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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  January 4, 2016 2:35am-4:01am EST

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handgun. >> very unusual for somebody not involved in police work or security work to be wearing a bullet proof vest. we know he's not a philadelphia police officers. since he's not identified we don't know for sure if he's involved in any type of security or type of guard. >> reporter: police also don't have a motive. though they have a theory as to why the shooting happened. >> i can tell that you the intersection of front and is known for street level drug sales. >> reporter: neighbors agree that may be what led to this killing. >> they do it all the time. and it's crazy. thy never stop. it scares me now i want to go in the house and lock the door. >> reporter: philadelphia police say both crime surveillance cameras and business cameras captured all if not part of the shooting one of the suspect seen running from the area a male wearing a gray hoodie and a gray hat. reporting here i'm greg argos cbs3 eyewitness news.
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>> well investigation after abode was found on the side of a highway. police galloway township say the body of a man was discovered about 7:20 this morning on great creek road. the man's name has been not been relieved there's no word yet how he died. dozens of people are hold up in the wildlife refuge. oregon. we hear from some of the people occupying the balanced. jennifer shows us the stain off stems from a dispute over ranking cheer's rights. having problems with the government. >> reporter: arm militia took over the headquarters building. the son of rancher is among the dozens of people now occupying several buildings on the federal property. the bun december were involved in a land dispute with the government in 2014. >> this refuge is rightfully owned by the people. and we, we intend to use it.
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>> reporter: the group is protest tipping a decision by a federal judge tory sentence 73 year old ham end mound and his 46 year old son steven. the ranches were convicted of arson three years ago and served time. but a judge ruled sentences weren't long enough. >> clearly done jeopardy they've already served their time. they set the file to protect their property from wild fires. hours before invade ding the refuge the militia and dozens of protester. >> it's about america. somehow we got to get the wheels back on his wagon. because our: the hammond are expected to report to jail monday. bun key's group made themselves at home. they plan on staying indefinitely. jennifer for cbs news persons oregon. >> well the ham mounds could spend the next four years in prison and they say the bun december do not speak for them. also isis has relieved a new
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video which they claim shows the execution of five activism this video which has not been verified shows five men kneeling down before being shot to death. they were a caused for being by the group and one w execution first warns that isis will one day invade england. gentleman juror erie images just relieved show the wreck catch, cargo ship sank last october after getting caught in hurricane on its way to soon wan. all 33 on board died in the ntsb may launch another search trying to look for the black box. flood waters they are finally recede ding almost the mississippi river after historic and deadly flooding of the at least 10 people have been killed in illinois. 15 in missouri. hundreds of homes in both states were damaged. some are still surrounded by water. further south the army core of engineers is confident the 35 hundred mile levy stretching
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from missouri to gulf of mexico will ultimately mold. bill cosby's wife will be force to do testify on wednesday in a lawsuit filed against her husband. a federal judge denied amotions on thursday to throw out a subpoena requiring the testimony. she will be deposed by a lawyer representing seven women who claim bill cosby sexually assaulted them decades ago. bill cosby filed a counter suit against his accusers. a new era for philadelphia begins tomorrow. former city council man jim kenny will become the city's newest mayor. jessica dean recently talked with kenny about how he's feeling about taking on the new position and what lies ahead. >> i'm feeling excited honored. humbled. i'm feeling this i say a big responsibility. huge responsibility. i'm feeling that i'm ready. >> mayor elect jim kenny wouldn't the election with 85% of the vote in november.
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nearly two months later its go time. >> when you walk in what is the first priority. >> i think our schools are certainly the first priority. right on top of the list is our relationship with police department in and our community. we have not had the problems of severe problems that other cities had that could happen any day. >> due worry about that relationship. >> every single day every single night. again, there's things that are going to happen that you didn't have any control over. >> he's what was gary to begin the work of returning campaign promises. >> we want to embrace schools. deal with and communicate with principals and parents and people in the community to show schools are important. important to all of us for a successful city into sure known to be outspoken. very passionate. as a candidate, what did philadelphia expect from your style. >> they should expect honesty and compassion. i'm a person who is, can be
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emotional. and i try to rain that in. >> as for city council, kenny expects a good working relationship. >> you have to respect their ideas and opinions. i have no issues. counsel president and i are on the same page. we're together on this. >> the work begins january fourth. philadelphia jessica dean cbs3 eyewitness news. >> the ceremony is tomorrow morning. kenny will take the oath of office at 11 am. you can watch live here on cbs3. well the philadelphia guilty seasons over. now, the long off-season guns of the the birds end the year with a win and seal part of their fate for next season in the process. leslie van arsdale she's going to break it down for us. leslie. got a few answers still lots of questions. seems familiar it is for the second straight year the eagles and giants got together for a meaningless final game of the season. th both teams knocked out of the playoffs. looking to give the new head coach good film to look at the
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during the off-season. birds hand off to demarco murray. up the middle. making a 54 yard house call. that's second longest touch town of the career eagles will take the lead. giants have 27-21. score again eli manning stepping up. but walter thurman comes down with the ball 83 yards for score. birds able to beat the giants 35 to 30. >> i thought they put together a tremendous effort. we needed everybody. offense, defense and special teams. and i thought the guys earned the victory i'm happy for them. >> after going through what we went through this week, obviously it wasn't easy on anyone. but now, i'm so proud of the guys in that locker room. you know the way thralled around pat. the way we played today. it's always nice to end the year on a win. >> okay, here's what we do no with the victory the eagles will have the 13th pick in the draft.
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lots of changes of course coming this off-season besides the new head coach. will there be a new starting quarterback. sam bradford will be a new free agent. back to you. >> thank you very much. guilty fans are reacting final game. year. already looking stot off-season. >> i think they are going to have to make changes number one get a better coach than what we had. two get some line men, offensive lineman that will make a differences. bradford i think he did well today. >> sad to see the season come to an end. i wish we were going into the playoffs. i hope next year we find a good coach into in they need to get a players coach. somebody that the players are inspired to play for. and unfortunately they won today or they would have had a better draft pitch. >> senate great thoughts. what are your thoughts about the
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eagles now that the seasons over. are you optimistic. do you think bradford should return as quarterback? >> lots of questions. join the conversation by following us on facebook and twitter. we always love to hear your comments. stay with us everyone. still to come on eyewitness news another power ball drawing but no jackpot winner yet. see how much money is still out there. speaking of money you are going to have to shell out a bit more on one area highway find out where this increase today and how much more it will cost you. lauren. goo 82 you'll need all the winter layers the next couple of days. i'll let you know what to expect in friend forecast coming up f. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> welcome back everyone. drivers will have to dig deeper in their pocketed if they are using pennsylvania turnpike.
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justin sanchez tells us why and what it means for you. >> reporter: in case you missed the signs january is here and so is the new six percent pennsylvania turnpike toll hike. could be a shock for drivers who didn't know. january third is the day turnpike tolls pick up. >> i would be a little bit upset if i find out last minute. >> reporter: pennsylvania turnpike commission says the increase is across the board. easy pass holder stand to save as much as 35%. most passenger vehicles with easy pass will pay a loll 16 up from one sorry nine. now paying one 80 up from one 70. garrett fulton knew about the increase and he's willing to pay it given what he stands to gain. >> yes, it's going to increase the quality of the road some of the roads are terrible. >> reporter: road and mass transit improvement the new fund willies pay for reconstruction
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and wide ding the 550 mile roadway parts of what turn 75 year old in october. delaware river brings turnpike commission ceo explained back in december. >> customers will pay traditionally as they do with easy pass or also be toll, cash will not be accepted. >> reporter: the toll heights are to continued rising between three and six percent until about 2044. at the tolls i'm justin finch cbs3 eyewitness news. >> well, how does 400 million dollars sound? >> well that's the estimated jackpot for the next power ball drawing. no one hit last night one ticket in pennsylvania matched five numbers not the power ball but the power play. that will be worth two million bucks. next drawing on wednesday we still got time following the
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ticket. into. another stellular week for "star wars" the force awakens. 7th installment of the saga earned 88 million dollars just this weekends bringing it to 740 million that's 20 million away from knocking off avenue via tar as the number one movie ever. "star wars" claimed the top spot again in second place daddies home with 29 million. new movie hateful eight wheeled i think 16 million round ding out sisters with more than 12 million. alvin and the chip amongst road chips with more than 12 million. dozens of philadelphia area balance la renays showed off their moves today. >> american ballet held
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auditions on north broad street. today's audition are part of 18 city tour and only 200 of the more than 2000 people who try out who actually make the course. so very stiff competition. best of luck to everyone. best of luck staying warm these next couple days right. long john alert is in evidence for tomorrow and tuesday as we deal with arctic air mass especially after that december. it is going to feel extra cold. but get ready girls. poconos are happy. check out this seen. we get to show you making some snow. there's snow on the mount there jack frost and big boulders. snow making machines are cranking temperatures finally conducive to making snow after that december. we we had highs in the poconos in 50s and 60. can't make snow then. right now we get a live look at center city.
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lights tingling. 34 degrees is our current temperature. wind chill down to date. wind up to seven miles per hour. temperatures 34. as i mention in philadelphia 31 in allentown. freezing mark in atlantic city 27 right now in mt. pocono. as we head up to canada we're going to get a taste of arctic air mass as we head into the day tomorrow as well as tuesday. making its way towards delaware valley low clouds. snow showers up towards state college. if you flurries in lancaster county. starting to move to philadelphia continue to creep overnight patchy in nature in association with this colder air mass. breezy day today wind speed starting to relax a bit. not too too much of a wind chill impact. we did have the breeze going this afternoon. peek wind gust in philadelphia 26 miles per hour through the day today. tomorrow afternoon those winds are going to be whipping and tomorrow night as well.
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those wind chills are going to be brought tell. overnight. 28 degrees. above average. patchy low clouds moving in of the tomorrow partly cloudy maybe a few flurries. windy conditions high temperature of only 35 degrees. winds are going to be cranking by tomorrow afternoon. winds gust picking up by midday and evening hours winds gusting into the 30 mile per hour range. wind gust stay elevated into tomorrow night as well as temperatures continue to plummet as we wake up tuesday morning still the windy conditions. and then winds start to relax as we head into tuesday afternoon from north to south. going to have a big impact on our win chill temperatures so feeling like 17 degrees in philadelphia. wake up tomorrow morning heading into work. after the holiday weekend. i know. and things only get worse as we head into the second half of the day steppingstone your lunch hour feeling like 20. head into evening hours single
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digit breaking out across much of the area. going to feel like nine below by 8:00 tomorrow evening. waking up tuesday morning again another round of single digit wind chill with arctic air mass. tuesday wind chill stays in the teens and 20s all throughout the day. cold air is moving in tomorrow. 30s right around midday. cooling throughout the afternoon. whipping winds blustery conditions with single digit wind chill temperatures taking over. start off 18 degrees tuesday morning. factor in the winds on top of that. bright sunshine though. 33 degrees behind. coldest day of the season by far. no question. but then, things do start to improve less wind on wednesday 41 degrees. nice sunshine back above average as we head into thursday. middle 40s. chance for rain as we head into next weekend. milder did he air in place mid to upper 40s into into i can't
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get my eyes off 33 degrees. graph at any time right there. thank you so much p i can't get my head around the fact that they won today and it means nothing? >> well they did that want to go out on a positive note. they did. they ended on a high note being the giants. so many changes with sam bradford will he sign with the eagles. we'll talk about his future
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>> well its sad to see the season end. >> the eagles will be cleaning out their lockers tomorrow and heading into the off-season earlier than they wanted. it will be the last time some of the players will see each other. change constant in the nfl. wop of the questions who will be the quarterback for the new head coach sam bradford is a free agent. he struggled the start of the season recovering from second knee surgery. set the eagles single season
2:56 am
record for completion percentage. so does he want to come back and learn yet another offense? >> obviously depends on who they higher and what type of offensive system he wants to run and you know if he feels like i fit and if i feel like i fit. >> into i've been adamant. this is another building block for us going into next off-season. so you guys start figuring out hey what areas am i trying to get, josh, you know all the guys. >> coming up next in sport zone we're going to talk about sam's future and the make up of the next year future. sports radio wip going to join me in the studio in a few minutes we have a lot to talk about. >> lots of changes. >> definitely. back in a momen
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>> welcome back everyone. zoo visitor in japan, this is the best story of the morning. check out they say elephants here in tokeyo. one of them painted a picture of a monkey 2016 being the year of the monkey according to the zodiac, which i read. [laughter]. scribbled her name and scrap needs. >> look what i did everybody. >> and she's looking very national. i feel inadequate. >> better than i am. >> we can learn from the little elephants. lauren back with forecast. right after the
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>> all right lauren's got the friend forecast. cold. it's going to be cold. [laughter]. temperature tomorrow is going to be very blustery tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. wind you really need to bundle up especially tuesday morning sending the kids out to the bus. 33 on tuesday. then rebound by midweek. >> thank you, lauren. appreciate it.
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thank you so much for joining us this morning. 12:30 am. handing things over to the country's supreme leader, the ayatollah ali khamenei said saudi arabia will face divine revenge. in indian kashmir police used tear gas and rubber bullets against an angry crowd protesting the killing of the shiite cleric. in lebanon protesters also targeted the saudi embassy, heavily guarded by the army and police. saudi arabia is ruled by a sunni muslim monarchy. nimr al nimr demanded equality for shiites and called for peaceful protests during the arab spring. he was shot and arrested in 2012 and sentenced to death two years later for crimes including
3:03 am
disobeying saudi arabia's rulers. the u.s. says it's worried the execution of nimr al nimr will exacerbate religious tensions. but jeff, saudi arabia is unrepentant and says al nimr, along with the 46 other people it executed on saturday, was put to death in accordance with islamic law. >> holly williams in istanbul. isis released a new video today claiming it shows the execution of five prisoners. isis had accused the men of spying for britain and syria. the video's not been independently verified but it does resemble past videos from isis. more now from kris van cleave in washington. >> reporter: the men believed to be syrian were shackled and dressed in jumpsuits. they reportedly claimed to be activists but were executed as spies accused of installing cameras so the british could observe isis movements in its syrian stronghold raqqah, where coalition air strikes have pummeled islamic state positions.
3:04 am
>> this is a message to david cameron. >> reporter: the video features a masked man who speaks english with a british accent, threatening the u.k. and its prime minister. >> and one day invade your land, where we will rule by the shria. >> reporter: and comes just days after david cameron's new year video message promised to continue the battle against violent islamic extremists. >> i want us to be very clear. you will not defeat us. >> reporter: the video ends with a chilling appearance by a child in military fatigues, threatening non-muslims. the gruesome video is the latest in a number of highly produced violent propaganda messages aimed at the west and used as recruiting tools. its timing may be no coincidence. coming in the aftermath of isis defeat in the key iraqi city of ramadi, says michael morel, former deputy director of the cia and a cbs news contributor. >> i think this is a message to their supporters that they're still in the game after these series of defeats, particularly
3:05 am
ramadi. i think that's what this is all about. >> reporter: this purported isis video, jeff, is the first to feature an english speaker since jihadi john. he was a notorious executioner killed in a coalition air strike in november. >> kris van cleave, thank you. tonight an anti-government militia has taken over a federal building in burns, oregon. they're threatening a deadly battle over ranchers' rights. several protesters were also part of an armed standoff in nevada in 2014. here's jennifer dowling of our portland affiliate koin. >> the constitution. that's what we're up here for. the constitution. >> reporter: armed militia set up camp at the now here national wildlife refuge headquarters. they say to seize lnd the federal government did not have authority to purchase. >> the constitution. >> that building is the people's building. >> reporter: how long will you stay? >> as long as is necessary. >> reporter: group leader ammon bundy posted this facebook video earlier this week. >> this is not a time to stand down. it is the time to stand up and
3:06 am
come to harney county. we need your help. >> reporter: yesterday at least 100 protesters showed up to support dwight hammond and his son steven. >> go hammond. >> yeah. >> reporter: the men were convicted of arson after starting what they called controlled burns on their ranch in 2001 and 2006. they served time, but a judge recently ordered the two back to prison for about four more years. >> don't know what to say. it just seems like a little overreach for having burned 127 acres. >> reporter: the two say the bundys don't speak for them and they plan to surrender peacefully tomorrow. >> we're here to stand up for our brothers and sisters and show the world, show america that we stick together. >> reporter: the protest spread to the nearest wildlife refuge. >> get out of here, you cowards! >> reporter: ammon's father cliven had his own dispute with federal officials over grazing permits in nevada in 2014. that developed into a confrontation between militia members and law enforcement. now ammon bundy says the
3:07 am
militiamen plan to occupy this wildlife refuge for years until harney county residents can claim their rights to the land. >> when government steps outside the bounds that the people have given it, that it is the duty of the people to put that government back in its place. >> reporter: it's unclear how many are in the militia group, but members say using weapons is not out of the question if authorities try to force them out. jeff? >> jennifer dowling, thank you. tomorrow, about 600 workers return to the office complex in san bernardino, california where 14 people were killed last month in a terror attack. the conference building where the shootings took place during a holiday party will remain closed. the cbs overnight news will be right back.
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all: cbs cares! president obama returned from his hawaiian vacation today, and it appears he will begin his final year in office with new action on gun control. tomorrow he'll meet with attorney general loretta lynch to discuss possible executive measures including expanded background checks that would not require approval from congress. on thursday the president holds a town hall meeting on reducing gun violence. starting monday in new hampshire former president bill clinton will begin stumping for his wife in key primary states. it is a big move for hillary clinton's campaign in a state where she trails bernie sanders. major garrett is in concord, new hampshire. major? >> reporter: jeff, when it comes to presidential surrogate politics, no one brings more to the table than bill clinton. that's on the plus and negative side. on the positive side bill
3:11 am
clinton has an entire repertoire of victories or near victories here in new hampshire, finishing a surprising second in 1992, helping propel hillary clinton to an upset victory in 2008. and he has a reputation in new hampshire of caring about the state and speaking to voters directly and persuasively. all that will be put to hillary clinton's benefit in a tight race against bernie sanders. on the negative side there is bill clinton's past, which donald trump has made an issue, but many new hampshire democrats fought those battles out the very first time in 1992, and they tell me if trump brings up those issues now it is likely to rile up democratic supporters of the clinton family because they fought those wars once before, helped bill clinton recover from them, and are ready, willing, and able to fight them again on behalf of hillary clinton. jeff? >> major garrett tonight in new hampshire. tonight many along the mississippi river still face flood threats. the river is expected to crest in the south over the next few days. meanwhile, states where the floods have receded are struggling to recover. david begnaud is in illinois. >> reporter: nearly 14,000 acres
3:12 am
of alexander county, illinois are underwater tonight. 125 properties are flooded. others are surrounded like the home of jennifer corey and brandon dillo. >> this happened so fast. you don't have time to really get ready for it. >> reporter: if they want to leave, they have to do it by boat. today they went out for supplies. there's not much in the house. the concrete is dry thanks to a levee they built that is eight feet high, and it's holding tonight. back in 2011 their home flooded after water overran the levee. that time it was five feet. they learned a lesson. if you refuse to leave, build it higher. this is our home. so we're staying here. >> reporter: so far nine deaths are confirmed in illinois, 15 in missouri. in allenville, missouri sheriff john jordan boated over a bean field to check on residents. >> this is the ross residence there. >> reporter: terry and his wife, wanda ross, are 2 of 32 people refusing to leave.
3:13 am
>> really close. >> reporter: their home is now surrounded in water. >> you don't want somebody to come in and loot the rest of the stuff that you've worked your life for. >> reporter: downstream the army corps of engineers is confident a 3,500-mile levee stretching from southern missouri to the gulf of mexico will hold. it's 35 feet tall and 200 feet wide at the base. engineer derek smith. >> well, there's really two different kinds of levee systems. up there is more of a levee system built for agriculture protection, and down here the level of protection is much higher. >> reporter: back here in alexander county, illinois i'm standing on the roof of the bigham home, which is surrounded by water on both sides. and the water is still rising tonight. jeff, the bigham family has put 25,000 sandbags and eight pumps around the property to keep it dry, and it's working. it's working very well. just look at the neighbor's home. flooded. >> david begnaud, thank you very much. the west coast is bracing for a wild weather week. it's a wave of rain associated with el nino. beginning tonight, four storms
3:14 am
are expected to bring drought relief but also potentially mudslides. an entire neighborhood evacuated by a gas leak gets more bad news outside los angeles. and a final salute to the hug lady of fort hood, texas. the cbs overnight news will be right back.
3:15 am
we have been following the story of a massive methane leak in california. it's in porter ranch, a neighborhood on the northern edge of los angeles. mireya villareal reports neighbors are being told it may be months before they can go home. >> do you miss your old house? >> yeah. >> reporter: 8-year-old nate sutterland is among hundreds of children forced out of their porter ranch homes by an odor they can't see but with effects so many have felt. his mother, christine. >> i've been nauseous. i've felt lethargic. my kids have had nose bleeds. they've had headaches. >> reporter: two schools have closed because of abnormally high levels of methane. but residents feel they're not getting enough answers about exposure.
3:16 am
>> it's surreal. we are a living science experiment i believe. >> reporter: it was the same nightmare for brian and christine katz and their five children. >> i almost had my own parking place at the pediatrician's office, we were there so much. and i did everything i could. and i felt helpless. >> then the boys started asking me questions. is it safe? you know, there's only so much as a parent that you can keep telling them without lying. >> you have an 8 and a 10-year-old. how do you explain to them what's going on out there? >> somebody didn't maintain a gas field and now we've got a problem. they say, well, can we go home now? and we say, well, not yet. we'll be home soon. okay, well, when? >> do you miss your friends over there? >> yeah. we don't get to see our friends that often over here. since we're too far away. >> reporter: the katz family will now commute 40 miles each morning to attend their relocated school. >> we haven't been outside since october.
3:17 am
our swing set have cobwebs. it's sad. >> reporter: their once thriving town now a ghost town. mireya villarreal, cbs news, porter ranch, california. up next here, the financial forecast for 2016. of ageless. age neutral. age defiant. age agnostic. olay is a purveyor of ageless. only the best 1% of ingredients make it into our products. for transformed skin without expensive brands or procedures. it's the ultimate beauty victory. nobody has any idea how old you are. with olay, you age less. so you can be ageless. olay. ageless. your heart loves omega-3s. but there's a difference between the omega-3s in fish oil and those in megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body...
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the markets open for 2016 tomorrow coming off a 2% drop in the dow in 2015, the worst since 2008.
3:20 am
so what's in store for the financial year ahead? from stocks to mortgages to gas prices. cbs business news analyst jill schlesinger is here. jill, welcome back. we were talking about this. stocks weren't as bad as maybe it could have been this year. >> yeah. and it seemed awful. and maybe if you had some of the esoteric stuff, the emerging markets and commodities, it was bad. but it wasn't a terrible year. for 2016 analysts are predicting a lot of the same. volatile, probably mid single digits if we're lucky. now, it's also a presidential year, and presidential years going back to 1948, we see a 6.1% increase in the stock market. that's compared to an 8.8% in other years. so maybe there's a lot of pressure on the market coming into the year. >> the fed raised rates for the first time in a long time. the 30-year mortgage actually went down. what happens next? >> so now we're hovering around 4%. a lot of people saying that rates are probably going to inch up very slowly this year. that said, we've got some data about rents versus buying. and still, in about 58% of
3:21 am
markets that realty track covers, they say renting is cheaper than buying. that could change in 2016. mortgage rates low. job market continuing to improve. wages increasing. we might see some more people flow into the housing market. that could be a good time to buy a house. >> we've had an extended holiday when it comes to gas prices. what's next there? >> well, it's amazing. 40-something percent drop in 2014. another 30% drop last year. we see oil trading at about 37 bucks a barrel. we don't suspect it's going to be much worse. could go down in the 30s and test that. but for the next year we're looking at about consistent level of prices. gas prices set to average around $2.30 to $2.40. that would be a drop from last year and pretty darn good news for consumers. >> jill, happy new year. thanks very much. >> happy new year. dairy prices are expected to rise after blizzards last month in texas, oklahoma, and new mexico killed about 40,000 cows. farmers are still assessing the damage. losses are expected to rise. still ahead here, a
3:22 am
second-string quarterback is the inspiring comeback kid. at least ten people were hurt during an off-road race in argentina after a mini cooper careened into a crowd. it happened during trials for
3:23 am
the dakar rally, a 5,000-mile, 14-day race across the mountains and the deserts of argentina and bolivia. it was one of the most dramatic comebacks ever. and as jericka duncan reports, last night's alamo bowl featured an unlikely hero. >> taking a shot down the field! >> reporter: from the very beginning it seemed like oregon's prayers were being answered. by the start of the second quarter they had a 27-0 lead on texas christian university. tcu' struggles seemed obvious. two days before the alamo bowl their starting quarterback trevone boykin was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer after a bar fight. so senior bram kohlhausen, a transfer who had never started a game in his career and who lost his father to cancer in november, was forced to step up. it wasn't until the second half that kohlhausen truly broke out of his shell and into college football glory. his teammates fed off his energy, mounting an impressive comeback, overcoming a 31-point
3:24 am
deficit. at the end of the second overtime both teams were tied at 41. but kohlhausen scored soon after, giving his team a six-point lead. in the third overtime oregon's last-ditch effort fell short, sealing the game for tcu and their new football hero. kohlhausen dedicated the victory to boykin. >> this will be one i'll tell my grandkids. i mean, this is a night i never thought would ever happen. i honestly just decade it to tre. he's the one who showed me how to play like i did tonight. >> it was a remarkable finish from an unlikely player whose recent loss inspired him to play the best game of his life. jericka duncan, cbs news, new york. a memorial today for the woman known as the hug lady of fort hood, texas. before she died christmas eve elizabeth laird hugged about half a million soldiers heading off to war and returning home. today thousands turned out for her funeral and a final embrace.
3:25 am
coming up, every dog has its
3:26 am
3:27 am
a dog in pennsylvania doesn't have long to live. so her owner is trying to give her as much joy as possible. together they're working their way down a bucket list and sharing it all online. here's jamie yuccas. >> reporter: a drive through the car wash. swimming for the first time. >> nice job, honey. >> reporter: french fries at mcdonald's. and a walk down the aisle. ♪ with just months to live, this beagle-poodle mix is checking off an 81-item bucket list with her owner, todd burchanowski. reyes was diagnosed with lymphoma just before thanksgiving. >> it was the toughest day of my life. >> reporter: burchanowski is posting each adventure to facebook. some are simple. there's number 43, build a snowman. others are sweet. like number 66, take a relaxing
3:28 am
bubble bath. and ones all dog owners can identify with. like number 12. watch a sunset with my best friend. why did you create the bucket list? >> we just wanted to do something that would be special for her in her last days. >> reporter: it seems to be striking a chord with people from across the country, who write back with words of encouragement. the duo still needs to check off about 30 items. >> i try to, you know, give her as many hugs and kisses and as many treats as she wants nowadays. >> reporter: it's a journey no one really wants to take, especially with their best friend. jamie yuccas, cbs news, new york. that is the overnight news for this monday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us a little later for the morning news and "cbs this morning." from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm jeff glor.
3:29 am
3:30 am
>> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." welcome to the overnight news. i'm jeff glor. president obama is back at the white house after his two-week holiday in hawaii. at the top of his current agenda, gun control. the president says he's preparing a series of executive actions that would not require congressional approval. chip reid reports. >> reporter: it was just after the mass shooting at an oregon community college in october that the president decided he had to take executive action on guns. he made the announcement in his weekly address, posted on the white house website. >> i directed my team at the white house to look into any new actions i can take to help reduce gun violence. and on monday i'll meet with our attorney general, loretta lynch, to discuss our options. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news those options include
3:31 am
expanding the definition of who is in the business of selling guns so that more gun sales trigger background checks and requiring enhanced reporting and tracking of lost and stolen guns. the president blames the republican congress for giving him no choice but to take unilateral action. >> we know we can't stop every act of violence. but what if we tried to stop even one? what if congress did something, anything to protect our kids from gun violence? >> reporter: last month senate republicans blocked democratic proposals that would prevent people on the terror watch list from buying guns and require background checks for online gun purchases. meanwhile, some states are taking action on their own. in california a new gun control law that took effect yesterday allows judges to order the seizure of guns from people deemed dangerous by their own family or by law enforcement. texas, though, is going the other direction on gun control with a new law allowing guns to be carried openly in public places. the nra did not respond to our
3:32 am
request for a comment. but when the details of the president's plan are announced, which could be as early as next week, the response from gun rights supporters is expected to be furious. 2016 brought a series of notable new laws to states from coast to coast. here with a look, kris van cleave. >> reporter: the new year brings some good news for taxpayers in oklahoma and in massachusetts, where state income taxes are dropping and minimum wage workers in more than a dozen states will get raises in 2016. but the most controversial new laws center around guns. in texas a new open carry law allows people with concealed weapon permits to wear a holstered gun in most public places. >> it's going to be a learning process. there's going to be some growing pains at the beginning. i'm sure there will be some people that will be startled possibly by the sight of someone carrying openly. >> reporter: this as california tightens its gun laws, banning firearms in or around schools even for holders of concealed weapons permits.
3:33 am
bb and pellet guns sold in the golden state will have to be a bright color like pink to make clear they are not real. in hawaii new signs are posted warning of a first in the nation law raising the legal smoking age from 18 to 21. the law applies to cigarettes and electronic smoking devices. a second law there bans e-cigarettes in places where smoking is prohibited. >> our youth survey shows that a fourfold increase happened in public high school students who use e-cigarettes. from 5% in 2011 to 22% by 2015. >> reporter: tennessee becomes the first state to create an online registry of animal abusers for people who have been convicted of animal cruelty. state representative daniel jernigan supported the measure. >> if you're going to pull a dog behind a truck, if you're going to burn a cat, if you're going to do severe animal cruelty, then there needs to be some consequences to your actions. >> reporter: among other new laws taking place across the country, washington, d.c. has prohibited styrofoam food containers. california has banned drivers
3:34 am
and bicyclists from wearing earbuds in both ears or resting them on their ears, closing a legal loophole. and parents in north carolina can freeze their children's credit reports to prevent identity theft. elsewhere, illinois is starting a pilot program allowing for what are essentially combination locks on certain prescription painkiller bottles. also, oregon and california became the first states to automatically register people to vote when they obtain or renew a driver's license. the republican presidential contenders are strongly opposed to the president's gun control plans. john dickerson discussed the subject with gop front-runner donald trump on "face the nation." >> well, i don't like it. i don't like anything having to do with changing our second amendment. we have plenty of rules and regulations. there's plenty of things that they can do right now that are already there, they don't do them. we have a tremendous mental health problem. we're closing places all over the world. all over the country they're closing. nobody's doing anything about that. all they want to do is blame the guns.
3:35 am
and it's not the gun that pulls the trigger. so i don't like it. i don't like what he's doing. i think that he's looking to do executive orders to do something having to do with guns. >> background checks happen for normal gun purchases at a normal store. so his argument would be just do it here. it's this loophole, you want to make it the same everywhere. >> john, i'm going to have to take a look at it, but i don't like changing anything. right now they have plenty of rules and regulations and they should be looking at mental health. i mean, we should build like institutions for people that are sickos. we have sickos all over the place. and that's the problem. >> so you'd spend more money on that? >> here's the problem. i would definitely spend more money on that. here's the problem. the bad guys are always going to get the guns. you can have all the restrictions you want. but the bad guys are always going to have the guns. >> let me ask you about executive orders in general. like them? don't like them? that the president uses them to go around congress. >> well, i don't like them. and our country wasn't based on executive orders. nobody really knew that we even had an executive order, such a thing. it's supposed to be you get along with congress and you cajole and you go back and forth
3:36 am
and everybody gets in a room and we end up with deals. and there's compromise and lots of other things. but you end up with deals. here's a guy just goes -- he's given up on the process and he just goes and signs executive orders on everything. >> so if you were president -- you seem like the kind of guy who if you were president you would use an executive order or two. >> i will say this. there's a lot of precedent based on what he's doing. now, some have been -- his executive order on the border amazingly the courts actually took that back a step and did something that was very surprising, is they did the right thing. so that maybe that one. but i would be rescinding a lot of executive orders that he's done. i mean, he just -- the one thing good about executive orders, the new president he comes in, boom, first day, first hour, first minute you can rescind them. >> let me ask you about a video that's been put out by al shabab. this is an isis-affiliated terror group. and in the video they use you, donald trump, a clip. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can
3:37 am
figure out what [ bleep ] is going on. >> then the video goes on and says "the west will eventually turn against its muslim citizens." they're saying to muslims either you join jihad or leave the united states because of what mr. trump is proposing. >> look, there's a problem. i bring it up. other people have called me and they say you have guts to bring it up because frankly it's true. but nobody wants to get involved. now people are getting involved. people that are on different persuasions than me right now, john, are saying you know, maybe trump isn't wrong. we want to examine it. there's a lot of bad stuff going on. i'm watching the news tonight, actually. cbs. and so many of the elements. you look at germany. you look at brussels. you look -- all over the world they're shutting down cities that never had a problem before. they're shutting down countries that never had a problem before. you look at paris, what happened.
3:38 am
you look at california, what happened.
3:39 am
3:40 am
♪ the retail sales numbers are trickling in from the holiday shopping season. michelle miller has a look at the winners and losers. >> reporter: unusually warm winter weather triggered sales drops in coats, hats, and gloves. but consumers did spend money on other things. according to mastercard, retail sales grew almost 8% this holiday season compared to the same time a year ago. women's apparel and furniture led the way. sales in both sectors were up more than 10% nationwide. >> people are just out shopping. >> reporter: david sabel runs mattress and furniture supercenter in tampa. he's keeping his store open on new year's day after having a record-breaking holiday sales season. >> from black friday until now our sales have been up 65% compared to last year. and it is the highest increase
3:41 am
i've ever experienced. >> reporter: and rising spending in the furniture business shows the u.s. economy is strengthening. says sarah quinlan, senior vp at mastercard advisers. >> the furniture is more important because that really shows sustained confidence. i'm buying that sofa and i'm investing and i'm saying that i have confidence, i'm going to hold on to my job, get bonused and be able to pay off these purchases. >> reporter: there were some surprising dips in buying trends this time around. sales in men's apparel and electronics were both down. but quinlan says it's no cause for concern. >> this was a tremendous year for the economy in the united states as reflected in retail sales, which really does reflect the entire economy. which really bodes well for the new year. >> reporter: and a couple of other factors driving the spending surge -- cheap gas and e-commerce. online shopping is up 20%, and
3:42 am
elaine, consumers, they're spending roughly about 75 cents of every dollar saved at the gas pump. uber is looking to expand in china. but the company faces both legal hurdles and local competition. seth doane has more. >> reporter: with the smog and traffic to prove it, china has as many as 750 million urban commuters. and there's a multibillion-dollar battle for their business. >> it has all the cars around us here. okay. he's letting us in. >> reporter: we crisscrossed beijing to witness the fight from the front seat. in the ring heavyweights uber worth upwards of $70 billion. versus china's dd quaidi valued at 16 billion. >> reporter: we're in a dd car. this gentleman picked us up. but he doesn't want to go on camera. he says he's doing this to make a little extra money. "i can make about $800 a month," he said. "it will help cover the expense
3:43 am
of my car." ride-hailing services are brand new to china and are technically illegal but the law is selectively enforced. both didi and uber are operating in a gray area while the government reviews its regulations. >> call on uber here. two minutes away. >> reporter: since this kind of operation is still considered illegal in beijing, chu jong fo told us, "i drive for uber because it will cover all the penalties if i get caught." didi dwarfs uber here. it's in 360 cities across china compared to uber's 21. both companies are spending big to lure drivers and riders. and both are relying on publicity stunts like this short-lived uber boat we rode in the city of hangzhou. in a letter to investors uber's said competing in china is not for the faint of heart. we'd add driving here is not for
3:44 am
the faint of heart either. seth doane, beijing. kenya may seem like an unlikely place to find a vibrant country music scene. but on a recent trip to nairobi with president obama major garrett saw the influence of elvis on a local musician. >> reporter: as daylight drifts away, bonfires crackle, longnecks stand guard, and -- ♪ country music makes the twilight feel right. this is nairobi, kenya, a city of nearly 4 million. 8,000 miles from the grand ole opry. but for a reporter traveling with president obama the country music and feel of americana is unexpectedly real. right down to the performer, elvis. ♪ ♪ not knowing what real love is ♪ elvis otieno, or sir elvis as he's known in these parts. he is not an impersonator.
3:45 am
he's as country as johnny cash. ♪ lose these new york blues >> my mom and my dad loved elvis presley. and so when my mom gave birth to me, that was the year elvis presley died. mysteriously i became a musician. ♪ rock me mama like a wagon wheel ♪ >> reporter: elvis was born in rural kenya, the son of a preacher. ♪ rock me tell me about country music in nairobi and in kenya. is there an audience for it? >> a huge audience here in kenya. way back then from '50s and '60s there has always been a country music program on the airwaves in the kenyan soil. >> reporter: there still is. "strings of country" runs three times a week. david kamoso hosts the show and says country took hold after kenya freed itself from british colonial rule in 1963.
3:46 am
>> kenyans got exposed to country music a long time ago. ♪ well, i don't obey no social graces ♪ >> reporter: locals call sir elvis a phenomenon. >> the songs sound like the original. that's why wherever he goes there's a huge following. >> reporter: like flash and sarah mwasa, who follow elvis wherever he performs. >> me and my wife are just crazy about this guy. we love country. >> his voice is just amazing. ♪ >> reporter: elvis sometimes shares the stage with esther kankara, an up-and-comer on the kenyan country scene, who styles herself after an american country legend, dolly parton. >> i really love singing her songs. most people say i sing like her. or she sings like me. i don't know. ♪ country has such themes like family values, love, god, and
3:47 am
country roads. >> reporter: those timeless themes, elvis says -- ♪ -- give country music universal appeal and sometimes set dreams in motion. like leaping from an outdoor stage in nairobi to a honky-tonk or something bigger in america. >> it is a dream. but i always put myself in a spot where if it doesn't happen i don't think it's going to be a really big story for me. i keep it simple. >> just like country. >> yeah, that's right. ♪ oh, yes, i'd rather love and lose you ♪ ♪ than never know real love at all ♪ >> reporter: major garrett, nairobi, kenya. it's taco tuesda. you're not coming. i took mucinex to help get rid of my mucusy congestion. oh, right then i'll swing by in like 4 hours. forget the tacos! one pill lasts 12 hours. i'm good all day.
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wait! your loss. i was going to wear a sombrero. only mucinex has a bi-layer tablet that starts fast, and keeps working. not 4, not 6, but 12 full hours. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class?
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a hollywood special effects wizard is making quite a splash on the internet with his home movies. john blackstone has the story of action movie kid. >> reporter: james hashimoto is pretty much your typical 5-year-old. with superhuman powers. the action movie kid videos have blown up online, scoring millions of views. they're created by his dad, daniel hashimoto, hashi to his friends.
3:51 am
>> here we go! >> reporter: special effects wizard who's worked on films such as "kung fu panda 2." >> you know what i told you about climbing on there. >> reporter: the short clips evolved out of play time with dad. >> i'm climbing. >> i know. your mom's going to kill me. >> reporter: real moments at home not directed by dad are simply captured on a smartphone and then turned into movie-quality magic. >> you forgot your lunch! >> he's pretending to be iron man i think and blasting up the kitchen and i thought it would be so fun to add graphics and show them to him so he can see what it's like being a real superhero. >> what was your reaction the first time you saw james blowing the kitchen apart? >> sorry. >> i guess i thought oh, hashi. >> reporter: mom, mandy richardville, has her own outlet for creativity. preparing custom chocolates for parties and events from her home kitchen. >> he has a daddy who makes cartoons, and he lives basically in a chocolate factory.
3:52 am
so he's a lucky kid. >> reporter: the couple has teamed up to write their first action movie kid book. the cover, of course, animates. thanks to an app called blipper. amazing what you can do with an old-fashioned book now. >> it sure is. >> you clearly have the video ideas, but when it came to writing the book, mandy, you became the brains in the operation? >> mostly. i don't know if became is the right word. >> i would give her credit for being the brains of the operation overall. >> reporter: combining his heroic deeds with his love of sci-fi, the book has the kid taming a slime monster. >> slime monster is no match for action movie family. >> reporter: action movie family. >> whoa. >> let's go. >> hopefully part of the lesson of the book is if as a parent you engage in your child's imaginative play you can kind of create these really fun memories for them.
3:53 am
>> reporter: for "cbs this morning" john blackstone, los angeles. colorado state university has a new program in beer. barry petersen has this story. >> there are beers over there. >> reporter: beer and college have gone together for a long time. >> don't lose the foam. that's a common technique people have a problem with especially if you're pouring off a keg. >> reporter: but not like this. colorado state university is one of several colleges now offering a major in beer. >> is this fun? >> it is fun. and it's a lot of work as well. >> reporter: jeff calaway would know. he left the cutting-edge world of biotech to teach about a beverage that man started brewing 7,000 years ago. and beer, it turns out, is complicated. >> this isn't brewing beer in your garage. you've got to have a lot of science that goes with this. >> absolutely. so before the students even get to think about brewing beer they have to learn biochemistry, microbiology, physics, organic chemistry. there's a lot that you have to do to work your way into the lab. >> reporter: a lot of students set their course to work with
3:54 am
craft beers like new belgium, a brewery just down the street. >> america is the best place in the world to drink beer right now. this is where the innovation is happening in beer. >> reporter: ceo kim jordan and her former husband started making beer in a garage in 1991. today new belgium craft beers are shipped across america and even to sweden. but little breweries are doing big business. in 2014 the craft beer market was $19.6 billion strong. still smaller than the $101 billion in sales of beers overall. but craft brewery sales also grew 22%. so to help train more future beer makers new belgium donated a million dollars to the csu program. it's a career with a beverage that has a philosophy all its own. as benjamin franklin lovingly
3:55 am
put it, beer is proof that god wants us to be happy. >> congratulations this semester. >> reporter: barry petersen, fort collins, colorado. the cbs overnight news will be right back. when the engines failed on the plane i was flying, i knew what to do to save my passengers. but when my father sank into depression, i didn't know how to help him. when he ultimately shot himself, he left our family devastated. don't let this happen to you. if you or a loved one is suicidal, call the national suicide prevention lifeline. no matter how hopeless or helpless you feel, with the right help, you can get well.
3:56 am
no matter how hopeless or helpless you feel, is one of the elemental thprivileges of a free people. endowed, as our nation is, with abundant physical resources... ...and inspired as it should be to make those resources and opportunities available for the enjoyment of all... ...we approach reemployment with real hope of finding a better answer than we have now. narrator: donate to goodwill where your donations help fund job placement and training for people in your community.
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natalie cole passed away last thursday. anthony mason looks back on her life and legendary career. ♪ >> reporter: in a career that spans four decades, natalie cole sold more than 30 million records. ♪ you are my first love the daughter of the legendary nat "king" cole and jazz singer maria hawkins ellington, cole made her name in r&b. ♪ i'm so glad ♪ she broke out in 1975 with the hit single "this will be." ♪ this will be ♪ an everlasting love for me the song, which earned cole two grammys including best new artist, was originally offered to someone else, says music journalist james bernard. >> it was offered to aretha franklin first.
3:58 am
♪ i miss you like crazy >> reporter: for all of cole's talent it was her father's legacy that would both help and haunt her career. >> hi, ed. how are you? >> reporter: she appeared with him in 1957 on cbs's "person to person" with edward r. murrow. >> how many of those pups would you like to keep? >> all of them. >> reporter: cole was just 15 years old when her father died of lung cancer. his loss would lead to a struggle with drug addiction. she wrote candidly of her many low points in a 2000 autobiography, "angel on my shoulder." in an interview with "cbs sunday morning" in 2006 she described one of her darkest moments inside of a burning hotel room. >> i had pulled my paraphernalia. i had my drugs. i was getting ready to say okay, this is the way i'm going, i guess i'm going out like this. and when they hacked -- you know, axed the door down and came through, it was like valhalla. it was like god was saying, i'm not through with you yet.
3:59 am
♪ unforgettable >> reporter: cole's greatest triumph came in 1991 with the album "unforgettable with love," covers of standards originally recorded by her father. ♪ that's why darling ♪ it's incredible her duet with her dad on "unforgettable" would sell 14 million copies and earn cole six grammys. she discussed the collaboration in an interview on "cbs this morning" two years ago. >> i never got a chance to say good-bye. and so i continued to converse and tell my dad how much i love him when i get an opportunity to sing these kinds of songs. >> reporter: despite health problems including hepatitis c and kidney failure, cole continued to put out records and tour. to help secure her legacy. ♪ unforgettable too >> that is the overnight news for this monday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us a little later for the morning news and "cbs this morning." from the broadcast center in new
4:00 am
from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm jeff glor. captioning funded by cbs it's monday, january 4th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." president obama promises to use executive orders to strengthen gun control in his final year in office. and the republican candidates running to replace him on sounding off on his proposal. el nino has the west coast in its sights. a trio of powerful storms starts to soak southern california. tensions rise in the high desert of oregon. armed protesters take control of federal lands in a show of force against the government. the first look at the cargo ship lost with 33 people on board during hurricane


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