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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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she has the story now from center city. >> reporter: in theory the mummer is a satyrical take on establishment with its ode to royal glamour but in practice. >> happy new year. >> it is what we do. >> nothing like it the in the world. >> reporter: over 10,000 participants turned the city into a carnival, competing with divisions, such as fancy brigade, comics and string band. the competition is fierce and bragging rights coveted. >> we have been doing this for 31 year and i will do it for 31 more. >> reporter: this event kick off at city hall at 9:00 in the morning. the judging took place at 15th and jfk boulevard, continuing down broad and ending in washington avenue. compared with half of the years it is a modified route and for some they say they want to see a return to the route. >> we want it back in south philadelphia. >> all the way. >> we want to go back down to south philadelphia. >> reporter: inspired by immigrants the parade was born in 1901.
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>> once i hear music i go like this. >> reporter: this is john macintyre's seventh ninth mummers day parade. how long does he plan to keep coming. >> i don't know. >> reporter: is there something about that strut, the skill, that um, just cannot be easily taught. in center city, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a for effort, alex, indeed. which mummers club will pick up top prize. winners will be announced later tonight. you can find them on our web site the at cbs philly to the come. during the parade groups of protesters led to city hall to bring attention to their cause including members of the black lives matter. rahel solomon was there and joins us now live, rahel, good afternoon. >> reporter: nicole, good evening. i'm told this was a open call type of an event so there were different causes for different protesters but when i asked why target mummers event a event set to be a celebration i was told this is where all of the people were. their causes were varied.
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>> black lives matter and then that is your other problems, like mass incarceration, economic problems, education problems. the it all comes together. >> reporter: their intended purpose singular. >> start off the new year for justice. >> reporter: an organizer with the local black lives matter group tells "eyewitness news" that about 150 protesters showed up, friday at the annual mummers take parade, an opportunity, they say, to raise awareness in front of the thousands. but some appeared to take issue were being here. >> i think all lives matter, it doesn't matter how are, we all count. >> reporter: spokeswoman for black lives matter say why the protest was non-violent, parade go's parentally hurled racial insults, and spat and threw water on protesters. >> they were more interested in attacking then listening, so there is not a lot of comprehension. yeah to day is a party, celebration so people want to forget the problem is, that
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they forget every other day too. >> reporter: while protests were peaceful i am will's told two people were arrested, and we will that have story coming up at 6:00. for now reporting live from center city, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will see you then. in weather we are starting the new year with cold temperatures. the parts of the the area will dip below the the freezing mark later tonight. meteorologist lauren casey is on the sky deck with the look at those temperatures, lar even. >> a little bit chillier then this time yesterday, we're 10 degrees colder then we were yesterday and temperatures, kicking off our 2016, a has us reaching for winter coat 41 degrees in philadelphia we have a cold breeze up around 15 miles per hour, down the the shore, 40 degrees, right now but feeling like 34 degrees with the wind chill factor into the 20's and poconos but feeling like 15 degrees right now. storm scan three is showing us we have low clouds in place, those will dissipate over next
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several hours, some snow showers up toward state college and a few flurries trying to push into the poconos indicating yes this cold air is in place, and it will stick around if to the upcoming weekend, cold, blustery but we will have some sunshine around, so that will be nice. and then our cold is reenforced on monday with a arctic, yes i know arctic cold front on monday, and that is really going to bump down our high temperatures and our row temperatures as well. tuesday, morning, it will be kind of, brutal. windy conditions and temperatures starting off in the lower 20's. i will have details in your very chilly forecast coming up in just a couple minutes. >> thanks, laurie see you in a little bit. septa usher in a new year with a roll out. these contain new body cameras for septa transit the police officer. chief thomas nestle shared these photos on twitter. he said each officer will undergo training to learn how to use the the new technology. once they are done they will hit the streets wearing them. septa a recently completed a pilot program and developed a
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policy important their officer's use of the body cameras. wife of the comedian bill cosby has been ordered to give a deposition in the defamation suit. the massachusetts court rejected a motion by camille cosby to cancel the deposition order. she's scheduled to testify next week. defamation case involves seven women who accused bill cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. felony is facing sex charges offer an alleged incident that happened in 2004. the entertainer has denied any wrongdoing. in tel aviv a massive manhunt is underway for a gunman who opened fire at a bar and then fled two. people died in the hospital, at least three more were wounded. tel aviv's mayor says the bar was hosting a birthday celebration when the shots rang out. now surveillance cameras appeared to show the gun man here in the store next door, he pulled the weapon out of the bag and goes to the sidewalk and appears to open fire into the the bar next door. police say that the gunman's motive is unclear. shooting comes amid more than
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three months of daily pill stan yan attacks against israelis. music world is mourning the the loss of the natalie col o tonight. she was daughter of the iconic singer nat king cole. she died at a los angeles hospital new years eve. cbs news correspondent chris martinez looks back at her life. >> ♪ the >> reporter: her voice was, unforgettable, the music, in her blood, natalie cole followed in the footsteps of her famous father nat king cole finding her own voice and success along the way. cole won the first of 9-gram is in 1975 with the hit, this will be, in 1979 she received a star on the hollywood walk of fame. but it it was in 1991 when her popularity reached new heights with her hit unforgettable a virtual due it with her late father. >> unforgettable too. >> reporter: but through years of success, there were setbacks.
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cole developed an addiction to drugs and alcohol, and entering a rehab program in 1983. >> it was such a revelation for me to start liking myself, after all of those years, i didn't realize i was still grieving for my father at 30 something. >> reporter: cole was later diagnosed with hepatitis c and liver disease. she underwent a kidney transplant in 2009. >> i am a walking testimony to you can have, scars, you can go through turbulent times, and still have victory in your life. >> reporter: cole the recently canceled several tour dates including a new years eve performance to to her health. natalie cole it was 65 years old. the chris martinez for cbs news, los angeles. philadelphia music legend patty bell released this statement to to day i'm deeply saddened bypassing of my friend nationally cole. she was a beautiful spirit, consummate artist and
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inspiration to so many others. she will be missed but her light will shine forever. you heard her music, miss you like crazy, et cetera. >> unforgettable is one i will never forget no doubt bit. >> she will be missed. hollywood is mourning loss of the actor wayne rodgers, best known for playing trapper john macintyre on tv's mash. he return to tv often including a current roll in the 1990's on murder she wrote. later in life he became a successful money manager and financial expert, and rodgers died thursday, of complications from pneumonia. he was 82 years old. 2016 begins with a big transition in philadelphia city hall. after eight years in office mayor michael nutter is getting ready to say good bye. late last night he tweeted this picture of his office, the the mayor wrote, thank you philadelphia for allowing me to serve eight years as mayor of my hometown. happy, healthy and safe any year to all. incoming mayor jim kenney takes over on monday, he says he is eyeing poverty as his
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top issue n his priorities, kenney also includes improving relationship between police and african americans and reducing city jail overcrowding. kenney will be philadelphia's 99th mayor. and coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", trapped, scared and alone, a a photographer at dubai caught in the hotel sky scraper as fire engulfed that building on new years eve. he filmed his ordeal and rescue. hear his story of survival coming up. bringing in the new year with the bundle of joy we will take a look at one of the first babies born in our area in 2016. >> vittoria. usual hi when i'm down the the shore it doesn't involve winter gear and for some people today they didn't have it either, stay tune, the plunge, all for a good causes coming up.
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watching tvs get sharper, you've had it tough. bigger, smugger. and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. one of the first babies of the the new years met the press. madison was born at one minute after midnight on new years day at virtua memorial in mount holly. she weighs 8-pound and 19 and a half inches long. the it is the first baby for mother nicole, she said she never dreamed she would be a new mom on new years day. >> that was the last thing on
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my mind, honestly. i didn't realize what time it was. the it just kind of just happened. >> yeah, she had a few other things to think about you know what i'm saying. nicole says her goal, it is to make sure that madison is healthy, growing. >> welcome miss madison. another new years tradition took place on the banks of the schuylkill river. "eyewitness news" in montgomery county where hundreds of people turnout for eighth annual polar bear plunge. the not everyone was bearing enough to take the dive but they offered plenty of support from the sidelines. we have one participant, who took the plunge. >> if you ever had your legs fall asleep and you get pins and needles, that is what it is, only more intense, but it is a lot of fun. the it is like a revival if you will. >> there is something crazy when you do it with people that are close to you. it is a bonding experience as a community, a little bit. >> all right. the event ended with a massive
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bond fire and traditional pork and sour krout meal for good luck in the new year. from the banks of the schuylkill river to the beach taking a polar plunge is a down the shore tradition for the new year. >> more than a thousand brave people took to the water today in ocean city, many of them doing it the for a i good cause. our vittoria woodill is live in ocean city with the splashy details. hi vittoria. >> that is right, you know, earlier this entire boardwalk was filled with people ready to take the plunge and we were here for the whole thing, lets take a look. hats, gloves, scarves, these people look like they are ready for the beach. >> happy new year. >> reporter: in a few moments they are getting ready to strip down to the swimsuits the for second annual hero fund in ocean city. >> it only stings for a few minutes but memory last forever. >> reporter: cause close to bill and miracle elliott's heart in memorandum of of their son, john elliott, killed in the collision with the drunk driver, two months after graduate wagoners from the united states naval
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academy. >> well, hero campaign is all about preventing drunk driving by promoting use of save, sober designate driving. we are not against having a good time but just make sure think before you drink, have a a ride home and be safe. >> reporter: who says you cannot have fun without spreading a powerful message n1 here with the sound of the cannon let the fun begin. >> wow, wow. >> reporter: smirk and splashing over a thousand people were taking an ice cold bath and they loved it. when everyone, saying they'd do it again. >> i'm numb. >> would you do it again. >> yes. >> reporter: i talk to handfuls and handfuls of people after they came out of the the water and each and every single person said that this was so much fun, the whole family was here, it is a great cause and so happy to be here to witness all. that you should have have felt breeze of people running in the ocean, it was incredible and all for a great cause, it doesn't get any better then that. >> that looks fantastic. >> is the breeze, right past
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you. i thought you were going to take the the plunge. >> reporter: well, you will to have wait until 6:00 o'clock, something will be revealed, i'm just saying. >> oh. >> okay. >> i knew would you come through that is my girl. >> yes, she did. >> we will see you then, thanks very much. >> lauren joins us now. weather has been nice, very nice for january. >> not a bad start, closer to average today but felt so much colder because we had a record warm december, temperatures up in the 60's, 70's. we had it all in the december. we are cooling off for our january and we will keep it the chilly heading in the upcoming weekend. we have low clouds we could not shake throughout the day today. they are lingering right the new but they will start to clear out the in the next couple of hours as temperatures continue to cool off and down but getting a live look at sky cam three center city a chilly night. the those low clouds still looming and skies will be clear overnight the tonight and storm scan three pretty quiet conditions, say those few clouds, snow showers well off to our north and west, and
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cloud deck already starting to erode up towards the the lehigh valley and still a few cloud lingering down the shore right the now but again over the the next couple hours those will clear on out. it was in fact a record warm december, warmest ever in philadelphia, and 51.2 degrees, our average temperature, and we didn't just like break the the record by a little bit buy by 6.7 degrees. previous record 44.5 in 1923, we also had record warmth, december, in atlantic city, allentown and wilmington as well but temperatures right now, not warm, 41 degrees, in philadelphia in the 40's in the lehigh valley 406789 in the ac. we have 38 degrees in cinnaminson. we're at 37 in wayne. of course we have that hearty breeze west north westerly wind at 15, 17 miles an hour, with gusts as well, upard 25 miles an hour in some cases, it is really adding to our wind chill factor.
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so feeling right new like 33 degrees in philadelphia, feeling like mid 20's in the lehigh valley, feeling like teens in the poconos. so i think you know what is in store as we head overnight tonight. it will be a cold one. the skies will be clear. 31 degrees. we will have a breeze up around 10 miles an hour. for tomorrow kicking off our first weekend of 2016. we will have bright sunshine in place, we will shake those low clouds but a cold day in store, 42 degrees and then breezy at times as we head into the afternoon hours, we will have wind chills and they will be done throughout the day. but if you heading out friday night, you will not need to bundle will up. wind chills down in the 20's for a good portion of the evening and overnight waking up tomorrow, feeling like to degrees in philadelphia, and as we head into saturday afternoon tomorrow afternoon wind chills are still going to be cold in the 30's and then another cold start a as we head into sunday. so get ready to bundle will for the upcoming weekend, sunshine in store but a a high temperature 42 on saturday. forty-four on sunday.
5:19 pm
the blustery conditions and our coldest starts of the season, so far, 29 on sunday, and we will wake up to 28 degrees on monday and arctic cold front drops in on monday and we're not going to see any precipitation from the system but we will feel a big impact with temperatures getting even colder, and monday, and tuesday, maybe a afternoon, maybe nux vacation days, just skip it. >> an arctic cold front drops in did he even call. >> they are so rude. >> yes, right. >> lauren, appreciate it. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight we are hearing some of your new years resolutions. >> here is some cute video to start your new years eve right, a update by this eight week old polar bear cub abandoned by her mother. bird get ready for their first game without chip kelly. plus college football. we will have highlights coming up
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getting ready for last game of the eagles season but first one without chip kelly. >> new year but no new coach. we want to know what you think about what will happen. >> i think just got interesting for sunday's game. it didn't mean much. we have no chip kelly or bennie logan or byron maxwell. they have been ruled out for sunday's season finally with the giants but pat shurmur will be coaching the bird this sunday. basically a meaningless game in terms of the the playoff picture. but it does mean something for draft order and loser of the game will play rams in london. pat shurmur talks about the game plan. >> we're all very proud, competitive guys, and, men making a a living, we're just coaching and playing a game that we have loved since we were kids. you know, it is very important. it is important to show respect for ourselves, for our teammates, for our organization, and for the game itself, to go out and fight tooth and nail and try to beat the giants. >> okay. five bowl games today fiesta bowl notre dame ohio state.
5:24 pm
irish down 38-21. check out willfuller who did his part to keep them in the game. he was able to take the ball, 81 yards, for a touchdown here. now this is the second longest, in fiesta bowl history, but not enough for victory. ohio state wins this 144-28. rose bowl gets underway. we have the the sugar bowl coming up tonight. also tonight the sixth are will be taking on lakers in los angeles, both in last place in their conferences. sixers will be without thompson who injured his eye wednesday night in sacramento. the the laters will be without kobe bryant. sixers beat kings 110-105 on wednesday, their second game in three games, they could have win three in a row had they not lost that final minute of the game monday night. turnaround will coincide with the return of ish smith, who has been averaging 18 points a game, since coming back to the team christmas eve. who knew, irs smith. >> is mail larry smith, love
5:25 pm
it, love it. our new point guard. >> my man. >> thanks, leslie. coming up in the next half an hour a man in dubai trapped in the burning sky scrapers on new years eve. scared and alone he films a terrifying ordeal and his fight to make it out alive. we will have his survival story, up next. plus, it is a tough start but this is the worst ever. >> in business for snow business, the the the season's unusually warm weather has frozen sale numbers at ski resorts in the poconos but is there new hope for a turnaround, we will talk about it the on the other
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eyewitness nice continues at 5:30 with a man's greatest scape from a inferno. flames raced through a luxury hotel dubai on new years eve and it is still smoldering, a full day later. good evening, everyone. i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. jessica dean has the day off. we are hearing one survivor's account of how he made it out alive from the 63 story sky scraper. correspondent john jenson has that story.
5:29 pm
>> this was my location. >> reporter: new years eve one night dennis mallery will never forget 37 year-old photographer was on assignment to take pictures of dubai's fire works display at the world's tallest building, but at 9:30 p.m. his vantage point inside the nearby address hotel went up in flames. and mallry, trapped, scared, alone had to fight to make it out alive. >> i'm's on the side of the building. >> i was inside. i will not die because of the fire. because of the smoke. >> reporter: he was stuck on a balcony on the forty-eighth floor, smoke quickly filled the building, and escape wasn't an option. >> the the filipino first panics and then sent pleas for help to friend and family on facebook. >> i need help.
5:30 pm
>> i already posted i'm here, help. >> reporter: he also kept filming, stay calm, especially as things looked worse. >> it is happening right now. >> i can hear it, i saw some debris, falling down from the building. >> reporter: after two hours he came up with a last tip plan. he would repel down the building on a window washer's cable even though it wasn't quite long enough to make it. >> i prayed, if this is my last chance. >> reporter: as he started to go over the edge, fire fighters found him and saved his life. >> you have to pull me back i have support belt. >> of walking down all 48 floors, he was treated for smoke inhalation. he let his friend know that he was safe, posting this
5:31 pm
picture, as he continued with work capturing dubai the's fire works just meet's way from the building that nearly killed him. john janssen, dubai. >> wow. >> so frightening. terrible for everyone involve. >> and just continued with his work. incredible. meanwhile a fire, caused significant damage to a historic church in new jersey, overnight, this all happened in west orange at the pen cost willal church. roof of that structure which was built in 1827 totally collapsed. now in injuries are reported here and the the the cause have of fire remains under investigation. meantime flood ago long the mississippi, ohio, and arkansas rivers is blamed for at least 22 deaths in missouri and illinois. the hundreds near st. louis are without a home, this new years day and temperatures are dropping below freezing in some areas. now the water from the record setting flood has started to recede but at least four people are still missing. some talented american
5:32 pm
students traveled a long way across the pond to be part of the special, new years day celebration, the the students from the oklahoma high school went through tragedy, and came out on the other side stronger. correspondent jonathan varying lot i reports from london. >> reporter: moore oklahoma's high school marching band has played countless football games in, school ceremonies but nothing quite like today's big performance. the the annual london new years day parade, more than 8,000 performers marched alongside london's most iconic landmarks. it was one of this years show closures which means they waited a little longer to perform, in problem for a band that has waited nearly two and a half years and survived tragedy for this moment. >> the the friend i have before the tornadoes, they weren't the same after, so now that they are back i guess, because they are happy again. >> reporter: tornadoes of 2013 wiped out much of moore, each family survived, but others
5:33 pm
didn't, and this trip was organized, to rally the torn town together. >> these kids are riding in the school bus every day on their way by homes that are gone, and so when you put that in perspective, and things are normal it has been a great thing. a round of tornadoes were in a dallas community. it doesens of students were grounded for days and arrived here just in time. it has been a long road to this point for sophomore high but when the return finally came the past was left behind if only for a few songs. >> a lot of times word just can't explain how and if you sit back, close your eyes and listen to the music, tears get you have time. >> reporter: jonathan vigliotti, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". pope francis had a powerful message to start off the the new year. >> ♪ >> in his homely the pope
5:34 pm
called for an end to the quote arrogant, and powerful. he emphasized need to overcome indifference which can block solidarity. after mass he spoke to thousands in st. peters square wishing for a year better than 2015, the catholic church dedicates the new years day to the theme of, peace. well, the new year gives many of us, an opportunity, to reflect on the things that we'd like to change, achieve or improve in our own lives. >> we went out in the community to hear some of your resolutions and hopes for 2016. >> happy new year. >> make sure i get to spend more time with my family. >> not to argue as much with my wife and shoot a better game of pool. >> hopefully go to the gym more and eat less chocolate. >> root for eagles getting a new and better coach. >> i want to save more monday think year. that is my number one goal save more money. >> i am going to try to be nicer to my children and exercise.
5:35 pm
>> i am just going to go pray a lot for world peace this year. >> hopefully i want to be all better people, to each other. >> the the stopping of unnecessary killing. >> just everybody to get a along. >> that is my family nice and healthy, and for me, resolution wise, i hope i don't get hurt. >> lose weight. >> better way of life every day. >> we're hoping to have a baby, so hopefully that will happen this year. >> we have covered it all, here's to 2016. >> do you make resolutions. >> from time to time. so many people make resolution toss break them. >> that is the hard part stick to go theme just start every day by saying i want to be better today then i was yesterday, it don't do a yearly thing. >> today is the best day of your life and tomorrow will be even better. >> i love that. >> hello. >> still to come on "eyewitness news" talk bay rough start for winter in the the ski resorts in the
5:36 pm
poconos, more on the huge hit from taking their taking from the mild winter weather. also this. i'm kevin frazier, leonardo dicaprio faces off a against nature and mark wahlberg and will ferrell face off in daddy's home. much chillier start to our 2016. we will get colder as we head in the upcoming weekend. i will have details in your eyewitness forecast coming up.
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well to day millions of watching the the college football bowl games, but the the issue of concussions, continues to hit the headlines after researchers discovered a link to long term brain injuries. now that is sparking some concern among parents of future players. now more families are turning to a new version of the game. cbs news correspondent weijia jiang reports. >> reporter: ten year-old mason and 12 year-old will could not wait to follow their dad's footsteps.
5:40 pm
kyle green played football in college. >> what is your biggest dream. >> to play in the nfl. >> yeah. >> reporter: but their mom worried about hard hits on the field so the family agreed to a compromise, flag football. >> it was really nice, safe option and we could put off the tackle part for a while without missing the game. >> without missing the skills either. one of the great things about flag is they are learning all of the skills. >> reporter: flag football is just like traditional game but players don't tackle they remove flags from each other instead. >> sometimes its is intense but mostly fun. >> reporter: some doctors say no football is the new york times printed opeded title will don't let kids play football. they were first to publish studies about brain damage in football players. he said children sustain head trauma likely to develop health problems as adults. >> i have worked with a lot of kid and families. it is a decision, personal
5:41 pm
decision. >> reporter: bart gray runs nfl flag football league in arlington, virginia he says it is growing fast and new studies about football-related injuries are released. >> it is a big deal right now. parents are very concerned about concussions intact else and driven several families to be here. >> reporter: like the greens who say their boys are safer and just as happy. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now many flag foot the ball players go on to play tackle football in high school. gray says they are not at a disadvantage because of the basic skill set is the same. uber has given more than 1 billion rides. the ride sharing company gave its 1 billion ride on christmas eve in london. that lucky rider will get a years worth of free our are rides and the driver gets a free vacation to an uber city of its choice. the company started in san francisco, five and a half years ago, and it now operates in 68 countries. we have an update this evening on a very special,
5:42 pm
polar babe cub. >> eight week oldies doing well. he was born back in november, at the columbus zoo but her mother stopped caring for her after she was born. now the zoo staff removed her from her den and decided to hand rear her. she's hitting her milestones weighing over 6-pound and measuring 17 and a half inches long. >> she looks like a cute toy. >> could not be cuter. >> little stuffed animal. >> i know. >> so sweet. >> that is adorable. >> i know. y want one next christmas. we will be right back.
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not everyone was happy about the record high temperatures this december. >> especially those in the poconos. unseasonably warm temperatures had most mountains totally closed down. jack frost ski resort is opened but only one trail, was able to be used, far cry, of course, from the winter wonderland of last year. >> every single one is closed, closed, closed, until we get here and they said we just have one trail opened, very
5:46 pm
disappointing. >> it is a mess. the it is a mess. snow is wearing down. the this is last time i'm going home now. >> we have had tough years where it has been warm but it has never been this warm continuously. >> web cams and other resorts such a as blue mountain, cammal back, spring mountain and shawnee show snowless slopes. some are reporting they lost 20 percent of their businesses so far. the the good news is the cold weather is expect to stick around in january so hopefully you can get a few runs in and make up for that loss. >> this was the warmest december on record. >> on record dating back to the 1800's. sad looking scene there. >> yes. >> but we do have a wet december but it all just came down as rain. we had over 5 inches on have rainfall last month in philadelphia, that is a lot of rain. with the warmer temperatures and no snowfall we have a very dry forecast but a very chilly forecast, at that. chillies settling in across center city this evening, our first evening, of 2016. good looking shot there, on our sky cam three, clouds
5:47 pm
still in place. they will try to break up over next couple hours. current temperature 41 degrees and a little bit of the breeze, as well, westerly wind up around 15 miles per hour, when that hits you, we have down ride chill. storm scan three showing us indications of chilliness across portions of the mid-atlantic and northeast with snow showers passing through portions of new england and upstate new york, upstate pennsylvania seeing some snow shower activity as well but as we head in the next couple of hours as i mentioned the low clouds will trend, and dissipate and overnight tonight clear sky conditions taking over. for our saturday, time rolls on and future weather, not much cloud cover. not any precipitation, so we will get a dose of vitamin d as we head into the day tomorrow and overnight the tonight becoming clear down to 31 degrees. still a breeze up around 10 miles an hour and then for tomorrow, nice sunshine, but cold sunshine, 42 degrees, the high temperature, a little breezy at times as well with wind gusting to 20 miles an hour, so you will need to bundle again for your saturday and that was the the case
5:48 pm
today, chilly one, temperature change over the last 24 hours, we're down about 7 degrees in philadelphia, down about 10 degrees, in millville, as that colder air is settling in, across the the delaware valley. your current temperature in millville, 39 degrees, right now we're in the middle 30's in the the lehigh valley, 41 degrees in philadelphia, and down to 43 right now in wildwood, and moving, northward, it could be worse, we could be at the one above or 24 below a as we check some of this arctic air in place from canada. but as we head into monday we will see arctic cold front dropping in that will give us a little taste of that cold, canadian air but right now, certainly chilly with those feels like temperatures, 33 degrees, wind chill temperature in philadelphia, feeling like 20's in the allentown, 20's in reading, feeling like 34 in atlantic city right the now. that is because of the wind speeds up there around 15 miles an hour, generally wind out of the west northwest and we are seeing gusty conditions, over the the last hour, gusting up to around 25 miles an hour in allentown. if you are heading out and
5:49 pm
about, tonight and tomorrow, you are going to have to bundle up, 33 degrees for the 9:00 o'clock hour to kick off our first weekend of 2016. breezy at times in the the afternoon and early evening hours, your lunchtime temperature 40 degrees, but we will see nice, clear skies, a and that will be the trend all throughout the weekend, but it is going to be a cold one. high temperature of 44 degrees on sunday, we will likely start in the 20's for the the first time this season, sunday morning, and then is there a result of the arctic cold front monday and tuesday, high temperatures only in the 30's, and it is going to be windy on to tuesday as well, so 35 degrees, plus strong wind, equals wind chills in the 20's, all day long, ukee and nicole. >> twenty's. >> i know. >> i can feel the child. >> thanks, lauren. a a lot of people will be heading to the move thinks weekend maybe to see force awakens but that is not the the only movie out there kevin frazier from entertainment tonight tells bus some other movies to check out. >> this week, mark wahlberg and will ferrell try to out dad each other in daddy's
5:50 pm
home. leonardo dicaprio fights against incredible odds to get home. >> when you say you track and a new course backup. >> reporter: after being left for dead in the wilderness, hugh glass played by leonardo dicaprio must face everything narcan throw at him to survive and seek justice on this those who wronged him. the the shoot itself posed a challenge but it was one that the actors were up for. >> we knew what we were signing up for this movie. we were immersing ourselves in the real wilderness and far off locations, but, i think we all were kind of excited about the prospect of doing something, completely different, and challenging and every day was a challenge but a lot of what we went through was up there up on the screen and brought it in the narrative and something we can all look back on and be incredibly proud of. >> i a am not afraid to die anymore. i have done it already. >> in daddy's home will ferrell is a mild mannered step dad with two kids who has
5:51 pm
to compete the with their a affection once their wild, cool dad, played by mark wahlberg shows up on the scene. >> we have a good old fashion dad off. >> use my dust, dusty. >> reporter: these real life dads know it takes more than presents and crazy stunts. >> i get in there, the school, school drop off, pick up, when i'm around and able to do it, and help with homework, as much as the homework as i understand. >> i want to give the toughest thing is, giving the kids what i never had but also making sure that they are appreciative and they work hard, they don't do something spoiled or entitled. i want to make sure that they work hard and they are good honest people. >> what do we have going on over here. >> tree house, we have been at it for two months. >> wow, dad made us a a tree house. >> hey, b many hope it is up to coat. >> watch out. >> for entertainment the tonight i'm kevin frazier, new back to you in the studio. >> oh, boy. >> we want to necessity is
5:52 pm
what hot in hollywood catch entertainment tonight on tonight and every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs three i saw the the move which leo cap dicaprio film, not a date night film. taylor swift, hitting the new year with the brand new video. >> and fans are loving it, we will have it for you coming up.
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5:56 pm
well, after a memorable 2015, taylor swift celebrated the new year with a little gift for her fans. >> ♪ >> berks county native released a video of her latest single out of the woods last night. it is fifth music video off her hit album 1989. 2015 was good for t swift as her fans called her, long with seven grammy nominations she also had top tour of the year bringing in more than $250 million. >> wow. >> she's doing quite well. >> i feel like every year is a good year forte lor swift. >> got that right. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 5:00.
5:57 pm
"eyewitness news" at 6:00 is next. >> but first a special thanks to the great people at cbs-3, including many who work behind the scenes. >> ♪
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family. >> our team. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 demonstrators arrested in philadelphia as new years celebrations are interrupted by protesters today. why so many people, were out in the streets demanding change. and people around the country are remembering the the life and leg ace of r and b singer natalie cole, tonight we have an exclusive interview from a local woman who knew the grammy winner well, lauren. >> after a record warm december we're off to a much colder start to january, and i will let you know when to expect high temperatures only in the 30's coming up in your forecast. well, while we were ringing in a new year a young mother was hard at work but she says it was all worth it. i'm cleve bryan coming up.
6:00 pm
we will don't you to one of the first babies born in the new year. it the is 6:00 o'clock on the first day of the new year and right now on "eyewitness news" protesters disrupt new years celebrationness center city and some are spending the the first day of 2015 in jail. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. guess case off today. those demonstrators interrupted the mummers parade, calling for justice in the wake of several deadly police shootings. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon is live in center city with more details on that, rahel. >> reporter: nicole, good evening. a local organizer with the the group black lives matter, tells me about 150 protesters showed up today, for the the mummers parade. protest was peaceful, however, two people, were arrest to ted. >> this is where everybody is. this is where our awareness is. >> reporter: at philadelphia, descended upon


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