we've been reporting all morning long, home invasion ends with the homeowner shooting and killing the suspect. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now in lawncrest with the latest on this investigation. good morning. judge turns out homeowner fired first in this case shooting suspect twice, and also killing him, and search that far home may have turned up what he was after. possible drugs and money. >> police found home invasion suspect near death on the first floor of a row home, on the 6100 block of reese
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street. then downstairs another find. >> in the basement it was a green weed like substance, it appears to be marijuana. has heavy odor of marijuana. there is also several hundred dollars right next to this alleged marijuana. >> that substance will be tested, and if it is drugs, police say, that could mean charges for the homeowner. the same man who opened fire, on the 35 year old armed suspect, who charged through the front door announcing robbery, stunning two women and men inside. >> the 27 year old male homeowner pulled his weapon and fired four shots at the 35 year old committing the roery. the 35 year old collapsed, and dropped his handgun by his feet. sources say the mask wearing suspect was hit twice, once in the head, once in the chest.
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>> medics worked on him, attempted to arrive him, cpr, how much, the victim never regained consciousness. he was pronounced dead at 2:04 a.m. >> police have not identified the suspect or other people inside that home. we do nope, those two women, who were in the home, lived with the homeowner, all three of them armed, but only the homeowner fired his weapon. also, we are told, all five people who were in that home are talking to homicide detectives none every them injured. again if the substance found in the basement turns out to be drugs, the home own nerve this case could be facing charges. justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. let me get it breaking news right now, north woods section of philadelphia. chopper three right now live over the scene of house fire on the 4600 block of oakland street. not seeing any flames right now, but the flashlights there, the firefighters, there
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are reports several people were trapped inside the home, we'll bring you new details as soon as we get them into the news room. >> police say, robbery was the motive in the brutal murder after community activist in fishtown. fifty-four year old kathy wilson was found badly beaten inside her home on the 1300 block of earl street yesterday morning. investigators say, a couple she employed to do odd jobs around the house confessed to that crime. >> the female suspect used to clean her house four, five times a week, and the male suspect used to do little odds and ends inside of the house like handyman type of work. >> investigators tell us, $20,000 was taken from that victim. fifty year old james clever and his 47 year old girl, jane johnson, face list of charges, including murder. students at radnor high school can expect to see extra police there today. one day after a bullet was found in a school hallway. the school was put on lockdown
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yesterday morning, after a student spotted that bullet. officers checked out the school. they did not finds any guns. they're still trying to figure out how that bullet ended up there. >> donald trump continues to make his case for miss plan to ban all muslims from entering the country. as don champion reports, trump now faces condemnation from leaders and republican rivals. >> donald trump isn't backing down from his controversial proposal calling for total and complete ban on muslims coming into the us. at a rally in south carolina monday night, the republican presidential frontrunner tried making his case. >> we have no idea who is coming into our country. we have no idea if they love us or if they hate us. we have no idea if they want to bomb us. >> the country's largest muslim civil rights organization quickly fired back. >> donald trump, found immoralized leader of lynch mob than a great nation, like
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ours. >> the billionaire businessman's gop opponents are taking aim, texas senator, ted cruz, who was battling with trump in the key state of iowa, says, the focus should be on radical islamic terrorism. candidate john kasich hopes to raise money off the controversy. the ohio governor sent out this campaign fundraising e-mail, saying trump's rhetoric is outrageous, and it is devisive. and the jeb bush super pack released this add blasting trump. >> when the attacks come here the person behind this desk will have to protect your family will he be i am pumps i have and wries electric like donald drum up. >> hopes the ad bridges eyes and focus back to the former florida governor's campaign. many of trump's supporters at last night's south carolina rail bring not phased by the controversial remarks. >> like to hear what he had to say. think we need somebody strong like that. >> drum's next campaign stop
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in iowa friday. done -- champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and, check out the front page hereof today's philadelphia daily news. the headline describes trump's comments as the new furor invoking memories of adolf hitler. certainly going to be something people are talking about today. >> they're investigating after severed pigs head is found in islamic center in north philadelphia. head of the roasted pig found outside an academy germantown avenue. it is home to school, mosque, interfaith community center. surveillance cameras pictured that red pick up with two people inside. >> intent of the person who did that was obviously a hate crime. i mean, it was attempt to deface religious institution. now, a pigs head doesn't do much. i mean, physically. i mean, could the next thing be a pipe bomb? >> authorities are reviewing this surveillance video. mayor-elect jim kenney released a statement
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condemning the incident. crews plan to repair water main break in juniata park later this morning. fifteen properties, right now, are without water. crews had to shut down a 12-inch main. it broke around 8:30 last night, on the 1100 block of cioga street. the break sent water spewing out flooding surrounding streets. no details on what caused that main to break. well, this is being called an extraordinary event. coming up: the wettest day ever, in portland, oregon, triggers flooding and landslides. >> also, a diet high in unhealthy fat will obviously put on some pound. but, there is another down side, that could impact your performance at work or school. details ahead in the health watch. >> new jersey versus pennsylvania. which state has the better drivers? i'm greg argue oath here on the jersey turnpike with the report which says it has the answer.
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>> entire neighborhood had to be rescued in for the land, oregon yesterday, as the city weathered its wettest day in history. more than 3 inches every rain fell in 24 hours, ending at midnight last night. streets were closed, the city sure system overflowed, and heavy rains triggered landslides. there were no injuries but more rain is on the way. the last thing they need out there. but katie, over east coast, really here slightly cooler but real treat again if you enjoyed the mild temperatures. >> slutly. so the backdrop behind me is not a real picture. we are not looking at any kind of snow even in the near term here. we are just simply not in a atmosphere set up for any kind of ice or snow in the days ahead. what this is a background for, how much, is your countdown to winter. six days until the average high is 45 degrees. currently it is 47 degrees. and the actual beginning of winter, according to the
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astronomical calendar, in other words, the winter solsus, 15 days away, shortly thereafter comes christmas, can you believe it is this close already, 18 days, shopping days dwindling, my friends, then new years as just 24 days away. so counting things down to the point where we are eventually going to see some cooler air take over here. it is just climatically a trending scene, but do remain above average in the most of the days ahead here. even as we have storm system to track, not even hint of any ice or snow with this. the further north you travel, either. it is just too warm. everywhere. meanwhile, nice wide zoom shows us we are finding new trough basically entering into the picture here, little bit of wet weather along with that in south dakota by the time we see our next call it feature or disturbance, really doesn't have much u m.p.h. to it. nothing for the next five to seven days. 38 degrees at the airport, sinned dropped since last check just because of the nice clear sky. pretty much on par, so little
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colder out the further north and wet you go. but we are that said seeing the coolest day of the forecast today. at 50 degrees, which is still above average. and then we see couple of clouds wednesday night into thursday. we break for sun, then we heat right back up. 60s, in mid december. >> unreal. >> going back to last winter, i mean, what a difference scene. >> it is such a -- >> un polar, yes. >> not a word but you know what i am ' saying. >> we understand. >> and hey, commuters are really happy, we haven't had many issues on the road, no freezing ice or rain. >> just the rain. i feel any time someone compares know with rain everyone will go with the rain, take the rain over the snow any day. so i can tell you the morning commuters are loving. >> this i'm loving it right along with you, and i can tell that you this morning is looking pretty good. just dealing with overnight construction project. this is an area where we did have an accident this morning. this is in bucks county. route one northbound past
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oxford valley load. that left lane was block due to the accident. that has since been cleared. it is looking actually pretty good. everyone still traveling in and around that posted speeds. another thing i want to point out for you are the bridges. burlington bristol bridge now back open. also the talcony palmyra bridge was up. now back down, as well. talcony palmyra bridge open as women. taking a lock at the boulevard as you held in the southbound direction toward the schuylkill, you can see, how much is heating up here. mondays and tuesdays tend to be two of our busiest travel days of the entire work week. what we are seeing is earlier jumps on to the interstates and highways, certainly seeing that on the boulevard, so just overall this morning give yourself couple of extra minutes, erika, over to you. >> meisha, thank upment on your cbs-3 health watch this morning, common treatment for prostate cancer may double the risk for altzheimer areas disease. a joint study conducted by researchers at penn university medicine and stanford university, they found men who received androgen deprivation therapy, 88% increase risk of
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altzheimer, lowers testosterone levels, what fuels who is trait cancer. new study shows high fat diet can be harmful to your brain. group of mice were fed high fat diet over three months, and they experienced low brain function. researchers say the damage though can be repaired. once the mice went back on low-fat diet higher brain function returns. do you start never and sneezing as soon as you put up the christmas tree? coming up it is probably not a coal. doctor rob's going to join us it is what you have is a christmas tree allergy. more trouble for chipotle after dozens of students in boston get sick. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> lard to imagine that day, today is the 35th anniversary of the death of john lennon. he's remembered at new york central park with a special section called strawberry fields. most likely fans will visit that site again today. on december 8th, 1980, mark david chapman killed lennon. chapman remains in prison. organizers every lennon memorial in los angeles plan to use the event to call for end to gun violence. >> the massachusetts health
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department now investigating a boston chipotle restaurant that made have made 30 college student sick. the student became ill, the testing still needs to be done, but believed it might be part of each coal i outbreak, one boston student describe her experience over the week end. >> one of our friend was so in the infirmary with a concussion, when she walked out ten people in the waiting room all with buckets throwing up from chipotle. >> they all said they ate at chipotle? >> yes. >> in a statement, chipotle said that there currently is no evidence to suggest that this latest incident is related to any previous e.coli incidents. still ahead this morning, new jersey versus pennsylvania, which state has the better drivers? depends on who you ask. new report claims it has the answer. we have that for you next. >> also, several hump back whales are spotted at the jersey shore. find out why so many of them are swimming into our waters. >> and katie there is mild stretch continues. >> it absotely does. in fact, this is the coolest day we'll have of the next
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seven days, and it is still above average.
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we all know some new jersey drivers get a bad rap. right? well, new study shows the garden state has some of the best drivers in the country, well, pennsylvania, fell
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short. here's "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos with more on the ranking. >> it seems like a simple question. new jersey versus pennsylvania. what state has the better driver? then state pride gets in the way. >> hands down. >> hands down new jersey? >> hands down. not even a question. >> why is that? >> because we just have been brought up driving like, you know, very aggressive. and we take it along our entire life, and we're the best drivers. >> what is wrong with the jersey drivers? >> they're too aggressive. >> not according to new report, which puts jersey drivers near the top in the nation. the ranking comparing each state and the district every columbia driving stacks, including fatalities per 1 million miles driven, drunk driving, speeding, careless driving tickets. and the results have jersey seventh best overall, and pennsylvania, 35th. >> here is the deal though. pennsylvania's near the bottom of the list.
6:26 am
>> really? >> well, no comment. >> i'm afraid to drive in philly. i won't go. >> you won't go? >> no. >> so we have jersey drivers saying they're the best, pennsylvania drivers saying they're better. let's get the final say from people who do this for a living. >> they're all bad. they're all bad drivers. i've traveled pennsylvania, delaware, and jersey, and most of them are pretty bad. >> that remind me, delaware drivers are even lower. forty-second in the country. delaware ranked even lower than pennsylvania. >> told you! thaws because they're so slow. >> all right, so, what about the first place state and the last place state? they both begin with m, montana, last place, minnesota, number one. reporting here, greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, surprise ago loft people there, i think. coming up in the neck hear who have urge new details ' pledger about the couple who killed 14 people when they
6:27 am
opened fire at office holiday party. we have the latest on the investigation. also, a puppy for paris. why russia is offering this dog in a act of solidarity. we want to get the latest on the weather and our forecast when we come back after the break. good morning.
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the life that i want to live. >> breaking news in the northwood section of the city. a woman and two young children had been rushed to the hospital after a fire breaks out in a row home on the 4600 block of oakland street. firefighters tell "eyewitness news", that all three of them are being treated for smoke inhalation, that fire, has been contained. the woman suffered burns and hurt her neck had she jump from the second floor to escape those flames. the fire started in one home
6:31 am
and spread to at least two others. there is no word yet on what sparked that fire, but once again, at least three people including two young children being treated right now for smoke inhalation after that fire in northwood. >> unbelievable warmth coming our way here in the next couple of days, specifically for the weekends. >> 60s? common. >> timing couldn't be bet nerve that regard, but couple of nice weekend, like our luck just keeps ongoing. >> keep the fingers crossed, yes, looking good right now. we had little moisture on storm scan, actually storm system, as we go full screen here. just basically rotating away, retreating off to the northeast, so seeing skies clear very nicely here, on storm scan, not too much to speak about. a couple of clouds as we throw that satellite coverage over top. again that's all starting to thin out with time. to the temperatures, into the 30's, generally around the board, little colder by comparison the most outlying
6:32 am
suburbs here at 28 degrees mount pocono, lancaster collection in at 29, cold start granted. we are granted going to end up with colder day in general compared to what we saw yesterday. outside we go to the board walk plaza in rehoboth. another beautiful shots in the live neighborhood network this time of morning. so pleasant right now. very tran will out there too. your three day forecast is just on uphill climb. see few more clouds approaching wednesday and thursday specially because we have weak little disturbance that's going to cross through, at this point, i don't expect that it will have much impact on us. rather, it bridges in a few clouds, and that's kind of it. beyond that point keep the warming trends going. up and ever here, couldn't behalf year. >> so happy i'm your friends, good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you, if you are just waking up with us. nice, dry, sound like just beautiful day today. what you are looking at right now, live look outside, 422
6:33 am
eastbound trooper road, looking busy, starting startingt up here we do so push through the 6:00 hour. once we hit the clock. hour. you can see, it is starting to look busy 422 and also the schuylkill another area starting to heat up this morning. schuylkill taillights moving in the eastbound direction, at the conshohocken curve. 6:30 on a tuesday morning actually looking pretty darn good. still traveling at posted speeds which is great news at 6:30. ninety-five betsy ross bridge moving in the southbound direction, another area that i keep my eye on in the morning. looking little busy, there as women. now, this is where we have an accident in bristol. veterans highway at wharton road. near the ramp to and from 95. this is where we have an accident, i will let you know as soon as i hear what is closed if you can avoid the area you certainly want to do that. >> thank you. new jersey flags are flying at half staff on state building in memory of the victims of last week's shootings in san bernardino. as danielle nottingham reports, investigators
6:34 am
uncovering more information about the shooting, while many county employees return to work. >> chicago's o'hare airport entering the us for the first time as an engaged cup nel july 2014. nearly year and a half late we are kill 14 people at holiday party in san bernardino, california. investigators are working around the clock to pinpoint what led them to do it. >> we have learned and believe both subjects were radicalized and have been for quite some time. >> they even went to gun ranges around the los angeles area, for target practice. >> workers say farook practiced shooting his ar15 rifle alongside law enforcement officers days before the attack. still? shock. no signs every. >> i fbi also combing through evidence seized from this
6:35 am
home, that belongs to syed farook's friends mark quest, agents traced two assault rivals used in the shoot togs mark dez who reportedly check himself into pschiatric hospital after the attack. >> our major concern is determining how those firearms, the rifles in particular, got from marquez to farook animal evening. >> thousands of san bernardino county workers headed back to work monday, while this memorial for their co-workers continues to grow. >> danielle not i can ham, "eyewitness news". >> meanwhile homeland security will alert new terror alert system in the next few days, will reportedly include intermediate level to better reflect the new types of global terrorism threats. this will be the third change to that system which started after the september 11 attacks. >> the security plan is ready for this weekend's army navy football game. it is saturday afternoon at lincoln financial field. tens of thousands attend.
6:36 am
philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey says that the city ready. >> well, i mean, we do have security plan for the army navy game coming up, working with federal partners, working with military. i can't divulge everything there, but see nice presence of uniform, and also and lot of people there that you will not immediately recognize as being police obviously. >> ramsey says there are no immediate threats, he expect the game to go on as schedule. >> u2 returns to paris after last month's from or attacks force the ban to postpone their show, before taking the stage last night the ban members gave a behind the scenes look. >> up two shared the stage with eagles of death metal. that's the bands that was playing at the at the time of the attacks. and, russia giving france some puppy love, you might say. the two month old german shepherd was handed to the
6:37 am
french ambassador in moss coy. the puppy will replace diesel, the seven year old police dog, who died during a terror raid, in the paris suburb of last month. puply travel to france next month to join the police force. >> with jokes weeks to go before the end of year, may be ways to boost your retirement efforts, and reduce your tax bill, both sound terrific. want to check in right now with cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger, like lag you're saying, save up money. good morning. >> so if you have one of the employer plans, 401k, do you really have time to make changes or help yourself out at all? >> you know, some companies actually allow you to change your contributions all the way to up 50% of your pay so you may be able to top off the 401k or 403b plan. now there is year, remember, limited $18,000 per employee if you're over the age of 50, you can actually make an extra
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$6,000 contribution, called catch up. so check where you stand. then bump up the contribution level, top off that plan. >> all right, now what about ira's, anything different there? >> well, you know, you have got until your tax filing in april to fun your ira. but here is you what might consider. conversion from a traditional ira into a rot ira that has to happen before the end of the year. now, a conversion requires that you pay the tax due on your asset now, instead of in the future. so this is something that can really work well if you think your tax brackets going up over time, or if you are really young. i love the rot ira. also, quick reminder here, if you're over the age of 70 and a half, you must begin withdrawing specific amount of money from your retirement assets, because remember, they have not been taxed yet those fund. the penalty for not taking your required minimum distribution is so steep, 50% of the shortfall. >> yikes. >> so please remember take that. yep, if you have got multiple
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ira's you don't have to take money out of each individual account. take one, based on the age, and total value of those ira accounts, but, the rules are different for 41k's. for more year end retirement and tax strategies, i've got a big list. go to jill on money. com. >> not naughty or nice list, a helpful list. >> hump back whales have been spotted down the jersey shore. they are the talk of the town. they've been seen up and down the south jersey coastment monday morning one fisherman off the coast of ocean city captured hump back whale on video. another boater snapped pictures of whale briefing just off the coast, with the shore skyline in the background. >> feeding, blowing water out his blow hole. and at one point he started just kind of breaching, coming toward us, then, you know, zig-zag around little bit. next thing you know he comes up basically right underneath this guy's boat. >> what a surprise. one boat captain says the whales are following the
6:40 am
seasonal bi. t fish, and look to go bulk up for a long winter. still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", some call it the most wonderful time of year until europe christmas tree sends new sneezing fits. did you know you could be allergic? doctor rob is here to talk about that next. >> also, used to seeing the victoria secret angels work the runway in their fancy lingerie swimsuits. last night they shattered sterio tapes, ate a a whole bunch of buffalo wings, with stephen colbert. so funny. coming up. >> ♪ >> listen in, we'll be right back. late late show is james cord end last night. >> ♪
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6:44, we want to check in and get our forecast for the day, enjoying these beautiful 50's, still starting off bit chill think morning. >> real circumstances that's the thing, you know, off to chilly start granted. it is still that sort of inbetween, where you need the extra layers in the morning, namely, heavier winter coat to start things off. and then maybe as the day goes on you can get rid of the extra layer, have just sweater on. it will help you out later on today. but, what you can expect at least initially as you walk out the door is the chill, nice clear sky, temperatures generally up and down i95, sort of spanning the delaware river here, pretty much into the mid or lower 30's, depending on your location, we go to cup. thief spots, 32 degrees came into us from ed sent us
6:45 am
beautiful shot of the moon earlier this, more i posted it on twitter, too, close spot in chesterfield, we've got high pressure in place, pressure kind of high reporting from his station, bill, reports nice clear sky, out in card inning ton, check out his comment, clear, crisp this morning, give your car time to warm up. that is sound advice. you know, now even though we are technically above average, this is the time of year, where you need to think about those things. the frost is here, the freeze is here. and certainly that very cold seat when you sit in the car initially, is here, as well. so keep that in mind. storm scan, let's go there next, watching storm cyst make its full retreat. see with the counter clockwise spin how the clouds start of lift away from southwest to northeast here. and, as that storm pulls away, not even bringing enough cold air, to bring anything more than rain, even across northern new england. so that storm system was near miss essentially and even where it is hitting places like cape cod, not really doing too much. high pressure then place for the rest of the eastern united states we keep that in place for awhile. will eventually be new trough
6:46 am
that addition in for our area moving forward in this forecast, i do actually speaking of moving forwards when i jump to jump you to the seven day, nice, warm up, big surge on the thermometer, this weekend meisha talking 60s, kind of unheard of this time of year. >> oh, just a permanent smile. sixty-four on sunday, what? good morning, everyone, the burlington bristol bridge is scheduled to open at 6:45, a.m. schuylkill moving in the eastbound direction before montgomery drive. certainly starting to heat up. you can see, just a sea of head lights out, there so traveling just slightly below posted speeds at this point, also, do have disable truck 95 south the onramp allegheny, see pulled all the way out to the shoulder, what you are going get here, even though it is not blocking so much in the middle center lanes, i can let you know right now that because of the gaper delay and how many people are out there, and then also you can see we have people walking around on
6:47 am
foot, that's going to cause some delays, i can let you know that i'm sure i know you're traveling less than posted speeds there. this is where we have an accident in bristol. veterans highway wharton road near the ramp to and from 95. just make note of. that will and also, we have some flooding, all of the update coming up in a little bit, erika, back over to you. >> ♪ >> the word this morning is wings. as in angels, and buffalo wings. check it out. >> victoria secret angels. eat buffalo wings. dig in, ladies, let's do this thing. >> all right? don't be shy. don't be shy. >> spicy. >> i'll take one, give me one right over here. now, don't be shy. get in there. you need fuel for your big under pants day tomorrow. >> okay, steven, we recorded this show a month ago. >> well, then belly to up
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buffalo bar my friends. >> now, remember. >> these are spice. >> i they are spicy. >> they're buffalo wings, my friends. >> these things will go through you like a bullet in tokyo. >> great mental image, thank up, steven. victoria secret angels proof they can grub just like the rest of us and eat buffalo wings on the late with stephen colbert. when he didn't have a napkin handy, they found another purpose for the fluffy white wings. maybe we can see it, no napkin? just grab a wing. yes, theus. >> you can see those latest and the rest of the angels on victoria secret fashion show right here on cbs-3 starting at ten tonight. then stick around for "eyewitness news" at 11. well, this is only a tease, folks, but game of thrones fans, they'll take t
6:49 am
this is glimpse, first glimpse into season six. hbo featuring new add for all of the returning shows for to 16. now the wait begins for the full trailer. season six will premiere in april. cannot bathe. >> all right, 6:49 right now. time to see what's coming up on cbs this morning, nora o'donnell joins us from new york with that preview for us. good morning. >> good morning to you, new reaction, to ban muslims, speak to john dickerson about the impact of his statement. plus, john stewart returns to the daily show with scolding comments for congress about helping 9/11 first responds earns. and the founder of lululemon talks about the controversial remarks he made about see through leggings, the news back in the morning, see you in ten minutes. >> see through leggings, the controversy continues, nora, thank you.
6:50 am
>> could trimming the tree leave you sniffing and sneezing? may seem like a common cold, but for some people could actually be an allergy to your christmas tree. family fist action doctor ran dan off joining us with the details on there is did i double take there is was real thing? roomy s when we bring the christmas trees inside, bringing the outdoors in our house f you are someone who has hey fever or pollen allergies or allergic to mold, guess what, bringing the outdoors inside, and you can have allergies and asthma and wheezing. >> so say you start sneezing, how do you know if it is a coal or christmas tree allergy? >> every time this year when santa helpers bridges the tree inside and you start sneezing and wheeze being, may be core lakes. here is the thing, once the tree sin side, if people roll allergic to the pollen or mole or even the smell sometimes that pine smell, they'll start wheezing or coughing, or itchy eyes, runny nose, and it may and reaction to what was just brought into the house. and that might be the tree. >> now, say you still opportunity have a tree but
6:51 am
have the symptoms, can you minimize them at all until. >> you can. so first of all, when you go to the tree farm, to bring it, if you are getting live tree, a loft them have shakers, i was just there this weekend, they shake it all, all of the debris comes out, also then when you bring it home may want to wash the tree, host it down real well to get the pollen off and the mole, then set it outside, put the trunk in water for couple every days, threat dry out. from one of the big vacuums, you can like really vacuum some of the loose debris, bring it in the house, and a suggestion is put it in a room that you don't sit in all the time to admire, because this way there is less pollen grains around. and, you know what you can do, put a help a filter in the room, it will get pollen grains and mold away. here is the other thing, the longer you keep a tree in the house the more mold that grows. after two weeks the mold counts are real high. i mean, i know some people who keep their trees until february and they're sneezing like crazy, after christmas, after the holidays, bring the tree outside. >> very good. i can see moving the tree different room. don't know if i could vac assume my tree but good
6:52 am
suggestion. say i don't want to vacuum my tree, get a fake ones, can you still have symptoms with that? >> yep, because a lot of times we store these artificial trees in areas where they collect dust, dust collectors, them you bring them out. you know what happens with all of this dust, you heat it up, sneezing and wheezing, so you want to wipe it down with moist clot, and then it should be okay. also the ornament depending how you store them a loft times people oh, throw them in here then they collect dust. wipe them down a lot of people have these allergic reaction toss mold happen pollen and dust, so keep it clean and enjoy the season? people have strong opinions the type of tree, douglas fur, does it depend on the tree what kind of reaction snuff. >> great point. yes, certain people have reactions to certain trees. again, this is not as common as one would think, but cyprus trees, they tend to be the least allergy forming or trees that people react to that good one, if you have an allergies and hey fever, look for the
6:53 am
cyprus. >> if santa bridges you antihistamine, you will be just fine. >> say busy with your holiday shopping? >> enjoy it, and i'll given you tissues in case, and you'll be fine. >> thank you very much. we'll be right back.
6:54 am
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>> breaking news tops headlines this morning on cbs-3, three people including two children, are hurt in a house fire in philadelphia. chopper three live over that scene on the 4600 block of oakland street. this is in the north woods
6:57 am
section of philadelphia. one of the victims reportedly jumped from a second floor to escape those flames. philadelphia police are investigating a fatal shooting that started as a home invasion in lawncrest. police say the homeowner shot and killed the suspect. police found what was believed to be drugs in the basement of that home. and, crews will be fixing a water main break in philadelphia's juniata park neighborhood. live look right here at that scene, you can see the water pulling on the street there. it broke last night on the 1100 block of cayuga street cutting off service to 15 customers. i know you have some detours for folks because you feel for the families, 15 folks, can't brush their teeth, can't take shower. >> damage man that, right in the morning, too. >> at least not freezing out, so not frozen. >> that is definately something we have going for us, cold start to the morning, though, certainly places like outside kutztown area middle school look closely frost on the grass there. but the sun going to shine, help us warm back up from the 20's where we currently stand
6:58 am
in that location, to about 50, that's your philadelphia hi, anyway. but still tech neckly bit above average. that's the coolest day we've got in store. just keep warming up through the weekend, meisha. >> love it. thanks so much for. that disable truck 95 south the on ram from al gain toy 95. going to the wide, see really slowing down, 18 on 95, southbound, 12 on the schuylkill, both directions coming up the roosevelt boulevard. forty on the blue route, not bad. dropping down to 30 on the vine. >> signs of the holiday all overment walk down any street, these days, see the wreath, and it includes the beach. maybe you don't think of the holidays at the beach, but check this out here. this is beach in spain. what you are looking at are the traditional nativities made out of sand. >> beautiful. >> amazing. >> now, 3 tons every sand. there is a lot of sand going into this. used to represent seven different christmas scenes, and these are all designed by artists.
6:59 am
folks come by, took a long time to make them, through the visitors donations toll they'll go to soup kitchens. so wonderful full circle, little holiday spirit and going to help those in need, too. and reminder "joy of sharing" our "joy of sharing" toy fest collection drive is now un full swing. all do you have do is buy new unwrapped toy then head over to to find list of toy drop off locations, the toys will be given to the salvation army and the uso and the bs and girls clubs, hey, if you are headed to the flyers game tonight, you can donate new toy, at the well, as well. at the wells fargo center. just bring that new toy with you and drop it off as you walk in the door. we're one of the collection sites here at the station. and it is so fun walking into work every morning, see the pile of toys stacking up. >> puts in you such a good mood. >> such generous people here. >> founder of apparel company lululemon talks the controversial remarks about the sue three leggings. also, reminder join us bright and early, we start things off 4:30 here on cbs-3.
7:00 am
4:30 here on cbs-3. hope you have a great day. good morning. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump blasted for enraging the united states. democrats united. >> and jon stewart returns to the daily show with a blistering message for congress. >> we will have a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> yes, we have no choice. >> because something in happening in there. man, it's anger. >> donald trump cal


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