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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 20, 2015 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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>> well tonight the winner of miss universe were you crowned but not before a huge mix up on live television. take a look first miss columbia she got the crown the flowers the. but then, i have to apologize miss universe 2015 miss philippines. >> oh my goodness now that that is. >> he said the wrong name. >> steve harvey red the wrong name and oh all that just kind of played out on live
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television. >> something fishy about that. [laughter] >> don't worry we'll get right on it. that's going to do it for us. remember we are always on we are handing things over to pat and don bell at the linc. have a good night everyone. take care. >> noon welcome to lincoln
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financial field. don bell. pat gallen going to join us. the big story here as we are at the linc the eagles falling to the arizona cardinals 40 to 17 your final score. again this game ending moments ago with people now talking about players just walking off the field going into locker room. we'll have post game for you. >> it was a tough game for the eagles over all. a lot did not go right a lot went wrong. they gave up 230 yards. carson palmer was able to get it done in the air a sam bradford kind of came, through a couple of intersections there was a horrible loss. over all what did it mean they are now six and atoning the season. washington redskins did get a w today. they are seven and seven. redskins are first place in nfc east which sets up a huge massive show down on saturday the day after christmas here at
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lincoln financial field with first place on the line. now check in with pat gallen in the studio following the highlights of this game. pat. >> thank you don. pat gallen along with matt leon. glad don set us up with doom and bloom. eagles and cardinals in prime time the game just went final. let's get to the highlights. cardinals here on the opening drive david johnson he punches it in from one yard out cap off a 78 yard drive. arizona takes early lead seven to nothing. on en suing eagles drive sam bradford steps up finds jordan matthews, nice catch on third and 13. after the play bradford slow to get up. he grabs the shoulder. takes a huge hit which he took a lot of this evening. only missed one play and leave the birds to a field goal.
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bradford to sack, tie it up at 10 a piece. arizona. david johnson breaking tackles one to three i don't know how many. too many to count. he goes 47 yards to score. 1710 arizona at that point late in the second. this as game changing play here just before half time the eagles in the red zone fourth and inches they do not get it. ryan mathews stock. demarco murray on the bench. might have been a nice time too use him. what was chip thinking. cardinals had half time lead. second half which started like the first. david johnson two yards out. his third score of the night 2310, arizona. they would start to pull a way next possession. sam bradford is blindside d he loses the football. cardinals recover. jason peters just blown right
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buy. next drive ryan mathews he gets in on a full blink fun he loses it. cardinals take over again. matthews got most of the work this evening over sproles and murray as you can see he could not hold on to the football. carson palmer on the run hits john brown. swerves his way in for six. that puts the cards up 30 to 10 with extra point defense stunned. offense would be too. sam bradford kicked off. arizona up 37 to 10 at that point. bradford had been rolling last few games. that's what the cardinals can do to you eagles lose 40 to 17 they fall to six on eight on the season. redskins coming to town next saturday. so mat ugly game 40 to 17 loss. really in the grand scheme of things doesn't mean a whole lot. >> next two weeks, as amazing
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after you just got hammered on national television at home you hold your destiny in your own hands. they are both winnable games. i know washington is rolling. both of these games against washington and the giants very very winnable. >> 19 it back down to lincoln financial field to don b don, i said it to mat just a few moment ago. the game didn't mean a whole lot. however, you would have like to see them come out and play a better game against analyte opponent. >> absolutely this team arizona ailette. 11 to two coming into this game. this is their 7th win on the road. that is a franchise record. that speaks to how well they played this year. but also they well they play on the road. if you are talking about the philadelphia eagles, which we obviously are doing at this point. the thing that you worry about is confidence. during that three game stretch where they loss those games to say miami, tampa bay and
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detroit, when i talk to defensive coordinator billy davis the thing he was concerned about at that time was can we keep our confidence up. he didn't talk about x's and owes' he talked about mentality. when you lose a game like this at home you hope you can keep it study as they get ready for the redskins next weeks which will be on air cbs. so it's all about confidence here. you wont if they are going to be able to keep that afloat as we move forward. going to be interesting to see what some of the players say here in the next few p minute when the locker room opens and chip kelly steps to the podium. he was so thorough, there are no excuses for how they played here today. four turn overs over all. this kind of snowballed. one of the moments, guys, pat and mat, one of the moments that stood out to me was a coaching tackle error at the end of the first half. they had an opportunity to take three points i believe fourth
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and one from 18th yard line. chip kelly opted to run the ball with ryan mathews. they were stuck there. demarco murray was on the bench at the time looking at the tv cameras show show him watching on. they were denied. they had an opportunity to take three points and then come out in the opening half or the second half rather and receive the kick there. so you could have had two scores potentially back to back. i thought it was an interesting call for a team that doesn't play power football. >> no doubt about it. i thought it was the right move theme because you go for broke in instances like this. the game didn't necessarily mean anything moving forward. so why not. and you just saw the cardinals put up 40 points like it was nothing. you pretty much needed seven there if you wanted to keep pays with the cardinals. >> i think my statement with that if demarco murray isn't going to get the ball isn't he 15 and 15 in third and short. if he's not going to get the ball why is he active?
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>> perfect position. >> if you are not going to use him there the one thing he's done consistently is move the chain to short yard damage if you are not going to use him there he's serves no purpose. he's not helping on special teams. i just don't get it. >> we know what kind of team the arizona cardinals are 12 and two to start this year. it really looks like its coming down to them and the panthers. how good -- is this a super bowl caliber type team. >> absolutely. i think you've seen in carolina watching them and in arizona, i will be stunned at this point no these two teams are there in the nfc title team t arizona got everything they got a coach that goes for broke. they got a veteran quarterback that doesn't make mistakes. they can move the football at will. defense is g they got turn overs when things got out of hand. they didn't have to be great today. they are tough. they are really really tough. peaking at the right time.
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>> very well-rounded team the arizona cardinals are. we are going to head to basement we'll here more from don down to the lincoln more on the eagles and cardinals when we come back here on the nissan sport zone. ♪ want to do something special this holiday season? support i have a dream foundation. help a child achieve the dream of a higher education. cbs cares.
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>> welcome back to lincoln financial field where the eagles fall to the arizona cardinals 40 to 17. chip kelly stepped to the pow
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yum. let's listen to his comments. >> you know again i think we. i thought he threw the ball well tonight. he got hit. he stayed in there delivered the ball. i think he got flushed. from my standpoint on the under exception he got flushed and just through it behind. it was. you got to go with whose available you don't get to call a time out and say hey give giva couple more days to get ready. we've been fortunate. we've been healthy. we lost no one on thanksgiving. so now we were, so now you are down to number four and five. that's what we're going to do.
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that's just part of the game at this point p time during the season. >> what was the plan for demarco. >> rotate running backs. we didn't run the ball as much as we wanted to run the ball we only played three tonight. >> that's a question for him. >> run the ball better obviously the more carries you have the more you can distribute it. that's what happens in those games. >> what was the problem there. >> i have to look at all the film we did not tackle well. we did not do a good job tackling him tonight. and the games we haven't been successful defense l. we didn't tackle well tampa bay. today just looking at it until you really look at the film and figure out what the issues are i know we didn't tackle well.
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>> between where your team is and bruce's team. >> it was to the night so -- >> big picture something you talk to the team about the fact you have two games left. >> if we win that one doesn't matter about two matters about one we don't take care of business on saturday there's not a second game that you can talk about so. >> all right so that's chip kelly talk kick write down the hall from where i'm standing right ruined the corner from the eagles locker room. if they don't win against the redskins there's not a whole lot to talk about. there's a few things he talked about that we are going to discuss right here right off the bat. injuries with corner backs was a big deal. bigger deal moving forward of
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the starting corner back eric rowe left the game with concussion. and byron maxwell left the game to get x-rays. why is that a big deal? >> because next week on saturday they play the washington redskins. that means da shawn jackson comes back to town. need to be able to cover him. that is a big concern for them. we'll watch that as the week moves on. and we take a lack at the injury report. the other thing that chip kelly was asked about demarco murray two carries for three yards. remember this as guy they paid 40 million to come here, 18 of it guaranteed. of course he's not playing a lot. they are rotating three running backs not a lot of love for murray. third thing was the poor tackling for defense. you saw it on the touchdown run by the rookie johnson that killed them in this gaming. three topics that chip kelly touched upon. three things they are going to watch as the week moves on as they get set to take on the
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washington redskins on saturday. guys the corner back situation you know that's going to be huge. they are ready down quite a few guys. >> carroll getting hurt that was key eric rowe with concussion byron maxwell who had not particularly tackles very well. you can't a forward to lose him he is a high provide free agent. they are going to need a little more out of that position if these guys can't go that's a big hurt. >> byron maxwell i think played better as the season has gone on he hasn't made a lot of big place. watkins was on buffalo's practice squad, he might be starting. this game is saturday. when you are talking about a concussion, i don't think washington is a great team the one thing they can do is stretch the team. >> not just da shawn jackson. jordan reed playing as good as any tight end. he is a machine in the red zone. it really works out that what
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washington does really well right now goes against where the eagles are. >> da shawn jackson absolutely killed them on saturday. >> we hope it does not happen. mat let me ask you first, demarco murray the comment made by chip kelly he gets two carries tonight. this is another high provide free agent not living up to the expectation that he had come mink in here. what do you make of this situation. >> rotating the back he doesn't get the a carry until the fourth quarter that's not rotating that's putting a guy in. you go back -- well i'm not a big fan when a guy hasn't carried the ball putting him in for a big carry. if you are not going to use him there i don't see why he's active. >> bradford he threw interception. over all the last few games, it's hard to explain what you've seen from him. if you go on social media, twitter, people still aren't sure what that thing of him.
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the last few games have been nice. he really hasn't done a lot to step forward and say to the franchise, look i'm the next guy. i'm going to be the franchise quarterback. >> i thought he was really sharp tonight. i think he threw, you turned it over once things got out of control down the stretch. when the game was close first two and a half quarters he made wonderful flows tight tight windows. they struggle having guys stretch the field. i think he place. he doesn't put up big numbers because he doesn't have guys that get separation. jordan matthews had the big touchdown which didn't amount to nothing. people thought maybe nelson didn't have a catch today. >> 79 consistency for the outside receiver. inkiest on defense as w we are going to head to basement more on the eagles and cardinals from lincoln financial fiel
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>> welcome back to lincoln financial field. the eagles lose to the cardinals 40 to 17. not a whole lot to talking about here. they got thoroughly out played. close early on. of course the cardinals were able to pull a way with a beef see of turn overs and so this game is lost. it's time to maybe turn the page and look forward. i'm sure that's what the eagles are going to do. they take on the redskins the day after christmas that's on saturday. it is a big time game redskins are in first place nfc east. they won today. kirk cousins had four touchdown passes and one on the ground. redskins all of a sudden have control of this division. if you remember back in october, i believe october fourth the eagles played down there in landover maryland and kirk cousins who led the redskins to game winning drive in fourth quarter. there's pay back to be had by the eagles. they are a banged up team. they need the guys to get healthy to take rhonda shawn and
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company. >> i do remember that game. it was a terrible game much like most of the games nfc the entire year. joined by matt leon. what do you make of the entire state of the nfc east? >> its been mediocre basically from start to finish here. is one team standing out to you more than the other? >> i mean in this division, the nfl is a week to week league especially this division. everyone is now worried about washington. they played well today. same washington team that. so before everybody gets carried away washington, let's remember that, but they are coming off a huge win against buffalo. the way the division is going you got to like the young and gaining the fact washington coming off a good game and eagles got smacked. >> well, guys we are hoping we don't have a situation of day
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gentleman view remember this happened last season where the eagles were fighting foreplay off lives washington redskins that really kind of stole it from them late in the year. so will we have once again. right now i'm here is it chip kelly whose on the podium. sam bradford on the podium let's listen into what he has to say. >> step down or you feel like just a couple plays here and there? >> you know i think we did some really good things. really good defense that we played tonight. i think they are top five in the league in total defense. we made someplace -- we made some plays. it's not like they had us down all night. we had too many self inflicted wounds to really do anything, to not get points before half time is frustrating.
12:00 am
you know in the second half the fumble i had that's going to be a really big play if not a touchdown. and that's a turn over. then we turn it over next possession. when you are playing a really good offense and really good team like they are you just can't a forward to do those things. i think injury, not full physical recovered, its vulnerable i guess. >> first half, you guys pretty much anne good rein them first half, what was working for you guys? >> i think we just had a good mix of some things going. i thought we had some nice runs. we also had some nice kind of run pass options that they were giving us. just that quick game. but, i thought we had a pretty good balance.
12:01 am
you know made someplace in the first half. >> were you surprised demarco didn't get the ball. >> sam bradford on the podium matt leon we appreciate you being here. you can listen to him on kyw at matt leon kyl we appreciate that, mat. don i'm sorry saturday night football is a big one obviously because it's the redskins and eagles. seven p.m.. at eight 25 join us right here for the redskins and the eagles. it's a big saturday night. and it could mean the division. we'll come back with the top three on three that's coming
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>> welcome back time now for the top three on three.
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that was top three on three thanks for joining us. i am don bell of course fort rest of the crew, always good to have you here with us in the zone of course from lincoln financial field. and we'll see you on saturday as the eagles take on the redskins on cbs3. have a great night.


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