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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  December 24, 2015 2:07am-2:39am EST

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♪ right now at 11:00, a shocking murder in a quiet montgomery county neighborhood. the victim a former marine. how he's being remembered. saving christmas. a family who lost their presents when thieves broke into their home gets a holiday surprise they will never forget. and this. the cafeteria surprise that had nothing to do with the food.
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the local lunch lady who is now being heard around the world. those stories and more are ahead but we begin tonight with a warm and rainy night. good evening everyone, i'm jessica dean. ukee washington has the night off. umbrellas out in full force as steady rain couldn't to do soak the region and believe it or not, temperatures are actually on the rise as we head into the night. let's get right to meteorologist kate bilo. kate what's happening right now? >> jessica, heaviest rain is starting to move out so that is good news. there is still some fog left over as well although not the extent that we saw earlier today. you can see the heavy rain that push through just about an hour ago moved out very very quickly we're in a little bit of a break. a few showers starting to pop up behind that main push of rain that's moving now into southern new england and we have to keep annoy on this line of storms push through portions of the ohio valley. that will generally weaken overnight, but tomorrow morning, can't rule out a shower or thunderstorm for your christmas eve. storm scan3 showing a few scattered showers moving into chester county, back into
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delaware. nothing as heavy as what we saw earlier tonight. but as we mentioned temperatures on their way up. so what to expect through the next couple of hours. still scattered showers until about midnight. overnight we try to clear it out but tomorrow we'll have to watch for a stray shower or thunderstorm and temperatures again rising and holding steady through the night. we hit a high of 70 degrees just last hour. even now it's 69 degrees that is a record breaker for your wednesday and we've got at least three more records to challenge before the end of the christmas holiday weekend. i'll have all those numbers coming up in a few minutes. jessica? >> kate, thanks so much. the rain we experienced today certainly put a damper on lot of holiday preparations. a lot of people were shopping, others were traveling. and the conditions were less than ideal. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco is live at 30th street station with more on this warm, messy day before christmas eve. diana? >> reporter: it certainly was a mess for travelers today, jessica. it doesn't matter how you are traveling by plane or train, you
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seem to need to pack the patience but eventually everyone got to where they needed to go. >> shopping. weather and shopping. >> reporter: it's what's on everyone's mind as they head home from work or to the shopping malls on the eve of christmas eve. >> it's been pretty rainy. i commuted from trenton. >> reporter: a day and a half before christmas and 95 was all taillights as the masses were trying to get out of the city home or to the mall. either way, it was slow going. >> rain, a lot really heavy. visibility has been bad. traffic accidents, trucks turned over on the side of the road. cars facing the opposite direction. horrendous. bumper to bumper. >> reporter: it took joanne moore over an hour for a trip that normally takes 20 minutes through voorhees to cherry hill, new jersey. >> everybody just waits until the last minute to do everything just like myself. report roar and the rain doesn't help. >> the rain doesn't help. >> reporter: but even with traffic, everyone seemed to be
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in the holiday spirit. >> it's nice out. the temperature is great. >> reporter: right. >> it's great. >> reporter: you'd rather have this than snow, right? >> yes. but i'm good. >> the good news that it is not snow. if we were much colder now this would all be snow obviously and it would be a much different situation. >> reporter: at the airport, fog and rain held up travelers with long lines and flight delays and even at the 30th street station trains were booked. with people heading home or to the holiday destinations. >> i took the train and the train took me right over here and it's very nice and smooth. >> reporter: so even at this hour, things seem to be pretty busy here at 30th street station still. however, everything is running on time. we're live outside 30th street station, i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> a lot of people on the move, diana. thank you for the latest traffic conditions before you hit the road you can visit cbsphilly.c
2:12 am we'll have real-time traffic information for you from around the region. new tonight, devastation in the south. tornadoes sweep across mississippi killing at least three people. authorities say a preliminary report shows 14 tornadoes touched down in the state. at least one of them was on the ground for 10 minutes damaging homes and blowing a tractor trailer off the road. there are more than 40 injuries in six counties. that number could rise as the night goes on. tonight authorities are investigation the motive behind the murder of a veteran in montgomery county. the alleged gunman is in custody and fighting for his own life. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has details now from abington. >> reporter: sources tell "eyewitness news" app argument quickly got out of control wednesday afternoon when a man pulled out a gun then shot and killed 73-year-old richard duncan on the front porch of his abington home. >> i was in my house and i heard bang, bang, bang like that. i said it sound like a gun. i went to my window and decided that look out and i didn't see
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anything. so i was afraid to open the door. >> reporter: gladys wilson a neighbor and new duncan for many year. he was a marine veteran. >> first thing i thought, he committed suicide because i heard gunshots. but that wasn't it. >> reporter: authorities say the shooter a man who knew duncan fled the scene. but was later confronted by police officers. according to police, the suspect pulled out a gun then shot himself. he was rushed to the hospital where he is in critical condition. the victim, richard duncan, was a regular at the local vfw in willow grove. >> i just -- right now, i just can't believe that happened to him. >> reporter: barry cotton knew duncan from his volunteer work with the vfw. >> that was you he was very nice man. i've known him for quite a long time. he would do anything for you. >> reporter: authorities have not released the name of the man in the hospital because he has not been charged at this point. family members told me off camera they want richard duncan to be remembered as a marine veteran who made a difference. reporting in abington, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news".
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a suspect is charged with murder in the strangulation death of a prominent psychiatrist in center city. police sources say 27-year-old manuel baez gave full confession last night. dr. howard baker's body was found inside the rodeway inn on walnut street monday. investigators say the 75-year-old was naked and had a belt tied around his neck. tonight we are hearing exclusively from the husband of one of the three women killed in a fiery crash in holmesburg. a man me barton and two others died sunday when police say the speeding chevy camaro she was driving crashed into a parked tractor trailer on torresdale avenue. barton's family has hired an attorney who is preparing a lawsuit. he questions the city ordinance that allows tractor trailers to park along the road. barton leaves behind her husband and two children. it's going to be hard. it's going to be rough to get through but i got two kids to be strong for. that tractor trailer isn't the
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there. imani maybe has a vehicle accident and medical care today she's still with us and not burnt in a fiery grave. >> earlier this year, councilman bobby, introduced bill to ban trucks parking along torresdale avenue. a new jersey grand jury has indicted the truck driver who crashed into a limo carrying actor tracy morgan. attorneys for kevin roper tried unsession physical to have charges of vehicular homicide and assault by auto thrown out. roper hadn't slept for 28 hours before that crash. something his lawyers dispute. the crash on the new jersey turnpike last year severely injured morgan and killed one of his friends. caught on camera, a suspect steals dozens of propane tanks from two businesses in northeast philadelphia. these thefts happened on the 2300 block of church street and the 4700 block of pennypack street yesterday and last week. in all, 43 propane tanks were stolen.
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police are concerned about what the thief may do with those tanks. tonight pennsylvania governor tom wolf can end the six-month budget impass with a the stroke of a pe inform. late dat senate pass add budget bill that was passed by the house two week ago and since that legislation to the govern governor's desk. it is last ditch effort to end the stalemate before christmas. now the bill does not include pension reform or attacks increase governor wolf wanted to help boost school aid. the governor is not saying whether he'll sign. a dad who protects and serves his community is helping to save christmas for family victimized by real life grinches. the family was devastated after robbers broke into their tacony home and stole their christmas presents on tuesday. their story touched philadelphia police officer walter bosak. the officer collected more than a thousand dollars from fellow officers and then went shopping with his own kids to replace the family's christmas gifts. >> couldn't imagine my kids --
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sorry. waking up with nothing. i couldn't let it happen. and none of my brothers or sisters or going to it let it happen. >> officer bosak and his fellow officers are true examples of going above and i don't know the call of duty. well, it's an elf emergency. a little girl panics after she knocks her elf on the shelf on the floor. it's what happens next that's now the talk of the town and still ahead little isabella walks us through her christmas dilemma plus this. >> tonight it's all about celebrating christmas in chestnut hill and every block they have something for everyone and it's esprit see as christmas tree. >> and we broke a record official daal. temperatures hit 70 degrees at 10:00 p.m. we've got more records still to come but possibly more rain as well. first patch pushing out but more to watch as we head into christmas eve. i'll have your full holiday
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weekend forecast coming up. and fire destroyed a local church leaving them without a place to celebrate christmas. but services will go on. we'll tell you who is stepping in to give the congregation a new home for the holidays when "eyewitness news" con
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we are hearing tonight from a seven-year-old new jersey girl who called 911 for an elf emergency. her elf on the shelf tumbled on to the floor and she was quickly overcome with worry about what it meant for christmas. reporter meg baker of our sister station wcbs in new york talk with the little girl about her holiday dilemma. >> reporter: it's a christmas tradition in many household as elf to watch over all girls and boys to make sure they've been all good all year because santa is coming to town. meet seven year isabella. size for short who watched the elf on the shelf movie and learn the number one rule you can't touch the elf or he will lose his christmas magic. >> izzi, you had an emergency the other night. what happened? >> my elf fell out of the
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stocking. >> where did it land. >> on the ground. >> and you called. >> 9. >> this is izzi's call. >> 911. where is your emergency? >> 911? hello? >> it's izza bella. >> hi, isabella. >> why are you calling 911? don't come to my house. don't! >> you accidentally dialing 911 you made a mistake? >> yes. i was trying to call my dad i called you on accident. >> okay. mistakes happen, honey. you can just say you made a mistake. okay? >> i was scare. never a dull moment. >> her mom woke up from a nap to police at her door checking to make sure everything was all right. >> she thought she killed the elf or the elf was injured. santa would be upset and santa wouldn't come. >> lieutenant joseph man dole la says the responding officer wanted to reassure her. >> don't worry, it was a mistake. it was an accident. santa will still come. >> that did he last night for
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quick visit witness old bridge fire department. >> i like the fact that she knew how to call 911 in case there really is an emergency. >> he gave me another chance. >> a chance to bring all of muss joy this holiday season with her young heart. in old bridge, new jersey, meg baker cbs two news. >> uncertainly looms large for the congregation of a delaware church that burn to the ground one week ago. flames devoured the new jerusalem missionary baptist church in wilmington last wednesday. the congregation found temporary home at a nearby ymca yes wrist christmas services will take place. church leaders are vowing to rebuild and the church church is not a building but in their heart. >> he was born in manger much it's a dark cloud but tomorrow we'll see sunlight. >> the cause of that fire is still under investigation. christmas is now just two days away and many people still have maybe a few gifts they need to check off their list. but the crowds aren't just
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macinmackpacking the malls. vittoria is live along germantown avenue in chestnut hill where the rain is not shopping the shopping or holiday spirit. tori? >> reporter: right now actually pretty nice. keeping my hood on because the rain has been bit off and on. usually, you can't stop a woman from shopping. but tonight, you couldn't stop the men either take a look. ♪ >> reporter: there's no way a little rain could put a damper on the parade of last minute shoppers in this town. >> wednesday night is alive with all the people. it's wonderful of the. >> reporter: chestnut hill is feeling festive. it's of course still bustling on the avenue for the last night of a time honored tradition. >> it started decades ago as a night for men to go out and shop for his wives. >> it is for people like me who don't know what to do and buy gifts for their wives. you come out and have some wine,
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eat some food and buy some gifts. >> reporter: the buck doesn't stop there. marsha starky said stag stood for the men -- >> women wanted to get involved as well it ended up becoming stag and go night. >> of course the girls want to be involved. gallon pal clear had a eye on stuffed moose all night f you're looking for something special last minute they've got shops good lon for all to love all year round including one of their oldest award winning hill company. >> the hill company has been around sin 1949. so many of our stores have long standing history here in chestnut hill and then we also have so many new additions to the avenue as well. >> reporter: chestnut hill really does have it all including -- >> santa claus. merry christmas, everyone. >> ♪ >> reporter: with beautiful background music like the sounds of a brass quartet. >> ♪ >> you better watch out. >> and the aim academy middle
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school choir. >> ♪ >> reporter: how could this get any better? merry christm christmas! >> from chestnut hill. >> i actually do know how it could get better. jessica, kate, we've a ranged something special fortunately we ran into bart and we're going to send you off with some christmas cheer by bart the trumpet play player. bart, take it away. >> my goodness. >> ♪ >> you're welcome. >> aww that is know nice. vittoria. bart. thank you. beautiful music. >> straight from chestnut hill. >> we'll leave you to enjoy it. thank you so much for the gift there. even if it is 70 degrees out. that puts you in the spirit. >> let's take look at viral video. this kind of puts us in the spirit, too. a lunch lady at souderton high school who was really feeling
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the spirit of the season. take a look. >> okay. >> ♪ merry little christmas night ♪ cheap cheers and applause (. >> whoa! >> hey now. >> the students loving it. that's becky. she's quite a singer. amazing. >> thousands viewed this video online. i have feeling a few more will view it before it's all said and done. >> i thought she was lip sinning to the actual recording. >> isn't that amazing? >> maybe she'll end up like -- who is that british woman. >> sue an boyle. >> yes. >> that beautiful voice. >> yes. maybe she'll just like release an album next year. it's a mazing. >> amazing. that was fun to listen to. puts you in the spirit of the season. the weather is a bit strange. >> not so much. talking about it on twitter a minute ago. someone said it feels like christmas and i was like christmas, i'm heading down the shore. feels like july night out there. >> sure. >> very very strange. in fact, shout out to matt lanza
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on twitter who tweeted on jul july 4th it was 71 in philadelphia. december 23rd 70 in philadelphia. that's weird. it doesn't feel right. temperatures so far above average kind of interesting to be part of an extreme event look this and extreme it will be tomorrow and again on christmas day. take a peek outside. out to our roof cam seeing low clouds and fog clinging to the buildings outside. slow downs out on the roadways and as we take another look at the skyline from across the river on our live neighborhood network, same story things are looking just little bit gloomy outside but temperature wise it is warm you can leave the jacket and in the closet you don't need a coat or light jack out there. short sleeves would be fine for you tonight. storm scan3 showing the warm front lifting into portions of new england. the cold front what's next to watch. luckily for us it is weakening at the moment. although we can pick up a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow. just scattered showers here through the remainder of the overnight hours so the heaviest of the rain has pushed on out. just some lingerin lingering moe
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atmosphere. temperatures right now 71 degrees in dover, delaware. 69 in philadelphia right now. 56 in mount pocono. 63 in allentown. temperatures hold pretty steady through the overnight hours. look what's ahead that warm front lifts to the north and we got to watch the cold front this particular model does have it weakening quite a bit as it moves into our area. let me am scattered showers and thunderstorms. anyone of those could pack a punch on christmas day, we start to see high pressure wedge in just briefly. there is some indication that a boundary will set up right about here. later christmas day and could bring some showers to the area something to watch as of now we're keeping at least christmas morning generally dry. we'll let you know if that changes. storm threat forge thursday again march jim risk of severe weather that means one or two storms could pack a punch downpours gusty winds. we had some of that tonight even thunderstorms over portions of the chester county. one record down. 70 degrees. we hit that at 10:00 p.m. it break the record of 66 from 1990. three more records could fall through the weekend. tomorrow we smash the record by 10 degrees.
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christmas day we should break it by a degree and then on sunday again right back to the mid 60 . night rain tapers to showers. christmas eve forecast 74. christmas day 69 degrees. if you're a fan of winter weather here's a little bit of hope in the forecast. by january 1st and 2nd, our first real push of chilly air it's not a huge pattern flip but it is going to bring little bit of colder weather our way by the first of the year. you can see monday is a little chilly as well but the big headline here, three out of neck four days could break records we've got another chance for rain especially during the day saturday. could be soggy for the e guilty game on saturday. >> a lot of rain and then the coolness which we haven't seen in a long time. >> it will feel really at 49. >> brrr. >> don, what's coming up next. >> i want to complain but i can't. it's been so good we'll let it be. we're talking basketball. the sixers in action and doing what the sixers do. pro bowler fletcher cox is ready for washington but is he guaranteeing a win? stick around for the answer next i
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tis the season to be jolly unless you're the sixers. there's not much to celebrate. they kicked off six game road trip in milwaukee came into the night with 22 straight losses, a way from home. it got ugly early. pick it up in the second quart quarter. a jam. little posterior right there. listen. dude didn't miss a shot until the third quarter. made his first 11 on the night. duke on duke crime. parker jamming on okafor. the sick sorry lose 113-100. they're not one-30 on the season. think to yourself one and 30 people. ghost of eagles past. the birds silenced lesean mccoy in his philly less than two weeks ago on saturday they'll try to do the same to desean jackson. three time pro bowler will visit the linc with the washington redskins. chip kelly released jackson before the 2014 season.
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it was bitter break up but desean is now flourishing in d.c. he had touchdown in four of his last five games. it will be a tough test for the birds. >> it is something you have to pay attention to as defense because although he's not the number one target they have every time he's target, you know, he can be explosive and so he can change the game probably quicker than all of their threats and so you got to know where he's at at all times. his ability to stretch the field is just something to be respected and we'll treat it accordingly. >> how about the defensive end fletcher cox yesterday he earn his first nod to the pro bowl team. a man child in the trenches and he'll ab mark man against washington. today he was asked about the achieve many. >> yeah, it is one -- was unof my goals much the biggest relief will be if we win,ing when we win on saturday. >> you're guaranteeing a win? >> yeah. i'm guaranteeing a win. am i supposed to say we're going to lose or something? no.
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>> i mean he's not guaranteeing a loss. biggest game of the season for the eagles is right here on cbs3 saturday night. the birds host washington in the battle for first place. join me, lesley van arsdall, pat gallen, meryl reece and a host of others as we get you ready fort action on 7:00 with a saturday he had dig of kick off then the game follows at 8:25. we talk every week how this game is a big one. this is so massive the season is right here. >>
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going out to all our friends and familiar until harrisburg pennsylvania. mom and dad, love you and we are. ♪ new tonight local kids did their christmas shopping thanks to the help of our men and women
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in blue. "eyewitness news" at the target in port richmond for the heroes and helpers event. officers from the 24th police district took kids through the store so they can buy holiday gifts for their families. the program fosters strong community relationships between public safety officials and kids. ♪ we'll be right back. ♪
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thanks for joining us tonight at 11:00. for kate, don and everyone here, i'm jessica dean. we're always on for you at up next the late show with stephen colbert with bruce willis. have great night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nuwave oven pro, brought to you by the makers of the nuwave precision induction cooktop. [♪...] professional chefs create great-tasting meals from years of experience and by using professional equipment. and now you can too, with the nuwave oven pro, the number-one countertop oven in america! no more defrosting or preheating that giant oven--


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