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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  December 30, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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chip kelly sacked, in a stunning move to end 2015, the philadelphia eagles part ways with their head coach, before he finishes his third year. we will have complete coverage and reaction coming up. also pennsylvania finally has a budget, governor tom will wolf puts his signature on but there is a catch, what it means for philadelphia schools. and lots of rain yesterday and it is not over just yet, katie is tracking more wet wet's head an we will have a forecast in a couple minutes. the it is wednesday, december 30th, good morning glad you are with us. i'm nicole brewer. erika has the day off. we have starting with weather and traffic. katie and meisha standing by, good morning, ladies. >> good morning. day before new years eva lot of sun coming up.
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roadways are looking good, compared to yesterday they are looking dry so far this morning, in some of the cameras we are looking at. what is in store today. >> we have some fog issues. we have had warm front, where all wet weather came from office rustily but we have the results of the warmth and continued moisture that remains in the atmosphere. we have issues with visibility. most nettably to the northwestern half. that will last us throughout the rest of the morning. looking outside at sky cam three overlooking center sit you than can make out the tops of these sky scrapers but it is still a little will will bit of the low ceiling that we are contending with here. here in the city again you might run into fog throughout the morning but most notable off to the north and west of philadelphia storm san three that is empty, it was completely engulf in wet weather yesterday but now you've got nothing more than the clouds to contend with and because we have a fog, we have to watch out for. that we are not dealing with wet weather today. looking at these current visability this tells the story of splitting the
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difference here northwestern half of the region, under the fog issues with anywhere from a half to half mile visibility and it is much better further south east you travel here. the the temperatures are off to the mile start, 47 currently. chilly in the poconos. nothing like what it was yesterday as we started off with ice and snow up there. meanwhile, as a whole mid 50's down the the shore and in philadelphia. little bit of sunshine but there will be some wet weather that you have to track and we will do that later in the show, meisha, back to you for now. thanks very much for that. good morning everyone. happy hump day to you. it is a wednesday. we are pushing through our workweek. we have got through yesterday with those very wet, rainy road conditions that we were dealing with, it the is looking better in terms of the the roadways being nice and dry. we will keep you updated all morning long, what will happen there. right now enjoy, looking good. construction i-95 south between academy and cottman, left lane still compromised. i know right lane was
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compromised as well. we are just dealing with the loss of the left lane. we are looking at a vine, still closed east and westbound for those just thinking of heading down to the vine. also still at broad you are detoured off of the vine on to broad at this moment, and then looking at king of prussia at the schuylkill between 202 and gulph mills if you can get to that camera shot looking in both directions we're looking g even at this hour we are seeing headlights popping out on the roadways. we have an accident at lower pottsgrove high street at sunnyside avenue. and then also development at bennington road. we will now more today about what led to the firing of the eagles, coach chip kelly, owner jeffery lurie the is holding a news conference at noon. kelly was hire in back in january of 2013. came from the university of oregon where he led duck toss success. "eyewitness news" was there when's arrived at the a airport very exciting start. eagles ended their first season at ten-six losing to the playoffs to the saint.
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the next season another ten-six record with no playoff appearance and loss to the the cowboy that allowed dallas to take control of the division. we know what happened this season with that loss to washington last saturday night. our leslie van arsdal a has more on the decision to fire the the coach. >> it is amaze ago this just last january, it looks like chip kelly won a power struggle with former general manager how i rose man after jeffery laurie gave him full control at 7:12 tuesday night we got a press release confirming chip had been released from the team. i had said we appreciate all of the contributions that chip kelly made and wish him every success going forward. pat sure mur will be interim head coach and ed man wits, tom donahue, former general manager of the bev low bills and director of football operations for pittsburgh seniors and senior foot the ball advise or since 202 will
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assume the role of the senior director of player personnel. kelly made huge moves trading shady mccoy and signing demarco murray, to that move and many others led to poor results. lurie decided to pull the plug and eagles will be searching for a new head coach for the second time in four years. we caught up with former bird coach dick vermeil who said that the decision took him by surprise. >> well, i was shocked, you know, i know jeffery luurie was not an impulsive guy so this must have been on his mind for a while. the i believe in the the nfl, system, and chain have of command, ownership on down but you know, a coach fired even before the end of the season or before he gets to fulfill his contract, it is disappointing but that is the world we live in. >> we will learn much more in a press conference, at noon time today, and then the search begins for a new coach.
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leslie van arsdal, "eyewitness sports". well, philadelphia daily news is marking the the departure of chip kelly, the the front cover says good bye, mr. chip, remember the the old movie, good bye mr. chip. a playoff of that. the the back says, dead duck referring to chip's former job as coach of the oregon ducks. this isn't the first time chip has been on the front and back of the daily news but it may be the last, that is for sure. the the reaction from eagles fans, was passionate, and loud. the the drum beat to can kelly had been growing for weeks now as word of kelly's firing spread tuesday night, fans reacted in the the only way that eagles nation could. >> there has got to be some kind of reason, you cannot let a man stick around for one more game, i mean why do you let a man go he had one last game of the season. >> that is great news, chip kelly deserved to be fired. destroyed our team. got rid of the best players likely shawn mccoy. he deserved it from day one. >> eagles need a strong
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leader, and that will be the man, that will guide them to the end. >> eagles nation does the not hold back. big question among many fans was who will be chip kelly's replacement. of course we want to you connect with us, tell us what you think about the firing of the chip kelly, just head to cbs philly facebook page or tweet us at cbs philly hashtag cbs-3. whether fans or for it or against it kelly's departure has been the topic of the air waves as ukee washington tells us at our sister radio station sports radio 94 wip reaction has been strong. >> before or against it we will ask it. >> i'm sort of for it. >> reporter: ninety-four wip host paul jolovitz needed an offensive line to block for him, blitz of calls about kelly was unstoppable. >> i believe that chip had an ego and he could not push his ego aside, just wow, you know, i just could not believe it. i thought at least he would be here another year. >> reporter: yes. >> fans have been in favorite. there are fans against it,
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fans want playoffs. fans want excitement at home report rory talk to pro bowl defensive lineman fletcher cox and he offered these thoughts. >> you know, we all respected him, we never thought this would coming. this was a curve ball to us. we enjoyed him. we just wish him the best, man. >> i don't think chip ever lost that locker room. i think chip kept everyone focused. >> reporter: owner jeffery lurie has talk with super bowls and championships. he has always wanted the best for the fans and the city. when it comes to results, chip's fast paced offense just was not fast enough. >> chip kelly out. do you like it, you don't like it, your reaction and much, much more on wip. >> i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> they will have plenty to talk about today. eyewitness sports reporter pat gallon will be at wip later this morning, last night voice of the eagles merrill reese told pat it wasn't one thing that led to kelly's firing but the whole season.
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>> it is not just the the record, it is the fact that this team was blown out, by a sub par tampa bay team, blown out by the lions. you can understand the game against a great team against arizona cardinals will not go the way you want but there were too many games this year where this team was not competitive, and i think that is something that no doubt, it concerned jeffery lurie. >> we will continue to cover every angle of the firing of the chip kelly and again eagles scheduled a news conference at noon to discuss this personnel change. we will carry it live right here on cbs-3. well, pennsylvania governor tom wolf vetoes part of the state budget plan but released money for philly's cash strapped schools. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live outside philadelphia school district headquarters with the details on that, justin, good morning. >> reporter: nicole, good morning. the this is far from over, the billions governor wolf is
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freeing up is a stop gap not a budget. it is money our school district and several other agencies desperately need. governor wolf called the the last budget bill he got the ridiculous, he spared no word tuesday in harrisburg, telling his g.o.p. control legislature to draft a bill that balanced it, without stripping funding to education and human services. now that so far has not happened, so wolf brought out his line-item veto power, obligating him to fund some budget items and overlook others after a six month budget stand still. the the 23 billion due soon from harrisburg is welcomed from state school districts, philadelphia worried it may have been forced to close without fund next month. governor wolf says republicans went home without finishing their work this month and republicans say that the governor has been slow to act and that a bill they had in june, wolf vetoed. wolf warns not acting soon could lead to deep cuts and higher tax an "s". >> we need to get it right this time.
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so to the legislators elected to to do the the peoples business, get back to work. get back to the work of the people and get back to the work of the people of pennsylvania sent us to let's all finish the job. you almost finish last week. >> what the governor did was necessary and he is trying to keep the train moving in the the right direction. people are suffering, social services, agencies were suffering, school districts are borrowing causing more costs to them. so i think what he is doggies only thing he can do at this moment. >> mayor-elect jim kenney watching budget talks very closely here in philadelphia coming up at 5:00 we will bring you to a local agency that is welcoming this money after months of doing without. nicole, back over to you. thanks for that update. we appreciate it. still ahead on "eyewitness news" make sure you have extra cash before you hit the road, coming up the the hike in tolls that will start this weekend. firing of the eagles head coach chip kelly we will have more on the owner's jeffery
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new this morning philadelphia police say an argument over have a cell phone led to a double shooting in frankford. two men, both 18, were found shot on the 5300 block of charles street around 12:20 this morning. both are in stable condition. police say three suspects are in custody. police are investigating a deadly shooting in north philadelphia, a 25 year-old man was gunned down execution style, near eighth and ontario, police found shell casing from his three different hand guns and say four shooters were caught on nearby surveillance camera. they say suspects got away in the white minivan south on eighth street. if you drive the pennsylvania turnpike get ready to pay more for it, starting sunday tolls will go up 6 percent for e eat pass and cash customers, however e-z pass customers will pay 35 e using cash. turnpike commission says money will get to repay loans to fund road work projects. the it will happen sooner or
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later. >> you wish you could have ignorance when you go through the e-z pass, when you are forking over that cash. >> more rain on the way. >> we're not talking about the same situation as yesterday, that was a mess. >> the the timing might mess with you for the evening drive, in the looking like that huge of a deal, more nuisance then anything. the it is another front heading our way and that will be triggering this wet weather and we will end up with a quiet pattern. let go out to a fog camera we have a dense fog advisory until ten this morning for northwest half half of the area. there it is, you can see that low lying cloud cover settle in and halo effect that comes with it in bethlehem on main street and that will continue to be a scene throughout the rest of the morning drive. philadelphia and delaware county we are not included here but rest of the counties in the viewing area in the pennsylvania are included as well as mercer county and couple other spots in northwestern, new jersey perhaps if you are a commuter
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in new york you might run into that. storm scan three basically quiet at this point. we have a fog issue but no precipitation on this map just yet, we will zoom it out and you will will's find two pieces of the jet stream trying to meet up. all a though we are dealing with the front crossing through we will not have the the major weather-related issues beyond that point other than more chillies settling in. for now this moisture getting drawn in. we will see that build in by tonight. we will be fine with the cold air mass across the midsection of the you had, that is not an issue whatsoever. lets take a look at these temperatures. the here's where we stand, 47 in wilmington and airport. more color up through poconos and allentown area where we saw that fog settling in the the lehigh valley region. still mild off to the south. we will see that build in. i want to walk you through future weather here just a couple showers later today we may see steady rain that builds in tonight. that is what this particular model is picking up on.
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we will see how we do. seven day forecast does turn in the just quiet but cooler. mid 40's at best for the majority of the forecast, nicole, back to you. welshing still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news" a popular social media site promises to get tougher on hate speech but here's is what coming up tonight on cbs-3, stay with us.
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want to do something special this holiday season? support i have a dream foundation. help a child achieve the dream of a higher education. cbs cares. if you are just joining us, we're following major shake up in the eagles nest, chip kelly is out, eagles head coach, was released last tonight before finishing his third season. kelly started his career in philadelphia with the ten-six season and playoff appearance but things have gone south, from there. in addition should eagles press release jeffery laurie offered up a message to the fans and said i made a decision to release chip
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kelly. i spent three seasons evaluating many factors involved in our performance as a team. as i watched i determined it was time to make a change. as we move forward the search for a new head coach will begin, and will be led by myself, don smolenski and how i rose man. the to the extent we are able we will keep you informed as we go through this process. we will have much more on chip kelly's firing throughout the the morning right here on cbs-3. right now though devastating news for many employees of du pont in delaware. the company which has its headquarters in wilmington will be cutting 1700 jobs. now the announcement comes ahead of the historic merger with fellow chemical company dow, nearly a quarter of du pont's delaware work force will lose their jobs over this. the ceo says the workers will receive a separation package, career placement services and training allowances. 4:50. time for a check on business news. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the cbs
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broadcast center in new york. we're hearing a rebound for markets at the end of the year, what is behind this. >> reporter: once again, nicole, it is about oil. the prices rebounded yesterday that sent energy stocks higher, there is also some good news about housing, home prices jumped 5.5 percent in the 12 months ending in october according to the the case schiller index. analyst credit strong job growth and low mortgage rates. san francisco, denver, port land, they saw double digit gains, areas of chicago and d.c. have some of the lowest, nicole. >> we're also hearing twitter is cracking down on threats and hate speech on social media site? what is behind this? >> reporter: yeah, new policy would ban users from promoting, violence or threatening people based on race, religion, ethnicity and national origin and of course this comes as we have been hearing about terrorist groups like isis, using twitter and other social media sites to recruit people and to spread their message. nicole. >> i guess it comes at the a good time then, jill, thanks
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for the update, we appreciate it. coming up we will get a check of weather and traffic,
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good morning, we are certainly expect to go see, some generally quieter weather looking forward in the forecast but for now we are finding some fog issues out there. there is a dense fog advisory for northwestern half of the delaware valley through 10:00. but storm scan is looking so much more quieter. we will go out to the area cameras a spot the in rehoboth where they got clocked as most people did with soaking rain yesterday at the same time but right the now boardwalk is dry, it is a quiet start to the morning, not one soul just yet, i have a feeling since we are expect to go see a bit more sunshine moving forward we will see more active on the board. chillier with time come new years day we will ring in the new year with temperatures that are get this seasonal for a change. we will keep that sun around
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it looks looks like right through the weekend. back over to you. good morning to you and all of you at home just waking up with us, we're so glad you are here. things are nice and dry. but there is a dense fog advisory, and as i'm looking through cameras we are seeing that fog. just make sure you are using proper fog lights you can see the the the schuylkill eastbound at city avenue it is not playing a factor here but when we look at these streetlights you can see halo effect that is letting you know there is fog out there. give yourself some room between the car in front of you. ninety-five south at cottman looking good around that s curve and a glare on the roadways, not so much wet but you will have just because it is such dense air some moisture and get down on the roadways as well. good news it is in the cold enough just yet, not cold enough for that to be freezing. vine street expressway is just opening up, nicole, back over to you. lets check the stories of our sister station kyw the news radio 1060 is following. pennsylvania turnpike launched
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cashless tolls at delaware river bridge on sunday. plus crews are doing the explosive work getting ready for new years eve and fire works show. philly club scene veteran has tips to get you through your new years eve party. check in two, three, four times a day from kyw news radio 1060 on the am dial. coming up next we have live team coverage of the response to the eagles firing chip kelly. plus this dog has an appetite for trouble, you have to see what the vet pulled out of it stomach. are you looking for an excuse to grab an extra cup of coffee this morning? how that jolt of caffeine can give you a boost to get fit, we are back at the top of the hour, stay with us.
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call it a sinking chip, eagles over i jeffery lurie suddenly fired head coach chip kill which one game still left in the season. >> it is great news, chip kelly deserved to be fired. >> a lot of excited eagles fans this morning we have team coverage of the end of the chip kelly's era including reaction from kelly a's stunned players. also a break through in pennsylvania's budget battle, governor tom wolf signs the the budget providing much needed money for local schools but the political fight is not over just yet, today is wednesday, december 30th, glad you are with us, i'm nicole brewer. erika has the day off. we will have much more coming up in a minute.
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but first katie outside on the sky deck and meisha checking the roads. good morning, lady. >> happy new years eve, eve and roadways are looking good, katie but we can see that dense fog you have been talking about but roadways are looking pretty dry. can we hang on to that all morning. >> definitely through morning but we are not done just yet. is there another frontal boundary set to lift in and more wet weather on the way a at some point today but for now, it is all about the fog. right now we are having to deal with low lying cloud cover leading to poor visibility. here in philadelphia it is not too bad. we will start off with storm scan three though just radar sweep and nothing being picked up. so it is certainly a quiet beginning to the day, far cry from what we saw yesterday and it is always tough when we have satellite coverage thrown overtop to see fog showing up on that satellite but it is out there. we have a dense fog posted. essentially northwestern half of the delaware valley under that dense fog advisory that last us until ten. draw a line from chester,


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