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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 31, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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one saying he is grateful. we have his letter to the philly fans. happy new year, you you heard it at least two residents in auckland, new seal land. thinks their fire works display, it is right there. it is 2016 over there. katie has forecast for rest of 2015 here. we will tell but that in a couple second here. it the is thursday, december 31st, new years eve i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm rahel solomon in for erika von tiehl. lets get to katie with the new years forecast, good morning, katie. >> good morning, guys. we will start to see things clearing out in time for new years eve festivities, chill in the air for sure. it is flipping calendar page from december to january after all so as we look ahead to what is typically or coldest month of the entire year and temperatures are going to trend, towards much more typical values but we will start off with a quick check
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outside starting off on storm scan three which is nice and empty, we do have have some rain moving in overnight and at this point that is long gone even on a three hour loop within last three hours there hasn't been a lot to track on land area here but cloud are still there, they too, are beginning to thin out. so that is going to, really help, to see that it end up being a a brighter day and brighter pattern in general. we had shall yous of visibility earlier this morning. dense fog advisory put in effect has been allowed to expire long ago so you are seeing visability start to rebound nicely here, most of the region is at 10 miles. we are at 2.5 miles in reading and even that being the worst of this observations, it is not terrible. so it the is getting better with every passing hour. looking at the area wind flow that really tells you the story, a cooler, dryer air mass starting to settle in for us. we will see temperatures basically respond by staying somewhat steady. we will tack on a few
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additional degrees around the region as a whole but that a said there is a north westerly component to the wind flow. the it will make it feel cool, crisp outside and bode well for the future as we top off in the lower 50's this afternoon. sun should shine brightly, a lot brighter then recent days so any of that brighter sky will be very welcome, and happy new year, folks. new years forecast, chilly, brisk, but sunny as well and that is a running theme of this forecast for many days ahead. i think you will a he like what the seven days has up its sleeve. >> about time we will see some sun, katie, right. >> switching gears right now this is i-95 near cottman avenue northbound and southbound lanes, as you can see they are moving nicely. this is i-76 near city avenue here eastbound looking good but volume, should pick up throughout the morning. is there construction to report the on the westbound side of white horse pike approaching warwick road scheduled until 6:00 this morning so it should be cleared up shortly.
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earlier accident in royersford at lynn field road and north lewis road has now been cleared. bill cosby is free, on bail, after a court appearance on sexual assault charge. >> first charge against the philadelphia born comedian after accusations from dozens of women. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live from the montgomery county courthouse with this, justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, yes by now the story is the accuser here was a temple employee. she says she was invited to cosby a's cheltenham home in 2004 where she was drug and sexually assaulted. that was nearly 12 years ago which happens to be just that the statute have of limitations for charges to be filed. amid clammer of cameras, entertainer bill cosby find himself in the spotlight for serious matter, that made him famous. assistant montgomery county d.a. kevin steel. >> on the evening in question
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mr. cosby urged her to take pills, that he provided to her, and to drink wine. the effect of which rendered her unable to move or respond to his advances, and he committed aggravated indecent assault upon her. >> reporter: those are charges philadelphia native now faces, stemming from the 2004 night at a cheltenham home with accuser andrea conn stan. no criminal charges were file. however in the last year several dozen accusers have come for. >> the allegations concerning other woman have nothing to do with the facts of this specific case. this case, involves a woman and a man who had a consensual adult relationship overtime. that is established in everything that is already out there the in the media. also cosby's deposition from that civil suit was unsealed in which cosby says he and constand had consensual sex and he reveal he has given women drugs in the past sexual
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encounters. >> a prosecutor's job toys follow the evidence where ever it takes us. sometimes that means whenever it comes to light. >> reporter: cosby now facing charges of aggravated indecent assault, in court yesterday he turned over his passport and was told to stay away from his accuser. he is due back in court january 14th. we are live in norristown i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". certainly more to come in this case, justin, thanks. bill cosby's local ties include temple university. he met former temple employee andrea constand, woman he allegedly assaulted through her work at the university. cosby attended temple in the 1960's, "eyewitness news" spoke to one student who says that the announcement the is important. >> for someone so well known associated with temple is being held accountable for his actions, that is a good thing because it is not something
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that is seen. >> cosby satan temple's board of trustees but he did resign amid growing controversy over sexual assault will allegations. attorney gloria alred who represents some of the women accusing cosby of sexual assault reacted to the criminal charge against him. >> for many of my 29 clients who alleged that they are victims of the bill cosby, seeing him, criminal willly charged and facing a trial is the best christmas present that they have ever received. >> alred praised woman hoff stepped forward and spoken out against cosby. take a look at the front page of today's new york daily news, you can see cosby's mug shot with plenty of writing there. the it reads he said, followed by more than 50 she said. top headlines after 55 plus accusations, cosby finally busted. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the criminal case against bill cosby. we will have updates on tv and on line at cbs
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we are hearing from chip kelly this morning in the aftermath of his surprising firing, coach of the eagles. a day after he was let go chip sent a message on saying i am grade full to grateful lurie for allowing me to coach his philadelphia eagles for the past three seasons. i deeply regret that we did in the bring this great city and its fans the championship that they deserve. coach forbidder last game of the season is offensive coordinator pat shurmur, eagles and giants in north jersey. yesterday the owner explained yes fired kelly. >> it is never just one thing when you make a change. it really is not. it is so much a combination of so many factors from performance, to, you can, come up with ten different variable. it was more the lack of, and trajectory. they are reacting to the the news while trying to stay focused on sunday's game with
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the giants. a lot of guys that have never been through a coaching change, so we are just focusing, and we don't worry about what we can't control. >> this is the nfl. we're always a evaluated. so whatever you put on film on sunday, they will all be looked at by whatever new coach is coming here and all of the position coaches stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the eagles firing of the coach chip kelly, you can constantly get updated information on our web site at cbs still ahead this morning no one hits the power ball jackpot including us, but someone in our area is i ailed richer. >> we will have winning numbers just ahead. also this. >> amid heightened fears of terrorism security is increased at new years celebrations a across the the country, i'm don champion in times square with what is being done to keep people safe coming up. dramatic video from
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missouri rising flood waters sweep a home right into a bridge, latest from the flood ravage midwest when we come right back. services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
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how people will celebrate tonight. >> cities across the country are prepared for tonight's big party, the security is high priority, nearly every where. don champion joins us live this morning from times square, a location that sit the eye officials are calling the safees place in the world when the the ball drops, don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and nicole. the big celebration is still many hours away but security is already, getting tighter here in times square, there are already road closures in place, and barricade, in place and as you hear over my shoulder plenty of party goers already here.
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security is really tight for the celebration every year but new york city officials say this year it will be entitler. in new york's iconic times square the nypd says 6,000 police officers will ensure that it is the most safe place to ring in the new year. a highly trained, newly formed counter terrorism unit will also be on patrol. >> people should feel safe this new years eve because peer's there. >> reporter: more than a million people were attending the country's biggies celebration, not the far away inside a new operations center in downtown man hat on, officers will monitor, thousands of camera feeds. >> on the ground radiation detectors will be dereplied with bomb sniffing dogs, police helicopters and snippers will also keep watch from above. and in las vegas where hundreds of thousands will party, preparations included stocking ambulances, along with the famous strip, a thousand uniformed officers
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will be on patrol. overseas, authorities in belgium are also on alert in the capitol city of brussels the the annual fire works display has been canceled, after at arrest of two men this week for plotting an attack. they have not let it dampen their night. >> you cannot the let people like that dictate your lifestyle and your choices, so, it is a threat, threat anywhere but it will in the change my plans. >> reporter: here in the state officials say there are no credible or specific threats begins celebrations. >> reporter: we are standing in one of the 65 spectator bin that is people will be piled into once they go through screening here around 3:00 this have afternoon. if you do plan on heading up here for the big celebration, we are told thaw will not aloud to bring anything into this area. you won't be a able to leave until after midnight, the good news, the temperature around that time should be about
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40 degrees, not too bad. >> not bad at all. thank you you. >> not bad at all. >> i went to college in new york going to times square for new years eve drop and it was freezing. once you come in you cannot leave. >> so that is not bad. >> midwest is bracing for historic floods this morning. water is still rising in parts of the missouri and illinois. twenty-one people have died in the massive floods. rushing the waters, washed over road, homes, businesses, fire fighters had to rescue one man trapped on top of his pickup truck. many neighbors there trying to save their homes. >> we san say anything, over and over and over and it would be don't drive-in water. >> we have done everything that we can but we still cannot beat it. >> all right. nearly 20 levee as long mississippi river and tributaries could fail, mandatory evacuation order are in place for numerous communities. >> i feel so sorry for those people. here at home, we are looking at dry weather, we have no
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rain because high pressure will be regaining control and setting up shop and start paying us a a nice long visit. it bode well for the forecast as a result. storm scan three is tranquil as well. we had rain overnight and at this point even the cloud are thin ago way nicely here. a sign of things to come. storm system retreating, high pressure regaining control and that has allowed at least things to quiet down across the the mid to lower mid sip i river and val that is surround that area. but for now, yeah, we can bank on high pressure and quieter weather those locations we were talking about aren't dealing with additional storms. at least in the just yet. but because, we do have have high pressure currently starting to build in and chillier pattern unfolding it means temperatures are set to drop off here with a much more seasonal beginning to the new year. we are closer to average when it comes to the valleys on the thermometer. lets talk temperatures.
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we are definitely off to what we would call for this time of the year a mild start, frankly, our normal high is 41 . we are at 48 degrees. we will not see a ton of extra degrees get tack on. we expect lower 50's in the city and we are in the lower 50's in millville, ac, dover, delaware, lower 40's in mount pocono, also not terrible but because we have more northwesterly component to the wind flow even though it is not a windy day, that north west flow ushers cooler air in and keeps it level through the course of the day that transition as high pressure takes the place of the low. behind this you can see colder air to work with in the state college and buffalo, cleveland for example. so that is what we can eventually look ahead to, for now though you can still see telltale signs of some damp boards out here at rehoboth, we are at 51 degrees there so still off to what we would call for late december a nice mild beginning, however, again don't expect too much more degrees tacked on to that
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high. here in philadelphia, as skies clear and we will finally see some sunshine, 51 degrees, that is daytime high. still above average but not seeing too much more on the thermometer from where we stand right now. a lot of outdoor festivities tonight. taking part in the fire works down the at penns landing you can hear them on our sister station kyw news radio tonight. we're talking about temperatures generally right around 40 degrees as we usher in the new year at midnight. mid 40's heading out to the 6:30 or 6:00 p.m. show but not too much wind to go with it. it doesn't make it feel that much worse but by water it the might feel cooler. we will look forward in the forecast and every single will day beyond this point is where it should be, we're talking low to mid 40's at best but pretty much it is just a quiet, sunny pattern. i love it. new by monday it last like you'll see more win kicking in here and that is one that draws your attention right away. we just barely get to the upper 30's. we will struggle to hit 40.
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with the wind it will feel awfully chilly. es specially because it has been so mild, that will feel down right frigid. >> yes, i know. >> i don't understand that. >> it is a a good trade off because we are getting sun. we have in the seen the sun in so long. >> yes. >> it really has. >> thankfully a pattern change? we're just very depressed about it all. >> i know. >> yes, the sun will be a very nice change. >> indeed. >> katie, thank you. lets turn now to traffic, here's the roosevelt boulevard, headlights moving southbound toward i-76, and i want to take to you a live look at the vine street expressway where volume surprise is on this new years eve increasing as morning rush begins. here are the current speed on the majors, i-95, 76, 476 and other usual slow spots are looking great. septa's wilmington newark line is experiencing delays of up to 15 minutes, due to signal
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issues near marcus hook. all right. that is a look at your traffic, right now still to come on "eyewitness news" big honors for a lollipop warner team. >> we will show you city hall ceremony for northwest raiders. also ahead she spent nearly a full year in a local animal shelter, we have got an update on the pit bull annie rose when we come back.
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>> yeah, including us but there was one ticket sold here in pennsylvania worth a million-dollar, that is pretty good, right. matched five numbers but not the power ball. here are winning numbers for you in case you have that ticket handy, 12, 36, 38, 54, 61 and power ball was 22. saturday night's drawing is now worth 334 million-dollar. we can dream. >> can you imagine. >> i just can't. >> i can't wrap my head around that figure. >> great new year. >> mayor nutter honored a philadelphia team that has a second national championship under its belt. >> "eyewitness news" at city hall where a well deserved for northwest raiders. team composed of 24 young men from philadelphia's germantown section, won the pop warner national super bowl championship. they came back from a 19-point deficit to win midge it division with the score of 34 to 19. congratulations, guys. >> yes. >> grating. >> still ahead nearly two dozen passengers are hurt when turbulence rocks their flight we will hear from the will travelers.
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also ahead gunman storm into a home overnight while children are upstairs, what happened in the chaotic moment that left the the intruder, injured we will be right back. the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget. that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a
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budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania. choose, choose, choose.
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canada to toronto encountered heavy turbulence and had to land in calgary. twenty-one passengers including three children were hurt. >> we thought we were dying. like we see in the movies where they all go off to the ceilings, okay, everything went to the ceiling that was president anchored. lesson to be learned to all of you put your seat belt on,. injuries are described as non-life threatening, air canada says it is making arrangements to accommodate other passengers including those continuing on to toronto. a family is latest to call for restrictions on this season's hottest gift, the hoverboard, because ten year-old elias johnson's gift exploded and burn right before his family's eyes. family put out fire and called the fire department. investigators say fire started when the batteries are housed inside of the whoever board. >> my kid could have been riding in it and exploded had he haddon something flammable he would have went up in
6:27 am
flames too. it is just not safe. >> scary thought. >> family says a joy ride is not worth risk, new york city fire commissioner says department is looking at the safety of the device along with other authorities across the country. all right. coming up next on "eyewitness news" a little boy from a africa gets a new smile. >> how doctors in new york are helping this amazing child, jan. and the the the final preparations are now underway here in center city for mummers parade 2016 and even though this is a tradition that has been going on a century there are major change these year we will look ahead straight. and live look at center city sky line from our cbs-3 studios, katie has your forecast for the rest of this year. we will need jack tote ring in 2016. "eyewitness news" continuing after this.
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well, the count down, to the new year has begun as we look live this morning at bethlehem, katie has your forecast from the fire works tonight to the mummers parade tomorrow morning. katie, good morning as we look back on this year what an unseasonably warm couple months it has been. >> it has been, absolutely. but now we are seeing tides turn and getting back to reality. >> winter? >> i know, it has not felt like it at all, more like fault, spring and new it is getting back to again just where it should be, quite frankly. i guess you have to take the lumps a as they come here. >> we will get some sunshine. >> things will clear out the nicely here and we will end up with nice weather, overall, chilly but nice. we will look at skies cam three overlooking center city things are nice and tranquil here for us. live look from campbell's field overlooking ben franklin bridge, no worries, guys. we had dense fog, quite a few of them no less but those
6:32 am
included have since begun to thin out nicely and you are not running into that concern this morning. the as we go next to the map on storm scan three things are tranquil here. we have had some fog, early this morning, and even prompted a dense fog advisory for northwestern most counties but that too has not only been allowed to expire but went out earlier then anticipated. storm scan three with the satellite coverage on top now thinning out. so again once the sun does come up and it comes up late these days at 7:22 or so when we will see first sort of beam of light over the horizon here in philadelphia, it is going to at least brighten up more for us. 48 degrees at philadelphia international the airport and here in the lower 40's in mount pocono. that is a spot that is obviously typically colder then most and it is on par with what the normal high in philadelphia would be. it is not too bad. forty-eight in palmyra, pair of four's at pottstown and doylestown and as we move forward in the the forecast here today if you do start off
6:33 am
with clouds expect that they will thin out. it will brighten up with more sunshine with time. we will not put too many additional degrees on daytime highs here because simply it is a atmosphere leveling itself out, transition mode. looking forward to the mummers day parade tomorrow, not bad, it was chilly, sunny last year and it will be chilly, sunny again this year but smidge milder then it was this same time last year. it is looking better and better with time but on the chilly side, guys, back over to you. checking traffic here's route 42 near creek road in new jersey. north bound traffic approaching philadelphia is starting to pick up as you can see there. this is route 422 changing cameras here near valley forge traffic moving at normal speed in both directions so that is good news. burlington bristol will bridge is scheduled to open up around 6:50 this morning. septa's wilmington newark line is experiencing delays of up to 15 minutes due to signal issues near marcus hook.
6:34 am
keep in mind rest of the mass transit the is looking good and there are no delays at the airport. new this morning philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting in north philadelphia, this happened shortly before 12:30 near intersection of the 25th and clear field. police say victim was riding a bike when he was shot. he was rushed to temple hospital where he later died. police are looking for a minivan seen leaving that area at the time of the shooting. >> fortunately there are several camera, at the intersection of 25th and clear field that do have exterior surveillance camera. so hopefully these cameras recorded something that could help with us this homicide investigation. >> police say minivan they are looking for is describe as being dark red or burr gunned any color. if you have any information you are asked to contact them. police caught a suspect who shot himself during a home invasion in north philadelphia but they say they are still looking for another suspect. no one was home with her children when two men burst
6:35 am
into an unlock door asking for money. it happened after 11:00 last night on the 2500 block of bank croft street. investigators tell us when three and seven years old children started crying one of the suspects fired a shot, to quiet them but shot himself. officers caught the suspect, when he drove himself to the hospital, woman and her children were not hurt. but they did getaway with a few hundred dollars. >> mother of ethan couch is back in the u.s. after authorities say that she and her son fled to mexico. tone use couch a arrived at los angeles international airport in the custody of u.s. marshals. a judge has block her 18 year-old son's deportation. ethan couch is texas teen men for using an affluent defense in the fatal drunken driving crash. he could face jail time for leaving u.s., after skipping a meeting with his probation officer. final preparations are underway for annual mummers parade. >> this years parade has a new group strutting their stuff
6:36 am
down broad street. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live with the preview, good morning, jan. >> reporter: rahel and nicole, good morning. for the first time this year, not five but six divisions will march down broad street to the mummers parade. that sixth division is philadelphia division and with added this year to add more diversity to the parade. more in just a minute. but first 10,000 men, women and children are putting on final touches on their routines and costumes as they prior to march down broad street. they have been working hard all day long. that does not stop today because show time is tomorrow. again, for 116th year in philadelphia the mummers are just about ready to strut down broad street. here at the convention center in center city fancy brigades, busy putting final touches on extravagant routines, make sure the moves are just right. a across the city in south philadelphia, one of the cities oldest string bandies
6:37 am
getting in tune. the 64 member wood land string ban down for one last dress rehearsal, costumes shimmering and giant floats ready to entertain. while mummers parade is american a century old tradition on new years day we think 2016 par wednesday will see new face toes expand diversity the philadelphia division was added this year with cultural and ethnic groups, including hispanic organizations, and african-american drill team and lgbt groups. mummers parade 2016 starts at 9:00 at 15th ape jfk, marches south on broad street ending up at washington after knew. it certainly will be a sight to sianni, of course, the parade is free, opened to the public just as long as you watch along the parade route. if you want to see the grandstanded outside city hall that will cost you $9. reporting live, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that is one of the favorite things to do as a kid. >> yes, thanks. >> always freezing though.
6:38 am
>> before the mummers strut we have to bring out the old year. >> fire works will light up delaware river on new years eve, sugar house has fire works at 6:00 and then again at midnight, 6:00 p.m. show will be set from the star wars they are any celebration of the new film force awakens. you can hear the sound track on the sister station kyw news radio 1060. there are several family friendly options to ring in the new year in south jersey, haddonfield kings highway will be filled with food and performance. if you are interested in something a bit more steamy, perhaps, sahara a sams oasis indoor wart park is offering ways of fun with the dj spinning tunes as well. you can head to camden's a ventura quarter yum where you can celebrate with the kid and get them to bed in time to toast with grown ups later. >> if you are still looking for something to do tonight head to cbs, we have a full list of activities around the area to celebrate the start of 2016. >> i have mentioned sahara
6:39 am
sams and indoor surfing there. just be prepared, it is harder then surfing, in the ocean. i was on my butt every five minutes. i'm just putting it out there, be careful. 6:39. local flier is getting an opportunity of the life time, take a listen. >> ♪ >> they sound a amazing, we will tell but this group singing for pope francis. >> then these newlyweds have something more than old and something new wait until you hear inspirational story behind their nuptials. >> ♪ >> philly's own patty labelle, sing it patty, you said it, new attitude, new year going in to 2016, resolutions,
6:40 am
bigger and better. lets see them folks. we will be right back.
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welcome back. young talent from the philadelphia region will bring in the new year at the vatican. >> they will sing for pope francis the at st. peters basilica but "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco tells us, it is not the first time they have sung for the pope. >> ♪ >> reporter: angel ic voices of the archdiocese boys and girls choir rises from the basilica in preparation for their trip to the vatican. >> it is not very often that, you know, we will get to travel internationally and for such a great honor to be working with the sistine chapel choir and their director. >> reporter: sixty boys and
6:44 am
girls from our area and more than 40 family members will leave new years eve for italy. >> it will be another life changing event for them. they are so honored to sing for pope francis in philadelphia and they will get to do that again but this time they are visiting him. >> reporter: choir sang for the pope while he visited philadelphia in september and new they will be performing for the holy father this time in rome with the sistine chapel choir and six other choirs. on january the sixth, at the the festival of the epiphany. >> it is just a blessing and such a great, trip with choir sing nothing front of the cathedral when the pope came here and going to visit him split is a real honor. >> we are doing this to make people happy. the that is what we want for people. >> reporter: while it is their first trip to rome it is part of the spiritual journey for many children. >> i'm so excited that he invited our choir and it is an honor to be able to sing for him. >> reporter: choir will start the new year traveling to rome
6:45 am
and hoping to finally meet pope francis face-to-face. in center city philadelphia i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> what a talented group. >> i love that. >> you can tell they appreciate it, yes. >> what an honor. >> right now 6:45. lets check with katie's forecast. >> we are hearing from weather watchers, this morning. >> indeed we are. we will check with the latest observations coming into us from the eyewitness weather watcher network, we have a slew of them, mostly in the the 40's, but i do want to zero in just around the philadelphia met the tro area just outside, we will start off in north philadelphia here, where 47 degrees came from jon. he is reporting a few clouds. this just came in over the course of the last hour really but he is in north philadelphia, where he is saying that the ground may be dry but air is still feeling damp. that really tells the story that we are transitioning at this point rain is gone, now we are seeing some cooler air, settle on in. lets go a little bit further outside here, 47 from david.
6:46 am
he is checking in from norristown but fooding a couple clouds and wishing everybody a happy new year. 45 degrees from lou and he too is in eagleville finding a few left over clouds but at this point we are starting to clear things out here, guys especially from west to east and you can see that very well when we go to the wider zoom on storm scan three. here's your storm system of circulation trailing coal front that came through last night and now we are seeing high pressure build in here across our area. so as it does so we will start to see more northwesterly component to the wind flow with high pressure building in from west to east. we will get that clockwise flow around the high and that is why we will start to see north west wind flow. the it is not terribly chilly but we are getting back to a dose of reality with this. as you head out for new years eve festivities, many of them are just going from the car to the restaurant and car to the party and we are out on penns landing for fire works viewing it doesn't look bad. it is very, very tame.
6:47 am
chilly, granted but you not frigid nor windy and as we are bringing in the new year at midnight just a couple clouds. chilly, granted but it could be so much worse. we will look forward in the forecast and only what i would call very cold day of this outlook comes on monday when we struggle to hit 40 degrees and the wind will kick in but otherwise, not bad at all, guys, back to you. checking traffic right now this is a live look at i-76 near spring garden street with tailgate approaching center city. in major incident or delays at this time. switching cameras here police are on the scene of the accident in cheltenham at cheltenham avenue at front street one lane is blocked in that area. burlington bristol bridge we can tell you is scheduled to open around 6:50 a.m. and septa's wilmington newark line is experiencing delays of up to 15 minutes due to signal issues near marcus hook. young boy from africa is in the u.s. for what doctors in new york hope will be a life changing series of reconstructive surgeries. >> the boy was just six when a
6:48 am
attack left him badly disfigured. >> reporter: in many ways, he is just like every other eight year-old would i, he doesn't like sitting still but the the trauma he has been through is almost unimaginable, two years ago whale playing in the congo his native country a group of chimpanzee is a tack him and his brother. >> his younger, four year-old brother was completely dismembered and somehow danea survived. >> reporter: he was left without an upper and lower lip, should by those in his village, rangers contacted doctor leon claim sevennor the smile of smile rescue fund for kid. he arranged for danea to come to stony brook children's hospital foreground breaking facial reconstructive surgery. >> he has challenging in eating and he has learn to compensate the by tipping his head back. you can imagine if you have no lips you cannot close off food. >> reporter: we spoke to danea
6:49 am
via face time in maryland where he had a little vacation with his host family. >> how are you doing. >> good. >> reporter: a lot will change come january 11th when he has his first surgery here in stony brook children's hospital. he will have a series of surgeries totaling 20 hours. he will a stay in the states for another year to recover. >> he is a tough kid. obviously he has shown it. there is a reason that he survived it. >> incredible there. that was kristin thorn reporting. >> doctors are hoping that the surgery will help him and his family reintegrate to life back at home. >> we certainly hope so too. >> 6:49. there is still a lot more coming up on cb3 this morning. >> jeff glure joins us live from new york. good morning jeff, happy new years eve. >> happy new users eve nicole and rahel. we will talk to bill cost bye a's lawyer about the charges against the comedian and legal analyst ricky klee man on is what next in the case.
6:50 am
plus, one sip at a time, we will preview 60 minutes report on the mafia's food fraud industry. president obama goes with the spin with jerry seinfeld we will highlights from their funny and candid conversation. news is back in the morning. we will see new ten minutes. >> thanks, looking forward to it. >> a home less couple in michigan ties the knot proving that love does find a way. >> that is right gerald and manny clay are finally husband and wife. the couple wanted to get married for the last three years. they say being homeless didn't help but there was another problem, group didn't have a tie and the bride didn't have a dress. that was until again ross businesses in the area, stepped up, and donated. >> it is a blessing, i didn't expect this at all, so we just went into do a casual wedding with a few friend and family. they came to me and made this all happen. dress, make up, hair and everything, and it meant a lot. >> new couple told the pastor
6:51 am
that they are now ready to start a new and improved life and they said that together they will get on the right path out of home lessness. >> so nice. >> you said it what a beautiful bride. >> yes. >> next story showcases something really cool. >> that is cool in more ways than one, lets take a look. >> city of edmonton can inadequacies's first ever ice castle is now opened to the public. it includes thousands of ice here.s and was carved and pretty impressive here. it weighs 27,000 tons and covers an acre. the city bosses will say it will stay open as long as it the stays frozen, burr. >> burr. >> looking at that makes me cold. >> we will take a short break and we will be right back.
6:52 am
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well, recap now the story we have been following all morning long, bill cosby's charge with the sexual assault and allegedly happened over a decade ago. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown with more on that, justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, that is right, cosby is now facing aggravated assault charge as he is now free, on bail, a after posting 10 percent of his one million-dollar bail yesterday, in court he was told to surrender his passport and also not to contact his accusers in this case, and this is as you mentioned stems all the way back to 2004 when the a accuser said that she was drugged and assaulted at
6:56 am
cosby's cheltenham home by cosby. she was then a temple employee and since that time cosby has said in a deposition he has given drugs to women in the past during sexual encounters. so sex with that accuser was consensual. he is due back in court january 14th, this case back in the media after several dozen a cuesers came forward and a 12 year statue of limitations here in pennsylvania. back over to you. >> justin, thanks for that update. stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to follow charge is a begins bill cosby. we will have updates on tv and on line at cbs right now we want to get that forecast right before new years eve, katie. >> it is looking g things are thankfully clearing out for us, any cloud cover, any rain more importantly will get swept out to sea. we are looking good. we are actually still going to eke out within more above average day. we stand at 49 current temperature in the airport. we have been flip flopping between 48, 49 degrees and right there in atlantic city
6:57 am
temperatures change right before your very eyes, and there you have have it. you are sort of staying on what steady on the thermometer through the rest on the day here. we have fire works going on here tonight. we want to give you forecast for that. cold but seasonably so, and as we are officially ringing in the new year here at the the stroke of midnight 40 degrees, not terribly windy either. so 38 degrees with the wind chill that is pretty awesome for standard at this time of the year and we will keep that theme going for the majority of the seven day. storm scan quiet as could be keeping that it way today, tomorrow and beyond and as you look at the seven day forecast that explains it all, chilliest day comes on monies specially when you factor in the wind chill and we have not had to do that lately but more than anything it is just quiet weather. i can totally dig that and wednesday will my thumbs behind the weather desk. >> yes. >> well, not all good byes are sad in, fact or just plane
6:58 am
joyful. >> take prince story of abby row, delaware county spca's longest home less shelter resident. the last month i told you about spca's effort to find abby a forever home. she was in their facility for thanksgiving, christmas eve and christmas but we are happy to tell you she won't be there from new years. take a look at this abby rose and her new family leaving the shelter for good. it is a new year and a new home for this pit bull. we could not be happier for abby rose. >> she was the best. >> all right. cbs this morning is next with more on the security concerns surrounding new years eve celebrations all across the world. >> remember to join us bright and early each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting at 4:00 t day, we will leave with you a hot shot of city harbor as they welcome 2016. >> happy new years everybody. we will see you tomorrow.
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, december 31st, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." bill cosby once called america's dad and he faces sexual assault charges. his attorney says he will be exonerated. >> rivers rise to record levels and the floodwaters are expected to get worse. the mother of the so-called affluenza teen arrives back in the united states. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. for many of my clients, seeing him, having to face a trial is the best christmas present that they have ever seen. >> bill


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