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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  December 27, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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high hopes every year another disappointing year. the eagles, are out, after a tough loss against washington, the the eagles go home to prepare for next season, we will tell you how fans and the layers, they are feeling this morning. controversial documentary set to be released by aljazeera makes serious allegations against several professional sports players, including philly players ryan howard. what they are accused of coming up next. another extremely warm day a ahead, and we are starting off with dense fog, justin has check of the forecast coming up here. good morning, it is sunday, december 27th, so glad you are with us, i'm nicole brewer. we will talk to justin about more on this warm up, this foggy start and what you like
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to call a dirty warm up. >> yes. >> it doesn't sound like a technical term, justin but i'm sure it is. >> we are getting dirt think sunday. >> what it is, we will get this, and we have cloud, fog that is why we call it a dirty warm up. >> not a beautiful day it is not clean. >> still dreary, we have temperatures to shatter some record highs but once again this is last really warm day for a while. we will bring you back, as we head through the new year. we are under a dense fog advisory until 10:00 o'clock for the entire viewing area visability could drop to less than a quarter mile, at times, and there is the current visability back down under a mile in philadelphia and wilmington. .3 of a mile in reading. it is thickening a little bit north ape west. we are still looking okay around capitol city of delaware with no fog reported. wind kicking up, that is good news to get rid of the fog. we need to mix up the air, 12 miles an hour wind out of the southwest in philadelphia.
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that wind direction that will bring in the warmer air. we're dry but you there is mist out there, we will run into driving around so you will need windshield wipers but it is not rain but just low clouds which is fog. we will get showers in here later today. fifty-two currently. in the 40's north and west and in the suburbs mid 40's in quakertown. fifty-two palmyra new jersey. breaking it down. dense fog. temperatures hold in the 40's and 50's this have afternoon. little bet bird not a lot of sun. temperatures 60 to near 70 shattering old record of 64. very warm, in the upper 60's. fifty's in the poconos. we will talk about the cool down in a few minutes. nicole, back to you. from the dirty warm up to a team that has to clean up its act we are talk about the eagles. they could have taken control of the nfc east but they could not get it done last week. sports director don bell has more on the the big loss. >> we will not see meaningful football here in south philadelphia until the fall. eagles needed this win in order to have a chance to make the post season but instead washington wins it nfc east
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and they celebrate on the field behind me. lets go to the highlights and show you exactly how it went down. pick it up in the third quarter eagles trailing by six. washington driving. curt cousins to chris thompson, bird trailed 23-ten, cousins, 31 for 46, 365 yards and four touchdowns. ensuing drive, eagles looking to respond. demarco murray, largely buried on the bench over last few games but here he is, 4-yard touchdown plunge. his first since move eighth. eagles trailed 23-17. but less than two minutes later, eagles with the ball, toss to murray, can't handle the rock and deangelo hall is there for the scoop and score. washington goes up by 13. they win it 38-24, your final score. the now after the game i a had a chance to catch up with former eagle desean jackson as he was coming off the field. >> sweet tore do it here in philly. >> they said we could not do it. >> fans were talking to you too.
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>> for one reason, chip did it. he let me go. he let the me go. >> it is all on my shoulders. it is same thing i said a year ago it is unacceptable. have we have to find a way to do a better job. we have to put these guys in better situations to make better plays report are report overall a sloppy performance for chip kelly and the eagles. too many penalties. there were fumbles. overall undisciplined play. coming up later in sports leslie van arsdal goes in the lock are room and we will hear from the players. back to you. >> all right, well, to say this season has been frustrating for fans, it is kind of an under statement for fans at this point but for many last nights loss punk wait this is roller coaster season and there is still one more game to go. cherri gregg is live at the oregon diner in south philadelphia talking to people. i'm curious to see how have got for us next because guy with the hat was pretty fan has particular. >> reporter: yeah, he was hurt. he wases hurt, nicole. deject eagles fan. he kept his spirits up. i'm with the welcome wagon,
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more than deject eagles fans as they come in, ladies of the the oregon diner at third and oregon. i have alexandria, dane, courtney, and amanda and they will greet fans as they come n will alexandria, tell me you can spot an eagles fan a mile away. >> they are really good tippers. when they come in we're like hey, how are you doing. being sarcastic, really nice. >> yes, yes. >> what are you going to tip. >> they still leave a good tip. >> reporter: what do you say when they come in. >> i will give them all of the coffee, syrup and butter that they want. >> yes. >> reporter: keep them smiling, right. you guys have seen this week have after week have. whatever time they come in after the game they are really sad. i mean how do you keep their spirits lifted. >> you know, we will get them next time. it is in problem. >> reporter: yeah, yeah. >> i'm going to go say amanda is due in just a few weeks. do you hope that next year when you have your little baby
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here that they have better news. >> yes, i do. >> just tell them to fly high, the eagles. >> yes. >> reporter: they said that you said that eagles fans tip exceptionally well and they all tend to be very nice. anything you you want to say to these ladies and gentlemen in pain after this loss. >> y'all might get them one of these years. i don't know how long but you will get them one year. just not to day. >> reporter: that is right. they will be back on the band wagon next year, go bird, this was sad but you know what, they are going to get them next year. nobody is blaming chip kill any this group. live from south philadelphia, cherri gregg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> it may be the only group of people not blaming chip kelly. no, just kidding. i like the positivity. my hats off to the waitress, i think she's a witt trust who is two weeks about to have a baby and still on her feet. >> reporter: yes, she is. >> incredible. >> reporter: she's working
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hard too. >> tell her i said hello, that is something else. cherri, that is something else. we appreciate it. right now a documentary to will tell but that alleged that phillies first base man ryan howard, nfl quarterback payton manning and others participated in an elite doming ring that reportedly set to air on aljazeera later today. the it paint picture of the underground marketplace where athlete like howard and manning could easily obtain performance enhancing drugs. howard reportedly denied those allegations when asked by aljazeera. manning called them garbage and totally made up. new this morning, a teenage boy is in critical condition after he was shot the in west philadelphia overnight. police say it happened along the 6700 block of leads street. we're told that boy was taken to presbyterian hospital. police are still searching for that suspect. in montgomery county one person is dead and another one is injured after a car collided with a tractor trailer overnight. paramedics responded to the scene in horsham, at easton and county line roads shortly after 2:00 a.m. a portion of the easton road will remain closed while the
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post accident investigations, is completed there. at least eight people are confirmed dead this morning, in the dallas fort worth area after several tornadoes touched down last night. a preliminary count from the national weather service find 11 tornado hit that area. eighteen people have been killed over the the christmas holiday spirit. sarah sidenor has more on the deadly storms from overnight. >> reporter: deadly night in north texas. >> i can see it. >> i can see it. >> very big. >> it is massive. >> reporter: fierce storms and tornadoes swept through the the the dallas area. this video captured a tornado as it moved through the city, shown here. >> wow, there it is. that is big, big, big. >> reporter: at least five deaths were reported in gar land, texas after a tornado hit interstate 30. >> it actually looked at the the twister. >> reporter: describe it for me. >> well, just dark funnel and it was just a big roar that
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was really scary. i don't scare that easily but i was scared. >> reporter: several homes were destroyed, lawns littered with debris and cars tossed. >> your daughter's car, it is in the kitchen here in the back of your house. >> i know, and it is out and around in the alley. >> reporter: when the storm hit lafayette griffin huddled with his family under the mattress and prayed. >> i was terrifying. it was terrifying. i was terrified. we didn't know if we were going to make it. >> reporter: the the storms are all part of the system that devastated this south this holiday weekend with deaths in texas, arkansas, tennessee and mississippi. residents assess the the damage in glenn heights, this man lost his home. >> just by grace of god i'm's here. i'm just grateful, you know, my wife works not that far from here. if i didn't call her, she wouldn't be here and my kid wouldn't be here too.
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>> reporter: in sunny veil texas the the front part of the house was ripped off of this house but larry allen is grateful he and his family weren't home. >> we think your house has a direct hit. our neighbors came in our house, people around came to look to see if we were in the house. we weren't. so we waited for weather to calm down and we drove over. when we came up our family, friend, church were in the house cleaning stuff up. it is amazing how people in this community just take charge. >> hard to imagine. by the way that was sarah reporting. on the other side of the state texans are enduring plunging temperatures and expect to get up to 16 inches of snow. switching gears now police in louisville, kentucky shut down popular shopping mall last night after thousands of teenagers caused a near riot inside. police say unrulely incidents may have involved as many as 1,000 to 2,000 teens.
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police responded to reports of fights, inside of that mall, multiple agencies conversed on the mall with k-9's and helicopter. there was a report of the shots fired but it turns out it was unfounded. still to come this morning the warmer than normal weather has meant a slow start to the flu season but we're in the in the clear just yet with health experts expected to see more cases and how to keep yourself healthy. plus hundreds of fire fighters are battling a wild fire in california, we will have more from the concern of residents in that area, justin. we have dense fog around this morning but once it dissipates we are talking about potential record highs once again and then a cool town this week.
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cbs correspondent wendy gilette reports fast moving flames forced many people to evacuate their homes. >> helicopter drops water on fast moving flames in ventura county, california on saturday. wild fire that shut down the freeway and portion of the union pacific tracks, started christmas night. >> it was pushed by heavy strong north wind, 50 miles an hour. >> six hub fire fighters are battling the blaze and trying to keep the fire from spread to go homes in the solemar beach area. >> we have fuel, light grass, shrubs burning down on the coast in and around structure of the solemar community. >> reporter: fire fighters are keeping a close eye on nearby oil field as it is dealing were difficult terrain, high wind and dry conditions. >> they are trying to cut a line, to prevent this fire
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from slobbing over. >> we actually had even though you folks have had good rain in los angeles and orange counties, we have literally had a tenth of an inch in the last six weeks. >> reporter: no injuries have been reported, it is unknown what started the fire. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, back here at home talking about a bunch of fog. >> yeah, we are dealing with that warmer air moving back in, you get the fog. dreary warm up to day. it is a dirty warm up. >> dirty warm up. >> not seeing a lot of sunshine but temperatures and record highs, and we will cool it down this week but watch out for low visibility out there dense fog advisory continues for most of the region now, until 10:00 o'clock. it just continued for central and southern delaware and south jersey a as visibility is not too bad down there. tough to see ben franklin bridge. here's our head line morning fog with record warmth potential this afternoon. we will cool down this week, again nothing terribly cold. we will get closer to average
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in the new year. talking about rain chances, maybe steady rain moving in on tuesday. now again, visability right now pretty low. a half mile in some spots. but, by tenor 11:00 this morning, we do get better. big travel day on the area roadways and sky. by the afternoon we are just mostly cloudy conditions and most fog should be out of here. forty's to the north and west, reading and allentown. fifty-two in philadelphia mid 50's in south jersey and central delaware. and there is the warmer air pittsburgh, 65 degrees at to this hour just waiting to get here. we are wedged with this cool flow off the atlantic ocean. look at cleveland. 46 degrees. there is a cold front. it will bring shower chances and cooler air certainly tomorrow. mostly to rain still well to the west over ohio valley, that extend town to texas. we're dry right now, just clouds rolling through, most of the afternoon stays dry. as we get in the evening hours that is when we will see our
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rain chance. we will give it a 30 percent chance after 5:00 o'clock tonight. it is a cry monday. watch for steady rain moving in on tuesday and then drying out on wednesday. pretty progressive weather pattern. here is our set up. this afternoon still dry, here's the front moving through poconos and then comes to the delaware valley during the evening. five or six or 7:00 we will see chance for some showers and then the front moves south of us, for monday, we're dry, just some clouds and sunshine early in the day, this high pressure system will bring us some colder air, and lock tonight place. then here's our next storm initially that moisture could run into the cold air and lehigh valley, poconos, show to the see few wet snow flakes and sleet pellets and light freezing rain in the mountains as well, initially, late monday night and early tuesday morning before we see a plane change over to all rain as the warmer air works its way back in the region. so again any ice amounts are possible, especially northern, lehigh valley, poconos, late monday night, early tuesday morning up to a tenth of an inch in the poconos. a few hundreds in lehigh
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valley. untreated surfaces could be slick, early tuesday morning. temperatures, 60's to near 07 in some spots if you see enough sun. that cold air coming in tonight, lows right around 40 for the the city. and they will hold in the 40's during date monday. noticeably colder conditions tomorrow. morning fog today and then record warmth potential with the high close to 70. and then tonight showers around during the the evening, 43 for the the low, and 30's in the suburbs, and then the extended forecast, highs in the 40's on monday, just some clouds, rain moves in tuesday, back in the upper 50's. we will keep it the in the 50's for wednesday and then new years eve for a shower new years eve day and cools us back down in the the 40's for the weekend, back to you. 8:18. the lets check on the roads with ann, good morning. >> we have foggy conditions still an issue this morning for your drive-in. this is ben franklin bridge. i-95 at the bottom. not delays or problems on i the five, in good shape but
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talking about the bridges, we will have dense fog, and speed restriction at 35 miles an hour, not only on the ben franklin bridge but on the walt whitman as well. take your time this morning. we will move traffic cam to the schuylkill at blue route at bottom of the screen there that roadway underneath the schuylkill expressway, in delays or problems on the the schuylkill this morning or the blue route. they are both in fine shape, thankfully with no accidents to tell but or construction as well. we will move traffic cam here to 202 at allendale road right here near king of prussia mall, if you are taking a trip to the mall today for perhaps some returns from your christmas gifts no delays or problems, on the 202 this morning. 202 looks fine, through here, and through the suburbs with no problems. taking mass transit, honor close to schedule. that is latest from the traffic center, i'm ann evans now nicole, back to you. well, doctors say mild weather we have been having has helped keep flu away and this christmas brings us gift
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of the low influenza numbers. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on a new advisory. >> reporter: demonstrating it herself the pennsylvania physician general says you should wash your hand for as long as it takes to sing happy birthday twice. but even after that, ultraviolet light reveals germs are still there, germs that can make you you sick, it is part of the campaign tour called stopping the flu, starts with you. >> we have been lucky, so far, this season. >> reporter: members of the pennsylvania medical society say the flu season is a little late but could get a kick start with the holidays and all of the togetherness. >> that increases transmission of the illnesses like the flu. >> reporter: are you surprised it has been such a mild flu season so far. >> i wouldn't say i'm surprised. there is no reason to think we will not have a usual flu season as we head into the winter. >> reporter: report our mild weather has kept flu from spreading, more people are outside, experts say once we head back inside that is when
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the flu can easily be passed from person to person. >> it doesn't mean that the flu isn't here and will continue to come. so we want people to remain concerned, to remain vigilant, and we want people to get their flu vaccine. >> reporter: doctors say it is not too late to get a flu shot but now is the time because it takes about two weeks to provide protection, and they are expect to go see more cases of the influenza in january. i'm stephanie stahl, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will take
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day after this interview heirs. >> yes. that is the last thing i wanted to bear in mind, you you know. >> do you know how you will celebrate. >> i will say, you know, how old you are. >> if you want to know dane maggie smith's age well, we will not tell you you. all that matters is that this legend of stage and screen, is still very much in her prime. >> it is a musical award. >> reporter: she only recently finish shooting final season of downtown abby the the smash hit television drama in which she steals pretty much every scene. >> noble, of course but awkward is a party. >> reporter: as lady violet, naturally, she's savored this particular success. >> have you seen any of the downtown abby just yet. >> no, but they gave me the
8:25 am
box set and i will do all sort of things free. >> reporter: free enough to talk with us on a recent afternoon in london. are you through with corsets. >> yes, i'm all through. in fact, i have to say that i did cheat a bit because i promised if i sat upright would i look as though i was wearing corsets. >> reporter: often were you not wearing a corsets. >> but don't tell anybody. >> i came all the way from new york. this is an exclusive. >> so i don't want to be put around. i was tortured every day. >> wow. >> dane maggie smith plus a spicy history of the the bloody maryann ren rance of those that left us in the year gone by this sunday morning right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 o'clock. still ahead on "eyewitness news" the eagles are out, washington beat the bird to clinch the nfc east h fans blame for this season's down fall. just when you thought
8:26 am
holiday shopping was over people are flooding stores and malls for returns, we will have more on the busy shopping weekend. another warm day ahead, can you believe it is the end of the december, wow, justin takes a look at the sunday forecast up next.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. it is sunday, december 27th, good morning, glad you are with us. i'm nicole brewer. the justin is outside on the sky deck talking about fog this morning. >> pretty big deal in center sit the eye with visibility less than a mile, at times, it will continue for a few more hours and much of the region is dealing with the fog. it is a sign of the warm, moist air moving back in for one more day as we have a shot at breaking more record high temperatures. but here is the dense fog
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advisory until ten, it trimmed back a little bit. south and eastern new jersey and central delaware as visibility are not as bad as wind is starting to kick up and help dissipating the fog. inland area still dealing with dense fog less than a mile in philadelphia right now, half mile in millville, new jersey, as well as up in the lehigh valley and poconos. so just play it safely on the roadways, slow it down this morning. wind still coming in from about five to 15 miles an hour. where we get stronger wind you get less fog mixing up the air and the wind should continue to increase throughout the morning. storm scan three is quiet, just cloud moving in but there is a mist and fog, so you will be using your wipers this morning out driving around. fifty-two at the airport. forty's to the north and west. we are in the mid 50's in south jersey and along the coastline. doylestown cool 47 degrees. fifty-three in mount holly, new jersey. breaking down the morning still fog at 9:00 o'clock. temperatures in the mid 50's. then we're in the 60's by noon time. the generally mostly cloudy
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skies. we could see a few peaks of sunshine from time to time. high temperatures near 70, that will crush the the old record of 64 at the shore upper 60's and 50's in the poconos. still some showers moving in. we will talk bay couple of rain chances and cooler weather in the seven day coming up in a few minutes, nicole, back to you. >> justin, thank you. eagles fans have a good excuse just to sleep late today. the bird were officially eliminated from any playoff possibilities last night in the loss to washington. this is the second consecutive season they have failed to make the post season, penalties, fumbles abe all hit the the eagles game last night. final score washington 38, eagles 24. afterward eagles quarterback sam bradford reflect on the last night's loss. >> because we continue to shoot ourselves in the foot, you know, the the the same things that we were doing, and we have seen in week one and week two continue to do and good football teams don't make the mistakes that we make on a weekly basis. >> eagles fans are weighing in on this frustrating season.
8:31 am
eagles still have giant play but many fans are looking beyond. that cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio 1060 live at the oregon diner with some reaction. are they still drowning their sorrowness syrup over there, cherri. >> syrup, you know, pancakes, french toast, coffee, all of that stuff. they are very, very hurt. i'm talking with another deject fan. this time john, he has been a eagles fan for 48 years. how are you feeling. >> disappointed. just seems like the eagles have a knack to let their fans down. it looked promising in the beginning of the the season, the preseason, they looked great, and i just find you never know what you will get with the eagles. one week they look great, the the next week they are terrible. >> reporter: so john came here, he has been eating scrapple and eggs trying to get over that devastating loss but you are actually raising a little daughter emily to be an eagles fan. you are passing it the to the
8:32 am
next generation. >> i have always been a eagles fan. i would just like to see them improve. i will not being an eagles fan. i will raise her an eagles fan. what else will she be. she lives in philadelphia of course, she has got to be an eagles fan. >> reporter: true. will you watch the next game. what is going on. >> i am totally not going to watch the next game. i only watched 50 percent of the games this year because it is just too disappointing. that is first time that has ever happen. we will see what happens next year. just trying to stay positive. >> reporter: he will try to stay positive, he will drink the the coffee, and eat the the scrapple, get some pancakes. pancakes always makes you feel better, and maybe we will do better next season. go eagles, go bird. live from south philadelphia, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> definitely a little will question mark. i need some pancakes and syrup, help me feel better, cherri, hook it up. thank you. >> reporter: i will hook you upy know you will. you are the best. love them or hate them,
8:33 am
switching gears right now, most holiday presents have have been opened at this point but for many of us this weekend that means returns. but we sent "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff to a popular retailer where shopping activity was far from over. >> reporter: hole will day shopping has collided with who will daze swapping. >> look at the the line in there, with the returns and exchanges you might as well get something else. >> reporter: consumer reports estimate 40 percent of americans will try to return or exchange a gift this season. the stores in our area opened up early to accommodate. >> my daughter bought me a few things. i think we need to adjust on. >> reporter: whether it is size in his case or a lack of satisfaction, experts say, that making returns has been made more difficult, due to stores trying to fend off waves of fraud and theft. the experts say shoplifters often try to return stolen items for cash, and that is why receipts are becoming increasingly necessary. >> 85 percent of retailers now
8:34 am
require identification for example, if you don't have a receipt. >> reporter: consumer reports editor todd marks says if you don't have one make sure the the item is in the original box and unopened and also prepare for potential restocking fees. >> i didn't buy one gift everything was envelopes. >> reporter: who doesn't like cash. the those interested in saving some also came out. >> wrapping paper, ornament, that kind of of thing. >> reporter: that is right, clearance christmas gear a year in advance. the but when you come out on such a popular day there is one risk. >> most people are out here, getting a family member a gift and you saw him out you the here returning it. would you be insulted by that? >> no, i guess we would say we would have to do a better job next year. >> reporter: some stores will be offering extended return windows but even most of those will expire 30 and 90 days. so read the fine print. i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, good advice. well, there is no wrong time to go shopping, right?
8:35 am
"eyewitness news" at dilworth park holiday markets, new this season the market is showcasing the work of local artist, crafters and designers. and, and, to get done there and check it out. storms, and, and holiday packages, and, make tonight time for christmas. fedex employees, worked through the holidays to avoid disappointing customers but there were still lots of gifts missing under the tree. cbs the news correspondent marley hall has more on what some are calling a fedex fail. >> reporter: for this customer fedex was a daylight and he was more than a dollar short. >> it is december 26th, and this package just showed up. it looks pretty nice, doesn't it? yeah. good work, fedex. thanks. >> reporter: others took to social media, where hashtag fedex fail is trending. one person wrote, so much for the the guarantied two day
8:36 am
delivery. i want my money back. while some came to the carriers defense. they cannot control the weather and did you wait until the last minute to place your order. prechristmas storms in the south and deadly tornadoes slowed deliveries, employees, who volunteered to work delivered thousands of packages on christmas day and the company opened up some pick up centers or christmas morning for customers to get their packages but for our viewer right here it was all too late. pick up a gift for his father to day that was supposed to be delivered by christmas eve. >> i wanted it to arrive in time to deliver it to my, you you know, my loved ones so it is a little disappointing. >> reporter: fedex shipped a record breaking 317 million packages between black friday and christmas eve. a 12 percent jump from last year sparked by a surge in on line orders. this is a retail research firm and he says after weather delayed holiday packages in 2013, fedex and ups made
8:37 am
improvements to cut down delivery times. overall they are getting better. >> it is easy to blame carriers when you see things like weather and bad things happies specially around the who will will day season but i think overall carriers are getting faster. >> reporter: fedex officials say they are still catching up with christmas deliveries today. but rival ups said it was done with its 630 million deliveries, by 8:00 p.m. on christmas eve. ups air hubbies in louisville, where bad weather wasn't an issue. marley hall for c-3 news, new york. all right. 8:37 right now. kwanzaa is underway and many are celebrate ago cross our region. "eyewitness news", at the african-american museum on arch street last night for the first night of kwanzaa a the community members observing the principal of the first night, and unity principal. the seven day celebration was established to help african americans reconnect with their heritage. kwanzaa end january 1st. looks like spirited time. 8:37.
8:38 am
we will take a short break and grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. your daddy made this when he was a little boy. this is your dad at my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here mom. me too. look who's here!
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show biz figures drew more attention for their off camera exploits then their day jobs. david daniel looks at entertainment store that is kept us, well, entertained. >> reporter: transgender took an olympic sized step in 2015 as kardashian step dan bruce jenner officially became caitlin jenner. another 80's icon bill cosby saw his image go from father figure to accused predator as more than 40 women came forward with sexual misconduct allegations, allegations that he has denied. allegations of sexual misconduct took down a recent tv powerhouse the doug air family of 19 kid and counting, josh, faced reports he molested girls as a teenager including his sisters and used the adultly web site ashley madison. he apologized on both counts.
8:41 am
>> i will put a stop to this on slaught, this mirage. >> reporter: some sexual will partners of charlie sheen expressed alarm when hard living celebrity announced he was hiv positive. it was a devastating deja vu when bobbi kristina brown died at 22, in a manner anotherly similar to that of her mother, whitney houston, discovered unresponsive in a bathtub. brian williams lost his lofty perch as nbc knightley news anchor for exaggerating a tail. >> last six weeks, it has been crazy. >> reporter: 2015 also saw quite a shake up in the late night landscape, david letterman signed off after 33 years after top ten lists and stupid pet tricks. jon stewart moved on from the daily show have after 16 years in which he made the comedy show a cultural and political phenomenon. stephen colbert left comedy september rally with too shedding his persona to take over for letterman. after a year like this one
8:42 am
when so many people disappeared or disappointed us, it is no wonder we could not wait to return to a galaxy far, far away as star wars returned to theaters with the the force awakens. david daniel, reporting. i know that was highlight for you of 2015. >> you are right. i have not seen it. >> not a star wars fan at all. >> i heard it was really so good. >> i have to check it out. >> i have to see it. who knows. still to come, another very warm, foggy december day but the the cool down, it is coming, justin has a check of the forecast, up next. tough loss for eagles, i'm sick of talking about this. i have to tell you. it is a annoying me. they won't be making it to the playoffs this year. we will have more reaction from the players. we will be right back.
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talking about a blizzard
8:45 am
of historic proportions pounding panhandle region of texas and oklahoma as we speak and two college teams got slammed with the snowstorm in the middle of the sun bowl in el paso, texas. university of miami and washington state university played in the snow globe. wow, really coming down. they are bracing for a foot of snow and sub zero wind. so wow, better them, then us, justin. i'm just enjoying this warm up. it is not the best day but still warmer temperatures. >> still dreary. we call this dirty warm up because we are dealing with fog and included even though temperatures close to the 07 this afternoon potentially shattering old record of the 64. we have a cool morning. the this is warm for late december. the weather watchers checking in with the the lower 50's. who have north and west of the city, we will head up to sanatoga where michael riley has 50 degrees this hour in the fog. mild start this sunday, dew point of 47 degrees. that dew point is on the rise indicating more moisture coming at us and we are dealing with the fog.
8:46 am
the let's head into new jersey and see what is happens, peter has 53 degrees with clouds, in williamstown it looks like he is tired of these clouds. can you get rid of these clouds. we're sick and tired of seeing them. i'm with you. it is dreary. even though we are talking about warm temperatures. can't enjoy them outside. similar conditions up in northern, new jersey, peter in lawrenceville has 53 degrees in the fog. some photos again this morning we were dealing with ed connor. he has fog over the sod farm and that is a cool hot shot right there. that is what we are dealing w dense fog in some locations. the lets go down to the shore where they discontinued the dense fog advisory. wind is kicking up, visibility increasing. live look at ocean city boardwalk. there were a few people walking around, pretty desserted. lets see what is happening on storm scan three, quiet the right now but rain north and west from the great lakes all the way down to texas. thinks a two part storm
8:47 am
system, first part will be a cold front that comes through later this evening and then we will get this batch over texas, that comes in later monday night into tuesday and there could be wintry weather to deal with north of the city, so you get up to the lehigh valley in the poconos late monday night early tuesday morning, there could be a brief period of wet the snow, sleet, maybe freezing rain before we see a change over to all rain for everybody as warmer air moves back in. today that fog dissipate, a few peaks of sun for philadelphia on south and east. here comes the showers. after 5:00, six, seven or 8:00 e showers around at time. we will dry it out for monday. the most of the day dry. cloud build back in. noticeably colder. the initially that cold air stays in place as we go to 4:00 a.m. the tuesday morning we will see pink showing up, lehigh valley, poconos, indicating frozen precipitation so there could be a icy, conditions going on there, early on tuesday morning. well north of the city.
8:48 am
today we are looking at 60's to near 70. cold air returns tonight. thirty's to lower 40's for the low. and then temperatures hold in the 40's, throughout the day, on monday, which is average for this time of the year. lets talk about what will happen over the next ten days. record high, likely today. we will start to see colder air copping in for the start of the new year but nothing terribly cold. cold air is locked in place for a few days, over the north east, this is through january 6th but notice the the warmth expand ago cross the western u.s., so again that is still signs of temperatures overall still staying mild as we head into the start of january. morning fog today record warmth this afternoon, high temperature near 70 degrees. tonight showers during the opening, four for the low and extended forecast, again cooling it down nothing cold, steady rain in here on tuesday. mid 50's for new years eve. maybe a shower and then new years day back in the 40's again and average for this time of the year. >> hoping we will stay dry for new years eve though,
8:49 am
though. 8:48. lets check on the roads with ann. good morning, ann. >> good morning nicole. the this is i the five at walt whitman bridge. i-95 in good shape. walt whitman has speed restrictions of 35 miles an hour long ben franklin bridge and betsy ross bridge this morning. still some dense fog to contend with especially on the bridge and overpasses. be extra careful, and take your time. we will move the traffic cam here, to the schuylkill at conshohocken curve. see how road curves. no delays or problems on the schuylkill this morning, looks fine here through philadelphia, again just take your time, because you never know when you run into a fog patch. moving traffic cam one more time to 309 at norristown road right at valley forge area, no delays or problems on 309, it is coming along fine. the not much volume out there. and taking a look at mass transit orr close to schedule with no reported delays or problems, as for september, new jersey transit, and patco.
8:50 am
that is very latest, i'm ann evans. now here's "eyewitness sports" with don bell. hey there i'm's don bell. welcome back to to lincoln financial field recapping our top story. eagles had an opportunity to keep their playoff hopes alive but not meant to be as they fall to washington, 38-24. let's get you to the highlight, fans fired up about this one it is day after christmas, they are riled up because the the eagles looking to get it donna begins d.c. and then against giants next week. they came out on fire ryan matthews, a touchdown plunge, only third opening drive touchdown for the the bird in seven to nothing. the first quarter we will go eagles up seven-six but curt cousins finding jordan reid over the middle will for the score. reid had two touchdowns in this game. washington taking a 13-seven lead. now in the third eagles down 16-ten cousins though dealing, hitting chris thompson for 12-yard score and then men
8:51 am
from d.c. take a 23-ten lead. but things lag pretty bleak for the birds. on their next series the eagles going 52 yards in six plays capped off by 4-yard demarco murray touchdown. where has that been. just like that they trail by six. still if the third eagles with the ball, murray can't fine the pitch from bradford it is on the ground and deangelo hall with the scoop and score. eagles now you trailed by three. fourth quarter cousins looking for dagger, beautiful toss to pierre garcon, 4-yard touchdown and eagles season effectively over. washington, winning its first nfc east tied will since 202 just a second since 2,000. thirty-eight-24 the final score. now lets go over to leslie van arsdal who is outside the eagles locker room with more. >> for the eagles this game they needed to win to keep their playoff hopes alive and for the players inside that will beer room this one hurts.
8:52 am
>> it is terrible. we put a lot of work into give yourself a chance and you know, it was just very sour taste in your mouth. >> as an individual, we have to play hard, play harder and do what you have to do to win a football game. i feel like we didn't do that again tonight. city of philadelphia, we have to give them better. turf do a better job and everybody has to look at themselves an how they can do a better job. >> dot players think they are a six and nine team. >> yep, i think so. i think you are always exactly what your record is. we are a six and nine football team. you go out there and do certain things and get nine losses, that is what you get. >> reporting, from lincoln financial field leslie van arsdal for "eyewitness sports". >> eagles season effectively over. they have to go to the meadow land to take on the giants in a game that now really doesn't mean a whole lot. they're val waiting players for 2016.
8:53 am
i'm don bell, for "eyewitness sports". well, still much more to come on "eyewitness news" this morning, coming up next we will check with face the nation's john dickerson for a will check with face the nation's john dickerson for a look at it's the holidays, which means a house full of people, who all want to get online. so hurry and get verizon fios. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available, with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, for only $79.99 a month online, you get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. plus, with a 2-year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all the premium movie channels for a year. so go online or call now for this great offer. get out of the past. get fios. wha...before the was discovered... after people were enjoying truvia in their coffee and everything else... ...sugar would come along and go, "hey, i'm sweet too." "sure, sugar, you're very sweet,
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hug men and women heading off to war. she was friendly face for those returning from the tour. after word got out that elizabeth was losing her battle with breast cancer troops got the 38 year-old air force veteran the honor that she deserved. former president george w. bush sent her a letter. >> men and with men sacrifice for our freedom. thank you for all you have done. >> last tuesday elizabeth was honored with a big reward, and two days later on christmas eve elizabeth passed away. is there already a push to
8:56 am
rename fort hood deployment center in memory of elizabeth blair. that would be a really nice honor. such a special woman. cbs face the the nation will be coming up later this morning at 10:30 right here on cbs-3. joining with us a preview live from washington is moderator and cbs news political director john dickerson. john, good morning. >> good morning. we will even the year of the political outsider by talking to two political outsiders. first senator bernie sanders will join us from the democratic site and then the the republican side doctor ben carson, voting in iowa is almost about a month a was so we will talk to them about what their plans are going forward. then we will look back, and perspective with stephen colbert. we will talk politics, presidential campaign and what he expectsn 2016. for some real perspective we will go to outer spade to talk to commander scott kelly who is doing lots of experiments there on the space station within of them on himself to see what the human body can
8:57 am
endure after a year in space. then come back down to earth, and we will have a political round table to talk about last years news events and what we expect in the year ahead. thanks for the preview, we will be watching. lets talk about the forecast real quick. >> still a are the of fog and once we get rid of the fog warm afternoon 60's to near 70's set another record and we will cool it down steady rain in here on tuesday. >> seems to be a trend. >> that is "eyewitness news" we are signing off. always on cbs sunday morning is next, have a great day everybody thanks for watching. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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