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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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this afternoon in city hall. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco joins us there with more, diana. >> reporter: mayor took this opportunity to make it the clear that he would not be seen, in the the same room as donald trump and says tonight that his quote, hate filled anti muslim rhetoric has in place here in philadelphia. he has no idea what he is talking about. >> reporter: strong word for presidential candidate donald trum from mayor michael nutter. >> he has taken a page from the play book of hitler. >> mayor and city council standing with philadelphia's muslim community at city hall in the face of what they call a growing anti muslim sentiment after the attacks in san bernardino. >> we are not at war with muslims, we are not at war with islam, we are at war with terrorist. >> reporter: mayor's comments were in response to the republican presidential candidate calling for a ban on muslims entering the the united states, something that the the other candidates have publicly denounced asante
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american. >> we have no idea who is coming into our country. we have no idea if they love us, or if they hate us. we have no idea if they want to bomb us. >> reporter: this comes as monday as a pig's head was found at door at al-aqsa mosque. surveillance video shows two people in the red pickup truck threw a roasted pigs head out the window landing near the entrance. thinks second filled hate incident after a threatening voice mail was left on the machine at the islamic center just days earlier. >> we're paying special attention to religious institutions which we have been doing for a period of time. obviously after some incidents that have occurred around the country. >> reporter: police have stepped up patrols outside that north philadelphia a mosque. they er tonight, asking the public for any information that they may have, and the mayor's office has just offered a $2,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest, and convictions in in this hate crime. we are live outside city hall
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tonight i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". anti muslim rhetoric on the presidential campaign trail and beyond is having an impact on philadelphia's islamic community. besides the pigs head thrown at a mosque is there an up tics in threats of area muslims. as cheri greg from kyw news radio tells us, women are the latest targets. >> reporter: when you are walking down the street, you know, you have to look like, don't mess with me. life long muslim aalayha literally wears her religion. >> this is a kemar and it is covering the head, the ears, and the neck. >> reporter: in weeze event weeks she believes it thinks modest dress required bias lamb, that is attracted hate messages on line. >> you know, it is just so child dish. >> reporter: she and other women are concerned that they are target after a female gunman tashfeen malik, was
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shown to take part in the san bernardino shootings. >> is there a female face to put to it. so now, people feel justified in saying see it is not just a name, it is a all of them. >> the the rhetoric in the country right now is so bad, that it is causing targeted acts of discrimination, of violence, of almost vigilante justice. >> reporter: this woman runs the fail human relations commission and say they have seen a vast up tic in complaints from area muslims hours after a pigs head was found outside a north philadelphia mosque. >> various people have told us stories about getting eggs thrown at their houses, and it is all coming out now. >> reporter: for this woman these messages of hate has nothing to do with her. >> i don't know anybody in isis. >> reporter: she won't let intolerance stop her. >> be steadfast in your religion because that is what faith is. >> reporter: philadelphia a human relations commission is urging anyone who experiencing or witnesses religious
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intimidation or hate crime to report it to the commission, and to police. live from the sat center, cheri greg for kyw news radio cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you. a delaware jury acquits a dover officer charged with assault after being caught on dash cam video kicking a suspect in the face. corporal thomas webster was found not guilty after three days of jury deliberations. prosecutors argue that webster, whose white used excessive force in the 2013 arrest of the black suspect l atif dickerson. he was aiming foreman's upper body and feared for his life because officer thought he was arm. another mild december day across the region with plenty of sun, meteorologist kate bilo is on the the sky deck and with the sun gone down how does it feel now. >> not too bad for december, certainly. temperatures still above average. we are 3 degrees above average which makes it one of the coolest days of december so far. at is really not saying much of anything. we still will got to the 50's. normal high 47. we are on our way up toward
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the 60's by the weekend. temperatures still pretty comfortable at 46 in philadelphia outlying area, clearing skies, we are down to 33 in millville. chilly there. thirty-nine in allentown. right at freezing in mount pocono. we keep climbing, two or 3 degrees each day through the rest of the week and into the weekend. lets take a look at that line upward, not one day enclose to the average high of 47 degrees and it looks like the dry weather is mainly sticking with us as well. coming up we will tell but a milder wednesday tomorrow, a dry pattern but i do have some rain in the seven day forecast and we have a day in the forecast as well where temperatures could hit a 15 degrees above average and challenge a record. we will have that full break down and eagles forecast for sunday coming up when i join you inside. new at 6:00 officers at philadelphia international airport seized nearly 20-pound of cocaine smuggled ton a flight from gentleman make a u.s. costumes and border protection officers found the bricks of cocaine in the cargo hold of the aircraft on
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saturday they were discovered in two straw string style backpacks concealed behind a access panel. >> every day we are generally not coming up with much at all. it is rare occasion like sat the day where we encounter 20-pound of cocaine and it gives our guys a pat on the back that work you do every day it is being noticed and you have got good results out of it. >> reporter: officers made no arrest because they could not konecny of the passengers to the backpacks. the the hunt is on for grinches working to ruin the holiday season. philadelphia police are asking for the public's help to track down two thieves caught on tape stealing holiday items. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter has the story. >> reporter: all he see lots of holiday trimmings, brightening fairmount homes but not on this door on the 2400 block of aspen street where police say a smiling, cigarette puffing thief was spotted on a security camera, stealing a wreath, sunday evening. >> we got like a serial grinch going, you know, aund the
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ninth district. >> reporter: captain frank bank hand ford said same thief struck blocks away ten minutes later leaving only a hook where a wreath once hung. >> he is taking them to sell. he is not going home and hanging it on the door with his family ape making his children happy i'm sure. >> reporter: in queen village police say, this thief five nights earlier tries one car after another finding an unlocked vehicle and helping himself to two watches worth $4,000. >> a lot of people are shopping and unfortunately people leave their bags and other belongings inside a vehicle which is a easy get for thieves. >> i think it is sad that though don't respect peoples property. >> reporter: julie smellser visiting families in the neighborhood targeted by wreath taker say thieves steel a lit built of the joy and beauty from the holiday not just for victims but for everyone. >> my doubt wore not put the wreath outside the door. she has one inside the door because she thought it would be stolen. >> reporter: how sad is that? >> it is very, very sad but it
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is a reality. >> reporter: as detectives here often remind us, not only don't criminals not take off for the holidays they work even harder. if you look at our web site you can see more of the video and if you can help detectives they say they will be only too happy to play grinch to the suspects. at central detectives division, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". big changes are coming for a northeast philadelphia high school plaqued by a series of violent incident. the school district made the decision last night the to remove george washington high school principal gene jones after two and a half years. officials say school needed a dramatic change after three students allegedly attacked a teacher yesterday. the move prompted mixed reaction from his parents. >> the principal made some efforts. >> this should have never come to this point. >> there comes a point where it is this is necessary and that is point we reached yesterday. >> two district administrators will lead the school together
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until a permanent selection is made. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight home grown game that is on a role. >> it is a beginnings, bochi and chess, a philly born game. i'm greg argos with the course that is finally opening up in our city. and since this holiday season tips from the the pros about avoiding danger before you put up those christmas trees, kate. and we are heading for a taste of springtime in december, it is not even winter but it will feel like spring as temperatures head for 60's and near record highs, this weekend, i'll have your full forecast coming up, pat. hey kate we are live at wells fargo center, flyers/islanders here tonight. i'll tell about our joy of sharing toy fest and philadelphia a eagles take on the buffalo bills, that means shady mccoy is back and he has got some things to say about the philadelphia eagles. we have got that in sports.
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a mother and her two daughters are recovering after narrowly escaping a fire in their home in the north wood section have of philadelphia. it happened early this morning
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on the 4600 block of oakland street. the mother reportedly jumped from a back window to escape and a young girl followed. family says a neighbor caught one of the woman's daughters. that causes being investigated. it is the most wonderful time of the year but philadelphia fire department wants to remind residents that small mishap with holiday decorations can be dangerous. >> today fire officials came together to educate resident about how to properly care for christmas trees and other decorations. in order to prevent fires officials say to turn lights off when no one is around, check water levels daily, and make sure your tree does not block exits or stairs. >> never leave your tree near a heating source, never leave your tree near a place where you have heat. those are just some of the things that we want to remind everybody, as we move into the holiday season. >> reporter: fire fighters will distribute 30,000 tree tags with these safety tips and more to christmas tree
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lots throughout philadelphia. and new to home grown game that is growing big time in popularity. it is brainchild of the pair of philadelphians. >> "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos shows us what it is all about and why is it really on a roll. >> reporter: we are in the east side of fairmount park. we are going to build hopefully, the first of many, philadelphia stones courses. >> reporter: if you can combine the equipment from bochi and strategy of chess, golf. >> forward on the course. >> reporter: we will get a game called stones. >> stones is a collection of five stretches, basically, five mini golf holes in a way, and idea you progress, through the course. >> reporter: goal, it is pretty simple. >> the whole concept is to be in nature throwing balls at a smaller ball and probably most primitive of all games. >> reporter: chris and his friend john, thought of the game during a camping trip during 2006. >> originally in this game you always had to have a beer in your non-throwing hand. we have younger playing new so obviously that is no longer in the rules. >> reporter: after chris's
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brother rine coined the name. >> ryan came up with the name stones, we realized bochi golf didn't encompass what we are. >> reporter: stones spread like wild fire. leagues popping out throughout north america. >> i never thought it would get this big. the it was a way to pass time while we were drinking and have competition. >> reporter: now they want a contest, philadelphia parks initiative which gives them space in fairmount park to create the the cities first official stones course. >> we want to create something that we can help people be stewards of the land as well. >> reporter: course will be built using only natural materials from the surrounding area when can you get out here to fairmount park and officially play on this course, the game of stones? well, these guys say they will work throughout the the winter, they hope to have it opened by early spring. reporting live from fairmount park, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> look at that. >> i love it. >> sure. >> that look like fun. >> this weekend it could be really nice considering it feels like spring. >> it does. >> this weekend put on your
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flip-flops, shorts and go play some stones. >> yes. >> i'll tell what you it will be a great weekend to go outside. i may wear flip-flops just because i can. just to be outside for a few hours without your toes freezing. it will feel like spring has come early as we head in the weekend. temperatures arriving in the 60's. i don't want to discount the rest of the week either. we will be in the mid 50's tomorrow, 60 degrees by friday. we just keep on climbing. we thought last weekend was great with highs in the the 50's and sunshine in december? this weekend will be even better unless you are a fan of the snow and cold. i know we have a few viewers who are, eventually we will get there but not anytime soon. lets look outside and take you outside to campbell's field looking live over ben franklin bridge all lit up tonight and skies are clearing. temperatures are dropping. as we said yesterday with these long, long nights, these are some of the longest days of the the year heading toward winter solstice which is shortest day of the year. longest nights of the year and shortest days of the year when we have a long dark night,
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temperatures drop very quickly and they tend to stay low into the morning hours. that is why we get cold nights the but mild afternoons. the here's time lapse video from the kutztown area middle school. you can see what a beautiful day it was, blue skies, cross the board through first half of the day. a a few more cloud drift nothing by evening hours and then a great, pink sunset in kutztown, a great beautiful december day, seasonal. a couple degrees above average but close to normal. the rest of the week not so much. storm scan three showing a few more cloud in western pennsylvania and around pittsburgh area and back through ohio, these cloud will take over during the day tomorrow. tomorrow more cloud then today. same story on thursday as this next system lifts off to the north and bring more cloud cover. thursday mainly cloudy. there may be a shower along the the coast on thursday but mostly dry. then we will clear out and temperatures start to rise. real warm spell begins on friday. temperatures in the too shabby. thirty-nine in reading. forty-six in philadelphia.
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chilly 33 in millville. thirty-two in mount pocono. we are talking 50's as we head through tomorrow just like today. apartly sunny. warmer then today by 5 degrees. we will get to the mid 50's for your wednesday. thursday 50's again. in mostly cloudy. as we head into friday we are talking 60 degrees with the mix of sun and clouds. beautiful friday and warming trend continues, high pressure retreats, that big cold high and we will get southeasterly flow, some spots could be as high as 20 degrees above average by sunday and challenging record. here are record to beat. record for atlantic city 69 degrees on sunday n philadelphia our record is 65. wilmington is 64. allentown six two. these are beatable record on sunday, good chance that one of us ties or breaks a record. overnight partly cloudy, chilly at 36. tomorrow partly sunny and not as cool at 55. heading to the eagles/bills game what a beautiful day it will be. fifty-two and partly sunny. you don't get that kind of football weather in fail in mid december. enjoy every second. great day for tailgating and
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you're witness weather seven day forecast again remember that record was 65. our high temperature was 64 but there is a a good chance we will make a run at the that record. we will get close and then rain on monday. >> put an end to the spring flirtation. >> they have a friend that goes to the army/navy game every year. it is so cold. this is going to be a whole new atmosphere. >> the "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> scott pelley has a look ahead. >> hi ukee and jessica great to be with you in philadelphia a here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. not backing down. donald trump doubles down on his plan to ban muslims. republican leaders denounce it but is it even lawful? plus, jon stewart returns to the daily show with a plea to help 9/111th responders. we will have the stories just ahead on the "cbs evening
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participate helping in the joy of sharing toy fest, this is to buy a new unwrapped toy and then head over to cbs fest to find toy drop off a locations. those will be distributed by salvation armored, u.s. o and boys and girls club. speaking of the the joy of sharing toy fest fly guying dor their part. >> yes they are, "eyewitness sports" pat galleys live at wells fargo center where fans are bringing toys in tonight's game, pat. >> yes, they have been people flying in for, flyers and islanders. many people bringing toys to drop off for our joy of sharing toy fest. if you are on your way get down here now, bring a toy, bringing sent toys, why not. now to the game, it is flyers and islanders, both teams are coming off losses, and orange and black lost to the blue jackets four-one saturday night ending the flyers four
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game winning streak. wayne simmonds say loss is a a blip on the radar. >> you know, we have been playing a lot in the last three weeks. we will in the play every game perfectly. we will have some bad ones in there. overall we played very well. it is up to us to get back where we were, you know, you can look at it, obviously and learn from the things to you wrong but over the last, body of work, that was the unusual. now to the philadelphia eagles, the nfc east is a absolute mess thanks to the dallas win over washington redskins last night bird are in a three way tie for first place, and five-seven. it is just ugly. some day our old friend shady mccoy makes his return to philadelphia as buffalo bills takes on the eagles. he is eagles all time leading rusher. he told his teammates today in buffalo that they have to win this game for him. the eagles know what this game
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means to lesean. >> we know it means a lot to him. he is from the state of pennsylvania. eagles drafted him. he is looking forward to come back here, and for the the first part of the game, being on the side line but he understands it is just business. of course, they have a game to try to win too. >> one thing we do know he does love to cut back and change direction, up the field. so i don't want to end up on no one's highlight tape. >> you can see eagles and bills contest right here on cbs p kick off at 1:00 o'clock. our coverage starts at 11:30. sports director don bell, leslie van arsdal and myself will be live from lincoln financial field as we come back live here a at the wells fargo center, don't forget, the the joy of sharing toy fest is underway so bring a toy and i found some friend too. meet these lovely ladies when you come down for flyers and islanders. live from the wells fargo center, pat good will for
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"eyewitness sports". back to you. >> thanks, buddy. >> we will be right back.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our cw philly sister station and back here at 11:00 on cbs-3. >> coming up next, tonight comedian jon stewart takes on congress with the plea to help 9/111th responders, will his campaign work? here now is scott pelley, take care family we will see you tonight.
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>> pelley: fellow republicans blast donald trump's plan to close america to muslims. >> it's not what this country stands for. >> pelley: but trump doubles down. >> we have no choice! >> pelley: also tonight, devastating floods after record rainfall. jon stuart's uphill battle to help 9/11 first responders. >> the first people on the scene were first responders. >> pelley: and an american band attacked by terrorists returns to paris with a message. ♪ people have the power people have the power ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the front-runner for republican presidential nomination drew heavy fire today over his proposa


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