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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:38pm EST

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plotting to help isis. the charges against him and what investigators say they found inside his home. after a gloomy day in philadelphia, the fog is finally starting to lift. caitlyn will tell you what to expect for the morning commute. but first, the wait is over star wars, the force aweaks finally hits theaters and millions of fans are heading to a galaxy, far, far away. good evening r one of i'm jessica and i'm yucky washington. >> excitement for this movie is out of this world and it looks like the force is very strong with the latest installment of the beloved franchise. fans could not wait for the midnight release got to see a special advanced screening in king of precious and that's where we find i witness reporter
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david. it's been quite a night. this sidewalk was packed about 30 minutes ago. fans got the tickets months ago and they told me tonight did not disappoint. after an almost 0 year wait it's here. this is so exciting. it's awesome. star wars episode 7 packed theaters across the country and here in king of prussia thursday night as fans waited for hours to see the latest installment in a seven-part series. i'm pretty excited. i've been waiting ten years to see this movie so i'm pretty more pumped. from new to the more experienced turned out for the show. some were there when it hit the theaters in 1977. >> it was a long, long time ago in a galaxy far away. it was ground breaking at the time. i saw three of them. the really serious fans started early this morning with a screening in bucks county of all six movies that are currently on
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dvd. call it a star wars marathon. i actually got these tickets as a birthday gift back in november. i had been wanting to marathon it and i thought i would do it at home and when i found out about this that was it, i thought i'd come. it's intrigue i. the first film since creator george lucas sold the rights to disney. he's still involved. fans say this film had that touch of lucas magic fans had known for almost 40 years. everyone was talking about it. i might as well be here. 8 will be out in a couple of years. > open sewed 8 and episode 9 is scheduled. there might be a 10, 11 and 12 if this thing is popular and it is. there are showings all through the night here at king of prussia. reporting live tonight at king of prussia.
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> david, thank you. take a look at this, a satellite image of allen contain's parkview high school. it looks similar to the falcon's station. the designer is not george lucas. instead it's an architect from minneapolis. he's a star wars fan, but says the design wasn't met to look like the space ship. but he does admit perhaps there was a strange force at work when he developed the design. what i like about that design, it's like the space ship. it gives the chief access and it looks pretty stream lined. he also had to laugh when he first heard about the comparison. meanwhile philly's police force also getting in on the fun. they tweeted no posting star wars force awakens spoilers is not a crime. yes, it should be. we enforce the laws, we don't make them. sorry. speaking of stars, we might actually be able to see some tonight now that the fog is finally lifting out.
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there meteorologist kate bilo is on the cbs sky deck to tell us what's on tap for tomorrow morning. >> i just took a brief look and i don't see anything star wise just yet. skies are actually clearing up pretty nicely this evening and the fog that develops after the rain has now started to mix out as well. you can see the clouds are still clinging to the coast from the city on south and eastward. we are still seeing clouds and even some fog even though the rain mainly moved offshore and we will see a chance for another shower down the shore tomorrow morning. for us here in philadelphia it looks like it will stay dry right through the weekend. over an inch in trenton and northeast philadelphia and .91 in allen town. i was a very something i day. temperatures are still mild but they're still continuing to drop. it's 48 right now in lancaster. still hanging onto 56 in philadelphia but i can tell you breeze is picking up out here and feels chilly. i apologize are to the syrens in
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the background. visibility is still low. i'll tell you about a cool spell thats ' going to take us into the weekend. how long will it last. your full seven day when i come back inside. > in other news tonight and new, a terror arrest in pennsylvania, a teenager on the radar of the fbi counter terrorism task force stands accused of supporting isis. our natasha brown has the disturbing details. >>reporter: a jarring site on a quiet harrisburg street. officials arrested a 19 year old man for con expiring to support isis. a us citizens charged in a two county criminal complaint unsealed thursday evening. according to the allegations that he conspired to and attempted to provide material support to is ill. he allegedly used hateful rhetoric on social media and tried to aid individuals in traveling overseas to join the foreign terrorist organizations. the fbi joint terrorism task
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force uncovered numerous tweets allegedly linked to askies all insighting violence, including this one on or about january 29, 2015, it says quote, s, no -- bam a that we are coming to america and know that we will sever your head in the white house. quote, this mar tar document will be a spark that will awaken sleeping lions in america. let their blood water the seats of jihad, chapel hill shooting. and other posts like this one from april 16, performed your islamic duty, support the jihad with your wealth. this tweet supports pennsylvania gun laws, quote, pennsylvania has very light gun laws. it's very easy to arm yourself. neighbors are shocked to hear of the charges against adis. it's pretty crazy when it's right here at home. you hear it in california and paris and it's right up the
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street from your house. it becomes more realistic for you. a physical search of the house found a backpack, a modified kitchen knife, thumb drive, medication and balance a clava, also known as a mask. according to the complaint, askis has used at least 57 different twitter accounts to advocate violence to the united states and to disseminate isis propaganda. he also posted the link and names of 100 members of the us members of the military. his case will be handled in federal court. natasha brown, cbs3. > federal charges have been filed against a friend of the tweeterror in san bernadino. he entered court in an unmarked today. the 24 year old purchased two
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assault rivals used in the attack. he is also accused of buying mostive powder for a pipe become. he plotted attacks in 2011 and 2012, attacks that were never carried out. jurors will continue deliberating tomorrow in the trial ofç catherine knife. he is accused of attacking a gay couple in center city last year firefighters worked to get those flames under control last night. officials won't say if the fire is suspicious, but several weeks ago a fire started in the basement of the church. a firefighter suffered minor
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injuries. drug company ceo for best known for raising the price of a life saving drug was indicted on security charges. it had nothing to do with the 5,000 increase in the price of the drug they are capitol hill. instead this case revolves around his time as a hedge fund manager and ceo as another company. prosecutors say he engaged in a web of lies, deceit and greed. kelly essentially ran his company like a ponzi scheme where he used each subsequent company to pay off the frauded investors from the prior company. effaces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. > prosecutors returned to court today deciding whether to retry one of the baltimore police officers accused in the death of freddie gray. the trial of officer william port per ended in a mistrial yesterday after the jury failed to reach a verdict. today terps met with the judge but were unable to set a date
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for a possible retrial. gray died in april after suffering a severe spinal cord injury while in police custody. disney and other theme parks are beefing up security for the holiday season. straight ahead tonight on eye witness news we're going to show you the new measures that are being implemented and what items are no longer allowed in the pass,. the secretary of defense issues an apology. while philadelphia native ashton carter is facing some scrutiny. the rain has moved out, the fog has lifted but now it's turning windy and colder. you'll feel some of the colder air we'll felt in sometime. how long does the cool down last. maybe a record high. i'll have that for you coming up. stepping into this local candy shop feels like taking a trip back in time. find out where you can get some unique sweet treats just in time for the holidays. stay with us. that's coming up next.
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right in time for the busy holiday season disney is increasing security and adding new rules to keep visitors safer at its theme pass, in florida and california. visitors will have to go through metal detectors. no one over the age of 14 will be allowed to wear costumes in the park. visitors will also see more police officers and specialty trained dogs. ash carter is apologize tonight for using a private e-mail account to conduct government business. it comes after the new york times obtained 7 # work related e-mails he sent or received back in april. the 61 year old philadelphia native confirmed he sent the e-mails using his i phone but that none of the messages were classified. even that i shouldn't have been doing. when i realized that i stopped, but this is -- i have to hold myself to absolutely strict
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standards. > the e-mails were sent just two months after carter began his tenure as secretary of defense. he says they continued even after hillary clinton came under fire for using personal e-mail as secretary of state. > many to as jefferson university and philadelphia university are americaning. eyewitness news was at the university today where both institutions signed a letter of intent. bringing jefferson's medical program together with philadelphia university's liberal arts program is a move that will benefit students. we need to make education a better value prop. we need to get our students through school faster and getting them that return on investment. and that's really what this change is all about. philadelphia university is the former philadelphia college of textiles and sciences. we used to call it poly textiles back in the day. it changed its name back in
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1999. let's take a sweet step back in time, just in time for the holidays. explain a place where you can get a one of a kind gift from a different era. that's right, you're going to be transported tonight. we do have a treat for you. yucky ukee ' and jessica, this is an old fashioned shop reminisce event of the 1800s. you know that expression feeling like a kid in a candy shop? that's exactly how you feel when you walk into shane confectionary filled with rainbows of lollipops, shiny foil wrapped truffles, gum drops and butter scotch. thinks a special time of year for eric barely, one of the brothers who owns this old time candy store. the eyes light up. people feel like there's a magic
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land that they never knew existed. a land of candy gems. sugar plume truffles are a girl's best friend. liberty bells filled with georgia gnash and contra. >> i'm no amateur. > this shop is a step back in time with vintage clear toy candies. i was a german tradition brought over bavaria in the 1700s. look at how g gorgeous, works of art shaped from molds once used by hairy young owner of philadelphia's oldest candy store, young's candy which closed years ago. clear candy lives on at shane confectionary. we're just fortunate to be able to cook up hard sugar. we add a little bit of dye, either red or green, or uncolored which turns a beautiful amber gold.
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> a wonderful gift idea, among so many here like the gift of the margie truffle itself. >> this is a place that you want to spend time with your family and make it part of a tradition. i have no words. i'm just filled with happyiness. isn't it nice to be transported back like that? that's exactly how the people at shane confectionary want their customers to feel. about the gift of the maji truffles it's pretty amazing what they do there. they are a limited item and only 100 remain during the holiday season. >> how special is that. > look at our little guest star here. >> i just want to look at it. isn't it just gorgeous? it looks like glass. doesn't it? the green one was actually glass and the red one was candy and you couldn't tell the difference. it's amazing. they are literally the will i
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one contacts in philadelphia. > thank you. it's beautiful. i want to try an antler. take a picture of it. that's it. i wouldn't want to melt the antler. it's far too beautiful. it would look good on a shelf somewhere, beautiful. > we've had a little bit of -- i just noticed her eating the antler. it matches your dress so nicely. it's been a when the day outside today. we've been dealing with a the look of rain outside all day long. the good news is that things are starting to move on out, clearing out. we're getting the fog out of here as well. some patches of dense fog out there certainly nothing like we had a couple of hours ago and now we're talking about some december-like weather since the first time this december. we'll take you out to our shore cam and this is looking a little foggy just a few minutes ago, but now the fog seems to have lifted and everything has started to clear out across the
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area. really nothing as much fog as what we saw earlier tonight. conditions on the roads are a little bit better out there now. here is a video and you can see it was a miserable day. the heaviest from the mid-day hours. the rain was coming down so heavily throughout the afternoon and even at night. things are improving, as we said and now you can really feel the breeze. when i was out on the sky deck you can feel the wind picking you. we do have some clouds starting to lift in. it will bring clouds tot shore tomorrow and help kick up a gusty wind into the weekend. 56. it's mild at the airport. 53-degrees in wilmington. not bad at all. future weather shows we'll be dealing with the clouds rollback in overnight. here's the newç low that will develop off the coast. most of that stays off the sea,
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we'll have a chance of some clouds and very gusty wind. a northwest wind through the day t tomorrow, 15 to as high as 25 miles per hour and gusts on saturday afternoon could exceed 30 miles per hour at times. so a very blustery start to your weekend and turning much colder saturday as well. the wind will make it feel about 10-degrees colder than the thermometer indicates. for your friday, partly sunny, colder, still above average. 49-degrees is going to feel more like 39 with the win. seasonally chilly, but colder than we've been all month. another warm up, december 23 through the 29 much above average once again and here's a quick look at the i witness weather seven-day forecast. there's that chilly weekend. we jump back to the 50s on monday and then we just keep climb. 59 on tuesday, 59 wednesday, thursday, christmas eve, 65, if
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we hit that it will break last year's record of 64. santa told me he's sweating. >> like i said, with a look at what's come up in sports. does chip kelly care about making his players happy, not even a little bit. we'll explain. the flyers play today. we go looking for a little advice for our professional team.
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> welcome back, the flyers hosting vancouver tonight, the other than and black starting to heat up. they're looking to win for the seventh time in ten games. tot center we go, first period, looks like it goes in, but they had to review it and when they do it's a goal for michael.
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ralph, 1-0 flyers. steve mason making his first goal. a big time effort. now we fast forward tot third, flyers up one and looking for insurance. shawn conto yea, fifth of the season and pipping a shutout they win this thing 2-0. onto football, back to back withins with a multiple of back, the eagles are preeing the love in the back field. free agent price demarco murray has always seen 19 carries over the last two weeks. listening to chip kelly that may not change sunday night against arizona. the head coach was asked if he would run murray more to make him happy. >> i've never been concerned in making anyone happy. it's on trying to win football games. you always want to contribute as much as you can in a game. we're winning so that's all that matters. the agony of defeat, a phrase
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becoming synonymous with philly. the sixers have one win since march. the flyers are slightly better. how can this city get back tot thrill of victory? our pat gallonnen went searching for answers and found it with the children of our future much it's been a rough year for philadelphia sports. all four teams missed the playoffs last season. all four teams are still struggling to varying degrees. we've seen better times in this city. we need to help. so to help our philadelphia teams i assembled my team of experts. they're all going to help us get better. can can can you guys do it? >> yes. i found my experts at belmont hills elementary school in bensalem. >> i'll skate on ice. you get two breaks. >> that's it. i would like to be the coach because they would follow my directions and whatever i say goes. they would say yea for their team.
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> i like that. that's a good idea. when they had the ball i'll tell them. and then they turn out for a touchdown. it's not about winning, it's about having fun. i totally agree with that. do you all agree with that? >> yes. from bensalem with my new friends, patagia and for eyewitness sports. > well done. those kids, they know what's up. taking care of business on the bean bag. we'll
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[ d[ bark ] ] there it is! [ gasps ] oh no! look, the sky's awake! ♪ that. was. epic! [ bark ]
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new tonight the spirit of the christmas season on display in camden, new jersey. volunteers there donated food and then assembled christmas baskets for families in need. many turned out to help in the effort tonight at the sacred heart church on ferry avenue. those baskets will go onto those who need them on saturday. a quick remainder you can help spread holiday joy by picking up a new unwrapped toy and bringing it to one of our drop off locations. we have put a full list on cbs fest. bring that toy to our studios. we're at 1555 hamilton street. you can drop it off and you don't even have to get out of your car. we make it easy. we start taking your toys at
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6:00 a.m. you have all day to stop by and make the holidays mere i for such adorable
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thanks for watching tonight eye witness news returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. with nicole bruceer and meteorologist lauren casey. i'm ewing i washington, i'm jessica dean. up next the late show with stephen cole beer. have a great night, everybody and sleep well.
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( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen: yeah. whooo! welcome to the late show, everybody. whooo! whooo! whooo! thank you so much. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! >> stephen: that is grit! that is nice! thank you, ladies and gentlemen. thank you so much. welcome to the late show! (cheers and applause) >> stephen: oh, that is good. you guys, i don't know--
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(cheers and applause) thanks very much. thanks, everybody. that was really good. listen, that chanting was just as crisp as a sell ree stick, thank you so much. welcome to the late show, i'm stephen colbert. i don't know if you guys have noticed but one of the things i like to do at the beginning of the show is walk out here. and it's become a habit. and fun fact. i am not the only one in the world who walks. so does russian president vladimir putin. and this is absolutely true. his walk is so distinctive, that recently a team of neurologists published an article about it, check outputin's walk. you see, here he is walking. he swings his left arm but his righarm always stays by his side. (laughter) and they think it's because of his kgb training, okay. they're calling putin's walk a gunslinger's gait because his right hand is always in position to pull a gun from his pocket,
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okay. like this. he just walks like this. with one arm by his side, look. (laughter) this is no training, i can do this. no training at all. i could have been in the kgb easy. (cheers and applause) here's the deal, if putin has got a tough walk, that means president obama needs an even you have iter guy walk. if he doesn't find something to do with his limbs, we're going to literally lose the arm's race. (applause) >> stephen: thank you. (applause) that joke courtesy of little richie dom, age eight that is why i have a few suggestions to butch-up president obama's walk. now first, obviously, obviously you have to keep your right arm down, okay, indicating you've got a gun somewhere on your hip, okay. but what if your other hand is by the gun in your


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