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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  January 2, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> ♪ >> breaking news right now. a missing allentown five-year-old boy who disappeared from a new year's eve party has been found dead. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us. dive teams found the little boy's body earlier today. "eyewitness news" reporter graying argos joins us now live from allentown where local authorities held a press conference just about a half an hour ago. heartbreaking news, greg.
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>> reporter: it really is natasha. we learned this news like you mentioned just a few minutes ago. divers with the allentown fire department recovering the body of five-year-old jayliel vega bautista. allentown police chief keith morris confirming this horrible information during a press conference which wrapped up around 5:45 this evening. the family of the young boy who was autistic reported him missing around 10:30 in the evening new year's eve night. a massive search took place almost immediately with more than 20 k-9 dogs helicopters dozens of police and volunteers searching for the five-year-old who left home we're told barefoot and without any jacket or outerwear. and until this afternoon there was no sign of him but a volunteer earlier this afternoon spotted a shiny object a few feet from the banks in the lehigh river this afternoon. that out to be the boy's red tablet and then when dive teams entered the water they recovered jayliel's body a few yards away. >> it's a sad day for the
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conclusion to our search, it's a sad day for our city. i want to thank all the volunteers, the hundreds of volunteers who came out, who came out and dedicated themselves in the cold several nights here, several days very, very cold weather. thank you for all who assisted, who searched, who brought food for our officers, who prayed for our searchers. >> reporter: now, the police chief and the mayor here in allentown calling this a tragic accident but the police chief says there will be a full investigation into what exactly led up to jayliel's deaths how exactly he died. they're unsure whether or not he drowned or if he somehow died beforehand. now, an autopsy is scheduled for 8 o'clock in the morning this monday. we're live here in allentown, pennsylvania, i'm greg argos, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, greg, thank you so much. also tonight, part of route one in chester county is shut down because of an accident. this iwitness cam picture shows the scene at the route
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41 intersection. no word yet on injuries and the cause of the crash is still under investigation. turning now to our weather, a weekend chill is settled into the region and it looks like winter, certainly feels like it right about now. meteorologist lauren casey is in the weather center. i got a little chill now, lauren. >> a little chill settled in across the delaware valley. temperatures becoming seasonable as we went into our january 2016 after a record warm december. temperature right now 42 degrees in philadelphia. but it's really right where we should be at right now. winds out of the west-northwest at around 7 miles per hour. wind speeds dying down the shore, temperature 37 degrees and 20's with a wind chill in the teens in the poconos. storm scan3 showing us pretty quiet conditions. we actually saw the sunshine today. so that was nice and patchy clouds did work through parts of the lehigh valley and poconos. those are starting to erode over the last couple of hours. clear sky conditions in the city points south and east and we'll keep it clear as we led
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into the night tonight and another round of sunshine tomorrow, very similar conditions to today. we'll tack on a few trees to your high temperature. breezy again once as we head into tomorrow afternoon and then things get very cold as we head into monday with a cold front dropping in out of the arctic. temperatures taking a big dive and we'll be waking up to lows in the teens. that's in the city tuesday morning with windy conditions as well. we'll talk about that bitter forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes natasha. >> alall right, lauren thank you so much. record flooding in missouri is being blamed for the deaths of at least two dozen people. tonight some areas of the water is starting to recede and the cleanup is just beginning but in other places the water continues to rise. david begnaud has more. >> reporter: the mississippi river is hitting record high levels in the state of missouri but the giant flood wall that protects the city of cape girardeau is holding outside the wall a much different story. in low lying areas the water
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cannot be stopped. >> have you ever seen more than 50 feet of water. >> no. >> reporter: we took a ride with public works director steven cook and found vehicles nearly submerged. water street took on a whole new mean in this neighborhood where homes and businesses have succumbed to the water. the cape was devastated by the great flood of 1993. afterward most people in this flood prone area took a government buy out and left. those who stayed behind are now seeing flood waters even higher than 93. >> this was one of the worst. >> reporter: on the other side of the mississippi river, illinois governor bruce rounder says hundreds of homes in his state are under water. he's urging people in voluntary evacuation areas to not take any chances and glee a flood in the winters had very rare very different than summer flood, there's hypothermia, there's a big risk. we have people in their homes waiting in flee deep water. >> reporter: flood waters continue to recede in saint louis and major roadways are
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opened again but the high water is headed south side and people in that area are getting ready. david begnaud for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, we are learning more tonight about the israeli man accused of walking into a crowded tell al fifty five bar and opening fire. police say the shooter is an israeli arab. his father called police after seeing surveillance video of the shooting on television and told them it was his son. he reportedly has a psychological disorder and may be without medication. two people were killed, at least seven others wounded in the shooting. he's still on the loose at this hour. and a hacking group in taking credit for briefly taking down donald trump's presidential candidate web site. the site was down for about an hour today from 11:00 a.m. to noon. a group called new world hacking which claims to focus its efforts on terror groups like isis said they took it down for a "one-hour test." new world hacking also took credit for shutting down the
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bbc news web site earlier this week. toll increases meantime wilare set to take effect on the pennsylvania turnpike. the increase will start after midnight tonight. prices are going up for both e-z pass and cash customers. passenger vehicles will now pay $1.80 in cash and $1.16 if you're using e-z passment in addition the repaying borrowed funds, the toll increases are funding the reconstruction and widening of the 550-mile pennsylvania turnpike system. a very special day for the brave men and women graduating from the firefighter cadet class. "eyewitness news" at the performance arts center at temple university where fire commissioner derek sawyer administered the oath of office. this is the 190th cadet class comprised of 82 philadelphia fire cadets, one philadelphia prisons fire cadet and one township of upper darby fire cad department mayor michael nutter and commissioner sawyer had a message for all the
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graduates. >> we know that when the bell rings, you will respond to the challenge because you have been trained in the finest fire department in the united states of america. >> don't ever stop dreaming. and for you as family members don't stop dreaming for them. your dreams should become their dreams and that's how they become successful. >> the cadet class is joining the force just as a new record is broken n2015 the fire department had the lowest number of civilian fire-related injuries in philadelphia's history. that is good news to report. >> ♪ >> stay with us everyone. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" the powerball drawing it's tonight and it's a huge one. find out how much you could win if you got luck on your side. also, is this the future of mcdonald's? take a look inside this brand new restaurant and see why it's a huge departure from the company's normal formula. lauren. >> and winter has finally arrived the the season is
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going to up the ante as we head into next week. when to expect temperatures only in the 30's in your forecast. >> straight ahead in sports the eagles coaching search is already under way. a former player was actually interviewed yesterday. pat gallen has that story and much more coming up in sports. stay with us.
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>> all right, file this next story under things that i likely would never do.
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this is the fastest female base jumper in the world. ellen brennan she's wearing a wing suit which allows her to glide along rock faces and control her dissent. the video was shot in france which has quickly grown to one of the most popular base jumping sites in the world. that does look exciting, though. scary. got your tickets yet? there's a huge powerball jackpot drawing tonight. it's one of the biggest ever so what would you do with all that cash? we sent "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff out to find out. >> reporter: one can't be first in everything and though this powerball jackpot is just the 12th highest in game history, 334 million has put dollar signs in eyes of purchasers and plans on the table. >> head back to the caribbean, give some of my friends some money. >> honestly with that kind of money i would probably become a philanthropist full time. that would probably be the best thing make me feel good. >> reporter: speaking of feeling good. will lightning strike twice.
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three days ago 33 sold a million dollar winner. >> some people spend a hundred dollars, some people spend $50. a lot of people spend a lot of money. >> reporter: just up the road this sunoco employee says he's hoping to cash in in several ways. >> if i win good for me. i want to by business. this is my dream. >> reporter: in 2013 powerball's highest jackpot was held at $590 million. that same year a new jersey man won 338 million. >> when you have that kind of money you have a lot of strange family friends and brother and sister show up. >> reporter: if you're more of the mega millions kind of person it won't earn you quite as much but with a jackpot at $130 million it could get you a pretty nice place in the country. i'm alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> 2015 was a good day, a good year for drivers at least at the pump according to aaa gas prices were the second cheapest that they've been in the past decade or so. the average for a gallon of gas was $2.40. the lowest since 2009.
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and that's also 94 cents cheaper than the 2014 average. and prices in our area, they're looking pretty good right now. pennsylvania drivers are paying about $2.16 on average for a gallon of regular. delaware prices are hovering around $1.90 and the cheapest gas is always in new jersey, $1.83 for a gallon in the garden state. check this out. mcdonald's is offering a glimpse into the possible future of the fast food chain. the company recently revealed mcdonald's next a food bar style restaurant in hong kong. it offers customers the chance to customize burgers and salads on touch screens. then's a assembly line workers create the meals behind a sheet of glass similar to what you see at a chipotle restaurant. no word on when mcdonald's next will make its way state side. that should be interesting. >> wow they're really stepping up their game. >> stepping it up a notch. >> breakfast all day then they're classing up the place.
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>> that could take off. >> feeling a little chill even in the studio. it's cold. >> it is, it's a little bit chilly but temperatures are right where they should be at but of course in december we had 60's and 70's so it feels -- >> we were spoiled. >> we were spoiled a little bit. feels extra cold to us today. 44 degrees the high in philadelphia it's actually above average for us. our average high temperature is 41 but with that bright sunshine, kind of comfortable temperatures as long as you have that winter coat it was a very nice winter day today and temperatures right now we're at 42 degrees currently in philadelphia. down to 33 in allentown. we're at 37 degrees right now in atlantic city. it was a little breezy today. we had wind gusts up around 20 miles per hour and fill gusting to 29 in mount pocono. we'll have lighter winds overnight tonight so wind speeds generally less than 10 miles per hour at all of our reporting sites but still even a little bit of a breeze is having an impact on that feels-like temperature and feeling more like up are 30's
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in philadelphia, legal like 20's in allentown and feeling like teens in the poconos. storm scan3 showing us quiet conditions all across the region. some clouds to the north. we've got a nice dose of sunshine in the delaware valley today claw really up since last month. december days we only had three days that were considered clear climatologically. we had eight partly cloudy days and 19 cloudy days last month. so, it was warm but very cloudy so i think we're missing the sunshine a bit and overnight tonight we're going to keep it clear dropping down to 30 degrees as i mentioned, lighter wind speeds and for tomorrow another dose of january sunshine mostly sunny breezy 45 degrees so again running just a bit above average so feels-like temperatures are going to be ticking down especially as we head into next week. so, if you're heading out and about this evening, wind chill temperature in the 20's by the time we head around the nine, 10 o'clock hour in philadelphia. waking up to a chill tomorrow morning, not too bad as we head into the afternoon but
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then check this outer on monday. wind chill temperatures down into the teens across the delaware valley. subzero in the poconos with that arctic air arriving and even as time ticks on through the day on monday wind chill temperatures do not escape the teens. in the single digits throughout the day on monday in the lehigh valley with arctic air that's going come blasting in as we head into monday and stick around into tuesday as well. for tomorrow another nice january day, 34 degrees for the 9 o'clock hour, breezy as we head into the midday hours. high temperatures topping in the middle 40's and then there's monday an arctic cold front drops in, some patchy clouds. we could even see a few flurries whizzing on by. windy conditions a high temperature of only 35 degrees but as i mentioned, wind chill temperatures will be in the teens for much of the day and same case again on tuesday. actual air temperature 19 degrees. and it will still be blustery so tuesday morning is going to
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be brutal. you might not even want to get out of the covers. 34 degrees is the high temperature on tuesday and then we do start to rebound as we head towards the end of the seven day with a little bit more in the way of rain chances, middle 40's by thursday but, whew, get ready for monday and tuesday, winter means business. >> that is going to be a shock. >> yes. >> thank you lauren. eagles aren't wasting any time are they. >> no. weather is cold but the eagles coaching search a heating up. when jeffrey lurie spoke earlier this week he explained one of the reasons they fired chip kelly on tuesday was to get a head start on the coaching search. those wheels are in motion after the team confirmed today they've interviewed running backs coach duce staley for the opening. the 40-year-old staley has been on the staff since 2011. he played for the eagles from 1997 until 2003. for tomorrow, though, it will be pat shurmur running the show as the eagles finish out the season against the giants. be sure to join us tomorrow morning for the final
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cbs3 sunday kickoff of the season. we begin at 11:30 a.m. don bell will be live at the meadowlands, merrill reese will join him, myself and lesley van arsdale will hold down the fort here in the studio. again 11:30 tomorrow morning sunday kickoff on cbs3. the up and town flyers have lost three of their last four as they continue their three game west coast road trip against the kings this afternoon. first period, the flyers will turn it over and the kings would cash in a three on one as dwight king his second of the year past michal neuvirth. one-nothing l.a. later in the period kings on the power play, drew dowdy winding firing scoring on the one timer. flyers lose to the kings this afternoon by a score of two to one. if i told you there was such thing as a tax slayer bowl would you believe me? it's true. despite winning just seven games this season penn state played georgia this afternoon in the tax slayer bowl. on this play, penn state quarterback christian
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hackenberg would injure his shoulder. he would eventually leave the game and then after it, he would declare for the nfl draft. hackenberg could be a first round pick in late april. in the second quarter, georgia goes to the wildcat and wideout terry godwin finds malcolm mitchell, 44-yard touchdown, georgia up 10-three. this next highlight is presented by sony. running back sony michelle making moves and bull dogging his way into the end zone. georgia up 24 to three. lions would call back in it in the fourth and they fall short. they lose to georgia 24 to 17. 76ers and villanova wildcats have late start times tonight. sixers take on the clippers in l.a. coming off of last night's loss to the lakers. number 16 villanova is in omaha nebraska visiting creighton. tipoff set for 10:01 p.m. temple with houston. it was not g first half and the owls fail to box out l
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le-ron bond. in the second half same as the first rob gray jr. open in the corner for three. houston they win 77 to 50. saint joe's down in richmond virginia. final minute hawks up two and no one picks up jones. man, phil martelli ripping out what little hair he has lester there. here's diondre bem degree bree. step back jump are beautifully done. saint joe's a winner 77-73. they're 11 and two. i guess saint joe's that's one team. >> one thing that seems promising. we'll take anything. ba
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. a day of basketball and fundraising it was all for a great cause. let's take you to cheltenham high school for the annual lady panther alumni game. it raises money for the american cancer society through the nationwide coaches versus cancer initiative. the lady panthers have a legacy on the hardwood. since 1993 they've won two steatite tells, four district titles and 22 league titles. well done. we'll be right back.
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>> today is national science fiction day. it's not random. january 2nd is the birth date of prolific science fiction writer isaac as move. he coined the term robotics and his work is considered the foundation of the sci-fi john a he says robotics will neither be common nor good in 2016. anyone who owns a roomba they probably agree. i kind of like the little roomba thing. i got to get one. >> certainly beats vacuuming. >> little robot thing. that's "eyewitness news." we sure appreciate you being with us. i'm natasha brown. for all of us here thank you for joining us. we are back with you at 10 o'clock on the cw philly
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and back here at 11:00 on cbs3. have a great day. >> ♪
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it's going to take me awhile. >> reese's home restoration. mich and catherine's mansion sold. >> the stars moving real estate hollywood and showing us inside. what's coming up now. >> on entertainment tonight. >> celebrities can make a lot of money out of estate. rightlling?ing, who is >> is david charve you are at my house. one of m favorite places. >> a bay watch star. se tom brady. inside celebrity homes. as we tour kevin costner's house. he is raising young kids. >> why he's inpain. >> you keep feeling on your leg. >> i am in such pain now. >> also at home


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