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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  December 23, 2015 2:07am-2:39am EST

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♪ right now at 11:00 nearly $350,000 worth of loose diamonds swiped. how this brazen theft went down. the spotlight shines on philadelphia's restaurant scene. philly make the list of the best food cities in the nation and it beats out tough competition. and the last minute rush. there is still time to get those holiday gifts delivered on time. vittoria woodill rolls up her
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sleeves to see how the pros. >> we begin tonight with a tough loss for the temple university football team. good evening everyone. i jessica dean. ukee washington has the night off tonight. the owls made it to their first bowl game in years. but it just didn't end the way players orphans were hoping. sports director don bell joining us now with what went wrong. >> it was a rough night. the guys didn't have their a game tonight banner year for temple football ranged in the top 25 then had the best linebacker in the country. tonight they tried to punctuate the season with a win oh over tee load dee boca rah ton bowl. owls up a point. he'll lee to joins. 26 yards to the house. the rockets take the lead. now to the fourth quarter owls down 12 to nine. ely to cody thompson, and he is gone. 80 yards temple falls in the boca rah tone bowl 32-17 your
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final. a great season on north broad street. but it ends on a sour note. lesley van arsdall is in boca rah ton and cuply up later in sports she'll have the post game reaction from the temple owls. >> not the way people wanted it to go. >> knowledge it's still a great year. you can't let it take away. >> absolutely. no doubt about that, don. thanks so much. see in you bit. no matter the out come it has been a magical season. temple fans all across the region cheered for the cherry and white tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos has reaction from the temple campus in north philadelphia. >> reporter: this is winter break and though this wasn't the out come they were looking for, dozens of fans pack the bar here on campus supporting the temple owls. with the game not even yet on, these guys two of the first fans inside the to catch the temple owls in the boca rah tone bowl game. >> came to the bar to watch the game. like to see how it goes here. >> most students are away for
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the holidays. >> it's a break. everybody is going home to see their families. serve watching the game at home. >> the crowd did pick up for fans both knew and old. >> watching their now popular owls. >> as an alumni it's really really exciting to see the school get more and more notoriety. >> did you ever think it was going to be because of the football team? >> no. >> 1993 alum remembers a darker days. but now even has her daughter excited about the team. >> someone really not into sports and now finally sitting enjoying a sports game with my family because it's huge in our family. pretty awesome. i couldn't be happier really. >> reporter:. >> i'm going to be honest up until this year i did not go to most football games. report roar senior claudia styles is sitting here with friends it shows just how popular the temple owls have now become. >> from that first game that we had against penn state the entire campus has had whole new spirit about the football team and just awesome. >> reporter: the season ends 10-four a win tonight would have given the temple owls the most
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victories in the entire season even so. fans here say they're glad with this season. reporting here at temple's campus i'm greg argos, cbs3 "eyewitness news". our first full day of winter not really feeling like winter at all out there. but with the warmth comes rain. meteorologist kate bilo is live the sky deck with look at what's happening right now. kate? >> jessica, it's tough this time of the year to get into the 60s and near 70 degrees without rain accompanying it. you generally see these surges of the moisture and warmth from the south and west ahead of an advancing storm and that's exactly what we've got out there today. another system tomorrow. and yet a third a cold front on christmas eve but temperatures are soaring and we'll be challenging records that four out of the next five days really will be win a degree or two if not breaking records. so storm scan3 showing the clouds i can tell when you out here 10:00 o'clock i could see the moon. can't any more. low clouds and fog in center city at the moment. take a look at the green in deep south lifting our way as we get into tomorrow and you can see it will get here by mid morning by
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about 9:00 a.m. coming up we'll time out the rest of that rain for your wednesday, and i'll tell you about just how close we will be to breakin breaking numf records especially on christmas eve. for now back inn saad to you. >> kate, thank you. new tonight, nearly $350,000 worth of diamonds stolen in center city. police say the thieves struck around 6:00 o'clock in the 1100 block of sansom street near jewelers wrote. police say the two male suspects made off with a shoulder bag containing the pcious stones. and the search for the two men continues as investigators try to pose together all the detai details. a person of interest is in custody in connection to the death of a prominent psychiatrist in center city. police now say 75-year-old how war baker was strangled inside the rodeway inn on walnut street yesterday. he was found naked on the floor with a belt tied around his neck. surveillance video shows baker had two separate male guests and one of them left with his backpack.
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police believe that man may have committed the crime. >> we don't really know what his routine is yet. we talk to the wife. she did not know that he was even there. so we're trying to sort of backtrack his lifestyle and where his whereabouts and try to get an answer to those questions right now we don't know. >> police say baker checked into the hotel sunday after telling his wife he was headed out to watch the eagles game. in burlington county, kyle crosby pleaded guilty in court today to killing his wife last new year's eve. crosby admitted to strangling erika crippen inn saad their mt. laurel home and then dumping her body in maryland. crosby will be sentenced to 31 years in prison. major new developments tonight in the sex abuse scandal within the roman catholic church. monsignor william lincoln vick on his handling of sex abuse complaints has had his conviction overturned for the second time. "eyewitness news" reporter david pup has more tonight. >> reporter: monsignor william lynn is accused of knowingly
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allowing sexual predator priests to have contact with philadelphia children. lynn whose currently behind bars near strand scranton may soon be a free man. after a panel of superior court judges ordered a new trial. >> his life was cut short. this doesn't to happen. >> he says his sean son was a proud catholic growing up. sean later died from a drug overdose but his family blames years of 11 sexual abuse by another philadelphia priest for what ultimately happened to him. they sought down with our pat chiarocchi in september. >> it's not their fault that they were rape at 11, 12, 13, nine, 16, it's not their fault that they now have drug issues. >> reporter: the priests that was accused of of sexually abusing him was under the supervision of monsignor lynn. >> what was worse than the rape, the be trail. something i was brought to believe since i was little kid. it was all lie. >> charges were later dropped
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against the priest when he died. that priest is now a free man. philadelphia attorney tom klein represents the family and told "eyewitness news" they were devastated to learn monsignor license may become a free man. >> sean was a wonderful boy. did he everything right. his parents followed the path of the church which led him into the hands of a serial predator. >> reporter: the family is suing the archdiocese of philadelphia i reach out to monsignor lynn's attorney and the arch die diocese i've not heard back. monsignor lynn is in a prison in upstate near krahn ton but he can be out soon and back on the street. live in the sat center david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. montgomery county native was one of six american troops killed in afghanistan monday. 30-year-old irrelevant force staff sergeant peter taub died near bagram airfield he grew up in wyncote and he leaves behind a pregnant wife theen-year-old daughter.
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south philadelphia street is renamed in honor of a woman who lived there and was killed by a hit-and-run driver nearly a year ago. 600 block of came kimball street is called theresa posie way. she died december 23rd of the last year. a billboard will goes up tomorrow at the site of that hit-and-run. advertising a $15,000 reward in that case. a mechanism that could have prevented the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia is now fully operation al along amtrak pog nos northeast core. to positive train control could have prevent the deadly derailment earlier this year that killed eight and injured more than 200. simulator at amtrak train headquarters in wilmington shows how that safety system works since monitors the train speed and if it's going too fast the system automatically applies the brakes. >> for example f my bridge is only good for 90 miles an hour it would enforce 90 miles an hour speed limb on that bridge or a curve or tunnels
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restrictions no matter what the speed is it enforces every single speed that could be on that railroad. >> amtrak harrisburg line is expected to have positive train control bite end of next month. it is a race to the finish. the deadline for christmas eve deliveries is almost here and our vittoria woodill is live at a fed neck center city. tori? >> reporter: hello, jessica. well everyone you don't have to think too far outside the box when it comes to packing those holiday treats for your familiar and friends but we do have a few packing tips from the experts coming up. stay with us. >> also ahead tonight, fit forge foodies. philadelphia getting high praise for its restaurant scene. where it fall on the list and the big cities it beat out. kate? >> and we're tracking more rain as we head into your wednesday after a rainy start to today, all this moisture headed our way as we get into your wednesday temperatures on their way up, though we're challenging records. all the details coming up in weather.
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>> and the harlem globetrotters celebrate their birthday not on a basketball court but on the trading floor. we'll explain when "eyewitness news" continues.
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(applause). ♪ there they go the harlem globetrotters putting on quite a show at a most unusual location. they entertained a big crowd on the floor of the new york stock exchange. their trick shots and ball handling skills were a hit with financial crowd. the globetrotters are celebrat celebrating their 90th year of enter takenning fans. a local pharmacy is giving back by turning children's holiday tears into cash for cheer are the. every time someone posts a picture to the fishtown facebook page of a kid crying while
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visiting santa the pharmacy will donate $10 to the no kid hungry organization. post a picture and use the hash tag no kid happy. we've got a link for you at philadelphia's food scene is sizzling and it's capturing national al tension much the washington post ranks philadelphia the sixth best food city in america coming in ahead of chicago, new york, d.c. and charleston, south carolina. philly by the way is praised for its breweries vegetarian restaurants and modern take on traditional fair. singled out was east passyunk's in order which we featured on taste with tori last month. let's take look at the top six cities according to the post at six of course philly. coming in at five houston. number four new orleans. at three los angeles. number two is san francisco. and taking the first place spot portland, oregon. now our vittoria notice a thing or two about good food. she's taking a break from restaurants because it's the
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busiest shipping day of the year. she's a fed ex shipping center in center city where packing pros are helping to box up and get all those gifts out in time for christmas. tori, this is a rush. the rush is on. >> reporter: the rush is on. you know just quickly, that is no shock to me philadelphia was rated one of tops as far as food cities in my opinion we should have been number one. any who, let's talk numbers. right now, we are less than three days away to christmas d day. and we are live here at the fed ex on market street where these guys are working around the clock to make sure that you have all of those gifts for your families and friends in time for christmas. but if you plan on doing any packing yourself, here are a few tips from the experts. >> the weather may not feel like christmas, but with only three days until the big day, that last minute dash to pack or ship your loved ones gifts could be described as -- >> stressful this time of year for sure. >> it's not christmas yet. >> oodles and oodles of boxes
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continue to swing through the doors of fed ex. and this year they predict a whopping 317 million packages will be delivered this holiday season. >> we've had people who ship like lawn furniture things of to nature. >> do they come with it harnessed over their back? >> they bring it in. >> how do they get it in. >> they bring it in and we build boxes around it. we can ship just about anything. >> they said anything. >> okay. now everything. but they do have approximately 325,000 employees to help you out for the holidays. but i called on cordell golden if he can he had district manager to help us all back like the pros. or at least try. >> just push it down. >> ooh, almost broke andy cindy's snow globe. >> what kind of tips do you have for something as fragile as snow globes. >> we want to use a new box much at least a sturdy box that isn't torn or tattered. don't have a box that is too small right or a box that's really too big because you'll add to the cost of the shipment. >> bubble cushion with bubbles used on the inside will protect
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your item and be sure to pack it wherever you can. if you think regular tape is the best to use, think again. >> we use blue painters tape it's a little secret that we share with our customers. we don't want to waste time get getting to that gift. >> after stuffing your box with packing paper and safely macing your item inside it's time for the h method. >> supply packing tape,. >> i see. >> to the out seams. >> hold that. >> right. it forms the letter h. >> for ho, ho, ho. >> ho, ho, ho. merry christmas. >> merry christmas and remember if you are packing any of your merry moments with care, make sure that if you want those packages to your families and friends on christmas day tomorrow will be the last day that fed ex will be able to get those gifts under the tree for your families and friends. but really jessica, i mean the h method, i just learned that tonight and that is a valuable tip. i'm going to keep right in the
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nugget. >> this is news you can use. i love it for procrastinators and i count myself in that this is good stuff. good to know we have one more day left. vittoria, thanks so much. >> mental calculations one mr. day. >> sure. >> what else do i need to do. >> what else can i send? well, listen if you look at the calendar and then you look outside it doesn't quite go together. >> it does not quite match up new york. you would think december 22nd it would be about 29 degrees or so overnight. no. we're in the 50s right now and we will stay in the 50s overnight. we're talking temperatures headed toward the 60s and even, yes, the 70s before we get to christmas day. just amazingly unusual warmth and this entire december it look like it will be warmest december ever by a monthly average of 5 degrees from the last warmest december just ridiculous departure. so we will continue to break down those numbers as we head toward the end of the month. let's talk about your christmas holiday forecast. we'll start off with a live look fittingly enough at the christmas city bethlehem pa our camera mounted a top the hotel bethlehem in northampton county.
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you can see a few cars traveling down main street. no problems out there right now. just some fog. the rain from earlier today has now moved on out. but you can see on storm scan3 there is more to come. take look over the gulf coast. you can see rain starring to fill in over portions of the carolinas and georgia and all of this rain is headed our way. it's moving to the north and east up the eastern seaboard and will get here through the day tomorrow just period of rain. some light, some steadier especially in the evening hours. definitely need those galoshes and the bum legal for wednesday. won't need the heavy coat or snow gear. it's 56 degrees in cinnaminson the eleanor rush elementary school. 54 degrees in norristown and 56 in wayne. keep in mind normal overnight lows for this time of year around 28 or 29 degrees. completely nowhere close to that and that's the case with daytime highs as well tomorrow win a degree of the record. it depends how much rain we get. rain tends to cool the column of air as it falls. with showers around all day we if any mall just short of the
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record by a degree or two. thursday, records smash across the area. christmas eve, we're talking highs in the mid 70s and it's looking like most of the showers will be out of here by mid morning to early afternoon. so in the afternoon you can be talking about a sunny, mild christmas eve. not completely sunny but at least few breaks here and there. and friday christmas day nice and warm. highs in the mid to upper 60s and sunshine starts to return. for tomorrow that's the wettest day of the next few. showers arrive in the morning between 6:00 and eight colorado. instead yesterday rain in the afternoon ends by late evening another round of showers possible thursday morning. we're looking half inch to three quarter office an inch that will slow down both ends of your commute or any holiday travel you may be doing possibly slowing things down at the airport as well. look at the records here. 65 will be the high tomorrow. the record is 66 from 1990 win a degree. look at that breaking the record by 10 full degrees on christmas eve. that record set just last year. christmas day is close as well. 68 degrees. that was set way back in 1964 and we will be win a few degrees of that one once again.
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so overnight watch for fog. 53 degrees will be your overnight low. periods of rain for your wednesday nice and warm at 65. and again christmas eve and christmas day ridiculous warmth for late dose. 74 degrees on christmas eve. again never in the history of philadelphia weather records has it even been higher than 64 degrees. we're talking 74. christmas day 65. some sunday shine middle within thee degrees of a record. cools down for saturday for the eagles game with chance of a shower. sunday back to 65. and guess what? the record is 64. that's another broken record. so we could be looking at least two broken records if not three or four over the neck five days. >> never in the history of philadelphia. >> never has it happened at least since records have been kept wins the one at hundreds. >> never? >> never ever. >> we'll take it. we'll take it i'm real excited about. a bummer avenue night for the temple owls. we'll talk about and that also three eagles are headed to the pro bowl. we'll tell you who got the nod and of course speaking of those
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owls, we will have live report from boca rah ton. it was
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welcome back. clear skies palm trees an cool breeze. the weather was perfect in south florida all week. until tonight. number 24 temple hooking up with unranked toledo in the boca raton bowl. around kick off it rain on the owls parade in one more ways than one. we go to south florida 40 of fourth quarter owls down 12-ni 12-nine. he'll lie airing it it for cody thompson. he give him an inch he'll take 80 yards. rockets go up 19-nine. now 25-nine owls with the ball. hand off to kit patton who punches it in. they convert the two and make it 25-17. but toledo will not be denied. hun delivering the dagger from 41 yards out. the owls fall 32-17 your final score. let's head down to rainy florida our lesley van arsdall spoke
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with a disappointed owls football team. lesley take it away. >> reporter: wow, don, putting it mildly. coach rule is taking this loss so hard. it was a very emotional loss for him. he wanted to win. he wanted it for his seniors to people he said changed his whole life. here's what he had to say. >> our seniors they took us from two wins to six wins to 10 wins much help us beat penn state and head us get to this bowl game. obviously we're disappointed. we'll keep building and young guys on our team they'll know neck year when they get here weight means to play one of these thing. >> last time wearing this uniform. it definitely sucks but i mean this team has got bright future. they should hold their heads high. we had great year. we accomplish so much. >> they really did accomplish so much. no, they didn't get that historic 11th win but 10 wins is tremendous and they shall be
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so proud. don, back to you. >> lesley, thank you. tough to see tyler cry like that. wow. tough night for the owls. pro bowl rosters announced today. a trio eagles are headed to hawaii on january 31st. jason peter social security going for the eighth time. darrin sproles makes his second trip as return specialist and defensive fletcher cox gets the nod for the first time in his career. well deserved. the eagles host the redskins saturday. if they lose, they are he'll limb 98ed from playoff contention. game time 8:00 p.m. we'll get you set for the show for the action with our pre-game show life from the linc at 7:00 right here on cbs3. sixers with their final home game of the year. hooking up with the grizzlies a team they haven't beaten in south philly in nearly sick years. their quarter we go. jahlil okafor, big jal, 18 points. and they trail by nine. fourth quarter we go. jal bad pass writ there. sixers as you know playing by turns over. convert for the memphis
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grizzlies. courtney lee right there. 26 turnovers did the sixers they lose their 11th straight 104 104-90. yikes. they're now one-29 on the seas season. >> well here's to 2016. >> yeah. let's turn the page, shall we. >> don, thanks. >> we'll be
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>> i'm scott whistler stayinged in gentleman cued dee. i want to witch a very merry christmas to my family and friends back in newville, pennsylvania. i love you. >> new tonight a holiday surprise for more than two dozen children in our area. each child received a bicycle and toys. "eyewitness news" at the eastwick rec center in southwest philadelphia. city council kenyata johnson and eastwick friends and neighbors coalition making it all possib possible. councilman johnson says tonight's goal was to help make this holiday season for cheerful for the children and their family. new bike will do that.
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we'll be right back. ♪
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thanks for being with us tonight. for kate, don and everyone here i'm jessica dean. remember we're always on at cbs up next the late show with stephen colbert. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ >> woman: the following is a paid presentation for the nuwave precision induction cooktop, brought to you by the makers of the number-one-selling nuwave oven. >> announcer: when you turn on your cooktop, do you really know what the temperature is? no-- you're just guessing. are you too busy to watch what you're cooking? tired of all that burnt food going to waste? worried about your kids getting burned or a loved one starting a fire in the kitchen? well, those problems are a thing of the past. introducing the revolutionary precision induction cooktop from nuwave, the leader in portable induction cooking technology. the nuwave heats up twice as


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