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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 22, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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morning. so just wondering, katie, a lot of the overnight construction moving out of the way. everything looking good, but can our morning commuters expect rain? >> i would say yes. i would just say expect that you might have to flick the windshield wipers once, twice, did i when came out on the skydeck, i put my hand out, do i really need the umbrella? nothing coming down on my location, we go to localized zoom, you will see some green starting to over spread the region here specially back through the north and west most suburbs. this will continue to basically take over the map in the next couple of hours. not talking about excessive rain, guys, it is light rain. very likely only looking at few tents of an inch in total out of it, but it is warm outside. that's the other big headliner, currently in the 50's in philly, i95 on east, and we will warm up more than we did yesterday. expectations mid to low 60s down the shore, philly, poconos, even 52 for up, that's very, very mild. but watch for the light rain. pretty much anywhere specially for the first half of the day, i would say, early afternoon,
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shortly after lunchtime, we will see all of it clear out from the region as a whole. now, these are the records looking ahead to christmas eve, that we would have to hit in order to tie records last set for christmas eve. it looks, guys, like we will have chance to completely shatter those numbers. so we will talk about just how warm it will get as the show goes on. all about the warmth, and somewhat wet weather here in terms of the headlines, meisha. >> oh, my new years resolutions were completed last year, katie, because this is what i was hoping for, 70s in december, last year, and i'm getting it this year. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you. this is where we still have some construction getting cleared out of the way, 95 north, off ramp to cottman still closed saying this should be cleared out of your way by five. it is 5:01, i'm sure they're get that cleared out of your way right now. taking a look at the schuylkill, taillights moving in the eastbound direction, this is past girard, looking good. looking quiet. as you can see, roadways are looking nice and dry right now. but as katie pointed out we could be dealing with little
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bit of rain little later. westbound vine, now open, eastbound you can see, still closed. for those of that you take broad early in the morning, you usually exit from the vine street expressway onto broad from the far right lane, everything else closed down, you are now being moved over to the left lane, to the right lane now, closed, left lane open, but you can still get onto broad. that's between eighth and broad just to give you little heads up on there. now, construction on 295 south between route 30, route 42, left lane block until 5:00 a.m. and also, new jersey, route 42 northbound and southbound between route 55 and 295, three lanes are block there, right around 5:00 a.m. so, should be clearing sometime very, very shortly, erika, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. we should learn about the man found dead in a center city hotel room. sources tell "eyewitness news", he was a well known doctor, and police believe he was murdered. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now at police headquarters with more on this case, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, police have not said much about their probe at this
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point. but they do believe that robbery may have played a role in this doctors death. and on monday afternoon, they ghana murder investigation. behind the walls of the roadway in, a mysterious monday morning death. a man found dead inside a fifth floor hotel room. guests were allowed to check in, but say roadway staff and homicide detectives were tight-lipped. >> the lady at the front desk acted like she didn't know anything. then the police just said they were investigating a crime, but they said it was safe. >> sources tell "eyewitness news" that the deceased 75 year old man, psychiatrist, with a office near the inn with stands on the 1200 block of walnut. >> surprising, in this neighborhood, for sure. >> we're told the man was found choked by something tight around his neck, perhaps a belt or clot. at first sources say that signalled he could have been engage in the what's called auto erotic as fix ace, sex act in which they restrict their own air supply.
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now police are pursuing this as a murder investigation, with a possible motive of robbery. detectives were seen yesterday speaking with hotel staff and reviewing records. now no word at this time if anything was stolen, also, no word on suspect or arrests made at this time. and an autopsy, erika, will determine that doctor's cause of death. back over to you. >> justin finch, thank you so much. a west philadelphia man walking his dog was shot and killed monday night. that happened just before 7:30 on the 300 block of horton street in the city's carol park section. police say the man described as in his 20's, was shot once in the head. >> when the neighbors saw him, laying on the sidewalk, he still was holding the leash in his hand and the dog was attached. so although unconscious and laying on the sidewalk, he was still holding onto his dog leash. so he obviously was walking his dog when he was shot. >> he was taken to pen presbyterian medical where he was pronounced dead. police have no suspect or
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motive at this time. a grand jury in texas has decided not to indict anyone in the death of sandra bland. the 28 year old woman was found in july, hanging in her jail cell, from a noose made from a plastic bag. she was arrested three days before, for allegedly assaulting a officer during a traffic stop. police said bland's death was a suicide, but her family rejected that finding. the special prosecutors handling the case says the grand jury reconvene, and take up all remaining issues. there is a new trial date for baltimore police officer charged in connection with freddie gr's death. william porter will be retried next june. his first trial end wad hung jury and mistrial last week. gray died while ride nag police van. his death set off protests across the country. a new york city police detective was one of the six american troops killed by a suicide bomber in afghanistan yesterday. new york city police commissioner, bill brat on, said detective joseph was 15 year veteran of the force.
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the american service members were stopped at local meeting point while on patrol with local forces. a suicide bomber drove a motorcycle packed with explosive into that group. the taliban took credit for the attack, which happened near the bag ram airfield, that's the largest us military base in afghanistan. and, delaware county police are trying to track down the person who called in a bomb threat in boothwyne. around 7:30, monday night, someone phoned county dispatch reporting a bomb at the family dollar store on the 3200 block of chichester avenue. emergency personnel evacuate that shopping center. after two hours the all clear sign was given. no explosion i have was ever found. >> street renamed in honor after woman who was hit by brutal hit-and-run. marks one year since theresa was struck and killed while visiting a friend on straight road. 600 block of kim bell street
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will be renamed for her. it is the street where she lived at the time of her death. despite a large reward, and surveillance video, the driver that killed her has never been caught. >> also, today, philadelphia's next police commissioner will join a dialogue on community and public safety. first deputy commissioner richard rot will gather with other community leaders at the freedom theater on north broad. ross is mayor-elect jim kenney's choice to take over when current commissioner charles rally is retires next year. a philly native, ross is well known for his success in building strong relationships with police and neighborhoods. it is going to be a big night for the temple owls tonight when they face the toledo rockets in the boca raton bowls. owls pimped for the big game, only fifth time the owls have made a bowl game. they have ten wins on the season and we would love to see them make it 11. we're heal from some of the temple owls coming up in the next half hour. >> well tis the season forgiving. still ahead this morning, south philly neighborhood offering free christmas trees for people in need.
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also, this: >> if your gut tells you i'm not your cup of tea. don't vote for me. because i'm not going to change. >> new jersey governor chris christie addressing a town hall, we'll tell you the question that prompted that response. also this: >> snow in the west, record high temperatures in the east. i'm don champion in new york sit way look at the weather extremes taking over parts of the country coming up. >> ♪ >> oh, temperatures here feeling down right tropical, as we hear the hawaiian christmas greeting. hey, speaking of hawaii, we will show you how president obama spent part of his day thereon vacation. katie has your tropical forecast whether we come back. >> ♪
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success for space x. company launched falcon rocket last night with 11 small
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satellites on board. this is the first mission since an unmanned rocket exploded shortly after lift off last june. also, for the first time last night, space x safely landed the booster back at canaveral air force station. sunday's massive landslide, so far just one body has been recovered, but 81 people are still missing. authorities say an enormous man-made mountain of soil and waste caused nearly three dozen builds togs topple. president obama spending the holidays in hawaii, that includes hitting the links. plenty of onlookers on hand to see the president's put interesting. some even got to shake his hands. shared list fist bump with his golfing buddies, hopefully good game. first family will be in hawaii through january 3rd. >> on this first day every winter, tail of two coasts, parts of the pass i have, northwest slammed with heavy snow and rain. but in the northeast temps continue to soar thanks to el nino. don champion with the latest
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from new york. >> reporter: snow in the west, warmth in the east, parts of the country are experiencing weather extremes. >> there is a lot of snow. we're stuck in what we have right now. >> over in washington state heavy snow piled up in the mountains, while it set the mood for the holiday inn some places conditions were so hazardous, interstate 90 was shut down for hours. >> we're stuck. but at least the guesser are taking advantage of it. >> fears of avalanch also fos dollars crews to suspends their search for monte buzz bye, 43 year old disappeared over the weekends while skiing. >> just taking everything real slow. checking conditions every 30 minutes, digging snow pits, and making sure the snow is still stable for us to be out there. >> this oregon, heavy winds toppled treason to homes while relentless rain forced residents in parts of portland to evacuate once again. >> just three days before christmas, winter is feeling more like fall in the northeast. here in new york city,
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temperatures continue to rise. on wednesday, some of the warmth here in the great lakes, the ohio valley, where we expect the highest concentration of record highs. we head into christmas eve, northeast down to the mid-atlantic, boston near 70, new york city near seven open degrees, 70s down in washington, d.c. >> some cities on pace for their warmest december ever. don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". okay, we know the skiers are not liking this, snow boarders, but if you enjoy the mild weather, incredible. so if you want to ski you have to go out west? >> even the lake effect snow we typically find through the belt area, they barely had any either. buffalo, you think they bo have couple of feet by now. >> actually the eastern two thirds of the us just exceptionally warm. just the way the pattern has been. we'll continue to trend upward to the pointy call it just exception at warm on christmas eve, it will be so warm. look at the current snow cover. taking a peak out there right now, do you have a little hint of lake effect, but we focus
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on the packed northwest here where we have got some pretty decent snowfall right now, couple of feet worth of snow pack and cover across the rocky mountain states. then up in toward some of the higher terrain areas, like the cascades, like all of those other mountain ranges that you have out in the northwest. meanwhile out here, we haven't had one flake in the tri-state area yet, let alone snow cover in the snow belt area. really has been exceptional beginning to the season for us in terms sufficient atypical. right? now at the moment, actually still some snow falling out in the western united state, some rain as well through the bay area, but, generally speaking, at this point, what we are focusing on is this frontal boundary continuing to trek east, actually with it, some pretty nasty thunderstorms have been errupting across the deep most south, might even see severe weather. look at the squawl line setting up at this point. we don't have to worry about any severe weather, just light rain event. we zoom in one more time for you, light rain starting to over spread generally, western
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most counties, out toward harrisburg, if your travels are taking you into the state capitol this morning, watch for the weather roadways out that way, at least initially, this is going to over spread the rest of the region, as women. so, still warming up here guys, waiting for this cold front to cross through, does nothing to cool us down. low 60s the expectation today. mid 60s tomorrow. we will be awfully close to record challenging day. it will be record challenging day, very close to that actual record. and then i have no doubt we're going to have a new record on our hand on christmas eve. even despite cold front crossing through, still mild christmas. do see the temperatures get knocked back to the 60s, but getting knocked back to the 60s, that says it all. here is a look at the records just talking about. sixty-six is the record to beat on wednesday. sixty-four on this upcoming thursday, on christmas eve. but still expecting again 74 degrees. quick check outside. all looking pretty quiet. say for bit of rain. do want to give you a quick check, look at this temperature outlook, not one day even close to average,
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meisha, a not one. >> craze at this goes from 74 on thursday to 10 degrees less the next day 64 friday, still so warm. so awesome, you guys, happy tuesday. the boulevard headlight moving in the southbound direction, at fox street. looking good. but as you move in the southbound direction, again, that's the headlight on the boulevard, you can see, some early rides ers, just starting to jump on our roadways right now, but the good news is that they are looking dry, overnight construction project we've been seeing are getting cleared out the way, great news. this is one of them, 95 north, off ramp to cottman, moment ago closed now since all been cleared, so looking good, they're moving in the northbound direction at 95, southbound looking good, as women. here is a look at the vine all open both westbound and eastbound directions, you can see, plenty of headlight already starting to get on to the vine. i can let you know probably be fairly busy morning, monday and tuesdays typically r accident media, route 452 southbound near park drive. all lanes are blocked here,
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right now. so, if you are thinking about heading out in this area, just know that right now 452 southbound, near park drive, iolande are block in this area, i'll have more details coming up on that in just a little bit. but here, though, construction, new jersey, all clear, 42 northbound, southbound, we had construction there blocking three lanes until right around 5:00 a.m. again, that's now since been all cleared. so that's great news for those of you in and around the area. disable vehicle, 95 north, at route 896, newark, delaware, one lane is blocked there, erika, back to you. >> meisha, a thank you. do you want real christmas tree but just don't have the budget for it? if so, south philadelphia resident is giving them away for free, to families in need. "eyewitness news" on the 800 block of east passyunk avenue earlier this morning. that man making the generous offer, he just asked please don't leave the trees laying down on the sidewalk. bring them inside your home. >> well, tis the season to give. our "joy of sharing" toyfest received an overwhelming response. cbs philly partnered with the salvation army, uso and the
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boys and girls clubs to collect toys for kids in our region. what you are looking at right here our time lapse video showing the salvation army trucks filling with goodies throughout the day yesterday. one of the donations came from viewer who took a bus to our studios to make sure all children have a merry christmas. >> there is children all over the world, you know, they need help and everything, and i have 28 great grand. and i have five great great grand. and i thought if i can do it for my search, i can do it for all of the kids. >> just wonderful, thank you. the toys will be sorted and given to deserving families this time for christmas. >> well, a fun night for some young people in king of prussia. they got to hang out with sixers okafor and isiah cannon while sending -- spending gift cards on great gear at sporting good. from the believe and achieve foundation, they helpless fortunate children. the sixers take on the memphis grisslies at the well tonight. >> still ahead this morning, there are more report of people getting sick from
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eating at a popular restaurant chain. we'll have the details on the latest e.coli outbreak at chipotle. another controversy on the campaign trail, the latest on the war of words between donald trump and hillary clinton, when we come right back.
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>> pole shows new jersey governor has double to 11% in the past month. during town meeting christie respond today voter's question about how he could convince voters he's not, quote, shady. >> what makes me shady? because i'm from new jersey? (laughing) well, help, i can't change that. but it is hard for me to answer, that because i don't think i'm shady, right? >> christie also says he's not
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going to change, just to get votes. well, christie has one fewer competitor for the republican presidential nomination. south carolina senator, lindsey graham, posted video saying he was ending his campaign. graham, who drew little support in the polls, told cnn donald trump cannot defeat hillary clinton without major adjustment. >> trump also want a popjoy from hillary clinton for comment she made about him in last saturday's debate. andrew spencer reports, some colorful language some might if find offensive so we bleeped it. >> donald trump got a bill vulgar monday in a political attack on hillary clinton. he said everything associated with her has been lost. >> even a race to owe bamm, a she was going to beat obama. i don't know who would be worse? i don't know. how does it get worse? but she was going to beat, she was favored to win, and she got (beep) she lost, she lost. >> trump as comment at campaign stop in grand rapids
5:25 am
michigan, comes as he demands apology from her at a claim she made at saturday's debate. >> he is becoming isis' best recruiter. they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihad is cents. >> she said she made up the story and re upped on his criticism monday night. >> she is terrible. donald trump is on video and isis is using him on the video to recruit. and it turned out to be a lie. she is a liar. >> later said they did not have specific video of isis using clips of trump but instead point today social media comment from isis supporters. but will she apologize? hell no, according to a clinton campaign spokesman, who said monday, quote, hillary clinton will not be apologize to go donald trump for correctly pointing out how his hateful rhetoric only helps isis recruit more
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terrorists. andrew spencer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". meanwhile, former first daughter, chelsea clinton, shares some exciting news about her family. she tweeted this picture of her daughter writing quote, next summer charlotte will be a big sister. feeling very blessed and gate full this holiday season. both bill and hillary clinton tweeted they're excited about their second grandchild. congratulations. >> coming up: three members of local fire company are under arrest accused every stealing thousands of dollars in funds. >> also this: ♪ over the hills ♪ >> oh, the sound of the season, we'll tell you what makes this performance extra special. katie? >> and erika, it has been all about the warming trend for us here in the eastern two thirds of the united state. but here in the tri-state area, records will not just be challenged but they'll be just shattered. we're talking temperatures on the other side. stick around. >> katie, thank you. also, meisha keeping an eye on the roads for this morning, "eyewitness news" is coming right back.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, three members of the delaware county firehouse are hine bars this morning, accused stealing thousands of dollars we'll tell you how officials say the suspects were getting away with those thefts. also this:
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>> fire sirens are supposed to be a signal that help is on the way. now they are also the focus of major lawsuit filed by firefighters. we'll tell you more about this coming up. first the big story of course the weather, the warmth we're having, but now coming with the rain, so some wet roads, i know. >> yes, the roads looking little bit better now i will say. i know that will change, right? >> yes. >> little bit of light rainout there. hello meisha. >> high. >> little light rain. looks primarily the first half of the day dealing with it out there. out there now. over spreading southeastern pennsylvania as we speak, but jersey and too portions every delaware you will run into it, as well. this is not major issue, more of a news and, i would say the umbrella not the worse idea, if you take a look what's going on on storm scan, yes, some of the rain locally steadier, not even over spreading the entire region just


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