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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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cbs3 "eyewitness news". right on "eyewitness news" christmas is less than two weeks away but winter is nowhere in sight. philadelphia hits a record high today and we're chasing more record warmth tomorrow. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us tonight. if this keeps up, santa is going to have to go down the chimney in shorts come christmas eve. meteorologist lauren casey is in the weather sent. how high are the temperatures expected to climb tomorrow. >> we'll climb even further upping the anti tomorrow after today's 69-degrees. that break the old record 65 set way back in 1931. and breaking it bite 4 degrees. kind of smashing it in fact with our high temperature just 1 degree shy of that 70-degree mark. yeah, the coats were sparse today. across the delaware valley and temperatures still very mild at this late hour in center city philadelphia 56 degrees right now. westerly win at about 7 miles an
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hour. checking in on your neighborhood network temperatures again extremely mild. 60 degrees still in ardmore. 58 degrees right now in kennett square. hainesport reporting 56 degrees. and so far this month, we've had four, 60-degree days in philadelphia. now the record for the month of december dating all the way back into the 1800's is 860-degree days that happened in 1998 and 1951. and we do have more 60-degree days and even a 70-degree day in the forecast. and we'll talk more when to expect this warmth and when it all comes to an end coming up. >> all right, thank you so much. president obama is applauding a historic agreement on climate change. today in paris nearly 200 countries agreed to fight global warming by limiting greenhouse gas emissions switch from burning oil, cole and class to solar power for decades to come. president obama says more work
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though still needs to be done. >> even if all the initial targets set in paris are met, we'll only be part of the way there when it comes to reducing carbon from the atmosphere. so we cannot be complacent because of today's agreement. >> wealthy countries including the united states will donate a total of $100 billion to developing nations to help them move away from fossil fuels. army, navy! >> reporter: college football tradition saluting the men and women who protect our freedom. army takes on navy for the 116th time and you saw it all right here on cbs3. this is the 86th time that philadelphia has actually played host to the game and what a thriller it actually came down to. coming down to ultimately one last heave into the end zone. lesley van arsdall is here to break down this game for us. it real wall good game. >> it was great game. what weather? i can't even remember it being like this ev
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ever. the final college football game of the 2015 season this one classic. the army black knights taking on the navy midshipmen. facing trying to extent its win streak over army to 14. this is again 86th time they played the game right here in philadelphia. army with three-point lead in the third quarter until keenan reynolds finds tillman right over the middle and he's going to do all the rest. diving into the end zone for the 50-yard touchdown so the midshipmen within their 14th straight over the army 21-17 the final. >> you know we get to go to the white house this year. get a trophy back. i mean that was the number one goal for us, you know, not going to the conference championship that hurt but this one the one we had to get and we knew losing this one would hurt a whole lot more. >> so cool. keenan reynolds became the first player to go four-zero. next year the game moves back to baltimore returning to the linc in 2017. full highlights for you coming up later in sports.
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but this is a good one. >> this was a really good one. thank you very much, lesley. appreciate that. you know everyone heading into the linc today did face increased security in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in san bernardino and in paris. several military choppers buzzed overhead along the stadium on the ground philadelphia police officers on horseback kept a close eye on tailgators and all of those attending the pre show game. no major incidents were report reported. now the army/navy game is a chance for alumni, officers, soldiers and fans to all reunite every year. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan was in the middle of eight at the linc. >> go army! >> no navy! >> reporter: outside lincoln financial field best friends took on the role of bitter rifles for the 116th army/navy game. >> we hate each other for three hours but as soon as that came ends, we're all one team. >> one team that got a special tailgate wounded combat veterans with travis manion foundation.
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>> it's been awhile since the army been over navy but today may be the day. >> friendly competition. living each other and good football navy has been showing us good stuff. >> reporter: they had respec respective corners of the end zone rocking. while navy came in with a 13 13-game win streak and heavy favorite, it was army with the half time lead. making the admiral david robinson a little nervous for his blue and gold. >> it's the army/navy spirit much these guys, you know, you put us together i don't care what the records are. intense competition. army is doing phenomenal job we better pick it up. >> in the end army turnovers helped make it another navy victory. >> we're going to disney world. >> reporter: after the celebration came preparation as the grounds crew work to transform the film for sunday's 1:00 p.m. eagles game. this is about as fast a turn around as they do. >> we've had tight ones but this
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is going to be pretty tight. we got a couple tight ones this year. we do have some practice the weather being 65 is always helping. >> reporter: after that thrilling game the midshipmen move on to the military bowl on december 28th. army black knights are done for the year and the crew here at lincoln financial field will be here till at least 1:00 a.m. getting ready for the eagles. at the linc i'm cleve bryan cbs3 "eyewitness news". and you can watch the eagles take on the bills tomorrow at 1:00 o'clock right here on cbs3. also, tonight, investigators are releasing the name of a teenager shot and killed in north philadelphia. police found 15 yeared xavier stern's body in the back seat of a car on the 2400 block of north park of a friday night. investigators say the upper darby teenager was shot once in the head. but there was no ballistic evidence or no weapons at the scene. so far no arrests have been made just yet. an alleged -- undo you meaned immigrant is accused of sexually abusing child in woodbury gloucester county much police arrested ja.
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n campos morales on fry. he assaulted the victim on several occasions authorities say. campos sanaa tiff of guatemala. investigators believe he's living in the united states illegally. and the fbi meantime says divers recovered items from a lake where the san bernardino shooters may have dumped evidence just before police confronted them. authorities are not saying just yet what divers have found but sources say syed farook and his wife may have thrown a computer hard drive into the lake. it's located 10 minutes from the social services center where they killed 14 people. authorities say they may have been planning an even bigger attack. >> if we had a credible threat we knew of in this city, we knew it was something that we could mitigate from a law enforcement standpoint, we would let people know. >> the la times reports evidence seized from the shooter's home indicate the suspects were planning an assault on a college or school. at least one person is recovering to night after a car
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slams into a building in south jersey. this happened early this morning at a business at the intersection of marlton pike and berwick street in camden. the vick testimony was hospitalized. no word tonight on their condition. the cause of the crash is still under investigation at this ho hour. and check out these incredible images of a bmw impaled by a huge metal tray. this happened in san jose, california. firefighters say the tray flew off the back of a truck yesterday and lodged itself right between the two front seats of the vehicle. amazingly it missed the driver who steered off the road over to the shoulder and called for he help. we're turning now to campaign 2016 news. a new poll in the battleground state of iowa could spell trouble for republican front runner donald trump. texas senator ted cruz now surged past trump in the hawk eye state. the desmoines register and bloomberg politic released their poll today. it finds cruz with 31% of likely republican caucus goers in iowa.
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trump received 21% and retired neurosurgeon ben carson has now faded to a distant third with 13%. meanwhile protests erupted today in south carolina during a trump campaign event. >> i was surprised last time it was close to doing something and then -- >> about 10 people were eventually he is cored from the town hall style meeting to a chore russ of boos from the crowd. trump for the most part just took it all in stride. >> you know that's the beauty of our country that you can do that honestly in a way that's the beauty of our country. (applause). >> you know what, i'll be honest, for the last seven years, we should have been doing more of that because we should have been doing that. >> recent cbs new york times poll shows trump widening his national lead among other gop
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contenders grabbing 35% of the vote. those numbers were tallied before trump's recent comments about banning foreign muslims from entering the united states. stay with us. ron dee rouse see is bouncing back from her crushing defeat in the octagon. see how she kept a prom that she made to a u.s. marine. also, the force is strong with this star wars toy. find out why someone paid more than $20,000 just to get their hands on it. lauren. not this seasonal but unbelievable warmth and i'll let you know how high our temperatures soar for our sunday in your extended forecast coming up just after this.
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welcome back everyone. choirs across the region are
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getting communities into the holiday spirit. ♪ >> the holiday sounds of the keystone boys choir. the group performed at the first presbyterian church in germantown tonight. 14-year-old soprano bobby hill was there his unexpected performance for pope francis turned him into a celebrity overnight. >> it's just been a whirlwind. i can't say i don't like it but, um, it's just been fun and meeting people and singing and performing. it's just been great. >> bobby says he loves singing. he is an amazing singer as you can see there. but when he gets older, he says he wants to try acting. we wish him the best. you know we haven't seen much of ufc super star rhonda rousey dense her recent defeat. last night she kept a promise she made before that fight to an american service member. last night, rousey went to the marine corps ball with lance corporal jared hash cher. he asked her to the ball over
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facebook and she agreed back in september. now this was her first public appearance since her november 14th fight against holme. the two are a do for a rematch next year. you know just 13 days now until christmas and santa doesn't always arrive on a sleigh. take a look how he rolled in today by boat in delaware coun county. "eyewitness news" at ridley township marina fort annual holiday tradition. santa was greeted by dozens of children who could not wait to give him their long wish lists and he also took pictures with all the kids as well. we can't forget about our furry friends either. look at that little cutie there. mrs. claus joined san to take pictures with cats and dogs in rittenhouse square part of the santa paws event. the pets received a woof worthy gift bagful of special treats from a pet boutique. you can help to spread holiday joy this year. you can find a list of drop off
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locations the toys will be donated to the salvation army. u.s.o. and the boys and girls club. speaking of toys here, take a look. one star wars fan ponied up 25 grand for this discontinued luke skywalker action figure. luke's lightsabor broke easily so the toys were pulled from production nearly 40 years ago. now it's still in the original packaging making it priceless to collectors. this is all part of a quarter million dollar auction of star wars memorabilia by sotheby' as japanese music and fashion mogul is selling his collection of rare and unique items from the film series. of course, the new star wars movie the force awakens opens in less than week. i can't wait. i think i should be standing outside a theater. i'm not kidding. i'm such a nerd when it comes to star wars. don't laugh. we'll need the force with this weather much it's awesome. >> mother nature's force. the mother nature i got the
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force and i'm making it warm. santa is sweating and he's going to feel that way tomorrow and the next day as well as we keep around this unseasonal and near record warmth. tonight across center city, a very mild night. on a december evening. still have those clouds streaming across the sky. we'll again see some fog redevelop late tonight and take us early tomorrow morning, but view looking good on sky scam three. temperatures felt pretty good certainly for a december afternoon. 71 degrees in atlantic city. a beach day in december. we topped off at 69 in philadelphia. that broke a record. wilmington, delaware, 68 degrees. breaking a record. same case in trenton. mount pock know just 2 degrees shy of the record high temperature. 61. also, 2 degrees shy in allentown but just incredible warmth and very mild at this late hour. 56 degrees in philadelphia. we're still up at 58 in trenton. little cooler in millville right now at 50 but 56 degrees in dover.
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storm scan3 showing us the trend the clouds streaming in across the sky. we are starting to see some fog redeveloping visibilities reduced especially north and west of the city. visibility down to about 5 miles right now in reading. that warm mild air capable of holding so much more moisture so we're seeing this trend for the fog developing late in the overnight period and continuing into the early morning hours. that trend will continue overnight tonight taking a peek at our future vies silts less to less than mile in that areas and possibly near zero visibility across parts of delaware and extreme southern new jersey as we wake up early tomorrow morning so keep that in mind if you have to hit the roads early tomorrow morning and get out and about because areas of dense fog will be developing overnight tonight. mostly cloudy only dropping back to 53 degrees our average low is 31. yeah, nowhere near that. high temperatures soaring tomorrow. up to 70 degrees. light winds so we'll be able to take in all of that warmth. partly sunny conditions and the last time we hit 70 in december
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in philadelphia was about nine years ago back in 2006. so it shows you just how rare this winter warmth or pre winter warmth is and high pressure in control. off to our south again tomorrow we'll get that return flow on the back side of high pressure driving in southwesterly wind. keeping the warm in place but do you notice up wind an area of low pressure advancing as we head into monday. so we'll start things off dry for your monday among every morning commute but as we head into the afternoon and evening, that cold front makes an even closer approach. rain breaking out late in the day and taking news the evening hours and then do you notice that colder air on the back side of the front that will be settling in for us later in the week. but get out on your bike tomorrow, beautiful conditions. just need the t shirt. temperatures in the middle to upper 60s as we head into the afternoon. just watch out for that foggy start and unbelievable conditions for the eagles. taking on the bills tomorrow. kick off at 1:00 o'clock. 68 degrees. hanging out at the lingering devil don't need the eagles sweatshirt. t-shirt in effect and really all
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across the region very nice conditions. near record warmth down the shore 68 degrees. 62 in the poconos tomorrow would break a record and near seven day forecast we're still up at 67 on monday before that rain tarts to move in. a bit cooler into tuesday. 58 degrees but still well above average. a chillier start on wednesday down to 44 degrees. bright sunshine and 58 will make for a nice day. then do you notice the declining temperatures as we head into the end of the week. mid 40s by friday but that's actually average for us. then saturday, we don't need to talk about saturday right now. we'll just skip that for now. let's couldn't set trait on that 70 for tomorrow. >> thank you very much. >> i think you can wear your t-shirt to the game tomorrow. >> i know. >> no need for sweaters. >> t-shirt. another thing we have never seen the eagles have never won the super bowl but the kids from west oak leino a thing or two about winning a title. the seeing of the
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all right. shady is in town. >> remember two years ago the snow, shady, the lions. >> yeah i remember. how could i forget that. >> very different temperature tomorrow. less than 24 hours from the return of shady mccoy coming in as a member of the bills. we wonder woo kind of reception he'll get from the fans. most of the talk this week has been focused on shady and demarco murky talk with owner jeffrey lurie on the way back from new england. not much has been said about the importance of this game. it is important. with a five and seven record the eagles are now in a three-way tie for first in the division if they win the last four games of the season, that division crown is theirs. safety malcolm jenkins knows the importance of this game. >> our playoffs start this week and so i think just shifts your focus to what it is that we have to do to win, you know, our preparation, getting healthy, taking care of our bodies, putting in the extra work.
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this is a month where good teams separate themselves. >> four games left and whoever has the best record of these four games will go to the playoffs. ultimately in order to win the whole thing you have to get to the playoffs and i think that's what everyone is focused on right now. >> cbs the place to be tomorrow for all eagles coverage starting at 11:30 on toyota sunday kick off. join don bell, pat gallen and me live on the field. the nfl today at noon. the game at 1:00 o'clock and wrap up the game on the nissan sports zone at 11:35. >> the college football regular season came to an end here in philadelphia. navy took care of army for the 14th straight time. chip kelly checking out the game as he prepares for the bills. to the second quarter army with a 10-seven lead that's until keenan reynolds his 85th rushing touchdown. the black knights quarterback chris carter connects with edgar poe for a 39-yard score that will make it 17-14.
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army with the first half time lead since 2009. in the third reynolds looking, he'll hit tillman over the middle. and he's going totter all the rest. diving into the end zone there for a 50-yard touchdown. navy beats army done-17 to com dear the trophy of the game. up in new york, alabama derek henry won the heisman trophy. he beat stanford christian mccaffery and desean watson for the award junior running back ran for almost 2,000 yards and scored 23 touchdowns for the crimson tide this season. the philly's formers announced the trade of giles to astros for five prospects number we have overall peek in 2013. phillies pick up right hander charlie wharton for david whitehead. to sixers news. reportedly talking to mike d'antonio about joining brett
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brown's coach. known for running up tempo offense kick the knicks, lakers, mug nets and suns. the sixers start a three game road trip tomorrow in toronto. >> kids from west oak lane won their super bowl title. beating all time gators of maryland. way to go, guys. >> that's awesome. >> so cute. >> yeah, they so adorable. >> thank y
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♪ all right. welcome back everyone. volunteers are honoring the nation's veterans this holiday season. today they placed wreaths on more than 240,000 headstones at arlington national cemetery in virginia. the tradition began more than 20 years ago and spread to veterans cemeteries all across the country. we'll have to wait apparently until next year to find out who
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will become the first woman to be featured on u.s. currency. treasury department plans to name the woman who will replace alexander hamilton portrait on the $10 bill. they'll wait till the end of the year. by the government -- but the government says it needs time to review more than 1 million responses it has received about the change. among the popular contenders are harriet tubman and first lady eleanor roosevelt. we'l
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welcome back everyone. ice carving battle part of a winter celebration in south phil
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daal. take a look. businesses all along east passyunk avenue hosted the inaugural arctic of a celebration. yes, in 60 some degree weather. "eyewitness news" at broad and mckeon talented artist turned massive blocks of ice into beautiful sculpture. they'll line the street in more than 35 shops and restaurants. and each one has a personalized design. it's amazing how they do that. and chain sauce. >> that is up believable. she better try to preserve tho those. >> right, lauren. >> they better put that ice on ice. see how i did that. >> nice. >> it will be 70-degree. that would smash our record high temperature of 65 degrees back from the 19 20's. monday 67 degrees. rain developing late. a few rumbles of thunder. upper 50s and dry for midweek. thank you so much lauren and thank you so much for joining us. that's "eyewitness news" tonig tonight. i'm natasha brown. for lesley and lauren, thank you so much for joining us f you're up early our morning team is as
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well start your morning with them at ana? ana marcovic? you're here for the hostel, right? we're supposed to pick you up. i'm tatiana, by the way. let me take your bag. you can sit up front. (speaking serbian) yes. i just tired from flight. oh, yeah, serbia is ten hours away. it's where i'm from, too. ah. what is this? don't ask questions, ana. (groans softly)


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