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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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sex al wal assault. tonight bill cosby's attorney speak out. a legal weight the weights in. >> chip's regret fired head coach of the eagles breaks his silence. his message to the fans. the players and owner jeffrey lurie. >> and singing for the pope. local young talent gets the opportunity of lifetime. we have the story of the special way they will be ringing in the new year. >> good evening everyone, i'm ukee waring. >> i'm jessica dean. we begin tonight with new developments in the case against bill cosby. >> tonight the legendary entertainer and philadelphia native is free on bond after authorities in montgomery county charged him with sexual assault. >> "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in our sat center with more on what one legal expert is saying about the case. cleve. >> our legal expert says that bill cosby's admission in a deposition about giving women quaaludes and having sex could be difficult for him to defend. perhaps his biggest media moment
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the comedian kept quiet. after months of accusations by dozens of women, bill cosby faces criminal charges for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulted former temple women's basketball staff andrea constand. the alleged attack happened at his home in 2004. >> on the evening in question, mr. cosby urged her to take pills that he provided to her and to drink wine. the effect of which rendered her unable to move or respond to his advances and he committed aggravated indecent assault upon her. >> reporter: officials say co constand contacted police in 2005 but the district attorney at the time didn't think there was enough evidence to prosecute. constand followed with civil suit and the deposition unseal this year cosby said while sex with constand was consensual he gave other women pills prior to sexual end counts much investigators row epp the case with a 12 year statute of
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limitations set to expire this january. >> now, prosecutors job is to follow the evidence wherever it takes us. sometimes that means whenever it comes to light. >> reporter: cosby ignored questions we later caught up with one of his attorneys. >> it's a disappointing day. it's sad for his legal team, for his family that he would be dragged through his. that this would be a political maneuver. that this would be the fulfill many campaign promise as opposed to something that is necessary for justice. >> reporter: former pennsylvania deputy attorney general linda dale hoffa says 12 years at a long time for witnesses to accurately recall words and events cosby's self incriminating deposition will carry significant weight. >> his words are very clear here. it's not he told something to somebody and they repeated. when it's in a deposition it is transcribed under oath part of the record. really the case will come down to this for the jury. is bill cosby a predator or is he a playboy? and really that issue is, was the woman, the
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victim, did she consent or did she not consent? >> reporter: andrea constan lives in canada. her attorney released a statement thanking investigators but refusing to address this facts related to the case. police released cosby after posting $1 million bond. >> thank you. bill cosby has many ties to our area and concluding ones at temple university. cosby met former temple employee andrea constan the woman he allegedly assaulted through her work at the university. it's also where he attended college. "eyewitness news" spoke to one student who says today's announcement is important. >> that's sort of someone who is well nope associated with temple is being held accountable for his actions. that's a good thing. because it's not something that is seen. >> cosby sat on the board of trustees at temple university but resigned a mid growing controversy over sexual assault allegations. bill cosby also has a home in shelbourne falls
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massachusetts not far from the vermont border a home that provided quiet refuge for the comedian and his family. he was there last night before coming to our area today and many in shelbourne falls are sat tendon by recent events. >> i think it's primarily really really sad that someone who was such a model for so many people is falling down so far. >> others said they had sympathy for cosby early on but that sympathy subsided as more women came forward. attorney gloria allred who represents some of the women accusing cosby of sexual assault is talking to night about the criminal charge against him. >> i'm very happy that this day has finally come. mr. cosby deserves a fair trial. but so does andrea constand and the people of the state of pennsylvania. >> allred went on to praise the women who have stepped forward and spoken out against cosby. stay with us as we continue to follow the criminal charge against bill cosby. we'll have updates on television
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and you can always go to our website tonight we are hearing from chip kelly one day after eagles fired him as head coach. >> kelly accept a message to the fans and players as own are in jeffrey lurie took to the podium to explain this decision. that you were for did that today, don. you got more now. >> that was really interesting but chip kelly breaking his silence after 24 hours. the eagles spun the wheel hoping to go from good to great. needle landed on mode okay kerr and chill kelly paid the price. head coach was fire after three seasons. now tonight, kelly released a statement it reads in part "i'm graceful to jeffrey lurie for allowing me to coach his philadelphia eagles for the past three seasons. i deeply regret that we did not bring this great city and its fans the championship they deserve ". earlier today, the owner jeffrey lurie explained why he made the move. >> the end result was immediate crit tee as the own are in of the team i've got to look at the
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progress and trajectory of where it's headed, and it's disappoi disappointing to me but that is the danger when you take a risk. >> a season to forget. the eagles had super bowl aspirations. instead they're six and nine but it wasn't this season alone that led to chip kelly's departure. >> this was really a three-year evaluation. three-year evaluation of where we were heading, what is the trajectory? what is the progress or lack thereof? and what did i anticipate for the foreseeable future? and that's why the dig was made. >> overall kelly lost 12 of his final 19 games. i spoke to former eagles quarterback donovan mcnabb today. he says kelly's coaching style was major factor. >> the college mentality, man. college coaches just don't farewell in the nfl because they're so used to 17, 18, 19-year-old kids. >> lurie along with two other executives will search for a new coach. whoever the leader is must
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engage with the players. a responsibility presumably lost on chip kelly. >> you got to open your heart to players and everybody you want to achieve peak performance. sometimes there's a culture within an organization with players that create a momentum and create energy and create a fluid did the and we never achieved that. >> coming up in sports, lesley van arsdall was in the locker room this afternoon and we'll hear player reactions to the decision to let the head coach go. so you want to look forward to that. stick around for sports. >> love to talk -- a lot to talk about. >> a lot more to talk about. >> eagles fans have no shortage of opinions when it comes to chip kelly's departure. >> i thought you were going to wait until the end of the seas season. he had another year left on his crack. >> i'm happy about it.
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what he was doing wasn't worki working. i'm tired of not having playof playoffs. >> he shouldn't have came in there and got rid of so many good players. >> being a diehard eagles fans you have to see who the loss is attributable to. i hope it brings better wins for. >> a lot of talk about who that next coach should be with that on your mind we have set up a poll on with some popular options. take a look at who you picked on the top there john gruden gets the most votes with 42%. sean peyton 18%. sean mcdermott got 15%. bill cowher 14% and 10% in there with quote other. >> late rain moving through parts of the region tonight. let's check in with meteorologist kate bilo for first look at your forecast. >> ukee, it's been a stretch of gray and gloomy weather and a lot of wet weather to go along with it and more falling right now. storm scan3 showing the green as showers develop all across the eastern see bore. the good news they're moving in and out pretty quickly and will be long gone by the time you wake up for perhaps new year's
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eve morning commute or if you happen to have the day off to head out and maybe do activities during the day. you can see couple of showers right now moving through philadelphia center city. the heaviest shifting up toward long island and new york city. but we are still going to see showers develop across south jersey. you can see pushing towards the shore points within the next hoyer or so. dense fog is forming. dense fog advisory in effect for the poconos, carbon and monroe counties and northampton until 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. coming we'll talk about sunshine in the forecast and i'll have full new year's outlook in just a few minutes. ukee. >> kate, speaking of in you years we're just two days away from the mum% parade ton night we got a sneak peek. ♪ "eyewitness news" at the convention center for mum% fest fancy brigades gave a preview of their routine for this year's festivities. attendees of mummers fest watched performances and learned about the history of this great philadelphia tradition. young talent from our region will ring in the new year in
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italy. >> they will will be singing for pope francis at saint peter's basilica and "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco gives us a special preview. ♪ >> reporter: the angelic voices of the arch die is that so san boys and girls choir rises from the basilica in preparation for their trip to the vatican. >> it's not very often that, you know, we get to travel internationally and for such a great honor to be working with the sistine chapel choir and their director. ♪ >> 60 boys and girls from our area and more than 40 family members will leave new year's eve for italy. >> this will be another life changing event for them. they're so honored to sing for pope francis here in philadelphia and now they get to do that again because this time they're visiting him. >> the choir sang for the pope while he visited philadelphia in september and they'll again be performing for the holy father. this time in rome with the sistine chapel choir and sick other choirs. on january 6t sixth at the festl
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of the epiphany. >> such a blessing an grace and with this choir singing within the cathedral when the pope visited us here and going to visit him there it's a real honor. >> we're doing this to make people happy much that's what we want for people. >> it's their first trip to rome part of spiritual journey for many of the children. >> i'm so excited he invited our choir. it is really is an honor to go over there and sing for him. >> i get to grow more spiritually and see pope franc francis, and be in his hometown. >> the choir will start the new year traveling rome and hoping to finally meet pope francis face to face. in center city philadelphia, i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> so glad they'll experience with their parents and guardians. >> isn't that awesome. >> experience they'll never forget. no doubt about it. >> best of arthritic them. great new year. no doubt about that. spas and beauty salons know how to pamper people. >> not always easy for men to find a place to cater to them. there's a new spot in old city. not only accomplishes that but
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makes you feel like you're stepping back in time. still ahead our have you that are ya woodill tells you why it's a cut above the rest. >> did you get a gift card you really don't want a major retailer will buy it from you. where you can make a trade to get what you want. >> a scare in the air. fine out what sent nearly two dozen passengers to the hospital when we come right back.
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> evacuations underway in illinois and missouri swollen rivers and streams are being pushed to heights not seen in a quarter century. some homes near st. louis are already underwater and the situation could get much worse britt improves. the flooding has already blamed for at least 20 deaths over the past few days. emergency crews have been very busy trying to reach those stranded in cars and homes. a grand jury has indicted a friend of one of the shooters in the san bernardino massacre. 24-year-old enrique marques injury accused of of couldn't dispute with if a wreak to carry out tax in 2011 and 2012.
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in court documents prosecutors say marques and farook planned to crews pipe bombs and guns to kill people at a college they attended and to kill people stuck in traffic on a freeway. farook and his wife malik killed 14 people earlier this month in rampage at a social services center in san bernardino. scare in the air for passengers i was bore an air canada flight. their plane en route from shanghai china to toronto encountered heavy turbulence and had to land in calgary. 21 passengers including three children were injury. some were taken off the plane in stretchers. the injuries we're told as described as non-life threatening. if you have a gift card to place you just don't shop, well, target could be able to help you. the retail giant recently began a trade in program. it wants to buy unwanted gift cards from customers and give them store credit in return. that program is available at locations offering target mobile and trade in counters. customers can bring in gift cards from more than 600 grands, old navy, cheesecake factory and
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tape pes. who doesn't like a little pampering? >> come on. >> pretty nice. for men it can be hard to find a spa like place meant for the gents. >> leave it to our vittoria woo ill who spot add shot for men with a real barber across the upon. >> reporter: watching those red, white and blue stripes like pulled taffy you know you're at a barbershop. they're taking old pampering pastime and giving it a friendly new face with lots to offer their gentlemen clientele. >> we offer warm friendly place to come in, get a really good haircut. little bit of pampering. >> reporter: the story of this two month old company starts in israel. >> not in old city. in the 19 yets an english bloke -- >> the bloke. >> duke done met an american bird jill irrelevant voice.
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>> we were young kids living on in israel. i'm a philly girl. he is from manchester he know land. it was the thing to do for a lot of brittsing to pick orange oras and. i went to study hee brie. >> after staying in touch for four years live brought them apart. duke training at vidal sassoon in london. and a part of the heartbreakers a blues band. jill workin working as archaeol. 26 years later -- >> in june of 2010, i received a facebook message. >> it was like we'd never been apart. really was. >> wow! >> we both said it was like being wrapped in a warm blanket. >> reporter: now jill and duke are married. living in the us and are co owner of this upscale spot to get a haircut, listen to great music and get a shave. >> i did shave this morning.
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>> i can tell. >> since i'm here i might as well act like a gentleman. >> ♪ >> reporter: well, duke, i feel like a new man. thank you so much. (laughter). >> vittoria woodill cbs3 "eyewitness news". i had to smile on that one. >> she did it. >> she did it. she did it. >> kate joins us now with our forecast. almost 50 degrees end of december here in center city. >> you know what we got to finish strong in december. we might as well take it all the way and one more day in the 50s. >> i'm with you. >> warmest december ever. once we flip the switch and move into january start to feel like january. >> it's got to come. >> winter is around the corner. we'll ease into it a little bit. it's been so warm i think mother nature knows we -- we can't just take 35 degrees a day after it's in the 50s we'll step down slowly first into the 40s then another blast of chill hits early next week. let's take a look what's happening right now.
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take you out to bethlehem our new camera up in northampton county right now as we zoom out there from the camera mounted a top the hotel bethlehem. you can see it's a little damp at the moment the streets looking glistening at the moment. we've got a few showers rolling on through. they're moving through fairly quickly much this will be long gone by the time you wake up tomorrow morning but take a look all the fog as well as we pan around the christmas city. again you can see the fog kind of clinging to the ground low clouds and fog in the air as well not the best night to be out and about in that area whether you're on 378, 22, anything like that. storm scan3 also showing the clouds and the fog and the showers moving on through and as we zoom in you can see they are getting out of here pretty quick still a few showers especially across south jersey seeing them moved through the lehigh valley and still lightly raining in center city philadelphia at the moment. scott knot the best night to be out on the roads. patchy dense fog will impact you as we discussed earlier. temperatures mild. 45 in doylestown. 48 in delran. forty two 54 in point pleasant
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beach much here's your dense fog advisory we mentioned earlier until 6:00 o'clock tomorrow. does include bethlehem and much poconos region and lehigh vall valley. visibilities are low. mount pocono down to third of a mile. half mile visibility in wildwood and dover. we're about a mile and a half in philadelphia. so it's not dense fog at the moment but visibilities are not ideal for being out on the roads. overnight patchy light rain, fog continuing to develop as we go through the overnight hours. some spots could end up with close to zero visibility overnight. tomorrow though clouds break for sunshine and actually a really nice finish to 2015. the showers move out. here's midnight still decently strong showers moving through the shore points we can see steady rain there but that's offshore by like one or two in the morning and watch what happens. start to see the clouds clear out as northwest wind picks up. 7:00 a.m. we may see some sun in the afternoon increasing amounts of sunshine on the last day of the year. boy, could we use some sun. it's been 10 cloudy days in a row our last mostly sunny day back on december 20th.
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so we can use some sunshine. that's exactly what we'll get. but trade the warmth for the sun so to speak as colder air moves in starting on friday. tomorrow still above average at 51 degrees. if you're out and about to see the five work 6:00 p.m. 45 degrees much midnight item which are for new year's eve 40. it's chilly. but certainly not as as it could be and has been in previous years. so enjoy it if you're outside. then it's chilly through the weekend brisk, low to mid 40s. pretty seasonal. but there's that blast of cold early next week monday's highs in the 30s. it's windy it may feel no better than freezing all day that will be a little jolt. >> 40 on new year's eve. i remember at times it was 14. we'll take it. >> this is true. >> thanks kate. >> don is here now. >> jess and i are like no, we won't take it. we prefer 60s, 50s. >> it is what it is. we're talking about sports. eagles aren't going down with the chip. head coach has been booted and now the players are talking about the move. up next in sports, we go inside the birds locker room for
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>> it wasn't jovial but it wasn't a morgue either. it like business as usual. the birds preparing for the regular season finale at the meadowlands. before they drive up 95 they had tackle the issue a fired head coach isn't eagles quarterback sam bradford said owner jeffrey lurie never consulted him before news broke that chip kelly was relieved of his duties. >> i had a great relationship with chip. you know he gave me an opportunity after being injured for two years and i'll forever be grateful for that. >> chip kelly's eagles, he released desean jackson, traded lesean mccoy and let jeremy maclin walk away. >> with any team you got to have chem tree.
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a lot of unfamiliar faces we had to get familiar with in less than a couple of months. i think we did a good job up to that point but it wasn't enough to get the job done. >> other players blame themselves. >> we as players were out there the ones not making the plays. leading to this. so, um, it's not a fun time. >> everyone is mad. there's so many emotions that have gone into this. it's been a roller coaster. >> after sunday's game against the giants, the search for a new head coach begins and one according to owner jeffrey lurie that has emotional intelligence. reporting from the novacare complex lesley van arsdall "eyewitness sports". >> some players have said that chip kelly was not approachable but did he quote unquote lose the locker room? today we welcomed former eagles linebacker a man well a cho to our studio. i asked him about chip during our 5:00 p.m. show. >> at the end of the day everybody has a different motivation why they play the game. some it may be to feed their
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family. some to get the second contract. some would be all pro, et cetera. >> you rarely i'm playing for my head coach. at the end of the day you're playing for yourself, your playing for your family for the philadelphia eagles, the city, the organization. so did he lose the locker room whether he did or he didn't i think irrelevant. however i don't think did he because tame that's one much those ambiguous phrases that people say. >> just to throw it out there like i just did. >> thank you for taking a swing at it. >> more or less. >> don't miss toyota sunday kick off saving our best for last. lesley, pat, merrill we'll talk about the big change at the head coaching position. and what's next for the birds this sunday at 11:30 am right here on cbs3. going outweigh w. going outweigh w? >> i know you want to see that, right. >> i want to see a win. >> i want to see a better draft. >> you play to win the game. >> six-sick, why not. go all in.
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♪ mayor nutter is honoring a philadelphia team that has a second national championship under their belts. >> not too bad. "eyewitness news" at city hall where applause was well deserved for the northwest raiders. the team composed of 24 young men from philadelphia's germantown section won the pop warner national super bowl championship. they even get back from 19-point
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deficit to win the midget division. score 34-19. we'll be right back.
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that's going to do it for us tonight. our morning team a back 4:30 till 7:00. for everybody here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbsphilly.c up next the late show with stephen coluber. >> night, family, and sleep well. ♪
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