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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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cbs3 "eyewitness news" right now on "eyewitness news" after a christmas weekend of record warmth, we're now tracking rain. stormscan 3 giving us a look at the conditions across the area tonight. good evening, i'm natasha brown, thanks so much for joining us. the rain is bringing cooler temperatures along the way tonight. let's get over to meteorologist lauren casey in our weather center, lauren >> we have the showers and after the showers clear on out the temperatures are going to drop down pretty efficiently after yes, another record day today. 65 degrees the high temperature in philadelphia, breaking the previous record of 64 set back in the 1940's. this was our fourth record high temperature and five days time. but temperatures, they are falling 49 degrees right now in the city. cold front just moved through the area, morning winds picked up. 16 miles per hour, breezy as well. those showers light to moderate in intensity heavier pockets of rain, picking up a quarter of an
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generally in most areas as witnessed in our neighborhood network, medford picking up shy of a quarter of an inch with the shower activity that has now exited the lehigh valley, starting to move into center city philadelphia, south jersey still seeing the rain coming down, it will continue to move south and eastbound over next several hours and we will have a dry overnight period and a dry start to the day tomorrow but chilly. temperatures will be cooling as we head throughout the day, so we'll be cooler by the 8:00 hour than the 6:00 hour, breezy as well, you'll need to bundle up. that's going to be the trend of the forecast. we'll talk about that plus a winter weather advisory in parts of the area, details coming up, nash. tonight survivors in emergency crews in texas are assessing the damage after two three tornados touched done, 11 people killed and dozens injured after the tornado swept through the dallas area last night. hundreds of structures were also damaged in the path of destruction. our sister station ktv t is live
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in texas with the very latest on what's happening there. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, natasha. there were dozens of folks here right before nightfall coming back. unfortunately, this is what they were coming back to. this neighborhood suburb of dallas by the dozens houses, looking just look this. this home, for example, one man, he escaped by lying in his bathtub with his dogs. his family were not here, very lucky. so many of these families here coming back here today, simply to support and focus on each othe other. >> reporter: justin tried to grab what he could. his parents also retrieving what little remains here. >> i stepped out because i heard the roaring. that's when i saw it. >> reporter: his block house after house left like this. for the people of garland's crystal lacks community. sunday became recover and retrieve day.
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he face add roaring tornado while lying in his bathtub with his dogs. >> seeped like about 20 seconds it lasted. then got real quiet and i stepped out and saw this. that was -- at that point, trying to figure out how i was going to get out. >> reporter: garland authorities estimate 100 residential homes destroyed. another 600 structures with tornado damage. many today needed to see what was left. for this neighborhood, it was each other. there are no reported deaths from crystal lacks. >> compared to our neighbors, i mean, i think we got pretty lucky. the houses still standing. the walls are standing. jeviust material stuff. the neighbors behind us, i like to think we're pretty lucky. >> reporter: pretty lucky for the vast majority of folksch when you look at this devastation, eight of the deaths
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here in the garland area are a by-product of being in cars on the highway just east of where i'm standing. that tornado came through at that time and those cars were on bridges and unfortunately, eight of the 11 deaths are part of those cars on that highway. again, tomorrow, here if garland main many families will return to start the assessment and clean up individually. in garland for cbs3 "eyewitness news" i'm steve picket >> thank you so much. our thoughts are with all the folks in texts tonight. meantime texas continue to deal with extreme weather, a bras sarod in north tactus is making driving conditions extremely hazardous and shutting down businesses, authorities are discouraging travel throughout the texas pan handle which consists of 26 counties. the snow has even now shut down a highway that runs to new mexico border until tomorrow morning. the ballistics sarod also slammed parts of new mexico dumped two feet of snow in me
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areas, snow drifts as high as eight feet shutdown roads all over the state. susan in a martinez has declared a state of emergency that means the national guard will be deployed to help stranded drivers. counties will be able to order and pay for additional resources to help. tonight, a delaware family is thanksgiving their dog after she don't she scared away intruders in their home. four-legged hero got to the men in the nick of time before anything was stolen. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos has the story now from new castle county delaware. >> reporter: the new castle police department sits right across the highway there on route 13 and just a few hundred yards away at this home yesterday evening police say two people tried breaking in. but fortunately they were stopped by the family pet napme precious >> this 2-year-old red nose pitbull may have stopped some grinchs from ruining the holidays >> two guys tried to break in. >> reporter: but they didn't pay close attention to this
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handwritten warning. >> they must have not seen the dog sign. >> reporter: when stephanie's sister heard the demoticommotio around 10:00, she let precious out of her cage >> they seen it was big dog and took off. >> reporter: new castle police are looking for two suspects. they were gone before police arrived. detectives tried getting fingerprints from the door >> they're coming to do damage. i mean, kicking a door in with the houses so close, you know, you don't care. apparently you're in for a mission and you're going to get what you need to get and you're going to get out >> it's right after christmas our toys are still right there. >> reporter: that mission aborted because of precious, who protected the delaware home and everything inside. >> i think that was the best thing for themful they probably would have ended up with, you know, higher built in the hospital than they would have made here. >> reporter: police say they won't anyone in custody and the description of the two men to
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tried breaking in vague, as for the family and the damage to the door and their home, we're told it's about $1,000 to repair. reporting here in new castle county delaware, greg argos, cbs3 "eyewitness news" a marine, who has been missing since last week in new jersey has been found dead. sergeant tristan clinger had been missing since december 20th from the fort dix military base. the leader of the search effort tells "eyewitness news" that the 28-year-old father was found yesterday. there was no other comment on where he was found or any other details released. authorities are still investigate a 15-year-old boy is in critical condition after he was shot on a west philadelphia street. police say it happened overnight along the 6700 block of leeds street. the boy was shot in the in fact, back and upper right leg. he was taken to presbyterian hospital. police say the gunmen is a black male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, anyone with further
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information please contact philadelphia police. tensions extremely high in chicago after police shot and killed two people over the weekend. police admit one of those shootings was an accident. the grieving friends and family of the victims say the officers have failed residents. correspond brian webb has more. >> reporter: chicago police admit an officer made a mistake killing view of-year-old betty jones saturday morning at this chicago apartment building. >> i came in my room and i looked and i seen my mom on the floor and i got to crying. like from the. >> reporter: police were responding to reports that 19-year-old college student la greer was acting agitated and armed with a baseball bat. officers shot him several times. he died at the hospital. >> he was somebody that wanted to go somewhere. and the people are supposed to protect us took his life >> both shooting violation are black. police refused to release the race of the officer or officers
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involved. >> they were confronted by a combative individual. resulting in an officer firing shots fatally wounding two individua individuals. >> reporter: grieving family and friend held a news conference wearing shirts that read roam failed us, riveferring to chica impair, rom emmanuel >> it's ridiculous. somebody needed to something about this. >> reporter: a memorial was held to remember the victims while incident is under investigation. brian webb cbs3 "eyewitness news". the nfl and major league baseball will now launch investigations after an al jazeera report linked several players in both leagues to performance enhancing drugs. one of those players philly shruger ryan howard. the report paints a picture of an under ground marketplace where athletes can easily contain peds including human
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growth hormones, today, they called the report completely false and threatened to take al jazeera to court. phillies said they will cooperate with the investigation. al jazeera has claimed paint manning had hgh shipped to his home in 2011 and today manning was asked whether any of the stories is true. >> absolutely not. absolutely not. disgusting. makes it me want to, just -- can't say it on tv. but, you know, makes me sick. makes me nauseous. >> the main source of al jeez's report has already recanted his statement saying he made the whole thing up to test the reporter. stay with us, still to come on "eyewitness news" travel trouble extreme weather all around the country is creating problems for people right here in philadelphia. and the mummers' parade is just around the corner. there will be new faces in this year's celebration.
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see who will be making their did i buy and why it's a huge step forward for the parade >> a winter weather advisory is in effect for parts of the area plus heavy rain and a cold start to 2016 coming up >> straight ahead in sports an off season of uncertainty awaits after the eagles miss playoff for the second season in a row.
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it was a busy day of traveling for those getting home after the holiday weekend, as alexandria hoff tells us, many travelers at the airport experienced long delays. whether it was due to the foggy weather in our area or the extreme weather down south. >> the last of the holiday hugs were had outside of philadelphia international airport >> it's definitely worth it to come home. see the family. >> reporter: it wasn't just give the bags that were piled high.
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an issue with the baggage belt that checked luggage had to be manually transported to gates and early afternoon fog provided for departure delays >> you get to spend a little more time with us. >> reporter: for those returning to philadelphia, things got more complicated, especially for those who connected through southern states experiencing extreme weather. he had a connection through hard hit dallas text. >> i use this thing as my pillow. i put my suit jacket to cue and she it >> he's finally home to philadelphia. >> i hope i can find my luggage. >> others decided to bail on the flying idea altogether after waiting sick hours to find out that their flight to hartford had been cancelled. >> we're getting our bags and we're going to drive because everything is an venture >> all forms of transportation saw a boost this holiday season thanks to low fuel cost. triple a has estimated the total number of year end travelers will top 100 million for the first time on record.
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reporting from philadelphia international airport, i'm alexandria hoff. cbs3 "eyewitness news". the record breaking continues for "star wars" "the force awakens" what an awesome movie. i saw it recently with more than -- that's just my opinion more than 153 million this weekend. "star wars" reachedly the billion dollar mark globally the fastest any film has to get end there, beating out jurassic world. me second place, the daddy home with nearly 39 million, and third joy with more than 17 million, sisters comes in fourth, 14 million, fifth place, alvin and the chip munks holding strong at almost 13 million dollars. now, less than a week until the annual mummers' parade in groups all over the city are putting the finishing touches. kyw news cherri gregg spent some time in south philly today with one of the city's old string
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bands. >> reporter: after months of preparation, the woodland string band is making final prep to take new year's day by storm. larger than life dawn soars and costumes. you bet jurassic is going to be good >> there will be dinosaurs. there will be surprises. >> reporter: tom is band president and while he says the see custodian big prop and music embody the fun, family is the heart >> fathers, sons, uncles. >> reporter: began marching in 1977 alongside his son tommy constitutionier 15 years, one of 24 father son teams who march in the band. >> this has remained the one thing we have together that we can share and stronger not just father and son but as friends. >> reporter: in addition like the woodland string band, the
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expanding, cultural and ethnic groups who are going to march for the very first time. for lgbt groups to hispanic organizations and african-american team will be among the 10,000 men, women and children who will march in this parade and it will attract tens of thousands of spectators and for tom and to my tommy junior another chance to make father son family memories >> at the end of the day we want this tradition to 35 . >> reporter: cherri gregg, kyw radio cbs3 news. preparations are in full force in new york city, workers installed 588 water ford crystals on the time square if you new year's eve ball. hundreds of thousands are expected at midnight, on the second night at kwanza, a huge celebration in south philly,
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where the community came together for an indoor festival celebrating african culture, singing dancing along with shopping as well. the candle was lit each hour to highlight the seven principles of kwanza. lauren, our warmth continues? i guess it's going to come to an end soon. >> pretty abrupt halt happening right now as we speak. a cold front is just cleared the area over the last couple hours, we're going to feel a lot chillier tomorrow, mainly because we've been spoiled so much. temperatures tomorrow will still be running above average, but we'll turn it over and show you the storm system that we have been making mention of over the last several days. in fact, that brought snow to parts of the southwest, now bringing snow ballistisame syst responsible for those deadly tornados in and around the dallas area and again tonight they're seeing more inclement weather in the way of rain changing over to sleet and snow. this system will be impacting us as we head into tomorrow night and tuesday in a weakened
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fashion but again we'll be dealing with all the moisture, right now we're dealing with a cold front moving through and a little bit of moisture, stormscan 3 showing us clearing out north and west of the city as the cold front continues to clear south eastbound shower activities across parts of southern new jersey. we're seeing some of that rain activity move to some of our shore points, light to moderate rain coming down right now in atlantic city as we head into the next several days, we are going to see that storm system build our way and bring us a potential for heavy rain fall here in the city and a wintery mix across the lehigh valley and poconos. right now, wind speeds have picked up behind that frontal boundary, winds out of the northeast, it's breezy and we're driving in the corder air mass -- we had visibility less than one mile for a period of five hours in philadelphia earlier today. looking clear but temperatures are falling already, 42 in allentown. we're down into the 40's in philadelphia, after our high temperature of 65 day and our
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low will occur really right around now. 49 degrees, breezy with showers coming to an end, north wind around 15 miles per hour, high temperature for tomorrow, also 49 degrees. because we're going to be cooling throughout the afternoon. mostly cloudy conditions mainly dry during the day. we'll see the chance for rain building as we head into the late evening hours, but breezy all throughout the day. for your lunch's time hour, temperatures colder, 43 and even cold re as you're heading home from work tomorrow, 41 degrees, so please plan ahead for that because it's going to feel down right chilly. winter weather advisory is in effect starting tomorrow at 7:00 ending tuesday morning for the lehigh valley and up into the poconos for the potential of a wintery mix. we're talking light snow. sleet, freezing rain potential all mixed together. so future weather showing us pretty quiet as we head into tomorrow morning, no problems for your monday morning commute. monday evening looking good, then we start to see some patchy sleet moving in, maybe a sleet
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pellet in and around philadelphia as we head into monday, no more widespread in nature toward lehigh valley. across the delaware valley, maybe a few rumbles of thunder takes us monday night and into the first half of the day on tuesday. it's going to be quite the soaker but for the lehigh valley and poconos, what to sdpkt from the system we'll have the wintery mix mainly monday night, accumulation of about an inch if possible through midday on tuesday, icy accumulations, correlated correlated, slick on the seahawks and maybe we can see few isolated power outages so plan for that. tuesday will be mild with all of that rain, 58. we're in the 50's for mid week, mainly dry conditions with the exception of a few showers wednesday afternoon. and then the bottom falls out. as we head into friday. new year's day, 44 degrees but dry conditions for the mummers' parade. breezy, everyone going to be bundled up.
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next weekend looks just a little bit different than the past weekend we've had >> just a tad, maybe 30 or so degrees. thank you so much lauren. are we over the eagles yet or month >> we have cold weather, eagles losing. >> we got lot going on >>'tis the season of the eagles losing out the playoffs for the second season, is chip kelly worried about keeping his job? and the flyers in an icy gam
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flyers back in action after a six-day break, the orange and black, starting a west coast trip. both the ducks and flyers in a bit of a feisty move. bad hit on scott. that's going to start the first fight. then corey skates in and another fight breaks out. 40 minutes penalties handed out in the first period. 21 to the flyers. as you can imagine the penalty box will be crowded.
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five guys in there. third period game tied up at two, not anymore. corey perry with a goal from a really tight angle. that's the second of flyers are going to lose four to two eagles out of playoff after last night's loss, started out strong. 80 yard for a touchdown, but downhill after that. kirk cousins threw for 365 yards. washington wins the division and the eagles has one game left before heading into an uncertain off season. >> do you take 100 percent responsibility do you worry about job security at all >> no. it's not good enough, it's not good enough, i'm going to continue to work as hard as i can and show up early and stay late i don't think anybody in my situation will tell you they're worried about getting fire, they probably should have already been fired. >> little story line from last night jason peters removed
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himself from the game in the fourth quarter to avoid further injury while playing for a nonplayoff team. peters had injured his elbow early in the first quarter and returned to the game. eagles left tackle battled injuries all season long. coming up in the nissan sports zone, we're going to have more fall-out from that eagles loss to the redskins, going to discuss what comes next with josh paunil starting at 11:35 >> chip kelly seems pretty confident unshakeible. it appears. thank you, lesley,
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welcome back, sp families end their holiday weekend with an up close look at bugs. "eyewitness news" at the academy of natural sciences for bug day. visitors were able to look at butter fly weanings under winnings under a microscope. part of a week long event at the museum called all star days. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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winter coat, buried away. 49 is our temperature right about now, it's going to get cooler, rainy tuesday. ok, for mid week then colder to start the new year. >> finally started to feel like winter. thank you, lauren, appreciate it. that's "eyewitness news" newsing everyone, thank you for joining us, we're always on cbsphil now we're handing things over to lesley and the cbs3 sports zone. have a good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ sunset
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this is the nissan sports zone on cbs3 from the grid iron to the golf course. the eagles getting ready to hit the linc, after windchilling the watching the season go up in flames, and don't look now the philadelphia flyers the best team in town as the flyers are our only hope. i'm lesley van arsdale, this was it for the philadelphia eagles with the division on the line, the birds had a playoff berth in sight but crashed out in spectacular fashion at home against washington last night. first quarter birds moving ryan matthews punching it in. the linc was rocking of the birds taking an early lead on a six, play 80


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