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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 11, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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he was so excited. he was screaming. >> lady gaga today. how her fiance celebrated her golden globe nomination and why she is opening up about surviving race. >> plus, kristen's first sighting since her missing brother was found dead. >> it's what's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight". >> can you see the heartbreak on her face. where we found kristen grieving, her tragic loss just days after giving birth. new details from michael's home in the death in the desert. >> then gaga is serious. >> why she blames herself for her teenage rape. >> it's important to share that part of myself. >> plus -- partying with rihanna as will smith gets racy with jada. >> and j-law playing this real
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life woman. >> jennifer lawrence is being inspired by my life? >> also, gwen and blake's new pda. ben affleck's back tat. >> and -- >> she's 16 days old. >> we're inside an adorable newborn photo shoot. can this famous baby photographer change a tiny model? now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." >> thank you for joining us, everybody. we have come to the end of another busy week for star news. >> we have another big headline for you to night. here is tonight's big story. >> new details today on the death of kristen's brother. >> kristen is heart broken right now. you can see it on her face. she was spotted out bundled up, taking a walk this chicago
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yesterday. that's the same day her brother's body was found. and right now has to be an emotional roller coaster for her. the 28-year-old gave birth to her third child four days before her brother's band ond car was found in the desert. >> officials are looking at exposure as the cause of death. temperatures in the desert on the day michael went missing were in the low 20s. >> michael is here in california, more than 700 miles from where he was last seen november 27th buying gas in utah. his body was found three miles from his car where sheriff's officials are calling it a very steep and rocky area. his body has been taken to the utah medical examiner's office. >> kristen instagrammed two childhood photos with michael. yesterday she wrote, i can always count on you to make me laugh. and this later part of the message jumped out. you're in a better place and finally at peace. what kristen seems to be indicating there is that michael did have some issues. he had gone through some tumultuous times in recent years
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but now he is at peace. >> this is a mug shot from a dui arrest last year. a petty theft case was dismissed and on the same day that kristen gave birth, david was arrested with a loaded shotgun. fwhaut is not how one of the long time close friends will remember him. >> he has a great smile. person being portrayed in the media is not the person that i knew. he had such a huge heart. it breaks my heart because i don't know what happened, what the situation is. and i, you know, i was even hoping it was mixed up. maybe it wasn't him. >> so what is next for this investigation? there could be other factors at play besides the low tents in the utah desert. officials are waiting on toxicology reports. but we have learned that no drugs or alcohol were found at the scene. >> if you want to learn more about this story, go to our
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website, >> lady goinga, selena gomez was among the honorees this morning as they saluted the top women in music. and our reporter was in the middle of the celebration. >> let as recap your week. grammy nomination, golden globe nomination, woman of the year. pretty good week. >> it's pretty good week. it has been a really good week. i'm just so very, very lucky girl this year to have people really believe in me. >> lady gaga's golden globe no, ma'am for "american horror story hotel" got a huge reaction from her fiance. >> what was his reaction? >> he was so excited. he was screaming on the phone. we were both laughing. we're both very, very excited. >> and her grammy nod for this -- ♪ >> "until it happens to you" is a song she wrote about being raped as a 19-year-old. >> you are so open sharing your experiences. why is that so important for you? >> i think that's how you change the world as a person. you know? no matter who you are, you change the world by sharing your stories with other people.
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>> amazing courage is onest reasons she is billboard's woman of the year for 2015. also honored, selena gomez who is trying to forget the onsie rumors. >> can we set the record straight, niles? are you dating? >> no, i love him. i always v he's amazing. >> as for the demi and wilmer marriage. >> some fans think that you're secretly married. is that true? >> no, we're definitely not. >> could 2016 be a potential engagement year for you? >> i have no idea. ask him. >> it was all about diamonds last night. and rihanna's second diamond ball kevin hart hosted. if i look tired, it's because it was quite a night. lots of stars turned out. what has become one of the most glamorous charity events of the year. what are you wearing? >> i'm wearing christian dior. >> thank you. >> rihanna brought it, again, in her retro glam gown. the dress she wore last year, but totally classy. her best accessory, her adorable little cousin. >> she looks like you. >> she is a feisty one, just like all the women in my family. she is already -- already has
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her personality. it's so cute. >> will got fresh with jada on the red carpet and kylie jenner in a sweeping gown. it benefits art and culture and raised over $3 million last night. >> here he is, mr. kevin hart. >> you notice that your fiancee is now getting her own pictures. >> yes, that's the way it's supposed to be. supposed to be. >> up next, blake's pda. sharing a tender moment while out for a casual drive yesterday, blake with his hand on gwen's leg and we think she is rummaging tough his closet with a camo baseball cap. they were spotted out after a night out with her brother and full on kiss in public. and finally, peta and mack's wedding news. >> it is going to be soon? >> no. not soon. >> big? small? lots of people? intimate? what do you think?
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>> big. >> cameron caught up with the stars and the live tour kicks off tuesday. check out the sweet anniversary surprise for her husband stephen. >> we're going to reveal the sex of our baby. >> yeah! >> it's a boy. the couple later shared the news with the host and check out alice son's 7-year-old daughter running in for a hug. >> i'm speechless, man. that was one of the greatest things. >> cameron masterson is here now with a colorful woman in movies, jennifer lawrence. >> just yesterday she scored a golden globe for "joy." the movie got recognized as well. tonight, only we have jennifer's telling about how it came to life..o cf1 o >> real ambitions and real ideas. >> making ambitions and it's
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serious. >> this particular woman has her own dream and has her own aspirations. and she's put on hold for her entire life. >> you would like to try a new mop? >> she starts a mop business shechlt wants to sell them herself on qvc but boss bradley isn't so sure. >> we don't have regular people. we let the spokes american do these. >> who sold the mop to you? who taught you how to use it? >> it's the first person that starts to believe in her. >> a lot of the stuff in the movie that you think is fictionalized actually occurred. >> it is partially based on a real life adventure and her
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struggle to market the miracle mop. >> to absorb the fact that jennifer lawrence is inspired by my life is very hard to do. when you meet her, she's shockingly brilliant. >> she has the same outfit you had when you came in here. >> i wear a blouse and pants. that's who i am. i want to go on. >> j-law and bradley have amazing chemistry and he's a big fan. >> she's the best at what she does. >> she knew she could sell the mop. she's a mother of two. she's cleaning a house every single day. she knows about cleaning products. she knows what these women she's selling to, she knows what they want. >> joy goes on to make multimillion on the mop but her home life is still a mess. her parents and ex live with her. jennifer was thrilled when robert de niro was cast as her dad. he's been a guiding presence throughout her career. >> bob is so paternal and lovely to me. and i can ask him anything. he's so happy to listen and talk and help guide me. he always has. so him being my theatrical father, it was really touching and personal.
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>> jennifer first worked with him in silver lining playbook which starred bradley cooper. jennifer and bradley worked together four times in all. there is also "american hustle" and "serena." >> coming up, who is this buff shirtless star in a wig and what is up with affleck's back tat as bieber gets his wings next. plus, we're with the men of the kate plus eight gushing over their female co-star. >> jennifer is one of the best. >> jennifer is a girl. >> that's ahead. i'm taking this woman to heck for $10,000. that money is mine, boys.
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i'm taking this woman to heck for $10,000. that money is mine, boys. >> that is the scene from a new movie. you have oscar hopes for this one?
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>> they sure do. they're rushing night the theaters on christmas day. meet the deadline for oscar nomination. quinten put together a new cast. >> it's like a weird acid trip. >> one of them is not what he says he is. >> everyone is bad. even the good guys are bad. >> channing's role is being kept a secret. i can tell you the whole movie is tarantino twisted. >> let's slow it down. let's slow it way down. >> samuel l. jackson is one of the gun slinging eight with pistols pointed at kurt russell and his valuable catch. jennifer is the most hateful. >> jennifer definitely i think one of the baddest. she is just bad.
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>> so bad she's good. jennifer is up for a golden globe so is quinten's screen play. >> we're waiting for anybody to go to sleep. then we're going to kill y'all. >> there is something to be said to be the only female energy in that whole group of men. how did that work? >> first of all, like, dreamy. you know what i mean? >> yeah. >> it was the best group of men ever. >> after a while, the guys, we all began to realize, general jennifer is a girl. we don't think of that ever. we consider it once in a while. then we went, no, we shouldn't. >> filming in the colorado winter was hard but it could pay off with award show gold. >> i pick the five actors you think did a great job this year. so if i did five movies, i put my name in best actor five times. you know? sam jackson. >> sam jackson. always keeping it real. >> i love it. >> a point in this movie that
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makes you sit up and say oh, my god this lady is crazy. >> now you have to go see it. >> coming up, disney's "frozen" hits the ice and we're at the premier with the star and their kids. plus, they don't get any cuter than these little ones. we go behind the scenes of the photographer ann geddes. >> and why the audience booed bieber. that is next. closed captioning provided by --
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so have you seen ben affleck's huge back tattoo? the ink that is two giant phoenixes has everyone wondering is it real or fake? here is what we know. ben is currently shooting live by night, a film about organized crime. so it could be for his role. but here's the weird thing. we first spotted ben's body art peeking through last july. the movie didn't start production then. and you know five months is a long time to wear a fake film tattoo. well, if it is the real deal, ben will join the breakup back tat club. remember nick caon and mariah. that was then and this is now. >> everybody talked about like he's trying to cover up a previous one. to me, it's life. you know? not to say oh, i'm over that situation. that was part of me. i incorporated it into the new art. >> katie wanted no memory of her ex. she had their new year's eve wedding date covered up last month. she said right my wrong with the #under30mistake. >> i tend to rush into a lot of
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things. i do. i talk fast. i think just happen fast. and, you know, ryan and i got married fast. everyone thought we rushed into it. >> and for no reason other than he probably wanted to, justin bieber got tattoo number 52, a set of angel wings. he got it down at 4:00 a.m. yesterday at the versace mansion. he debuted the arlt after taking over the monologue last night. >> sore yishgs man. >> what? it's too late to say sorry. >> what do you mean? >> now you're just naming your own song. ♪ let it go let it go >> okay, just when you were finally able to let it go, come on, who really wants to let it go? >> no one. >> that's right. fans of that oscar winning song right here in l.a. got to hear
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it again live as disney brought "frozen" on ice to southern california. >> yeah, we were actually there last night with all the stars and their kids who hit the blue carpet. can i say how much we love looking at hollywood's next generation? she just got the hand on hip pose down. >> what do you want for christmas? >> a motorcycle. >> a motorcycle? >> a motorcycle? ♪ let it go >> good to know that celebrity parents are just like us when it comes to the love/hate obsession with this addicting disney film. >> how many times you have seen "frozen"? be honest? >> i run out of fingers, hands, toes, everything. yeah. it's on a constant, like, loop in the house. >> my daughter watches "frozen" like it's her job. this is exciting. >> the show is fantastic. if you want to know when it's coming to a town near you, then check out
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you've seen it before. it's phenomenal. >> i love everything about disney and "frozen." if you love "frozen," then i bet you love this. we're taking you behind the scenes of a new irresistbly adorable baby calendar from ann geddes. she never let cameras inside her photo shoots different. this calendar is different. it is even written in the stars. >> she's 16 days old. we're trying to get her off to sleep. this is one of the most important steps in the whole process here. >> sweep slumbering babies in whimsical poses makes you want to go awe. but getting a newborn to cooperate is tricky business. >> generally if they're warm and a full tummy and we've got a very warm studio here, they'll sleep. but, you know, i could prove
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myself to be a liar in a few minutes time. [ baby crying ] >> the theme is zodiac. today is virgo. and i'm a virgo, too. this is going to go very well. >> can we get it warmer in here. >> when i come to the studio, the first thing we do is get them undressed and just in a diaper and we wrap nem a soft cloth. and then get the moms to feed them. and they go off to sleep. everything starts once they come on set. we spent all of yesterday setting up this and lighting it and making sure everything is absolutely perfect. >> ann is baby friendly. the dove is soft and the baby is never left unattended. her assistant will be spotting her the whole time. take a little photo shop magic to get the final shot. >> a kid with a little hat. and then john will move around here and then they'll take it
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off. >> 31 babies in all will have modelled for the 2017 calendar. it took three little ones to get today's job done. >> got her in the end. we always do. the world has turned into such a horrible place. and there is so much fear and so much bitterness and so much anger. and you look at a newborn baby and you just think the absolute purity and the potential that is sitting right there. so goodness, you know? >> i can look at those pictures all day long. the 2017 calendar will be her 25th in a row. she actually signed a deal to keep them coming through 2019. >> met her once. i had a fan boy moment. in our entertainment tonight birthdays, which musician considered going into film after a successful music career? it is jermaine jackson, stephen tyler, or ozzie osborne? >> i'm going to guess stephen tyler. >> all right. the answer is next. >> plus, who is this boxffice star suddenly all pumped up?
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>> i'm more interested in behind time for the answer to tonight's "e.t." birthdays. which musician considered going into film after a successful music career? >> i'm more interested in behind the scenes with a lot of film and things like that. >> that is jermaine jackson who turns 61 today. >> happy birthday, jermaine. by the way, two more weeks until
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christmas. tonight on the cw, don't miss the holiday christmas parade. we cruise down hollywood boulevard. hopefully they don't make anything disappear. >> i hope not. we're out of time now. we leave with you munn more thing before we go. good-bye, everybody. >> somebody's been hitting the gym. did you figure out who? that is james franco on the set of his next movie "the disaster artist." doesn't look like a disaster to us. bye, everybody.
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bb-8! beep, beep! this way! where'd they go? they went that way! that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked! beep, beep, beep! the "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> no one will listen to you unless you trump it up a little bit. >> if i'm elected, and i will be elected. >> stephen colbert reunited states as hollywood puts trump on blast.
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are the jokes not funny anymore? >> then -- michael jordan sounds off in the viral craze knockout. and the bachelor reunion. why is bachelor success story shawn and katherine heading for marriage boot camp? >> i'm the one that's hurt right now. >> it was just a shock. >> it's like old times for hans and princess leia on screen. >> there is no comfort level with harrison. >> she gets candid with her true feelings about george lucas and our personal connection. >> i'm feeling the force right now, carrie. >> i got it! yes! >> now hollywood from the inside out, it's the "insider." >> hello, everybody. welcome to the "insider." >> let's kick things off with the top trending story making headlines today. donald trump is taking a late night as two hosts return from retirement to take their t


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