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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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what to do after unwrapping all of those presents? we will head out to the city to see christmas night traditions. today is saturday december r christmas, good morning to you i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:00 o'clock. i'm nicole brewer. we will check with the forecast and check on the forecast. it seems like it is cooling down a little bit but still nice. >> we're talking about a big cool down but today, but 50. >> crazy. >> yeah, coming off a high of 68 on christmas take that tied the record. little bittle cooler today, humidity is gone but we will be talking about more record warmth, if you are want ago this warm temperature again it looks like tomorrow, we are running at a high of 70 degrees just shattering a new record. good news this morning is heavy rain we had last night in south jersey, delaware, it is coming to an end or has ended. maybe a passing shower. the. it just depend. the it is scattered, overcast glummy day. big difference is the temperature. visibility is good at 10 miles every where so that fog has dissipated and wind has kick up. temperatures dropping, very
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slowly through the morning, and that is the the trend throughout the the day. we have reached our high temperature of around 61 degrees just after midnight this morning. as that push of colder air returns. fifty currently in quakertown, pottstown, doylestown, so throw off the light jack he it heading to those malls to do some returns, this morning. sustained wind at ten to 15 miles an hour out of the north/north east and that is why we are cooling things down. still overcast skies today, generally temperatures hold in the mid 50's in the philadelphia and shore. forty's in the mountains. anywhere could see a sure or two, throughout the morning, or two in the afternoon and during the evening. evening game, most of the game should stay dry, kick off in 25, kick off right around 50 degrees. cloudy skies, maybe a passing shower but a split weekend. again to day's high mid 50's with cloud, a little sun tomorrow gets us up to 70 degrees, setting a new rorrer. then we will talk about more rain in the seven day forecast as details come in. nicole, back to you. if you think holiday shopping is over, think again.
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shoppers will flood stores and shopping centers this morning to get a jump start on the holiday returns. now many stores are opening up early to accommodate that rush and big sales are also being offered. our alexandria movies live at the wal-mart center in deptford, new jersey this morning. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. that is right, stores that closed early or all together yesterday are opening upright now this wal-mart super center is opening up doors as we speak. if you are planning to come out to do early returns or exchanges you will be in good company. according to consumer reports 40 percent of shoppers will make a return or a exchange of some kind. if you come out make sure you bring that receipt. it is more difficult then ever to try to bring something back without one. and that of course has to do with fraud and theft. experts warn shoplifters will try to return stolen items for cash, as they are making us all look bad. with no receipt your best betties to keep the the item unopened and in the original box. don't be surprised if you get extra questions at the
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register. >> 85 percent of retailers now require an identification for example, if you don't have a receipt. >> reporter: want to make sure you bring that, also, most department stores are opening up in an hour. i know same is case for target but once again super center is now opened, right now here in deptford township and if you are looking for sales, you may forgot to ship something out, we will find all year the the deals will be this morning. reporting live from deptford township i'm alexandria hoff, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". if you cannot take back that unwanted gift you can always, break it but first there are a a few etiquette rolled. don't regift with your immediate family. don't do it, don't do it with people in your inner social circle. they talk among themselves. also, make sure that the gift isn't something that took time to make by hand or something that is personalized. now if you get busted recycling a gift, experts say own up to it. it will be embarrassing but
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explain you why thought they would like that gift and then move on. if you are wondering what the the most commonly regifted items are they are candles, gift card, and alcohol but i love that we have to tell people not to give away a personalized gift. don't give someone else monogrammed initials, it just doesn't make sense. little boy brought a spirit of the santa to the homeless in love park on christmas day. this is so sweet. ten year-old mark warner and their family gave out presents to the homeless. mark was inspired by a man he met while waiting for his bus with his mom a homeless veteran named mr. rick. mr. rick encouraged mark and family decided to save up money to give out presents to the homeless on christmas. >> looking at some people outside. >> mr. rick was one, a angel sent down here to show, him, make everybody a aware that these people do need help. >> reporter: the response was overwhelming with many people, thankful for that gesture. other groups joined in on the
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christmas spirit yesterday giving out the extra food and blankets to the homeless. neighborhood center in camden opened its doors so families could get a hot meal, volunteers at temple emmanuel synagogue helped prepare a christmas feast with the trimmings and joy of spirit even flowed outside the center. thirteen year-old kymere williams and his friends put together snacks and sandwiches for anybody, who stopped by. well, donations are also pouring into the red cross, for families in tornado ravaged mississippi, christmas spirit in full display at this shelter in holy springs. it was packed with boxes of clothes, shoes, for families who lost everything in the violent storms. red cross says the response was so great they had to turn some donation as way. the out break earlier this week killed 14 people. the as mark straussman reports, survivors spent their christmas cleaning up wreckage and giving thanks just to be alive. >> it is sad, really sad.
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>> reporter: sonya wilkins came home to no signs of the christmas joy. >> this is where i used to live, it is all gone. >> reporter: wilkins home ace monk hundreds destroyed by the the cluster of deadly tornadoes. the the youngest victim seven year-old nicholas pomp roy was trapped in the the car with his mother and sister. the wind ripped him out of the vehicle. among six who died in tennessee three were found in a car, submerged in a river. this aerial view of ashland mississippi shows devastation of the most powerful storm. it reportedly stayed on the ground for at least 145 miles. packing wind of up to 160 miles per hour. barbara williamsson was inside her clarksdale home when it shredded around her. >> i don't know how i'm alive. christmas miracle. >> reporter: at the red cross emergency center in holy springs the the credit is mass spirit was on full display, donated toys for children who lost their presents in the storm. le vern zinn picked out new
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gifts for her nieces and nephews. >> the smile on their face, it just makes me happy. >> reporter: hard rain here most of the day kept many families from salvaging what they could, forecast brightens up on saturday but sunday could be stormy again. mark straussman, cbs news, holy springs, mississippi. >> 6:07. around here with the rain on christmas didn't stop people from getting out to celebrate their traditions or maybe create new ones. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt caught up with some of them. >> reporter: despite the nasty wet weather the streets of the chinatown were busy and restaurant were pack. including sick correa on race street. >> it feels great, christmas, how else could you feel. >> reporter: christmas in chinatown turnout to be a hit. maybe the the weather, maybe the food, finding an empty table was tough. >> it is very crazy busy. so we have a lot of customers coming in because a a a opened today and great food.
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>> reporter: some decided to start a new christmas tradition. >> we always have a tradition of the regular meal but this year we said lets go for chinese. so, we all did it, my brother-in-law wanted to do it, and i wanted to do it. my mom wasn't so happy bit but now she's happy. >> reporter: in society hill the ritz saw a steady flow, another popular christmas tradition. >> i always see a movie on christmas. >> i just wanted to go out of the house and do something kind of different. i decided to meet a friend here later. >> reporter: perfect night for it. >> yes, nice walk over here. rain is nice. >> reporter: rain finally stopped at 9:30 but no matter what mother nature brought us on christmas people made the best out of the situation. reporting from society hill david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". christmas was also a day for charity and services, "eyewitness news" in west philadelphia where chosen 300 ministries served up holiday meals and gifts to under served families. last night it was all about finding a special christmas for local children.
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each year chosen 300 ministries distributes more than 150,000 meals to the homeless of philadelphia and pottstown. back here at home for the holidays a local dog rush to the er after eating a food we have in our cupgame. eye witt the necessary news there as that puppy reunites with its owner, we will
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heart warming story of a christmas reunion between a local man and his best friend, and in this case the best friend is a dog. our vittoria woodill has that
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story. >> reporter: doctor was a dog who was sarge at 81-pound quite a muscular hound he is used to being in charge. >> you ask him what do you want? do you want to get out, eat. he will bark. very smart dog. he just wins your heart. >> reporter: a few days ago sarge had a craving, from the table where couple boxes of raisins. >> they left three small boxes of raisins on the end table upstairs and that is like meat to a shark for sarge. it immediately registered what the results could be because they are highly toxic to dogs. >> reporter: williams smith, sarge's owner rushed sarge to the penn vet hospital with the you the the most quickness in hopes of preventing his friend from sickness. on staff was dvm internal medicine resident. >> they typically don't see illness unless they develop a acute kid, so they may not feel sick but hard parties it can cause pretty significant consequences down the road.
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>> reporter: tough part for williams was now waiting but after a visit to check on sarge he gave the hospital a top rating. >> when you see an animal that can't talk to tell you what is wrong and it is out of your hand and bringing him here was best thing i ever did. >> i love him. first thing i recognized was the the care. >> reporter: after lots of fluid, care and love, sarge was just fine but allow william to remine. >> anybody that has an animal, i would strongly suggest that they necessity what types have of food to know what is harmful. the raisins are highly toxic but also grapes, check late, onions, garlic, things of that nature. >> kidney remain stable so he should be out of the woods. >> reporter: after a rough couple of days, christmas proved to be. >> a merry, merry one for sarge, william and their families. vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". i love. that i love sarge. i love vittoria's use of
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rhyming in that story. that was great. no shirt, no shoes, no problem. walkers and joggers hit the board in bellmawr in light layers and shorts. some ventured out in the ocean. not your typical beach day at the end of december but justin, something tells me that looks good to you. something you might do. >> awesome surfing i will do that all year round. been lucky. that water temperature in the 50's, that is good for this time of the year. you have to love air temperatures in the 60's, if you are doing that in winter surfing. the lets check with our weather watchers on this saturday morning, morning after christmas. thinks almost pathetic, i have four weather watchers reporting in. they are partying hard from christmas. but let's check it out, this is in northampton county, charles in bath he has 50 degrees with the cloud. the that is the conditions that we're dealing with, lower 50's to the north and west, and in new jersey, peter has got 54 degrees in lawrenceville. same deal with the cloudy conditions, also a little bit south, right now, it is milder, 57 degrees, let's get
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the right one here, maybe not. touch screen doesn't want to work. let's head back to philadelphia where phil has got 54 as well in north philadelphia, with cloud. he has a picture this morning, a quite it street, this hour in chestnut hill but i'm sure things will be busy later on this morning. overcast, today, little cooler, temperatures in the 50's, maybe a passing shower in spots. we will take you outside, a live look, from our roof camera looking south at center city and again, you will see those cloud. the notice tops of the buildings, and no fog this morning. so that is good news. if you are traveling, visibility up to 10 miles an hour. all of the that dense fog has dissipated with the stronger wind that are kicking up out of the north. so our headlines for the next, couple of days, we will talk about cooler conditions today but it is still warm for the the day after christmas and with temperatures in the 50's. tomorrow, more record warmth, will return to the forecast and then we're talking about more rain. that is in the seven day forecast. pretty progressive weather pattern we will change things up every 24 to 48 hours. fifty-four at the airport in
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atlantic city. sixty still at this hour in harrington, delaware. fifty-three in newark. a little bit closer to philadelphia, similar numbers, low to mid 50's, some of that colder air is moving n we're dropping a few degrees as we move through the morning hours. we are already reaching our high temperatures today, they happened just after midnight we were at 61 at the airport 506789 in quakertown, doylestown. probably dropping to the 40's to the have afternoon north and west of the city. storm scan three we have heavier rain, just south, and east of philadelphia, last night, to new jersey, and delaware, things looking much more quiet right now. a a few showers trying to develop over central, pennsylvania, they could role through here later this morning and in the afternoon but overall a cooler and dryer day, still feeling a little bit damp outside, with that moist air mass, in place, and then tomorrow we will get a warm front through here 70 degrees for a high temperature. that shatters the record. another cold front for monday. we will cool it back down in the the 40's. the that is coldest day we have seen in a long time and with highs in the mid to upper
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40's. for today, throughout the a afternoon hours, cloud, maybe a stray shower, in some spots, game tonight should be an okay we could have a passing shower from time to time. a batch of steadier rain coming through overnight, at the 2:00 a.m. sunday morning up toward lehigh valley, poconos, steadier rain showers and then watch what happened sunday afternoon we will break up the the clouds a little bit. we're seeing sunshine from philadelphia, south and east, that really warmth us up. a couple of showers chances return late sunday night, this is at 11:00 o'clock with that next cold front. temperatures may fall a few degrees. mid 40's by the afternoon and lehigh valley to low to mid 50's in philadelphia and south jersey. tonight, temperatures hold steady with the the cloud around and then maybe a few areas of fog. we will get warm front through here on sunday and look at that lower 70's in a lot of location as way from the water. even up toward berks county, lehigh valley making run in the lower 70's and that brakes new record. jet stream still to the north, get a round of record warmth for sunday, monday it starts
6:18 am
to cool down, finally start to see a push of colder air coming from the new year and nothing terribly cool. we are still talking about above average in the 40's. here's december out look still working the much above zone here for our temperatures. so we're seeing no signs of any true arctic air coming at us. 57 degrees. the cloud, passing shower, same deal tonight low of 49. sunday up to 70 degrees, with breaking the old record of 64. forty-nine for the high on monday. a steady rain returns, on tuesday. the mid 50's for a pretty dreary day there keeping it in the mid 50's. and friday, warmer. temperatures in the mid 40's. nicole, back to you. wedding bells told for a surprise celebrity couple, we will tell you who tied the knot this week. also ahead jennifer lawrence is back on the big screen we will hear from the cast of the new movie joy when we come back. but first philadelphia boys choir and choir with the another holiday performance,
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enjoy. >> ♪ the. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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eighty's music icon richard marks tied the knot with tv host and model daisy. right before christmas holiday marks posted these photos on his instagram account yesterday saying on november 23rd, 2015 the the mag sieve sent daisy gave me honor of becoming my wife. two apparently got hitched in aspen, colorado. they had been dating for about a year after starring together in the video for the singer a's 2014 single beautiful good bye. beautiful couple. well, check this out steve harvey's tweet after miss universe mishap he posted this picture yesterday saying merry easter, y'all. it comes a few days after he accidentally crowned the wrong beauty queen at miss universe pageant. i felt so bad for those two ladies. safe to say people are laughing with steve harvey, instead have of at him. at least, most people i think. well, part comedy, partly drama, new movie joy arrives in theaters christmas day and as danielle nottingham reports
6:25 am
it is a story to inspire creamers in all of us. >> i don't think the world owes you anything because it doesn't. >> reporter: jennifer lawrence is juggling divorce, three young kids and a series of deadened jobs but deep inside is a a drive to reinvent. >> this person has given up her life, and all of her dreams for her entire life and taking care of everything. is she weak? >> reporter: story is based on the real single mom who brought miracle map. joy mangano remembers finding determination and optimist tomorrow bring her creation to hope. >> i hope people walk out and i know people will feel empowered and courageous at those moments when they sit there and they get how can i keep going. >> reporter: film reunites lawrence with co stars from silver linings play book. robert deniero is her skeptical father and bradley cooper is the the the home shopping executive who helps and hinder's joy's success.
6:26 am
>> it could have been handled better. >> reporter: which is why she puts control of her own destiny. >> she has been, pushed and told no thousands of times. >> reporter: bonus. the it is in the just hollywood version of chasing your dream, it is the real thing. danielle nottingham for cbs news, los angeles. all right. 6:26. are you planning to go out shopping or make a holiday return? we are live with what you need to know before hitting the mall again today. also ahead frustration with fedex how the shipping company tried to make good for packages that didn't arrive in christmas. plus a hug for the holidays local holiday workers give their patients love for christmas. do we need umbrellas jab today i hope not. we have that answer and your saturday forecast up next.
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today is saturday december . i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:30. we will send it out to justin on the sky deck. the sand, coat, why not mid 50's. >> you may say the whole real
6:30 am
man thing. >> i love it. >> but you really don't need a coat today in the 50 ease. >> you don't. >> we will talk about the real man when it gets colder. i'm up for that challenge. it is in the bad for day after christmas. mid 50's for the the high. noticeably colder then what it has been but well above average this time of the year. steady rain we had last night has ended. pretty good rainfall amounts in south jersey, delaware up around 2 inches in mess locations. and then things dried out nicely. fog is gone too. not a bad morning doing those returns at area shopping malls. it looks g you may dodge a passing shower at anytime today into tonight. visibility there you go up to 10 miles in most locations. six in dover. we had dense fog early this morning that has diminish. wind are kicking up mixing up the air bringing out the fog. fifty in allentown. mid 50's wilmington, philadelphia temperatures reached the highs for today. they hit lower 60's just after midnight. they will drop throughout the morning and afternoon. the sustained wind out of the
6:31 am
north east pushing in the colder air today but really a brief cool down this morning cloud, cooler temperatures in the 50's this afternoon. the those temperatures may drop more especially north and west in the 40's in the lehigh valley and in the poconos. big game tonight heading out to the link, may dodge a passing shower, nothing heavy, steady, game time at 8:25 with the temperature of 50 degrees. weather shouldn't be a big problem. then the weekend weather split weekend 56 with the cloud today and then some sunshine on sunday with a record high of 70 degrees. we will cool it down next week and bring more rain in here as well. the we have the seven day in a few more minutes. nicole, back to you. if you think holiday shopping is over think again. stores and shopping centers are opened early this morning for rush of returns and big sales, bargains are also being offered. our alexandria movies live at the wal-mart super center in deptford, new jersey with more, alex, good morning. >> good morning, nicole.
6:32 am
super center opened up about a half an hour ago and target most department stores opened up at 7:00 this morning. if you are one of of those who will come out and make a return or a exchange you will be in good company. according to consumer reports they estimate the 40 percent of shoppers will make a return of some kind this season. if you do make sure you bring that receipt. it is become more difficult then ever to try to bring something back without one. that of course has to do with fraud and theft. experts warn that shoplifters will try to return stolen items for cash and in turn making us all look bad. if you don't have a receipt your best betties to keep the item unopened and in its original box. don't be surprised if you get extra questions from customer service. >> 85 percent of retailers now require identification for example if you don't have a receipt. >> reporter: i'm told most stores will accept returns through the the end of february but often you really
6:33 am
only have 30 days. so check the back of that receipt and getting out early is not the a bad idea. reporting live, i'm alexandria hoff, now back to you. any excuse to go shopping, alex, i'm in. we appreciate it. willing to brave crowd and find those sales you you can find a list of mall hours on our web site at cbs well, a lot of fedex customers are complaining today about deliver that is didn't a arrive in time for christmas. last minute shipments and severe weather in some parts of the country delayed those packages but fedex employees went above and beyond to make sure some gifts arrived on time. here's cbs news correspondent demarco morgan. >> reporter: employees for shipping giant fedex found themselves in overtime, playing santa in the air and by ground. joann baron is a grateful customer. >> e lacing. i'm a annoyed for my husband who i asked to go running back to the apartment to get the package. >> reporter: fedex predict a railroaded breaking who will take season for pick ups and
6:34 am
drop off, 317 million between black friday and christmas eve a 12 percent jump from last year. but they didn't predict mother nature's unexpect delivery of more than a dozen deadly tornadoes across the the south, including tennessee where the the company is headquartered. with airports shut down and roads blocked the the company that prides itself with on time delivery had to work fast to get distribution offices back opened and trucks rolling. fedex released a statement saying quote employees have volunteered to work these christmas day shifts for the benefit of our customers. the postal workers got in the agent. colleen turner pitched in with his co workers in san jose. >> when everybody is expecting a gift and they don't get it, they knock on the door and then they get their gift. >> reporter: fedex released a statement saying their heart go out to victims of the storms in the southe and they are working to the states to deliver aids to those affect areas.
6:35 am
demarco morgan for cws news, new york. during his vacation stay in hawaii president obama made his annual christmas stop at marine core base and the president wished the troops happy holidays and thanked them for their services when they are forced to be away from home during the holidays. >> how many families here, you know, are serving tirelessly, and it the is in the just those in uniform who serve. it is also the spouses, the the kids, you know, there are times when you are missing birthdays, missing soccer games, making sacrifices. >> that is for sure. the entire family. president obama also goes to the marine core base gym, almost every day and actually made a joke saying to the the marines he feels small, working out next to them. they are in good shape. so is he. mass shooting in san bernardino, california was within of the biggest news stories in the the u.s. this year. 2015 saw same sex marriage become the law of the land, police and community relations become strained over a number
6:36 am
of racially charged shootings and a historic visit the by pope francis. jamie youkiss has a look back at the biggest stories in the the country. >> reporter: december attack on a who will take party in san bernardino, california was the the country's worst mass shooting since sandy hook, elementary school. four people were killed when a radicalized husband and wife team opened fire. >> this was an act of terrorism. >> reporter: other mass shootings took place at lafayette, louisiana movie theater, colorado springs plant parenthood center and historic black church in charleston, south carolina the suspect in the church shooting, posed with a confederate flag triggering a backlash that led to the flag's removal from state house grounds. police involved deaths of african-american men sparked outrage across the the country. in north charleston, south carolina walter to the was shot in the back in, baltimore, freddie gray died of spinal injuries in the police van after being taken in police custody.
6:37 am
and in chicago newly released video of laquan mcdonald's 2014 death touched off community protests and charges of murder against police officer. >> racial incidents sparked protests on several college campuses including the university of missouri, where the president resigned after the football team refused to play. boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev and james holmes were both found guilty. holmes received 12 life sentences, tsarnaev got the the death penalty. the supreme court legalized same sex marriage, prompting celebrations, and nuptials nationwide. kentucky county clerk kim dave us spent five days in jail after refusing to issue licenses, because of her religious beliefs. two escaped killers in upstate new york triggered a massive manhunt, three weeks later police shot and killed one convict and captured the the other. the l lfaro and its 33 person
6:38 am
crew sank. off the the coast of the the bohamas. 800 people 200 hurt when a speeding amtrak train, derailed in philadelphia a california's governor declared a state of emergency as record drought got worse. in boston, they had most snow ever, more than 110 inches. pope francis captivated americans on his first trip to the united states, visiting washington d.c., new york and philadelphia. the the nfl suspended super bowl mvp tom brady over deflate gate but a judge later reversed the penalty. an american pharoah won the triple crown first horse to do tonight 37 years. jamie ukiss for cbs news. 6:38. the the eagles are in action tonight we will have a preview as washington comes to town, big game here. also how hospital workers are wrapping their patients in warmth and love, a special gift for those who are spending their holiday in the
6:39 am
hospital. good night. >> look it tickles. >> good night back scratches. >> someone you know. >> are you looking for a last minute movie, ukee sits down with will ferrell and mark wahlberg to talk about daddy's home and conversation quickry turns to a local celebrity, we will explain. cooler temperatures today but we're in the done with the record breaking weather just yet as justin drabick is back with the forecast but first a special performance from mount st. joseph academy. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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health reporter stephanie stahl, special gift. >> with the nurse subbing for santa and gifts piled high the employees at einstein set out for their special deliveries. >> merry christmas. >> thank you. >> it is just nice. i didn't expect. that they didn't to have to that. they are already nice. >> reporter: it is called adopt a patient, every year for the holidays einstein health employees raise money to buy gifts for patients. >> it makes you feel great to do something for someone. >> reporter: maryann whitman a nurse manager, said this year they are giving out 1100 hug me blankets. >> holidays are joyous, special, happy. some follow, they are, and others they are not. this little gift we hope makes a difference in their life. >> reporter: it did for 90 year-old gordon face hoist
6:45 am
hospitalized with heart trouble. >> with everything that is going on, i am thinking a blanket, i'm very appreciative. i still have nothing to complain about. >> reporter: a sandra isn't complaining either, her christmas present was learning her hearties holding up, and the blanket was an unexpected extra. >> i think it goes like this. >> exactly. >> you you can get all cozy. >> i really appreciate this. this is awesome. >> reporter: einstein employees raised $13,000 so far this year for the adopt a patient holiday gift program. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 6:45 right now. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday. anthony mason and vanita nair join us live from new york with that preview, good morning. >> good morning, nicole, happy day after christmas. coming up they were the the hot holiday gifts but more and more places are putting hoverboards on ice. we will tell you about the latest places banning their use. it is controversial film
6:46 am
that tackles head injuries in the nfl, we will talk with the director and real life doctor who inspired the new film, concussion. and they have, less than one second to capture the image that they have waited hours for, meet the the photographers out to shoot the the moon. all that plus your eye opener, the dish and music in our saturday session ahead on cbs this morning, saturday if they fall short, they will land them on the stars. it will all work out. >> nice poetry this morningy try. >> guys, nice to see you, thanks for the the preview. talking eagles right now they will need a win to stay alive for the the race for the playoffs. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallon has more on the match up with washington. >> reporter: truly a christmas miracle tat philadelphia eagles remain in playoff contention but such is life in the nfc east. it is week six, eagles are six-eight. they need two more wins to get in the post season starting with a victory over washington, tonight. and, it will be a desean jackson's second trip back to philadelphia since chip kelly
6:47 am
let him walk, so he will face is a mystery as byron maxwell is questionable to play because of a shoulder injury, and that means, eric row will likely be the the man guarding d jack. bennie logan is also questionable, meaning beau allen would get the start at defense i have tackle but desean doesn't care who is on the other side, it is just another game he says. >> it the is just another game. i thought bit, it is highly anticipated but i will not make it more than what it is, we have a game to do and go in and that is all that matters, regardless of what team it is or name on the jersey, we don't care about that. we have a game to go n. >> bird host washington in a battle for first place. don bell, leslie van arsdal and myself will get you read i for the the action at 7:00 o'clock this evening with a sat the day addition of kick off on cbs-3. the the game will follow at 8:25. that is it for sports i'm pat gallon, have a great day. good morning, everyone. weather shouldn't be a huge
6:48 am
impact on tonight's game. maybe a passing shower or temperatures right around 50 degrees at kick off. so overall not a bad night for football. this morning we have the same deal. we're waking up with mild temperatures in the mid to still upper 50's. it looks like we have reached our high for the day already as temperatures may drop a few degrees as we head in the afternoon and let's check with the backyard temperatures from the weather watchers. up here, rusty has 51 degrees. peter in lawrenceville has 54. down in newark delaware, delores is milder at 55 degrees. the south jersey stuck in the clouds as well, a buena vista township margot at 52. nottingham, chester county fran at 51. milder in chesterfield, at 57 degrees, for ed. lets get outside to christmas city, live look at bethlehem right now. a all is quiet outside on the streets. probably will be bus which people doing shopping the day after christmas. so in the a bad start to the the day. the it will still remain overcast for the most part and then conditions will still be mild for this time of the year. so who saw the white christmas
6:49 am
yesterday. no one around mid-atlantic and north east. all of the snow pack out a across the western half of the united states, there was a lit built of snow through northern new england and northern maine to get into that snow action but nothing around the region with all these mild temperatures. that is part of the reason why we are seeing sustained warmth because there is no snow. when we have snow, sun's energy escapes and we saw a new you record at 71 degrees. the yesterday tying a record at 68. today though no word will be set. tomorrow though forecast high of 70. that should shatter old record of 64 set in 1949. that will put an end to the record for the the next several weeks. fifty-five right now current temperature in philadelphia and wilmington. forty-one in mount pocono. some colder air that is trying to spill southward, we have wind switching out of the north. that will start to push in that colder air. looking dryer compared to last
6:50 am
night. we have had steady rain a across central, new jersey and southern new jersey into delaware, so some locations up to 2 inches. couple showers trying to will develop over central pennsylvania. they could role through the region later today but generally mostly cloudy and a stray shower. much cooler temperatures in the 50's. fast moving weather pattern we're n warm front moves back, and tomorrow we are backup to 70 degrees with sunshine and we will get a cold front throughere sunday night. that cools us back to the 40's on monday so first time, temperatures in the 40's in a while. here's our rain chance. we will throw in a 40 percent chance with the shower especially later on during the day, tomorrow, 30 percent chance north and west of the city, 20 percent on monday and then a good shot of steady rain here on tuesday as the large storm system moves through the region. so in the afternoon maybe a couple of scattered showers, and some locations, and tonight for the the most part the games stay dry, passing shower. steady rain moving in the overnight hours, this is two or 3:00 a.m. especially just north of the city could get a round of soaking rain but by
6:51 am
sunday afternoon those cloud break up from the sit on south and east. look out we will be in some sunshine. temperatures backup around 7o then more showers return late sunday night with that cold front that comes through and that cools us down for monday. temperatures today holding off in the lower 50's, maybe dropping a few degrees in the afternoon and then evening, 40's, around 50 degrees, it is what we are dealing with for the game and then look at that sunday upper 60's to lower 70's in locations. so for today overcast skies, 56, much cooler then it has been but well a have above average for this time of the user. watch out for areas of fog developing again tonight, maybe a shower, 49, here's the extended forecast, seven on on sunday. down to 49 on monday. steady rain on tuesday in the mid 50's and keeping it in the 50's for new years eve. maybe some showers new years eve and then new years day dries out cooler highs in the the 40's, nicole, back to you. a new comedy about family hits theaters this christmas season. the daddy's home stars will far he will and mark wahlberg and our ukee washington brought a touch of home for that interview.
6:52 am
>> reporter: will far ellis step dad going at it with mark wahlberg who plays free wielding, biological dad. more and more we're finding, is there these blended families now who are all trying to work together to raise the kids and. >> why would you invite me to stay with you. >> because i'm a progressive person who is thinking we would handle our situation like adults good luck little magical cherish. >> good night tickles. >> good night back scratches. >> he just wants acceptance of the kid. he want to be loved. wants to be accepted. he is a great parent in that he is involved in every aspect of their lives. >> dusty, dusty is almost a super hero. he is a cliche in terms of the man that everyone fears.
6:53 am
>> come on >> the children will make the choice and might be surprised at what brings the family to go, speaking of families and children. >> ♪ >> do you remember this young fellow, mark told will the story. >> i'm hosting the pep at festival of families in philadelphia and this young boy comes out to sing, i mean voice of an angel. i mean he is up there with important rot i. >> this is bobby hill. >> yes. >> he is singing, pep want to see him and give him a hug and then he comes back and recognized me. i said my god you you are amazing. he said i loved you in ted. >> that is the pope right there. >> i said how old are you. >> he wanted you to hear this, that is bobby hill right there. i think i hit it right. it will come on.
6:54 am
>> he is taking time to warm up. >> there we go. >> it is okay. >> he asked to sing in the moment's notice in front of the pope. >> incredible. >> merry christmas, buddy. >> this is more appropriate. >> yes. >> film makers agree while also hoping the entire family sees it as a perfect holiday knock out. >> wow. >> did you punch me in the
6:55 am
some of these experimentse're notmay not but a few might shape the future.
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like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
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it is cooling down and clearing up. >> cooling down. >> maybe shopping tomorrow, 07 . >> yes, okay. >> keep it real. >> that is "eyewitness news" for now we are signing off on television but we are always on line for you a at cbs cbs this morning saturday is next. have a great weekend everybody. we will see you tomorrow.
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. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." a tornado rips through part of alabama in a latest of severe weather battering the south. also holiday on hold. fedex races to deliver still-delayed packages. >> more and more places are grounding hover boards. plus they have less than bun second to capture the images they have waited hours for. meet the photographer out to shoot the moon. but we begin this morning wit


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