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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  December 13, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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>> less than two weeks to christmas, we could hit the 70s today. man with a gun walks into pennsylvania wal-mart filled with customers last night watch police know about that incident. and, shady mccoy comes back to philadelphia, but this time, as a buffalo bill. we'll have more on the tension between mccoy and chip kelly. good morning to you. today is sunday, december 13th. i'm nicole brewer. so glad you're with us here this morning. going to send it over to
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justin for more on this forecast, and taking little twitter pole. is this very merry surprise, or are you casino of bahumbug about this weather i know you like it, right? >> i like it warm, sure. i understand, there are some haters out there, that's totally cool. i gather. >> understandably so. >> yes, around this time of year it is the holidays, a loft people waiting for the cool down. skiers, riders, can't make snow up in the poconos, that's issue. but today once again looks like record temperatures. actually, crushing record highs. record high for today is 65. we will be way above that. this was yesterday. we made it to 71 atlantic city at the airport inland. sixty-nine in philadelphia, that's new record. also, new record, in wilmington, in trenton, and we will be warmer than yesterday. so highs should be reaching the low 70s, in a lot of locations, around philadelphia, right now, 54 degrees at the airport, still some upper 40's, far north and west, berks county, lehigh valley region, quakertown cool 46. we do have clouds, fog around this morning. really depends where you are. visibilities are now dropping up toward berks county reading
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down to 1.3 miles, dover, still less than half mile, down near zero at times. so dense fog out there. give it to 9:00 or so, should dissipate. otherwise, mid to high level clouds today, throw out the sun little bit, enough sunshine to warm us up. if you have tickets to the link september football weather, you can even break out the shorts potentially with light winds, temperature at game time 69 degrees, and again two years ago if you remember the early december game, 8.6 inches of snow, so big difference, this year. seventy-two for the high for philadelphia, that shattered the records, 68 at the shore, 60 up in the poconos, we will talk about rain returning for monday, and also bit of cool down in the seven day. we'll get to the details in a few minute, nicole? >> justin, thanks. gunman walks into wal-mart in east straudsburg saturday night and threatened customers with a assault rifle. cell phone video post today inch gray strap shows police responding to the incident that happened shortly after 10:00. eyewitnesses report the assailant was armed with assault style weapon several handguns.
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no customers were injured. in a statement on facebook, stroudsberg police say assailant shot and kim after he refused to drop his weapons. very scary. also new this morning, philadelphia police are investigating a stabbing at manayunk night club. this happened just before 1:00 a.m. at the mad river baron 4100 block of main street. police say a person was stabbed on the street outside of that bar. the victim was taken to roxborough hospital and is listed in stable condition. eagles fangs are hoping today's winning forecast will turn into winning game. cherri gregg interest sister station kyw news 106 of zero. cherri gregg there is werth, a lot of people enjoying t what's it like down there at the stadium? it is gorgeous. it does not feel like the middle of december. but it is perfect weather for football, and guess what else? tailgating, as you can see, the fans have already fired up the grill, and talking about
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this beef between eagles >> mccoy is the eagles all time leading rusher, but that didn't stop coach chill kelly. from trading shady to the bills in march for linebacker kiko alonso. this week, kelly said again, the trade wasn't personal. >> i understand why he is not happy about it, he should not be happy about it, i would apologize for. that will it didn't happen the right waggle offered to quash the beef with a hands shake before the game. but shady mccoy, well, he is not having it. >> i don't dislike him. i don't have nothing against him. but there is nothing for us to talk about. he knows. that will he knows me. he knows how i am. there is nothing he can tell me. nothing to talk b eagles players request respect from mccoy as a colleagues but expected to be fired up for
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this game. as for the fans, well, shady is not their focus. >> might not have been handled the right way as chip said. but we're now in december. this happens how long ago? >> yes. >> so sill think grudge snips. >> absolutely silly. it is football. let's play the game, boys. >> all right. so what are you hoping hams today? >> the eagles win on the road to the superbowl. >> superbowl. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> now, both teams desperately need this win. the eagles are tie for first and the bills are in the thick for the afc wild-card. so we'll see who gets the w today. now, the eagles fans that i spoke to say that this could be a turning point for the eagles because they are still riding high from the win against the patriots last week. live at the linc, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> the spirited bunch, cherri gregg, thanks. just reminder watch the eagles take on the bills today at 1:00 right here on cbs-3.
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well, fans flooded the linc for yesterday's army navy football game. but everybody who attended face increased security in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in san bernadino and paris. several military choppers, buzzed over the stadium there. on the grounds, philadelphia police officer on horseback kept close eye on tailgaters and those attending pre-game show. fortunately no major incidents were reported. >> divers have finished searching a lake for the day in san bernardino, california. fourteen people were killed in a terror attack not far from that lake. investigators are trying to determine if the shooter dumped some evidence there. cbs news correspondent john black stone has more from san bernardino. >> for the third day, dive teams from the fbi and local police scoured the bottom after muddy lake where it is believed the shooters may have thrown away a computer hard drive. as the search for evidence goes on here, so does the sorrow. hundreds gathered for the funeral of one of the 14 killed.
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>> that's what she was all about, love, and family. she was the most selfless, caring person, with a heart bigger than the sun. >> nearly 2,000 miles away in georgia, another victim shannon johnson was remembered as a hero, shield ago co-worker as he lay mortally wounded. >> shannon, jonathan, larry, kauffman. >> the names of all 14 of those killed have been add today a wall of remembrance of those who have died in the war on terror. in california, arson fire at a mosque is being investigated as a hate crime. twenty-three year old carl james dial was arrested hours after a firebomb was thrown into the lobby of the mosque where -- >> there was concern for our own safety, safety of our family, children, when these type of things happen, usually one of the major culprits is ignorance. >> here in san bernardino, four dive teams spent most of saturday in the water. we've seen the divers bring up several items. but so far the fbi has made no
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comment on what's been found here. john black stone, san bernardino. well police and mall security have stepped up patrols after a bomb scare at shopping mall in hackensack, new jersey, yesterday afternoon, mall security he riverside mall found graffiti inside rest room that hinted at bomb threat. mall evacuated for three hours, while bomb squad crews searched for explosive device. no such bomb was ever found. in the midst of holiday shopping, many tried to take the threat in stride. >> it is awful. like you can't even go shopping for christmas without being concerned that something awful might happen. >> at least two store will remain closed today. police are currently reviewing mall security video as part of that investigation. investigators release the name of teenager shot and killed in north philadelphia. police found 15 year old xavier stern's body in the back seat after car, on the 2400 block of north park avenue friday night. investigators say the upper darby teen was shot once in the head, but there was no
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balistic evidence or weapons at the scene. so far no arrest haves been made. alleged undocumented immigrant accused of sexually abusing child in woodbury gloucester county. police arrested juan campos morales friday. authorities say he assaulted the victim on several occasions, campos native of guatemal a they believe he is living in the united states illegally. at least 23 people are dead and another 23 injured after a fire tears through a pschiatric hospital in southwest russia. a hospital employee says there were about 140 disable people in that hospital, include being 50 who were bed bound. at least 51 people were rescued un harm. so far the cause of the fire is unknown. well, history was made in paris this weekend, world leaders signed a new global climate change plan to reduce and possibly eliminate greenhouse gases. cbs news correspondent brian web has more.
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>> after ten days of talks, nearly 200 countries agreed fight global warming, by limiting greenhouse gas emissions. they pledge to switch from burning oil, colon gas, to clean and renewable energy sources like solar power, for decades to come. >> the agreements demonstrates solidarity at this ambitious flexible, incredible and durable. >> it calls for the global average temperature rise to be held to less than 2 degrees celcius, fahrenheit, even lower if possible. >> it hope them move away from fossil fuel. >> this agreement recognizes that we are going to have to begin to change the way we power our planet, the way we power things. >> protests popped up under the eiffel tower after the agreement arguing the pact doesn't go far enough. others believe it will restrict the us and other
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countries too much. handful every nations have not submitted emissions target. >> we cannot become complacent because of today's agreements. the problems not solved because of this. >> the agreement sends strong message to the global economy to move investments and technology toward clean energy. brian web, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". it is 8:11 right now, still to come this morning: >> ♪ >> it is a christmas classic, george balentine's the nutcracker performances now underway at the academy of music, and i went back stage for behind the scenes look at that show. justin? >> and, if you like yesterday's weather you will love today, as we will be crushing record high temperatures talking 70s in the forecast details whether
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>> george balance end teen the nutcracker showing at the ac dollars any of music, a lot of hard work getting ready for that show, as i found out, last week, when i went behind the scenes with the pennsylvania ballet, take a look. >> 1234 for the philadelphia region holiday tradition, george valentine the nutcracker brought to life by the pennsylvania ballet. a christmas classic, perfected in this practice room. where 06 performance pio wet and plea a again and again. >> we have a lot of rehearsals. just to really make sure we're ready to go. >> we practice every day, you know, we take class every morning. >> lauren plays the sugar plum fairy, light on her feet. hard on her body.
8:15 am
>> the standing back up, you really just can't get back up. so yes, it is, it is tough, but, you know, the joyce of performing for an audience is so much more. >> staying on point requires plenty of practice by opening night these dancers will have log over 200 hours. >> these dancers say it is worth it, especially when they see the looks on children's faces. >> it is the best feeling ever. >> bridges you back to when i was that age. and i remember, you know, the ballerinas doing sugar plum, wanting tore that one day, real nice to be that role model now. >> judge zero. >> also started out as one of the crowd. >> back in 1993 i came back to pennsylvania ballet to the nutcracker. and that next year, i was performing as kid, the nutcracker here in philadelphia. >> these days he knows his way around the theater. and back stage, finds clout to 200 costumes including the mouse king.
8:16 am
>> oh. right over top. >> yes. >> hello. >> looks good on you. >> i had a good hair day. >> and while i may not have been able to pull off this part, i couldn't leave without taking a spin at the role of ballerina. >> three, two, one. >> not bad. but i think it is best i take my seat as one of the crowd, come opening night. >> yes, that's definitely for the best, i would say. for performance dates and show ties, we have all of the information you need on this special holiday trade innings. hey, did you know that today is national cocoa day? >> nope. >> me neither. now we do. >> there go. >> believed the first chocolate beverage was actually created by the minions, cocoa bean made from ferment dollars seeds of the cocou tree and made to use cocoa powder, but might be warm out today for hot cocoa. >> yes, don't need a hot chocolate. maybe just a chocolate bar, something like that. >> exactly. >> breaking records. >> chocolate mitt being. >> you got the pole going.
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i was impressed how many people like it warm. >> on twitter we asked, very merry, bay ham bug, i think last check like 0730,. >> some people not like it, the holidays coming up, skiers and retired, lack of snow up in the poconos. >> not fun. >> but today, crushing record highs, talk about 70s recalling warmest day this week, check it out, we have nice sunrise, even down toward the shore, live look, delaware beaches, 58 degrees currently on our way to the mid to upper 60s, along the beaches in delaware, shore points in south jersey so you can almost say nice beach day today. so december warmth continues all week long, yes, not talking about 70s for the rest of the week, but still above average. today low 70s, slightly cooler mid to upper 60s, then levels off to the 50's, for the end of the week then by next weekend talking about highs back where they should be, in the 40's, but still no signs of any true arctic air, coming our way any time soon.
8:18 am
judge not even clues, tomorrow, forecasting 67, getting close to the record high, 69 degrees, setback in 1881. we are kind of sitting in the typical mid summer weather pattern, we call it the bermuda high pressure system, high pressure just offer the mid-atlantic coast and the winds flow around high pressure clockwise, so you get the southwest winds, all of the warmth over the south starts to move northward, where we are sitting, warm air mass before our next cold front moves on through. >> like st. louis, 6 degrees at this hour, then get on the flip side of the storm system, 39, minneapolis, so there is nothing real that i cold behind the storm system. cooler air does head our way for the second half of the work week, today though, mixture every sunday shine, with mid to high level clouds ahead of the system, most of
8:19 am
this rain holds off until late in the day on monday. so, here's the set up. dry throughout your sunday, get outside if you can and enjoy it, good weather for the eagles game this afternoon. tonight still dry into monday, first half of the day, should just be dry with partly to mostly cloudy skies, then here comes some showers. late afternoon the showers should arrive. so this does impact the evening commute on monday, maybe slowing things down little bit. then we dry out for tuesday morning, back to some sunshine tuesday afternoon. rain chances, again, going to be high for the second half of the day tomorrow. so periods every rain arrive late in the afternoon after three, 4:00 or so. watch out for reduced visibility, heavier showers, slows down the evening commute. then the rain does come to ends overnight. so pretty fast moving system. maybe about quarter of an inch of rain or so. through the day today, partly sunny skies, tonight still another mild night. watch out for fog developing again early on monday morning, here comes some of the showers in here. three, four, 5:00, scattered at first, may pick up little boys intensity, then finally through the overnight we dry
8:20 am
it out. highs today again well to the upper 60s, potentially low 70s, see enough sunshine, evening temperatures stay mild, tonight, check it out. mid to up ear's by 8:00, 9:00 over night low stay in the 50's, then tomorrow, still warm for this time of year talking about 60s even with rain chances. so this december warmth, really, not going anywhere, any time soon. jet stream way to the north, all of the warmth really expands across the mid-atlantic. >> high temperatures back where they should be 40's. 72 degrees today, report warmth tonight, partly cloudy, areas of fog, keep it mid 50's. here is the extended forecast, go to 67 monday for the high, showers late in the day, back to some sunshine tuesday, still warm at 60 degrees. 50's wednesday and thursday, more showers on thursday. and then friday, saturday, look out, 44 for the high, break out the winter coat.
8:21 am
how about that? >> time to bundle up. it will feel freezing out there. justin, thanks. it is 82:00; let's check on roads with ann, good morning. >> and good morning, nicole. we have a dent to tell you b looking at the vine street expressway eastbound between the schuylkill and the ben franklin parkway, accident has left lane block, multi-vehicle accident. dwight a delay, vine street expressway eastbound, between the schuylkill and the ben franklin parkway. traffic is getting by, all it be very slowly. we will move the traffic cam here to another accident. this is 95 southbound, south of columbus boulevard, right lane block this time. left lane squeezing by, another multi-vehicle accident, rescue crews on the scene here as well. not as back up on the vine street expressway, but still have back up here on i95 southbound, south of columbus boulevard. moving the traffic cam one more time, to the ben franklin bridge mid-span.
8:22 am
the ben franklin bridge is in good shape. breath of fresh air actually after the two accident. moving along fine further up no delays on 676 or the admiral wilson, parkway, all look good as well. note from septa here. the airport trains will operate on new timetable, meant to enhance service reliability today. so take a look at those new timetables. that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm ann evans, nicole, back to you. >> all right, ann, thanks for that update. 8:22, we'll take short break,
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> one of the biggest stars and his new movie takes closer look at one of pro sports biggest controversy cents, the movie called concussion. here's a preview of the interview with will smith, you'll see coming up a little later on on cbs sunday
8:25 am
morning. >> no one has ever seen. >> what's bothered you most about taking on this role? >> you know, i'm a football dad. and my son, tray, played for four years, at oaks christian, which is a football power house, you know, just one of the most beautiful times in my life as a parent, that the bonding, the excitement for the families, the friday night lights, i loved it. >> so when i received this screen play, i was really conflicted. >> repetitive head trauma choke the brain. it turns you into someone else. >> yes, i really don't want to be that guy. >> the guy who -- >> the guy who reveals that playing football could potentially cause brain
8:26 am
damage. >> actor will smith plus a preview of andrew lloyd winner's big new broadway show school of rock, and author michael lewis, the man behind the book, the big short. that's this sunday morning right here on cbs-3 at nine #. still ahead on "eyewitness news", chip kelly faces shady mccoy for the first time since that trade. more on the face-off today, between the eagles and the bills. plus: viagra for kids? yes, doctors say, cannot be life saving treatment for young patients with a very serious condition. >> and inside the cbs-3 building where we're all decked out for the holidays, actually, that's a live look for you, at our skyline, center city skyline. so changing it up for this morning, justin with more on the 70 degrees forecast, when we return. we'll be right back. we'll get it together, we promise. this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash
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>> nod is sunday december 13th, good morning to you, so glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. definitely doesn't feel like mid december. definitely doesn't seem like christmas, two weeks away, but that's the case. meteorologist, justin drabick on the cbs-3 skydeck with more on the forecast, surging through the 70s today, justin? >> pretty impressive. the only thing making it look like christmas out here, feel like christmas just the lights behind me on skydeck, and that's t because it feels like spring, this morning. with temperatures in the 50's, over most locations, and you can see, some mid to high level clouds, but sun will get through today to warm us up quickly, 54 he at this ate porks being 48 in allentown, 07 in reading. those are cool spots, even the suburbs not that bad. pottstown, ooh degrees, this hour, low 50's in mt. holly, new jersey, now, depending where you are, could you run into some locally dense fog.
8:30 am
dover getting much better. visibility was down near zero earlier. now to up two and a half miles, down to 1.3 up in reading. so looks like a lot of the fog starting to dissipate. otherwise, we will see clouds mix with some sunshine, this afternoon, keep it dry, rain, well to our west, will impact us later tomorrow. so not a bad finish to the weekends. this morning, some fog, cool, 40's, 50's for the temperatures, then by the afternoon partly sunny skies, warming up upper 60s, potentially low 70s, so great day for some football. bills, eagles at the linc, kick off 1:00. 69 degrees. game time temperature great tailgating weather 68 for high at the shore, 06 in the poconos, again, we have forecast high low 70s, last time we had 70 degrees in december, was december 1st, 2006. so pretty impress of. >> next chance every rain coming up in a few more minutes, nicole, back to you. >> justin, you said it.
8:31 am
>> seventy, sunny, some shade coming to south philadelphia. shady mccoy, and the buffalo bills, cherri gregg from "kyw news radio" 1060 live for us at the linc this morning, weather of course just backdrop for this storm, we call it, been brewing between lesean mccoy and chip kelly. sounds like the fans are over it by now, though, cherry be good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. fans are over it little bit. but the storm you discussed will hit grounds about 1:00 today. it will all play out on the field. and as you mentioned, shady mccoy is here. and he has a chip on his shoulder. >> lesean mccoy is the eagles all time leading rusher, but that didn't stop coach chip kelly from trading shady to the bills in march for linebacker, kiko alonso, and this week, kelly said again, the trade wasn't personal. it was all about the money. he told reporters, he regretted how it went down. >> how he was traded wasn't handled right. and i've said that before.
8:32 am
did i not get an opportunity to talk to him. and it is a lesson that we should never do to be honest with you. >> he offered to quash the beef with a handshake before the game. but shady mccoy, well, he is not having it. >> i'm not talking to chim you know, we got nothing to talk b he can't call me. can't shake my hand. there is nothing he can do with me, you know, he can't say (beep) to me. >> eagles players express respect from mccoy as a colleague but expected to be fired up for this must win game. as for the fans, well, shades not their focus. >> no. >> did you hear about this? >> not at all. as long as the eagles win, that's all we care about. >> who cares what they do off the feel. shades right. he's my boss. not everybody, employees and bosses get along, you are cordial to each other. you work together. if you took new job and saw you at a bar, i don't have to have a drink with you, it is a work relationship. that's it. what's the big deal. let's beat them and win the division. >> that w is what the fans
8:33 am
want. that and some tailgating and good burgers, and they got a little bit of taste of the win last week, when they went up against the patriots. but again, this is a must win game. >> first in nfc east and of course the bills are working toward that wild-card in the afc. we'll see what happened today at 1:00. keep your fingers crossed, eagles fans. cherri gregg, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> it will be interesting game. thanks, and you can watch it all go down the eagles versus the bills today at 1:00 right here on cbs-3. >> crews at the linc had quick turn around to get the fields ready for today. yesterday the iconic army navy football game took place, and as "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan reports the game to reunite every year.
8:34 am
>> outside lincoln finance at field, best friends took on the role of bitter rivals for the 116th army navy game. >> we hate each other for three hours. but as soon as that game ends, we're all one team. >> one team that got special tailgate, wounded combat veterans travis manion foundation. >> it has been a while since the army has won over navy but today may the be day. >> friendly competition there is year good football, navy has been showing us good stuff. >> inside the stadium cadets and midshipmen had their respective corners of the ends zone rocking whole navy came in with 13 game win streak, and heavy favorite, it was army with the half time lead. making the admiral little nervous. >> many a navy spirit. these guys, you know, you put us topping, i don't care what the records are. it will be stiff competition. so army doing phenominal job. we got to pick it up at this
8:35 am
hour. >> in the end army turnovers help make it another navy victory. after the sell breaks, help transform for sunday 1:00 p.m. eagles game. about as fast a turn around as they do. >> couple tight ones, we do have practice, weather being six a, always helping. >> after that thrilling game the navy midshipmen move on to the military bowl december 28th. done for the year, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and there is much more to cover here on "eyewitness news" this morning. >> we check in with "face the nation" with john dickerson at today's broadcast,
8:36 am
8:37 am
turning to campaign 2016, a new pole in the battlegrounds state of iowa could spell trouble for
8:38 am
republican frontrunner donald trump. ted cruz has surged past trump in the hawk eye state with 31% of likely republican caucus goers in iowa. saying they would vote for the texas senator. as cbs news correspondent giuliana reports, things heating up between trump and cruz. >> i love you too. >> hours before a bruising pole showed donald trump losing steam in iowa, he was in south carolina, taking on the epa, gun control, and his proposal to bar muslims from entering the us. >> we don't want people coming in and knocking down world trade centers, and having what happened last week in california. >> he took aim at ted cruz in iowa, where some polls show the texas senator in first place, and where religious conservatives dominate the republican caucuses. >> i do like ted cruz, but not a lot of evangelicals come out of cuba in all fairness. >> but saturday's pole shows iowa evangelicals overwhelmingly backing cruz. the two have played nice
8:39 am
throughout the campaign. but not so nice since these off camera remarks by cruz came out this week. >> people are looking for who is prepared to be a commander in chief. who understands the threats we face? >> the new york times obtained audio of cruz at private fundraiser, saying, he was the electable conservative who could take on the establishment, not trump or ben carson. >> i believe that gravity will bring both of those campaigns down. i think the lion share of their supporters come to us. >> today, trump acknowledged the gloves are coming off. >> we've had very good relationship, but i'm sure it will end, because, you know, he has to come after me at some point. >> still wary of allienating trump supporters, cruz held his fire, tweeting: sorry to disappoint. donald trump is terrific. hashtag deal with it. iowa republicans think trump has slightly better chance every beat being hillary clinton, in a interview with fox news, before that pole was released, trump had message for republican leaders about his frontrunner status. he said you've got to get used to it, giuliana go man, cbs
8:40 am
news washington. >> well, cbs "face the nation" will come your way little later this morning at 10:30 here on cbs-3, joining us now with that preview, live in washington, is the moderator and cbs news political director john dickerson, good morning, i know you will be talking about campaign 2016 at lent. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. indeed. but first we will talk about some interesting policy news, secretary of state john kerry will be onto talk about that climate change deal, 200 countries almost, have agreed limit on what carbon emissions they will produce, we will talk about that, then we will have in depth look at the donald trump voters through real interesting focus group. that will show us why they keep sticking with him, despite controversy after controversy. we have talked a lot about donald trump. now we will look at the people who are supporting him. >> then we will talk to governor john kasich, running against donald trump about his view of the world. then because there is other news also in the headlines, we will talk to senator richard burr, the chairman of the
8:41 am
senate intelligence committee. we will talk to him about the latest from the san bernardino shootings, and what can be learned from that incident in terms of the global war on terror. and then nicole the ends of course as always a political panel to chop up all of the weeks political news and talk about it. >> certainly a lot to discuss. john, thanks for the preview. we appreciate it. it is 8:41 right now, can reading help men families separated by incarceration? the idea behind new free library of philadelphia program, cities largest prison. ian bush of sister station "kyw news radio" has that story. >> it is a lot like skype. except here at the curran-fromhold correctional facility the camera goes behind bars. >> would you have the same book at our end at the library and the child and the family will be the same book with the inmate. >> video conferencing equipment will be set up inside this prison library. and at the free library's neighborhood locations where kids will get virtual bed time
8:42 am
story or just qualify time with their prisoner parents. >> the idea you are building literacy, both par the parent side, but also building the warm bonds between the two of them. >> books go home with the kids does some life lessons. >> this project is a model which i think can do a great deal to begin to in the future reduce the prison population, teaching our young people to read, teaching them how to relate to their parents in prison, and bringing the family reconciliation. >> also supports inmates when they are ready to return to freedom arming them with free library card, help with finding a job and computer access. prisoners already run eight permanent library set up behind bashed wire with officials reporting better behavior from those involved. ian bush, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". it is 8: 42 right now. still to come this morning, can you believe it is mid december? we could see seven's today. justin takes a look at the
8:43 am
unseasonably warm forecast, and when we will see some cooler temperatures return. plus, there is a lot of good sales going around this holiday season, but you may not get the best deal until after it is over. we'll tell when you to get the best deals on some real big item. and it seems casino every strange, right? giving viagra to children? but it turns out t drugs could be a life saving treatment for young patient with very serious condition. we'll have that story next.
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> to buy or no to buy. around the holidays seems like everything is going on sale, right? how do you know whether you are really getting a good deal? jim donovan has advice for bargain shoppers. >> when it comes to holiday sales, some are hard to pass up. >> your interest is peak, like off, i need to buy something now. >> but personal finance editor, andrea brown, says not so fast. >> some of those same items, that are on sale now, you can get even deeper discounts on
8:46 am
them. after christmas, sales. >> so what should you hold off on buying? brown says, definitely betting. >> a lot of big retailers such as macy's and target, have white or linen sales, in january. and you can get deals of up to 50% off on things such as comforters, sheets, and pillow cases, that type of stuff. >> prices on winter clothing, plummet after christmas. winter related sports gear and exercise equipment will be better price in the january, too. >> you definitely want to wait until january to purchase some of the bigger exercise equipment pieces such as treadmills, e lip call trainers, things of that nature. >> need furniture? hole off for few more weeks. >> you will see a lot of clearance, floor sample sables, after christmas on furniture can get to up 50, 06% on sofa's, love seats, otto man's, things of that nature. >> also finds that you'll get some of the best deals on jewelry, after valentine's day, and if you are looking for luggage, march is the
8:47 am
month for you. i posted more details on cbs philly. com reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> all right, let's sends it over to justin, good morning. >> good morning, nicole. good sunday morning everyone, another warm day on tap. breaking record highs once again yesterday's high was 69. good chance of reaching low 70s today. just shattering olds records of 65 degrees, mild start to the day already. still some fog to deal with this morning, depending on you are. get rid of the fog, and then so clouds and some sunshine for the rest of today. but it is mild 52 at fills fill's hour in in philadelphia. eagleville, lou at five a degrees, little cooler in the clouds, buena vista township as margo simons checks in at 51 degrees, waiting on sunday shine, ed at 53 in chesterfield, similar number clementon, low mid 50's at this hour, lawrenceville peter at 53 degrees. sanatoga, ooh degrees, nottingham, chester county, mild 54. you get the picture, everyone pretty uniform in the 50's at this hour, fog giving way to
8:48 am
sunshine this afternoon. there is a look from palmyra new jersey, across the delaware bay. visibilities starting to improve little bit. >> 6589 old record setback in 1963, should be fat erring with a forecast high of 72 degrees, even tomorrow, flirting with record temperatures, 69 is the records sit back 1881. good shot of getting close to that with forecast high of 67. showers, west, next weather maker, cold front very slow mover. so it will take its time to get herement looks like tomorrow afternoon and evening we start to see showers arrive until then a mixture every sunday and clouds throughout the day today. so rain chances increase for tomorrow, mainly second half of the day. we dry it out for tuesday and wednesday, and then bring back some more showers chances on thursday. so really two storms to watch this week. until then, enjoy the day today. sunshine with clouds, and those clouds thicken up
8:49 am
throughout the day monday, as well. and then after 3:00 on monday afternoon should start to see the showers moving n so this impacts the evening commute little bit here. then showers will come to an end late monday night after midnight. then back to some sunshine for tuesday. but even it is cold front coming on through temperatures doesn't drop behind this first front. it is late in the week, we start to cool things down. so for today, dry, great football weather, if you have tickets to the link. tailgating this morning, no problems. tomorrow morning, kind of like today. clouds, with some areas of fog developing. not whole lot of sunshine for your monday, then here come the showers in here, late afternoon, into the evening, they'll come to ends overnight. start to clear the skies out. this is 3:00 a.m. tuesday morning. how much rain are we talking about? no chance of any flooding, generally about maybe quarter to up to half inch for most of the forecast models. pretty fast moving system. temperatures today, upper 60s, into the low 70s, for most areas of way from the water. tonight this evening still mild. 50's about 60 by 8:00. even on monday with the showers around, temperatures
8:50 am
still pretty warm for this time of year. check out the trend, you can see the warmth over us right now. as we move through time, little bit of some colder air returning, for next weekend. nothing terribly cold then watch what happens christmas period, start to warm up again. no sustained cold air coming up in the forecast, high of 72 today, partly sunny skies tonight. cool night. patchy fog, 54. identification else forecast, two years ago, over 8 inches of snow. here is the extend forecast, showers late tomorrow, four's for the weekends, nicole? >> i think i will ' take today, justin, thanks. 8: 50. time to check on the roads with ann, good morning. >> good morning, nicole. roadways aren't in good condition today. i mean, they are good conditions, but we did have accidents on them. vine street expressway eastbound between the schuylkill and the ben franklin parkway. the right lane squeezing by, due to serious accident. two lanes are block here. as you can see, look at this. this is just one accident, the
8:51 am
vine street expressway eastbound, in the schuylkill and the ben franklin parkway two lanes blocked right lane squeezing by. traffic cam to two accident on i95 just to tell you about. one southbound, south of columbus boulevard, two rate lanes block here, real a mess, multi-vehicle accident here, firetrucks on the scene, rescue crews on the scene begin big back up. this again southbound, other accident, northbound right lane block 95 northbound, southbound, both of those highways jam up south of columbus boulevard because of accident. we move the traffic cam one more time to very peaceful ben franklin, compared to the other roadways, ben franklin bridge in good shape this morning. , that's the latest from the traffic center, ann evans, nicole, back to you viagra one
8:52 am
of the best selling medications approving with certain men, might be surprised children are also being given pre very much fonz for viagra, stephanie stahl explains. >> little but pills, now saving the lives of children, with con genes tal heart disease, kids like 14 year olan drew road because who lives with his family in northeast philadelphia. >> andrew born with heart defect, had three open heart surgeries in series of complications. >> i'm holding him for the very first time after the surgery. >> left with circulation issues that impact his lungs. doctors at children's philadelphia of philadelphia. say vie ago rat most effective treatment for children like andrew. >> can allow for blood to flow through the lungs. >> first test today lower blood pressure whether it was
8:53 am
discovered to raise something else. it doesn't work that way on children. >> children, who get viagra for con genital heart disease, don't have erect tile dysfunction, stowe doesn't work the same way as adults. >> putting kids on viagra can be little trick. >> i hads has provided a lot of comic relief in a real difficult life. >> it comes in the mail, that could be interesting. >> they've gotten used to all of the joking. andrew has been on viagra for seven years. >> i feel much better. i mean, i don't have a lot of problems. >> he just gets healthier and stronger all of the time. it is dramatic. >> the family says they're relieved viagra has turned out to be such a multi-talented drug. >> i'm so hang full it has been an option, but it's been funny too. >> doctors say viagra can be prescribed off label for both boys and girls who have heart
8:54 am
and lung problems. chop is doing more research on the treatment and testing new viagra like drug design specifically for those children. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> linking common prostate cancer treatment with altzheimer's he is findings show men who receive androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer at double the risk of developing altzheimer he is disease, about half million prostate cancer patients currently receive adt to lower testosterone levels. all right, we will take a to lower testosterone levels. all right, we will take a short break and be right other wireless carriers make families share data switch to t-mobile now and get 4 lines with up 6gb each. just $30 bucks a line and no sharing. plus get the samsung galaxy s6 for $0 upfront and $10 bucks a month at t-mobile.
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8:56 am
>> let's talk about these 70s, pretty impressive waking up, temperatures in the 50's, not bad now, on our way to 70 degrees, just smashes the olds records high of 65 degrees, yes, good football weather. tomorrow rain does return. second half of the day. so late afternoon, still warm at 67. even for the middle of the week, we cool it down, with high of 60 on tuesday, and
8:57 am
really the coldest air is next weekend. that's nothing terribly coal. that's actually where we should be for this time of year. highs mid 40's saturday. compared to today that will feel cold. >> yes. >> all right, our twitter pole at last check, 70/30, more people like the warmer wetter. >> interesting around the holidays. >> let us know. that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now, signing off on television always on line for you at sunday morning is next. have a great day everybody. see you next week.
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