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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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near record warmth, how bit, kate. >> i'll tell you what i have heard from people that say this doesn't feel like december, where is the the snow. we wouldn't have that nice montage of happy smiling faces like we just did if there were a foot of snow on the ground this feels fantastic. winter will eventually get here but in the meantime we're talking temperatures more reminiscent of spring, perhaps april, may-like temperatures as we head in the weekend, enjoy it while we can. lets look at what is going on outside we will look at at today. we got up to 62 degrees today. that is average high for dates like october 26th and april 15th. not anywhere near average high for today's date which is 47 degrees. 15 degrees above average today. now that the 60's are here they are sticking around. recapping our calendar we do it every night and take a look at that red, every single day in december so farrah above average, today was 15 degrees a have above normal. the our morning low was close to what the afternoon high is supposed to be. that the is how far things were skewed and they stay that way this evening.
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fifty-eight in philadelphia 53 in reading. fifty-three in atlantic city. all across east coast we are looking at 60's and 70's in little rock 70 degrees. sixty-five in atlanta a that warmer weather is heading our way. here's the best part this isn't just a one day fluke where we have to miss it because we're working. this will last right into your weekend. if you don't have plans yet make some right now. we will tell but that warm weekend coming up when i join you inside. >> see new a bit, thank you. holiday grinch strikes again. authorities are asking for public's help to track down suspects caught on surveillance video stealing package from home. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is in new castle delaware with that story, todd. >> reporter: ukee, police here are concerned if these guys didn't want it before they got away, they likely will try it again. surveillance camera captured the the heartless crime, suspects followed a ups truck, through a delaware neighborhood, and package was dropped off, one suspect simply stepped up to the front porch, and pick it up and walked a away witt like it was
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his. >> it is very sad, you know, you spend a lot of money these days for things and christmas gifts that are being taken. >> reporter: robin wells tells me her neighbor's daughter is now out of the pair of boots, thanks to the thieves. new castle county police indicate tuesday afternoon just after , a group of men were seen riding in a silver minivan with temporary delaware tags. when no one answered the door and delivery man left the boots at the home on the road, one suspect described as an african-american wearing dark colored hooded sweat shirts and got out of the van and simply stole it. >> we just want a citizen of new castle county to be aware, know the options that are out there for them. >> reporter: so far only one victim has come forward but police are concerned other victims may be out there, who believe their package just had hasn't arrived yet. >> it is crazy, these people work hard for their present and for their grand kid and families and then we have these idiots riding around.
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>> reporter: and to avoid being victimized police are recommending you send packages to your office or perhaps to the house of a family or a friend that you know is going to be home all day, or you can also consider picking up the package at the mailing facility. reporting live tonight from new castle county, delaware, todd quinones for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right todd, good information, thanks very much. new jersey wild life officials come to the rescue of a bald eagle stuck in a tree, a home owner in pits town, new jersey spotted eagle will in her backyard on shy creek road and it had been there several days suffering from a injured leg. we will show you how wild life officials rescued that bald eagle coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. two brazen bandits caught red-handed a as they were focus of the six month investigation in the string of daytime break ins. burglary spree expand across eight different townships in chester and delaware counties. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter has more from west town township, and how they got caught, walt.
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>> reporter: ukee, the pair that hit this area police say are known as knock, knock burglars they knock on your door, if you are not home your house gets burglarized but yesterday around noon time police say sound they heard wasn't knocking on the door it was the the sound offhanded cuffs, being put on their wrist. it was a suspect, on the run, spotted by a surveillance camera racing from a home, stolen jewelry, police alleged talked in the pillowcase under his arm but now for the suspect in this sketch, and his accomplice, the run from the law, the the burglary spree, is over. >> it has gone on for a good period of six months now, at least 20 in our jurisdiction a alone and then all over chester county, delaware county. >> reporter: sergeant he steven wassell was after following the pair, for a mile officers watched as they entered a home on this block. unmark cars seen in this picture taken by a neighbor race nothing to make the arrest. >> i pulled over and talked to one of the officers and he said yeah, we got him.
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so i said well, thank god for that. sleep easy tonight. >> reporter: eric vital was among eight neighbors in eight townships grateful to learn they had been taken in custody. >> very relieved, very relieved. my children live inhis area, they have, my grandchildren live here so i worry. >> reporter: while no one was hurt in the break ins police say suspect carried off many precious items such as wedding bands that the police are scrambling to recover before they are melted down. >> a a lot of value and we are hoping that, perhaps, and, retrieved. david lee of oxford, and 29 year-old daniel free of birmingham was, now behind bars held honorary taners. they are not going anywhere as police look for evidence to file additional charges. if you have any information, items missing or other details, police want to hear from you. live from west town, walt
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hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thank you. donald trump continues to receive criticism after he made controversial comments about muslims entering the u.s. but even with backlash, new poles suggest not everyone difficulties a agrees. >> reporter: political pundits called donald trump an unexpect force dominating the g.o.p. race for president. the the billion air businessman has 35 percent support in the latest cbs news new york times pole pull released thursday morning. the his strongest numbers yet. >> but the voters have yet to weigh in on trump a's call for a ban on muslims entering the u.s. most recent polling was taken beforehand. trump told "fox news" his primary concern is the safety of americans. >> a a lot of people agree with me but i certainly didn't do it for poll numbers. >> reporter: trump's, attention grabbing head line and high pole pull numbers made it hard for rest of the g.o.p. field to break through. >> i will not hyper rent late about polls. we have a major terrorist
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attack on a u.s. soil week ago yesterday and now all of the talk including newscasts are dominated by this plan that is never going to happen. >> reporter: while nearly every republican date disagree on trum one his plan in have said they won't support him if he wins the g.o.p. nomination. but one says he is close. >> i hope he changes his rhetoric and become a unifying force but if he doesn't and divisions and extremism continues i will to have take another look. >> reporter: stealing support back from trump could be hard, 51 percent of his supporters in the cbs news polls say their mind are made up and they are sticking with trump. only 24 percent of non-trump voters said their mind are made up suggesting there is a lot of room for a shake up in that race for g.o.p. nomination. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is offering his support to muslim in the wake of trump's comments. he posted a message saying quote you are always welcomed here. he continued by saying he will fight to protect rights of muslims and create a peaceful
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and safe environment for them. members of the philadelphia's clergy are, speaking out against trump, coming up at 5:30 what they say about his comments on muslims and their challenge to other republican presidential candidates. cps news has learn that the man who purchased the assault rifles used in the san bernardino massacre may have plotted 2012 attack with syed rizwan farook but they did not follow through with it. no charges have been filed against enrique marquez but the fbi is still questioning him. investigators say marquez purchased high powered weapons legally at least three years ago. he and farouk were childhood friend and became family last year with the sister in law in common. a manhunt is underway in geneva for suspects allegedly linked to isis. police in switzerland are searching for at least four suspects who are believed to be plotting a an attack in geneva. security is being stepped up as the search is underway. authorities first thought these men were linked to last month's terror attacks in paris. later they said that is not
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the case. meanwhile in paris people were stunned that the music icon gave a surprise performance. >> ♪ >> madonna, surprising fans, on the streets of paris with an impromptu concert for victims of the terror attack. she performed three songs with her guitar player and her son shortly after finishing her scheduled concert in paris. just before the performance madonna tweeted she will go to the site of the memorial and a huge crowd quickly showed up. outstanding men and women, but service before self were recognized today at camden county police department award. those award were given out to those officers and civilian employees who went above and beyond in their jobs. one of the officers recognized was shot in the line of duty. >> it is very emotional, honoring, hum blink experience and just to know that we have support of not the just for me but everyone here has a
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support system behind them. it makes your job easier. >> more than 80 people were recognized in today ease ceremony and special call was made to police officers serving in the u.s. military base at guantanamo bay, naval base. well, local philanthropist and industriallist henry rowan has died. back in 1992 he gave a hundred million-dollar to glassboro college and new rowan university. that helped transform the school from the quiet the south jersey institution into a major player on a number of front today. henry rowan was 92 years old. coming up on "eyewitness news" tonight a runaway train with passengers on board, investigators want to know how a train left boston station without an engineer. are you in the market for a new car? insurance institute for highway safety reveals topics for 2016, consumer reporter jim donovan explains changes in the crash test. santa is trade nothing his
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red threads for orange and today he is giving commuters at the 30th street station a christmas surprise. the vittoria? gang's all here we are celebrating who will will daylights in west chester and soon we will meet man who has covered every inch of his lawn in beautiful lights, hey, i think you missed the spot right here. we will be right back.
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commuters at 30th street station got a special christmas surprise today, santa a clause decked out in flyers orange made this morning's commute more joyful bringing holiday cheer abe gifts, and, of course, reminder for others to root for the fly guys. the on the platform santa took a seat with one riders and gave them gift card. we caught up with some lucky riders. >> very kind of him, oh, yeah, i was just at the flyers game when they played islanders a couple days ago so i will watch the next one down there. jolly old fellow just like would you expect. >> what a coincidence, ebb see santa today. >> santa was seen lifting spirits on the regional rail concourse, posing for pictures
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and taking last minute requests from little rail riders. santa was off to the next train bound for suburban station to continue spreading goodwill. speaking of spreading goodwill, you can help make christmas wish coming true by participating in the joy of sharing toy fest, all you have to do is buy a new unwrapped toy and bring it to one of our drop off locations. find a complete list of locations a at the cbs fest. it may not feel much like christmas out there with these wild temperatures but it is starting to look like it. >> it is time for holiday lights. our vittoria woodill is in west chester where one family is going all out, big time, torey? >> reporter: all out. we're talking every single will inch of this lawn, and up to the trees, it is decorated in hundreds and hundreds of lights. now, that is right we are live in west chester, celebrating the beauty of the holiday, in our own neighborhood and in this neighborhood in particular, the house, i mean we're talking no offense to
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everybody on the block but they are putting a lot of people to shame right now. look at this birds eye view to this house, where you can see almost every inch completely covered including the the house, including the doorstep, wreaths and lights and animals and blow ups. they even have a a flying pig which is pretty cool. it is something unexpect you don't see all the time but really they have put so much work, into this house, and it is really been such a sight, for everyone, and i don't know if you can see but we have tons of people in the back. we have music going and we have wogl our sister station over there as well. i mean it is really so much fun, festive and it is way the holidays should be. for this reason that we're here we have to shout out to jerry. you have put this all together. tell me about all of the work that goes into your holiday lights every year. >> it takes about six weeks. i start in october. i kind of skip over halloween now and thanksgiving, so i'm's doing this out here. the at least weather was nice. there was no snow, no rain,
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that is good. and the wind. >> why holiday lights, why is it the so important to you. >> growing up i was born and raised in west philadelphia, it sound like a commercial, my parents always decorated. i was always fascinated by it. >> wonderful. it is a beautiful family tradition where all of us are fascinated as well by it. we will hang out here all night long. we want to see your holiday lights. we want to see everyone in the area, region celebrating. for that reason we want townsend us your photos and contact information to holiday lights at we will go live from your front lawn this holiday season and it would be a pleasure to be at your house as jerry and joan, it is a pleasure to be here. thanks very much for having us. >> anytime send those pictures. >> send pictures. >> did you see that aerial shot? how amazing was that. >> it is next level. >> no doubt about it. >> thanks, family. >> that is fantastic.
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a lot of work involved. >> i have done holiday lights past couple years. i remember so many nights in between shots we would get back in the truck and warming our fingers because in december when you are looking at holiday lights, you expect it to be freezing. >> times have changed this year. >> looking at those holiday lights. not this year. >> not at all. >> gorgeous, absolutely. >> we're talking about temperatures higher even approaching 70 as we head in the weekend, one day at least, a record breaking warmth but we will ab approaching record for the next three days at a minimum, monies when rain comes in and that will put an end to the spring flirtation in december but up until then, enjoy it while we have it. this is unusual warmth for this time of the year. lets look outside, we will take a time lapse video, all through the the day-to-day and just take a look and tell me does it get, a, and, blue skies, a few high cloud, starting to drift in here in the afternoon. kind of day you want to sit on
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a balcony or patio outside, and then just watch the day go by and don't need a heavy coat. perfect december day, temperatures, 15 degrees a have above the seasonal average, and take a look at storm scan three showing a few clouds starting to move in at the moment. not a huge tiehl for us at the moment but we will see a few clouds abe fog, even developing through overnight and early morning hours. be safe for first part of the commute tomorrow there could be slow downs. otherwise things are quiet across much of the nation. where they are not quiet pacific northwest. here's another storm a parade of storms, hitting the northwest, heavy rain and even mound of snow. luckily not getting in on that action. 58 degrees in philadelphia 53 in reading. forty-nine, cooler in allentown. forty-eight in millville and you can see as we head through next several days temperatures staying in the 60's. did research today, lauren casey a and myself and we looked at how many december days have been at 60 degrees or warmer. eight times in 1988 and 1951
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those days had eight days. this month so far two. four more in the forecast. that means we are close to possibly having a record number of 60-degree days this year. temperatures surge go through the weekend, record tying on the saturday. record breaking on sunday. let's recap the fall, quickly. it is a warm one. seven above 90 in september. highest temperature in october was 8o temperatures above average in november and in december every day has been above average. 6 degrees above average on the in so far. overnight the mostly cloudy with some fog, fog gives way to sunshine for your friday at 64. notice visability overnight they cap drop to zero at times so please be safe into tomorrow morning. you're witness weather three day forecast, look at that warmth. sixty-four the high tomorrow. record is 65. record tying warmth on saturday and then sunday 68 degrees in mid december, that is the the stat, we have record breaking warmth and weekend looks great. >> 68 degrees.
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>> yes. >> thanks, kate. coming up on "eyewitness news", celebrating the best of film, television with the golden globe nominations. also this... >> ♪ >> you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see nut cracker at the academy of music but today nicole brewer takes you you for a rare behind the scenes look at what goes into the christmas chase i can. don. it is big week for eagles, bills are coming to town and with lots of hot topics, i stopped by wip this morning to get the buzz on demarco murray sports up next.
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don has a look at sports. >> it is like watching a soap opera. >> something new every day. >> always something to talk about with these guys. >> shady returns. >> drama a i tell you. follow the bouncing ball, lesean mccoy does not like chip kelly, he was traded to the bills but returns to play the bird on sunday. current eagle demarco murray
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is not happy with his playing time and he apparently voiced that to his owner all that is in addition to the buzz with wip angelo cataldi, al morganty and rhea hughes. >> i don't know if demarco murray had a lot of supporters before this, these antics, he has very few right now. first of all you cannot be as ineffective and pull a power play. i wish he was as aggressive on the field as he is with the owner. i would not be shocked if they boo demarco murray and cheer lesean mccoy, how weird would that be. >> it has gone, from bad to worse for demarco murray over last several weeks. shady mccoy coming back, he had choice word for chip kelly saying are they going to shake? chip can shake insert word. what are people saying about shady mccoy. >> they necessity about shady. shady is, i think the way he is gives him an edge in how he
5:26 pm
plays. you expect it. it was a relationship gone south. i don't know, i ain't shaking his hand. the it is like breaking up with somebody and you will go see them at a party for the first time, you really want to make sure you dress perfectly. >> it comes down to this, i think murray will have the big game because it is his season. he was put on, spotlight, on the side lines, doing nothing, if chip kelly plays his card right here he will use, this is a quiet fume that you get here. he went and talked to the owner but he hasn't blown up about anything. i think his whole season on the line here are you a fraud or not? >> are you a fraud o not. >> or not. >> how about that for a question. >> chip kelly publicly apologized to mccoy for the way trade went down and demarco murray professed his love for philadelphia. hear from both of those guys at 6:00. >> stay tuned for the next exciting episode. >> this is soap opera level, you are right about that. >> thanks, buddy, a appreciate
5:27 pm
it. coming up next a train with passengers on board leaves a boston transit station without an engineer how workers finally got it to stop. plus... >> ♪ >> it is a christmas classic, the nut cracker opens up tomorrow at the academy of music and our nicole brewer takes you you for a rare behind the scenes look. and new at 6:00 o'clock tonight it is nearly 60 year-old designer closing his doors for g we will head to the spot the that specialized in hot dogs f
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. enough is enough. >> a coalition of philadelphia a's civic and religious leaders are decrying word of
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terror from republican presidential candidate, donald trump. the group held a press conference earlier today in which they spoke about trump's call to ban muslims from entering the you had. >> their criticism of the billion air included making some dramatic comparisons. >> when we're here and we hear muslims must be temporarily banned from entering the united states, hitler comes to mind. >> reporter: reverend terence griffith is president of the philadelphia black clergy, he offered harsh criticism. >> people like mr. trump may find himself being called terrorist because they are injecting fear within the psyche of the american people. >> reporter: reverend griffith was joined by rahim islam who had this to say about trump's call to ban muslims in the u.s. >> it is offensive on so many levels, it should disqualify file him from even serving as a president of this great nation. >> reporter: group on called on trump's republican presidential candidates to speak out. >> i think you have to be
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absolutely clear that you do not support donald trump and what he is saying is wrong. >> reporter: rodney mohammad is philadelphia a chapter of the naacp and a practicing muslim. >> we cannot close our eyes, and our ears, to the stoking of fears and peddling fear, and pushing the the poisonous drug of hate into the veins of people who normally would be humane. >> reporter: reverend griffith echoed an earlier sentiment of mayor michael nutter. >> if donald trump were to come to philadelphia, we believe he out to be boycotted >> reporter: leadership condemned the desecration of the north philadelphia a mosque saying muslims are our brothers and sisters. protest continue in chicago a as mayor rahm emmanuel resist calls to resign. medical students staged a die in outside chicago city hall today. the group laid on the ground for 16 minutes, each minute, representing the number of times a police officer shot laquan mcdonald. the the 2014 shooting was captured on dash cam video.
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officer jason van dyke is awaiting trial for murder. a federal judge sentenced former director of the charitable foundation created by ex-subway spokesmen jared fog toll 27 years in prison. the russell taylor admitted sharing child porn graph which fogle that he produced using hidden camera. fogle was sentenced to more than 15 years behind bars after pleading guilty to trading child porn and paying for sex with under age girls. some scary moments for passengers on a train near boston, that train left the station without an operator this morning, and then blew through four stops before rail workers could cut the power. the governor of massachusetts says that the train system had been tampered w no pass eveningers were hurt but the operator did suffer a minor injury when brushed by a train. >> vatican makes an announcement concerning people of the jewish faith. the in the document released vote can says catholics should not try to convert jews and they should work to fight anti sematism this draws the the church a away from century's
5:34 pm
of tensions and prejudice. it is the latest move from the vatican offer pope francis on a number of hot issues including gay rights. a democracy group is awarded the 2015 noble peace prize. the noble committee credited the tunisia democracy quarter death in establishing a peaceful process which brought north africa nation from the brink of the civil war. group is made up of four organizations representing union, industry, trade and human rights. the free library of philadelphia is bringing together families separated by incarceration. today library and prison officials announced details of the stories alive pilot program. "eyewitness news" at curran-fromhold correctional facility. using library resources incarcerated parents will be able to use face-to-face video conference to go read to their children. >> the the program will also support returning citizens, once they are released, on the day that they are released,
5:35 pm
those who participated in the prison service program will receive a temporary library card and reentry resource packet making the full range of library resources immediately accessible. >> the the new program will begin in february. the nut cracker opens up tomorrow at the academy of music and needless to say a lot of hard workings into putting together that performance. nicole brewer visited the pennsylvania ballet to give us a behind the scenes look. >> ♪ >> reporter: for philadelphia region it is a holiday tradition, george ballachins nut cracker brought to life by the the pennsylvania ballet. a christmas classic perfected in this practice room where 60 performers dance, again and again. >> we have a lot of rehearsals just to make sure we're ready to go. we practice every day. you know, we take class every morning. >> reporter: lauren plays the the sugar plum fairy, light on her feet, hard on her body.
5:36 pm
>> you sit back and feel great but it is the standing up, thaw just can't really get backup. so it is tough but, you you kno, joys of performing for an audience is so much more. >> reporter: staying on point requires plenty of practice by opening night, these dancers will have logged over 200 hours. these dancers say it is worth it especially when they see looks on children's faces. >> it the is the best feeling ever. it brings me back when i was that age and i remember this balance rena doing sugar plum and wanting to be that one day. it is really nice to be that role model right now. >> reporter: iain started out a as one in the crowd. >> back in 1993, i came and saw pennsylvania ballet do the nut cracker and that next year i was performing as a kid in the nut cracker here in philadelphia. >> reporter: these days he knows his way around the theater, and backstage where you'll find close to 200 costumes including the mouse
5:37 pm
king. >> wow, great job. >> yes. >> hello. >> it looks good on you. >> i had a a good hair day. >> reporter: while i may not have been able to pull off this part, i could not leave without taking a spin at the role of the ballerina. >> three, two, one... >> wow. not bad. but i think it is best i take my feet as one of the crowd, come opening night. >> reporter: nicole brewer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". good nicole. her performance days and show times head to cbs we have all of the information you need for that special tradition. coming up at 61:00 of the young stars speaks with "eyewitness news" and hear the the story of how the 11 year-old was discovered by the ballet. >> i love the nut cracker. i used to sing with the boys choir, original group, one group was on the one side, other group on the other, when the snow start falling bang. when you see the snow scenes think of the philadelphia boys choir. >> beautiful holiday tradition. >> so much fun for so many
5:38 pm
families. >> no doubt bit. just in time for the holidays a new way to pay at wal-mart. and then, consumer reporter, jim donovan, is on your side with new crash test that is measure american just passenger protection. a award season is here, golden globes were announced this morning, monk them, hey yo, sylvester stallone. nancy odell breaks it down, when we come back, kate. >> officially in the 60's today and 60's will be with us for quite sometime. ill will's tell you when record could fall coming up.
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we've heard of apple pay and samsung pay but what about wal-mart pay. world's largest retailer is rolling out its own new smart phone based payment system, wal-mart pay, with it,
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shoppers can ditch their wallets and use app to pay at cash registers. wal-mart pay can be used in wal-mart stores and expected to be available nationwide by middle of the 2016. united airlines is bringing free snacks back, chicago based airlines cut passenger perk in 2008, starting in february, more than flyers will get a complimentary waffle, dutch carmel filled waffle, that pairs perfectly, with a cup of coffee or tea. a company spokesperson says airline is focusing on the little things they know matter to customers. that looks good. >> nice and important. >> yes. >> time for your philadelphia jobs market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here with more. >> while you are concerned with checking people off your holiday shopping list retailers are paying careful attention to your buying habits. entire industry has popped up around collecting and analyzing consumer date a market research analyst are in demand, job opening in the field are expect to grow
5:43 pm
32 percent over the next several years. research analyst are employed over a number of industries, retailers, manufacturers, even universities, in the government want to know what makes consumers tick. companies rely on data to better target their marketing strategies and analyst help gather this information, study it to pinpoint trend, and ultimately help sharpen a sales pitch. the data a is also used to improve products and services. worker research analyst in the philadelphia area earn over $73,200 a year. you'll need a college degree to land one of these positions but you don't kneesly need to have studied market nothing schools. many of a background in math or statistics, others study social sciences or communications. gathering consumer date ace clearly a science but determining what that data means can often be an art. i'm jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "eye
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high school basket the ball player from minnesota makes an a nation buzzer beater. look at the incredible one handed shot, oh, my, oh, my.
5:47 pm
yes, what a shot, there was less than two seconds left to play, team was down by two points, and that is that, a a three pointer, gives them the the win. my man. oh, man. >> no kidding. >> that is right. >> wow. >> kate has our forecast. >> i'm saying oh, man too, talk about a buzzer beater, we're sliding in 60-degree days, temperatures should be around 47 for today's date. we got to 62 today. if you thought that felt nice just wait until the weekend. >> yes. >> take it higher. >> it will get higher and higher. we will take you out first and foremost from the top of our building here at cbs broadcast center looking toward center city, beautiful night to be outside, not too cold, it is jarring. even my dog went out and said wait a minute it is not feeling like december out here. i don't need all this fur because it is nice and warm. it is a weird thing to get on a december morning and not bundle up with the hat,
5:48 pm
gloves, scarves. same story out and about walking around the city grabbing some dinner, you are okay with the light jacket. we are still well in the 50's. our eyewitness weather watchers loving this weather. it is 51 degrees up toward william's house in levittown. fifty-one. not bad. the especially for mid december here. we will head down further south, and, 52 degrees. and he is in brigantine, new jersey. he has clear skies. rich says beautiful will day for walk on the beach, just the beginning of the awesome weekend. the just the beginning. today was just day one, more weather watcher here, sandor in newark, delaware, 54. clear skies in newark. fifty-four at december 10th, are you kidding me loving this weather. who need winter. if winter is like this we can take it. look at this beautiful shot, kathy's important inch wynonna, new jersey out finishing the porch. she has bows, ice sickle lights, great day to do decorating as you didn't need to bundle up.
5:49 pm
fingers aren't cold. it is just, fabulous, if you don't mind, going without cold and snow in december. the lets look at storm scan three, not a whole lot locally. we are sweeping area not finding much of anything at all, zooming out you can see cloud drifting through, that is bit. with this warm, moist air surging from the south, we will watch some fog develop throughout the overnight hours tonight but otherwise things are quiet across the the eastern half of the country n the west that parade of storms continues for pacific northwest. lots of heavy rain and hundred tane snow and not much of an end in sight. watch this system over midwest lifting north and it will take its time getting here. as we await the the strong cold front on monday, temperatures ramping up a little each day. temperatures, 58 degrees in philadelphia 49 in allentown. fifty-three in atlantic city. fifty-three in dover. here's pocket of warmth 65 in atlanta. zero seven in little rock. pair of six in st. louis and that warm air continues to move in around the western flange of the high that starts to move out to sea.
5:50 pm
the kid have a southwest wind as this front approaches and high moves off shore. we will get a return flow around the back edge of the high. temperatures rise, you can see saturday, starting off with sunshine, sun through most of the the day. sunday jet stream lifts further north and temperatures surge on sunday. tomorrow's warmth, saturday as well, jet stream keeps on lifting, sunday even into monday. monday with more cloud that could limit the temperature a bit but we are challenging record are have day for the next four, record high for tomorrow 65. forecast ted high 64. 1 degree shy, we will tie it on saturday. break it on sunday with our forecasted high of 68. on monday we will get close, high of 65. record for monies 69. offer night mostly cloud which areas of fog, 46 degrees. fog, turning mostly sunny, looking great and heading to the poconos this weekend beautiful weekend there with highs in the 50's and lots of sunshine. you're witness weather seven day forecast that warm spell, wow, four days, really five days including today in the
5:51 pm
60's. rain comes through monday. even behind that front it is not all that cold 50's next tuesday. jessica, back over to you. are you in the market for a new car? good timing here, the the insurance institute for highway safety revealed topics for 2515. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan explains, four dozen cars are top marks after meeting tougher safety requirements. >> vehicles had to pass certain crash tests and offer crash prevention features to qualify for instance tooth's high's wart. when it comes to safety toyota is on top. the camry is one of the nine toyota models that earned top safety pick plus. the insurance institute for highway safety, highest safety rating. >> honda is right behind them with eight. >> reporter: to earn the institute's top two high's ward, cars had to perform better on the small overlap test, which simulates what happens when front corner of the car collide with another vehicle or tree. crash prevention was also a
5:52 pm
factor. >> to get top safety pick you have to have at least a forward collision warning system and to get a top safety pick plus you have to have an effective autonomous emergency breaking system. >> reporter: redesigned 2016 nissan maxima and volume accounts what will on passat performed well while toyota avalon added auto break plus. scion is only mini car to receive 2016 award. in all 48 vehicles earned top safety award, chrysler 200 is other than american car to get the honor. >> we were a little disappointed in the performance of our domestic auto makers. >> reporter: ford's f150 super crew however is among 13 vehicles that earned the second highest safety level. i have posted a lincoln cbs to check out complete list of the institute's top safety picks. >> good information to have. >> all of those bells and whistles confuse the heck out of me. i said stop it, i don't know what i was doing wrong.
5:53 pm
>> i don't know what i was doing. >> thanks, jim. still ahead on "eyewitness news" for first time in four decade, sly stallone is nominated for golden globe. >> nancy odell will have more on that and talks with some of the nominees when we come right back.
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5:56 pm
golden globes were announced this morning and entertainment tonight is talking to the big nominees. >> nancy odell joins us from los angeles with all of the headlines. >> ukee and jessica, globes pitted jennifer lawrence begins her new bff amy schumer and there were surprises and snubs. we have team coverage with our michelle turner but we will will begin with our phone call today to nominee, amy schumer. >> i'm drunk.
5:57 pm
thank you so much for having me. i'm in the writer's room for my tv show and they surprised me with champagne. >> amy, here's what i want to know, how did you find on it and have have you talked to jennifer lawrence. >> i found out in bed alone as i unfortunately am most of the time but i have not connect with her yet. i just want to know, since you you are bff and in the same category is t friendship going to be able to survive. >> no, friendship is complete thely over. i just blocked her number. it is over. >> jean a rodriguez, jane the virgin. >> reporter: gina was thrilled today. >> so excited. >> reporter: she rushed to our reporter and toasted. >> cheers, cheers. >> your second golden globe nomination, crazy, how are you feeling. >> so excited. >> reporter: next stallone packed a punch. >> sylvester stallone, creed. >> always something. >> reporter: sly called his first nomination since rocky an unexpect honor. we will have so much more on
5:58 pm
golden globes tonight on et, ukee and jessica, back to you. love that stuff. such a fun time of the year. you can catch entertainment tonight every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. >> by the way, this is stallone's first golden globe nomination in 39 years from rocky one, rocky one. >> you interviewed him can you still do some of the stuff, exercises you could do. >> one arm push up. >> he said one or two. >> he still has acting. >> still has it going on, the whole crew, congrats to them. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00, in pain in a new jersey backyard and our greg argos was there as this amazing a animal is rescued. we will be live with the latest coming up. after 94 years the best pasta stand in pottstown shutting their doors and enthusiast are not letting this place go without a fight. i'm alexandria hoff with more coming up. temperatures climbing in the 60's today but that is not the end of the warm up, in fact, we are getting warmer,
5:59 pm
challenging record and potentially breaking record, this weekend. i'll tell you how high that mercury climbs as our december warm spell, continues. torey. >> reporter: we're celebrating holiday lights in west chester. we have a big old crowd here. >> yeah. >> that is right, it is the holidays, and that means holiday lights, you don't want to miss it. take a look at this. we will be right back. eagles has landed this majestic bird was purchased in pain in a new jersey backyard until rescuers arrived. only "eyewitness news" was there as the eagle came back down, to earth. the eagle has a injured leg but is in the care of rescuers. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. greg argos is live in pits town and he was there for the the dramatic rescue, greg.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: jessica and ukee, we had quite the afternoon here in pits town, new jersey. my photographer tommy gardener and i arrived here late morning to check on the bald eagle that was perched some 50 n pits town, we're told, it was injured, a a broken leg but that majestic creature flew away. first, the chicken spotted a surprise guest. >> we opened up the coupe, we could not get them back in. they see something. >> reporter: drew daily's wife noticed our nation's symbol perched 50 feet up in her tree. >> we immediately called the wild life folks, and they were very responsive. >> reporter: that was monday and for days both drew and his neighbor bucky watch the bird from their backyard. >> i went out immediately and checked it out and could not believe i was this close to i bald eagle. >> reporter: his daughter ana nicknamed the bald eagle lily and with the injured leg the hope was that it would come down and feed


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