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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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against him. >> message of that video very clearly is if you come against me or teva against me then i will hurt you, i will kill you. >> reporter: in an very ohio the the actor playing the witness helps police identify weilly and is then, gunned down, by the suspect in, retall racial. >> he is trying to be as clear as humanly possible that he will do everything he can do to obstruct justice. >> reporter: almost as chilling as imagery video shot here on the streets have the coastville the d.a. says was very real witness inn tim taste by weilly five months later, right under the the noses of prosecutors, and the judge in the chester county courthouse. weilly and his girlfriend sheneille turner who work in the court house probation department are a accused of trying to intimidate a witness against weilly at his drug trial. their alleged message, don't show up in court tomorrow, just don't come to court, tomorrow. >> on its face it is don't testify but the the quiet understated message is we can
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find you anywhere. we can get to you anywhere. even here in the justice center. >> reporter: as police continue to search for weilly the d.a. says that both the the video, and the alleged courthouse confrontation show just how serious a problem don't snitch witness intimidation has become. >> community like coatsville has a hard enough time without knuckle heads like this trying to on struck justice so they can deep dealing poison. >> reporter: in chester county walt hunter eyewitness naus. war of word are heating up. mayor added his name to the list of people condemning the presidential hopeful's comments on muslims and trump as expected has something to say bit. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones joins us from our at satellite center with more, todd. >> reporter: donald trump is not type to pull punches and he swung back after mayor michael nutter used a curse word to describe the presidential candidate and in case you missed it, this is what nutter said yesterday.
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>> he is a blank. he has no idea what he is talking about. >> reporter: philadelphia mayor michael nutter didn't back away from comments he made tuesday, nutter used the expletive after saying trump should be banned from the city after trump called for a national ban on muslims entering the the country. >> there is, you know, fairly universal agreement with the veracity of that comment. >> reporter: donald trump took to twitter first in responding to a tweet someone sent him, trump called nutter a crude dope then he sent out a tweet saying nutter quote is doing a terrible job. should be ashamed for using such a disgusting word in referring to me, low life. >> donald trump has not yet figured out the difference between reality show tv ratings and the wild and inane things you can say in that context and what it takes to be a serious candidate. >> reporter: for his part
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nutter admits he could have have use a different word to describe trump and nutter added that he apologized to the clergy at that press conference for using that curse word and that he is sure going to hear from his mom about using that word. reporting live from the sat center, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right todd, thanks very much. foreign leaders are weighing in on trump's controversial comments. including one who plans to meet with trump later this month. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says that he rejects donald trump's remarks about muslims saying his country respects all religions but netanyahu still plans to meet with the candidate in israel, later this month. >> jeb bush who was campaigning in new hampshire said trump a's proposal could put israel in danger. >> it pushes the way allies necessary essential toss destroy isis and to bring about security in the middle east. >> reporter: bush has condemned trump's comments but refuses to say if he will support the businessman if he wins the g.o.p. nomination. former home land security
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secretary and pennsylvania governor tom ridge, campaigning with bush, was more blunt. >> the public will in the vote for him ever. i think he demeans the process. i think he is an embarrassment to the party and embarrassment to my country. >> reporter: katie glick says many republican leaders are scrambling to figure out how to deal with trump. >> his campaign to have more legs then establishment, might have expect earl they're year. >> reporter: wednesday morning trump emphasized he is leading in the polls and plans to stay in the race as a republican but tuesday night he retweeted a poll showing 68 percent of his supporters would vote for him, as a third party candidate. for his part prime minister netanyahu says trump meeting was already arranged as part of the policy for meeting with any candidate who asks. fbi say jihad, was two subjects the that the san bernardino shooters discussed in 2013. fbi director james comby told
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a senate judiciary that syed rizwan farook and his wife tashfeen malik will were radicalized before they began an on line relationship. malik came to the you had from pakistan, last year, on a fiance visa. >> to find home grown violent extremist to find those radicalizing and being inspired by these terrorist groups is a very, very hard thing. we are working hard to understand exactly their association and source of their inspiration. >> fbi believes that the couple were inspired by a foreign terror organization, now they are working to pinpoint which one. today a philadelphia jury found a man charged with shooting to death beau z abell not guilty on all accounts. mar cell us jones was accused of killing the teacher near fourth and south in 2008. with no physical evidence the tying jones to the murder, the prosecution was leaning exclusively on witness testimony. the jones argued he was innocent and witnesses lied. tis the the season in the for skiing but for golfing,
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was a possible record breaking warm up this weekend, ski enthusiast are out of luck. chopper three over spring mountain, it kind of looks like spring there, not a skier in sight, no snow either but taking advantage of the mild conditions would be local golfers. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria movies live at cobbs creek golf course in lansdowne where she spoke to very happy golfers, alex. >> reporter: well, yes this is a very busy day, it has quieted down a bit right now but these athletes who we hung out here earlier and i will play it safe and call them experienced. the it is only slower, not a snow blower grooming the cobbs creek golf clubs in lansdowne. the unusually warm weather has allowed a season that wraps up in early november to push on through mid december. >> everything is a bonus right now. >> reporter: there are a few who understand that concept then the the most notorious bunch. >> they come here every morning, 15 to 20 guys and they hang out in the clubhouse, drink coffee and
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yell at each other. >> it is mcdonald's, man where have you been. >> we will get this one out here and we will be all right. there we go. >> reporter: lou chill camillei is 96, slightly higher than the weekend temperatures are set to break. >> i love it. i'm a summer boy. >> reporter: lou, a veteran who took up golf at 41, averaging 140 round a season. so he can squeeze all he can out of this one. which is probably yes was so hard to catch up with. >> i have a little problem with the hand, circulation and my hand get very cold but i can't beat this december weather. >> reporter: compared with last year, 205 has done wonders for course is all around a the region. cobbs creek is well on their way to be book up this weekend. >> everything is just a bonus right now. that is all it is. >> to me as long as i get out, have fresh air, see the trees, grass, i'm happy. >> reporter: happy holiday season it has been for anyone who necessary how you to live,
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each day like a bonus day. >> no cursing. >> reporter: so if you are wondering what these guys play for? it is not fame, fortune but more like carbonation. gentlemen who comes in at bottom of the barrel has to buy everybody else a soda and consider they play between three to five times a week so that can really add up. reporting from lansdowne,al sand that hoff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i love it. thanks, alex. i have a buddy named ralph, hoist 81. we did a story, we have to get those guys together have a great time. golfers on the links. >> you can identify. >> yes, indeed. >> it doesn't feel like the holidays. the kate bilo is on the sky deck. pro shop phones will be ringing off the hook to make t times. >> i was doing math in my head. nine two-year old record we are trying to beat in my sunday forecast. he was four years old last time it was 65 degrees on december 13th. i'm not sure he remembers that
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day but you may remember this weekend. temperatures on their way up. it will feel like springtime and winter isn't even here yet. we have skip the whole season all together. for some that is sad for others they are loving the warm weather knowing that the cold will get here. take a look at how warm right now, we will go out to the current temperatures, 55 degrees in philadelphia. even right now we are almost 10 degrees above average, for average high it is 47 this time of the year. fifty-four is current temperature in trenton. fifty-two in millville. zooming out over eastern half of the country there is not a lot of cold anywhere except north is chilly. boston at 44. nashville at 58. atlanta 63. today another day above average 8 degrees above average. look at that red. we will add at least another five to seven days to that. so coming up we are heading to the 60's by tomorrow. we will tell but those record in danger this weekend and we have our next chance for rain in the seven day forecast as well a lot to get to. i'll break it down when i join you you inside. back to you. well, sports illustrated celebrates newly crown sports
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kid of the year with a big party. montgomery county native and swimming phenom reese wheatly was formally recognized for his accomplishments today. the 15 year-old shared in the festivities with fellow student and teammates. he even gave credit to his predecessor last year honorary and little league star mo'ne davis. >> first and foremost it is awesome to follow someone as great as mo'ne. she took the world by storm last year. i think that is cool to keep it within the philadelphia air were. you know, maybe next year we will get another super athletes who can shock the world just like mo'ne and i did. >> nicely done young man. the risa tend william penn pen charter school in east falls and hopes to some day compete in the olympics. i believe he is a straight a student. >> i believe that is right. >> would i keep his name in the back of your mine. you will hear that in the years to come. >> no question about it. coming up next time magazine reveals 2015 person of the the year. then the supreme court case that could kill college affirmative action, just
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advertise zest take another look at whether race can be considered in the admissions process. also, dry eye is one of the most common reasons people go to the eye doctor but there may be a new way to get relief in the form of the common food supplement, health reporter stephanie stahl has those details next, plus this. i'm pat gallon and this sunday eagles te on the buffalo bills. it is a very important match up. i had a very important question for some of the players regarding bills, a bunch of bills. it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right no you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement,
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german chancellor angela merkel is time magazine person of the year. merkel has preserved and promote europe despite economic turmoil and a growing refugee crisis. merkel is first woman to be named person of the the year since 1986. other contenders for the honor included caitlin jenner, donald trump and black lives matter activist. on the cbs-3 healthwatch millions of people suffer with dry eyes, one of the most common reasons people go to the eye doctor. now researchers are trying to determine if a popular supplement could help. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to tell you more about the research and trial.
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>> reporter: interesting solution maybe to a common problem. >> yeah. >> dry eyes can be treated with a variety of drops and medication but they don't work for everyone. that has many hoping for a new solution for their itchy irritated eyes. this new clinical trial is testing a supplement many already are taking. berlinda sore yan owe has had dry eyes for much of her life. >> really dry, gritty, and especially in the morning when you wake up. >> reporter: she's tried all sorts of remedies. >> i have special tears and then some ointments. >> reporter: while dry eyes are mostly a quality of life issue they can also lead to serious eye problems. >> it can be associated with infection, of the the surface of the eye and things that could permanently loss of vision. >> reporter: now she's volunteering for a clinical trial to see if fish oil supplements might ease her dry eyes. >> it is an oil, of course, but really it is anti-inflammatory activities is what makes it of interest. >> reporter: she has been taking five capsules a day
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that might contain fish oil or might just be, olive oil. >> i think i saw a bit of difference. i am hoping the fish oil supplement but we will see. i'll find out toward the the end of the study. >> reporter: doctors say there is very little down side to taking fish oil and also known to be heart healthy. previous studies looked at fish oil for dry eyes and that was inconclusive. while this large study is meant to determine fit is effective or not. lots of people interested in this one. we will keep you posted on the results. >> that is an easy supplement to get. >> thanks, steph, appreciate it. heavy rain caused flooding throughout the pacific northwest. power is out for thousands of residents across washington and oregon as rivers rise and high wind, down trees. officialness king county, washington are monitoring waterers coming from the hills which they believe could cause land slides. police in portland, oregon say a 60 year-old woman is dead as a result of severe weather. she died when a fur crashed in their homes. crews are working to clear
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that tree. port land metro area has been hammered with more than 5 inches of rain falling, since sunday. >> yeah, we have seen some of that severe weather in the last what month or so across the the country but really here, it is mild. >> it has been so mild, so quiet. northwest is getting pummeled by storm after storm. they cannot catch a break n some spots they have more rain then cities in the the northwest have gotten all year. but for us, things have been very quiet, and staying quiet thanks to a big ridge of high pressure that will continue to build toward the weekend andh warm air from the south and west continues to surge in. we are talking about possible broken record, this weekend. in fact, we will have four days straight where we will be within 5 degrees off the record high. it is not just a one day fluke warm up but 60's starting tomorrow and continuing through monday. lets look at what is going on, we will go outside to time lapse video. here's the leadership academy in philadelphia we started with fog and then blue skies but quickly the clouds rolled in and like we said yesterday
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it wasn't most sunny day we have ever seen. we were in and out all day, filtered sunshine here and there but nice and mild, temperatures climbing to the mid to upper 50's across the area and it will stay quiet through tonight and tomorrow. you can see a system over portions of eastern canada where rain and snow is at the moment, just a few scattered showers developing this evening, over portions of ohio and west virginia, and don't think we will see any of this. this will fizzle as we move through tonight a and tomorrow morning. could we pick up a a shower in one or two spots? we could. most of us deal with cloud cover in the morning tomorrow, and then skies clear behind this week front. here's a look at that very active pattern in the west and you can see yet another storm off the coast and it will move on shore with yet another batch of heavy rain. this that is area that cannot catch a break at least for past week or so. temperatures in our region look at that green. it is in the 50's every where. philadelphia 55. fifty-two in allentown. cooler 42 in mount pocono but
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with more cloud cover throughout the the overnight hours tonight. temperatures will in the drop quite as drastically or rapidly as they have in the past few. we will stay in the 40's in the city at the least all night long. temperatures continue to surge, we will hi head to 60 o thursday. high pressure overhead, cloud and breaks of sun, well above average, 15 degrees above average. friday is even warmer, sun, clouds, where we will be a couple degrees within a record. record is 65. that is record high for saturday and sunday as well. that is number to beat over next few days. sixty-five is number to have in your mind, saturday we will get very close, turning warmer with a southeasterly wind and lots of sunshine to start your weekend. here that is climbing mercury. average high is 47, we will be in the upper 50's near 60 tomorrow. we might hit 60 in the the city. fifty's on friday. record temperatures best chance to break a record is on sunday and that is a nine two-year old record we are looking to beat. overnight mainly cloudy not as cold as four 46789 thursday, cloud, sun but mild for
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december 60 degrees. let's fast forward to saturday army/navy game. beautiful day for that. 63 degrees at kick off at 3:00 . in problem there. your three day forecast takes us to near record temperatures, again 65 is record for friday and saturday a. notice how close we will be, but coming up with the seven day i'll show you record breaking day, of the seven day forecast and that sunday and then we have rain, and not a whole lot of change beyond the rain. we will tell but that coming up. >> interesting december. >> very interesting. >> thanks, kate. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a real life elf on the shelf upping steaks for parents every where. don't be fooled by all those holiday sales, there are certain items you should avoid buying in december, consume are reporter jim donovan tells us which products can yield deeper discounts if you wait, pat. as eagles a attempt to hold on to first place in the nfc east i asked some players an important question regarding the bills, that is coming
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♪ that. was. epic! [ bark ]
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must win game for eagles with the buffalo bills coming to town on sunday a game you can see right here on cbs-3. >> our pat gallon decided to focus on the bills. not just a football win. >> reporter: this weekend the philadelphia eagles will take on buffalo bills, it is a very important match up so i had a very important question for some of the eagles players. that involved, a bunch of bills. a ranking of the most famous bills, gates, murray, russell, clinton, and this weeks opponent the buffalo bills. >> i would have to say bill murray, bill clinton, bill russell, bill gates and then buffalo bills. >> not that easy. >> bill russell is the basketball player. >> yeah. >> i will guess he goes last on your list. >> okay. >> this is dangerous. this is dangerous. >> somebody said hey you can
5:25 pm
own nfl franchise and that wouldn't be too bad either. >> first i have toe put my man bill gates up there, number one. >> number one probably bill gates. the ultimate man right now. bill russell, number two. i should say with all of the rings that he has. number three, bill clinton. i mean u.s. president so you have to put him up there. >> put him third. >> i don't really remember his presidency. number four bill murray funny guy, actor. number five obviously buffalo bills are definitely last. >> i'm a huge fan of ground hog day. i have seen that movie hundreds of thousands of times. >> seen it over and over. >> the other day i just woke up and watched the movie and once it is over i hit repeat and watch it again. >> thanks for playing rank the bills. >> would i put bill murray on top of my personal bill rankings. i will not pick the buffalo bills. >> i hoff bill murray, i just
5:26 pm
watched his christmas special. >> he is a funny guy. >> it was a popular bill gate, very popular. >> very popular. >> if i said hundred dollars billy think all have the players would have put that first? i miss that had one. >> that may go first good good stuff, thanks buddy, appreciate it. it pays to wait. coming up three on your side with what not to buy in december. altering affirmative action supreme court case that could determine if and how much race should play a factor in college admission. and in this weeks story of brotherly love how you can help families who dedicate their lives to serving our country. our kate by low sat down with the military family and her little girl to talk about the cbs-3 toy fess. and new at 6:00 it was created for adults but viagra can be a life save are for children with a serious condition. our stephanie stahl shows you how it works on the other side.
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it is a giving back bash, philadelphia police officer give christmas gifts to children who may not otherwise receive one. "eyewitness news" continues now 59:30. hi everyone i'm yes, sir contact dean. i'm ukee washington. officers hosted their annual holiday part think afternoon and "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon was there with the fun and explain why police say they received the biggest gift of them all. >> who is ready for more presents. >> reporter: for just a couple of hours wednesday, officers from the second and 15th police district took a break from finding crime to instead express holiday cheer. the annual holiday party was held at philadelphia protestant home, two districts invited third and fourth
5:31 pm
graders from 30 elementary school, the result, more than 125 smiling faces, food, photos, a magician, and dancing, lots of dancing. >> i got to see santa and i got a present. i have fun with my friend. that is it. >> it is just nice to put police officers in a positive light and to see that the kid, they are trusted adults. >> reporter: second district says local businesses donated money that was used to buy gifts, some students even lucky enough to walk away with a new set of wheels. >> all right. you get to pick one of these bikes here. >> reporter: true to its purpose, holiday party reflect the true spirit of the holiday, one in which we give, and there are thankful when we receive. >> a lot of us police officers we see very difficult things and, you know to see things like this today with the children it is unbelievable. we love doing it. >> this is something that the second and 15th district say they have been doing for more than 20 years.
5:32 pm
they say each year it appears to be getting bigger and better. reporting from the northeast, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". hey, hey, hey, we love doing it and it shows. >> yes. >> over news philadelphia murder suspect is now behind bars, in florida avenue a high speed car chase. khiry reid was wanted for shooting death of maurice mcdonald at a mantua grocery store last month. u.s. marshals arrested reid near jacksonville after his suv rammed their vehicle last night. baby and another person was in the suv with reid. he is expect to be extradited back to philadelphia to face murder charges. protests are emerging throughout chicago in the wake of the shooting death of laquan mcdonald. many protesters shouting 16 shots and a cover up. this comes as chicago mayor rahm emmanuel called a special meeting of city council today. he discussed police abuse scandal surrounding officer jason van dyke shooting of the the teenager last year and the mayor had a message for law
5:33 pm
enforcement. >> no officer should aloud to behave as if they are above the law just because they are responsible for up holding the law. >> officer van dyke is charged with first degree murder, nine other police officers present during the shooting are under investigation. the founder of the northface and espirit clothing line died tragically. douglass tomorrow seven kins suffered from hypothermia hours after falling in freezing waters while kyack nothing chile. photos captured shows him being rescued from the general lake. tomorrow seven kins started outdoor equipment giant in 1964. after making millions he quit the business world of pursuing his passion of protecting the environment. douglas tomorrow sevenpkins was 72. supreme court heard arguments in an affirmative action case that could affect college admissions nationwide. a woman was denied admission to the university of texas in favor of lesser qualified
5:34 pm
minorities. correspondent paula reid was inside the high court for the argument and has the the latest from washington. >> reporter: abigail fish are says affirmative action kept her from becoming a student at the university of texas in austin in 2008. >> i don't believe that students should be treated differently based on their race. >> reporter: supreme court heard fischer's case for the second time in three years on wednesday, and at issue whether the the school can use race an a factor in admitting freshman. the university guaranties add missions to texans who graduate in the top 10 percent of their class regardless of race. the remaining 25 percent of applicant face scrutiny over a number of factors including ethnicity. the supreme court has repeatedly ruled in favor of the using race in college admissions but today's court gives a more conservative one. skeptical chief justice john roberts asked what unique perspective does a minority student bring to a physics class? fischer's legal team arguing limiting race will create more
5:35 pm
diversity. >> the suggestion that african-american, hispanic, plumeted ut if the court strikes down this plan is simply not true. >> reporter: outside the court protesters sided with the university n a statement the school's principal says that we are hopeful that the supreme court will reach the same conclusion as the lower courts and enable all of our students to receive the full educational benefits of the diversity. paula reid, for cbs news, the supreme court. justin saying an sat out because she had worked on the case for the justice department before joining the supreme court. four-four tie would result in the legal victory for the defendant, the university of texas. president obama marked anniversary of u.s. constitution's 13th amendment which a abolish slavery. he celebrated the occasion with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and other congressional leaders. the the president says a abolish. of slavery meant freedom for all.
5:36 pm
it was rat tied by the the states in 1865 in the aftermath of the civil war. to buy or not to buy, around the holidays it seems that everything is on sale but how do you know when you are getting a really good deal. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan joins us live with the advice for bargain hunters out there stores make it tempting with 20, 25, 30 percent off but is it as low as they will go? maybe not. here are some things you should wait to buy until after the the holidays. when it comes to holiday sales, some are hard to pass up. >> interested in peak, i need to buy something now. >> reporter: kiplinger's personal finance editor andrea brown says in the so fast. >> some of those same items on sale now you can get even deeper discounts during and after christmas sales. >> reporter: what should you hold off on buying? brown says, definitely bedding. >> a a lot of big retailers such as macy's and target have white or linen sales in january and you can get deals up to 50 percent off things such as comforters, sheets,
5:37 pm
pillowcases, that type of stuff. >> reporter: prices on winter clothing plumet after christmas and winter related sports gear and exercise equipment will be better priced in january too. >> you want to wait until january to purchase some of the bigger exercise equipment pieces such as treadmills, trainers, things of that nature. >> reporter: do you need furniture? hold off for a few more weeks. >> we will see clearance sales, floor sample sales, a after christmas furniture which can get up to 50, 50 percent off on sofas, love seats, ottomans things of that nature. >> reporter: you'll see furniture discounts january into february. new furniture designs debay in spring so retailers are cleaning out old stuff to make room for the new stuff. kiplinger's find you get best deal of jewelry after valentines day. looking for luggage, march is the the month for you. >> well, good to have this information. those floor sales are great, they are huge discounts. >> christmas in march, i like that. >> all right, buddy, thank
5:38 pm
you. well, still to come on "eyewitness news" facebook 2015 year in review from music, movies, tour favorite tv shows, insider gives us a close look at the bigger moments in entertainment on the social media web site. do you think your elf on the shelf is creative meet one man who is raising the the steaks as a real life el f. if you thought today was mild wait until you see what is in store for weekend we will be near record for day i'll have your full forecast coming up when we come
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two of the biggest companies could be joining forces, dow chemical and du pont are in talks to merge creating the second largest chemical company the in the world. they are worth nearly $120 billion combined.
5:42 pm
rumor spiked tow chemical company stock to a record 11 percent while shares of the du pont company rose 12.5 percent. subaru, broke ground on a new headquarters this morning with the help of some camden county officials. five story, 250,000 square foot complex will be part of the camden's knights crossing. it will bring together all subaru employees to one main campus. today's ceremony fee he tours subarus from the company's 50 year history in camden county. santa is ageless but even jolly old saint nick can use a make over. >> that is where fashion santa comes in. forget belly and round face, no, no, this santa's make over includes skinny jeans, easier to fit down the chimney and velvet blazer. paul mason, a model for three decade, thought of the idea one years ago. >> a little confused but once they think bit for a second, you know, they warm up. >> i mean i am wearing a
5:43 pm
velvet jacket but it is a velvet jacket. >> well, fashion statement now a fixture at york dale shopping center, and shoppers are happy to take selfie with mr. fashion himself there. >> wait a minute, santa in skinny jeans. >> in skinny jeans and velvet jacket. a little velvet. it is a sleeker look. >> it is just in the right. >> in the right. >> everyone knows santa just instantly becomes slimmer when he goes down chimney and comes back out. >> we will be right back.
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book on "eyewitness news" way giant elf on the shelf. take a look at joe, he decided to pose as a elf on the shelf recreate something familiar scenes. well, he has become quite a hit on the interest net. so is there the fake one, obviously. and, then, you know, there he is. >> there he is. >> he cannot wait. >> is that a little creepy do you think. >> just a bit. >> just a bit. >> especially that right there. >> yes, a little strange. >> yes. >> my goodness. >> okay. >> okay. >> kate? >> all right.
5:47 pm
>> any health anywhere will be sweating today. >> hopefully santa arrives and gives elves some short wet are gear. it is not even officially winter yet and it feels like we're into spring. we can almost skip winter all together. obviously that is not the case. some people wish it were so we have plenty winter to to go. i have been hearing from you on twitter and facebook, don't worry, we will get there. at some point. just not anytime soon. we're talking about temperatures in the 60's for the next five days. well above average we should be in the mid 40's this time of the year. look at what is going on outside, beautiful evening out here, i was on the die deck, do you need light jacket outside new that the sun has gone down but with the cloud it is not as chilly, and you don't need the whole, accessories, you don't need hat, gloves, whole 9-yard, it is just not that cold. it will get warmer and warmer each day.
5:48 pm
anthony said on twitter, usually this time of the year when we see temperatures this warm it ace code by rain. one day fluke as a strong cold front comes through and it is a rainy mild day. we have stretches have days with sunshine well a above average and not just one day fluke. this is a licensing stretch of warmth. our eyewitness weather watchers looking at temperatures in the 50's 567893 degrees as we check with phil in chestnut hill. he sent us a record of the day here. started off mostly sunny in the morning. then in the afternoon cloud started to roll in. we saw this across the area. by evening, becoming a bit on the overcast side. so thank to you phil, 54 degrees moving in new jersey. check with david dutch in clementon. mainly clear sky. 54 degrees, after sunset, in mid december, pretty amazing. heading down in delaware, jason is a at 55 degrees in middletown. jason said what a beautiful day, amazing what a difference a few extra degrees makes. today's high got to 58 degrees. that is like early spring kind of weather outside.
5:49 pm
just going to get better from here. let look at storm can three. we will go out to the entire nation. as we are's enjoying this spring flirtation in the east, out west, they have got major problems, just a persistent storm train, storm after storm with deep pacific moisture and another one lurking just off the coast, about to slam in the pacific northwest with yet more rain and mountain snow. that is area getting hit this evening. meanwhile in the east things are quiet. we have one storm in the great lakes and ohio valley, a few showers there. i don't think those showers hold together. we could pick up a stray one down the shore as that front comes through but we're in a quiet pattern and should stay dry right through weekend. temperatures, pair of five's in philadelphia, 54 in trenton. fifty-two in millville. fifty-two in allentown. as that front comes through tomorrow morning, maybe a stray sprinkle, that is about it a as that system passes overhead. high pressure wedge is it self in during the day thursday. another system passes by well to the north. as that high anchors itself
5:50 pm
off the coast we will again rate this southeasterly flow and that is what will dry temperatures up and friday lots of sunshine throughout the afternoon. jet stream lifts, higher each day, really sunday that it peaks as we await arrival of the cold front monday evening. that is when warmth surges northward. it could bring cooling in northern new england for the the entire eastern see game. looking beautiful. both saturday and sunday, the record is 65. 1931 on saturday. 1923 that record was set on sunday's date. overnight mainly cloudy, not as cold, 44. tomorrow cloud, sun, mild for december, 60 degrees. look at this eagles forecast, mid december, buff le is in town, 63 degrees at kick off. it will be beautiful for tailgating especially out there and you're witness weather seven day forecast, looks great, mid 60's this weekend, record breaking warmth on sunday. machine rain comes in late, tuesday, wednesday, cooler, and still well above average.
5:51 pm
not one day enclose to normal for this time of the year. it is holiday season maybe it doesn't feel like it but cbs-3 is happy to be helping veterans. we are collecting toys some of which will go to members of the u.s. o. u.s. o serves hundreds of thousands of military families all over the world and i got to meet an adorable little girl in roxborough whose parents are thankful for the help. madison manson knows what to do for a camera. >> cheese. >> she is a bubbly child. she is a sparkling personality. >> reporter: mom and dad have a a a lot on their plate this holiday, clarence mansonnies a philadelphia police officer. he and catina ingram are in pennsylvania national guard. clarence served in afghanistan. how did things change when madison was born. >> you cannot do everything you used to do when you you were not parents. >> reporter: now she stays home with madison and pursuing a degree. only one income is not easy.
5:52 pm
>> it is a misconception thaw make a whole lot of money. toys are extremely expensive. >> reporter: liberty uso wants to help in cooperation with the cbs-3 joy of sharing toy fest they are collecting toys to lift burden on local military families. >> we want to take care of close to 2500 military kids, this holiday season. that goal ace chiefable thanks to your viewers and their generosity, and their patriotism. >> reporter: for clarence and catina it is a huge help. >> it is like at last off my shoulders. >> reporter: serving those who serve us. >> it is not them, who should we take care of? >> reporter: now if you want to help you can by donating to the joy of sharing toy fest, still going on, you can buy unwrapped toy and bring to it anyone of our drop off locations. the toys will be giving to the us theo, salvation army and boys and girls club.
5:53 pm
find a list of the tropical off locations at cbs fest. what a great family. you are talking about a dad on the street every night patrolling city of philadelphia, they are both in the national guard, such a deirving family doing such great things. >> and a cute daughter to boot. >> so cute. >> that was great. >> thanks, kate very nice. still ahead on "eyewitness news" facebook releases its 2015 year in review list. >> insider breaks down some of the biggest moments in entertainment when we come back.
5:54 pm
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facebook founder mark zuckerberg sharing this very cute father/daughter photo with his new you born baby, max. it the has over 3 million likes so far but facebook users had plenty more things to like in 205. >> insider's debbie, now joins us from hollywood with more,
5:57 pm
debbie. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, tonight we will take you inside stars dominating the social network's rear in review. >> every time i had a dream. >> another dream come true for ed sheeran but he tops facebook list of most talk about entertainer, around the globe. >> i think everyone was kind of surprised, that taylor swift was at number two beat out by ed sheeran. >> our social media insider huffing ton post caitlin becker. >> i don't think we should ever feel bad, for now. >> ed sheeran is taylor swift's bestty. >> most talked about movie, hasn't even come out yet. >> within an hour of the trailer coming out, there was over 2 million facebook interactions. >> reporter: ruling as the most posted tv show, game of thrones. going in to season six game of thrones has the most hype of
5:58 pm
all of the hypes you can possibly hype for television show. >> we have no idea what will happen. >> rounding out tv's top three is fan favorite walking dead and the daily show. >> rather than saying, good bye, or good night, i'm just going to say, i'm going to go get a drink. >> trever noah had big shoes to fill taking over for john john stewart and i think he has done a good job so far. ukee and jessica, back to you in the studio. debbie, thank you. you can see much more tonight at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00. >> this new jersey girl is in the middle of the battle with kidney disorder and she's getting a special surprise from a college basketball team. our cleve bryan is there for this heart warming story. viagra for children? believe it or not doctors say it can now be a life saving treatment for young patient was a serious condition, our stephanie stahl will have details, kate? temperatures today made it to the upper 50's and that is
5:59 pm
just the start of the major december warm up, we are heading to the 60's tomorrow and breaking record, perhaps, abe by the the weekend, i'll have your full break down of how warm it will get coming up a at 6:00. it is not a christmas wreath or christmas tree but rather this thing right here is a a a christmas weed, i'm greg avenue rgos with this town's fascinating history behind this tradition. a very special surprise for new jersey girl battling a serious medical condition. tonight, the 11 year-old, drafted to a college basketball team. special night for little savanna inn her family. good evening, i'm's ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live at rider university. cleve, you were there for the special surprise. >> reporter: we just wrapped up the press conference,
6:00 pm
savanna is the new member of the rider university women's basketball team. we will talk to her in just a minute, find out what it feels like, she's completely surprise by this event but first, we will tell you more about her story. >> reporter: rider university women's basketball team is constantly working to i am have prove. >> change that speed. >> reporter: when it comes to rebounding they are learning a lot from a little girl. >> her little sister usually goes with her to the practice. >> reporter: dina glassies battling a kidney disease known as fsgs, after dialysis could not stop kidney failure she had a transplant in january. unfortunately the disease, came right back. >> tough at times taking the medication, so it seems like between 15 and 20 in the morning and then again at night. >> reporter: savanna a has missed a a lot of school and could not do many physical activities until getting catheter out of her chest. what has it been like for you


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