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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 31, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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works show. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is on the waterfront where it is almost she time, happy new year, cleve. >> reporter: happy new year, ukee and nicole. crowd is starting to build at the waterfront they are getting ready for that first fire works display in an hour but even long before the the sunset you can see these fire works people were already here, having lots of fun. the escape and happy laughter filled the blue cross river rink. >> we are here visiting philadelphia and having fun and skating, because the weather is nice. >> this is my first time coming here, i think you're doing a great job some music. >> some went around and others held on for dear life, most important being together with friend and family. >> we were lucky with the weather, for kid it is first time skating. even mom got on skates which was fun. >> reporter: winter fess had plenty to do beside skating there was bean bags for tossing, marshmallows for
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roasting and snuggling by the. >> a cabin. >> reporter: overall peel say they are impressed with philadelphia a's take on new years eve. >> they are doing a great job. filling up penns landing for a long time and one of these years we might catch new york. >> reporter: activities at waterfront could get bigger and better with outing mayor michael nutter had his way. the at his final news conference nut's announced a ten million-dollar study covering part of the interstate 95 with penns landing. >> with the intent to eliminate barriers to accessing waterfront, revitalize communities near highway and reconnect people to the cities great natural resources. >> reporter: what better time to look the at the future then new years eve. >> this year has been so good. full of surprises and challenging but next year will be i don't know, better. >> reporter: something new this year, it is theme song during fire works is going to be star wars and of course if you watch that you have to have some pretty cool eye wear like kylie and kendra from
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landingberg. a i love your glasses. b i want to try them on if i can. what are you looking for this new years eve. >> fire works. >> have you been here before. >> no. >> first timer. >> yeah. >> you have something you want to say to people on this new years eve. >> happy new year. >> we're live at the waterfront, can't wait for fire works, back to you guys. >> cleve, she wants her glasses back, don't go running off, all right. >> thanks. >> looking for fun things to do tonight head to cbs we have a list of family friendly events around the area to celebrate, the start of 2016. is what weather like for the new years eve festivities. lauren casey is live on the skies deck with that all important holiday forecast. how sit looking, lauren.
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>> testing. >> temperatures are dropping off, 24 hour temperature change down to about 4 degrees in philadelphia but these numbers, will keep on, ticking, and down, yes, we will have dramatic temperature changes as we head into the the day tomorrow, storm scan three is showing us we have finally saw a little bit of sunshine peeking out today, still some clouds in place and as we head in the evening hours, cloud around for 6:00 o'clock fire works, temperature 46 degrees, little brisk and then heading out to midnight fire works, 40 degrees but wind chills will be down around 35 and i will talk about our much more colder pattern in the new year in the full forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. >> all right, lauren we will
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see new a bit, thank a. philadelphia law enforcement officials have a warning for people who decide to engage in dangerous celebration behavior tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is the at the art the museum with more on how authorities are insuring, safety, good evening, happy new years, alex. >> reporter: good evening, happy new year. biggest threat tonight, of course, could be those people drinking and then get behind the wheel. police say they will be diligent in that regard and consequences are just not worth it but there is another threat and that has to do velocity, gravity and ignorance. like anything else philadelphians take pride in their new years tradition. >> mummers, a lot of us like to beat pots, pans, banging on pots and pans. >> reporter: joe's tradition where is replace by tragedy on december 31st, 1998, he was just 11 years old walking with his dad in south philadelphia. >> some irresponsible person fired a handgun in the sky,
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bullet came down and struck joe in the skull. >> reporter: now, 27, he has been through over 50 surgeries all to to a stray celebration bullet, that he says could have come from as far as camden. it is a reckless crime but when it comes to targeted a a attacks, security across the city will be tighten. >> all of you know the the reports of some threats made towards new york, washington and los angeles. there have been no trek threats made towards philadelphia. >> reporter: even so, police commissioner ramsey who is celebrating his final year with the title, says that police have upped their patrols and working closely with home land security. >> if it looks suspicious to you it probably is because it is suspicious. don't think you are wasting our resources. >> reporter: undoubted some resources will be used to search for those, firing weapons off in the sky. >> i have asked the commissioner to be sure that the police are on the look out for that and that people are caught firing hand guns. they will be charged with recklessly endangering another person. >> reporter: if a person is struck that shooter may be
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charged with attempted murder or even homicide. >> i wish it would stop but i am here for the. >> reporter: this whole shooting in the sky thing is a global epidemic and really big in the middle east. when bullet coming out of the sky it reaches terminal velocity which is not as fast as it would come out of the gun but it certainly can cause damage to home and death. celebrate wisely this evening, because 2016 is worth it. reporting live from the art museum steps, i'm he al-zawahiri sandra hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good informational ex, thanks. if you plan to take public transportation to get to new years eve celebrations tonight, you should know septa will be running on a special schedule tonight a digsal late night trips have been added on the regional rail lines and septa will operate extra trains on the broad street and market frankford lines starting at 7:00 o'clock. tomorrow all services will operate on a holiday and sunday schedule. fire works went off in
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dubai to celebrate as crews work to extinguish a huge fire in the high rise building nearby. fire engulfed downtown dubai housing apartments and a hotel. flames ran up the side of the 63 story building and burning debris rained down on fire fighters here. fire appears to have started otter ace on the 20th floor where we're told 14 people suffered minor injuries. tens of thousands nearby gathered for nearby fire works display and by the time they went off that fire was under control. >> ukee? elderly woman fights back against a robbery suspect who took her purse and then shot her in the face. the lets bring in "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos live outside northeast detectives with that woman's ordeal and search for suspect, greg this victim, is going to be out kay, and and through, and through and now police are searching for a suspect. a male in his late 20's who sped way in his silver car.
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>> this is where a seven five-year old woman was robbed at ten this morning as she walk home from the shop rite grocery store. >> guys were running up next to her, and, asked her for her money. >> in the struggle of the 7100 block of edrick street the suspect shot the senior citizen in the face taking $400 in cash and their cell phones. >> she did not sustain any life threatening injuries. >> despite her injuries would the man was able to walk more than three blocks to her home, leaving a trail of blood behind. lieutenant rosenbaum said that she put her grocery away before calling police. >> incredible and tough lady. it is a shame it happened to her, it is the holiday, obviously, her family is shook up. >> reporter: her family did not want to speak but neighbors say victim is tough and they weren't surprised to hear she battled with her attack. >> very stubborn, yes. >> reporter: neighbor samantha best says seven five-year old
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will to fight has to do with her job as an aid at a nearby elementary school. >> she works with five to ten years old all day long. >> and although she says she's glad her elderly neighbor is okay, she's angry someone decided to commit this crime against someone so vulnerable. >> you you don't need to shoot an old woman. i know she's stubborn and she for the him off but it is not bully worthy. >> police are canvassing the neighborhood where this shooting and robbery happened and they are looking for home surveillance video they say could help better identify the suspect. we are live here at northeast philadelphia, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also a massive breach of voter information affecting nearly everyone registered to vote in the united states. security researchers december covered data file on personal information on 190 million voters left unsecured on line. database reportedly includes voters names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, from it
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the california affiliations and voting history since the year 2,000. u.s. federal elections commission tells cbs news it does not have access or authority, to protect voter record, that is left to the states. callus already launched an investigation. well, record flooding is making for treacherous conditions in part of the midwest this new years eve and waters are still rising with two rivers crest continuing at historic levels. correspondent marley hall speaks to one missouri family hoist doing everything they can to save their home. >> job houser never thought he would be spending new years eve like this. >> we're fighting the water. >> he and his family have been up all night protecting their home in flooded arnold, missouri. >> 5 feet of water. >> this was made of thousands of sandbags keep them safe from the rising wall of the water. thinks where the river, meets the the mississippi, and it
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has listen higher here in arnold more than anywhere else in the region. crest continuing today at over 47 feet, shattering the old record by almost, 2 feet. >> and the the housers are doing all they can to keep dry as so far, it has been working. >> so the water is going from here, to the other side. >> correct. we're pumping it right back over the the the wall to keep it there so it doesn't build up on this side f we didn't pump it would equal ice and be at the this depth right here. >> reporter: historic flooding has killed at least 20 people in missouri and illinois. the miss your sigh department of transportation shut down wide sections of interstate, south of st. louis, and residents are urged, to stay indoors, until those flood waters subside. houser is betting between the sandbags a and that can do missouri spirit they will be able to save their home and ring in the new year, with hope. marley hall, cbs news, arnold, missouri. >> so many prayers tonight. >> thinking of those folks.
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>> well, coming up on "eyewitness news" tonight new years eve revellers started lining up this early morning in times square in new york. we will take you their life as preparations continue for the world's biggest party. tackling debt in 2016, consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with resolutions for revamping your finances, plus. >> three, two, one... >> a family friendly new years eve celebration, come along with us to the please touch museum where revellers of all ages rang in the new year, that is next.
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it is already 2016 a across much of the world look at this video from moscow where a dazzling fire works display lit up the skies over kremlin. crowds cheered at a beautiful sight. one of the first places to welcome in the new year was new seal land as clock struck midnight. fire works came from the tallest building by the way in new seal land. of course, it is already 2016 inside the police touch museum. >> three, two, one...
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>> i love this, little ones who can't quite make it to midnight rang in the new year with the part a the popular children's museum in philadelphia there were two count down shows that feature music, dancing and lots of confetti. >> a lot of what we do here is for kid and stuff that people do for going shopping, drive their car, but we do it for kids. a lot of people do a big count down celebration at night but they leave their kids at home. so why should they be left out. >> i agree. what is in it for little guys. this years theme was alice in wonderland in commemoration of the 150th anniversary. >> that looks like a great time. >> yes. >> a lot of fun. >> are you making resolutions for the the new year, for many tackling debt is often at the top of the list. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan joins with us advice to help awe chief those goals. >> a lot of people make things more difficult when they need to try to eliminate debt.
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one option involves just picking up the phone. the as people around the globe ring in the new year many also have financial goals, for 2016. >> people always make new years resolutions about money and it is a good thing because the worst thing that you can do if you are in debt is to do nothing. it is important to take some sort of steps, even if it is something that is small, just to get the ball rolling, toward paying off that debt. >> reporter: senior analyst matt schultz from credit says that one thing you should at least try to do is ask for a lower credit card interest rate. >> it is really surprising how often, people who called their credit cardish another and asked for a lower interest rates, actually get their request granted, the people is only about one in four card holders have ever done it. >> reporter: another suggestion, apply for a balance transfer to a zero interest credit card. these can be incredible deals for people who can pay off the card within the the 0 percent time frame.
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>> we have seen cards that are 15 months, 18 months, even as high as 21 months, so that gives you a lot of time to focus and to really work on paying down that debt and take advantage of the zero interest. >> reporter: now while those zero interest rate credit card offers will never go away, as federal reserve raises interest rates you may see offers change overtime with shorter introduction period and higher fees. if you are interested now is a good time to take advantage a. >> no better time then the present. >> yes, that is right. >> i don't carry any debt. i pay everything off. >> i believe him. >> i will lead you to the promise land. >> yes. >> it is coming. >> thank you, jim. lauren casey has the forecast for the new year. >> we are changing things up, december, so warm, cloudy though we have not seen sunshine. it peak out today, and what is that weird, glowing orb out split is so unfamiliar. we have had 18 cloudy days, climate speaking, so far this
5:19 pm
month of deaths december in philadelphia we will change that pattern but we will cool temperatures down quite a bit as well, but boy it has been certainly a a mild december, check this out, days we have had or above 60 degrees, previous record was eight days, back in 1998 and 1951. we have killed that record. we have had 13 this month and four of those days, temperatures were in the 70's for highs but temperatures right now we have climbed in the 60's today. we are at 48 in philadelphia cooler air is building in now from north to south. so 50 down the the the shore. it feels chillier with that northwesterly breeze. wind speeds up to ten to 15 miles an hour. that is having an effect on our feels like temperatures. right now feels like 42 degrees in philadelphia already feeling like 20's in mount pocono. you have to bundle up heading out to the mummers parade tomorrow, new year day temperature 39 degrees at 10:00 o'clock hour. 42 degrees for noon hour chilly with sunshine but we will have that hardy
5:20 pm
northwesterly breeze. it will feel colder then. that we will check on our future feels like temperature heading out to the fire works at midnight feeling like middle 30's in philadelphia a. as we head into midday tomorrow still feeling like upper 30's and all throughout the day those wind chills are not going to escape that 30-degree range. then by late tomorrow evening it feels like 20's in philadelphia, feeling like teens in the poconos, and again as we head into saturday temperatures feels like temperatures in the lehigh valley in the 20's, for most of the day on saturday. storm scan three showing us quiet conditions, moisture well to our south, a few flurries, well to the north just passing cloud and overnight tonight partly cloudy conditions, chilly breeze and dropping down to 35 . it will feel colder then that. but for tomorrow new years day mostly sunny, colder, and brisk, a high temperature of 44 degrees, north westerly wind ten to 15 miles an hour and we're chilly for upcoming weekend. starting off near 30 degrees, bright sunshine though that would be a nice change but
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blustery on sunday, high temperature at 44 degrees. the as we head into your seven day forecast we will get colder, quiet conditions though 39 degrees on monday, a high temperature of home 38 degrees, on tuesday, and then as we head into next week we will go 45 degrees, we will start to climb up just a little bit again, but boy, much colder conditions then what we have experienced really over the last month now. these are seasonal high temperatures for us in the lower 40's but it will not feel like it. >> no, we will wait for it. >> we are safe. >> nice change. >> thanks. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight top viral videos of the 2015. >> plus move over, there is a new wine that is gaining popularity why you may see some people ringing in the new year with orange wine, pat. chip kelly lasted nearly three seasons as eagles head coach but they will head in the new direction a after he was let go this week. we will look back at chip kelly era in philadelphia when we come right back.
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eagles fans starting out 2016 with less of a chip on their shoulder. >> i haven't her that one before. >> how long have have you been rehearsing that. >> all commercial break. >> you have been saving that one. >> yes. >> it feels like only yesterday, eagles were flipping nfl on the ear by hiring offensive genius from oregon to lead them in the post andy reid era. three years later chip kelly is gone and eagles will be looking for yet another coach who can get them a super bowl. here's how the chip kelly era went down. >> on january 16th, 2013, chip kelly became head coach of the philadelphia eagles. in his first regular season game, the bird came out firing, like his offense at oregon stunning washington in route to the 33-27 victory. there would be many ups and downs that first season but the eagles finish ten-six and made playoffs for first time since 2010. nick foles was a local hero
5:26 pm
having thrown 27 touchdowns to just two interceptions. all was right in eagles nation. chip started to flex his muscles heading in the 204 year by cutting desean jackson. despite that move, eagles looked prime for a major run beginning the year nine-three but three straight losses derailed those plans and bird completed another ten-six season, although they would miss the the post season in chip's second year this past off season brought great change and new vision with chip taking over as the soul personnel decision maker. those moves coupled with his lack of, and lack of communication, inside the checks led to the six-nine record in 2015. and in the end, chip kelly would be gone, one game shy of three full season. i think it was that lack of communication with the players and with the front office that led to his demise because if you will remember final years of the andy reid another everyone went to bat for that guy because they genuinely like him. i just don't think same holds true for chip kelly.
5:27 pm
>> those early highlights, we were pretty good. >> that first year, yes, that first game. >> yes, i'm still out of breath from that game. >> thing about eagles fancies they always have hope. we have a bitter bunch but when we start again we have a renewed sense of hope. >> i don't think we have that with whatever head coach heading in to next season. >> and into the off season. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news", million-dollar power ball ticket is sold in our area. also this. i'm jamie ukiss in new york with the preparations. and final touches are underway for a philadelphia new years day tradition we will take you behind the scenes of the mummers parade. then new at 6:00 this is chip kelly saying interesting things on twitter. the that is chip kelly. what he has had to deal with from a few philly fans when we
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we are hours away, from dropping the ball, and a the the security is super tight, as new year makes its way around the globe, to the you had. "eyewitness news", and i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. more than a million people are expect to party on the streets of manhattan tonight, and many more will watch it all unfold on television. >> cbs news correspondent jamie ukiss is in times square with more on the big event, jamie, happy new year to you. happy new year. i can tell you security is very tight here in times square but people came prepared, they showed up very early to secure their spot for what was one of the biggest
5:32 pm
parties on the planet. >> i can't wait to get through that line right there. >> reporter: crowd for the world's biggest party started showing up a at 4:00 a.m. wanting a good seat to watch the ball drop at midnight. taylor coiner is celebrating both new year, and her 19th birthday. >> i have never been here before. i have dreamed about it since i was a kid. now i'm finally here, as my birthday surprise. >> thousands of people will be searched and then, caroled in to secure areas to make sure revellers can safely ring in the new year. >> we know how to do big events. we have shown it time and time again. >> reporter: officials say there is in specific or credible threat but close to 6,000 officers will be in times square, just in case. some in uniform, some under cover. >> we're as prepared as we can be for this event coming up. >> reporter: no backpacks and no alcohol ace loud and if you leave the secured area for any reason you have to go all the way back to the.
5:33 pm
>> check on my bucket list, being here, did it. >> reporter: organizers tested the confetti, it was a balmy descend, a billion people will be watching around the world. >> reporter: here at marriott marquis i watched test ball drops over my shoulder, all morning and they all went off without a hitch but, of course, we will be watching for best big test tonight at 11:59. >> it won't be long now, no doubt, we will be jumping. >> we will all be watching. >> right now though a new york man is charged with planning a new years eva tack on rochester restaurant. federal authorities arrested 25 year-old emmanuel lunchman yesterday. he is accused of planning the attack to show his support for isis. he allegedly purchased knives, machete, ski masks and plastic cable ties with the help of the person who turned out to be an fbi informant.
5:34 pm
residents in belgium will be bringing in the new year quietly. fire works display and all official events have been canceled in the capitol city over heightened terror fears. the decision was made days after belgium authorities arrested two men suspect of planning an attack tonight. third arrest reportedly nabbed someone link to the paris massacre last month. philadelphia police commissioner ramsey says all they there are in direct threats against the city, there will be a visible police presence during the festivities the tonight and tomorrow. >> and as you might imagine a lot of workings into preparing the new years eve fire works show on the waterfront. "eyewitness news" photo journalist adam fox gives you a sneak peak behind the scenes. >> it is show day. >> there is probably, thousand man hours into it at this point. we have stuff here. we have to get road cases over here. we will need a rack. >> this is where we get ready for the the the show to really
5:35 pm
start, for the magic to happen. >> we will put those lolly-pops, out on that end and then these, on this end. >> philadelphia is going to be first people to see it. it is called a lolly-pop, it will be pretty spectacular for everyone to see. >> every shell, every shell has an address, every shell had to be pick, wired. so it is very, very complicated. >> we drop the bombs, plug them into the module toss make sure everything is set, we run tests throughout the day to make sure everything is perfect for the night. >> not feet, miles. there is probably five or 6 miles of wire out here. >> all for 30 minutes but it is definitely worth it when you hear that crowd go and you hear applause and cheers. it is fantastic to hear that a lot of hours are put into making this show what you will see it in. >> each show day we have two beautiful shows put together here and the excitement is in all of us right now. we are doing our final checks right here and getting
5:36 pm
everything worked out. >> good hand to the crew for doing what they do. it is a science. >> amazing. >> miles and miles of cable. >> miles and miles of smiles tonight after seeing that, in doubt bit. >> fun isn't over after the fire works tonight the the party keeps going into tomorrow. that is when feathers will be flying in philadelphia a for 116th annual mummers day parade. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao has a preview for you. >> again, for 116th year in philadelphia a, mummers just about ready to strut down broad street. here in the convention center, the fancy brigades busy putting final touches on extravagant routines making sure moves are just right. across the the city in south philadelphia, one of the cities oldest string band getting in tune, the 64 member wood land string band down for one last test, for the
5:37 pm
costumes and floats ready to entertain. while mummers paraded a more than century old tradition on new years day leading 2016 parade will be new faces to expand diversity, the philadelphia division was added this year with cultural and ethnic groups including hispanic organizations, african-american drill team and lgbt groups. mummers parade 2016 starts at 9:00 at 15th and jfk, marches south on broad street ending up at washington avenue. if you want to sit here in the grandstanded outside city hall, a ticket will cost you $19. the the the rest of the route is, of course, free and opened to the public. here's to a happy, health toy 16. reporting from center city, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> these bleachers will be pack. >> such a philadelphia tradition. >> no doubt bit. >> next day they start putting the props for 2017. >> 365 days a year. >> i will show you my strut. >> come on, i need an umbrella. >> we will practice. >> no one was lucky enough to win the entire power ball jackpot, but that is bad news
5:38 pm
but the good news is that there was one ticket sold in pennsylvania worth one million-dollar. in fact it was purchased in philadelphia at sunoco station in tacony. it matched five numbers but not the power ball. so, here are the winning numbers if you have that ticket handy, 12, 36, 38, 54, 61 and the power ball was 22. saturday night's drawing is now worth 334 million-dollar. safe to say i will get in on that office pool. >> don't forget your friend if you win. >> yeah right, there will be plenty, find a chair. still to come, millions will be raising a glass tonight to ring in the new year, and while those lights red and roses get all of the attention, there is a new you color in the wine industry. we will tell you why orange wine is stirring up some interest. it is ultimate bunk bed for pampered pets we will tell but this new mattress with the special built in compartment, lauren? after a cloudy, rainy and warm streak we will turn things around, great sunshine
5:39 pm
but much colder temperatures and we will have details with you're witness forecast coming up.
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apple is being sued. it alleged ios9 software update made the i phone 4s slow filled with bugs, and subject to crashes. the the tech giant promoted ios9 as being compatible with the iphone 4s and would even make the phone faster. the suit is seeking five million-dollar in damages, apple has not yet commented. new kind of mattress makes room for both you, and your pet to sleep at night. take a look at these photos, brazil yan mattress company developed a different type of bunk bad that lets cats or
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dogs sleep with their owners without disturbing them. mattress is taller than a typical mattress and has a small compartment on the the side for your friend to hop into. there is cushion and curtains down there they make it home i. >> we need that at my house because we have three dogs, and they sleep in the bed and a cat. >> yes. >> i need bigger holes in the mattress. that is press i cool. >> yes. >> we will be right back.
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back on "eyewitness news" with an amazing site captured by hubbell space telescope. nasa released this photo of two galaxies merge nothing to one. they said it originally believed it was that of one abnormal galaxy, but further research determined that it is actually, two galaxies that collided, and a are becoming a single structure. eventually nut galaxy will be stable, and new galaxy is located about not too far away, 230 million light years from earth. >> that is pretty cool. >> back here at home, on
5:47 pm
planet eartha was hoping for good weather here on this holiday. >> fire works. >> yes. >> yes. you have to bundle up, we did have a mild day to end 2015, temperatures running well above average as well are the trend but we are cooling things off with colder air building in the delaware valley as we speak. you need to bundle up heading out to fire works this evening especially at midnight. wind chills will be down in the 30's but it will be dry, nice conditions for taking in the fire works this evening, no worries about any kind of precipitation, and that will be the trend as we head in the upcoming weekend, december has been so cloudy, but we are going to change that up with the sun stretch as we head in the weekend but also, a much, much colder pattern with high temperatures, in the 30's, as we head in the early part of next week, but it was a warm december, in fact, we will have the warmest december on record, in philadelphia, and our average temperature just takes in account both highs and lows, 51.3 degrees, we have to factor in today's data
5:48 pm
but previous record 44.5 degrees in 1923. we blue that away. with that 51.3 people. we want to start transitions, start to be colder, and taking in fire works the at penns landing. 40 degrees with the northwesterly wind at 10 miles an hour. we will have wind chills down around 35 degrees. temperatures right now starting to cool efficiently 48 in philadelphia, we're 49 in millville. still in the 50's in dover but we are contending with that northwesterly breeze, making it feel chillier, so wind speeds up there around ten, 15 g down that feels like temperature, feeling like upper 30's in the lehigh valley, feels like 42 in philadelphia, already feeling like middle 20's in mount pocono. overnight tonight dropping down to 35 degrees, that chilly breeze maintains, partly cloudy and heading into tomorrow mostly sunny conditions, that would be a nice change, 44 degrees though, brisk day, northwesterly wind up around
5:49 pm
15 miles per hour. we could see gusts of 20 miles an hour as well. storm scan three showing us a trend pretty quiet conditions, just clouds moving through. most of the moisture over the virginias right now heading in the day tomorrow. mostly sunny conditions, clear skies, in the evening hours but it will be chilly. 42 degrees heading in the lunch hour. in your seven day forecast, cold temperatures, we have 44, tomorrow will be one of the warmer high temperature, because we're in the 30's for high, on monday and tuesday, with blustery conditions and wind chills will be down right cold. >> thanks very much. millions will be raising a glass tonight to ring in the new year for some that glass will be filled with orange wine. this new drink is actual very old. cbs correspondent karena mitchell explains. at this new york city wine bars customers are not just ordering red or wine but orange. >> different. >> orange wine which looks amber gets color by leaving
5:50 pm
crushed white grapes in contact with their skin for an extended period. it is woodsy. it is almost like a complex white wine. >> reporter: produced thousands of years ago orange wine not as obscure as other varieties the but now restaurants nationwide are adding it to their menus. >> there is a a lot of people that are curious bit. >> reporter: joe campnellie, co-owner of this store says it is return to the style that was just displays by dry white wines in the 1960's. it is creating a buzz. >> for me these wines represent so much, just about what is very old and is what new i find with these wines you either love them or hate them. very little middle ground. >> i like it. >> it didn't that have orange flavor i was expecting, too much acidity for me. >> reporter: it is enjoying a inn surgeonens, he a says orange wine is unlikely to go
5:51 pm
main stream. but that wouldn't stop some from wanting more. >> reporter: would you order it again. >> definitely, with a simple meaty pasta. >> karena mitchell for cbs news, new york. >> i will just take pasta. the experts say if you like cherry, you will enjoy orange wine. it adds it is more priceyer and pairs well with meat and fish and recommendation toys serve it the at cellar temperatures. remember that you are serving orange wine serve it at cellar temperature. >> yes, grape juice i'm good to go. still to come tonight from back to the future to patty labelle and do you remember that crazy dress controversy. >> do i. >> but really ukee, grape juice. >> love some grape juice. >> we will look at top viral videos of 2015. next.
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from the famous to the infamous this year was full of viral moments. >> lets take a trip back and revisit 2015's most viral stories. >> ♪ >> shake it off ♪
5:56 pm
>> dylann barnes shook it off dancing his way into the the presence of taylor herself. barnes met the super star after a stop in kansas city and they had this epic dance off. >> the future arrived, in 2015 at least in back to the future bart one terms. on october 21st the world pause todd geek out over the day the the 1989 movie, named the future, a world of flying colors. hoverboards and holograms. there was in viral video in 2015 as horrifying as this, a vehicle dash camera capture a trans asia flight as it careened out of the sky, clipped a vehicle on a bridge and plunge in the river. officials say pilot error was to blame, 43 people were kill. pharmaceutical, ceo martin made headlines when he raised
5:57 pm
the price of the life saving aid medication. daraprim skyrocketed from $13.50 to $750 per pill, overnight. the daily beast declared him most hated man in america surpassing dentist who killed cecil the lie an. cecil the lion was hunted in july sparking an international fire storm begins walter pal inner. while palmer did not face charges, did he face big time humiliation. >> ♪ wow yah >> reporter: patty labelle fan's owed to the singer's froze than dessert pies and sales through the roof when his musical review went viral and captured the attention of the singer herself. labelle made fans that he got his just deserts helps continuing him for thanksgiving din are from one diva to the other, joe and cologne channeled essence of aretha during a summer dance recital.
5:58 pm
>> wow. the zazi, six year-old tapped her way to total stage come nantz. >> wow, wow. >> and the story that had everyone talking this year, the dress, is it blew, black, or white and gold. a question that sparked countless buzz feed articles, and, threatened to tear families apart. >> so, wow. >> what color. >> i am going to go with blue and black. >> that was white and gold. >> do you think so. >> i have to agree to disagree. i'm ready to put this thing to rest. >> new year, new dress. >> that is right. >> new attitude. >> yes, like patty, new attitude. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 just minutes away from fire works on penns landing, we are live as new year celebrations, get underway. lauren. it the is new years eve so we have our plans. we will talk about your new years eve forecast and what to expect for 2016 in you're witness forecast. a seven five-year old
5:59 pm
woman robbed and shot in broad daylight i'm greg argos here with the incredible story about what she did next despite her injuries. >> things were getting chip i for this california man, on twitter, why philadelphia fans took to social media to share their not so nice opinions of him, when we come right back. we're back with the count down on new years eve celebrations where to begin on penns landing. chopper three is live over the scene as we get ready to ring in a brand new year, and celebrations are almost underway. i'm ukee washington. i'm's nicole brewer. jessica dean is off. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live at penns landing for us, cleve, happy new year. >> happy new you year, these fire works are about to go off any second now.
6:00 pm
ben franklin bridge is all lit up, the the the the crowd is here, the stage is set, we're all looking forward to this fire works display, the the first of two fire works display but even earlier today, the party had already gotten under way. >> we will see the fire works and skate tonight. >> reporter: in a tradition celebrating new years started early a the blue cross river rink in river fest. >> i cannot believe the crowd. there is a lot of folks here. a lot of fun. >> reporter: while gliding over the the ice, the main a attraction, plenty to do even as skating isn't your cup of cocoa. there are kids games, fires from roasting marshmallows and private cabins for keeping toasty. >> we went to new york last year which was really fun. this is more family oriented. >> reporter: expanding the the water front to include more families was on ongoing mayor michael nut are's mine. at a final knew conference announced a ten million-dollar study aim at covering parts of the interstate 95 near penns landing. >> with the intent to


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