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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  December 30, 2015 2:07am-2:39am EST

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♪ right now at 11:00, chip kelly gone. the eagles dump their head coach with one game left in the season and this timing has both fans and players shocked. merrill reece to hall of famer ray didinger the experts are weighing in. i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. the eagles will speak officially about the firing tomorrow but there's no shortage of talking happening right now. >> kelly was hired with much fanfare in january 2013 came
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from the university of oregon where he led the ducks big-time success. we were there when he arrived at the airport. now the eagles ended their first under he will kelly alt 10 and six losing in the playoffs to the saints. the very next season, another 10 and six record with no playoff appearance and a loss to the cowboys at lincoln financial field that allowed dallas to take control of the division and of course we all know what happened this season with that loss to washington on saturday night. >> that's right. lesley joins us now with the latest on a surprisin surprisinn surprising timing. >> one of the biggest stories now of the year. it's amazing last january it looked like chip kelly had won this power struggle with former general manager howie roseman after jeffrey lurie gave him full control over player personnel decisions. we got a press release from the eagles confirming chip had been released by the team. it said in part we appreciate all the contributions that chip kelly made and wish him every success going forward. pat surveillance her will be enter rim head coach for the
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came against giants. ed manowitz was also released. kelly made controversial off season moves trading shady mccoy releasing desean jackson and losing jeremy maclin free agency those moves along with many others led to poor results. lurie decided to pull the plug on the operation and eagles will be searching for a new head coach that's the second head coach in four years. we caught up with former birds coach dick vermeil tonight. who says the decision took him by surprise isn't well, i was shocked. i know in jeffrey lurie is not an impulsive type guy. so this must have been on his mind for awhile. but i'm disappointed. you know, i believe in the nfl system and the chain of command. ownership on down, but i was disappointed to see a coach fired before he's really -- even before the end of the season before he gets to fulfill his
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contract efforts. but, you know, it's disappointing but they that's the world we live in. >> we caught up with former eagle darwin walker. ray didinger and lane johnson the first player to speak following the announcement. we'll have that coming up in sports but the players, no advanced warning. shocked. >> a lot of news pouring out of this. lesley, thanks. word of kelly's firing spread fast. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has been talking with fans about the change at the top of the team and he's live in haddonfield tonight. david? >> reporter: hi, jess can ukee. chip kelly lives a few minutes away from where i am right now in haddonfield and while he's not talking tonight, fans are sounding off and they're doing it passionately. >> it's great news. chip kelly deserved to be fired. he destroyed our team. got rid of our best players like lesean mccoy. he deserved it from day one. >> eagles need some strong leader, um, that will believe in
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them and that will guide them to victory. >> reporter: fans just didn't expect the news so soon. >> got to be some kind of reas reason. you let a man stick around for one more game. i mean, why did he let the man go right -- one last game of the season yes. >> things were quiet outside kelly's haddonfield home not even two hours after eagles owner jeffrey lurie announced his decision to part ways. just yesterday, the former eag eagles coach had this to say about his 2015 season. >> you worried about job security at all? >> no. it's not good enough, it's not good enough. i'll continue to work as hard as i can and show up early in the morning and stay late at night and continue to work. i don't think anybody in my situation would tell you they're worried. if they're worried about getting fired they probably should have already been fired. >> many have been live long eagles fans and insist this season was one of the worse. >> chip ahoy. >> when kelly came in to run the team 30 year season ticket holder a knee was op mystic but
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the icing on the cake was chip kelly taking full control of the roster and not making the playoffs this year. >> philadelphia loves a winner f you're not a winner you have to go. >> reporter: tough words from fans. the big question, who will be the eagles next head coach? some names thrown out tonight from fans bill could you we are, sean mcdermott and john gruden. we will see what happens reporting live tonight in haddonfield, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> buddy thanks so much for that. not surprising kelly's departure has been the topic on the air waves radio station 94 wip reaction has been strong. >> are you for this or against it we'll ask everybody that? >> i'm sort of for it. >> 94 wip sports radio host paul jolovitz needed offensive line to block for him. the blitz of calls about kelly was unstoppable. >> i believe that chip has an ego and he couldn't push his ego aside. i couldn't believe it. i thought at least he'd be here another year.
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>> fans have been in favor of it. there are fans who are again it. fans want playoffs, fans plant super bowl. >> i talk with fletcher coccyx and he offered these thoughts. >> you know, we would always respected him and we never saw this coming like a curve ball to us. i mean we enjoyed him. and, you know, just wish him the best, man. >> i don't think chip ever lost that locker room. i think chip kept everybody focused. >> owner lurie talk of super bowls and championships since the early '90's. wanted the best for the fans and the city. it appears when it comes to results, chip's fast pace offense wasn't fast enough. >> chip kelly, out! you like it, you don't like it, your reaction when it happened and much much more on wip. >> all night and into the morning long. >> it will continue. you covered sports here for years. >> yeah. >> you've been here 30 years. >> whoa! whoa! >> loving it too,.
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>> can you remember an eagles coach leaving so abruptly? you've got some notch here. >> i've been here since the buddy ryan days and i can't remember something happening this quickly especially with all the fanfare as we helpinged it started with and of course andy reid was here for most of the jeff lurie's tenure as owner taking back over in '99 and coaching until he was fired and kelly was hired in 2013. lurie's first higher ray roads. four seasons not too much in the results category but he had good teams. reggie company tight in place during '91 to '94 and he never really had a chance. after all the fanfare, expectations we now to come to this. mr. lurie i believe hears the fans and doesn't like what he's hearing and he doesn't like what he's seeing when it comes to one loss reporter and hindsight being 20/20 i wonder if he'll admit that bringing in a brilliant exceptional college football mind to the pros and grown men was the right thing to do. i'm sure he felt it was at the time though. no doubt about that. tomorrow at high noon, it should be a very very interesting press
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conference as the search for successor david spunt mentioned goes on i like two of the names david mentioned earlier. i was talking about these names before chip was even hired. that was coach cowher on cbs and john gruden. >> we'll see. i don't know. we'll see what happens. >> yeah. going to be a long road ahead. yes it will. interesting one, too. the voice of the eagles is weighing in on chip' kelly's departure. >> pat sat down with merrill reece. >> i don't know there's one breaking point that just totally decides the owner's decision -- determines the owner's decision but i think if you were to go back when the owner first felt that this thing really isn't working, i would go back to the thanksgiving day embarrassment in detroit. >> sure. >> no owner likes to see his team humiliat humiliated particy a bad football team like the detroit lions on national television. what disturbed me, pat, this past week in doing the game,
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saturday night, it was week 15 of this season and this team was making fundamental mistakes. any team can have a receiver drop a ball, fum bell ball make mistake but how many times was this team in first and 15 because they were off sides? because there was a false start. because there was an illegal formation. these are things that no team should be committing in the 15th game of the season and particularly in a game that's absolutely critical. >> merrill, we appreciate it. we will see what happens from here. the great merrill reece the voice of the philadelphia eagles since 1977. i think -- >> i think it's 1877. >> 1877 pat gallen for "eyewitness sports". >> as you can imagine, so many people have so much to say when it comes to this big announcement last night social media has been blowing up all night. let's take a look what's going on right now. let's start first with this one. i do not think he deserved to be fired hash tag eagles.
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also happening, great late christmas. (from the hash tag eagles. up next, i just hope the neck coach gets it right. chip gutted this team of the most talent it had not much left for the next guy. hash tag eagles. next tweet here, chip kelly is gone. i'm not sure what to think. hash tag eagles hash tag being eagles fan is rough. well there you go. some people probably feeling that tonight and hopefully feeling chip kelly is a decision needed to get us going. my eagles looking good for next year. very positive there. hash tag eagles of course. major statement by lurie in firing chip. too bad he left our team in shambles that's a look what's happening right now on social media. of course, we want to you connect with us tell us what you think about the firing of chip kelly. head to our facebook page you can also tweet us at cbs philly make sure you use hash tag cbs3. >> we will continue to cover every angle of the firing of
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chip kelly lesley has much more coming up in sports including an interview with nfl hall of fame mr. and eagles expert ray didinger eagles have scheduled a press conference for tomorrow at noon to discuss this personal -- personnel change and we'll carry it live for you right here on cbs3. other top story tonight, pennsylvania finally has a budget governor tom wolf puts his signature on it but there's a catch. we'll break down all the details straight ahead. also this. ♪ amazing moment you saw right here on cbs3. the legendary carol king honored in the nation's capitol. well, our vittoria woodill shows us how king's songs are still influencing us to this day. kate? >> and this morning's rain is long gone but the chance for little more possibly the later tomorrow then i'll have your full new year's forecast. changes as we ring in 2016.
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your full "eyewitness weather"
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we're back on "eyewitness news" with recap of our breaking news. chip kelly is out. the eagles head coach was quote released tonight before finishing his third season. kelly started his career in philly with a 10 and six season and a playoff appearance. but things have gone south from there. we will have much more on this major decision coming up just a bit in sports. fighting words from governor tom wolf after he rejects parts of the state budget plan. he will free up over $23 million in emergency fundin funding thal go toward education and social services. the budget is a record six months overdue but wolf is vetoing certain items he disagrees with and had some strong words for the state's legislators. >> i'm calling on our legislat legislators to get back to harrisburg, back to the work that they left unfinished last week. in the meantime, i'm vetoing their knife million dollars cut to education. i'm also vetoing other items
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that they don't pay for in their so-called budget. >> pennsylvania gop leaders have responded to wolf saying in part "today tom wolf finally admitted his multi billion dollar mista mistake. it is tragic that so many schools and non-profits were faced with unpaid bills, layoffs and even closures because tom wolf used them as political pawns in his reckless budget game ". devastating news for many employees of dupont in delaware. the company which has its headquarters in wilmington will be cutting 1700 jobs. announce many comes ahead of historic merger with fellow chemical company dow. nearly a quarter dupont's delaware work force will lose their jobs. the ceo of dupont says the workers being let go will receive a separation package, career place many services and training allowances. starting sunday you'll have to dig deeper into your pockets to drive the pennsylvania turnpike. tolls will go up 6% on sunday for both ez pass and cash customers. host, e-z pass customers will
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pay 35% less than those using cash. the turnpike commission says the money will be used to repay loans to fund road work projec projects. >> whether you know her from a distance or as to raise an eye privilege to be as neighbor and a cherish friend, carol king has a unique place in all of our hearts. >> you saw it right here on cbs3. just a few minutes ago, legendary singer song writer carol king many of the many talented people recognized at the kennedy center honors. and for fans of carol king her songs will be filling the academy of music in march beautiful the broadway story of her life comes to town. >> the philly pops will also feature her music in the new year. our vittoria woodill has much more. ♪ >> you could call her the curator of the sound track to the 50's and 60s a hit collector 118 billboard top 100 hits including some of our favorites.
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>> ♪ >> reporter: but singer song writer carol king was also a star collector working with friends like james taylor, stevie wonder and aretha franklin. ♪ >> reporter: and this year she was celebrated account kennedy center honors in washington. as an honoree who represents the voices sound tracks and stories of our time and next year her time will come in philadelphia. like with the philly pops in tapestry to carol king's song book. vice-president of the philly pops karen corbett. ♪ >> we're amazing. >> this is just an amazing time for carol king. we sort of traveled through her life with her up through tapestry which is the album from 1970 that stayed on the
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billboard chart for 20 years. >> another way you can sing along to the live of this legend by watching her story come to live on broadway at the academy of music with beautiful the carol king musical. >> really is a story of rock and roll and since philly is such a great music town it makes that connection. francis owing lower director of broad kay philadelphia programming for the kimmel center of performing arts. >> a great story of a woman comincoming age in the 50's ands and discovering herself as a solo artist in the 1970's. >> so much to love. therefore the answer is always yes. >> ♪ >> thank you everyone. >> we'll be on the road. (applause). >> maybe not me. but carol king the musical -- beautiful is coming to town neck year. and also the philly pops will be doing her amazing justices they
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perform next year as well. for more office offing in on where and when you can celebrate the arts and carol king in philadelphia visit cbsphilly.c i was in the green room watching a reath that franklin perform natural woman. amazing. >> chills all over my body. makes you want to stand up and just scream and sometimes those song writers don't really get recognized because they're not the faces really beautiful to see aretha go up there and charge at it and see carol sitting in the balcony. really beautiful show. >> thanks so much. >> i have all your cd's by the way. >> you want me to sign them for you. >> please. kate is with our forecast. winter will be kicking in soon. >> just in time to finish 2015 and record december we've h it will start to feel like winter. >> here it comes. >> is supposed to feel. we're actually not going to be that far off our normal in fact pretty seasonal as we head through the week mend comparison with what we've been feeling it will feel down right frigid get the heavier coats out, the gloves, the hats the whole 9 yards for your first weekend
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of the 2016. you don't need the heavy coat but do you at least a light jacket tonight. little chilly out there and still a bit damp one of those chills in the air that feels a little raw. thanks to that system that came through today of course we had the rain, we still got fog and low clouds out there. there's definitely chill that just digs in. you'll feel it as you step outside tonight maybe you need to toss an extra blanket on the bed all not all that cold pi temperatures in the mid fours. storm scan3 shows the system them packed us this morning and last night and of course has been impacting much of the nation since the weekend now out of here just producing snow over nova scotia at the moment. we do have moisture down in the -- deep south really in the southeast southern georgia this is going to be lifting along the eastern seaboard through the day tomorrow and could brush our area with a few showers by tomorrow late afternoon into the evening. you may want to grab the umbrella us a head out the door possibly will need it when you leave work tomorrow afternoon. not going to be a big deal. right now in doylestown it's 40. delran at 45 also point pleasant
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beach there 45 degrees. it's turning cooler as we head through the next few days still well above average for the last two days of the month here. tomorrow not a whole lot of sunshine. we're stuck in this gray gloomy pattern kind of the doldrums of december here. clouds around tomorrow as well with showers in the afternoon. thanks to that system just off to our south. that moves out on thursday. we'll see high pressure build in clouds break for sun. really end of the year and chilly start to the new year on friday. lots of sunshine finally but chilly news year day with highs only in the 40. a quick look what to expect tomorrow afternoon. 11am nothing going on. notice what happens by six or seven a few showers popping up mainly from the city on south and east but can't rule out a shower north and west either. it's warm enough that this is all rain and by about 10, 11:00 o'clock, still a few showers. so tomorrow night at this time we'll be tracking a few light showers here and there. it's out of here thursday afternoon, finally, looking at a good amount of sunshine. so overnight tonight we're talking mainly cloudy conditions it is chilly at 44 degrees. let's jump ahead to new year' ns
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eve out and about watching those fireworks on pennsylvania lanning pretty nice. not as as it could be certainly but chilly. wind chill at it there 38. look ahead here first full week of january next week look seasonably chilly it looks qui quiet. looks dry. keep an eye on the second week of january it will be colder and there are some storm signals that miss us to the south but definitely some stuff to watch that week we could briefly head back to milder weather for the second half of the month. "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast mild the next two days watch for showers tomorrow evening over the weekend it's chilly. but finally the sun returns. how long has it been wee seen a sunny beautiful day around it. you need the coat. highs on in the 40. >> that's okay. we'll see the sun. >> thanks kate. >> lesley still collecting information tonight on what has been a future night. >> came out november where. >> no one saw this coming including chip kelly's players. we'll hear what they had had to say. even in the experts in the business shock. what come next? much
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>> chip kelly is gone. the eagles season isn't even over. we still have one game to play which make jeffrey lurie' decision even more interesting. tonight on our sister station sports radio 94 wip eagles tackle lane johnson spoke with paully? low witnesses right after the announcement. >> i was shocked. i was actually sleeping i woke up to text from one of my teammates i read it and called him and i was like, are you believing this? that's kind of where we're at right now. >> did you chip was going to get let go after you missed the playoffs maybe next week? >> i mean i really had no clue. maybe come back for another ye year. but i mean i'm in shock to be honest. >> former eagles linebacker emmanuel a cho had strong take on the news. he tweeted quote power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. >> a cho current al free agent. we also spoke with former eagle darwin walker and ray didinger
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from 94 wip. ray paw surprised by the news and darwin not so much. >> i wasn't surprised. i wasn't surprised at all. i mean when you -- when you go out and, upping, make the personnel decisions alone that he made, i think that was really the precedence of the whole thing. i mean, the team right now, the talent level is just in a different place than it was even a year ago. >> it's very surprising. i know there was a lot of talk about chip kelly's future here, and coming off very very disappointing season there was some people that questioned whether he was going to be back. i thought he would. i didn't really think there was very much chance that jeff lurie was going to let him go and i certainly didn't expect it to happen before the end of the season. >> okay this is also interesting. nfl and cidar iain rappaport offed up this note on twitter among the things demarco murray told owner jeffrey lurie week
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ago was that he had no confidence in chip kelly as head coach, i'm told. >> in addition to the eagles press release jeffrey lurie wrote in part, i've made the decision to release chip kelly this evening. i said the last three seasons evaluating the many factors involved in our performance as team. as i watched this season unfollow, i determined that it was time to make change. as we move forward, the search for new head coach will begin and will be led by myself, don schmolenski and howie roseman. to the extent that we are able, we will try to keep you informed as we go through this process. i'm sure we'll learn much more tomorrow at noon. >> high noon. >> press conference and the search begins, guys. >> a lot of guys on that lesley.
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defaces public property. >> officials say gorilla markets spray pain the eight locations throughout the city to pro boat his november album purpose. eventually it is too late to say sorry. the city attorney fired off letter to beiber's record company d
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>> it's been quite a night. that will do it for us. our morning team will have the latest reaction to chip kell polls firing. >> i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with steven colbert comes your way next. >> good night family and sleep well. ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for derm exclusive instant anti-aging, brought to you by beachbody. >> hi, everybody. i'm deborah norville. and i've got breaking news from the world of skincare. this time, there's a celebrity twist. keep watching. you are not gonna want to miss this. [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: if you don't like the face sng


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