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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 28, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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where people absolutely bundle up. storm scan3 here shows that system moving toward us, part of the area will be under a winter weather advisory, good morning, it is monday, december 28th, i'm erika von tiehl. we check in with katie and meisha a absolutely you needed to bundle up coming into work today? >> so true. >> yes, few leaky could have had hat, mittens, i feel like i just got little spoiled. that's why. >> we all did. for sure. you know, talking 70s, even still, in the month of december, it just doesn't happen. so, yes, you know, the perception that far can lead to you maybe be a little more sensitive when the thermometer actually gets too typical for a change, focus once more what's going on with the storm system as we mentioned, this has been deay batch of severe weather loop here of the radar, tornados have swept through, brought numerous damage reports where we saw
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specifically through texas, arkansas, hardest hit locations millions of dollars worth every damage, nearly dodd end tornado reports out that far. >> it is headed our way won't actually get here until tonight so nor now handful every clouds overhead, basically through the day height hours, don't have to worry about anything in the way of wet weather but later at any time when the winter weather advisories take place, pocono region as well as further inland and north, certainly, if your travels take you there. that's where you will have the best shot to see any kind of wintery precipitation, talking specifically sleet, maybe some freezing rain, maybe little snow, but then it all turns over to rain. where we stand right now out looking over "skycam 3", pretty quiet. quick check on your houry hour forecast, likely see little sunshine, that will help us sort every just level off, little bit of evan flow, mid 40's the expectation for temperature throughout the rest of the day here if
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philadelphia. meisha, a over to you. >> katie, thank you so much for. that will good heads up about tomorrow's drive it, could be a messy one, slick one. that is what we're hearing. maybe some possible freezing rain. roadways nice and dry. any incident we've had are getting cleaned out of the way, great news. in the king of prussia area, route one past ridgeooking good. see casino of steady flow of headlight, casino every seeing that anywhere we look. but right here we look at 95 north, betsy ross bridge, looking pretty good. ninety-five however at cottman where we did see some i would say congestion just because we had disable vehicle, causing some slow downs. looks like that might be cleared out of our way now, 95 southbound at cottman what you are looking at still very busy though. just moving now to the 6:00 hour. already, plenty of brake lights out there. some construction 95 south the onramp betsy ross bridge closed until september of 16. so, we will have to use this alternate girard avenue ramp to southbound 95. just make note of that. because that's not going to
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change, also in the wormed of mass transit, media elwin line you have got some overhead wire work here. and because that far, from the inch board plans forms, from 9:55 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. today. check your scheduled on line. >> nearly dozen people are killed when deadly tornado multiple tornados sweep through the dallas area. the powerful twitters leveled hundreds of homes. officials say it will take month or possibly years for residents to rebuild. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us in the satellite center with the latest on the devestation, justin, good morning. >> good morning, on the grounds, in dallas, being told total devestation. eleven dead, dozens injured, thousands of structures damaged and those numbers are likely to rise. this morning, crews are working to restore service and continue clean up and we now know storm trackers count nine tornados hitting the dallas area. >> lightning flashed lit up glimpse of turning tornado, damage easily seen after a twister touched down in coke ville texas. this home destroyed.
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>> it was pretty pretty traumatic. we just came taught assess our own damages, and he's over there yelling for help. >> we realize that he was running across the road, with his baby. >> debra lee king's neighbor beg her to take his two day old baby to the hospital. she did. her husband glenn tried bringing the wife from the damaged home. >> she was pinned in there between a wall and the door. >> she survived. her baby did not. in rhett oklahoma texas a tornado leveled a school nearby a man road out the storm in a closet and heard the destruction outside. >> that sound, i just can't get that sound out of my head. >> across the dallas area, arrange of damage, from minor to major, eight dead are reported from the garland area, where the national weather service reports some ef4 tornado hit. now, the recovery begins. justin schuller took what he could, his parents also grabbing a remain of their home. >> i stepped out, because i
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heard the roaring, and that is when i saw. >> many came to see what was left for this neighborhood they found each other. >> compared to our neighbor's, i, mine, i think we got pretty lucky. the house is still standing, the walls are standing. just material stuff. >> now, the area red cross and salvation army accepting donations for victims who are in need of shelter, food and clothing. texas governor greg abbott has declared emergency for four dallas metro counties. erika, back over to you. >> justin fin epp for us, thank you. from tornados to a blizzard, more wild texas video here, wild weather. in amarillo yesterday, there were more than 350 accidents, snow created white out conditions. major highway that runs through new mexico closed until at least this afternoon. we'll have live report from texas about their weather woes coming up in the next half hour. >> northeast every texas, heavy rains in missouri forced governor jay nixon to declare
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state of emergency. widespread flooding hit that state. cars swept away we rising waters. urged caution in northern missouri snow, freezing rain, increasing wind gusts on the way. >> marine missing since last week in new jersey has been found dead. sergeant trinities craneer missing since december 20th from the fort dix military bales. leader of the search effort tells "eyewitness news" the 28 year old's father was found saturday. there were nother details on where he was found. authorities say they are still investigating. >> 6:06 right now. ryan howard's attorney says he may take al-jazeera to court after the news channel reported the phillies first baseman used performance enhancing drugs. the documentary claims howard and other athlete obtained ped's including human growth hormone. howard's attorney calls the report, quote, completely false, and threatening to sewall jazeer a. the documentary also claimed that quarterback peyton
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manning had hgh shipped to his home in 2011 when with the indianapolis colt. manning now with the denver broncos is angrily denying those accusations. >> absolutely not. absolutely not. sick, discusting, makes me want to, you know, just -- can't say it on tv but makes me sick, makes me nauseous. there are no shortcuts in the nfl. i have done it the long way. i have done it the hard way, to insinuate anything otherwise is complete and total job, defamation, ticks me off. >> main source of al-jazeera report already recanted his statements, he says, he made the whole thing up to quote test the reporter. now, in response to the al-jazeera story the phillies release this statement. quoting now, ryan has spent his whole career with the phillies and during that entire time has been an extremely well respected member of our team and an outstanding contributor to our community. we willfully cooperate with any investigation conducted by the major league baseball.
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>> jan carabeo much more on the story coming in about 20 minute at 6:30. still ahead this morning, this holiday weekend is a violent one in chicago, still ahead why mayor rom ooh manual calling in police to review their training. also coming up this morning, how the extreme weather across the country is creating travel troubles for people here in philadelphia. >> and, it is being called unprecedented flooding. we'll tell you where weeks of heavy rain contributed to scenes like this one, when we come back. >> ♪ >> so happy you're with us this monday morning, live look inside the control room. a shout out here to least, a good morning, least, a hey, deb, how are you doing? just wavement vince in the fact bound there. give us a wave, vince, common. doug, are you in there?
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doug? and greg, okay, that's our live shot of our control room. we'll be right back.
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>> david cameron sent troops to help those inundated to england. hundreds of people have been evacuated. there have been no fatalities or serious injuries reported, but this weather, seems not just over in england but also here in the u.s. we've had so many problems in the midwest, and turns comb nerve our part of the country, katy? >> slutly right. actually, seeing that chill set in, just before the storm system arrives, too, erika.
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that means actually going to see the first shot for wintery weather here in the delaware vale. but this storm system, it has been the headliner all day, because it is so expansive for one thing, and so powerful for another. so severe weather currently errupting unfortunately through the middle of the night across the lower mississippi valley. there are tornado watches and tornados warnings currently out for this line that's moving in right now into mississippi, and also finding snow on the back edge of this outside of the dallas area. but when it comes to tornados in december, you might think okay not the most normal thing. do you sometimes see tornados, climb tow logically speaking, texas would see five during the month every december. look at the alerts posted because of this. this thing has it all, winter weather advisories here, winter storm warnings to the north, flood alert, tornado watches and warnings as we mentioned, so it really is everything. it has got the whole mixed bag plus the kitchen sink thrown into the storm system because of its strength. at the moment, look where we stand. it is chilly up and down i95.
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lou 40's at the airport right now, low 30's mount pocono, yes, cold air setting the stage for us to see little bit of icing out there we think by tonight. but look how this clash is setting up from birmingham to little rock, essentially 25 degrees spread, and that means, you're just seeing the air mass clash. that's why the severe weather is errupting. meanwhile precipitation. what are we talking about here? generally later tonight. evening drive not going to be impacted by. >> this eventually wet weather builds in from the south. strictly rain in all the green shaded areas but see mixing take place further north overnight. so, snow, little icing turning eventually over to rain, through the lehigh valley, poconos, as well as berks county. clouds for the rest of the day though, and again, talking some cooler air in place here, a lot more seasonable by tomorrow, though, this same time it is going to be a nightmare on the road, meisha, a we'll have some very heavy rain to dodge for the better part of morning, i think. >> that's never what we want to hear, especially early on in the week when we know it will be very busy. so good piece of advice
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tomorrow morning just know probably going to be wet. might be dealing with some freezing rain. today however this morning it might be cold but the roadways are nice and dry. although look at this. disable vehicle, 59 southbound at cottman. look how busy it is already. we are in the early 6:00 hour and already you're traveling less than posted speeds and there are a lot of brake light out there, that disable vehicle has since cleared. still part of your residual effect, not even just the residual effect action because just busy on this monday morning. this is look at the skunk to the off ramp to the vine looking good, starting to get little busy. look at the vine here moving in the westbound, eastbound direction, vine obviously all cleared by this hour. but, certainly, holding steady in terms of that volume level starting to build. now we have two accident in royersford, one, 422 westbound, approaching country club road. the second one right here, north lewis road at ridge pike, one lane block, police and fire are on the scene here. so give yourself couple every extra minutes as you maneuver around this area. erika, a back to you. >> meisha, thank you.
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extreme weather around the country caused big problems for many philadelphia travelers trying to fly home after the holidays. this is the scene at philadelphia international airport on sunday afternoon. concellations and delays dominated the day and caused plenty of headaches for the homeward bound. travelers in the middle of those blizzard regions were the hardest hit. >> i use this thing as my pillow. i book my suit jacket to cushion it, and just slept on the gown, you know. >> triple a estimates that the number of year end travelers will top 100 million, for the first time on record. >> quite the welcome for larry kendrick of mississippi he arrived at atlanta heart field international airport. larry is the airport's 100 million passenger. he was greeted by the mayor of atlanta and airport officials, and even received some gifts, including, a new car. well done. atlanta is the first airport
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in the world to reach that number of passengers. nice surprise. three both thieves sit behind bars in florida this morning after leading police on 20-hour high speed chase. the wreckless chase started christmas eve spanning more than 300 miles. authorities say at times it resembled james bond movie. at one point the thieves tried to ram the sheriff's boat before coming into custody near new mexico. learning of another case of hoffer board bursting into flames. this time though it is in new jersey. we have the details. >> also, ahead, residents in chicago are demanding answers after a police shooting over the weekend left two people dead. we'll have the latest when we come back.
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>> protests and demands in chicago after two people are killed in two police involves shooting, happened saturday morning while offers remembers re -- were responding to domestic disturbance. investigators admit one victim was accidentally shot. >> reporter: candles, flowers and teddy bear now sit outside the chicago building where police opened fire over the weekend, killing two people. latonya jones' 55 year old mother betty was one of the victims. investigators admit she was accidentally struck. >> she was innocent. she didn't do nothing. all she did was open the door.
6:20 am
and they shot her. >> jones lived on the ground floor of the building where police re spooned today reports that 19 year old college student quinntone yo la greer was acting agitated and armed with a baseball bat. officers shot him several times. he died at the hospital. la greer's mom said he was an honor student but was mentally ill. >> i used to watch the news daily and i would grieve for other mothers, other family members. and now, today, i'm grieving myself. >> bullet holes are marked on the building where the shooting happened. it comes as the department faces scrutiny as part of federal civil rights investigation over police practices, family members are the people killed this weekend, claim officers are too quick to open fire. >> why you got to shoot her and ask questions later? >> while it is not clear how many officers opened fire, the department says all of those involved are now assigned to administrative duty. don champion, cbs-3 news. >> still ahead this morning, a
6:21 am
deadly accident in california. what police are saying led to a tourist falling to his death. >> then, a florida fisherman has a close encounter with a great white shark, and it is all caught on camera. hear from him coming up. katy? >> of course talking about the very large and very damaging storm system that is actually headed our way. we're also going to be talking about tornados this time of year. how rare is it? how typical is it? we'll answer the question for you coming up.
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>> look, that's a great white. >> it circled, off may port, florida he said his passengers almost freaked out. captain adds, you just never know. >> i estimated it to be about 12 feet long. i mean, he was about, you know, about that wide, very impress i have. we actually was spotting him two, three, different times, kept harassing us and pulling fishof our line. >> put the fishes in the water. captain says he's only seen great white twice in ten years
6:25 am
on the high sees. one of the holidays most popular toys being blamed for fire down at the shore. the fire department posted these pictures on facebook last night after a hoffer board caught fire. they reminded people you should never leave toys unattended while charging. already have been several reports of hoffer board fires this month. the us consumer product safety commission is investigating those fires, so far, though, it has not issued any recalls. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", deadly tornados leave behind a path of destruction. we're live in hard hit texas as resident evaluate the damage. jan? >> and, phillies first baseman, ryan howard, implicated in a al-jazeera investigative report claiming that he used perfoance enhancing drugs. i'll jan carabeo, he's firing back this morning, his side of the story next. >> jan, thanks. also ahead, a area dog protect her home when burglars trying to break-in. we'll meet her owners coming
6:26 am
up. >> we have disable vehicle, 95 southbound at cottman causing some delays. right now things are looking a little bit better. although we do have two accidents. all of the updates coming up of the first we'll take a quick break, stay right where you are.
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, deadly tornadosouchdown in texas killing 11 people and injuring more. the powerful twisters ripped through homes, reducing them just to rubble. a disaster has been declared in four dallas area counties. joining us live in texas with the latest there, and just terrible devestation. omar, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika. this is an up close and personal look of an ef3 tornados, winds speeds of 136 to 165. homes were just pulvarized under some of the debris someone's car. >> this used to be a garage. this is a furnace unit that's
6:30 am
news just parked on top of this car. now, residents usually try to come in during the day, as i step through debris, come in during the day, because there is not really power in the area. good news, we are starting to see some power trucks come into the neighborhood. it will be a few days, before this area has electricity. >> good to their that is on its way. omar, so many people affected, hundreds affected by this. what's being done to help the resident get through this terrible time? >> there are some shelter this have been set up. also, some stores that we've heard of that are staying open late. you have a loft big box home depo stores, that are staying open, so resident can come get boards, if they still have windows to board up. the red cross is in effect here, a lot of people are going to get a warm meal there, while they come and clean up. and there has been outpouring of support. the police community here, they've poured if from all over north texas to help a lot of the police officers here. mind you there is here is
6:31 am
rowette. some of the officers here logs homes now strong protect the neighborhoods of the areas where, you know, the tornado just completely tore through. >> now i know one home can be just smashed and then next to it can be just fine. any cases that far on that street or are they all just destroyed? >> reporter: you're absolutely right, right now, you can barely see what's left of this home. the few down, that one has a roof. that is considered one of the lucky homes. but just behind us, out of the camera site, there is really just rubble left. you can't even tell if it was a one story or two story home. but there are some people who we talked to who said a tree just fell on my house. and they're happy about. that will because their neighbor has nothing left. >> sad story coming out of the area. omar via frank a for us, north texas. katie you told us earlier that system is what will affect us this week? >> absolutely, yes, sipping in even by tonight already.
6:32 am
so, it is moving quickly. but it definitely is a very large storm system for one thing, but very powerful one at that. and it is still barreling down with severe weather even as we speak across portions of the deem south. texas the severe weather threat demain i shall. you do still have snow spinning in on the back side of this outside of the dallas fort worth area. look at that leading line on the right-hand side of your scream. you see what's rolling through mississippi? currently tornados watches and warnings, issued for that line of severe weather. thankfully here at home, not dealing with severe weather but not like we don't see tornados during the month of december. you average five tornados during the month of december in texas two, in both arkansas, louisianna, we've had report of tornados from the storm, oklahoma interestingly typically there aren't any. so, you know, again, climatically speaking you'll find it around. but not everywhere. certainly not here. rather what we're going to find out of the storm system is a little bit of wintery weather we think.
6:33 am
lehigh valley, poconos, throw bucks county in, snow, sleet, freezing rain how the storm will start off for us once it builds in later tonight and tomorrow morning. could lead to some icing out on the roadways, everyone else, you can bank on strictly rainout of this storm system, i'll have much more on track that storm for you bit later in the show. i do want it give you sense how it looks out there right now. chilly start to the day. with that northerly wind, make it feel awfully chilly. keep it in mind low 30's in the poconos, northwest breeze, you need heavier winter coat obviously, but how we expect the rest of the day to pan out. not heck of a lot of movement on the thermometer where we stand right now, should sort of level off mid maybe upper 40's in a couple of spots further south of the city but don't have to worry about wet weather yet. later tonight that things start to get going with the storm making its approach, so for now, sort of the proverbial calm before the storm. and eventually, the breeze kicks in, and that will be a sign of things to come for us. again, it is going to be a steady heavy rainmaker this same time tomorrow.
6:34 am
meisha, over to you. >> not good news for the traffic department, especially tomorrow. thanks for that, katie. good morning, everyone, happy ay to you, if you are just waking up with us. roadways looking pretty good this morning, they are nice and dry, we had couple of incidents but the good news they are kind of moving out of the way nice and quickly. this is a look at the boulevard, heading in the southbound direction, looking pretty good here, starting to get busy though, we take a look at the schuylkill at city avenue, once you're off the boulevard. if you can kind of look beyond the trees, that's the schuylkill moving in the eastbound direction. again, you'll have to look to the trees here, moving in the eastbound direction, there, that's where we are starting to see some of the slow downs pretty of make lights going on there. once off the boulevard heading in the westbound direction for monday morning, not looking bad at all. what's really helping us, is our dry roadways this morning. this is a look at 95 southbound at girard, you can see how busy it is, moment ago deaths able vehicle right around the could cottman avenue. since cleared. starting to see it really start to heat up interstate 95, thinking about headed out any time soon, give yourself
6:35 am
couple of extra minutes, mondays tends to be busy. accident in royersford, 422 westbound approaching country club road. i'll have another update on another one we're still waiting it get cleared in about 15 minute, erika, over to you. >> thank you, major league baseball and the national football pleaing plan to investigate after al-jazeera report and players as use of performance enhancing drugs. attorney for one of the phillies says his client is not one of them. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at citizens bank park a lot of people talking about this one today, jan, good morning. >> good morning, phillies first baseman ryan howard is implicated in this al-jazeera report. he's fighting back this morning, vehemently denying any and all accusation that is he testify took performance enhancing drugs, in a statement last night, the foil he is are standing behind their first baseman. they have made this response to the al-jazeera report reading in part ryan has spent his whole career with the phillies, during that entire time has been an extremely well respected member of our team, and outstanding contributor to our community.
6:36 am
we willfully cooperate with any investigation conducted by major league baseball. now, this follows the release again that far documentary by al-jazeera, the report alleges that howard received performance enhancingrugs, the first basement is mentioned right around the 35 minute mark. and the talk surroundings how alleged ped use impacted some of howard's top homerun producing seasons with the phillies. the issue is that one of the key sources in this documentary former pharmacist, charlie fly, has recanted his entire story. he is backtracked saying in a youtube video that his claims about supplying drugs to athletes were false and incorrect. other pro my file athlete named as well including denver broncos quarterback peyton manning, he had this to say. >> absolutely not. absolutely not. sick. discusting. makes me want to, you know, just -- can't say it on tv. but makes me sick. makes me nauseous. there are no short cut in the ffl. i have done it the long way.
6:37 am
done it the hard way, to insinuate anything otherwise is complete and total joke. defemation, ticks me off. >> a lot of angry athletes this morning, back out here live at citizens bank park, ryan howard, of course, again, denying those accusations, as well. al-jazeera is standing by its report. we're reporting live in south philadelphia, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, jan, thank you very much. >> meanwhile, delaware family is thanking their dog after she scared away intruders inside their home. meet precious. red nose pitbull. dog answer owner stephanie lamb perth said the two men kicked in the door of their home around 10:00 saturday night. the would be invaders could have madoff with the family's christmas girl, all scattered about the tree. but, the four legged hero got to the men just in time before nick was stolen. >> they didn't get anything. everybody was safer. thank you to the quick thinking of the dog. >> the family tells
6:38 am
"eyewitness news" it will still cost about a thousand dollars to repair the damaged door. new castle county police currently no description of the suspect. >> we may learn today whether pennsylvania governor tom wolf will sign budget bill ending six month impasse. lawmakers sent the governor a $30.3 billion spending bill without the increased public school aid that the governor wanted. wolf now has three options, he can sign it, veto part of it, or veto the whole thing. >> jerry sass -- cuss getting retro payments from the pension system. state owes him $211,000 from when it illegally stopped hits retirement benefit. the payments stopped after the former penn state assistant coach was sentenced for child molestation. court ruled against stopping the payments. his monthly checks of $4,900 will resume in january. >> 6:38 right now. investigators say a man who felled to his death in san diego appeared to be distracted by an electronic device. the san diego county medical
6:39 am
examiners office says joshua burr well was using either a camera or a cell phone, when he slipped and plunged 40 feet from a beach cliff on to the rocks. one eyewitness tried to help by bringing out his climbing gear. >> i heard the guy that fell yelling help, please god save me. my mom ran out, someone yelled at her and pointed out to her can you please call 911. >> on facebook she said he died while looking at pictures. >> basketball world mourns the loss of one of the greatest show men, harlem globetrotters lemon, played for the globetrotters nearly quarter century. he is chart in the 1954 out of north carolina, half court hook shots no look passes and athletic antics put the globetrotters on the map. meadow-lark lemon, was 83 years old. still ahead this morning, encouraging news for children
6:40 am
who suffer from as m we have the details coming up in the health watch. holidays may be over but the deals may be ahead. why expert say now is the time to go shopping for a new wardrobe and how the weather could save you money. >> also ahead, it is home to the world's biggest new years party. we'll show you how times square is getting ready to countdown to 2016. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, are you ready for the new year? it is fast approaching. we'll show you how the mummers are getting red when we come back as you look live at the brightening sky. good morning. >> ♪
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>> identify add gene that could un look new treatment for cancer. gene called norad, responsible
6:44 am
for maintaining the proper amount of chromosomes in cells. when the gene is inch active, chrome souls can become inch stable, that's key feature found in cancer cells. for the first time in more than three decades, childhood asthma rates are no longer increasing. rated peak in 2009 with 9.7% with children having asthma. but in 2013, it was down, to 8.3%. researchers found the only sub group of children whose asthma numbers are increasing, are children living in poverty. >> and new report from the american academy of pediatrics finds school should collaborate with children and doctors to help un train school employees prevent seizures in children with epilepsy. the report is suggesting each plan should be individualized, and might include rescue medications school staff can administer specially when school nurses are not available. 6:44. president obama getting ready for the new year by relaxing
6:45 am
in hawaii, surprised some resident when he made roadside stop. the president stopped by an ice cream stand yesterday. he was on his way back from the beach with his family when he made pit stop. shook hands with people who gathered outside. when asked what he reported the president re ported cherry and lime. lovely street if were you in hawaii. we felt like hawaii last week but not today. >> these are the questions, cherry and lime? i needed to know that information. now we can start our day. whew. >> good morning, everybody. we want to get awe sense of what's going on out there right now. eyewitness weather watch remembers great place to start for that we have temperatures generally upper 20s, or even the low #'s in a couple of spots right now, if fact that's where we start our observation. sort of tour here, peter is checking in at 40 degrees out in lawrenceville, new jersey, we we have nothing more than handful of clouds, and generally what you are finding across the board in terms of
6:46 am
what's happening overhead, strictly hands full of clouds. thirty-seven the current terrible tour or the observation sent into us from jerry. out in blue bell, one of the suberb, another suburban temperature for you here, 37 degrees came in from ed, he's out in at glenn, generally clear sky at this point. when i go next to one of our live neighborhood network shot, actually the shot outside of cape may courthouse, i love the beautiful colors. grab dollars can't see a heck of a lot in the foreground, again, middle township high school, beautiful sunrise because of some of the way the color spectrum is getting skewed by the cloud cover, just beautiful. meanwhile, at the moment, it is pretty calm and collected on storm scan locally. when we zoom it out things get very, very active. storm system what we have been talking about all morning long, very potent center of circulation currently bringing you some snow. west of dallas at this point, here's the leading edge of some very strong severe thunderstorms, numerous warnings, posted, all morning
6:47 am
long. now, when this get here, we are not talking severe weather. we are actually not talking much in the way of snow either. but, there may be bit of snow that mixing in with icing. now, here's the other important and very critical piece of information. for one thing this doesn't start until late tonight. for another, your line where you see the might g take place; pretty far north. now this is mood he will. so generally we think that berks, lehigh, northampton, carbon, monroe counties ports north, you will fine any mixing take place, likely starts off with little freezing rain, sleet, maybe bit of snow, and then start to turn over to rain. for everyone else, it is just rain. >> commute around philadelphia, messy, but just because it is rain. we also warm up into the upper 50's at that point, and we are going see little drop off in the thermometer in time to ring in 2016. meisha, over to you. >> oh, the year to talk about seasonable temperatures, katie. thank you so much for. that will i don't know if you caught this, but make sure you
6:48 am
know, tomorrow we could be dealing with rain for our morning commute, make note that far, because with these colder temperatures in the morning we could get freezing rain as well. ninety-five nice thing compared to with a we from bridge see tomorrow, roads ways night and dry. will help a busy monday morning commute. looking at the schuylkill, conshohocken curve starting to heat up there, starting to see brake lights go off. pull your a ten show to very serious accident, fatal accident, boulevard southbound at harbison avenue. all lanes are block, including the inter and outer drivers. everything affected here. you certainly want to use alternate tyson avenue going to be your alternate, very serious accident, can you not get by here, all of the lanes are block on the boulevard there at harbison avenue. overturned vehicle here, pa turnpike northeast extension past lehigh valley, right lane blocked. police and fire are on the scene. and i have two monday accidents in roars forward i'll touch base on in a couple every minutesment back to you. >> we have some incredible
6:49 am
video from japan. shows giant squid making rare appearance no shallow waters. this happened on christmas eve in the marina and japan bay. that squid is estimated to be 13 feet long. it eventually found its way back outo sea. incredible picture though. most of the holidays have now patted but it doesn't mean there aren't more bargains to be had. retail experts say the days immediately after christmas are when stores traditionally offer some of the biggest sales specially on a parm. this year retailers likely to discount weather clothing more than usual thanks to unseasonably warm weather in part of the country. great news. 49:00. time to see what's coming up on cbs this morning, joining us in new york with a preview for us, good morning. >> good morning to up. we are in texas this morning with the devestation left behind after deadly tornados. also tracking blizzard conditions, in part of texas and only oklahoma talking with benny noon a, bill clinton is fair game, could impact 2016.
6:50 am
from virtual reality to the newest advance until the tv, what to expect from the tech world in 2016. the news back in the morning. see in you about ten minutes. >> something else we have to buy eventually, thanks, jeff. check this out. families wrapped up the holiday weekends with up close look at bugs. "eyewitness news" at the academy of natural sciences for bug day. get up close with beat, tore ands last, all kind of reptiles, week long event at the museum called after stay days, and by katie's grown i'm guessing you won't go to that, right? not so much for katie. all right, the for is still strong with star wars. >> more than 153 million this weekend, the force awakens reached the billion dollars mark globally. that's the fastest any film has gotten there beating jurassic world. in second the will per he can,
6:51 am
daddy's home, came in with about 39 million n third, joy, sisters came in fourth with 13 million, in fifth, alvin and the chop minks came in with $13 million. we'll be right back. four
6:52 am
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>> governor of texas made disaster declarations in four counties, at lea 11 people died, and dozen more were
6:55 am
injured. no word yet about the death after marine stationed at joint base motorcycle guy dix lakehurst in burlington county. bad i of sergeant advice continue was found saturday, last seen december 20th. an attorney for phillies slugger ryan howard may take legal action against al-jazeera. last night the news channel report that howard and other athletes obtained performance enhancing drugs. philadelphia is ready to ring in 2016 like it does every year with the mummers. >> ♪ >> woodlands string bands among the performers rehearsing in the final days before friday's parade. the 64 member string band includes costumes, and dinosaurs, for the strut down broad street. >> different bands always have the same goal winning on new years day, but some of my best present in the other bands, our band, just big brotherhood. again at the end of the day we want the interested toyings thrive, grow, roster,
6:56 am
especially the comradery and brotherhood. >> estimated 10,000 men, women and children will march in this year's parade. well, we are just days away from one of the biggest new year eve parties, waterford crystal ball in times square being work on in preparation for its glittery entrance into 2016. steve langford has the details from new york. >> how many men does it take to screw in a light bulb, just amazing for finishing touches on this legendary disco ball that at midnight light up the world. >> 6 tons of glass and electronics, starve show that prompts millions to stand for hours in the cold, just to see this big blast transform itself into the ball of the closing bell. >> waterford crystal master artist on tom brennan apparently doesn't know how cold it can get on new years
6:57 am
eve here. >> this is one of the 266 panels, that is great for 12,000-pound ball. >> he does know how to wax poetic about his colossal crystal countdown clock. >> it is special because it is about the celebration it, was looking ahead, it is about that sense every wonderment of what 2016 is going to bring for us all. >> or perhaps just a singular signal that we're finley done with 2015. but times square will put on a show, that starts at 6:00 p.m. and this year features everything from chinese dancers, to a grammy nominated headliner. >> to hear jesse j sing imagine, singing out the message of the worlds is one, truly what new years eve is all about here in times square. >> way back down on earth, small boot in times square invites everyone to drop in their deepest desires for the new year to be posted on the wishing wall before being scattered as confetti a mid
6:58 am
dreams of world peace, happiness, love, imagine all of the money, in times square, steve langford. >> oh, across the country thousands of volunteers are busily working on the flower deck floats for the 127th rose parade in california. deck crate ores at the rowings month pavilion in pasadena work on floats throughout the day and night to make sure they blot women into their full beauty. forty-four floats on new years day to slam the 2016 theme find your adventure, would you have thought were you in california the last couple of days. >> yes. >> didn't need jacket or anything, but not the case today. >> absolutely, certainly feels a lot chillier outside. feels much more take it -- than it should for our area. beautiful sunrise, starting off with some sun, some cloud cover out there. but yep, here we go. folks, first shot for wintery weather comes tonight specific to the poconos. throw lehigh valley berks count any there as w snow, sleet, maybe freezing rain comes in later tonight abs the
6:59 am
leading edge of storm system moves in. watch for icy travel. this storm moving our way it is cents strictly rain for philadelphia, meisha. so just wet roads. but quite a bit every rain. >> yes. >> oh, it sounds that way. okay, thanks for that, katie. yep, tomorrow we will to look out for rain. today roads are nice and dry, 59 southbound, traveling less than posted speeds in the area. i pull your attention to fatal accident on the boulevard southbound at harbison avenue. all lanes are blocked here, inner drive and outer drive are compromised you want to use alternate such as tyson avenue. again, avoid this area at all costs, can you not get through. >> meisha, thank you. coming up on cbs this morning, more on the deadly tornados and violent weather in the south and midwest. also, the fight between donald trump and hillary clinton continues. ahead of the iowa caucuses. reminder for you, join us bright and early each weekday morning we join us 4:30 a.m. on cbs-3. have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning, it is monday, december 28th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." deadly winter storms thrash the u.s. with blizzards and flooding and dozens are dead and hundreds of homes are damaged or destroyed. >> major gains in the war against isis. iraqi troops have liberated the key city of ramadi. >> and hoverboard is sending people to the hospital and common hoverboard mistake putting parents on their back. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. like bombs going off! and only thing i could do was just pray. >> devastation. total devastation. >> a deadly trail leaves a storm of d


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