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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 26, 2015 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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on. touchdown, philadelphia. >> trent: they've lived on those most of the night. matthews on it once again. from the pile on camera as we see matthews take it in. foot getting in across the goal line. >> ian: that's really been a nice addition, the pile on cam giving you a different perspective. and that will be a staple from here on out. well, just how big was that last washington drive to create some breathing room? philadelphia facing an uphill climb at home against the redskins.
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>> ian: tonight's sky cam is wet and it's being presented by maz mazda. here in philadelphia, time is running out. on side kick attempt and that was very easy. pierre garcon there for
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washington. 4:33 left. and for the washington redskins and their fans, unexpected. i think this season, considering all of the chatter before the season started for the quarterback position, rg 3 and kirk cousins. a win tonight, they will join the 600 club. most wins all time, including the post season, the bears, the packers, the giants and the steelers. robert gibson the third took this lead by storm in his rookie year, 2012, that's when the redskins last made the playoffs. but injuries, they decided to go in a different direction. and the superstars, the super fans, the pizza!
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ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. give yourself the gift of a better network. get up to 50% off our hottest android smartphones, like the samsung galaxy s6. only till december 27th. . thursday night football saturday edition is delivered by papa john's two large two topping pizzas for just $7.77 each. everyone will love that and by cialis. washington redskins, 4:28 away from taking the division title. got the football that the 49-ya line of philadelphia.
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second and 7 for the redskins. and the motion man, 129 yard, two touchdowns. a little dance from morris at the outside. brought down by alonzo, the former buffalo bill and a time out is called. that's it for timeouts. for the eagles. the run to the playoffs is on at nfl network is your home for the most playoff coverage anywhere every day all the way through super bowl 50. nfl network, your home for the nfl playoffs. well, the new york giants fans were taking a tension game. trent williams is taking a very
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slow limp to the washington side line. and remember, they were already banged up on the offensive line. third and fourth fr washington. morris, the single setback. they give it to morris. comes up short of the first down. needed 4, got two. >> trent: as the game winds down, how many changes are going to be made in the off season? >> you do want to resign bradford and have him here? and from bradford, has to decide if this is the team he wants to fit in. because there are teams out there that are quarterback needy. >> ian: there are alwaysquarter.
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>> ta that's the one commodity tat will always be needed in the l nfl. >> trent: and with theay cousins is playing, delay of game on the redskins. certainly he's going to have an opportunity with another team and with it pray of kirk cousins this rast nine weeks and winning the division, obviously lookings ri like that is the direction. >> ian: and it's a reminder of how quickly things can change in this league. rg 3, colin kaepernick, who would draw his team to a super bowl and he'll be looking for a new team once it off season hits. that position, it fluctuates. it's fluid.. >> trent: you look at bradford,
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he was nfl rookie of the year in 2010. robert griffen the iii, was offensive rookief t of the year 2012. so, it changes. this league is continually moving as coaches change as offensive coordinators change and bringing on free agency but quarterback is that key position and you need to find, as a quarterback, the system that works for you and as an organization, you have to find that quarterback that works for you as well. >> ian: only chance for philadelphia. they have to score quickly and get an onside kick. it's a quick hitter to jordan matthews. we're down to 3:07 remaining. philadelphia has no timeouts left. they'll have it two pminute warning to stop the clock. bradford, up in the air. incomplete. chris baker, who has been back in there after being shaken up
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earlier in the quarter. timpt redskins, defen have been able to keep everybody under 20 yards receiving. only one reception tonight has been under 20 yards and that was to matthews. >> ian: out to parosproles. down the side line. out of bounds. so, the catch and run for sproles goes for 14, 2:49 left in the fourth. >> trent: you can see the blocking going on in the outside. matthews is already going up the field. that was a set prlay. >> ian: washington backing off. allowing the short game but don't want to give up the big
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one. bradford 367 yards and a touchdown. kirk cousins, 31 of 46. 365, four touchdowns. another completion. once again, it's zack ertz. joe, defensive coordinator for the washington redskins and his first year running the "d." former defensive coordinator in detroit in 2007 and 8. from the 46. bradford, brought down. he could not break free of jason hatcher with a flag down. >> trent: a face mask call. >> ian: ahatcher had a sack las week. his first since week one. >> referee: number 97, defense, face mask. first down. >> ian: it started on the
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shoulder, eventually made its way to the face mask against it veteran, hatcher. >> trent: and now the eagles will be able to get another snatch off before the two minute warning. >> ian: eagles now have it at the washington 41. catch, brought down. ricky john-francois, sniffing that out. and that's going to take us to the two minute warning here in philly. washington trying to close it out. 38-24, the redskins in front of the eagles. two minutes to play.
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>> ian: coming up next, it's the mazda post game show and kirk cousins will be on the sit. that's coming up on the mazda post game show. philadelphia out of timeouts.
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two minutes to play. kirk cousins and sam bradford on the next pass will have combined for 100 passes tonight. right up your alley, trent. >> trent: perfect game just when you think it's late december, raining. you wouldn't think philadelphia are going to have 100 pass attempts when this was first put on the schedule but both these offens ae s are thriving in th passing game. >> ian: two minutes to go. second and 17 for philly. barn r er remains in there. and bradford will throw it to matthews. matthews gets hit at the 26-yard line. we have a 1:51 and counting .
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that's a 12-yard pick up. low snap, bradford recovers. tosses, it's dropped. barner's had a couple of them. >> trent: they still need to get into the end zone and get the on side kick. and barner looking up field before securing the ball. >> ian: and now it's fourth and ve. last -- ricochet, incomplete. and it's over. the washington redskins, 1:34 away. from an nfc east title. >> trent: if you look at what the redskins have been able to do. they were 1-5 on the road coming
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into this game but that one win was their last road game. so, now back to back road wins to help clinch this division. they'll have one more wrapping it up in dallas. >> ian: and the celebration begins on that washington side line. >> trent: and as you know, you've been around this long enough and you can go into the playoffs and not have had the best season but all of a sudden you get in a rhythm and you have a team that believes in the coach and the system and the quarterback and it doesn't matter what your record is. it's getting into the playoffs and getting in with the right frame of mind and right now the redskins are heading that way. >> ian: and this is where cousins wants to take the knee, doesn't want to spike it. just take the knee. coming up, the mazda post game show. interviews, analysis. kirk cousins will be on the set.
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huge play on the fumble recovery and touchdown, deangelo hall. jay gruden, he took out the preseason predictions and showed the team that they were picked to finish as the 30th team in the league. 31st team in the league. just as a little added motivation to remind them what people thought of the team before it started and what they've accomplished this year, including their quarterback, captain kirk with a break through season for washington. >> trent: and that can be a great motivator, not only for a football team but for a quarterback. you want to prove people wraeop. >> ian: cousins itakes the knee. washington wins the nfc east. the redskins are going to back to the playoffs.
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they get it done on the road, 38-24 over the philadelphia eagles. 2015, nfc east champions. their first division title in three years. yes, it was a roller coaster ride in the nfc east this year but as the smoke is cleared, washington emerges. the redskins 8-7. philadelphia falls to 6-9. washington, champions in the nfc east. panthers still undefeated. cardinals with a fantastic season and the green bay packers
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at 10-4. and seahawks and vikings occupying the wild card spot. >> what's it mean to clench this division in a place you started your career? >> honestly, i don't know why the fans hate me so much. it wasn't my decision for them to let me go. i played my heart out on this field but there can't be no better way than to get a win here and send them home for a second year in a row. numbers, stats, i could careless as long as we get that win, that's all that matters today. >> ian: this first half ended very oddly for this offense. what does it say that you were able to respond and put this game out ahead? >> it speaks for the hard work we all put in since day one. no one ever gave us the respect and no one believed in us and i'm just happy my boys did it.
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today was a day i knew they were not going to let me take the top off. and jordan reed, he played his but off and he had over 100 yards and did his thing. so, we needed that. it's going to be great. this year, we made it to the playoffs. this is something that nobody believed in it us. they said we couldn't do it. and we like tennessee. and we're nfc champs in washington. baby, let's get it. appreciate you. >> ian: all right, evan, thank you very much. desean jackson and the washington redskins with a victory in philly. 38-24, the final. the stakes are high tonight in philadelphia. the redskins come through. the mazda post game show is coming up. so and the rest of our crew,
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> right now on "eyewitness news", a crushing defeat the eagles lose at home to washington ending their hopes for a post-season run. good evening, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm ray hell sole mom. eagles could have taken control of the nfc east, they just couldn't get it done tonight. don bell will be live on the field in just a moment. >> as you can imagine, fans weren't too hal i -- happy with the result, at the ends of the day, still rooting to their team. >> "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt spoke with some of
11:54 pm
the fans today and has more. >> reporter: it has been long unpredictable season for the eagles, season of ups and season of downs. >> really crappy season. i think we've all lost a little fate in chip kelly. but hopefully he rebounds and builds a team and in the longrun we're better off. because if we lose tonight, he may be out of town. >> they're not a good team. so maybe there is a miracle in here. maybe bradford shows up and he shows us what he's got for the future. that's really what i am look to go see does bradford come through? >> eagles! >> but fans made the best of the team's record with the good old-fashioned tailgate on a beautiful saturday night. >> this is the best part of it. we've been doing this for the whole season, my brother-in-law here from north carolina. >> i'm on break from school from college, so good weekends to be here, we tailgate every weekends, but i'm happy i'm here this weekend?
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the day after high six 60s, temperature dipped about 15 degrees for the game, actually felt a little more like the end of december. >> it is cold. i've been waiting this moment to wear it, i was here last week, where it was actually colder, but that is night game against the redskins. the outfit that i chose. >> but a lot of fans changed the cover station from players to coach kelly and his complete control of the roster. >> i think kelly screwed the team up. i think he got rid after lot of good players, sad to see. although i still have fate the guy knows what he is doing. >> that's why the true eagles fans inside no matter how the team finishes this season, they are ready for next season with chip kelly running the show. >> we'll welcome back sam bradford, one year experiment. we're @ wear of that. we're here, saturday night, obviously really involved, no matter what i think we'll be okay. >> outside lincoln financial field, david spunt, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> so what do you think about
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the birds season? does chip kelly stick and for next year? make your voice heard on facebook and twitter. join the conversation just use the #cbs3. >> a very warm stretch that included kit mass and shorts, will continue, at least for one more day, meteorologist, lauren casey in our weather center watch are we looking for tomorrow? >> another record break nerve store, hard to believe we ' had so many this week. took a break today. tomorrow temperatures shoot back up, storm scan3 showing us the trend over the last few hours knit way, little light rain did impact the eagles game, most of the precipitation is now north of the city with this area of kind of light to moderate rainfall just exiting the lehigh valley moving off to the north and east, did pick up little bit in the way of rainfall checking in on neighborhood network just over tent after inch in cut town, pemberton close to .2 of an inch, and about quarter of inch of rainfall in bethlehem. temperatures right now still well above average, but much cooler than where we were at this time yesterday. fifty in philadelphia, 53 right now down the shore,
11:57 pm
pocono temperatures, 38 degrees, so yes, we have one more record day in store before of course the bottom falls out. much colder air in the forecast, and quite a bit of rain as well. i'll have all of the details in your full forecast coming up in just a few minutes, jim. >> thanks, lauren. tonight at least six people are confirmed dead in the dallas fort worth area after several tornados touched down. >> this comes as three more bodies are recovered in other southern state where tornados have killed at least 18 people this week. correspondent mark straws man is in mississippi with the latest. >> yes, you can't live like that, sweetheart. >> kenya williams heart broken and thankful. her brick home since childhood has lost its roof and half it walls. but she has perspective. >> ten mississippi residents were killed by the christmas week tornados. six of them were her neighbors. >> my 72 year old blind disable dad was in his house when the tornado hit. so for him to come out with
11:58 pm
just a bump and scratch on his head, on his forehead, no broken bones, not severely hurt, didn't have to go into icu, i'm good with that. >> in northern alabama, flashflooding was a threat all day. on christmas night a twister struck birmingham, the state's biggest sit. >> i then all the sudden the blast in my windows jest broke out. >> since christmas eve, unseasonably warm weather across the south has fueled killer storms. thousands of victims in tennessee, arkansas, and georgia spent their saturday cleaning up. >> that's not even part of my house. >> lifetime of memories. >> will live within me forever >> williams told me her family plans to rebuild right on this spot. they lost their house, but this is home. >> mark straws man, cbs news, lamar, mississippi.
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>> crews tonight are working to stop a wild fire in ventura county, california, blaze which started yesterday has spread to over 1200 acres, say the fire is 60% contained but 50 homes in the area were placed under mandatory evacuation orders. >> so far no home damaged. 600 firefighters helped to buy water dropping helicopters work today to contain the fire, 400 of those will remain on scene overnight. >> we will not leave until we know every last ember has been extinct wished. >> downed power line on private property is believed to have spark the fire two firefighters suffered minor injuries fighting the blaze, but are expected to make full recoveries. >> chicago police department is again facing tough questions after another officer involved shooting. >> police responding to domestic disturbance call, say they were confronted by combat i can isn't. officers opened fire and killed the man, 19 year old
12:00 am
antonio la greer, also shot and killed five a year other mother of five. police have not released any other details. the department is already under a federal civil right investigation after white officer shot black teenager 16 times last year. tonight, police searching for crews in the death after man in west philadelphia. police responded to the 800 block, and reported he was transport today pen presbyterian hospital where he was pronounced dead the gunman is still at large tonight, anyone with information is asked to call philadelphia police. >> coast guard has, ship, you see here, successfully re-floated around 1:00 this afternoon in morrisville, bucks county, the 622-foot vessel which was transporting scrap metal, had been struck for more than eight hours. there were no reported injuries.
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well, christmas may be over, but holiday shopping season isn't. so what if you got a gift you don't want? the do's and don't's of returning. plus, one devoted woman dedicated her life to helping 500,000 veterans. we'll bring you the story of the hug lady. lauren? >> temperatures did take bit after brief break in a cool-down today. but we'll shoot back up into record territory, and i'll have your sunday forecast coming up next.
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>> welcome back, we mentioned at the top of the play, the birds lost to washington tonight, at the linc. >> don bell live on the field, at the linc, where it all happened. don, this was augustly one. >> it was ugly game for sure. eagles have no one to blame but themselves. penalties, fumbles, it just
12:04 am
cost them this game, for sure. and washington celebrating its second division championship, right down the hall, with their hats and their t-shirts, celebrate that ffc east championship. let's take you to the highlights, show you exactly how this thing got away. we go straight to the third quarter because that's what they've really got interesting. eagles trailing by six. washington driving, kurt cuss towns for the touchdown, birds trail. cuss wins four touchdowns. look like joe montana. better than tom braid any this game. ensuing drive. eagles, looking to respond, demarco murray. getting some running. 4-yard touchdown plunge. his first td since november 8th against dallas, eagles trail 23-17. then just two minute later you can see the fumble right there. the pitch to murray. he could not grasp it. so deangelo hall takes it in for the touchdown birds fall by 14. >> postgame comments, let's
12:05 am
listen in. >> it look like the snap was little low from what i saw. i don't know if sam grass at any before he tried to get it out to the per temper. >> catching the ball. >> part of that? >> conditioning? >> i don't think it is conditioning. >> chip's running back tight ends ended up with 230 receiving yards, three touchdowns. >> we new the tight ends was difficult match up. i think the running back was the one that's disappointing. i didn't think, you know, that would be a match up that we would not win. we new we had our hands full with jordan reed, one of good tight ends in the league, has done it to a lot of different people. we thought we would do bette in the running back match


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