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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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high hopes every year. >> another difficulties a appointing year. >> um-hmm. >> the eagles are out, after a tough loss against washington the eagles go home to prepare for next season. how the fans and the the players feel about the game. plus a controversial documentary set to be released by aljazeera makes serious allegations against several pro sports players including phillies player ryan howard what the the players are accused of, coming up. another extremely warm day a ahead but our bought of warm weather may be over, justin has a check of the forecast coming up here. it the is sunday, december , i'm glad you are with us. we will talk more about justin with that forecast.
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this is last day we will be seeing, warm temperatures. >> good shot offsetting a new record even though we have fog this morning it is not hard to beat 64 degrees, the record today. that is probably last of it. i don'te any signs of record anytime soon. still no true cold air around us but we will talk about a unsettled forecast over next several days. today is dreary looking at dense fog throughout the entire delaware valley, dense fog advisory in effect, until 10:00 o'clock this morning. visibility, less than a quarter mile at times especially near water. we are getting warm moist air building in the the delaware valley, and we are seeing the fog develop. half mile visibility the in philadelphia, wilmington down to a quarter mile in trenton, under a mile in mount pocono. the be careful this morning. the pretty much dry though, fog, we will get mist on the windshield and may need wipers but we have cloud rolling through. once this fog dissipates temperatures will start to warm up. here we are still cool 40's in the the lehigh valley, berks
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county to 50 in philadelphia, low to mid 50's in south jersey. longer this hangs on less chance we have a shot of reaching 70 but still a good shot the today maybe a few peaks coming in this a afternoon, temperatures responding nicely in the afternoon once we get rid of the fog we have highs up around 70 for philadelphia, mid to upper 60's at the the shore, 50's in the the poconos, better chance for rain there and then a good soaking rain in the forecast and we will show thaw in the seven day in a few more minutes. nicole, back to you. >> well, it was a heart breaking game. eagles could have taken control of the nfc east but they could not get it done last night. sports director don bell has more on the big loss. >> we will not see meaningful football here in philadelphia until the the fall. eagles needed this win in order to have a chance to make post season but instead washington wins the the nfc east and they celebrate the on the field behind me. let's go to the highlights and show you exactly how it went down. pick it up in the third quarter eagles trailing by
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six, washington driving, curse cuss continues to chris thompson the the bird trailed 23-ten. cousins, 31 for 46, 365-yard and four touchdowns. ensuing drive eagles looking to respond, demarco murray largely buried on the bench over last few games but here he is, 4-yard touchdown plunge his first since november 8th, eagles trailed 23-17 but less than two minutes later. eagles with the the ball, toss to murray, can't handle the rock and deangelo hall is there for the scoop and the score, washington goes up by three and they win 38-24, your final score. now after the game i had a chance to catch up with former eagle desean jackson coming off the field. >> they said we couldn't do it since day one. >> fans were talking to you too. >> chip let me go. >> it is all on my shoulders. the it is same thing i said a year ago. it is unacceptable.
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we have to find a way to do a better job and put these guys in a better position to make play is overall sloppy performance for chip kelly and the eagles. too many penalties. fumbles. overall undisciplined play. coming up in sports leslie van arsdal will go in the the locker room and we will hear from all of the the players. back to you. all right. well, to say it has been a frustrating season for fancies kind of an under statement, last night's loss punk waits the the roller coaster season that many fans would rather forget. there is still one more game to go. cheri greg from kyw news radio 1060 is live at the oregon diner in south philadelphia and is what the reaction there, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. we're just a stone's throw away from the link, and this is a place where people, dot walk of shame after a loss, okay. i'm here with some eagles fans, and they have been drowning their sorrow in syrup, okay.
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look at the left overs here. it is a little will bit of french toast. how are you feeling. what is going on. >> well, the game, it was a good game, i have been watching the whole game. they had been going at it, stat wise, they really didn't crush them down. the the two fumbles we had basically turn the the whole game over. >> reporter: how are you feeling bit. >> i'm really upset. it may not look like it but deep inside i'm up it. >> reporter: you're looking at this, who do you have to blame. who are you blaming about this. >> i blame everybody. i know, who needs to stay. i necessity they aring saying sam bradford wants to stay. he probably need to go. we can bring in a better quarterback. we will see. >> reporter: the season continues, are you even going to watch the game? is it worth watching the next game. >> to me, yeah i will watch it just to get excitement out of it. i enjoy watching football. i will watch it.
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>> reporter: are you going to watch? >> they play the the giant next week so i'm not too confident to be honest he so i might just stay away. >> reporter: well, washington definitely kick their butt last night 38 hospital 24, sad loss but everything feels a little bit better when you have pancakes and french toast, little will will bit of coffee. again, we will continue, maybe next year, is that right? will you have some faith. >> next year, of course. >> reporter: we will be back at it again. live from south philadelphia, cherri greg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> maybe i will feel better after a little french toast and coffee, thanks, appreciate it. when you think about the bird season, that is the the big question? does chip kelly stick around for next year. make your voice heard on facebook and twitter. join the conversation at hashtag cbs-3. new documentary links ryan howard and nfl quarterback payton manning to the doping ring that kate toward elite professional athletes. the the the report set to air on aljazeera paint a picture of the underground marketplace
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where howard and manning could easily obtain performance enhancing drugs. the howard denied allegations when asked by aljazeera. manning called the accusations garbage and totally made up. new this morning, a teenage boy is in critical condition after he was shot on a west philadelphia street, overnight, police say it happened along the 6700 block of leads street. we're told that boy was taken to press which tear yan hospital. police do not have a suspect or a motive. in montgomery county one person is dead and another is injured after a car collided with a tractor trailer overnight. paramedics responded to the scene in horsham at easton and county line road shortly after 2:00 a.m. portion have the the easton road will remain closed while the post accident investigation is completed. at least seven people are confirmed dead this morning in the dallas fort worth area have after several tornadoes touched down last night. preliminary count from the national weather service find 11 tornadoes hit that area. twenty-five people have been killed across the south since
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wednesday, and correspondent mark straussman is in mississippi with the very latest. >> reporter: kenya williams is both heart broken and thankful. her home since childhood has lost its roof and half of the walls. but she has perspective. ten mississippi residents were killed by the christmas week tornadoes, six of them were her neighbors. >> my seven two-year old blind, disabled dad, was in this house. so for him to come out with a bump and scratch on his forehead, with in broken bones, not severely hurt, didn't have to go into icu, i'm good with that. >> reporter: in northern alabama flash flooding was a threat all day. a christmas night twister struck birmingham the state's biggest city. >> thone all of a sudden the flash in the window just broke out. >> reporter: since christmas eve unseasonably warm wet's cross the the south has fueled
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killer storms, thousands of victims in tennessee, arkansas a, georgia spent their sat take cleaning up. >> that is not even part of my house. >> reporter: what williams found scattered and shredded every where was a lifetime of memories. >> i mean they will live within me, forever, family time, thanksgiving, the the christmas. >> reporter: williams told me her family plans to rebuild right on this spot, they lost their house, but this is home. mark straussman, cbs news, lemar, mississippi. 6:09. crews are working to stop a wild fire in ventura county, california. that blaze started yesterday has spread to over 1200 acres. officials say the fire is 60 percent contained but 50 homes in that area were placed under mandatory evacuation order. the so far in homes have been damaged. 600 fire fighters worked to contain that fire with water dropping helicopters. 400 of those work throughout the night to fight the blaze.
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>> we will not leave until we know that every last em ber has been extinguished. >> and a down power line on private property is believed to have sparked that fire, two fire fighters suffered minor injuries but they are expected to make full recoveries. the chicago police department is again, facing tough questions after another officer-involved shooting. this happened early yesterday morning, police were responding to a domestic disturbance call when they were confront by a quote combative subject. office are opened fire and killed had man the the 19 year-old named tony mcgreer. betty jones, a five five-year old the mother of five, was also accidentally hot shot and killed. the department is already under a federal civil rights investigation after a white office are shotty black teenager 16 times last year. the federal government is now assisting with the investigation in the the fire that damage a mosque in houston, texas. fire broke out at islamic society of greater houston on christmas dan. bureau of the alcohol, tobacco and firearms is now on the
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scene. investigators say the fire has multiple points of origin which is indicative that an accelerant may have been used there. well, the the coastguard had to help remove a boat that ran a ground in the delaware river. that the ship seen here in this video was successfully refloated around 1:00 he clock yesterday afternoon in morrisville bucks county. the the 622-foot the vessel, which was transporting scrap metal, had been stuck for more than eight hours and there were no reported injuries. so that is good news. still to come this morning fedex customers outraged after many didn't receive their packages in time for christmas. a look the a the reason for delays and how employees try to help. part comedy, drama and lesson on life we will look at the new movie joy, justin. we are waking up to areas of dense fog, and we're talking about record warmth this afternoon, complete forecast when we
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a rich chocolate and festive peppermint tradition. that only comes once a year. unwrap them before they disappear. welcome back. with delay of deliveries of holiday packages many didn't make tonight time for christmas. fedex employees worked throughout the holiday to avoid disappointing customers but there were still gifts missing under the tree. cbs news correspondent marley hall has more on what some are calling a fedex fail. >> reporter: for this customer fedex was a day late and he was more than just a dollar shore. >> it is december 26th, and, this package just showed up, and it looks pretty nice,
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doesn't it. yeah. good work, fedex. thanks. >> reporter: others took to social media, where hashtag fedex fail is trending. one person wrote so much for the guarantied two day delivery. i want my money back. while some came to the carrier's defense. they cannot control the the weather and did you wait until the the last minute to place your order. three christmas storms in the the south and deadly tornadoes slowed deliveries. employees who will volunteered to work delivered thousands of packages on christmas day and the the company opened up some pick up centers on christmas morning for customers to get their packages but for this person it was all too late. he picked up a gift for his father today that was supposed to be delivered by christmas eve. >> i wanted it to get right there on time to the deliver it to my, you know, loved one, so it is disappointing. >> reporter: fedex shipped a record breaking 317 million packages between black friday
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and christmas eve, a 12 percent jump from last year sparked by a surge in on line orders. tevan hills is with a research firm and says after weather delayed holiday packages in 2013, federal ex-and ups made improvements to cut down delivery times. >> overall they are getting better. >> it is easier to blame a carrier when you see weather and bad things happen around the holiday season but overall carriers are getting faster. >> reporter: fedex officials say they are still catching up with christmas deliver toys day but rival ups said it was ton with its 630 million deliveries by 8:00 p.m. on christmas eve, and the ups air hubbies in louisville where bad weather wasn't an issue. marley hall for cbs news, new york. >> never good when you don't get your package on time. >> that is rough. but it is people, driving in those trucks. >> yes. let's talk about the the
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forecast. the it sound like another warm day. >> yeah, one more day. we have really dense fog. that will continue until 10:00 o matter where you are, you will be dealing with the fog. live look south from center sit the eye and our roof you cannot see tops of the buildings with visibility down to a half a mile in philadelphia, less in some spots. so especially along the the water, delaware river, delaware bay, atlantic ocean that is when fog gets thick. the here's our headlines morning dense fog, that will give way to mostly cloudy skies for the the rest of this afternoon and a few peaks of sun, still talking record warmth because we only get to 64 degrees to tie the record and then we will cool it dunn starting tomorrow for the rest of the week, our next storm system will will bring mainly rain but some areas to the north could get freezing rain at the start of the system. that is late monday night into tuesday morning and we will talk about that in just a bit but here's what we have to break, atlantic city 67. that is your record high. reading 65.
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sixty-four for philadelphia allentown 59 degrees. so these are certainly, to in reach when we get rid of the fog. the here are the numbers, mid 50's the atlantic city airport. fifty-two in millville. same deal in harrington, and dover delaware. similar numbers in philadelphia. fifty at the airport. the 49 in palmyra. we will get cool are north ape west. mid 40's allentown quakertown and coming in at 40 degrees. a lot of rain. cold front passing through our region tonight. still a ahead of the front. we will get a nice push of southeasterly wind this a afternoon. that is able to warm us up. add a little sun. shot of reaching 07 degrees. the these showers will pull in later this evening. 30 percent chance of some rain today, mess likely after 5:00 o'clock. no chance on monday, and then tuesday a large storm system rolls through mid atlantic and northeast bringing good soaking rain and potential for a little bit of ice. we will show thaw right now. here's the front coming through this this evening.
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couple showers rolling through. we will dry out overnight. monday we're dry just some cloud, high pressure here that is the the key, it the will lock in cooler era at the surface. here comes that moisture. notice pink north of the city toward lehigh valley, poconos, sleet, freezing rain, initially and then we will change over to all rain as we get another warm surge. this storm riding to the west. we will be on the warm side of the system. steadier snow in upstate new york. how much ice could we deal with? light. the less than tenth of an inch. that could make spots slick, especially sidewalk, late monday night early tuesday morning at this point. temperatures today well in the 60's. the some spots reaching 70 if we can see enough sun and cools down tonight with the front coming through. thirty's in many locations by the time you wake up monday morning and then monday temperatures holding in the 40's over most spots, maybe upper 40's at the best. morning fog today. record warmth this afternoon with a high near 70 for philadelphia, southwest wind ten to 15 and then cloud
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continue, some showers during the evening with the low of 43 . and then the extended forecast we will drop to 49 for monday. cloud not a lot of sun and then boards of rain on tuesday and then again far north and west and mountains could be a little bit of freezing rain early tuesday morning. wednesday, thursday mid 50's, some clouds as we head in the new year, cooler, mid 40's friday. lower 40's on sat day nicole, back to you. still ahead on "eyewitness news", new movie joy is filled with the star studded cast. ukee will take you behind the scenes of the new movie and explains how a late the night phone call helped bring the film to the big screen. familiar sight on just about any city street people walking down the road with eyes glued to the cell phone. we will let you know about a growing number of injuries caused by distracted walking, next.
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successful new actor are back together in another new movie. as ukee washington tells thus film was kick started when a director called a dear friend in the we hours of the night and simply asked how would you like to play a woman who created the miracle mop. >> i said, yes, i do. let's talk bit tomorrow. >> today jennifer is starring in the film based loosely on the life of the inventor and home shopping super star joy mangano. >> people get nice things and start to think differently. we have to hear some hard work, patients, humility. i want to tell you don't ever think that the world owes you anything, because it doesn't. the world doesn't owe you a
6:24 am
thing. >> what excited you the most about her, what fascinated you, let's put it that way. >> her energy. she has a way of carrying herself. she is so kind, some nice no air about her at all. the she's very quiet thely powerful. >> so thinks man, writer and director david orussell reunite with jen lawrence but with bradley coupe are, also veteran robert deniero who plays joy's divorced father as she has to overcome her a ability to pull her focus way from her dream, while also, dealing with how he still treats her mother. >> you are like a gas leak, we don't see you but you are killing us all, silently. >> reporter: joy is faced with mad cast surroundings including annex husband who is a a struggling nightclub singer, he lives in her basement but also proves. >> that true love cannulas forever. it just probably doesn't last in the same way as it
6:25 am
originated. where love is real and when love is really unconditional they can take a different form. >> reporter: forms that span the from the title character's youth to her mid 40's. a rise to richest story that features trauma, love and all stemming from dreams as a child and weaving through reality check of adulthood. what kind of journey do you want audience to go on when it comes to this amazing story. >> i hope everybody feels inspired but i also love that it is a very truthful story about sadness and, you know, ugliness, in success. >> speak on my behalf about fining it again. >> experience christmas joy, in a theater near you. that looks really good. all right.
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6:25. coming up next on "eyewitness news", the eagles are out. washington beat the bird last night to clinch the nfc east. who fans blame for the season's fall. just when you talk about holiday shopping people are flooding stores and malls for a return, we will have more on the busy shopping weekend. another warm day ahead, and we will end up in december, and still in the chill in winter but justin looks at the sunday forecast on all of the fog out there when we return, stay with us.
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another day, that could reach 70. do you believe this weather? but things are about to change. the justin takes a look at the forecast coming up. cherri. >> reporter: a devastating loss to washington last night, and i'm here in south philadelphia with fans reactions, on the eagles game last night. and christmas shopping may be over but the stores are filled with shoppers this weekend. we will have have more on the rush to return not so popular holiday gifts. it happens. unless you regift, of course. it is sunday december 27th, good morning, so glad you are with us, i'm nicole brewer. meteorologist justin drabick is outside on the cbs-3 sky deck. we have been talking bit. at lot of fog on the way in this morning. >> that is the the issue. we are talking about record highs but not the a great sunny day. we will be dealing with dreary
6:30 am
conditions. that is what it has been like last week. we are getting this warm air pushing in form of the fog in the tops of the buildings behind me. this will be an issue through mid to late morning. there is an advisory out for the the entire delaware valley until 10:00 o'clock. the visability dropping to quarter mile or less in some spots. here's the the latest. .3 of a mile, we are down to at trenton. half mile in philadelphia. looking better now at the shore, 6-mile visibility, wildwood in the atlantic city. that fog is scouring out a little bit. once the wind kicks up this will dissipate later this morning. storm scan three again just some cloud rolling through right now, the fog is causing mist on windshield this morning. you will use your wipers heading out. temperatures cooler in the 40's north and west around 50, philadelphia, south jersey, lower 50's at this hour. similar numbers up into the northern suburbs. so on the roads another big travel day, coming off the holiday weekend, slow this morning with the lower visibility on the highway due to the fog, this afternoon looks better, mostly cloudy
6:31 am
skies and then we will bring in some showers in here during the evening as a cold front approaches and that will bring the the change to the forecast. even with the fog we're talking about record the with the high near 07 in philadelphia, upper 60's along the shore points and poconos. we only have to get to 64 today to tie a record for philadelphia that should be pretty easy. we will talk about cooler temperatures in the seven day and good chance of rain coming up, nicole, back to you. we're also talking about the birds this morning. tough morning for eagles fans. they were officially eliminated from any playoff possibilities last night in the loss to washington. this is second consecutive year they have failed to make the post season. penalties, fumbles kept the bird from getting traction. final score washington 38, eagles 24, in the end, eagles had no one to blame but themselves. >> because we continue to shoot ourselves in the the foot, you know, same things that we were doing in week one and week two we're continuing to do. good foot the ball teams don't
6:32 am
make mistakes that we make on a weekly basis. >> sam bradford telling it like it is. eagles fans weighing in on the the frustrating season. eagles still to have play insuring giants next week but many fans are looking past that to a post season that could bring big changes. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw the news radio 1060 is live in south philadelphia where pancakes are softening the the blow there cherri, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, yes. lots of syrup on those pancakes to drawn the the pain and frustrations, of the the season, basically coming to an end because they cannot go to the playoffs. i'm's here at the the oregon diner near third and oregon and with the manager, george pappas, you got the here at 11:00 o'clock just in time to see the end of the the game. how was it the for you. >> it was very disappointing. i hoped to have a better time next year. >> reporter: a lot of the staff here at oregon diner, they are all eagles fans. it is not a requirement to
6:33 am
work here but u guys are like a eagles strong hold. >> yes, yes they are but next year, you know, they can do better. i hope they do better. >> reporter: i'm here with aaron who works here at oregon diner, you bleed green. he is wearing this eagles gear right here. he was sitting here, looking very, very dejected. how are you feeling, aaron. >> terrible. >> end zone, touchdown, chrisment company ton anded redskins build on their lead. we lost touch with cherri gregg there but we will try to get her back in a couple minutes. moving on right now love him or hate them most holiday presents have been opened so for many this weekend that means returns. we have sent "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff to a popular retailer where shopping activity it was apparently far from over.
6:34 am
>> reporter: holiday shopping has collided with holiday swapping. >> when you look at the line for exchanges you might as well get something the else. >> reporter: consumer reports say 40 percent of americans will try to exchange a gift this season. the stores opened up early to accommodate. >> my daughter bought me a few things that, i think we need to make an adjustment on. >> reporter: whether it is size like in his case or just a lack of satisfaction, experts say, that making returns, has been made more difficult due to stores trying to send off waves of fraud and theft. experts say shoplifters often try to return stolen items for cash and that is why receipts becoming increasingly necessary. >> 85 percent of retailers now require a identification for example if you don't have a receipt. >> reporter: consumer reports editor todd marks say if you don't have one make sure the item is in the original box and unopened. prepare for potential restocking fees.
6:35 am
>> i didn't buy one thing. >> reporter: who doesn't like cash. the those interested in saving some also came out. >> wrapping paper, ornament, that kind of thing. >> reporter: that is right clearance christmas gear a year in advance but when you come out on such a popular day there is one risk. >> most people out here today, getting a a family men gift and you saw them out here returning it, would you be insulted by that? >> no, i guess we would say we would have to do a better job next year. >> reporter: some stores will be offering extended return windows but even most of those will expire between 30 and 90 days, so make sure you read the fine print. i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". if you you asked me there is no wrong time to go shopping. "eyewitness news" at dilworth park holiday market new this season, market is showcasing the work of local artists, crafters, and designers. i love this park. the market wraps up this weekend so today is your last day to get down there and check it out.
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heads up for sprint and verizon customers you could have some money come your way but only if you act fast. the customers have until thursday to claim refund for unauthorized third party messages. those are texts or things like sports scores that get buried on monthly bills. the the the activity the is known as cramming, both wireless carriers agreed to pay 158 million-dollar, to settle claims with the government, and anyone who paid for unauthorized text since july of 2010 is eligible for this. verizon and sprint both have on line claim forms. kwanzaa is underway and many are celebrating here in our region. "eyewitness news" at the african-american museum on arch street last night for first night have of kwanzaa. the community members are serving the principal of the first night, that is, unity. the seven day celebration was established to help african americans reconnect with their african heritage. kwanzaa, end january 1st. still to come another very warm december day for us but
6:37 am
cool down is coming. just in time, justin will check on the forecast. then we will talk about the fog. we all know about distracted driving but it turns out more and more people can't look away from their cell phones while walking and it is a dangerous problem. plus, from presidential candidates to supreme court decisions, it has been a eventful year for politics. we will look back at the biggest stories from 2015, stick around, we will be right back.
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in the political a reen am focused on the 2016 election but 2015 wasn't all about the race for the white house. cbs news correspondent craig boswell looks back at the biggest political stories of this year. >> reporter: outsiders took early lead in the the crowded g.o.p. race for president. >> i'm number one buy a lot. >> reporter: donald trump pulled out with a slew of controversial comments including a ban on muslim immigrant and wall to keep mexicans from crossing the border. >> they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime, they are rapists. >> reporter: ben carson and carli fiorina surged in early poles. >> unfortunately i believe we're out of time. >> reporter: following the death of his son beau, vice-president joe biden decided against making a third run for the the white house. >> i'm going to be your president too. >> reporter: hill willry clinton faced an attack from the left with senator bernie sanders running with the liberal platform.
6:41 am
>> establishment politics will in the work. >> reporter: clinton weathered 11 hours of congressional questions about the attack on u.s. consul in been gas any 2012. she also came under fire for using her private e-mail server for official communications as secretary of the state. obama administration restored diplomatic relations with cuba afte54 years. the the president also signed a deal with iran that would limit its nuclear program. >> this deal is our best means of assuring that iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: senate republicans for the back saying the deal will help iran get a nuclear weapon but democrats beat back the challenge. federal with you inn fighting, house speaker john boehner called it quits. >> it has been a honor to serve in this institution. >> reporter: congressman paul ryan reluctantly stepped up to take the job. the the supreme court upheld a key part of the affordable care act that provides health insurance sub tidties to all qualifying americans and in a
6:42 am
historic decision a divided court legalized same sex marriages. >> you may kiss the the bride. >> reporter: craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". for the the ladies, political news catch face the the nation at 10:30 this morning we will talk to host john dickerson who has a live preview of the today's show in our 8:00 o'clock hour. right now a blizzard of historic proportions is pounding the the panhandle region of texas and oak a yesterday two college teams got an unexpect preview of that know storm. this is what it looked like at the sun bowl in el paso, texas. it is ironic they call it sun bowl. university of miami and washington state university played in the snow globe. they played in the foot of snow and sub zero winds and better them, then us, justin, i will continue to take these temperatures in the 60's and 07's. >> we will be breaking some record again but that is where all of the snow has been in the central and western part of the u.s. but once again dealing with fog. the it is a dreary warm up
6:43 am
today just like last week. we are looking live a at bethlehem. make sure, you know there is fog out there roads are wet. there is mist to deal with. be careful traveling early this morning. another big travel day coming off this holiday weekend but again, busting record. here we go, go back to last week on christmas eve, where we hit a high of 74 the shattering 64 degrees. the tied a record on christmas day at 68. forecast high today up around 70 for philadelphia, we only have to get to 64 to tie the record in 1949, i think that will be an easy shot to break that number, but we are going to cool things down after today, average high is 42 degrees, well above to it day but now we are starting to drop tomorrow with temperatures holding in the 40's, we will warm up a little bit for mid of the week with highs in the 50's. we will be dealing with more rain on tuesday, and then on a sign of cold air also moving in for the new year but still not true arctic air coming out of canada just yet. low to mid 50's south jersey, delaware. same deal depending where you
6:44 am
are, you will fine locally dense fog. the dense fog in philadelphia visibility half mile at the airport. 51 degrees. forty's to the north and west in the the suburbs. but jab for this time of the year this is pretty warm even up in mound mount pocono. 46 degrees. cloud over us. we may see a few breaks in the cloud coming in this afternoon. the there is rain to deal with well out to the north and west and that next storm will be moving in this evening and then another storm, strong are storm in here for monday night, and there could be enough cold air in place monday night, so some areas in the lehigh valley, berks county, poconos could see light snow, sleet, even freezing rain, quickly changing over to rain. thinks first shot of some wintry precipitation potentially monday night. so beware of that. every where else, and, plane rain, let's time it out. it will be, and, rain showers in here this evening with the first cold front. that is out of here tomorrow. monday morning we're dry. clouds throughout the day, it will be noticeably colder,
6:45 am
some of that cold air could produce, wintry precipitation, seeing the pink there, indicating the sleet, freezing rain especially up in the mountains. that will quickly change over to rain and warm air, moving in, and finally in new england we will deal with some snow in this monday night into tuesday. potential for foot of snow in vermont, new hampshire and maine. great news for ski resorts in new england. temperatures well in the 60es a. maybe some spots hitting 70's. cooler tonight. thirty's and 40's. tomorrow's high just stay in the 40's with the clouds around. forecast for today again record warmth for the high near 70 degrees. tonight watch out for rain showers, during the evening, with the low of 43 degrees. the here's that extended forecast. noticeably cooler but still nothing cold, 49 for the high on monday, we're backup to 57 on tuesday, but have the umbrella around it will be a steady rain anytime of the day, and we will dry out wednesday, new years eve there could be a shower during the day, mid 50's new year day.
6:46 am
colder, still above average with highs in the mid 40's. nicole, back to you. well, this time each year volunteers head to new england's cape cod to help save an endangered species. the the sea turtle will migrates to mexico in the winter but the case hooked shape geography had makes it hard to find their way south. they get stuck in the cold water and they do not survive. experts say the the recent warm temperatures are making a huge difference this year 85 percent of the stranded turtles survived, which they say is unheard of: that is some happy news for you. 6:46. time to check on those road with ann evans. the it is always lovely to talk to ann, good morning. >> you too, nicole, happy holidays to you as well. >> thank you. >> and from that last story to the the walt whitman bridge eastbound, we're crawling like a turtle like. that walt whitman has an accident, eastbound lanes, heading into new jersey, and we do have delays, walt whitman at the top of the screen. i-95 in the middle. i-95 is behaving itself with no delays or problems.
6:47 am
walt whitman however is very slow plus we have very foggy conditions to contend with this morning and in speed restrictions of 35 miles per hour on the the walt whitman, and ben franklin bridges. drive very carefully this morning. we will move the schuylkill, we will move the traffic cam to the schuylkill expressway, cameras, can't move the the schuylkill, but this is schuylkill at spring garden street. in delays on the schuylkill this morning. in fine shape through philadelphia and suburbs. again, folks taking their time because of the poor visibility and foggy conditions, and moving the traffic cam one more time to the mid county tolls you can barely see them, mid county tolls of the pennsylvania turnpike, no delays at the mid county tolls despite foggy conditions and in problems on the pennsylvania turnpike or northeast extension. that is the the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm ann evans. now nicole back to you. on the cbs-3 healthwatch this morning you probably heard of distract driving. well, health reporter stephanie stahl tells us about a growing problem about cell phone use is causing distract
6:48 am
walking. >> reporter: it is a familiar sight on streets across america, people walking with their eyes on their phone instead of the road. urban dictionary even has a word for it, pedpedestrian. >> people ran into people on the fence and now, everybody i see is on the phone. >> reporter: here's jordan benson video chatting crossing the street. >> you definitely shouldn't but i still do it. >> reporter: the internet is full of videos with people on their phones having accidents. some could be more serious lake this woman walking in to a fountain or this man accidentally falling on the train tracks, no train was a approaching at the time. distracted walking injuries are so common that the national safety council or nsc is including them in their annual injury report for the the first time. group says numbers have jumped with the growth of cell use from less than 500 in the year 2,000 to more than 2,000, in 2011. >> it is common for distracted pedestrians to fall on the sidewalk or even wander into traffic but the nsc found
6:49 am
52 percent of walking injuries happened at home. >> when you think about home environment some of the most dangerous situations can be on stairs where people can have a a bad fall. >> reporter: debbie hirschman from the nsc says common injuries include sprains and concussions. the it looks like this is in the a problem that is going to go away anytime soon. hirschman says she believes that these accidents will increase as more and more people use cell phones. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". pedtextrian. wow, a new one. still to come a tough loss for eagles for sure. they won't be making it to the playoffs this year. we will have more on the game and reaction from the players. it will be a rough one. we will be right back.
6:50 am
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some of these experimentse're notmay not but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at i'm don bell. welcome back to lincoln financial field recapping our top stories, eagles had an opportunity to keep their playoff hopes alive but not meant to be as they fall to washington 38-24. but lets get you to the highlights, fans fired up about this one. it is day after christmas, they are riled up, because the the eagles looking to get it donna against d.c. and then against the giants next week. they came out on fire, ryan matthews a touchdown plunge, only the third opening drive touchdown for the bird in seven to nothing. the first quarter we will go, eagles now up seven-six but curt cousins finding jordan reid over the middle for the the score. reid had two touchdowns in this game.
6:53 am
washington taking ate 13-seven lead eagles down 16-ten. cousins dealing hitting chris thompson for the 12-yard score. then men from d.c. take a 23-ten lead. but then things looking pretty bleak, for the bird, on their next series, the eagles, going 62-yard and six plays capped off by a 4-yard demarco murray touchdown. where has that been? just like that they trail by six. still with the ball, eagles with the ball, can't find pitch from bradford. it is on the ground. deangelo hall with the scoop and score. eagles now trailed by 13. fourth quarter cousins looking for dagger, beautiful toss here, 13-yard touchdown. eagles season, effectively over. washington, winning its first nfc east title since 2012, just second since 2,000, 38-24, the final score. now let the go over to leslie
6:54 am
van arsdal who is outside eagles locker room with more. >> for eagles this is game they needed to win to keep their playoff hopes alive and for players inside that locker room this one hurts. >> it is terrible. we put a lot have of work in throughout the the course of the season to if i have yourself a chance and it was just, you know very sour taste in your mouth. >> as an individual we have to play harder, prepare harder and do what we had to do to win a football game. i feel like we didn't do that tonight. city of philadelphia, we have to get better. i have to do a better job and everybody has to do a better job. >> do the players think they are a six hospital nine team? >> i think so. i think you are always compactly what your record is, and we're a six and nine football team. you go out there and do what we have done and get nine losses, that is what you get. >> reporter: leslie van arsdal, "eyewitness sports".
6:55 am
so eagles season effectively over. they do have to get to the meadow land next week to take on the giants in a game that really doesn't mean a whole lot just evaluate willing players for 2016. i'm don well -- belfor "eyewitness sports". soldiers are remember elizabeth blair known as hugs lady show hugs men and with men heading off to war. she was friendly face for those returning from a tour. after word got out elizabeth was losing her battle with breast cancer troops got the the 38 year-old air force veteran the honor that she deserved. former president george w. bush sent her a letter. >> sacrifice for our freedom, thank you for all you have done in fort hood. >> so nice. >> and last tuesday elizabeth was honored with the big award for her devotion to the troops, two days later on christmas eve, elizabeth passed away. the is there a push to rename fort hood deployment center in
6:56 am
memory of elizabeth. what a wonderful woman and a very, distinctive honor. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00 and here's what we have at 7:00. if you bought a brand new alliance this season but didn't spring for the warranty, in worries, find out how lemon law extend tora a appliances. the that is interesting. from the the famous to the infamous, hilarious to the heart wrenching we will look at the incredible viral videos from 2015. record warmth today will be likely the the last day you can be outside without a jacket so i guess enjoy it while it last. justin has your weekly forecast and more on the fog coming up next.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
fans are stunned, as the eagles miss a chance to go to the playoffs, for a second year in the row. bird lose to washington ending their season. we have highlights plus reaction from crushed fans. plus, a report set to be released to day accused some heavy hitters of doping up. phillies slugger ryan howard is one of the several named in that investigation, we will have have details on the high profile list straight a head. it will be another warm day, and so get get out and enjoy it while it last. colder weather is on the way. the justin has your forecast coming up. it is sunday december 27th, i'm nicole brewer. we will talk to justin new
7:00 am
with more about this fog too rolling in, it makes driving a little bit dangerous. the it the will ben a issue. big travel day, coming off that holiday weekend. hold off until later this morning a good bit but you some thick fog across the the delaware valley, there is a dense fog advisory that goes until ten. so by nine or 10:00 this fog should dissipate but visibility will be dropping less than quarter mile so every county under advisory this morning. not the the best warm up, today, we will not see a whole lot of sunshine, it is similar to christmas eve, christmas day but still warm and dreary out there visibility looking better this hour. we're up to a mile and a half in philadelphia a and reading. is there improvement. a little will mix off the a air and that will dissipate. storm scan three is quiet, just some cloud rolling through but you'll get mist on the windshield this morning when you head out. that is it. most on the rain holds off until evening hours. temperatures in the nortin


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