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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> and all american tradition takes the city by storm. army versus navy. we're hours away from kick offer. the festivities already in full swing. >> and, new from overnight. a very serious crash in delaware county. we'll have the latest on that investigation. >> and you saw the amazing rescue, only on cbs-3, now, there is a major new development on how this bald eagle was injured in the first place. >> today is saturday, december 12th, good morning to you, so glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:00 on the dot. we have katie fehlinger in the house this morning, guess what? she's got good news. >> dow? >> really good news. >> if you like warm wetter. >> absolutely.
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and i do have to say there has been very, very few, but couple of people saying, i kind of wish it was cold. >> yes, little more seasonable maybe? >> put you in the holiday spirit perhaps. and maybe few flakes, here, there, would really get you ready for christmas, right? >> i understands. >> not happening. not happening. >> it is not happening. >> yes, just way too warm. it is so warm even ski resorts, can't even make snow because it wouldn't have a chance to even stick. that's how warm this forecast is slated to be here. not just today but right through the rest of the weekends, even into next week too. even despite the fact we are going to eventually be tracking a storm system, not snow producer by the way, but we will talk about that. let's go ahead, take a look, though, at the bigger weather headline, of course the thermometer readings. we've been so far from average, yesterday, these were the numbers we towelly hit, allentown, 57 as well as reading and philadelphia we did hit 62. and when you look at that, compared to the norm, you're talking anywhere 14 to 17 degrees above seasonable averages. for reference, in case you don't feel like doing the meat at 01:00 a.m., typical high in
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philadelphia, is 46 degrees. now, that said, storm scan pretty quiet right now. we do have a warmfront lifting in. and with that very light winds, plus mild air, you are very likely to see some fog develop. in patches, you know, even at last check, just minute or two ago, i was looking at millville, down to .8 miles. wilmington now down to .8 miles. so it is ever changing fog. but it is out there. and it is patchy. do keep if mind. no dense fog advisories posted butting? your travels fake you specially into remote areas, near the river beds, might run into it. fifty-one the current temperature right now at philadelphia international airport, as well as down in ac, but we expect in both of those locations just like the 66 degrees, new record, for philadelphia, and even in the poconos, up ear's is the expectation. good stuff, nicole. >> really is. katie, thanks. also good stuff, an american trade agent, the iconic army navy game taking place today, and this year being held in south philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff live for us at the linc this morning, with
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more on today's display of american pride. we love army navy weekend here in philly, alex, good morning. >> oh, who doesn't love this, nicole. good morning, they call it the field of friendly strive. but you agree? football is only part of one of the most spirited rivalries in sport history. cadets, midshipmen, went back and forth in series of relays and competitions that stretched throughout the city. first army navy game, 86 of the games held here in philadelphia, many see it as one of the city's most patriotic events, that says a lot in philly. gala last night the official kick off to game day, likely met with heightened security following the shooting in san bernardino. but security is perhaps the least we can all comply with given what these young patriots will provide just their military future. >> every day precaution that you have got to take. the field is no different than they have to do it in other
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part of the country. and this is an event that can draw a lot of attention. >> while games of past will look bit different than the one played today, thanks to record breaking warm weather there is american showdown will be as it always is, a win-win for philadelphia and beyond. >> even though this game will be played later today already seeing some of these preps and security taking shape out here. this is a big event. one that philly is proud to have. reporting live from lincoln financial field, this morning, i'm alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> so much tradition, alex, thank you. again, the army navy game this afternoon lincoln financial field, catch it here on cbs-3. >> well, new this morning, state police are investigating an accident, on i476 in delaware county overnight. this happened just after 12:0 this morning, in the southbound lanes in netter providence township. one car was involved in that crash. >> also, new morning, police arrested three men accused in a home invasion in southwest philadelphia. this happened in the 6,000
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block of almond street just before 3:00 this morning. police say the suspect tied up that homeowner but only stole an iphone. the victim wasn't injured. the suspect were later found on south 17th street in south philadelphia. police are now investigating if this was a random or targeted team inch -- home invasion. >> this morning, police search for the gunman responsible for shooting and killing a teenager sitting in a car in north philadelphia. this happened about 7:20 last night on the 2400 block of north park avenue in glenwood. police say the 15 year old boy was found with multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and the head, in the back of a lincoln town car. first responders pronounced him dead at the scene. well, it is a story seen first on cbs-3, and this morning, a really disturbing update on the health of an injured bald eagle, rescued from the backyard of new jersey home. now it, turns out, that national symbol was shot. and in a television exclusive, "eyewitness news" has the x-rays showing the area of impact. ukee washington has more.
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>> the x-ray shows the answer in black and white. >> somebody shot the birds. no question about it. >> chris, the director of the raptor trust, the grip that rescued the three, four year old male eagle this week. >> we took x-rays when the bird came in. and we can see that there is a big lead pellet lodge in the his leg and the leg is fractured. >> lilly, name by a little girl whose backyard he was in, first he flew away but eventually he was caught. his long road to recovery began. >> the birds is feisty. i mean, it is energetic, it is fighting back. >> fighting back, his future un clue. >> it is not able to use its leg. and there may be some further injuries. >> lilly is scheduled for surgery sometime this weekend. doctors will remove the pellet and send to the department of environmental protection, hoping to determine exactly what happened. >> if this is buck shot, there is no way it was an accident. >> ukee washington, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". now, if you have any information on who may have shot lilly, you can call the department of environmental
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protection's game thief hotline: 1855-ogt-tips. fbi dive team resumes is her in san bernardino california, divers did recover something of interest yesterday. a law enforcement official says crews looking for missing hard drive from the computer of sigh ad farook and tashfeen malik. senior law enforcement source told cbs news the alleged cell phones had built in encryption. fbi trying to unlock the phones to determine if the couple communicated with extremist groups. just trying to ensure we account for every minute of the time that day. >> so far the fbi has only been able to determine that the deadly shooting spree was at least inspired by isis. investigators are now theorizing that the alleged killers may have been -- have had a plan even larger, pictures of at least one school were reportedly found on farook's phone. well, authorities now san
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bernardino are investigating a possible case of anti-muslim sentiment in the wake every these attacks. eyewitnesses say a mosque was firebombed in riverside county california yesterday. the fire was contained to the front lobby of the islamic society of palm springs, but there was smoke damage throughout that mosque. a group of muslims gathered in prayer in front of the building, after that fire was contained. no injuries were reported. >> here in philadelphia, members of the muslim community are rallying for peace and uniting against terrorism. a group gathered at city hall condemning the attack in san bernardino. leaders of the event say, they stand with america, in fighting extremism. and the terror attacks do not represent people of their religion. >> now, victims are speaking out after a former oklahoma police officer was convicted of being a serial rapist. a jury found the officer guilty of assaulting women he met while on duty in the poorest neighborhoods there. cbs news correspondent marlie hall has the latest. >> standing in solidarity,
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victims and their attorneys, came forward to tell their stories every abuse at the hands of daniel holdsclaw, former police officer convicted of 18 counts of sexual assault and rape. attack while handcuffed in a hospital room. >> surely he just was start today manipulate me. >> he just picked the wrong lady to stop that night. >> yes. >> janie, a grandmother, was the first of holt hads claw's victims to file a police complaint after he assaulted her during a traffic stop. >> i was fork for my leave. i kept begging him sir don't make me dough this, don't make me do this sir. >> holtz hads claw, 29, sobbed in court thursday, as he was convicted of assaulting eight of the 13 plaintiffs. he was acquitted of 18 other count. attorney benjamin crumb says holtzclaw chose his victims carefully. >> the serial rapist with a badge had a modus apperandi
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that targeted poor, black women who were in the system. >> his youngest victim was just 17. he faces up to 263 years in prison when he is sentenced next month. marlie hall, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". 6:10 right now. still ahead on "eyewitness news", it is expected to be one of the hottest tech trends next year. talking about virtual reality. some inexpensive ways you can try out the new technology coming up next. >> also ahead, very grateful way of handling a five hour airport lay over. ballet dancers show off their skills and it goes viral. >> also, going viral, a touching message that a husband wrote to his wife on their bedroom mirror. now going viral. we'll hear their story next.
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local student celebrating kwanzaa, in southwest philadelphia, "eyewitness news", at southwest leadership academy charter school, where student learned about the holidays history, and principal's, the seven day celebration, which was established to help african-americans reconnect with their african heritage starts december 25th. more holiday fun for children, celebration hosted by philadelphia police officers. >> all right, great dancers frost it mobile are you schools, officers from the
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18th police district hogs that event. but the theme of the celebration was minions. yep, lot of games. lots of fun. even some special holiday gift for the children today in west philadelphia. that sounds great. well, virtual reality said to be one of the hostess tech trends in 2016. in this tech minute, cnet doll come electionlexi shows you how to to be one step ahead of the crowd with technology right now without even breaking the bank. >> virtue reality doesn't need to be expensive. first you'll need a head set like google cardboard. as the name is suggesting it, is made of cardboard. you put it together yourself. prizes are around the 20-dollar mark t comes in several different versions. for most sturdy experience try the mattel view master at $25. work with android or ios phone. to get started, download virtual reality app. you can find a wide selection on the google play, or apple
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app store. sit back, hold the hit set to your eyes, and i ers yourself in 360 degrees wormed. to make your own virtual reality photos, download the google cardboard camera app for android. hold out your phone and move it around in a circle to take the photo. then, place the phone in a viewer to see the magic in action. in san francisco, i'm lexi, for cbs news. all right, and don't forget to help spread holiday joy this year. just buy a new unwrapped toy for our "joy of sharing" toy fest. you can find a list of drop off locations at fest. those toys will be donated to the salvation army, the uso and the boys and girls club. hey, check it out. impromptu ballet performance for travelers, denver's airport. company base in the california, was in town to perform the nutcracker, but, moving sidewalks to their advantage. the group shared it on line, where it has been watched more than 3 million times. that's pretty cool. >> well, hey, mexicans are
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flocking to this giant ice rink in their capitol this weekend. the ice rink one of the largest of it kinds in latin america, covering more than 49,000 square feet. organizers say, they expect to receive about 20,000 visitors per day. the ring and two ice slides will be open until the tenth of january. and that looks like a lot of fun. you snow. >> sure does. >> little too warm, really, to, you know, we do is, however, of course have dilworth plaza, you have got the river rink, and they've got these really high-tech ways to keep it cold despite how warm it will be, but not too much skiing at least in the outlook for us moving forward here. you look at the eyewitness weather watcher network, some of the temperatures they've been reporting thus far, even all way up near bath, pa, charles reporting 40 degrees. un pretty clear sky at least but he is seeing it low to the ground, present weather definitely foggy. so you will be running into. that will we've had report of that around the region as
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well. we check in, few other, 48 from fran seeing moore clear skies 48 degrees wow just walked the dogs in december wearing sweatshirt, no heavy coat ripped. clearly has a bias, go navy. beat army. remember you can watch that game right here on cbs-3 this afternoon. and, echoing the very same sentiment actually go navy, but said he can also see the mist out, there the flog, with the flashlight. sent us nice picture, gave you a sense right out, this is in harrison, but took this on sod farm. so definitely seeing some moisture settle in depending on location right now. now, we go ahead, take you outside. show you a view here on "skycam 3" overlooking the ben franklin bridge. not really terribly foggy. you have got pretty decent visibility. so that again is the story just because you don't have fog in your location, it doesn't mean it is out there. you will see it sort of hit and miss in patchy variety err changing, because of the right
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ingredient to produce it, that said, we have to talk about the over arch theme here, the warmth. and when we talk about records versus forecasted highs, we're on pace to break couple every them. now today we expect the high to hit 66. that will break the 1931 record. tomorrow, we expect to hit 70. that will break the record last set in 1923. not even break it, we will say smash it. and then we head into machine day, probably not come close it breaking the record, but it will still be awfully mild out there. that record will be tough one to break, set all the way back to 1881. meanwhile, storm scan3, still quiet. hint of moisture off to the west. don't worry about it here. really dealing with some of the low clouds. but that's your warmfront lifting in. helping to extend this warming trend. even further. but high pressure still generally the bigger story for us for the next few days. i do think you'll see few more clouds out there. than you have seen in recent days perhaps. simply because we do have a front lifting in. but it is overall a relatively dry system for our area. and, because that jet stream continues to lift so far north, that is where, you
6:19 am
know, you just get the surge coming in. so more like either october or april. take your pick. either feeling like fall or feeling like spring. when you have got temperatures of these values. right through the rest of the weekend. now, another side note i do want to bring up here, no air quality alerts posted say for lancaster county as far as our local areas concerned. however, air quality is a little less than ideal today. we are code orange from the air quality partnership. that basically means the air pollution is casino of stagnant. courtesy of this high pressure. we haven't had a lot of rain lately, also have the warmth. nothing to scour out the the moss fear, that means air quality little less than ideal. pollen not issue. uv index not a problem when the sun ankle sell as low as it is, regardless, one of those days fall into the sensitive category, take it easier today. temperatures as they stand, 51 both in boston as well as here in philly. much milder off to the south. but again, from the south, where our warmth is coming from. all of that sort of just nudging north with time. the warmfront already putting you at 60 in columbus, ohio
6:20 am
right now. so we eventually get in on some of. that will as we mentioned, army navy out at the linc today, 3:00 is kick off. 65 degrees, you just don't see that. we were showing you footage earlier in the show of the snow that had been coming down in previous years. so it is going to be one of those gems after day where you just want to get in, take advantage of it, while you have got it. seventy tomorrow. let's just campout at the linc all weaken, great football weather coming you here the next few days, like i said, smash that record, rain and wind, come monday though nicole. still mild, that's when the next storm systems finally makes its arrival. >> campout at the linc, that would be intense. >> katie. >> yes, you stole my pun. >> she has been saying it all morning. >> yes, intense. think about it. >> all right. santa monica couple story touching a lot of people on the intonement. as rebecca from sister station in los angeles shows us, made simple but powerful expression of his love to help her battle her depression.
6:21 am
>> one, she my best friend. two, never quit on herself or me. >> mile murphy gets emotional reading the list of 15 traits her husband lovers about her. six, she accepts the crazy person i am. >> tim murphy, an engineer, scribbled the note on their bedroom mirror. >> these are more for me actually. >> while molly was away on a trip. >> what was your north until plan? how many did you plan to do? >> one hundred. >> when molly returns home early she was brought to tears and posted the gesture on line captioning the note he zero old with i've been depressed, thankfully my husband gets the whole better for worse thing. received well over a million views. >> they're loving it, and it is so profound. >> the couple has been together for years. and married for two months. recently relocate to go los angeles from san francisco. thousands of on line supporters are cheering the young couple on.
6:22 am
>> you're so lucky. you guys are going to make it through. you're going to persevere. you're lobber. >> she has helped me grow spiritually, emotionally. >> it may be written with dry erase marker, but in gesture isn't going anywhere. tim says he plans on adding to the list. from culver city, rebecca, cbs2 news. >> so sweet. 6:22 right now. still ahead on "eyewitness news", the story that inspired a classic book hits the big screen. we'll hear from the stars of in the heart of the seat when we come back. want to do a mitzvah this hanukkah? support i have a dream foundation. help a child achieve the dream of a higher education. cbs cares.
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>> story that inspired the classic mobbie dick is getting its turn in the spotlight. in the heart of the sea based on the two century old true story of whaling crew that was attack by a giant whale. suzanne mark quest with a look at how hollywood brought this story to life on the big screen. >> chris members worth place 19 century whaler hitted against the inspiration for mobbie dick in the high sees thriller. >> mine. >> the story is based on the real life battle between a whale and the whaling ship in 1820. hemsworth said in this version the actors couldn't actually see the whale.
6:26 am
>> we had a jet ski around the boat, have to watch, react to. >> director ron howard embraced the challenge of using special effect to bring the whale to life. >> ii believed that living breathing character t would be as authentic, and true to live, as every other element in the story. >> the whale cripples the fleet. leaving the crew to survive in the open ocean. >> prepare to abandon ship. >> walker plays captain george pal order, he and the cast had to lose a lot of weight to convey the plight of the ship wrecked crew. >> kind of the least you can do when depicting people that did actually star. >> hemsworth has called the role his most physically ' meisha dileo demanding heavies career. cbs news. >> all right, 6:26 right now. it is army navy weekend here in philadelphia. live at the linc, coming up next, also, a four legged
6:27 am
celebrity get ready for his big debut as a mascot, what got his goat and sent him to area veterinary clinic. plus this. >> it is a beloved holiday tradition, that families across the region look forward to every year, and victoria woodill got a backstage pass to show you what it takes to put this timeless tail together. he is cane to the lan of the sweet straight
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>> the tradition continues as america's game is society kick offer. i'm alexandria hoff at lincoln financial feel, for more on today's army navy showdown. >> another gop presidential hopeful threatens to go at it alone. new pole numbers show new challenge to the frontrunner. development in the race for the nomination. and, gift cards, they're easy to buy, and they're pretty convenient, too, but what if you lose them? consumer reporter jim donovan tells us about new security features designed to protect you. today is saturday, december 12th, good morning, so glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:30 on the dot. we send it out to katie fehlinger on the skydeck, hanging with us this saturday morning, talk about december
6:31 am
warm up. >> in a big way. i mean, this is exceptional warmth, too, nicole we are expecting here both today and tomorrow. in fact, we do expect to actually break a couple of records along the way, so that's our main weather headline n addition to that, it is just nice. not going to seabright blue skies all weekend, but we are going to stay dry. we are going to see at least some sun along the way once it rises over the horizon, sunrise happening 7:13 this morning, but let's talk about some of the records, right? so the record to beat actually 65 degrees. our forecasted hi, though, there in the yellow box, 66. so that's going to shatter a record, then we will do the very same come tomorrow, as we are now upping the high to 70 degrees on december 13th, it is just un heard of. now, storm scan3, still quiet as can be, courtesy of high pressure. find few more clouds perhaps even low-lying cloud cover, some patchy fog, key word patchyment regardless, nice day. definitely feeling more like late fall out there.
6:32 am
51 degrees currently at the airport, we can expect to see these temperatures again just sort of sky rocket by the time we hit the noon hour. already in the 60s, and we tack on few additional degrees to wrap it all up at 66 for hi, by 3:00 p.m. today. again, just doesn't happen all that often, nicole, this is on pace to be one the warmest december's we've ever had. >> an american tradition. the iconic army navy game takes place today, this year, it is being held in south philly. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff live for us at the linc this morning, with more on the excitement. , and increased security at the game today. alex? >> good morning, nicole. yep, the excitement starting little earlier than i thought. still about eight and a half hours away from game time. but i'm already seeing some of the preparations, some of the added security, some vendors, all setting up right now. this is an event that we were very proud of here in philadelphia, one that goes a bit beyond football. >> festivities began
6:33 am
yesterday. cadets, midshipmen went back and forth in a series every relays, competitions that stretched throughout the city. the first army navy game was played in 1890, and 86 of those games held here in philadelphia. see it as one of the most tray tree the ache events. the gala last night official kick off to game day, likely met with heightened security following the shooting in san bernardino. but security is perhaps the least we can all comply with, given what these young patriots will provide just their military future. >> every day precaution that you have got to take. i feel no different than they have to do it in other part of the country, and this is an event that can draw a lot of attention. >> while games every past will look different than the one place today thanks to record breaking warm weather there is american showdown will be as it always is, a win-win for philadelphia and beyond. >> i have people on both sides, so hard, i'm casino of on the fence, used to be army but now 13 people graduating from navy, so hard call.
6:34 am
>> no matter which team has losing season, army always shows up, army shows up, navy shows up. it will be a good game. i'm excited for it. >> when both teams hit the turf it is known as field of friendly strive. you can feel the vibe around the city already as the midshipmen, the cadets, but also veterans, family members, as well this will be great day here in south philly. reporting live from lincoln financial field, alexandria hoff. >> all right, alex, thanks so much. once again the army navy game this afternoon at 3:00 at lincoln financial field. catch it right here on cbs-3. well, turning now to campaign 2016. new gop presidential candidate is gaining momentum in the race for the white house, while ted cruz looks to dethrone donald trump from the top of the polls, another candidate sounding off against the party itself. craig boswell with the latest from washington. >> ben carson is threatening to leave the republican party, if gop leaders ignore the will of the voters. >> i have no intention of running as an independent.
6:35 am
but i certainly don't want to be a part of corruption. >> carson made the threat after a report that gop is making preparations for a so-called broker convention. that's where the nominee is picked at the convention, not through primaries. ted krause behind closed doors he's not worried about carson or donald trump. >> i believe that gravity will bring both of those campaigns down. people are looking for who is prepared to be a commander in chief. who understands the threats we face. who am i comfortable having their finger on the button. >> cruz has jumped to second in the latest news poll ahead of carson well behind trump. billionaire businessman has maintained his lead despite controversial call on muslims entering the country of the during radio interview senator lindsey graham offered his opinion on trump's staying power with some gop voters? about 40% primary voters, believe obama was born in kenya and is a muslim.
6:36 am
>> says trump nomination would lead to hillary clinton inauguration. craig boswell, cbs-3, "eyewitness news" news. democratic frontrunner hillary clinton told supporters in oak home al that she is the only presidential candidate with a plan to defeat isis. >> new details in the $130 merger every dupont and dow. due pot and announced cut 5,000 jobs ahead of the merger. delaware governor jack markell said he has spoke tone dupont's ceo for the new do you dupont. in a statement, markell we will continue to advocate delaware many advantage can be major benefit to the new companies. and the state is committed by to supporting those affect the by dupont's cost cutting in delaware. all right, it is 6:36. are you looking for something to do this weekend? well, hop in the car and head to pottstown. it is your last chance to grab lunch. "eyewitness news" at the very
6:37 am
best, famous for its hotdogs, closing today after 94 years in business, the owner says dwindling sales through the years has taken its toll. regulars we spoke with are sad to see the very best shutdown. it is a bad day for pottstown a lot of people will miss it. >> really good place to come in see friends have, some good food. >> when we found out it was closing it reminded me we hadn't been here in a long time. we've making up for lost time. we've been here twice this week. >> best known for everything hotdog with chilly and sourkraut. >> fans of krispy kreme donuts getting ready to double their orders today, december 12th, or 12/12. so any custom here buys a dozen donut at krispy kreme saturday will get 12 more glazed donuts for free. how about that? , right? the give away part of the company's day of the dozens promotion, you can get the coupon through the krispy kreme app or bring a printed copy to the store. but man, an extra dozen
6:38 am
donuts? that could be dangerous, just saying. >> millions of americans are expecting holiday deliveries this year. but you slight to wait little longer for their arrival. and analysis by shipping software developer, finds the on time delivery rate for ground packages fell 6% from this time last year. ups admits it has been little slower, fed ex also has seen slow down. factors include increase in on line sales and fewer staff members. get cards are easy to buy, don't worry about not picking out. what if you lose them. that's a problem. recent bank rate survey finds that one in four people lose their gift cards. soap, three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan tells us about new security features designed to protect you. >> with gift cards growing in popularity, security is a priority. these days, many let you register them so you can notify the issuer if they're ever lost or stolen and possibly recover the value. some cards even allow to you create a secret pin number.
6:39 am
>> the biggest thing that we've seen is that some cards, general purpose cards, mostly have, added the ability to add accustommized pin to the card so that would prevent a thief from being able to use your card so they wouldn't be able to make a debit purchase. you she on visa, mastercard, branded cards. >> digital gift cards are hot right now. delivered straight to an in box, easier to prove if you have made a purchase, since there is a digital paper trail. but, if a gift card sent via e-mail seems impersonal, more and more companies let you record audio and video messages, which are sent with the e-gift-card. >> even though you are not thereto deliver the gift in person, you can send your personality with it. >> also new, apps that let you sends digital gift cards. you can zap a present to someone else's phone app, or send it via e-mail. >> we are used to using our phone to pain for things. and gift cards is a natural progression of that. >> but your best bet, register a gift card the moment you get it, and to use it as soon as possible.
6:40 am
now, bank rate did great comparison of 60 of the most popular gift cards, taking a look at everything from security features to fees that some charge. i have post add link on and on facebook and twitter. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> coming up next: happy end to go a ring that was thrown out in the trash. we will tell you what a woman found in a landfill. plus: this goat is about to make his debut as moss could the at the army navy game. soap, why was this four legged celebrity recently treated in a area veterinary hospital? we'll have his trouble medical history next. also, it is a holiday trade agent, for families across the region, the nutcracker opens up at the academy of music. our vittoria woodill will be here to share in the magic as people head to the beloved ballet. >> and katie is back with a loft good news. if you like the warm weather, that is. we will tell you about the december warm uproared breaking temperatures. she'll have that for you coming up next.
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i will take brilinta today. tomorrow. and every day for as long as my doctor tells me. don't miss a day of brilinta. >> a troubled medical history ... health reporter stephanie stahl with more. >> bumm, 36 and his twin brother, ready for their debut at the 116th army navy game. during his months every training in maryland, bill 36 had two emergency visits, to the new bolton veterinary hospital in chester count. >> i full of personal if i.
6:44 am
>> holly performed surgery on bill to remove stones that developed in his bladder caused by eating too much grain. >> this is the technical term. it is actually very common in goats. >> he's the 36th goat to be a mascot for navy. hence the name bill 36. it is tradition that spans over 100 years. is now call team bill. eighteen month old angora goats. >> the thing about goats, they're fatly curious. >> knows all about goats and treats all kind. this is pat the goat used for vet training herement holly treated bill 36 on his second visit in november. >> he was actively vroome vetting. >> inserting gas contribute tube through his mouth, bill had probably eating aids alien's, tox took goats. >> he had several electrolyte abnormalities, which was a concern. >> the treatment activated charcoal, which absorbs the toxins, it worked, and the
6:45 am
billy goat with the belly ache recovered quickly. his medical maladies, reflection of his goatly personality. >> they are always willing to explore and they can get themselves into trouble. >> navy geeked are treated like royalty, and protected to keep them from army pranks. >> 6:45, right now, and dogs that were once cast aways are now getting a second chance, and making a difference, thanks to the throw away dogs project. take king, for example, in marlton. his drive is too intense to make good pet. but he has what it takes to be a police dog. the throw away dog's project was started two years ago. volunteers take dogs possibly destined to be euthanized and train them for police and law enforcement work. the throw away dogs project depend 100% on donations. >> well, there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday. anthony mason, van eat a meyer join us live from new york with a preview. good morning.
6:46 am
>> good morning. coming up it could be the biggest discovery of sunken treasure ever inside the international battle over a billion dollars in gold and jewels. >> also they gave voice to beloved buildings. moment before they're turned down. how some future film makers are preserving the past. >> and, it was 100 years ago today that frank sinatra was born, so one every his great friends will celebrate the occasion with us, tony bennett, will tell us, how frank sinatra was a big influence in his life, and he'll perform some classics, in frank's honor, in a very special saturday session. >> if all of that wasn't enough, we will also have the eye-opener the, the dish, golden globe, stopping by, so excited. >> heartbeat g faster. >> just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. >> just little ex seated, just little bit. all right, sounds like great show, guys. we will be watching. thanks. >> well, it was like finding a need until haystack. a woman reunited when her engagement ring after her
6:47 am
husband accidentally through it out. nod good. sandy garcia took her ring off to wash the dishes. well, her husband grabbed his keys from the counter and accidentally knocked that ring into the garbage. yes. sandy noticed her ring was missing and realized they'd already taken out the trash. so she called the company in charged with collecting the dumpsters at the apartment complex. luckily they got to the dumpster before it had been sunloaded at the landfill. >> all the sudden there was something around covered with goo and everything, pulled it off, i said this is the ring. i wiped it o i said this is it. >> tiny thing to find in a huge pile of garbage but when he pulled it out of the garbage i just was shock. >> wow that's incrediblement luckily they only had to search through one dumpster. so relatively easy find, i guess, but still you think it would be tough. the trash company says if it had been emptied, though, the ring would have been almost impossible to find. so, what a bless that they found that and kudos to who
6:48 am
ever got in the dumpster. >> good eye, too, my gosh. that's amazing stuff. >> our werth pattern pretty amazing, as women. i like to call it crazy and amazing, kramazing. trying to put a smile on your face on a saturday morning. eyewitness weather watchers up and adam with us, as well, and they're reporting some pretty mild air in place right now, temperatures being reported to the upper 40's, low 50's, not bad. sally's got 47 degrees in wilmington, he had ned chesterfield at 45, phil in philadelphia, 47 degrees. list goes on, pete nerve lawrenceville, 45. journey blue bell, haven't seen him give observation that is while, welcome back, blue bell at 44 degrees, and del or owes down in newark checking in, as well, with temperatures low 40's, dow want to show you couple of pictures, few came in, most mold. >> i with ratter to the fog. it is patchy. where do you have it it is very obvious. another picture educated sent into us.
6:49 am
he is out with this picture anyway at route 664 with mist over the water, few lights off in the distance, going to one more actually taken around philadelphia. >> courtesy every phil reporting out there some fog out there right now. now that said, more than anything, it is not so much the fog that's the weather headline, it is the warmth. that's where we want to turn our focus next. start it off, live look at "skycam 3", yet, not foggy shot here in center city. this being taken live from our very own cbs-3 studios here, as you face south, you can see, there is no problem making out the center city skyline. so many, it is a lovely start to the day. a mild start to the day. i was on the skydeck just few minutes ago. andy hear the birds chirping again. so, they're kind of confused as to what time of year it is too right? let's go ahead, take to you another live neighborhood shot. gorgeous sunrise right now, look at this, ooh degrees very modest breeze, outside middle township high school. i have to tell you even just few minutes ago, looking at the shot, there was hint of
6:50 am
fog that has since had a chance, it looks like, to sort of dissipate. so really tell tail of what this light of day can help do visibilities on these observations aren't terriblement down to mile in wilmington, we've seen millville kind of go anywhere from under a mile to 2 miles now to up four, ever change wag you want to deep in mind. any of the fog should get scoured out quickly. records to beat, ac to up mount pocono, even mount pocono gets warm this time of year. that's definately going to happen again today. dow think couple of those records have real good shot of either being tide or just being broken completely. storm scan3, nice wide zoom. high pressure the general story if you notice, curvature to the clouds, hint of moisture, that's our warmfront lifting in. that's what's going to help really get us up there. in terms of daytime highs the next few days. nice wide zoom. pretty quiet. all things considered at the
6:51 am
nationwide level. but there is a trough that starting to get dugout. snow currently falling across portions of the four corners, pulls into the planes, turns into much larger system, and will be our next wet weather story, come monday. so that's where we take you. notice, time stamp all the way into early morning monday. perhaps few little speckles of green already on the map. but generally, we get through the morning, without a hitch here, just clouds building, the wind starts to pick up, then this guy gets here. our next front. at this point, it is strictly rainmaker. just too warm. but there could be some thunder embedded within that, just because clash going on in the atmosphere, looks like the p.m. time frame generally when the rain will fall. could fall heavily. frankly we could use it, haven't had a ton lately. we take you outside to the current temperature readings in these observations here, 51 degrees in philly, 51 in ac. you got kick off for the eagles tomorrow at 6:00 7 degrees, but like we said we do expect it to be record tying or i should say breaking day at 70 degrees, and the last time we hit 70 in the
6:52 am
month of december was back in 06. look at the seven day warmest day is tomorrow, but we will keep it pretty mild right through the next seven days. meanwhile, guys, if you love watching the weather you can be featured in our newscast by becoming a eyewitness weather watcher. sign up right now. just go to the website nicole, back to you. >> kate, thanks. holiday classic. the nutcracker. being performed at the academy of music, and for so many children, that performance will be a yuletide memory for years to come. our vittoria woodill was therefore opening night. >> it is here, opening night, and the pennsylvania ballet present the nut cracker. >> production is amazing, we have hundreds of people on the stage, it is stunningly gorgeous, music is familiar. and the story is actually fun to watch. >> executive director of the pennsylvania ballet, david gray, feeling spirited and fired up about tonight's debut and its impressive cast. >> we have two kids, the young
6:53 am
kids were brothers, who both have lead roles in the production, one place the prince. >> yes, you. meet 11 year old aiden duffy. >> i'm the nutcracker prince. and he's like the lame boy character, and he's like magical. >> and his eight year old little brother, rowan duffy. >> i'm prince, so then i'm basically not. because i break the nutcracker, i steel the hobby horse. >> you break things in real life? >> yes. >> both have starring roles in the holiday classic. and if you're not familiar with george valentine's magical tail, allow aid tone shed some light. >> there is this girl and her name is marie. she get the a nutcracker for christmas, then her naughty younger brother, his name is chris, breaks the nutcracker, then the nutcracker comes to life. magical experience. >> filled with music that will move you, and incredible dancing, which is the reason
6:54 am
why it is a family tradition for so many. >> but to come and watch the nutcracker, pretty inspiring. >> fabulous and surprisingly comfortable costumes. >> really comfy, because it is velvet. >> which look way better on them. >> if you were to rate me on a scale of one to ten? >> five. >> yes. >> so unless you're is a seasoned svelt, allow these artists every young and old to the lands of sweets all the way until december 31,
6:55 am
6:56 am
let's talk about the forecast. >> not bad, very warm, a sense of how warm we are talking
6:57 am
here, the seven day forecast, clearly the warmest day of the pack tomorrow, eagles game no less. rain arrives monday but still warm before the next front crosses then come tuesday, yes, cooler but still above average by 12 degrees. >> whew, 70 degrees though? >> craze. >> i not seasonable, that's for sure. >> not at all. >> nice and warmment that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now. signing off on television, always on line at cbs this morning saturday is next. have a great weekend, everybody, see you tomorrow.
6:58 am
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good morning. it is december 12, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." mud slides, floods, even a tornado. severe weather slams millions of americans. and breaking overnight, an historic and legally binding deal is made to stop global warming. >> it could be the biggest sunken treasure ever, inside the international battle over a billion dollars in gold and jewels. plus they give a voice to beloved building moments before they are torn down. how some


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