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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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savanna is the new member of the rider university women's basketball team. we will talk to her in just a minute, find out what it feels like, she's completely surprise by this event but first, we will tell you more about her story. >> reporter: rider university women's basketball team is constantly working to i am have prove. >> change that speed. >> reporter: when it comes to rebounding they are learning a lot from a little girl. >> her little sister usually goes with her to the practice. >> reporter: dina glassies battling a kidney disease known as fsgs, after dialysis could not stop kidney failure she had a transplant in january. unfortunately the disease, came right back. >> tough at times taking the medication, so it seems like between 15 and 20 in the morning and then again at night. >> reporter: savanna a has missed a a lot of school and could not do many physical activities until getting catheter out of her chest. what has it been like for you to see your daughter go
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through all this stuff. >> tough. >> reporter: but a month ago savanna was invited to a women's basketball game at rider university. through a non-profit called team impact savanna and the team were pared up for a mentoring program. eleven year-old didn't know much about basketball but took right to it. members of the team bounded with a girl, and just like it. >> great to see how she can still smile, even though she is going through all that stuff, and it makes you just smile, and do so much more for everyonees we're back live, with savanna a and rest of the teammate. what were you thinking when you walked in the gym tonight.
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>> i was shocked and did not know what was going on, ever. >> reporter: so now you are part of the team what will do you to help them win. >> keep cheer leading. >> reporter: that is all you need to do, thanks very much, is a van a she's here with the rest of the team with the green bracelets and she will be on the side line being number one fan and teammate for the rest of the season. reporting live, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> everyone team savanna tonight, thanks very much. well forget season's greeting it is more like season heedings. our mild december weather continues, it will get warmer. meteorologist kate bilo is on the sky deck, kate, we may not even need jackets by end of the week. >> i'll tell you what you may be able to break out short sleeves and flip-flops for a time this weekend, it is nice and warm, even, by spring standard. temperatures heading for the 60's and great news for the heating bill as well, with temperatures in the 60's this weekend you may not, turnout
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heat for quite sometime. lets see, even tonight not as cold as recent night, pass few nights in the 20's and 30's. tonight we should stay in the 30's in philadelphia 30's in the suburbs. fifty-four in philadelphia. fifty-two in trenton and allentown. also in atlantic city. a across the eastern half of the country there is no cold to be found president northern new england. thirty-six birmingham. 60 degrees in columbus, ohio. today's high climbed to 58 degrees. that is more than 10 degrees above average and it is average high, for early april. that is where we should be around april 3rd or 4th. we're there in mid december. so record temperatures invade this weekend. that is a cold high that slips out of the way. we will get wind south and west. that will knock temperatures up 15 to 20 degrees above average and we will challenge record that have been in place, for nearly a century, both days this weekend, could challenge record highs. we will have more coming up when i join you inside we will look at that eagles forecast as well and tell you when this extreme warmth comes to at
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least a little bit of the end coming up in a bit. for now back over to you. >> kate, thank you. search is on for suspect a accused of posting a rap music video on you tube to intimidate a witness in chester county. prosecutors say a accused drug dealer kenneth weilly appeared in the video last may and acted out shooting of the witness as a warning to anyone who might testify against him. five months later prosecutors say weilly and his girlfriend channel turner tried to intimidate a witness by telling him not to show up at weilly's drug trial. turn are work in the courthouse probation department. >> on its face it is don't testify but the quiet under stated message is we can find you anywhere, we can get to you any where, even here in the just advertise center. >> d.a. says incident showed just how serious a problem, don't snitch witness intimidation has become. philadelphia jury find man charged with killing an aspiring teacher not guilty and tonight victim's family is speakingut about that verdict. beau za abell was a minnesota
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who moved to this city to teach. prosecutors say marcellus jones shot and killed za thebelfor his ipad near fourth and south in 2008. with no physical evidence, the the prosecution was relying exclusively on witness testimony. jones argued he was innocent and witnesses lied. beau's father believes he got away with murder. >> i'm upset, but ultimately there is another judge and he will have to pay a price. >> jones is already serving a life sentence following a murder conviction in 2012. delaware county judge has sentenced doctor lawrence wei into ten to 20 years in prison. sixty-one year-old, illegally prescribed nature coat innings and filed false medical claims. he was arrested after a three month investigation by under cover detectives. big reward will help lead police to the person who tossed severed pig's head at a north philadelphia mosque.
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they offered to match cities $2,000 reward. on sunday surveillance video captured someone in the red pickup truck throwing a roasted pig's head at al-aqsa islamic center. the case is being investigated as a a hate crime. war of word intensifies between michael nutter and donald trump. they called for a ban on muslims entering the the you had. trump fired back, with two tweet is today, first calling nutter, quote a crude dope. and then another tweet he wrote nutter quote is doing a terrible job. should ab a shame for using such a disgusting word in referring to me. low life. >> donald a trump has not yet figured out the difference between reality show tv ratings and the wild and inanne things you can say in that context and what it really takes to be a serious candidate. >> mayor admitted he could have used a different word to
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describe trump and added he apologized to the clergy at yesterday's press conference for using profanity. fire at a berks county barn leaves dozens of cows dead and these eyewitness photos from the fleet wood fire department showed that barn burning in richmond township last night. fire crews were able to rescue some of the animals but 40 cow did his not make it. that barn was also destroyed. on the cbs-3 healthwatch tonight vei again a is one of the best selling medications ever, sex drug is approved for use in certain men. so you might be surprised to learn, children are also bng given prescriptions for viagra. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain and i feel like all have of us are going please explain. >> reporter: i know, it no, it sound a little crazy but it is not. we're talking about children being treated by doctors, at chop. viagra has beast come an important part of their therapy. little blue pill that millions of men credit with saving their sex lives is now saving the lives of children, with congenital heart disease.
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kid like 14 year-old andrew rode ba lives with his family in northeast philadelphia. >> i had to go to the hospital more often. >> reporter: andrew was born with the heart defect and as a baby had three open heart surgeries and series of complications. >> i'm holding him for the very first time after the surgery. >> reporter: andrew was left with circulation issues that impact his lungs. doctors at children's hospital of philadelphia found that viagra is the the most effective treatment for children like andrew. >> it can allow for blood to flow through much more efficiently. >> reporter: viagra was first tested to lower blood pressure when it was discovered to raise something else. it doesn't work that way on children. >> children who get viagra, don't have erectile dysfunction so it doesn't have the same effects that it would have on older men with erectile dysfunction. >> reporter: doctor david goldberg says talking to parents about putting kid on viagra can be tricky. >> it has provided a lot of comic relief in a very difficult life.
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>> it comes in the mail, so i don't have to pick my son's medicine up, because that could be interesting. >> reporter: they have gotten used to the joking. a andrew has been on viagra for seven years. >> i feel much better. i mean since i don't have a lot of problems. >> he just gets healthier, and stronger, all a of the time. it is dramatic. >> reporter: family says they are relieved that the viagra has turnout to be a multi talented drug. >> i'm so thankful it is an option but it has been funny too. >> reporter: they are laughing bit. now, doctors say that viagra can be prescribed off label for both boys and girls w have heart and lung problems, and chop is doing more research on the treatment, and is testing a new viagra alike drug design specifically for those children. >> if you are a parent you will do whatever it takes to make your child happy. >> bottom line he feels much better. >> yes. >> thanks, stephanie. still to come on "eyewitness news" spreading fear in northeast philadelphia, police welcoming
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children and tweeting them to a visit the from santa. forget christmas tree this is a christmas weed, and how this holiday tradition sprouted up, in one delaware county town, kate? we are tracking temperatures, really soaring as we head toward weekend, jet stream lifts north and we could be reaching foreign or breaking some record this weekend, we will have numbers for you coming up, pat. kate, if the eagles beat bills sunday they will keep at least a share of first place, but old friend shady mccoy wants nothing to do with that and he is not interested in playing nice with chip kelly, we will explain in sports.
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the second and 15th police districts in northeast philadelphia have had their holiday part think afternoon. >> they took a break from fighting crime to give back to their community, "eyewitness news" was at philadelphia protestant home where third and fourth graders from local schools enjoyed the festivity. local businesses donated money to buy gifts for the students and, of course, brighten their day. police say it is a gift for everyone involved. a a lot of us police officers, we will see very
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difficult things and to see things like this today with the children, it is just unbelievable and we love doing it. >> nice day for everybody. this tradition has been going on for more than 20 years and police say event appears to be getting bigger and bigger every year. >> nice. >> you definitely heard of a christmas tree but what about a christmas weed. >> it is part of the big tradition in claymont, delaware. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos takes us there to explain. >> reporter: at annual claymont delaware christmas parade, after the honor guard. >> left right. >> reporter: comes the christmas weed. >> it is first vehicle. >> reporter: no, it is not what you may be thinking. >> christmas weed is that a different strain they are growing in claymont. >> yes in, claymont. >>eporter: this weed is the type that can ruin your garden and decorating one is a holiday tradition that started in this town back in 1993. >> the weed grew up in the median and people decorated
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it, and somebody stole it. >> reporter: dean has planned the parade for years during humble beginnings. >> it was just a few vehicles in the parade. >> reporter: now with barbara's help. >> how did you find this years weed. >> i go looking in the forest area with under brush and lie for one. >> reporter: just making sure it is not poison ivy. >> i don't guarantee anything. >> reporter: it has turned into the hour long motorcade that attracts hundred of people. >> it is surprising. we get people from all overcoming to be in the parade. i mean it is just, some people just show up. >> i'm off with a group of guys that are all claymont guys. we are called romeos, retired old men eating out. >> reporter: you guys were in the parade. >> we were in the parade. >> reporter: claymont natives love the par rain and christmas weed for many reasons. >> it the is just us, a same kind of people, comes back, year after year, you knock us down, we will come right back.
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>> reporter: none more so than the town's own tone created for this special resilient plant. >> on the concrete island on an overpass. >> a crack appears and a great blade of grass. >> a weed, a weed. >> reporter: and it happened right here in claymont. in claymont, greg argos, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i love it that is catching. >> we should all have a song like that. >> we should have a weed like that. >> pretty good. >> great job, good stuff you. >> love it. >> kate has your forecast. >> yes. >> heat is on, sort of. >> looking out even in my backyard it doesn't look like winter, grass is green, plants are blooming. we're talking about temperatures in the 60's this weekend. it will feel like we skipped winter and went right to spring. we have army/navy game. eagles game. perfect weekend to be outside. great doing holiday shopping, doing christmas shopping,
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going from store to store, nice to not put gloves on, scarves and big coat in between stores. break out flip-flops for a day, might as well to say you did in december. it will be a very mild weekend, even record breaking one. let see what is going on. we will go out to our camera on the live neighborhood network in broadheadsville. beautiful day. lots of sunshine to start the day. then cloud rolled in. we could not break out too much this afternoon. sun tried to peak through here and there. that runs from 9:00 to 4:00 in broadheadville. nice looking day. mild day. not the most sunshine we have ever seen but i'll trade that for temperature well above average any day of the week. storm scan three shows system tracking by to the north. this front is producing light scattered showers over western pennsylvania, west virginia here this evening. there is a chance as that system moves east that we could pick up a sprinkle overnight or tomorrow morning. i'm in the too concern. the mostly we do not see anything at all. temperatures in the meantime still well above average.
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with the cloud cover if place we will not see that wrapped drop that we have been seeing. mild are night then most. 54 degrees at the airport. fifty-two in millville and atlantic city. today once again above average. look at moth of december. we have not had one day enclose, to normal, three above is closest we have gotten. today was 8 degrees. tomorrow, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, all going to be in the red. possibly double digit in the red once again, this is a a very mild start. we will see how second half shakes out as far as one of the warmest december ever list. too soon to tell just yet. certainly a strong start. temperatures surge go through the next couple days. sixty's tomorrow. in the 60's on friday thanks to the big high generating southeasterly flow. same story on saturday. we will await arrival of the cold front but wind out of the south and west ram pink up those temperatures a few degrees each day. record to beat 65 is record to beaten saturday. that was setback in 1931.
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sunday 65 is the record set in 1923, 92 years ago and all across the region we will challenge record as well, six is five the record in philadelphia on sunday but allentown 62. that will be close. wilmington record at 64. probably break that one in not tie it. it will be very close. tomorrow, cloud and sun. mild for december. lets talk about our eagles game day forecast. remember a couple years ago december 8th? kick off temperature was 33. we had 8.6 inches of snow. snow bowl. what a big difference for this mid december day game. 63 degrees. dry and warm, and beautiful. snowball was cool but if you are out there you will probably prefer this sunday's forecast. sixty-six is the the high. record breaker. monday still warm. then rain comes in monday night. look at tuesday and wednesday. we are in the 60's. well above average for this time of the year. there is not an end in sight to this mild stretch. >> shady had haded a good game then. hopefully in the now.
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>> got that right. >> "cbs evening news" is just a few in minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead. >> here's "cbs evening news" tonight, we now know san bernardino terrorist we're talking about mortardome long before last weeks attack. plus an apology from the mayor was in the enough as chicago protesters hit the the streets, calling for his resignation. and donald trump causes turmoil for the republican party. all of that tonight on the "cbs evening news".
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pat has a look at sports. >> shady. >> shady never stops talking. lesean mccoy is an exceptional runner so good in fact he ranks first in the eagles history in rushing yard. mccoy is also a fantastic runner of the mouth and he continued that excellence today, as he reacted to a
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question regarding his relationship with chip kelly. chip said he would like to shake his hand, shady isn't interested. >> i'm not talking to chip, i got nothing to talk b he can't call me, he can't shake my hand. there is nothing he can do with me. so, i mean it is simple as that. >> can't he shake his hand. >> i don't dislike him, but there is nothing for us to talk about. he knows that. know how i am, how i can act. there is nothing i can talk to him about. >> unaudible. >> he said what. >> listen, chip can't shake at all, nothing. he knows this. >> the eagles malcolm jenkins was honored today, name nfc defensive player of the week, a 99-yard pick six a a a against tom brady will get you some love. he recorded seven total tackles, two of which for a loss. have we mentioned this is a big game? have we mentioned it is right here on cbs-3.
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start your football sunday with toyota sunday kick off at 11:30. then at 1:00 bills/bird. stick around sunday night for nissan sports zone at 11:35 on cbs-3. palestra will be rock tonight for big five match up as temple battles penn, quakers head into action at four-four. the owls sit three and four. we will have highlights at 11:00 o'clock tonight. at baseball winter meetings in nashville phillies are making moves, reports say phillies are close to dealing fireball closer ken giles to the houston astros for a group of prospects. new general manager matt klentak appears to be loading up on bull pen arms as he signed david hernandez to the within year deal. thirty year-old spent last five seasons in arizona but struggled last year following tommy john surgery in 204. tell me your gut, eagles nation, at lincoln financial field, do they boo or shade. >> they boo, loud.
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i can't wait to hear it. >> we will find out, on sunday. >> yes, we you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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before we hand it over to the network is there a fire that has even gulfed an auto body shop in pennsauken camden county. chopper three is live over haddonfield road and new york avenue. units are responding to the scene of those flames, if you are in that area just a head up it is burning quite well right now, you can always get latest updates at cbs we will update you throughout the night as well. we are back at ten on cw philly. back here on cbs-3 at the 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". from new york here's scott
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pelley. take care we will see you tonight. >> pelley: home-grown terror, a startling courtroom con fxb today in colorado. and in the san bernardino case, even before they started dating, killers started planning online. also tonight, an apology from the mayor of chicago amid demands for his resignation. and a medical breakthrough. a captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight the february says the planning for san bernardino began much seener. and la


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