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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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after eating a food most ofs have in our cupboards. "eyewitness news" is there as the pup reunited with his owner. a generous donation. the christmas spirit alive and well in philadelphia's love park. how little boy and his family helped make this day one to remember for people in need. and the pouring rain didn't stop christmas night traditions. we head out into the city to see what people were up to aft unwrapping all those presents. good evening, and merry christmas everyone. i'm jessica dean. ukee washington has the night off. not only was it a rainy christmas it was also very warm out there. we didn't break a record, but we did tie one. what comes next? meteorologist lauren casey in for kate bilo tonight. lauren the rain now moves out. how does it feel out there right now? it feels damp, very damp right now and humid as well. temperatures very mild. don't even need the coat as been the trend the last several days. might be breaking it out as we head into the day tomorrow but for right now things quiting
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down storm scan3 showing us the rain moving offshore after we had that impressive swath of precipitation move through earlier this evening. some heavy rain somebody thunderstorm activity but now all is quiet across much of the area. but some impressive rainfall totals well over an inch and a half of rainfall in hammonton. from that event in our neighbor network picked up close to half an inch in wilmington, delaware. close to an inch there in salem. but we won't pick up much more rainfall just chance of a spotty shower for the rest of the overnight period but temperatures are extremely mild. 62 degrees in philadelphia after a record tieing high temperature of 68 today. 60 down the shore and we're in the low 50s extremely mild in the poconos but temperatures are highhighs tomorrow will be coolr than our current temperatures right now. so i'll talk about were to expect fort rest your christmas holiday coming up in just a few. >> all right, lauren see you then, thank you. the rain didn't stop people in our area from celebrating their christmas traditions or even creating new ones.
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"eyewitness news" reporter david spunt caught up with some of them tonight and joins us now live from society hill. david? >> reporter: jessica, things are finally starting to quiet down this movie theater behind me most of the people left probably within the last 30 minutes or so but it has been a wild day weather wise but that didn't stop people from getting out and enjoying their christm christmas. despite the nasty wet weather the streets of chinatown were busy the restaurants packed including secora on race street. >> it feels great. it's christmas. how else could you feel? christmas in chinatown turn out to be a hit. maybe the weather, maybe the food finding an empty table was tough. >> it's very very crazy busy. so we have a lot of customers coming because not only we have open today but we have great food. >> reporter: some decided to start new christmas tradition. >> we always have a tradition. regular meal but this year we said let's go for chinese. so we all said my brother-in-law
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wanted to do it and i wanted to do it so my mom wasn't so happy about it but now she's happy. >> reporter: in society hill, the ritz saw a steady flow of movie goers. another popular christmas tradition. >> i always go see movies on christmas. >> i just decided i wanted to get out of the house and do something kind of different. so decided to moat friend here later and see brooklyn. >> perfect night for it. >> actually it was a nice walk over here. the vein nice. >> reporter: not everybody agree that is the rain is nice. a lot of new traditions on this christmas day. it was great to just see people out in shorts and t-shirts it was something to get used to but they were having a good time. jessica, we're reporting live tonight. david spunt cbs3 it witness news. >> one way to spend christmas. david, thanks so much. christmas of course is also a day for charity and service. "eyewitness news" in west philadelphia where chose season thee hundred ministries served up holiday meals and gifts to under served families. tonight it was all about providing a special christmas to local children. >> a lot of children that are in this community that woke up this
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morning didn't have christmas tree, didn't have toys underneath the tree. but tonight they could come to mace called chose season 300 and be able to sit down, have an outstanding turkey meal, but also be get gifts so we can pull you put smiles on their face they deserve. every year chose season 300 ministries exhibits more than 150,000 meals to the homeless of philadelphia and pottstown. a little boy brought the spirit of santa the homeless in love park today. as "eyewitness news" reporter alex an degree hov shows us he and his familiar wl inspired by a man they barely know. >> christmas morning feels very different for a person waking up on concrete. >> a couple young teenagers lost people here need help. >> i'm trig to hang in there. >> julie wallace hasn't received a christmas present from anyone since her son died. >> my son been gone for 14 yea years. like phone years. >> she doesn't expect that streak to be broken. >> hello.
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>> especially not by a 10-year-old. >> he was sitting out there freezing cold. >> mark warner was waiting for a bus with his mom when he met a homeless vet known mr. rick. >> mr. rick encouraged him. he talk to his sisters and they decided to give up christmas to help the homeless. >> reporter: with his family mark helped safe money asked santa to pass his house by and instead bought presents for the homeless. >> my children decided to do this this christmas for ya'll. >> not knowing they'd be able to find anyone to give the gifts to, the response they got at love park was overwhelming to say the least. >> merry christmas. thank you. >> they forfeited they christmas for this. you know, i love my kids. we going to do everything possible to help out because we're blessed. >> reporter: the feeling was shared as other groups joined to provide extra food and blankets but for mark it comes back to mr. rick whose military service made him think of his own brother. >> i think mr. rick was like an angel sent down here to show and make everybody aware that, hey, these people do need help.
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>> reporter: people like juli julie. >> i lost my son, that's the only one giving me christmas gifts. so like i don't get none. i'm happy. >> reporter: we tried looking for mr. rick out here but there's no sign of him. what we do know whoever he is, he made a big impact on a little boy and the community. even though the kids thought their gifts were given away out here we're told santa did hide some back at home. reporting in center city this christmas, alex hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news". the enabled center in camden opened its doors today to families could get a hot meal. volunteers witness temple emmanuel synagogue helped prepare christmas feast with all the trimmings and that joyous spirit even flowed outside the center. 1384 old cam mirror williams and his friends put together take home bags full of snacks and sandwiches for anyone who stopped by. donations are pouring in to the red cross for families in tornado ravaged mississippi. the christmas spear witness was
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on full display at this shelter in holly springs. it was packed with boxes of clothes, shoes and toys for families who lost everything that those violent storms. red cross says the response was so great they even had to turn down some donations. outbreak of tornadoes earlier this week killed at least 14 people. those storms disrupted holiday deliveries but employees went above beyond to make sure those gifts arrived on time. here's cbs news correspondent demarco morgan. >> reporter: employees for fed he can found themselves overtime playing santa in the air and by ground. joanne baron is a grateful customer. >> elation. (laughter). >> an yank for my husband who i asked to run back to the apartment to get the package.
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>> they had to work fast to get distribution offices back open and trucks rolling. >> fed he can released a statement saying "employees have volunteered to work these christmas day shifts for the benefit of our customers. postal workers also got in the act. this man pitched in with his co-workers in san jose. >> when everybody is expecting a gift and they don't get it and we knock on the door and they get their gift. >> fed ex released a statement saying their hearts go out to all of the victims of the storms there in the southeast and that they're working directly with the state to deliver aid to those affected areas. demarco morgan, cbs news, new york. just as soon as the presents are opened, some of them will be going back to the store.
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research shows 40% of americans try to return or exchange christmas gifts. if you have a gift receipt, you're good. but most stores say they're getting ripped off by thieves who try to return stolen items for cash so don't be surprised if they ask you for id. keep in mind some places will only give you store credit and they might charge a restocking fee. stores in shopping centers will open early tomorrow for that rush of returns. big sales are being offered as well. we've got a list of mall hours for you at crowds gathered for the annual reenactment of washington covering the delaware. "eyewitness news" at washington crossing state park in bucks county. in 1776 general george washington and his troops crossed the delaware river to titusville new jersey for a surprise attack against hessian foes at trenton. it turned the tied of the revolutionary war. >> during the time when washington crossed here, they a march and we're dressed all pretty nicely in our outfits.
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they were in tatters. >> not at all like it was. today was a beautiful day. it was about 65 or so. so, you know, 40 degrees more than it was back then. >> the reenactment has serve as holiday tradition since 1947. president barack obama and first lady michelle obama sent seasons greetings to the american people today. the weekly presidential address focused on jesus' love and compassion for those on society's margins. >> let the spirit that binds us together. not just as christians but as americans of all faiths it's what the holidays are about. coming together as one american family to celebrate our blessings and the values we hold deer. >> the president and first lady also thanked the troops who act have you face every day. it is a christmas reunion for a local man and his best friend. a scare sent sergeant the dog to the er now this story has happy ending but one every pet owner
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should see. vittoria woodill has the heart warming tale straight ahead. plus, this might make you look twice much the jersey shore the place to be on christmas day. lauren, how long will this unusually warm weather keep going. >> more in the forecast. but we're going to take brief break the rain is moving out and cooler air is building in for our saturday. i'll let you know where temperatures will settle in by afternoon in your eyewitness forecast coming up. while there's no snow on the ground, we'll tell you where a snowman is greeting customers at the pump. that story when "eyewitness news" continues. ♪ >> i want to say merry christmas and happy new year to my mom, my dad and the rest of my family
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♪ (vo) some call it giving back.
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we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> pope francis prayed for peace in his annual christmas message from the vatican. he also offered words of hope and did he nouned acts of terror including the november attacks in paris. and keeping his message of mer mercy. francis praised both individuals and countries that have taken in refugees fleeing war torn
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countries. in england hundreds of well wish schers waited outside church on christmas day hoping to catch a glimpse of the royal family. the queen, prince charles and his wife camilla left the church first. they were followed by prince harry and prince william and his wife. the young parents left two-year-old george and seven month old charlotte at home with the nanny. some area first responders got a sweet surprise on this christmas day. congregations of synogue of philadelphia delivered more than 500 cookies to local police and fire departments. the cookies are a way to say thank you. >> the fact that our policemen and firemen put theirselves in the line of fire every day even on christmas day we really wanted to give something back to them. >> the cookies were delivered police and fire departments around philadelphia as well as huntington valley, abington and bensalem. well tonight we have a heart warming story of a christmas
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reunion between local man and his best friend. in this case, the best friend is a dog. our vittoria woodill has this story. there once was a named sawing evernamed --dog named se. >> he's very smart dog. he just wins your heart. >> few days ago sergeant had his eye on a craven on the table were a couple bocks of raisins. >> i inn left three small boxes of raisins on the end table upstairs. and that was like meat to a shark for sergeant. immediately it registered on me what the results could be because i know raisins are highly toxic to doing. >> reporter: william smith his own are in rushed sergeant to the penn vet hospital with the you have most quickness in hopes of preventing his friend from sickness on staff was internal medicine resident. >> typically don't feel sign of illness unless they develop
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acute kidney injury can take few days to develop. so they might not even feel like they're sick, but the hard part kit cause pretty significant consequences down the road. >> reporter: tough part for william was now waiting. but after a visit to check on sergeant he gave the hospital a top rating. >> when you see an animal that can't talk to tell you what's wrong it's tollly out of your hands and bringing him to this place was the best thing i ever did. love him. it was the first thing i recognized. they care report roar thankfully after lots of fluids care and love sarg was just fine but allow william to kindly remind. >> anybody that has an animal i would strongly suggest that they know what types of food can be harmful to whatever animal it is. not only raisins but grapes, chocolate, onions, garlic things of that nature. >> his kidney values remained stable. >> that's great. >> esche be out of the woods. >> reporter: after rough couple of days, christmas would prove to be,. >> going to be great christmas. >> a merry, murray one for sarg,
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william and their family. have you to ya woodill cbs3 "eyewitness news". no shirt, no shoes new york city problem. down the shore walkers and joggers hit the boards in belmar in light layers and shorts today. some ventured out into the owing and caught few waves. not your typical beach day at the end of december. >> i think we're going to have christmas 2015 in our minds for long time. may ab while before we see that again. >> for sure. it's not very often you break out the tank top. playing a little beach volleyball on christmas. but we sure had that day with the record warmth everyone driven indoors by the rain and thunderstorm that moved through this evening. now things quiting down but we still have that muggy factor lingering. with all of that moisture lingering around we are starring to see fog developing and locally dense in some areas. we can see that fog settling in right now as we take live act at bethlehem on this christmas. skycam3 showing us the bethlehem hotel. christmas lights still on. as we close this christmas 2015
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and what a christmas it was. 68 degrees the high temperature today tying the record in philadelphia set back in the 1960s. we broke a record in atlantic city at 72 degrees. a warm one in the poconos topped off at 63. that was a record breaker as well. winter cold has definitely been on hold over really the last two months. temperatures in december in particular have been running 20 to 30 degrees above average and our high temperatures have been record breaking we had a record on wednesday christmas eve. today and looks like as we head into this sunday we could have another record breaker in philadelphia. every day in december so far has been above average well above average and we will likely have the warm most december ever on record in philadelphia not even by a little margin. and records date back to the 1800s. so we had that warm and then we had the showers and thunderstorms move through. some heavy rainfall picking up. just a few hours time in vineland 2-inches of rainfall. atlantic city over an inch.
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smyrna, delaware, over an inch. washington township over a half an inch. and over quarter of an inch at philadelphia international airport. but storm scan3 showing us a trend especially over the last hour. the last of that moisture now moving offshore. still could see lingering sprinkle or shower but otherwise dry conditions as we head into the overnight period but not feeling dry all of that moisture still lingering dew points elevated in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. so it feels kind of muggy, kind of damp outside. we can feel the moisture and certainly see the moisture with that fog settling in reducing our visibilities in the lehigh valley down to near a quarter of a mile. that would be considered dense fog. visibilities down to about 2 miles right now in dover. temperatures still very mild. 62 degrees in philadelphia. still in the 60s down the shore. mid 50's in lehigh valley hanging up at 51 degrees right now on mount pocono. overnight tonight, we drop down to 50 degrees. areas of fog maybe a lingering shower otherwise mainly dry. for tomorrow, might want to have that rain slicker on hand.
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periods of drizzle and light rain. we're not going to see that heavy stuff moving through. cooler temperatures, though, 55 degrees will actually be earlier in the day and temperatures holding steady around 50 degrees as we head into the afternoon. so 51 your temperature at the linc as the birds take on washington. maybe a few showers and sprinkles but 51 degrees is probably going to feel a little bit cooler to you so plan for that after dealing with days of record heat and then we go back to that on sunday. 70 degrees. chance of a passing shower. 70 would smash our record in philadelphia. and then we do cool things down. 49 that still well above average for us but it will feel chilly on monday especially with that breeze. tuesday looks like quite the soaker. 54 in the afternoon. but we're going to have windy conditions and maybe even a little bit of a wintry mix tuesday morning so stay tuned to that forecast. >> that will be a change of pa pace. >> yeah. >> lauren thanks so much. pat is here. a lot of people looking to saturday. not quite getting all the way
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into next week. >> let's look at saturday first. it's christmas day today. that means there's nba act on the schedule. we've got highlights of lebron and steph curry but as jessica was alluding the washington redskins coming to town tomorrow. we'll hear from our old friend desean jackson and what he thinks of the matt matchup. that is next in sports.
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>> we've talk about this game -- >> feels like for a month. >> now it's finally upon us. >> almost. >> almost. >> almost. >> we're always there. trial al christmas miracle the philadelphia eagles remain in playoff contention but such a live in the nfc east. it is week 16. the eagles are six and eight. and they need two more wins to get into the post season starting with victory over washington tomorrow. it will also be desean jackson's
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second trip back to philly since chip kelly let him walk. who he'll face is a mystery as by i don't know maxwell is questionable to play because of a shoulder injury. that means rick row will likel y the man guarding d jack. bennie logan also questionable. desean he doesn't care whose on the other side. he says it's just another game. >> just another game. i mean, you know, i'm excited about it. highly anticipated but not going to make it more than what it is. we got game to do. to go win and that's all that matters. regardless of what team it is or the name on the jersey we don't really care about that. just got a game to go win. must win for us. >> the birds host washington in a battle for first place on saturday night. don bell, lesley van arsdall and myself will get you ready for all the act at 7:00 o'clock. it's a saturday edition of kick off on cbs3. the game will follow at 8:25. it's christmas day. that means opening gifts, relaxing with the family and tons of nba action all day long.
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let's start with the cavaliers and warriors. look at that fan in the front row. lebron you're a cry barry. look al her again. cry baby. he looks at her no, never hyped you're the best. you're the best. that's why lebron is the best. this play right here splits the defense for the two handed slam. he would get cleveland to win six. the cavs down just three here but steph curry takes over. he does it there. the warriors within 89-83. they move to 28-one on the season. neck the pelicans and heat. they go to overtime. this is chris bosche with the left handed running cook. miami would win in the extra session 94-88. golden thunder, ugly shot. he cleans it up. chic shock would win 105-96 and that is your day of nba action but of course it's all about tomorrow football cake. isn't it. >> that's right. you'll be down there. >> i'll be down there.
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>> you got a kick off show. >> big show tomorrow. big game. if they don't win it's over. >> fingers crossed. >> still ahead op "eyewitness news" astronauts phone home doesn't go quiet as planned. we'll talk about the embarrassing mistake from outerspa
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british astronaut tim peek had app embarrassing moment from space. he accidentally dialed the wrong number when he was making a phone call from the international space station. and when the person answered, he actually said hello, is this planet earth? well, she hung up. maybe she'll find out who actually called her. she might be little surprised. peak says he wasn't trying to do a prank call or anything. just an accident there. yeah. gas station attendant in new york brighten the day of customers frozen style. daniel kendrick dressed up like olaf the snowman. over the holiday season he dressed up as santa and as and elf. it's not just the holidays. he says he's ready to greet customers all year round with song and dance. >> he says he loves the job where he gets to meet different people all the time. so this is perfect for him. >> nice shoes. >> we'll be right back.
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♪ hello i'm pfc wallace from bravo company regional medical center in germany. seasons greetings and happy holidays to everyone especially my family. i love you guys. i can't wait to see you. thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. for lauren, pat and everyone here, i'm jessica dean. remember we're always on at up next the late show with stephen colbert. and from our entire family to yours, merry christmas! have a good night. ♪
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