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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  December 15, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". developing at noon, school buses will be empty today in los angeles, a credible security threat has closed every single public school in the entire los angeles area. good afternoon, i'm erika von tiehl. 640,000 children are home from school today after a threat forces all public and charter schools in los angeles to
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close. chris martinez has the very latest on this developing situation. >> reporter: we are closing all district campuses today due to a threat that has come. >> reporter: calls like this one went out to parents in los angeles this morning, as authorities closed down the entire los angeles unified school district over an unspecified electronic threat made to quote many schools. >> some of the details talked about back packs, talked about other packages. >> police are investigating the threat and did not provide further details. but officials said they are taking the precaution based on race and terror attacks in san bernadino and overseas. >> i as superintendent a.m. not going to take the chance with a life after student. >> the superintendent ordered authorities to inspect every school by the end of the day. >> i want every school searched to make sure that it is safe for children and safe
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for staff to be thereon wednesday. >> student who are already at school were supervise in outside area until they were pick up. >> we need the cooperation of the whole los angeles today. >> the shut-down affect about 640,000 student, at more than 1,000 schools. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. >> meanwhile, officials in new york city say they received the same threat that prompted the closure of the los angeles school system but they concluded that it was a hoax. also, developing this noon, two early morning stabbings in center city philadelphia just blocks away from each other. and police believe they may be connected. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos join us this center city with the latest on this investigation, greg? >> reporter: erika, good afternoon, right now philadelphia police looking for a suspect they say is wanted in connection to both of those early morning stabbings here in center city. now the first happening near
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the intersection of 23rd street and walnut, around 5:30 this morning, that's when investigators say a 23 year old man was approached by the suspect and stabbed multiple times in the hand and stomach. he was returned to hahnemann university hospital by medics, currently and fortunately in stable condition. the second stabbing took place minute later around 5:45, another man walking at the time approached by the same suspect here near 21st street and arch. police say the suspect yelled at the victim, cursed at him in, fact, that man ignoring the suspect before feeling something cut him on the side of his face. medics also transported that victim to hahnemann, also in stable condition. once again, police believe the same man is responsible for both of these early morning stabbings, here in center city, we have a description. he is described as a black male, 6-foot two, medium build in his late 20's, he was wearing a gray hoodie and dark vest at the time of these crimes this morning, he was caring a white shopping bag.
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if you happen to have any information about these crimes or know this suspect of course pick up the phone and call police. for now live in center city, i'm greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, greg, thank you. >> chopper three over the 300 block of came err drive in bensalem bucks county this morning. federal agent were outside the building located there removing item. among those items appear to be some computers, no word this noon on why those agents were there. we'll update you as soon as we learn more. >> meanwhile, philadelphia police continue their search for a suspect who plowed a car into an officer last night and then kept ongoing. that officer is recovering from serious injuries, at local hospital this noon. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo has the latest from police headquarters. >> the force of impact easily shattered this windshield in the grays ferryection of the city. young philadelphia police officer pursuing suspect on foot, was struck by a speeding car and left with severe head
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and leg injuries. >> his body, flew up on a parked car, put a large hole in the front windshield of this park unattended vehicle. >> just after 6:30, police were called to the area of 27th and sears streets for reports of a man with a gun. investigators say that suspect first ran away, then jumped into a car, with a 18 year old woman, and 11 year old boy already inside. detectives say the man sped down sears street and hit the 26 year old office nerve full uniform. he put a hole about a foot wide and 2 feet long in the front windshield. >> the suspect ditched the karat 22nd and ellsworth and ran off leaving his two passengers behind. meantime, eyewitnesses came to the officer's aid putting pressure on his wounds until ambulance arrived. allen johnson saw everything. >> i'm glad the people in the neighborhood helped him. >> he knows more people could have been hurt last night, too, eyewitnesses say children were playing near the narrow one way street as the suspect sped along the wrong way. >> could have been whole lost worse. could have been a lot more
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injuries. >> the officer injured is just 26 years old, only with the philadelphia police department for two years. today, he's in the hospital after suffering severe head and leg injuries. however, he is expected to survive. reporting at philadelphia police headquarters, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> it is december 15th, it is also the fourth day in a row of record high temperatures, that trends, though, katie, will come to an end. people there have been craving those cool temperatures, finally got some good news for them. >> absolutely, definitely breezy out here, i think my hairdo has gone by the wayside. you know, it is still actually quite mild. still feels refreshing out here all things considered. even despite the fact we did have a cold front cross through, temperatures are taking a hit, but it has been so warm it will take a lot for it to feel chilly, right? meanwhile, yes, erika is right. did hit brand new record. going to the graphics before this gets out of hand. show you where we ended up early this morning, and it was a very, very mild night.
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you know, probably while a loft you were sleeping we hit 69 degrees, it happened at 1:14 this morning, and it broke the record of 66 degrees, that was last set and tide in 2008 and 1971. here's where we stand right now, storm scan3 emptying out nicely do, have high pressure taking the place of low, so it is dry, but you sort of get the winds tunnel effect that takes effect when you have areas of pressure. look at the wind speeds, sustained winds, not even gusts, i think you will have higher gts to up 30 miles an hour, enough that i can tell you definitely noticing it out here for sure. but doesn't feel all that cold. rather, it feels again, yes, blustery, but refreshing. i have to say. low 60s for us, for the rest of the afternoon, despite that already hit daytime high in the upper 60s already this morning. the rest of the day again still well above average. this is just the beginning folks another cold front to talk about and we'll discuss that what impact it has on the area as the show goes on, erika, we send it back into you. >> thank you, jury deliberations resume in the
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manslaughter trial of baltimore officer william porter. porter is the first of six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. gray died while in police custody in baltimore last april. prosecutors say, porter abused his power by failing to save gray's life after the man was injured in the back of a police van. thieves hit gas station in north philadelphia overnight. it happened just after 2:00 a.m. at the exxon station on the 3100 block of north broad street. police say the suspect robbed a clerk with a rifle possibly an ak47. now, this is the second time that this exxon was robbed in less than a week. check out this surveillance video right here. captured friday night. police are looking for two suspect, one, who stood guard at the entrance, the other who robbed cash register at gunpoint. there is no word today if those two robberies are related. >> the department of homeland security is expected to announce changes to the government's terror alert system tomorrow. government sources told cbs news that the currencies tell
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will not be scrapped, rather, modifications will be made. this new system will allow officials to inform the public using intelligence bulletins, similar to how the fbi notifies local law enforcement agencies. today is the day, deadline to sign up for healthcare through the affordable care act. if you want your coverage to start on new years day. current customers who elect not to make any changes, will be automatically renewed. the final deadline for new sign up, and planned switches; january the 31. people who remain uninsured after that date risk fines when they file their 2016 taxes. well, this may be one of the biggest event in movie history. coming up this noon, the stars come out in full force. you mighty say for the hollywood pre mure for star wars the world awake edges, taking you to the red carpet. also, nasa looking for few good men and women for its mission to mars. find out what it takes to make the list. and be elite class of an astronaut. we'll be right back.
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>> hello my name is heather, and i currently work at the commissary i would like to finish -- shout out merry christmas, back in erie, pennsylvania, i miss
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fans are feeling the force. movie excess tifs predict star wars the force awakens will take in billions, with a b, world-wide. cbs correspondent suzanne marquez on the red carpet with the oscar worthy guest list.
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>> hollywood boulevard shutdown for what might be the biggest movie premiere ever. the length of two full city blocks, with a covered carpet longer than the oscars, the inside resembling galaxy far, far away. >> what do you think when everybody says that this is the biggest carpet ever, are you really impressed? >> not yet. because i can't see the end of it. >> that's what's kind of scarry? >> yes, it is, it is. it was a who's who of hollywood from character actors in the original cast, including r2 d2, c3po, carry fisher, to brand new faces for new generation of starts wars far as. >> i feel sexy, it feels fantastic, intergalactic sexy, universal sexy. >> it is a franchise that spans three decades, and the anticipation overseeing this film is greater than it's ever been. the stars were just as excited
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as the fans who have camped up the for days to see it. >> when i saw turkey couldn't speak for about a day afterward, i'm feeling incredibly excited. feeling grateful that everyone is here, friend, family, fans of the movie, and a lot of people who worked on the film, so looking forward for everyone to see it. >> and you have seen it? >> yes, excited to see it again. it was real a blur the first time. >> now, a big premiere, a chilly night, and for the folks waiting for opening night they still have three more night of this. reporting in hollywood, i'm suzanne marquez, cbs news. lift off. lift off of ... on their way to the international space station. >> capsule blasted off from i can stand caring three astronaut from the us, britain, and rush a the men will spend six months on board the international space station. they'll be joining american scott kelly and two other russian astronaunts. meanwhile, nasa is look to
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go recruit few good men and women for a mission to mars. the agency's planning on a trip sometime in the 2030's, got some time. applicants must and u.s. citizen with a bachelor's agree in engineering, science, or mathematics. they also should have at least three years of experience or at least 1,000 hours pilot ago jet. >> take us about eight months to get there. and it is round trip. so just under couple of years round trip. we will be on the surface of mars for about 500 days searching for evidence of life, of past life. >> just incredible. now there have been 338 nasa astronaunts ranking in age from 26 to 46. of the 6300 who applied for the last class, listen to this, only eight were selected, four men, four women. that's about a .1 percent chance. but hey, you never know if you don't apply, right? >> pizza delivery driver gets game changing tip. and it is all caught on camera
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too. >> we want to bless you with a love offer of $1,321.27. a georgia church wanted to help somebody who truly deserved it this holiday season, the pastor called up their local dominoes, they asked help to send their harders worker with one pizak the single mother was just overwelmed by the gesture. >> i don't think i deserved it. >> even homeless guys, changing, and understands the value of giving. >> i felt love, i felt appreciated. >> the touching moment was caught on cell phone video from parishioners. she said she has three children, and is going to use the money to have a very merry christmas. >> he is a teenager with the voice after angel. >> ♪ >> still ahead on "eyewitness
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news", the 14 year old who stole the show when he sang for pope francis release as single just in time for christmas. we'll tell you where you can download it. >> we certainly are not feeling that winter chill just yet. it is on the way eventually, however, much cooler air set to roll into the delaware valley. we'll tell you just how chill at this will
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>> the winds, we saw your hair blowing, don't wore. >> i i came in, fluffed it again. >> that rain thankfully out of here. >> it is thank goodness, skies cleared out nicely, looking at quiet weather for the next two days, will be reinforcing shot
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of cool air, will bring it -- >> will feel like winter. >> i know, that's the thing, next round everyone thing but then also we ends up here with certainly some cooler air. that's going to be building in. so let's talk it, start it off with a view of storm scan3, a and that definitely is clearing out nicely. did have storm system making its retreat, actually rapidly intensifying. when we zoom out little bit here see pretty decent snow falling right now, across the state of maine main, and up into atlantic canada. clearly though it is out of here for us, and our skies in fact have done the same, cleared out nicely. high pressure will pay just very brief little visit. start to see new drop with the jet stream sending us some colder air by the tail end of the week. the moment right now, though, only seeing some snow back through nebraska -- nebraska. no snow expectations, just way too warm for. that will but there is sort that far graduated drop off on the thermometer coming along with the rest of the week. as we move it forward in the forecast, here comes the jet stream, or the color contours, that sends us on that downward spiral on the thermometer in
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days ahead, so that's the cold air mass that's going to be coming in the wake of next approaching frontal boundery, and finally by the time we hit the weekends you might need break out the winner coat for change. it has been so balmy outside that we have been able to get away with light jackets at worse. but then don't get too used to it, we look ahead to early next week, the entire week, leading to up christmas, and just past it, and it looks like the eastern two thirds of the united states will not only be above average but well above average. soap, it does look at this point like there is going to be storm system christmas week. but it won't be anything more than rainmaker. just too warm. so, unfortunately, looks like any hopes of a white christmas will be dashed this time, this year for us, in part due to el nino, helping to keep things as warm as it has been. meanwhile outside we go. look closely here in the live neighborhood network not only see the clouds moving, shadows right along with, 54 degrees the current temperature, at this observation site, our wind out of the west southwest. but you're basically looking at west to northwest winds flow right now. and here's a look at some of
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the area gusts, put the most interesting ones on the map for you. not terribly gusty out in wilmington or millville. but up as high as 37-mile per hour gusts right now in allentown, but generally topping off around 30 miles per hour. now the rest of the afternoon, talking low 60s, obviously have already hit the upper 60s, but happened long time ago. already settled ourselves in for new record so far. the sun is back, will continue to shine all day. later tonight calm winds thankfully, and that bodes much better for everybody's hair day tomorrow. as we look ahead, the sun will shine once more, back to up 56. little cooler but still above average. that's the key. thursday, similar scenario, temperature wise, but notice periods of rain move, in that's that cold front, and it finally noxious back to not even just dose of reality here, on friday, but saturday and sunday fishes below average days this month that we've been forecasting. so that's the big change. and i think by perception shake it will feel freezing cold. >> gets right from the 70s.
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i can't believe it was 71, now -- >> it will feel a lot different. >> katie, thank you. hey, local singing sensation bobby hill has released a song in just in time for the holiday season. >> ♪ >> his new single available for free, on his website. it is bobby w hill.come. of course remember this moving moment when he performed for pope francis, during the world meeting of families, shot him right to stardom. we'll be right back.
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>> looking for alternative to soda, healthier for you, right, but health reporter stephanie stahl tells us why it may not be as healthy as we first, that's today, at a . i'll be tuning, in i drink that every day. >> oh, oh. also, oh, my gosh, hard to believe just ten days until christmas. don't forget about our "joy of sharing" toy fest. you can help spread holiday joy by picking up a new unwrapped toy, and brinking it to one of our drop off locations. we have list for you of those locations at those toys will be donated to the salvation army, the uso and the boys and girls club. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm erika vol von tiehl. thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line for you at the youn
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>> stitch: when ashley and i were together, trapped in that fire, i... we shared a moment. >> abby: okay, um... a moment. um... what -- what kind of -- of moment? like -- like a -- like a sex moment? did you have sex with my mom in the rubble? >> stitch: abby, okay, this is-- it isn't about sex. but i told your mother i loved her. >> ashley: you don't have to do this, jackie. >> jack: i want him to pay. >> ashley: but what cost? >> michael: you ready? let's go. all right, everyone, please.


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