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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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ben franklin bridge is all lit up, the the the the crowd is here, the stage is set, we're all looking forward to this fire works display, the the first of two fire works display but even earlier today, the party had already gotten under way. >> we will see the fire works and skate tonight. >> reporter: in a tradition celebrating new years started early a the blue cross river rink in river fest. >> i cannot believe the crowd. there is a lot of folks here. a lot of fun. >> reporter: while gliding over the the ice, the main a attraction, plenty to do even as skating isn't your cup of cocoa. there are kids games, fires from roasting marshmallows and private cabins for keeping toasty. >> we went to new york last year which was really fun. this is more family oriented. >> reporter: expanding the the water front to include more families was on ongoing mayor michael nut are's mine. at a final knew conference announced a ten million-dollar study aim at covering parts of the interstate 95 near penns landing. >> with the intent to eliminate barriers to
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accessing the waterfront, revitalize communities near the the highway and reconnect people to our cities great, natural, resources. >> happy new year. people say they are impressed with philadelphia's take on new years eve. >> we do a great job, stuff we have, and building up penns landing for a long time, and one new year we might catch new york. >> reporter: ukee and nicole i know you got a kick of the me at 5:00 putting on some glasses. i found girls with the cool hats, this is nora and katie. where did you get the hats. >> from the corner stand. >> reporter: from a corner stand what are you looking forward to, fire works are just minutes away, right. >> yeah. >> reporter: have you been here before for the fire works. >> no. >> reporter: you are in for a treaty can tell you right now. girls, enjoy your night, be safe and fire works are about to start, any second to the theme this year, of star wars. reporting live from the waterfront i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you have a's got to pick me up
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one of those brims, cleve, thanks very much. so far weather has been cooperating for the new years celebration. meteorologist lauren casey is on the sky deck to tell us more. >> thanks, ukee. you can see people bundled up at penns landing as temperatures are cooling off and we have cooled off quickly over last couple of hearst from our high temperature up in the lower 50's. today getting chilly in center city 5 degrees is our current temperature and elevated breeze out of the north at 9 miles per hour. that northerly component to the wind flow will bring us colder eras we head into our 2016, tomorrow. temperature change over 24 hours we're down 7 degrees in philadelphia a you can see most of those numbers down into the the negative and heading out maybe more of the night out waiting for midnight fire works at penns landing to ring in the new year. it will be quite brisk. partly cloudy conditions, i'm not worried about any type of rainfall. temperatures around midnight the 40 degrees but with that north westerly wind, that wind chill will be down more so in the middle 30's.
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you'll need to bundle up, winter weather accessories and we will need them. most of them are lost, gloves, who necessary where they are, winter hats but as we head in the next week a much colder but sunnier pattern and i will have details in your full forecast in just a few minutes. >> lauren, thanks very much. while many new years eve celebrations are getting underway philadelphia authorities are working to assure safety across the the city. police seven upped their patrols and working closely with home land security while authorities say that there have been in direct threats to philadelphia, security across the city will be tighten. some resources will be also used to search for those firing off weapons into the sky. >> i have asked commissioner ramsey to assure that the police are on the look out for that and that people are caught, firing handguns, they will be charged with recklessly endangering another person. >> fit looks suspicious, it probably is because it is suspicious. don't think you are wasting our resources at all. >> joe guess column contact
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was struck new years eve 1998 at just 11 years old walking in south philadelphia. now 27, he has been through over 50 surgeries, he says that he was there today with authorities for that fight. elderly woman fights back during a broad daylight attack in northeast philadelphia. the suspect, steals the woman's purse, then shoots her in the face. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is at northeast detectives with more on the search for the the shooter. >> bang, bang. >> that is how samantha beck described her seven five-year old neighbor now victim of the daytime robbery and shooting here on the 7100 block offer describing street. >> nice woman, crazy. >> reporter: fortunately the elderly woman will be okay. despite being shot in the face as she walk home from this grocery store in mayfair. investigators say despite her injuries the the woman returned to her house, even putting her groceries away before calling police. >> there was a blood trail that leads to her house though, yes.
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so sad. seventy-five years old. way to bring in the new year. >> incredibly tough lady. it is a shame it happened to her. it is the holiday. you know, obviously her family is shook up. >> reporter: northeast detectives are combing the neighborhood looking for any video evidence. >> retracing her steps we know where and how she walk back to the super market. we are looking at peoples, who at home had video systems. >> reporter: all of the while those living here proud of the senior citizen who tried to defend herself from what could have been a deadly crime. >> give her credit, a lot of confidence, wheel power to try to fend off her aggressor. >> reporter: northeast detectives don't have a detailed description of the suspect. they say he is a man in his late 20's who was speed ago way in the silver vehicle. if you happen to have any information about who he may be, of course, call the police. the reporting here from northeast philadelphia i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile a dangerous situation in dubai as that city prepares to ring in the new year with fire works. fire engulfed the address
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downtown dubai a luxury building houses apartments and a hotel. the flames ran up the side the 63 story building and burning debris rained down on fire fighters. fourteen people suffered minor injuries, one person suffered a heart attack trying to evacuate the hotel. tens of thousands nearby gathered for dubai fire works display and by the the time they went off that fire was under control. well, one of the the yeast most popular christmas gifts is keeping doctors bus think holiday season. rothman institute in philadelphia says it has seen many injuries from hoverboard. local hospital doctors are urging people to wear protective gear and start slowly with their hoverboards. new jersey division of consumer affairs announced hoverboards are being investigated by u.s. consumer products safety commission for possible fire hazards. if you haven't heard, eagles fired their head coach chip kelly, and, fans took to social media to share their opinion on that decision. >> a lot of them fired shots right at chip kelly.
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the problem, they had bad aim. this is former eagles coach chip kelly, he doesn't have a twitter page. >> hello my name is chip kelly. >> reporter: this is chip kill friday northern california, he does have a twitter page and this year he has been making some new friends in philadelphia a. >> look into the innocent eyes of to this eagles fan and say sorry. go ahead, chip kelly. wal-mart is hiring apparently. >> reporter: kelly has had to deal with angry birds fans and he has seen less than tasteful post. >> most miserable are vulgar ones because they stick out. >> he has been taking tonight stride. >> i don't to have take it very seriously. it is in the really my world. i don't think if it was, if i was the real chip kelly, i wouldn't be on there. too much negativity. >> reporter: so some 3,000 miles away this chip kelly sits far from the side line, at lincoln financial field and maybe now he will stop hearing from philadelphia fans. >> at chip kelly, not the real chip kelly, he needs an apology from someone.
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>> reporter: you never know where coach chip kelly will end up next and new social media friend that he will make. >> maybe for him a fresh start and for me a fresh start where ever he end up, but we will see. it is interesting to go see where he goes next how that fan base handles it. >> i understand that chip is a patriots fans. he doesn't to have worry about our old chip coaching his team, anytime soon. there will be a quiz in the morning. >> very nicely done. >> on eyewitness naus tonight, less than six hours until the ball drops in the big apple a a look at final preparationness new york city. plus count down to the mummers, is on and performers are putting on the final touches, lauren. after an extremely mild december, we are a changing up weather pattern big time as we head into 2016, talking about a much colder and sunny pattern in your forecast coming up. eagles still have a game to play, taking on the giants, and all about chip, but reaction from the locker room continues, following the the
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release of chip kelly we will hear from a few of the big names coming up in sports.
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♪ storm troopers and all-star wars theme that is the theme of this fire works show, and it will begin at midnight live from chopper three. welcome 2016. happy new year, family, more to come. new years is underway in other parts of the world in beijing they rang in 2016 in style. crowd gathered to see so many more. new years eve revellers started gathering early at times square new york, crowd started showing up at the 4:00 h
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the ball drop. security as you might imagine is very tight, officials say there is no specific or credible threats but close to 6,000 officers will be in times square, just in case. >> it is this night coming up. >> they tested confetti and when ball makes its midnight dissent, a billion people will be watching, all around the world. holiday revellers a the police touch museum. >> i love this. >> little ones who can't quite make to it midnight rang in the new year with the party at popular children's museum in philadelphia there were two count down shows that featured music, dancing and lots of confetti. >> a lot of what we do here is for the kid, and stuff that people do like go shopping, drive their car, but we do it for kid a lot of people do a big count down celebration at night. but they leave kids at home. why should they be left out?
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>> i agree this years theme was alice in wonderland in celebration of the classic envelope's 150th anniversary. the the party also got start i for, patients at a a i du pont hospital for children in wilmington. this is so nice. they made party favors to help everyone get into a festive mood. because of their treatment, many patients and families don't get to ring in the new year at home, or hospital, so lots of fun events. >> we're able to be here and able to enjoy it and the fact that they can just a little bit. >> a local radio station also broadcasting the new years eve count down, live on the radio. so much fun there. after the fire works tonight, celebrations will continue, tomorrow in philadelphia for the mummers parade. >> "eyewitness news" at convention center where they were getting their final rehearsal done ready to strut their stuff. american a century's old tradition this years parade will have new faces including hispanic, african-american and lgbt groups.
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mummers start at 9:00 to the morning at 15th and jfk and marching south on broad street ending a at washington avenue. septa is running on the special schedule for new years eve, regional rail line will offer special late night service for people attending a new year eve event in center city and broad street and market frankford lines will provide all night services, and additional trains will leave from fernrock 69th street, and, frank for transportation center, buses and trolleys will operate on a modified, holiday schedule. whatever you do please be safe, have fun. >> that is for sure. >> all of those costumes make sure it is in the raining. >> for sure. >> the rain really has been the trend. we have been so soggy, so mild, it is a give and take. a as we go forward another give and take because we will bring back the sunshine but temperatures will be much colder. mother nature almost right on cue as we break out a new calendar 2016. we will break out a new weather pattern but you this in has been just so extremely mild. check out some of our
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60-degree high temperatures. first we will check in on sky cam, nice evening, new years eve, last evening of 2015, checking in on center city, the rain has finally stopped after a very soggy, last week, dry conditions, we will take us in the remainder of the evening hours and chillier conditions, and as i mentioned december day as they have been so warm this month, days we have had at or above 60 degrees, previous record was eight, we have blown that away this month with 13 days at or above 60 degrees. four of those were in the 70's. a new report this december. as we head in the day tomorrow we are not going to have that warm december, air, in place, because we're switching over to a new year and switching over to chilly temperatures. 39 degrees at 10:00 o'clock. 42 degrees at noon. heading out to the mummers parade bundle up for sure but it will be nice to see sunshine. temperatures right now 45 degrees in philadelphia, we're in the lower 40's in the lehigh valley. still trying to hang on to upper 40's down the shore but
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temperatures will be falling efficiently with colder air building in on a north westerly flow. we will see that in the neighborhood network those north westerly wind from five or 10 miles an hour, temperatures consistently in the low to mid 40's getting chill any wayne, 41 degrees right now. storm scan three shows us quiet conditions, finally snow showers off to the north, few showers off to the south just dealing with those patchy clouds continuing to stream in and we will continue to see those cloud hang on throughout the next couple of hours and also wind speeds, they are breezy up around 10 miles an hour, mess of our reporting sites, a couple gusts over last couple hours but those have waned but as we head in the overnight period and especially in the the day time tomorrow, we will see some wind gusts up around 20 to 25 miles an hour. that will have an impact on our feels like temperature, and feels like 40 degrees in philadelphia a feeling like 30's in trenton, allentown. twenty's right now in mount pocono. overnight tonight chillier down to 35 degrees, still breezy north westerly winds at
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10 miles an hour, partly cloudy conditions, dry start to 2016, mostly sunny but cold and brisk, high temperature of 44 degrees. it will be chilly all across the region tomorrow. bright sunshine down the the shore but breezy, 46 and poconos few more cloud high temperature of 34. your seven day forecast will look much different, then what we have seen over the the past several weeks. upcoming weekend bright, sunny but certainly chilly, 30 degrees to start on sunday morning, high temperature of 44, and then high temperatures don't escape 30's as we head into monday and tuesday. breezy on tuesday, and those wind chills are just going to be so frigid, so i know our winter coats we have not needed them but they will get nice work out. >> yes, they are. >> yes. >> i know, right. >> sleep with your dress on new years you have to have a cute jacket. >> make it a whole outfit. >> there you go, a appreciate it. "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes a away.
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>> elaine keyano is in for scott pelley with a look ahead, elaine. >> hi there ukee and nicole. here's "cbs evening news", massive fire in dubai continues to burn as we count down to new years, celebration celebrations here in the u.s. plus new york steps up security, in times square ahead of the country's biggest new years party. and, a second chance at success, meet high school drop out who turned their lives around, we will see how they are doing tonight on the "cbs evening news".
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the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget. that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania.
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an eventful week for eagles fans. >> no, it came out of no where but here we are, looking for a new coach. yeah, chip kelly is gone. howie roseman back in control and eagles season coming to the close without a championship for 55th consecutive year just another boring winter in philadelphia. many of the the eagles players continue to react to the firing of their head coach,
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today, all while still a attempting to prepare for a meaningless game with the giants on sunday. leader of the defense malcolm jenkins talk about what chip could have done to keep his job. >> he had people on the team get a feel for the pulse of the locker room and be a voice of the locker room and i don't think he utilized that enough or was pro active enough to really connect to the players. if you have something, come to me but from a player's standpoint sometimes that is hard. >> pat shurmur will take over for chip kelly for the finally. he was stunned like rest have of us when jeffery laurie call him on the office on tuesday and gave him the news. >> i walk in not knowing what had happen. he looked at me, and said, you know, i was a little confused, it is not very often you get called down to the owner's office. he said, you haven't heard. i said no, i haven't heard. then he told me he that he let
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coach kelly go. >> one person not particularly, happen bye chip getting the booth was patriots head coach bill belichick. he stood up when asked about his release today. >> it sound like it is really disappointing. i mean chip kelly to me is a really good football coach and he has done a good job with that team. a lot of the players that were on the eagles, are in longer on the eagles, aren't really doing too much for anybody else either. >> thanks, bill. number 16 villanova played xavier today, and xavier guard edmond summer goes down hard and would be carted off on a stretcher but he is walking and talking, good news there. ryan archie arcidiacono would nail a pull up three here, wildcats blow out musketeers 95-64. they win for jay wright boy. >> i love hoops. >> thanks, pat. >> you got it we will take a
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it is already 2016, across much of the world. video from moscow where dazzling fire works display lit up the night's sky over the kremlin. the crowd standing on the river there cheered as that wonderful sight. >> one of the first places to welcome in the new year was new zealand as clock struck midnight fire works emanated from the sky tower there, the the tallest building in new seal land. thanks so much for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "eyewitness news" returns at ten on our sister station wpsg on the cw philly and we will be right back here on cbs-3 at the 11:00. up next, "cbs evening
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news". tonight no business for snow business, seasons have unusually warm weather has frozen sales number at ski resorts on the east coast. we will explain. elaine keyano in for scott pelley. but before we go to new york here's a lot fire works on penns landing. health and happiness to you family. happy 2016.
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>> quijano: new year's fears, fire in a high-rise hotel, then fireworks and plenty of firearms in the tightest security ever. also tonight, rivers are cresting at record levels in missouri. homes are being swept away. the slopes are stranded. profits are melting after the warmest december on record. >> i'm sad looking at the mountains without snow. >> quijano: and troubled kids getting a fresh start through hard work. >> you did it! come on! captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> quijano: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm elaine quijano. there is celebration but also deep concern in cities around the world as we


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