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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm jan carabeo in for erika von tiehl. we're getting start wad check on our forecast this morning, and the record warmth, katie, good morning. >> morning, and all of that fog, katie. >> absolutely the fog is still an issue, warmth continues for us. that will continue to be running theme for us. but i've got another santa update for you. folks he's finished, now delivered over 7 billion present across the world, and now that we've track him across the entire globe, he was last seen at mid-way, and now on his way to the north pole. so, nicely done, buddy. we certainly had a lot of fog to contends with here in the delaware valley, but it will continue to be a theme for thus morning, you won't see heck of a lot of sun when the sun does in fact rise over the horizon, stuck in with some clouds. storm scan3, radar wise, totally empty. throw the satelite coverage, and finding some cloud cover out there. always tough to actually pinpoint fog on a saturday light, but definately a lot of clouds regardless whether higher or lower in the
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atmosphere. but that said because such light wind, moisture to work, with we do have dense fog advisory, essentially region wide. not quite as further inland interestingly enough the further go but we've seen reports now guys of visibilities that are at or under a half mile, so you could easily finds it where you travelment pinpoint this through the next few hours, appears as though the bulk of the poor visibility will be basically from outlying suburbs, into i95, point south and east of. that will as we hit say 10:00, 11:00 a.m., notice how things start to get better. again future of visibility model that we're running for you, but general expectation as visibility start to gradually climb with time here, and will become easier and easier to travel throughout the course of the day with minimal weather-related impact. sixty-seven the current temperature, meantime in ac, very, very warm start to the day, very modest breeze, too, again, to help the fog to form, but watch for that here in the next couple of hours, already off to very warm start. expect to keep the theme going
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here. sky rocket again, the records to beat, is 68, and it will take us couple of hours to get an additional degree on to the daytime high because of additional clouds overhead. but we think we'll get there so 69 is the expected high to set a new record on christmas day in philadelphia. but it is what of active pattern, unsettled pattern, we will continue to talk about how it will affect the rest of your forecast leading to up new years now one holiday upon us guys, another one shortly thereafter, looks like the weather stays somewhat active for all of us. >> thanks, happening right now, ten of thousands of the faith full are crowded in saint peters square for the pope's annual christmas message and blessing. this is the pontiff's last public event of the holiday. now, last night, pope francis celebrated mass at saint peters basilica honoring the birth of jesus christ, of course christians gathering to reflect on the miracle of christmas this morning. saint peter and paul in center
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city where "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us live, merry christmas, buddy. >> christmas services will be held across the region today, basilica midnight last last night, crowds really came out, every pew was filled. the choir, sang carols among them, come all yee fateful, hundreds sang along from the pews, and overflow crowds, found standing room to share in all of those moments. archbishop charles chaput, oak owing the world meeting of families, back in september, the midnight mass homily stressed the importance of passing on family focused tradition onto children, attend east also called to recall the humble birth of jesus. outdoors in a manger, as note in the scripture and of course in song. the basilica also has more services this morning, back out live, at 8:00 this morning
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as well as 10:00 this morning, and also again, at noon. >> cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thanks, justin. "eyewitness news" at saint peter roman catholic church in merchantville where families gathered on christmas eve. the church also held a nativity pageant where children at the parish sang and performedment the church is celebrating variety of masses with the next one happening at 9:00 a.m. >> the death toll in the severe storms in the south now climbed to 14 people across the three state. >> yep, andrew spencer tells us many others are counting themselves lucky for having avoid the same fate in this unusual weather pattern. >> this tiny building may have been with saved tony goodwyn's life when the tornado hit tennessee southwest of nashville. >> when i saw it all i thought oh, crap we're in trouble. >> knocked his house off it foundation, but he and six other people survived by dashing into a storm shelter.
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>> i have my grandson under my arm. everybody got in except for my sister-in-law and i'm yelling at her, common. >> the second she got inside he said he shut the door and put down t bar. >> kim just celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary died in the storm. they are two among more than dozen people in tennessee, mississippi and arkansas killed by the storms this week. nice to see the images of what's left for houses like this one, family in three inside suffered only minor injuries. >> this is a miracle. there is no way that three individuals were in this house at this time. and they walk away. >> waking up on christmas day with this mess left to clean up, another strain for families nonetheless thankful that they still have each other. >> she is still upset. mom, what can i do for christmas? well, we will still be okay. we're here. that's a christmas gift enough in itself. things can be replaced but you can't replace people.
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>> andrew spencer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> wow. so much perspective there. and so much to be thankful for. well, much more to cover here on cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> we'll show you the new jersey church that held a star wars theme christmas eve service. also, ahead, surfers hit the shore. this isn't on the west coast either. this is our area. we'll hear from residents who hit the board this holiday. >> and live look now at center city for our cbs-3 studios, where we are talking about some report warmth. katie has your christmas forecast when we come back. when we go to break, performance by mount st. joseph academy sweet mad line. enjoy. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> it may be christmas but feeling like much warmer season. you're looking liver at old city first reform united christ in old city. those are real live animals nativity scene there. >> pretty cool. worshippers took part in christmas eve services outdoors last night. the church does this every year, telling the story of the birth of jesus christ. that's the scene there last night. >> very cool. >> and now another look at the vatican. a live look, where pope francis is blessing the fateful in saint peters square. he'll also be delivering his christmas message. >> may the joy of this day ...
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>> inspire by hope, may continue their commitment ... >> that was dipping in live as the pope spoke. >> hearing from pope francis on this christmas day. switching gears, sufficient's -- surf's up at the jersey shore. >> prompting some people to spend their holiday at seaside resorts like bellmawr. people got out their thrip flops and surf boards. temperatures warm enough to ride the waves. some say bring it on. >> really warm, the waves, so i'll surf and i'm happy. fantastic, any time up get out on the water, christmas surprise. >> forecasters credit the high temperatures to the el nino phenomenon in the pacific ocean. i have to say i saw one pair of flip flops walking around the news room today, ill, i won't name names. but i heard, then i saw. >> oh, respect for that person. katie, was it you? >> it wasn't me. >> i mean, i can dig it with these temperatures.
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>> absolutely, yes. >> totally true. and you know we talk about you guys mentioned the el nino, that's part of the reason we had such exceptional warmth not just this month but the last month, as women. and will keep ongoing. >> it's been great. depends who you ask. for me, great. along with that, though, do come series of some other issues, that go with the weather pattern. so we had some fog issues, at this point you can see basically the entire span of the ben franklin bridge, so the fog, not as terrible for us here at least across the river here in camden, but, what we are finding is some pretty poor and locally dense visibility, our dense fog with poor visibility across the rest of the region. now, that said, we are going to continue to track looks to be pretty un set unsettled pattern. couple of different front come through, almost every day bridges different front. keeps us unsettled, wet weather off in the distance, but real think pocket from the south, it will be lifting in later tonight. and bring us our next rounds of light rain or showers. in addition to that, prayers
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to the families down in the deep south, because there has been a continued severe weather down there, and right now, additional squawl lines setting up in the same area, so already, deadly severe weather down south, again, keep our thought with those folks down there. looks like dealing with additional weather. low 60s in trenton, upper 60s atlantic city, really warm start to this morning, you can really tell though where that cold front, the latest one has crossed through in the 60s, 70s, back to nashville, jump over to st. louis drop solid 25 agrees or so. so that said, there is a clash that set up in the atmosphere, not as much of a clash here, so it doesn't appear as the next few days bring us any severe threat but bridges us potential for additional wet weather. today should be another record breaking day, tomorrow little keel, but still above average, and damp with clouds, maybe some showers or drizzle. then we see another front come
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in, record warmth come sunday, another front look ahead to the early week, keeps ongoing. holiday cheer coming your way, folks, here in philly we expect to break the record, and snow kentucky, no know there, 56 degrees for the high today, out in noel, missouri shooting for 62 for daytime high. pretty cold in and the letter, north dakota this day. let me jump you to the seven day, how the rest of the pattern pans out. fifty-five by tomorrow, sky-rocketing to 70 again for another record breaker sunday. and as we head into the early part of next week, coolest day of the pack, 49 degrees monday here, breezy day, cooler obviously, but still above average. so, despite the ups ands down, i think we'll get through the entire year with not even one day, not average but below average. >> that's incredible. >> crazy there is winter has been so mild, and for a lot of people, just wonderful. >> i'm digging it. >> , i'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. real careful of that.
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you'll kick me out of the studio and out to the snow. >> right. enjoy it while it lasts. all right, katie, thank you. still ahead, the movie studio behind will smith's latest film concussion is make. >> also ahead this season of giving, learning about generous donation at one salvation army red kettlement we'll tell but it when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> salvation army used to people dropping coins into their kettles. >> this year one bell ringer got a really big surprise. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> john shepherd has been a bell ringer for l salvation arm for four decades in glendale, california, but never gotten an donation quite like. >> this donor who want to remain anonymous, dropped a $5,000 check into shepherd's bucket. shepherd said he doesn't know who did it because he looks away when people slip in collection. >> a private matter. you know, it is up to you. it is sort of like the conventional. i don't know how to react. i was shocked. >> the glendale chapter of california was able to help 600 families this year. the money from that check went into the general fund, and was used for after-school programs, the food bank, and christmas presents. >> how generous. >> what a an amazing thing to do. >> i like how he compares it to the conventional. whatever you can give. whatever you say here, perfect. still ahead, another festive performance for this christmas morning, we have the
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philadelphia boys choir and chorale singing chorus. also this. >> from surgery to the stage. how a life saving treatment helped make this dancer's dream come true. i'm marlie hall in new york, with that story, coming up. >> and we are certainly looking at some continued warmth here in the delaware valley. it is a pattern that just doesn't look like it wants to stop any time soon. we've also got to deal with some unsettled weather along with, that the trade off effect. we'll talk about
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>> the eagles need a win tomorrow night to stay alive in the race for the playoffs. >> it is a huge game. nfc east leader washington is in town, fan they win, they win the division, and the birds are grounded for the seasonment game also marks the return for former eagles pro bowl receiver desean jackson. >> and big game of course right here on cbs-3. we'll get you all ready for all of the action with the pre-game show beginning at 7:00. followed by kick off live from lincoln financial field at 8:25, it is all right here on cbs-3. >> and last night's thursday night game could be the nfl's last in the city of oakland, raider could move after the season, oakland won the game in over time 23-20, of their division rivals the san diego chargers, game also the last in oakland for raiders defensive back woodson calling it a career after his 18th season in the nfl.
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all right, we will take a short break. >> and as we head into break, enjoy this performance from the philadelphia boys choir and chorale. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, merry christmas everyone, this is a picture from old city, dense fog advisory, katie, i worked in a lot of places, up-state new york, new england, very cold this time of year. i haven't experienced this temperature in december in quite a while. >> i don't know that we will be able to say we ever v actually feeling like this might be the warmest december we've ever recorded since records began. certainly in our lifetime, absolutely, definitely warmth after generation with this casino of pattern. we talk about el nino a lot to play a role in this, too, so we can towelly start things off, just look at the statistical information here. we have the sort of hot sun in
6:30 am
the backdrop of this graphic for you, for a reason. winter cold has really been put on hold really. temperatures anywhere 20, 30 degrees above the average, has been norm for us, in the last week and a half. and certainly we have a lot of records that are new for the books this month, wednesday, yesterday, today likely to be record breaker and sunday we also think will be a record breakerment just been unbelievable. now, temperatures, in the month of december, 2015 so far have all been above average. at least 12.7 degrees above average. and 12.7 degrees for that span of time is a huge deal, very significant, and this will as we mention likely be the warmest december ever. so certainly an interesting statistic there. storm scan3 as we take you outside, you know, always tough to tell fog on saturday light. but we have some very low-lying cloud cover out, there higher clouds moving through relatively quickly here on storm scan, sort of sign every things to come. actually another front that is
6:31 am
set to lift in by christmas night. so we'll have to watch for. that will meantime, your visibilities of a bigger story. we have half or under half mile visibility, in trenton, in lancaster, in wilmington, now to up 1 mile at philadelphia international airport. temperatures tell the story. it is very, very mild to kick start the christmas morning here, 65, in palmyra this hour. but, merry christmas to you. nice festive graphic with nothing really chilly about it at all. record warmth, the expectation here, 69 degrees is our expected high. and by tonight, we are likely to see few additional showers build in from the south. >> with the thermometer hitting the 60s, doesn't fill everyone's concept of winter. >> not everyone complaining, though, and i know one person. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin fin itch live along the ben franklin parkway to filed out how field ands are dealing with the winter warmth. justin, i know you, you love the heat, so you are loving this. >> oh, yes, yes. jan, nicole, merry christmas,
6:32 am
ding, ding, ding, jan, you're right when it comes to warm weather, i'll always take it, this philadelphia, it is fine with it, based on unofficial survey of us here in the area, most every us are okay with the mild christmas, too. check out dilworth plaza, we were over there, you can still ice skate. there is still ice left. minus the coat and hat. leave those behind. we saw one skater doing just that, not only showing off her skating skills, but also, that winter wear is not a must. now, the ice rink, teeter toward the swimming pool here and there, looking wet, slush any some parts, but the calendar does say christmas, and the climate says otherwise, then after last year's cold winter many are all right with the warm winter start. we spoke with one street saxophonist who left his layers behind for a t-shirt. >> and this is the first time i've been out here, not needed gloves, hat, or jacket, or anything. and i am out here sweating. >> i like the warm weather. i had to shovel 27 times last year. so this is perfect. >> good for up, so you'll take
6:33 am
it? >> i'll take it. >> and i'll have what she is having, as well, nice warm christmas weather. in terms of christmas attire, i would say, leave the ugly sweater. and i also say leave the short. lot of shorts this morning, hey, merry christmas, do it your way. jan, nicole, over to you. >> that's right. all right, special gift just for you justin this weather. thanks, justin. this morning, many are gathering in churches to celebrate the birth of jesus christ. >> archbishop charles chaput celebrated midnight mass at the basilica of saint peter and paul, stands being room only crowd there. the basilica will also hold masses at 8:00, 10:00 and noon today. >> here is another live look at the vatican, where tens of thousands of faith full are crowded in saint peters square for the pope's annual christmas message and blessing. during his blessing, the pontiff called for peace overseas, and urged the fateful to allow jes to guide them. this is the pontiff as last public event of the holiday. last night, pope francis celebrated mass at saint
6:34 am
peters basilica honoring the birth of course of jesus christ. well, christians in bethlehem celebrating christmas a mid recent violence in that area. the town has been focal point for clashes between israeli troops and palestinian protesters in recent months. thousands of people crowded into the manger square for christmas festivities last night. one visitor from jerusalem said she is happy to escape the violence and feel safe in bethlehem. >> happening today, festivities for the annual re-enactment of washington crossing the delaware, that starts at noon. it will be at washington crossing state park, in bucks county. in 1776 general george washington and his troops crossed the delaware river to titus ville, new jersey, for surprise attack against herb and forces in trenton. it turned the tide of the revolutionary war. >> so much history. >> absolutely. and this is extra special christmas for one new york city dancer. >> yes, 24 year old elna developed rare blockage in her brain that threatened to end not only her career but her
6:35 am
life. marlie hall more on life saving treatment that was able to make the woman's dream come true. >> when elana chan takes the dance floor, every move is a celebration of life. >> i'm just really blessed to be here. >> after suffering migraines, the 24 year old dancer was diagnosed last february with arterial venus malformation. >> it is my brain, like wow, this is a big deal. what's wrong with it? >> it is an abnormal tangle of blood vessels in the brain that blocks the flow of blood. >> there is something in the back of the brain that you don't see on the other side. >> doctors at lenox ville hospital in new york new if elana's was left un-treat philadelphia could burst, causing brain damage, stroke, even death. they decided surgery was the best, but risky treatment. >> you can lose vision from operating or treating avm in this location. we can't say we haven't seen that before. it happens.
6:36 am
>> elnaa underwent the operation. first flooded when medical glue to prevent blood from throwing through it, then surgeons cut into her skull and successfully removed the tangle. elana has occasional headaches, needs regular scans to make sure there is no bleeding. but she now dances eight hours a day at the prestigious joe are you ballet school. >> i can just go for anything. there is not stopping me now. >> she hopes to one day become a broadway dancer. marlie hall, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". now, according to the american stroke association, avm's affect less than 1% of people. >> it is estimate that about one in 200 in 500 people may have one, and it is more common in men than women. good to see her triumph over that situation, though. still ahead this morning, meet the barber to the stars. we'll take you inside his lehigh valley barber shop. plus, a christmas eve service that celebrated a little more than just the birth of jesus.
6:37 am
we'll show you the new jersey church that managed to work star wars into their teaching. >> well, we have seen it all. also ahead, a look at some of the letters that have arrived at the north pole as we go to break, though, another pearl form ands of the choir at the mount st. joseph academy. enjoy it. merry christmas, everybody. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> beautiful site there. this christmas, live look for you at the old city first united church in old city. see the living nativity there. so beautiful. >> isn't that something? did i a double take when i drove by the other day. wait. that's alive animal? really incredible. shout out to kyle hall out there getting great individual joe. >> love kyle. thanks, kyle, nice. >> this is something else, too. star wars fans are so devoted to the movie. they say it is like a religion. >> now a new jersey church has combined the bible with the block buster to deliver a unique christmas eve service. tracey, from our sister
6:45 am
station in new york, has that story. christmas town, in moorestown, new jersey, contemporary christian church celebrated christmas in a out of this world way, pastor tim lucas, no relation to george, combined bible scripture and star wars to tell the story of jesus' birth. >> we're telling the story of christmas, the last book in the bible, revelation, which imagines on christmas eve this battle behind the stars between the dark side and the light, forces of god versus the forces of each. >> each, has a theme, based on the recent star wars theme, may be the most over the top, complete with dancing storm troopers, clips from the movies life sabres, and the live nativity scene with the princess, packed house, pastor lucas hopes this service appeals to everyone. >> good way to get people to come out, come to church. >> we're older, and it is
6:46 am
going to take a little time to get used to. god will get the message to us, in anyway he can. >> not the church i grew up in. i grew upgoing to church, cat link, it was very boring. we couldn't wait to get out of there. everyone was excited to come today. >> i'm actually a clone trooper. >> are you wearing your hollow win costume? >> no. >> i thought it was pretty interesting. >> while some may prefer more traditional christmas eve service, this church says their message is still the same this holiday season. >> we talk about actually every person needs to make that choice themself, live fear of hate and one of hope and fate. we hope as christians they choose the light over the dark side. >> i think it created good analogy to connect with the story they hear every night. >> jedi nights in all ages. in moorestown, new jersey. >> i think this is one of those times you say to each his own. >> that's right. >> and leave it there. >> yes. >> you snow. >> they're the fans out there. they're diehard. i ran into quite a few of
6:47 am
them, so i believe this. >> religion right there. >> you may not know that my mom has been trying really hard to take care of me. and then at the ends, can you please give my mom whatever you want? >> oh, these are the types of christmas wishes from children all over the world. and where do all of those letters to santa ends up? well, many of them come to santa's workshop in north pole alaska. say reading these letters also gives good insight into what will be the hot toys this holiday season, and it isn't just letters that end up here. people actually come from all over to visit santa. and why not? north pole alaska? >> i love those towns that have those cute holiday names. there are a loft them. >> i love that. all right, well, certainly doesn't feel like the north pole here, does it, katy? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. yes, you know there is will be one of those days once again where we expect to not only go well above average with our thermometer readings but also break a record or two along the way. actually we check in with series of some fun festive photos that came into us from
6:48 am
our eyewitness weather watchers. probably my favorite one so far. lynn sent this in, handful of bacon. speaking my language, girls. okay, let's tack you next to another one that she sent in. just festive lights, the sun hasn't yet come up for us here, and i actually see the window, jan and nicole, on the screen there. yes, she is watching us here this morning on "eyewitness news", merry christmas to you. this one came into us from ed, little guy casey with santa hat. sleeping with a stuffed animal. so adorable. then we get to some shop talk, we do have some fog outside creating halo effect over the christmas light, the christmas decorations, and it starting to lift just little bit out in chestnut hillment one the classic still shots that we get in from phil in the morning. so thanks guys, merry christmas to all of you, hope you're enjoying the morning with your families. all right, storm scan3, definitely, little action. not locally at the moment, we do have a series of fronts, over the course of the next couple of days, so along with
6:49 am
all of this exceptional warmth will come some additional unsettled weather. and unfortunately, it means more severe weather down in the deep south, so our thoughts continue to be with those living down in this part of the country where we continue to find some very nasty thunderstorms, even on christmas day, rumbling through this area. but, for us, it is not a severe situation. rather, it is more just stuck in the clouds. and some dampness over the next few days, but we do keep this warmth, as we look forward, this is our temperature outlook, for the date december 30th, through january 3rd. so taking us into the new year. yep. once again we expect to stay above average. take a look here on the eastern seaboard basically up and down the entire coast, the expectation is that will be much above average for expected daytime highs throughout that week. jumping forward, though, talk little different shop talk here, important game, coming up from washington, taking on philadelphia here, 51 degrees at kick off. expect though to see little bit of dampness out there on saturday. and even though all of these fronts sort of take us on roller coaster of temperatures, not one day is
6:50 am
actually at or even below average. so, it does stay very mild, guys, back to you. >> katie, thank you. new move which phillies on will smith is tackling the nfl concussion crisis. >> now the movie studio has the unique offer for movie-goers. >> you're going to war with a corporation that owns a day of the week. this they have to listen to us now. >> so, zone is he offering free admission to concussion for any current or former players along with every nfl owner. will smith plays the doctor who raised awareness about cte, which is the brain disease affecting many former football placer. the movie hit theatres today. >> and speaking of will smith, when the philly native graced magazine cover to promote concussion, he turned to a local barber to help him with his hair. >> interesting. cbs-3 photo journalist jim mchugh takes us inside the bethlehem barber shop to meet this barber star.
6:51 am
>> master barber here in bethlehem, pennsylvania, currently work at the barber shop. usually the customers avenue he -- i've had the same for the five, ten years, might get couple here or there added to the customer part. but for the most part people i've built relationship the past five, ten, 15 years, one day the barber shop connect, which is the number one social media outlet for bashers, in the world, hit me with a proposal, asked me, i was available to cut someone for him, one every his client, and i said sure. and i said well who is it going to be? and he advised me that it was going to be will smith. ill he and quite honest, i thought it was a joke >> soy basically i arrived,
6:52 am
from 10:15 in the morning, until 6:15 at night, i service dollars him around 12:00 to like 12:35, actually went with him wept, for the magazine he was featured in, the cover, definitely the pinacle of my career. and i'm just hoping that it goes from there. >> oh, will smith, the epitome of cool. >> so cool. >> also thank photo journalist jim mchugh for that great story. >> i love the packages where you just hear from those people. >> good story. >> exactly, we'll be right back.
6:53 am
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>> welcome back, enjoy another holiday tradition today after you open those christmas gifts. >> yes, "disney on ice", at the wells fargo center, the show features more than 50 disney characters, including mickey, mini of course. it was a full house for last night's christmas eve performance. "disney on ice" continues at the well through january third, and i was saying earlier, i saw it last year, going to see it again this year, and the kids love it. go crazy. >> they are lie up. all of those characters in one place. and in up-state new york there is a celebrity pumping gas this holiday season. who is that? well, it is oleff, snowman frozen, of course. >> began yell said he dresses earlier in the season, he worked at the quick fill for eight years, and when sent in costume he greets customers
6:57 am
song or dance. he likes to brighten his customer's days. >> how about is that? and i bet he does. who doesn't want olaf to pump their gas? >> he is the best. i love. that will all right, last check on the forecast, katy? >> foggy start to our christmas morning for sure. thankfully not going to be dealing with too much in the way of this for the rest of the day. looks as though this dense fog will lift late morning, as it tends to do, but you got advisory for much of the region until 10:00 this morning. seven day forecast, a lot of ups and downs, rain comes along with it, but, again, still above average every single day, guys. >> all right, katie, thanks. cbs this morning is up next with bishop td jakes, plus a look back at pope francis historic visit to america. >> and remember to join us bright and early each weekday morning right here on cbs-3, we get to start it at 4:30. >> we want to leave you with the names of cbs-3 news family. from our family to yours, merry christmas. >> ♪ >> ♪
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♪ good morning. it is friday, december 25th, 2015. merry christmas and welcome to "cbs this morning." bishop t.d. jakes shows us how religion is working to win back followers, plus his holiday message for a troubled world. we'll look at how pope francis barnstormed across the u.s. and the globe on his mission of change. and kennedy center honoree rita moreno. and today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. thankful


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