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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 11, 2015 2:22am-2:53am EST

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best was going to be closing this week, it reminded me i hadn't been here in awhile. we're making up for lot of time. we've been here twice this week. >> the very best is best known for its everything hotdog that comes complete with chili and sauerkraut. and every day during this time of year there are cookies and fruit cakes, ginger bread men, eugenol. >> stop. >> goes on and on and on. >> stop. but there is a special christmas meal that is enjoyed only once during this season and our vittoria joins us with a look in tonight's taste with tori. >> only once that's why it's so special. >> i understand. >> absolutely. so special and i had the chance to be in the kitchen of a woman known for holiday meal that is called a feast. ♪ >> i didn't think that was coming. >> with vodka splash empty pan
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chef momma ma-ma rhea demarco begin the preparation of the feast of the seven fishes. add pinch of pepper flake, tear off basil this is a holiday dish. >> this look like christmas in a pan. you have the red, you have the green. >> italian tradition served on christmas eve. >> ♪ >> before midnight mass. >> being here with you it reminds me of my family and that's what christmas and cooking these traditional dishes that's what it's all about. >> it's a nice. it's keeping the family together. >> momma has been making the feast for 23 years. here at mamma maria's italian restaurant and it always brings back memories of her childhood village in italy. >> when i make this i see my m mom. >> the seven fishes or is ritual she explains comes from the roman catholic faith. >> where do they get the number
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seven? >> okay. vittoria the number seven it's seven sacraments. it's seven sin sins of the worl. it's seven days god -- to make the world. >> church tradition hold that is no meat is served on holy days. which is not a problem when you have this beautiful dish of fish to it. >> you don't have to be italian to celebrate the feast of the seven fishes. >> no. you like fish, you eat fish. >> right, right, right. >> man jay. a taste of salmon right out of the pan. phenomenal. it's delicate. it's perfectly seasoned. it's juicy. it's warm and comforting. you make me feel like i'm with my mom mom and it's very special memory for me. thank you so much, mamma. >> you welcome vittoria. >> bon in a natale. >> i really was very special for me and i hope you felt it at home as well. if you want to have mamma maria
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make your feast of the seven fishes there will be three seatings on christmas eve at her restaurant and for more on that, head to and don't forget to tell me about your favorite places send me a message on facebook, facebook woodill. i was feeling the love. >> indeed. >> my grandmom was from italy and they celebrated the feast of the seven fishes. my dad was an irish men we weren't always there all the time but it really for anyone that has those traditions, things like that make it so important to keep doing every year. >> please tell the family i said hello. we go way back. >> i will. they love you all and we love them. >> no doubt about it. >> thanks so much. >> you got it. >> kate joins us now with our forecast and we're still talking about warm temperatures in december. still hard to believe you. >> made up a little song to go with it. >> warm, warm, temperatures. >> like olaf. >> exactly. >> we'll go bring back summer. that's exactly what it will feel like this weekend as temperatures are heading up well
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into the 60s, possibly even challenging 70 degrees on sunday and we're talking about some records that may fall and these are records that are almost a century old. so let's get right into it take you out to storm scan3 here's what's happening right now a few clouds drifting by tonight and there will be a little bit of fog forming as well. warm moist air surging from the south and west when you get to kind of war warmth you toned tot fog. it will develop overnight and continue into tomorrow morning. otherwise across the nation things are quiet except the pacific northwest the pa parade of storms continues yet another one offshore poised to bring rain and mountain snow to that area. little system moving through the great lake lifting to the north and we get the southwest flow that will be with us right through the weekend really helping temperatures warm to some very unusual levels. we're talking a stretch of 60s right through the start of next being. right now we're in the mid to upper 40s. i do want to show you we've got fog to talk about as we head into your friday morning.
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stop this right at about 6:00 a.m. you can see visibles under a mile in philadelphia. down around zero down the shore. so do watch for pockets really of patchy dense fog out there tomorrow morning. that could slow you down. here's a look at december. at a glance here so far and it's just all red as far as the eye can see. today was 15 degrees above average. and we've got even warmer days ahead. we'll keep it in the red at least through next tuesday or wednesday then temperatures may eventually start heading back toward more seasonal levels. but temps are surging through the weekend record tying warm on saturday. record breaking warmth on sunday and even monday close. that's when that system moves in bringing some rain. here is a look at our forecasted highs and the record highs we're challenging for the next several days. tomorrow's record 65. the high temperature in our forecast is 64. that's very close. there's a chance we can hit th that. saturday the record 65 from 1931. looks like we'll hit 65 so tying that one. sunday's record of 65 is from
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1923. that's an old one. we should hasn't diddly beat that at 68 and even monday within 5 degrees of the roar. record is 69. and we'll get to for the daytime high. it's not unusual to get 60-degree days in december every now and again. it is unusual to have this long of a stretch of temperatures this far above average. for your friday fog in the morning turning mostly sunny and mile at 64 degrees for the high. here's your eagles kick off forecast. looking pretty great as we take on the bills 64 degrees with some sunshine. you can leave the heavy coats at home for that game. maybe wear your eagles t-shirt and flip-flops to the game just because you can. 68 degrees on sunday. monday rain develops it's still warm at 65 and then tuesday and wednesday behind that front, cooler but again you put the air quotes around cooler because vick degrees still well above average by more than 10 degrees. >> don is blowing kisses in the air. >> thank you. >> 64 or eagles sun day. that is winning. i'm looking forward to pre-game show and all that jazz.
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>> guys, we are talking sports. one temple owls something that has never been done. plus, a clarification by demarco and an apology by chip. we're talking eagles next in sports.
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not exactly the man on the moon but tyler, has gone boldly where no temple owl has ever gone before. senior linebacker won the chuck bednarek award the best defensive player in the country. the 61, 230 pounder first owl to ever win it. ever ever. he has 126 tackles this season. five interceptions and 4.5 sacks he beat out penn state carl nasa's and few others he led temple to 10-three record and matchup against tow led dough in the bowl game on december 22n december 22nd. >> unbelievable experience and such an honor to get this award and be out here with all these unbelievable athletes. i don't think anyone would have thought a kid from temple would
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be up here representing temple football but it's been such a special experience and i'm so grateful for it. >> get it bro. get it. to the ice we go the flyers hadn't scored in st. louis since 2011 that streak ended tonight. the captain getting nasty with that make it three-one the flyers win this game four hiv two your final score. to brooklyn we go. sixers and nats third quarter tony wroten with the miss. jahlil had 24 points. sixers continue their season long slump they lose 100-91 your final score. demarco murray sat next to eagles own jeff lurie on the team charter back to philadelphia on sunday. they probably didn't share an arm rest but they did share some words. what exactly was said demarco is not saying. but today the running back was asked about his lack of production in paying time and whether he's frustrated. >> every guy in this locker room wants the ball. it's not just me. everyone loves to make plays
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biggest thing i want to contribute to this team. i feel like, you know, i can be a big piece of that and obviously we won the game so i was he can treatmently happy about that but just you always want to crib. >> former eagles running back lesean mccoy returns sunday when the eagles host the buffalo bills. shady still salty about how the deal went down. today chip kelly publicly apologized. >> how he was traded wasn't handled right and i've said that before. i did not get an opportunity to talk to him. it's lesson we shall never dobb honest with you and i understand he's in the happy about it and esche not be happy about it. i would apologize for that because it did not happen the right way. >> takes a big man to apologize. bills angeles right here on cbs3 sunday at 1:00 p.m. also, we'll kick things off for you at 11:30 am with our pre-game show. don't miss it. >> it will be good, don, thanks so much.
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>> very talented choir comes a long way to support children's hospital of philadelphia. ♪ >> children's hospital presented an evening with the vienna boys choir at the kimmel center tonight. this inaugural concert benefits the choir and department of international medicine at chop. we'll be right back. ♪
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that's going to do it for us. our morning team is back at 4:30 until 7am for kate, don, everyone i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean for always on for you at cribs the late show with stephen colbert is neck. >> night, family, and sleep well. ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for omega xl. >> my name's larry king. a few years ago, i had to have open-heart surgery. when i recovered, i established the larry king cardiac foundation to help people like me avoid heart problems with proper foods, medication, and a healthy lifestyle.
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well, i recently met ken meares, a man with similar goals. he's the founder and c.e.o. of great healthworks and, for 25 years, has been active in creating and promoting good health. well, ken has developed and tested a product called omega xl. now, we've all heard about the benefits of a daily dose of fish oil, but they tell me that omega xl takes a giant leap forward towards maintaining good health. now, we're also gonna speak to dr. sharon mcquillan, a board-certified in family practice, specializing in anti-aging and preventative medicines. when we return, the doctor and ken will explain how omega xl can help you. >> announcer: if you've been living in pain and you're tired of trying products that just don't work, you are not alone. today, 1.5 billion people worldwide are living in chronic pain. don't let pain deny you the life you deserve. join hundreds of thousands of omega xl users that have chosen to fight inflammation and get
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rid of pain. now they're living life to the fullest, thanks to omega xl -- the all-natural anti-inflammatory that has more available omega-3s than regular fish oil. >> someone introduced me to omega xl, and i have almost forgotten about the pain. it's that incredible. >> omega xl is far greater than just about any fish oil that i've ever taken, and i've been taking fish oil for many years. >> i'm so thankful that i have omega xl in my life, and i wouldn't go one day without it. >> pain really changes who you are. it got to the point where i even thought about, "am i gonna be able to do another season?" now i say as many seasons as they want to have me, because i'm ready for it. this is a product that helps you live a healthy life, and that's something that i want to share with as many people as possible. take your omega xl. >> announcer: all these stories are from people that have experienced the benefits of omega xl. 25 years of clinical studies have proven that omega xl has
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far better benefits than ordinary fish oils. this is due to omega xl's source, the green-lipped mussel. this mussel is farmed in the purest waters in the world, the marlborough sound in new zealand. once harvested, it goes through a patented super-critical co2-extraction process. this unique process allows omega xl to have 22 times the fatty-acid availability and makes it more powerful than regular fish oils. therefore, omega xl is more effective at reducing inflammation, the cause of pain. you don't need to suffer anymore. omega xl will help you get rid of pain and live the life you deserve. >> ken, will start with you. what is omega xl? >> omega xl is a one-of-a-kind omega-3. there's nothing like it. we believe it's the most powerful omega-3 on the face of the planet, which offers tremendous anti-inflammatory benefits. >> dr. mcquillan, why should i take it? >> it is the most potent natural
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anti-inflammatory that exists. it actually is very effective in treating the pain and the symptoms of inflammation, so pain, swelling like arthritic joints, back pain, swollen joints, things that cause disability. omega xl is, in my medical opinion, the best anti-inflammatory product for your health. >> are you saying that this is better than fish oil? >> much better than fish oil. no question about it. i'll tell you why. fish oil -- you have no idea where the fish came from, and when you're swallowing something, you should care what you're putting in your body. a great deal of the fish oil comes from some of the dirtiest waters in the world -- from around the world -- and when they bring these fish in, they don't take the fillet and give that to the fish-oil products. the fillet, many times, goes to different restaurants and other types of foods. they take what's remaining of the fish -- probably 49% to 50% are the head, the bones, the tail -- grind it all up, and that's what goes in the majority of fish oil on the shelf today.
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who wants to swallow that? here, with omega xl, you're taking a green-lipped mussel that's grown on vines, suspended in the purest waters in the world, never touched the ocean floor. no heavy metals -- you don't have the lead, the zinc, the mercury, and all the heavy metals that are found in fish oil. and when they bake fish oil and try to make it -- to get rid of all those heavy metals, they bake most of the benefits of the omega-3 out of it, where omega xl is pure, powerful, potent, one-of-a-kind, easy to swallow. >> as a stem-cell scientist, i think it's important to do research on anything that you would place into your body. i think it's important to only use natural-type supplements. having said that, i do not use any other supplement other than omega xl. >> you want to get rid of that pain? omega xl. i mean, i guarantee it. you come find me, look me up if i'm not telling you the truth.
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>> announcer: if you're living in pain, listen up. every day, people suffer from symptoms including back, neck, knee, and joint pain. studies have proven that inflammation is the culprit, but now you can fight it with omega xl. as part of the show, we are extending a special offer. call in the next 20 minutes and we'll double your order. don't miss the opportunity to regain control of your life. there's no financial risk. omega xl offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. you have nothing to lose. time's running out. call now. >> they're gone. i don't have to worry about those aches and pains, you know, since i've been taking the omega xl. >> omega xl, thank you very much for changing my life, and i will be a loyal customer for life. >> omega xl's definitely worked for me. >> when i took the omega xl, the only thing that i can say is it made me feel great. >> announcer: due to its unique extraction process, omega xl gives us something called
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free fatty acids, which our body can utilize instantly, whereas regular fish oil comes in the triglyceride form that is bound and our body cannot utilize it readily. this is the reason why fish-oil pills have to be so big. omega xl is a small, safe, easy-to-swallow gel capsule that can go directly into your system and will effectively reduce your inflammation. >> fish oils generally, though, have an aftertaste. and they also cause burping, 'cause i used to have a problem with that, and i don't anymore. >> sure. >> does your product have these side effects? >> no, it really doesn't. i'll tell you why. we've brought some fish-oil capsules. these are the standard fish-oil capsules with their 1,000 milligram. >> anybody who takes fish-oil product knows this product. >> exactly. or you can take this small omega xl capsule, which one of these is equivalent to 10 of these. let me pour 10 in your hand, larry. you'd have to take all 10 of these to get the benefits of one small omega xl capsule.
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so, women and children and men -- nobody wants to swallow 10 minivans, if you will. you can have one. >> well, how can you get all this in this? >> well, i think the doctor can answer that -- why it's such a unique formulation. >> the difference in the quality of the oil is the extraction process gives us something called a free fatty acid, which is the type of fatty acid that your body can utilize. whereas in this fish-oil capsule, the reason it has to be so big is that this is the triglyceride form, which means that it's bound and your body can't utilize it readily. when you take this, this is just fatty acids that can go directly into your system, and they can be effective for reducing your inflammation. >> well, there's something very important, also. in today's world, with a doctor here, the average person over 55 today is on five different prescription medications. omega xl has no drug-drug
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interaction, which is so important. the improper use of prescription medication is probably the sixth cause of death today. so, you have people that have difficulty sleeping at night -- aches and pains cause loss of sleep -- and they worry about the medicine they're taking. omega xl releases that fear of, "is it going to interact with my other drugs," and it reduces the inflammatory pain that you may have in your back, your legs, and so on, to give you a good night's sleep. >> i've got to say, i've done very few testimonials in my life -- you can count them on one hand -- and this is a terrific product. it's wonderful being associated with you. >> i have been practicing medicine for over 20 years, and i have never endorsed a product, either. >> really? >> and i just feel that this product is so valuable and so important that it's a privilege to be associated with it. >> in fact, i'm gonna take two now. >> well, i will add this, and this is one thing. 80% of our customers are women that call in to buy our product.
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the women are the gatekeepers of the family's health. >> mm-hmm. >> grandmothers are able to now bend over and pick up their grandchild when the grandchild's running towards them instead of saying, "no, no, no. grandma's back hurts." so, you have this aging society, this active society, this active lifestyle, and everyone wants to move and breathe naturally. they want to be able to get up. they want to be able to walk. they want to be able to enjoy themselv. it is a life-changing product that is just truly one of a kind. >> and, by the way, they're so small that i just swallowed them without water. >> you have hundreds of people, hundreds of family and, we call them employees, but associates at great healthworks today so proud that you're here to help us with our message. >> there's the number. >> there's two different benefits that i've noticed by taking omega xl, one being the increased benefit of not having to worry about stiffness or joint problems. the other benefit has been the difference i've seen in my skin. >> i'm amazed at how many people that i talk to suffer from some sort of back discomfort, usually
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in the lower back, and i have recommended omega xl numerous occasions and will continue to do so, and i'll be on it for life. >> the omega xl capsule is so small that it's just -- it's so simple to swallow. you get most of these pills that have -- that are huge to take, to swallow. it's very hard. but these -- the omega xl capsules are very small, very easy to take. >> you have to know the pain that you've been through in order to know how much better you feel with the omega xl. >> announcer: if you're living in pain, listen up. every day, people suffer from symptoms including back, neck, knee, and joint pain. studies have proven that inflammation is the culprit, but now you can fight it with omega xl. as part of the show, we are extending a special offer. call and we'll double your order. don't miss the opportunity to regain control of your life. there's no financial risk. omega xl offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.
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you have nothing to lose. time's running out. call now. >> why is it so effective, ken? >> why is it so effective? it's one of a kind. it truly is one of a kind. there's been 25 years of research. it comes from a green-lipped mussel. nature has provided an oil extract that's one of a kind. it's patent protected. >> this is a nutritional supplement, and what it can do is reduce the signs and symptoms associat with inflammation. you know, inflammation is prevalent in many diseases, so it's helpful in many different conditions. >> people say, "well, how can this be so good?" well, because the biggest problem to your body is inflammatory-related conditions. doesn't matter if you're a truck driver, if you're a police officer, if you're a fireman, if you work in construction, if you work in the restaurant business, if you are a lady that stands on your feet all day -- >> almost if you move. >> if you move. >> [ chuckles ] >> because pain just ruins your day. >> you're looking at someone. >> it ruins your day. >> i have a low tolerance.
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>> it's hard to enjoy your life. everybody has a low tolerance, particularly when you have back pain. back pain will strike 80% of everyone in their lifetime. and it's an over-use condition -- chronic, chronic back pain. so, when you have back pain, you have arthritic pain, particularly if you use your body for your work. do you know that insurance companies today, with all the crazy things that are going on in our insurance world, one of the first questions they're asking you when you fill out your form to get new insurance is, "does any part of your body hurt when you come home from work?" so, they know that we're overusing our bodies, which tends to cause more corrective action, which causes the rates to go up to keep you in great shape. so, healthcare, while it's important, the important word is self-care. if you don't do something for yourself, omega xl is the beginning of self-care. >> not available in stores. >> no. >> why? >> you know, retail is an important part of the distribution channel of life, but they cannot give the quality
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care -- customer care that we give. at great healthworks, when a customer calls, you're calling a customer-care person at great healthworks. they're knowledgeable. but that way, we control the experience of the product. >> announcer: hundreds of thousands of people around the world are enjoying better health today because of the difference omega xl has made in their lives. this natural anti-inflammatory comes from the green-lipped mussel, grown in the marlborough sound of new zealand, the cleanest waters in the world. >> the key to the wathat we process things is we manage the temperature, we manage the storage chain, we know the chemistry we're looking for, and we make really sure that we're getting the right chemistry to the consumer. i cannot say that any of the people who are selling seafood mussels are gonna be concerned about the same thing. you may cook it in a way or deal with it in a way that simply destroys that bioactivity, so not only are you taking a dozen mussels, you may be getting no benefit. so, the certain way of getting the benefit is to take a


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