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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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the 116th army/navy game will kick off in philadelphia tomorrow. festivities are already in full swing. why this game is about more than just a win. getting a second chance at life. one group's goal to prove that shelter dogs are not throw away dogs. how these animals will now help keep communities in our region safer. hover boards grounded. they're one of hottest items in stores right now but several major airlines are saying no to the scooters. we'll tell you what's behind the ban. good evening, i'm ukee washington. jessica is off tonight we begin with a countdown to the army/navy game tomorrow lincoln financial field in south philly is where american pride will be on display. as our natasha brown reports, this year security is also top of mind. >> reporter: a cheer off to set the tone. long before the army/navy game the festivities kick into high gear. the night ending with a gala here at the pennsylvania convention center. >> we're happy to be here. we're excited for the game much
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the great to have these 8,000 young patriots all in one place all at one time. >> reporter: keith houser runs a program in st. louis that trains both cadets and midshipmen. he's not making any predictions on the big game. >> i have people on both sides. it's hard. i'm on the fence this year. used to army. i've got 13 people graduating from navy it's a hard call. >> no matter what army shows up and navy shows up. it will be a good game. >> throughout date army/navy service academies held pep rallies hyping up the crowd. the storied rival row will be met with high 10 security following the terror tax in san bernardino and paris. >> every day precaution you've got to take. no different than they have to do it on the parts of the country and this is an event that can draw a lot of attenti attention. so i think it's practical they step up and follow through on extra security when they feel it important to the safety of everyone there report roar despite hewings or loses the matchup on the field there's pride on both sides for these
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brave and men representing our nation. after the pleasantries are exchanged whoever at the big army/navy game gala all the focus will turn to the storied matchup between army/navy at lincoln financial field on saturday afternoon. in center city, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". here it is in print print. the army/navy tomorrow 3:00 o'clock lincoln financial field and you can catch it right here on cbs3. let's keep this great stretch of going for the game. meteorologist kate bilo has a check on the temperatures right now. she's out on the sky deck. kate. >> thank you ukee. it feels pretty great for mid december out her on the sky deck. temperatures right now warmer than they should be for daytime highs. take look at your current temperatures all around the area still holding to 53 degrees in philadelphia. it's a little cooler in surrounding suburbs down to 44 in allentown right now. 44 in reading and 46 right now in millville. but 53 in atlantic city. which is feeling great. we mentioned the army/navy game f you're headed to the game what
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beautiful forecast i have for you here when folks bought their tickets to this game probably weren't thinking it would be 65 degrees with sunshine feeling nice and warm for kick off at 3:00 p.m. of course on sunday, we've got a big eagles game at lincoln financial field as well coming up i'll have the forecast that. it will be even warmer as we chase and probably break some old records this weekend. i'll have all the details coming up. ukee, back over to you. >> kate were it today's mild temperatures many were outside strolling the streets and doing holiday shopping, and it was perfect timing for the warmup. new retail options are popping up all around philadelphia and diana rocco joins us now in center city where people aren't actinacting like it's december. diana. report roar not at all, ukee. in fact it was so nice out tonight there are a lot of people in the city shopping, having dinner, it's fair to say the city is a buzz. just two weeks till christmas and many in sent city are starring they are weekend off friday with dinner outside. >> with my roommates shopping. so trying to find some gifts. >> reporter: bloomingdale's
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outlet open its doors fry dat at chestnut and 17th streets with big sales and hot holiday deals offering up to 50% off to shoppers as they walk through the door. >> that make it worth it? >> definitely. >> i'm just shopping for a work party that i'm having on wednesday. probably just run to go macy's for few more things and heading home report roar sent city has seemed to tract more holiday shoppers than ever before with in order tromm rack, h and m and walnut street's designer boutiques. all offering bargain. >> real convenient. >> okay. >> from working in center city. so you come right down the street and you're right there. >> i'm going a pet tomorrow i just wanted to get shopping some cute things for my best friend. >> christmas village at love park and shops at dilworth park have brought in the out of towners. picking up some holiday gifts. skating and stopping by the city hall christmas tree. >> i got a shirt and i got some lanterns. >> report roar lisa trainer and family came in from long beach island. >> we love it here.
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we just wish it didn't close so early. >> reporter: it's become a family tradition for the third year in a row. >> we drive. we get here. we have a good time. we like the show at macy's and the dick kin's village. >> and this is the first year for the shops here at dilworth park. they're a nice edition to the christmas village in love park. if you haven't had chance to come on down and check it out they will be open through the new year. we're live in center city tonight, i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> good time in the old town tonight. diana thank you. in other news tonight a story scene first on cbs3. tonight a disturbing update on the health of an injured bald eagle rescued from the backyard of a new jersey home. it turns out the national symbol was shot. in a television exclusive "eyewitness news" has the x-ray showing the area of impact. >> the x-ray shows the answer in black and white. >> somebody shot the bird. there's no question about it. >> chris suzie the director of the raptor trust the group that rescued the three or four-year-old male eagle this week. >> we took x-rays when the bird came in and we can see there's a
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big led pellet lodge in its leg its leg is fractured. >> eagle nicknamed lilly by the little girl whose backyard he spent days in was unable to fend for himself. first he flew away but eventually he was caught and his long road to recovery he began. >> the bird is fight tee. it's energetic and fighting ba back. >> fighting back his few uncle unclear. >> it's not able to use its leg and there may be some further injuries. >> lilly is scheduled for surgery sometime this weekend. doctors will remove the pellet and send it to the department of environmental protection hoping to determine exactly what happened. >> if this is buck shot there's no way it was an accident. >> if you have any information on who may have shot lilly call the department of environmental protection's game thief hotline >> new tonight teenager is shot and killed while sitting in car north philly about 7:20 this evening in glenwood.
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police say the 15-year-old boy was found with multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and head in the back of a lincoln town car. first responders pronounced him dead at the scene. the gunman is still at large tonight. fbi dive team resumed their search for evidence in a lake near the scene of the shooting rampage in san bernardino. a law enforcement official says divers are looking for a missing hard drive from the computer of sussex syed farook and tashfeen malik. a senior law enforcement source told cbs news the alleged shooter cell phones had levels of built in encryption much the fbi trying to unlock the phones to see if the trouble communicated with extremist groups. >> we're trying to ensure we account for every minute of the time that day. >> so far the fbi has only been able to determine that the deadly shooting spree was the least inspired by isis. investigators are now theorizing that the alleged killers plan may have been grander. pictures of at least one school were reportedly found on
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farook's phone. authorities near san bernardino are investigate a possible case of anti muslim sentiment in the weighing of the attacks. eyewitnesses say a mosque was fire bombed in riverside county, california today. the fire was contained to the front lobby of the islamic society of palm springs but there was smoke damage throughout the mosque. a group of muslims gathered in prayer in front of the building after the far was contain. no injuries were reported. here in philadelphia, members of the muslim community are rallying for peace and uniting against terrorism. a group gathered this evening at city hall condemning the attack in san bernardino. leaders of the event say they stand with america in fighting extremism and the terror attacks do not represent people of their religion. campaign 2016 now, the race for gop -- the gop nomination is heating up as new poll numbers it put candidates head to head. tech text senator ted cruz surged to second place in the latest cbs poll. he's three points ahead of retired neurosurgeon ben carson
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but still well behind donald trump. carson said today he will leave the party if republican leaders ignore the will of the voters. >> i have no intention of running as an independent. but i certainly don't want to be a part of corruption. >> meanwhile trump spoke at a rally in desmoines iowa tonight and addressed hot button issue including keeping syrian refugees out of the united states and bringing jobs back to the united states. new details in the $130 billion merger of local chemical giant dupont and dow. today dupont announced it will cut more than 5,000 jobs ahead of the merger. no word on how many local jobs will be affected. delaware governor jack markell has spoken to dupont's ceo about plans for the new dow dupont n statement he says "we will continue to advocate that delaware's many advantages can be major benefit to the new companies and the state is committed to supporting those affected by dupont's cost cutting in delaware".
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dogs that once cast aways are now getting a second chance and making a big difference thanks to the throw away dogs project. take cam for example in marlton. his drive is intense to make good pet but he has what it takes to be a police dog. throw away dogs project was started two years ago. volunteers say dogs destyn to be euthanized and trained them for police and law enforcement work. >> it's either genetically there or it's not. if it genetically there and just been suppressed, you can bring it out. >> you can't save every dog but the dog that you safe you'll make a world of diss. >> the throw away dogs project depends 100% on donations. beloved holiday tradition that families across the region look forward to every year. ♪ the nutcracker opened tonight in philadelphia and our vittoria woodill got a back stage pass to
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show you what it takes to put this time less tail together. escape to the land of sweets. that's straight ahead. also, many call him the boss for a reason. tickets for bruce springsteen tosses up coming national tour sell in the blink of an eyely we'll tell you how much they're going for now on resale sites. kate? >> and it's been warm the past couple of days, but even warmer as we head into the weekend. it could be one for the record books as the jet stream lifts well to the north. southwest wind brings temperatures 20 to 25 degrees above average. i'll tell you just how warm it gets with the seven day forecast coming up. and they're the hottest gift of the season but concerns that they're too hot have grounded hover boards on major airlines. why the scooters are a no go in the skies when "eyewitness news" comes right back. ♪
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back now on "eyewitness news" with incredible video of a near miss in pole land. you can see a bicyclist getting within inches of speeding train. from this side it looks like the
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cyclist was swallowed up but other another angle shows the man getting clipped and knock from his bike. amazingly he suffered only minor injuries. more airlines are grounding one of the holiday season's most popular gifts. delta, american and united ba banned hover boards from flights. they are concern the toys lymph thee yann ion batteries can fire. federal safety officials are investigating 10 reports of hover board fires in nine different states. >> they're considered toys but in fact they're not. so at the end of the day you have a product that doesn't have to meet any safety requirements and find it is way in the u.s. mark. >> the faa probably would ban lithium batteries from airlines battery if there wasn't so much pressure from the airline not to do no. >> one hover board swag way blames cheap knock offs for the fire problems. millions of americans are expecting holiday deliveries this year you might have to wait long for their arrival.
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the on time deliver row rate for ups ground packages fell 6% from this last time last year. ups admits it's been slower, fed ex has slowed down. factors include increase online sales and fewer staph members. tickets for bruce springsteen upcoming national tour went on sale today and sold out, bang, instantly that included tickets for his february 12th show at the wells fargo sent. of course, it didn't take long for springsteen tickets to show up on stub hun. they're selling for as high as $10,000. springsteen and the e street what happened plan to play the river on this tour celebrating the album's 35th anniversary. opening night of holiday classic the nutcracker at the academy music in center city and for so many children the performance will be yule tide memory for years to pom. vittoria was there for tonight's magical evening. ♪ >> reporter: it's here. it's opening night at the academy of mew zig and the
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pennsylvania ballet presents the nutcracker. >> the production is amaz amazi. you know we have hundreds of people on the stage. it is stunningly gorgeous much the music is familiar. and the story is actually fun to watch. >> reporter: executive director of the pennsylvania ballet david gray is feeling spirited and fired up about tonight's debut and its impressive cast. >> we have two kids, young kids who are brothers who both have lead rolls in the product. one plays fritz and one plays the prince. >> yes, you meet 11-year-old aiden duffy. >> i'm the nutcracker prince and he's like the main boy character of the ballet and he's like magical. >> and his eight-year-old little brother rowan duffy. >> i'm fritz so then i'm basically naughty because i break the nutcracker. a i throw a hobby horse. >> do you break things in real life? >> yes. >> reporter: who both have starring rolls in this holiday classic. and if you're not familiar with
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george balance lentine's ma si cal tale allow aiden so shed light. >> there's this girl marie and she gets a nutcracker for christmas and her naughty younger brother whose name is fritz break the nutcracker. her nutcracker comes to life. magical experience. >> filled with music that will move you an incredible dancing whichs the reason why it's a family tradition for so many. >> the girls go on point but to come and watch the nutcracker is pretty inspiring. >> fabulous and surprisingly comfortable costumes. good really comfy because it' it'sville set vet. >> which look way better on them. >> if you were to rate me on scale of one to 10? >> five. (laughter). >> so unless you're a seasoned vet allow these artists of young and old to dazzle you into the land of sweets all the way until december 31st. vittoria woodill cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> vittoria a five. >> that's cold. >> that's cold.
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>> yes. >> she took it well. >> she did. >> tell was the weather is not cold. not at all. >> you don't need to swab yourself inville evident evet this evening. nice and warm outside all weekend long. temperatures headed to the 70s by sunday. 70s in december that doesn't happen very often. i'll tell when the last time it happened was in just a moment. first take quick look outside take you out to our live neighbor network camera. this is looking across the river from the palmyra cove nature park usually on clear night we can see the outline the skyline of philadelphia. not tonight. eighths little hazy, a little foggy outside tonight. similar to the past couple of nights we've got low clouds, we've got fog, we've got little bit of haze out there. so just be safe on the roads if you're out and about late tonight or early tomorrow morning. there will be pockets of potentially dense fog outside so you can see that storm scan3 the clouds shift in but as we zoom out level we'll see breaks in the cloud cover as we get into the day tomorrow. you can see that line of clouds right here. that's the brown degree lifting to the north as it does so,
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we'll see winds start to surge in from the south and west and that's really what's going to bring us the he can treatment warmth through the weekend. speaking of warm, still very warm outside right now. the cloud cover is helping. it's 53 at the moment in philadelphia. 53 at the atlantic city airport. little cooler in millville and in allentown in the mid fours at the moment. future visibilities show the fog will start to intensify through the overnight hours. by the time you wake up saturday morning if you're doing the morning bagel room or bike ride or jog in the morning expect visible to be as low as half a mile in physical. it does clear out pretty quick quickly. the fog mixes out by 9:00 a.m. pockets of fog. a possibility overnight. so certainly keep that in mind. let's check in on our december calendar because it is just -- we can't buy a blue square here many temperatures above average every day this month. double digit departures again today. 13 degrees above average. 4 degrees shy of the record. we are headed back to record territory this weekend record breaking heat for saturday. temperatures about a degree off
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the record. there's that boundary i mentioned. it stays to the north. we may have cloud issues this weekend. i don't expect it to be brillianbrilliantly sunny saturd sunday. we'll get to 70 degrees and you know i'm excited but i put three exclamation points. that's the bench mark. two very excite excited. monday temperatures in the mid 60s rain and wind will develop in the afternoon. maybe even a rumble of thunder. let's check in on these records. the record for tomorrow 65 set in 31. we shall break that by 1 degree. this very old record from 19-degree on sunday we'll smash that one by 5 degrees. monday we're close. there is a chance this record is on notice. think this will one hold from 1881 and the last time we had a 70-degree temperature at all in december, was december 1st of 2006. it has been awhile. overnight we drop down to a low of 49 degrees. warmer than the daytime high should be. tomorrow's high 66 with a mix of sun and clouds. there's your eagle on sunday.
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>> all right. >> 70 degrees the daytime high. your kickoff temperature for eagles/bills game 67 degrees rain comes in monday then tuesday, wednesday, it's cooler but still not cold. highs near 60 both of those days. how about that? >> let's enjoy it. >> all right. army/navy flyers, sixers, eagles andy reid used to say pat gallen time is yours. >> a lot of stuff going on tonight. the flyers they are in action tonight in dallas. the ghosts struck again. brett brown sticking around for a few more years but tonight not pretty for his 76ers. details and highlights
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it's not often a coach gets a contract extension when they're team is one and 22 and 111 games under five hadn't dread during his tenure. usually that sort of record gets you fired but for brett brown it had the opposite effect.
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the sixers head coach was rewarded with two more years on his contract which will keep him in philly threw 2019. many might be wondering why brown would want to sub himself to continued rebuilding? but he sees light at the end of the tunnel. >> to have experienced that time frame and -- and -- and see the growth we've made, take the hits that we've made, why wouldn't i want to see this through? we have started something extremely difficult but it's going to end up extremely special. >> act zen is the best. that special brett brown speaks of seems to be in gallon lack see far far away. star wars tonight at the center. pistons they would lead by 24 in the first. sixers climb back with this very sixers like play. nerlins noel would end up cleaning up that mess but pistons firing on all cylinders to night. local product marcus morris had 21 points.
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sixers fall to one and 23. they lose 107-95. put simply the dallas stars are good. in fact they have the best record in the nhl right now. flyers while inconsistent have won five of their last eight. they need to bring their a game tonight. second period, the ghost is scary good. shane, the rookie sensation would net his fifth of the year. already to put the flyers up one to nothing. dallas is the highest scoring team in the league. so it's hard to keep them down for long. us sixth to tie it. few minutes later, dallas strikes again. antoine russell give the stars a two-one lead right here. that's his fifth. stars would add an empty netter. they would win three-one. lost in the madness of the shady mccoy chip kelly drama and demarco murray jeffrey lurie meeting is an actual game. the e guilty play the bills on
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sunday. we tend to forget there are other important players and one of them is quarter of quarterback tie rod taylor. taylor had a major break out under rex ryan throwing 17 touchdowns and four inceptions this year. taylor could have been an eagle according report he pushed to sign with the birds this off season but the team opted for tim tebow instead. graham talks about trying to stop him on sunday. >> we just got not worry about it. we start thinking about him using his legs, we kind of like not give ourselves credit. we can run, too. i do know he is fast. i mean i got to give it to him. >> join us won't you sunday 1:00 o'clock it is the eagles and buffalo bills. you can watch it right here on cbs3. and tomorrow you can find the one hun 16th install many of the army/navy game also right here on cbs3. the action begins at 3:00 o'clock. don't go anywhere. we are coming right back.
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and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. ♪ show you more holiday fun for children this celebration hosted by philadelphia police officers. ♪ >> great dancers from hamilton element row school and officers from the 18th police district
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who hosted the event the theme of the celebration was minions. lots of games, fun and holiday gifts for the children today in west philadelphia. nicely done. everybody had great time. we'll be right back.
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that's going to do it for us tonight. our morning team is back tomorrow from 5:00 to 7am. for pat, kate, jessica who's off and everyone here i'm ukee washington. the late show with stephen colbert is coming up neglect. from our entire team, have great weekend. good night, family, and sleep
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