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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  January 2, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EST

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♪ right now at 11:00 o'clock, an all day party to ring in 2016. the mummers take over philadelphia in a tradition that dates back more than 100 years. we'll take to you all of the festivities including the big party after the parade. remembering natalie cole. we look back at the life and career of the award winning singer. and taking the plunge. it might be january 1st but it didn't stop hundreds from jumping into the ocean and that
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includes our vittoria woodill the reason why they did it is sure to warm your heart. hi, good evening, everyone happy new year. i'm ukee washington. jess is off tonight. at lot of strutting going on through the city at the annual parade but it didn't end there. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has a wrap up of today's festivitiefestivitiesfestivitie. ♪ >> reporter: since 1901 the most popular way in philadelphia to ring in the new year. and this year did not disappoi disappoint. >> doing this for 31 years. i'm going to do it for 31 more. >> reporter: thousands lined broad street to check out the costumes, music and have a little fun along the way. >> i think it makes everyone like check out what the mummers performance is. >> reporter: late in the afternoon thing moved to the convention center where families, friends and yes, more mummers continued the party. and when the sun went down thousands rushed to south philly for the famous two street strut. >> born and raised. something you don't miss. nothing like it neighbors come
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out everybody says hello, has good time. >> reporter: two street strut is the after party. one that lines block after block of second street south of washington avenue. >> it's a tradition that gets family and friends together. i couldn't ask for anything more. >> reporter: anthony is with the funny bones brigade. he says it's the club's favors first year but when this little guy is 65 years old, he insists the funny bones will be around. >> a lot of people will start hearing a lot about us. >> he's getting ready for january 1st, 2017. reporting from the two street strut in south philadelphia, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". and be sure to check out website we have a full wrap of the festivities including all of the winners of today's competitions, congrats to everyone who made it happen, once again planning for next year begins tomorrow. not everyone was at the mummers parade to celebrate.
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some were there to spread is message. frosts from black lives matter disrupted some of the parade calling for justice in the wake of several deadly police shootings. the protests was mostly peaceful it ended with two arrests. organizers from the group tell "eyewitness news" about 150 protesters were on the streets today. the start of 2016 also felt a lot more like winter after an unusually warm december. meteorologist lauren casey on the sky deck right now. you look all cozy and bundled. >> i had. had to break out the beret december warmth it's gone. january 1st mother nature was like, this is over. after our record warm december warmest ever since the 1800's in philadelphia, but certainly doesn't feel warm right now that colder air has settled in across the delaware valley. chilly temperature right now 36 degrees currently in philadelphia. a west wind up around 8 miles an hour giving i was little bit of that wind chill factor. temperature change over the last 24 hours on the order of about five to 10 to 12-degrees we will keep things cold as we head into the next several days a cold and
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blustery weekend ahead but a nice change in the forecast. a nice sunny stress stretch that will extent into next week a nice dose of vitamin d which we had been looking for the month of december. on monday arctic cold front comes through and bumps down our temperatures even further and i'll let you know when to expect highs, highs in the 30s coming up in just a few minutes. >> lauren see in you a little bit. tonight police are search fog five year old boy who disappeared in allentown. police have released pictures of the boy but not his name. they say he was last scene around 11:00 o'clock last night in the area of south armory and east south streets. police say the boy has autism and may run if approached. if you see the young fella or know where he may, please contact allentown police. all across the globe people are remembering natalie cole and tonight we spoke to a local woman who knew the grammy award winning singer. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has that story. ♪
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>> reporter: unforgettable was the song that beefed her fame selling 14 million copies in winning six grammys. now it's earned her that very title. natalie cole was the daughter of nat king cole and her life was not without hardship. >> i am a walking testimony to you can have scars, you can go through turbulent times and still have victory in your life. >> reporter: music was in her blood she lost her father at the age of 15 and then followed in his footsteps. >> natalie cole was a very elegant, gracious, down to ear earth, warm woman. >> deanna williams local radio personality first met natalie in her new york city apartment building in the '70's. and over the years, came to interview her while workin workt vh1. >> as a woman the narrative was familiar. lyrics, the melodies,. harmony appeal to my spirit. she was great enter taper.
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seeing her life was an experience, and she was a caring person. she was beloved and very popular in the music community. >> reporter: cole died thursday in al after battle with liver disease. cracking hepatitis c from drug addiction in the '80's much 80 80's. she underwent a kidney transplant in 2009 but her music will live on. ♪ >> cole died surround by her family. she will undoubtedly be remembered at grammys next month right here on cbs3. in the sat center, diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> miss you like craze zoo one of my favorites. the wife of comedian bill cosby has been ordered to give a deposition in defamation suit against her company. massachusetts court rejected a motion by camille cosby to cancel the depth zig order. she is scheduled to testify next week. defamation case involves seven women who accused bill cos beef drugging and sexual ales assaulting them. he's facing felony sexual
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assault charges in pennsylvania over an alleged accident that happened in to 004. the entertainer has denied any wrongdoing. the first time since the criminal charge was brought against him he has reached out in twitter and he says friends and fans, thank you. israeli police know the dent is the suspect who opened fire outside tel-aviv bar today. police say there's a massive manhunt underway for the gunman who killed two people and injured three others. residents of a village in north israel say they recognize the man who was allegedly an israeli arab from that village. at least 21 israelis and 131 palestinians have been killed in the violence over the past three months. just amazing story of survival coming from due by. a photographer positioned inside a luxury hotel take photographs gets stuck when a fire starts. the 63-story building was engulfed by flames over new year's eve. with his camera rolling 37-year-old dennis millar row e
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medical down a window washer's cable after his cries for help were not answered. >> i'm here 14th floor, help, i can hear them. i saw some debris falling down from the building. i prayed if this is my last -- my last chance then so be it. >> as it turn out 14 minor injuries were reported during the evacuation of the hotel. septa ushers in the new year with a new roll out. niece boxes contain new body cameras for septa transit police officers. chief thomas nass tell shared these photos on twitter. he says each officer will undergo training to learn how to use the new technology. now once they're done, they will hit the streets wearing themly septa recently complete add pile hot program and developed a policy for their officers use of body cameras. on monday, the eight year 10 year of philadelphia michael nutter will come to andy his time in office began with the great recession and ended with
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pope francis visiting the city of brotherly love. nutter picture this picture of his office. eyewitness anchor jessica dean recently sat down with mayor nutter to talk about what stand out and what comes next. >> reporter: in room filled with portraits of former philadelphia mayors, mayor michael nutter talks about his life after office. >> there is something about the mystery of the future. i don't know exactly what i'm going to do. >> reporter: for 22 years, nutter has work at city hall. the last eight as mayor. >> there is certainly a significant am of nostalgia and good feelings. >> reporter: after eight years under mayor michael nutter, philadelphia is what,? >> safer. smarter. more sustainable. i think we have hemmed to change the culture of for any kind of
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corruption or negative activity. i think we've helped to make philadelphia world class city. >> reporter: philadelphia has appeared on the world stage during nutter's tenure. pope francis visited in september. the city is now the nation's only world heritage site. and it will host the democratic national convention in july. over the years, nutter has comfort the city in tragedy. traveled the world on its beha behalf. worked with city council and encountered thousands of residents. >> are you tired? >> no. >> reporter: no? >> i'd love to keep doing it but, you know, i know the rules. and i know that this day would come when i signed up, but new york city, my energy level is as high if not higher than it was when i came. my interests are even greater. >> reporter: there is regret over work that didn't get fini finish. >> one thing that i have no control over whatsoever which is getting a student way to funding formula for public education. i want more. i want less crime and more young
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people graduating from high school. poverty, persistent challenge. >> reporter: whatever he ends up doing in the coming years he told me it will somehow address those issues. but until then -- >> as we used to say in the nightclub, you don't have to go home but you got to get out of here. i have to leave. and but the work continues. >> reporter: both at city hall and for michael nutter. in philadelphia, jessica dean cbs3 "eyewitness news". incoming mayor jim kenney takes over on monday as philadelphia's 99th mayor. among his top priorities reducing poverty and improving the reeling ship between police and african-americans. jessica spent some time with mayor-elect kenney. you can catch her one-on-one interview with him this sunday night on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. some spent new year's day taking the plunge and that includes aviator ya woodill. >> it's a down the shore tradition. tori joined more than a thousand brave souls who jumped into the
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atlantic. why they did it is coming up also a surprise at one new jersey neighbor a black bear in tree causes quite the stir. why authorities are leaving the animal alone. lauren? >> wint has finally arrived in the delaware valley but this isn't the coldest of the weather. were one to expect arctic air building in and your eyewitness forecast coming up. >> and meet one of the first babies born in our region in 2016. we'll do that on the other side. we'll be right back.
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pope francis had a powerful message to start off the new year. >> ♪ >> in his hospital mill he called for an end to the quote arrogance of the powerful. he also empathized need to overcome indifference which can block sailorly car are the. after mass he spoke to thousands at saint peter's square wishing for better year than 2015.
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the catholic church dedicates new year's day to the theme of peace. residents in north jersey woke up to a new year's day surprise in their backyard. neighbors in summit, union county, were up early this morning gathering around to catch a glimpse of a black bear hanging out in a tree on busy street. many residents seemed to be thrilled and not scared to see the beary lacking near their homes. >> i look out my window and all of a sudden there was bear in the tree. i was like what? there's a bear? >> no concerns i'm happy this guy survived the bear hunt. the kids are happy watching him, all is well. >> the reservation few miles away from that neighborhood and some residents have seen bears in that area before. since the bear is really high up in that tree, they're waiting for it to come down on its own. we have update on very special polar bear cub. eight week old at the columbus zoo is doing well. she was born in november but her mother stopped caring for her after she was born. the zoo staff removed her from
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her den and decided to hand rear her. she's hitting her milestones weighing a little over sick pounds and measuring 17 and a half inches long. i love that. one of the first babies of the new year in our region met the press today. madison was born at one minute after midnight on new year's day at virtua memorial in mt. holly she weighs 8 pounds and 19 and a half inches long. the first baby for mother nicole gaskill. she never dreamed she'd be new mom on new year's day. >> that was the last thing on my mind honestly. like i didn't even realize what time it was. it just kind of happened. >> nicole says her goal for the year to make sure little maddie is healthy and growing. new year's day that one new jersey couple won't soon forget they got married last night in ocean city and took the plunge again but they're second commit many ceremony down the shore took an unexpected turn for our vittoria woodill. >> look at this lovely couple. don't they give you the warm and
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fuzz cease? lindsay conroy and mike from morris planes started dating five year ago on new year's eve. last night on the same day they became mr. and mrs. in ocean city. >> we love the shore. we're down here a lot. it's a great town. we have friends that come down every summer. we love the yacht club where we got married so it work. >> for them taking the plunge into marriage isn't just a metaphor. they're actually diving into the freezing atlantic all to support designated driving. >> so why take the plunge? >> um, it's for a good cause. you know, when else can you say you've taken a plunge the day after you got married on new year's day. it's a great activity. it's for great cause. >> i've always been designated driver which is a really nice tie in. so i know they like to say designated driver has the most fun. >> that's definitely a good reason to do it. it was the same reason why hundreds of others lined the surf ready to take the hero plunge. >> i love how you're not wearing your actual wedding dress. >> i thought about it.
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i did. >> come on. you can't do that to me. >> it's really big. i would have waddled. >> will a little more primping. >> let me fix your tie, mike. get you ready. you look good. >> i was ready to watch these two love birds walk down the sandy aisle and celebrate their commitment to each other. then this happened. >> no, no, i'm not going in. no way! >> i didn't sign up for this. vittoria woodill took the plunge. i didn't expect to you pull me in with you. how do you feel? >> cold. >> how do you feel. >> i feel cold. >> how do you feel. >> wet and. i'm glad we dressed the part here. at least i didn't. you two did. >> thanks for coming with us. >> thanks for let me celebrating. can i get a big smooch. >> you two, not me. that's love. vittoria woodill cbs3 "eyewitness news". congratulations again. >> young lady who loves her work. great story. so many levels.
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>> no doubt about that. great story. >> lauren joins us with our forecast january cold about to kick in. >> we had really nice beach days last month. temperatures in the 70 today's wasn't that beach day, though. a little -- >> they still enjoyed it colder air has settled in across the delaware valley temperatures running right around average but, of course, we had december that was so so mild. in fact the warmest december on record ever in philadelphia dating back to the 1800's our average temperature 51.2 degre 51.2 degrees. and we killed the previous reporter by 6.7 degrees. that is just incredible the previous record 44.5 in 1923 but just on queue, we had chillier temperatures arrive today. but last month was all of that warmth came a lot of moisture as well. 5-inches of ran fall we had many, many cloudy days. sunshine so sparse and climatological we only had clear days last month. eight partly cloudy days and 19
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overcast days in december. so i know we are ready for some sunshine and we do have that in your extended forecast for you. storm scan3 showing clear sky conditions across southern new jersey. few patchy clouds working north and west of the city trying to bring a few flurries down and across berk county, montgomery county maybe seeing a couple of flurries whizzing on by isolated in nature. we can see a few flurries north and west of the city overnight tonight. otherwise patchy do you do down to 31 degrees and then finally some bright sunshine for tomorrow. cold, 42 degrees. but our average high temperature for tomorrow is 41. so we're right at average westerly winds at around 10 to 15 miles per hour. with higher gusts. neighborhood network temperatures showing us we are cooling off very efficiently. 31 degrees right now in doylestown. we're at the freezing mark right now in fort washington and temperatures all across the area we're down into the 20s in mount pocono. middle 30s in allentown. fallen off into the 30 30s in wd washington, d.c. right now and dealing with wind chill temperature feeling like 13 degrees. there's winter in mount pocono. feeling like 25 in allentown.
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feels like 30 degrees right now in philadelphia. feeling like 20s in wilmington and that's because of this wind speeds on five, 10, 17 miles per hour overnight tonight we will maintain that breeze and we're even seeing some gustier conditions right now. gusting up to 22 miles per hour on mount pocono right now as we will have that breeze kind of several breezy and blustery days in the forecast ahead of us so that's really going to impact our feels like temperature. future feels like as we head into the afternoon tomorrow, still feeling like near freezi freezing. 34 degrees into the 1:00 o'clock hour tomorrow afternoon. if you're heading out tomorrow evening have the saturday night plans be sure to bundle up. wind chill temperatures falling off not 20s by about the 9:00 o'clock hour in philadelphia tomorrow evening. and we do have a chilly and blustery weekend ahead. high temperature on sunday 44 degrees. we start off in the 20s for actually the first time this season. but it's going to feel cold and going to get even colder as we head into monday. that arctic cold front drops in.
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we can see a few flurries once again mainly north and west of the city on monday as that front drops in. otherwise a pretty quiet one. but it will be a cold one. 39 for the high on monday. 35 for the high on tuesday. starting off at 23 degrees. and it will be windy on both of those days as well. so expect wind chills in the 20s all day. >> i just got a chill. >> radiating coolness. >> thanks, lauren. appreciate it lesley starting off the new year talking holiday hoops. >> little bit of a role. something going fort sixers. sixers lakers underway in los angeles right now. can they keep the momentum going? week full of drama for the birds. how do they keep their heads straight with that season finale in what could be considered a
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sixers on the road tonight talking on the lakers. both of those teams in last place in their conferences. no kobe tonight out with a shoulder issue. smith playing well again on the night. great shot right there. since back on the team he's adversary 18 points game. right now the sixers leading this one, 32-30. the eagles will be without bennie logan or byron maxwell for sunday's season finale against the giants. of course, there's also no chip kelly, pat shurmer will be coaching the birds this sunday basically a meaningless game in terms of play off pictures but it means something for the draft order. loser of the game will play the rams in london for shurmur it's an audition. >> i sort of look at every day
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of my life as an audition. it just so happens that the last game of the year is against the giants in the meadowlands. my focus is on sunday. you know, we all know change is in the air, and we'll just have to, you know, kind of talk about those decisions as we move forward. >> okay. basically nothing left to play for and such a drama filled week. no one saw coming. what's the mindset heading into the game? >> we're all competitors, you know. i think, you know, any time you go out on the field you're going against another man and it's a matchup every time and just your competitiveness comes out. then obviously, you know, we're lucky to play in the nfl, we're lucky play for the eagle much that's a privilege every time you put on the jersey you should play as hard as you can play. >> we're pride full players. this season has not been what we wanted much it's a failed season in our eyes. so as a player you want to go out there and ultimately you'll be auditions for the next coach and i think people will be practical about that.
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>> to the winter classic at gillette stadium. the browns taking on the canadiens. and we have david, going first montreal. 74 seconds into the first peer the second fastest goal in winter classic history. montreal wins this one, five-one and moves into first place in the atlantic division. >> i love it when they had the game here. >> i loved it we need to get that back here. >> the alum night out.
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families gather the at the kimmel center to celebrate the start of the new year. ♪ >> i see you bopping at home. guests were able to catch great views of the mummers parade while warming up inside with hot chocolate. something for everyone at the all day event from face painting to fine dining and a lot of musical performances. >> we're excite to have performances everything from jazz to ukelele orchestra to broadway dreams troops that will come out and perform songs from our up upcoming broadway season. >> very nice. this is the kimmel center's 11th year hosting the new year's day celebration. listen in. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> that will be wrap for us tonight. our morning team is back tomorrow from 5:00 to 7am. for lawn ren, lesley, i'm ukee washington. we're always on at cbsphilly.c the late show with stephen colbert is coming up next. from our entire team. thank you for watching. have a happy new year. good night, family and sleep well. ♪
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