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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 22, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> fire sirens are supposed to be a signal that help is on the way. now they are also the focus of major lawsuit filed by firefighters. we'll tell you more about this coming up. first the big story of course the weather, the warmth we're having, but now coming with the rain, so some wet roads, i know. >> yes, the roads looking little bit better now i will say. i know that will change, right? >> yes. >> little bit of light rainout there. hello meisha. >> high. >> little light rain. looks primarily the first half of the day dealing with it out there. out there now. over spreading southeastern pennsylvania as we speak, but jersey and too portions every delaware you will run into it, as well. this is not major issue, more of a news and, i would say the umbrella not the worse idea, if you take a look what's going on on storm scan, yes, some of the rain locally steadier, not even over spreading the entire region just yet.
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so you again will put things into motion for you, give you sense how things have been progressing the last couple of hours, primarily western half of the region getting hit by this at this point. but you will start to see the raindrops falling with time everywhere else through the rest of the morning. this is all frontal boundary related, the leading edge of cold front. and even though it is a cold front, it does not live up to its name. actually going to only warm up from here, through christmas eve, cool down little bit on christmas day, but, a along the way granted really warm air in place. it is that trade off you always tend to get with the weather, right in if it is really warm, maybe deal with wet weather. we will have pretty decent chance cents for the rain for today, tomorrow, into thursday, all because we have series of fronts moving n for now cold front. tomorrow warmfront. then cold front. so back and forth we go. but still warming up with every passing day. we will warm up with every passing hour for the most part here. we get you all the way into the low 60s later this afternoon, we will likely see the rain draw to close for now anyway by second half of the day, shortly after lunchtime
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pulling out for most every you. in the meantime, temperatures are not only going to be challenging records, but likely setting some new ones, and very mild christmas, as well, in the headlines. meisha? >> yes indeed. all right, thanks, katie. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you. if you are just waking up with us, first and for most, so happy you're here grabbing first cup of coffee with us, secondly the roadways looking good. over night construction project lifted moving out of the way. looking at the blue route, tail light moving before route one, backing out of your way see moving in the northbound and southbound direction looking good, looking real nice and quiet if i may say. burlington bristol bridge scheduled to open at 5:50. you can see it all just lights streaming across the dark sky, still very, very dark out there. just keep in mind that will be lifting around 5:50. in new jersey, 42 freeway, looking good, plenty early risers on this very much. push toward 295 northbound, you can see, also, it is going to look the same. so this is what we are looking at 42 freeway at creek road.
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giving you good visual what it looks like for those every in you new jersey traveling northbound. now we do have accident here in aspen involving injuries. route 452 southbound at old pennell road, all lanes are blocked in and around this area. so, if you have to leave now, and you have to go toward or around this area, you want to use alternate such as 352. that might be your best one for another big road. keep in mind all lanes are block here at 452. that is going to cause some slow downs for some of you, erika, back to you. >> betrayal of trust. three members of the colwyn borough fire company are behind bars this morning. they are accused of stealing more than $50,000 from the fire company. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has the latest. >> reporter: colwyn fire company betty and her daughter lauren turned themselves in monday night, along with fire chief are accused of stealing more than $50,000 from the borough. now, all three are behind bars. >> i think this is a good first step, but it is a first step, there is a lot of stuff
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going on there. this is like the tip of the iceberg. >> former kerwin council member said his hometown just isn't what it used to be. earlier this year, borough manager, paula brown, locked herself inside the borough hall following in-fighting. she later left her post. now we are learning she went to authorities and alert dollars them to the alleged fire department behavior. >> they are volunteers but it is not a license to steel being a volunteer. >> delaware county da jack announced three arrests, he claims, chief bryce and the two women wrote themselves checks and made cash withdraws with borough fund. >> we do believe we have sufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt each and every element of the charges that we have lodged today. >> the state auditor general says offers recently got involved, and released findings of three year audit. according to the offers almost $940,000 was miss managed. that will state audit part of separate investigation, meanwhile, da jack what i lynn
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said his investigation is still underway. reporting in media, david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". fire sirens is sound that means help is on the way. but, thousands of firefighters across the country, they're now suing the company that makes them. a class action lawsuit out of boston has been filed against federal signal. the firefighters say the volume and pitch of the company's sirens are unreasonably dangerous. many boston and several new jersey firefighters say the sirens have permanently damaged their hearing. they say the company could have designed sirens that direct noise away from firefighters. >> you have to have it loud to warn the people, but you also have to protect the firefighters. >> the company defends their sirens saying in a statement: restricting the full sounds range of sirens increases the risk of accidents by reducing the warning sounds to the sides of the firetrucks. this reduction puts firefighters and the public at greater risk. right now, 5:35.
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in business news this morning, two more states are reporting e-coli outbreaks at chipotle restaurant. hena daniels joins us from the new york stock exchange or rather with new york from more on that. had to be chipotle once again, hena? >> once again, another report of e-coli cases linked to chipotle. in the latest outbreak five reported cases, the customers ate at restaurants in two states, like you mentioned, kansas, oklahoma the illnesses started last month, it is not clear if this is linked to larger outbreak that began in october. where at least 53 people got sick in nine state. a data breach has exposed the information of over 3 million hello kitty users. the breach occurred at san rio town. com. the on line community for kitty users. names, birthdays, country of origin, and e-mail addresses were exposed. some delta airline passengers will be wearing pj's when they fly, beginning in march, delta will start giving passengers in its elite business class a
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long hall flight. gray pajamas. service will begin on flights from la to sydney, from la to shanghai, those flights can last up to 15 hours, and change something not a big deal. business class passengers have access to extra big bathrooms. new report finds shoppers return approximately $70 billion worth of gift during the hl days. that's more than 10% of total retail revenue expected for this year. now, among the most returned gifts, overly fancy jewelry, olive oil, and anti-aging products. erika? >> hena, i don't get this. i would love all three of those gift. so send them down here to philly. >> the olive oil i can do without. the jewelry and anti-aging products you will all always take. >> who returns jewelry? hena, thanks so much. >> i know. >> family business in south jersey is shutting down after more than a century. the sixth generation family members who run the kirk i brothers animal feed store in medford will be the last. the family has been producing and selling animal feed for
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140 years. they same the slow decline of area farming resulted in fewer customers. >> it is like a second house, you know? second home. i've never had to be without it, so i don't know what it will be like when it is not there. >> and i was hoping to be able to hand it down myself, but it is not in the cards. >> the curbing i family's name is shyly visible in the community include being kirk i agents mill school. last day is december 31. facebook is making a push to get it employees to move closer to their campus in california. the company is reportedly offering employee a lump sum pair ten to $15,000 to move within 10 miles of their headquarters in men low park. local economist says facebook wants to add more homes to the area to give enough supply in a region with a housing affordability crisis. >> facebook's offer combined with their offer foremen low park to build more housing,
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and for them to support some low income house something a good thing. it is a package. >> leaf eye says the incentive would ease congestion on bay area roads. opponents say more high tech workers with cause jump in rental prices and squeeze out low income residents. >> still ahead this morning, the temple owls are going to their fifth ever bull game tonight. our leslie van arsdale is in boca with the team. we'll hear from them coming up in sports. also this: >> from living in the streets to singing in the nation's capitol. i'm weijia jiang at the white house, where choir from atlanta georgia delivered the gift of music. that story coming up. >> also, live look outside where winter is officially here first day of winter, but you wouldn't know it from the temperatures, right? looking live at love park in center city. katie's forecast when we come right back. come on in pop pop. happy birthday. i just had a heart attack... and now i have a choice. for her.
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>> the body of well known psychiatrist found at the rodeway inn at 12th and walnut. also, three members of the colwyn fire company in delaware country under arrest. they're charged with stealing more than $50,000 from their firehouse. >> and temple fans, they're ready for the owls fifth bowl appearance, in history. temple takes on the toledo rockets in the boca raton goal. kick off tonight at 7:00.
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we'll hear from the team coming up in just a few minute, so excited for them. good luck, guys. while busy talking about this winter warm up it, will definitely be white christmas in parts of washington state. we showed you some of the pictures earlier. now check out the snowfall in the mountains there. now, so much precipitation fell, that part of interstate 90 had to close for fears of avalanch. the snow is expected to keep going there, through thursday. meantime our warmer than normal weather means slow start to the flu season. doctors say you still should be prepared. the flu season could get kick start with the holidays as we all spend more time in doors, close contact with friends, family. the pennsylvania physician general is reminding people to take preventive measures such as getting vaccinated. >> but it doesn't mean that the flu isn't here. and going to continue to come. so we want people to remain concern, remain vigilant. we want people to get their flu vaccine. >> doctors say now is the time to get that flu shot.
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it takes about two weeks to provide protection, and they're expect to go see more cases in january. and this warm weather, hey, also keeping the flu at bay. so good news for us, katy? >> indeed. yep, iis actually going to be warmer and warmer with every passing day through christmas eve, for now, it is actually exceptionally mild outside. it will stay that way really for the next couple of days. we check in with the weather watcher network, north, up toward the pocono region where i am finding some of the coolest temperatures that some of our watchers are reporting. so take you on little baby tour here. 46 degrees coming in to us from charles, got a lot of clouds right now, through the hint of wet weather beginning to move n he sent this observation within the last ten minutes, 46 degrees, for reference, still above the typical daytime high average for this day of the year. so it is still really warm, sun's not even up. forty-three came into us from eileen, she one of the very few and far between folks, that is saying she wants the cold. but yes, it really depends who you ask. specially with the holiday, so close by, i can totally under stands why you would be dreaming every white christmas
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at this point. but we don't see any exceptional cool air coming in for quite a while. let's go to one more, 54, taking across the river to kenneth martin out in willingboro, again, 54 degrees, mention we have damp weather on the way, yes, raincoat, rain gear, umbrella, not the worse idea, not going to be dodging drenching rain by any stretch. but it is enough that it is going to mess maybe with your morning, already, especially traveling north or west further inland the state capitol running into steadier pocket of rain, moving through at relatively quick clip. you won't be stuck with it all morning but it is out, there generally going to be with us across the board through the rest of the morning, probably, as late as 1:00, 2:00 at the absolute latest, then all completely getting out of here. then, we do start to see these temperatures going on uphill climb. looking at the difference between the forecasted high on the left, and the record high on the right here, okay? so shooting for the low 60s today. we will come close but not
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quite even challenging record, coming awfully close tomorrow. see how we do, it will at least be flirting with the daily record. and we expect to just shoot feron christmas eve, as these temperatures keep on warming up with every passing day. so thursday obviously the warmest of the pack. again, i'll say it again, i think santa will be for going the long johns perhaps wearing hawaiian shirt instead for his big flight that night. then christmas day itself not bad day, mid 60s, some sunshine, still warm this weekend, too, for the standards, meisha. >> i'm good with the hawaiian shirt as long as it is not a speedo. >> that's a mental image, saint in a speedo. >> that's right. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. good morning, and for all of those just joining us, so hammy you are here. hope you are grabbing your first cup of coffee. roadways looking really good. it will get busy over the past 15 minutes, we've been seeing this increase, what you are looking at right now, 422, the headlights moving in the eastbound direction, approaching trooper road. and already, plenty of headlights out there. now, traveling at posted
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speeds, i can guarantee you that soon you will no longer be, burlington bristol bridge opening 5:50. see off in the distance, vehicles still moving across the bridge. that again will be opening at 5:50. for those of you knowing do you have run into, that just give yourself couple every extra minutes. this is where we have an accident this morning, quite serious accident, in aspen, involving injuries. route four a two closed both directions at old pennell road, so all lanes are blocked here. you're going to want to use alternate such as route 352. i would suggest right now make note that far that 452 all directions, all lanes, are block right now. aramingo avenue, the ramp to 95 southbound is closed until september of 2016. you're going to want to use the alternate girard avenue off ramp. more updates coming up in about 15 minutes, erika, back over to you. >> meisha, a thank you. tonight is big night for local college football fans. as our temple owls play in the boca raton bowl.
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the owls will face the toledo rockets and our restly van arsdale got to talk with the owls players and the coach before the big game. >> anybody that loves temple, we, we, have a chance, now, to get to 11 wins. >> win or lose, from matt rhule and his team the boca bowl experience is one they'll remember forever. >> so much fun. just so much of a joy, to relax, have some days off to yourself, just get away from everything. >> the past few days have been light and fun, with temple toledo enjoying activities. >> to have 11 wins here, to get 11 wins, something temple has never done. and with a win, you know it, would be great. >> a lot to be said for the emotional factor headed into a bowl game specially for the seniors. >> i mean, finally coming to an end, sort of hasn't hit me. i know it will hit me out on the field, trying to not let the emotions get the best of me. >> for matt rule wins means everything. >> everyone knows like the main guys, have had tons of
5:49 am
accolade. but it is everyone of them. i mean, they've all bled together, all sweated together, worked together, and i couldn't be more grateful. so after that game win lose or draw that will be the emotional moment for me. >> so i'll get my prediction now from hooter. slap ones if they lose, twice if they win. who is it going to be? and there you have it. leslie van arsdale. >> another big local football game this saturday night when the eagles play washington in prime time. if the eagles win they could win the nfc eels. if they lose, the birds are grounded for the season. that game is right here on cbs-3. kick off is at 8:00. but get ready for the game with pre-game show that starts at 7:00. hope you'll join us. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, two special performances at the white house, including one with student from our area. we'll show when you we come back. >> how are you doing, i'm staff sergeant hamilton here
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with the civil engineer group 577 prime beef squadron. i'm from mcguire air force base, new jersey, i want to shout out to my little baby girl that i haven't seen yet, elena, in south carolina with her mother, soon to be wife marissa, her little man, keenan, how are you doing, buddy, miss you. a shout out to my family in new york, rot hand county new york. it is hot here. i can't wait to get home. i am sure you guys are enjoying the
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>> reminds us why the best holiday gifts are free. cbs flues con son dent weijia jiang reports from washington. >> visitors at the lincoln memorial in washington got a surprise on monday. a holiday concert from the atlanta homework choir. jennifer became emotional when she found out what makes it unique. >> the moves. i have tears in my eyes. because truly this is what the season is all about. >> all of the members of the
5:54 am
choir are homeless, but, filled with hope. >> the crowd loves this. i love this. god loves this. >> the choir then perform its biggest show ever at the white house, director donald noon and started the group three yearsing. >> it will be an awesome christmas. the guys are smiling so hard. >> and so are you. >> i am! >> the obama family is on vacation for the holidays, but the choir sang here during a staff party. members say it was the opportunity of a lifetime. it wasn't that long ago, marvin coin's view from inside a prison cell, this view remind him, he got a second chance. >> who is to say within the next ten years i probably be somewhere running for congress or something. >> hey, never know. >> but you never know. so it is like a sign to never just give up on yourself. >> he said ream eyes that is the best christmas gift he could ever receive.
5:55 am
>> weijia jiang, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> donations from around the worlds made the trip to washington possible. choir organizers still tallying the final total, but say their goal was $25,000 they far exceeded that. southwest flew the members for free to dc. >> ♪ >> a gospel choir from wilmington will be headed to the white house today for a special holiday performance. "eyewitness news" at the cab calloway school of the arts, the students chose friend hundreds of applicants, as one of only a few groups to provide the holiday music for white house tours this season. we caught up with some of the student and staff at their final practice, before the big day. >> i'm so excited. i'm like real nervous. i haven't been able to sleep, and i'm shaking right now. >> because we get to sing at the white house. like that's craze. >> i just going to be like an experience of a lifetime, to have them represent our school
5:56 am
at the national level, just speaks volumes to the caliber of the program that we offer here. >> the choir formed less than two years ago. the student practiced about an hour a day at least five days a week. congrats. coming up in the next hour here on "eyewitness news", may not feel like winter yet, but it does not mean the cold and flu season is not upon us. doctor rob is stopping by to sort through the common winter weather myths, really catch a cold if you go out with wet hair? keeping you happy and healthy, butting some myths. >> group of drivers more prone to this, falling asleep behind the wheel. that and more when we come back at the top of the hour. good morning. the keurig k200® series brewer.
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good morning, oh, looking at storm scan3, here, soggy start to your day, showing the rain there moving through the area. katie lets us know when this rain finally moves out, coming up. also prominent doctor inch fawn inside a center city hotel. police say he was murdered. more on the investigation. bill cosby turns the tables on one every his accusers, finds out who he is suing for sexual assault. >> it is december, december 22, i'm err vai von
6:00 am
tiehl. katie, meisha, a i can't believe it. so warm out there. we have the rain moving through. >> i know, i wore real light jacket this morning, and it felt really comfortable. hard to believe, christmas is right around the corner, right now the roads are looking good, nice and dry, although did i see raindrops earlier this morning, so katie everyone is wondering what can they expect for their commute this morning? >> right. looks as though pretty much more that far throughout the rest of this morning rush. so depending on location, probably don't have anything to deal with, in fact, right where i'm located no raindrops currently falling, did the whole hand out the door, make sure you don't need the umbrella thing, it is okay right now, quick peak at storm scan three just tri-state sweep, what you are finding is the north and west most suburbs really getting he g the i am being parks western tear of the region, put it into motion, very, very light, actually just call it mist over philadelphia, as i was driving in early this morning, you can see how it has been pulled off to the north. dow think that the rest of you are going to end up with at least something. that something will very likely be very light


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