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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 4, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> good morning, president obama getting developed toy start his final year in offers, now, he is taking aim at guns. he's expected to toughen gun control laws in the next few days. now, this is all part of his plan to make gun control part every his legacy in the white house. we'll let you know about the changes the president is planning to make. >> first though, it is finally cold enough, to start making some snow in the poconos. we know skiers and snow board remembers quite excited about this. finally, feeling like winter. almost like below average if you are just walking outside, just feels that way, you need the code, gloves, hat, nothing if you are justin, because -- >> i make special appearance on the morning show, i got to
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keep the streak going with no coat. i'm a real man. >> do you. >> blame this cold, i'm blaming it on meisha from bringing it in from minnesota. thanks, meisha. >> is it sticking around? >> for few days, short lived, but we take you outside to northampton county, up in bethlehem. where yes, it is a cold morning up in the lehigh valley. temperatures there also below freezing, windchill values in the teens, not much happening in bethlehem, right now, but overall, it is a nice day. we will see the sunshine out just little breezy just have the heaviest coat on. and again no precipitation to talk about today. exception may be a passing flurry. that's about it. up in allentown, it is 28 degrees this hour, 19 in pocono, where you saw the snow guns cranking at big boulder, 30 in reading, south jersey, mid low and mid 30's, so again, these aren't really cold temperatures, it is the wind just makes it feel colder. twenty-eight in quakertown, 29 in doylestown, the key today, is the temperatures aren't going to budget much from where they are right now. because we have this rush of colder air coming in. check out the wind speeds out
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of the northwest at around ten to 15 miles per hour, and that bridges the windchill values from the teens to the 20's, these numbers will drop later tonight. so talking about single digit windchills late tonight, tomorrow morning. storm scan3, quiet, some clouds, maybe couple of flurries showing up mourn montgomery county many showing up on radar, may not be reaching the gown. temperatures really not changing much today at all. 8:00 right around 30 degrees. maybe getting up to the mid 30's by early afternoon in the sunshine. and tonight, temperatures really rapidly drop. so forecast high today, 35 degrees, that makes it the cold et cetera day since march 6th of 2015. and then it just gets colder tonight. >> this arctic blast lingers tomorrow. so tuesday morning, lowe's will be in the teens, the winds continue, and then windchill values single digits tuesday morning, so get ready for some cold temps tomorrow. >> thank you. we have some newspaper video, this is just into our news room. police are on the scene after fatal pedestrian accident on the new jersey turnpike. it happened just before 4:00 a.m. in the outer roadway
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hamilton township just south of the interchange 7a. the left lane is blocked right now. no word on why that victim though was outside his vehicle and on the turnpike. but i know, meisha, a really trying to keep an eye on that and everything else this morning. >> yes, i am indeed, good morning to you, all of you at home. i'll update you on that just a moment. outside, disable vehicle in delaware county, 59 north past route 291, that has now since been cleared, which is good news, another area where we are looking at accident and disable vehicle, 95 south at cottman, disable vehicle here pulled all the way off to the right. just little bit south that far we have the accident right there. not sure if they are related, just make note it will slow you down. ninety-five, tail light moving in the southbound direction past woodhaven road. looking pretty good. just starting to heat up little bit. this is the accident that erika was just talking about, it is a fatal accident, hammill town township new jersey turnpike northbound before 195, the left lane of the outer drive is still
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blocked, i can assure you, though, because of all of the flashing lights vehicles pulling up trying to get this as fast and possibly cleared out of your time sometime sooner t could block more lanes than just this. so if you are in and around this area, whenever we have fatal crash, we know a lot of people will be on scene, you just want to avoid the area at all costs if at all possible. back to you. >> meisha, thank you. president obama starting new year focusing his attention on gun control. today he meets with attorney general, lore eight lynch, to discuss options for regulating guns. at brian web report, the president is already getting reaction from the candidates who want to succeed him. >> democratic frontrunner hillary clinton is praising president obama for executive actions he intends to unveil this week, that would strengthen backgrounds checks on gun purchases. >> if congress won't act we have to do something about the fact that 33,000 people a year die from guns. >> bernie sanders, who is trailing clinton in the polls,
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also backed the president's mover. on sunday the vermont senator criticized republicans for failing to work with democrats on the issue. >> i would prefer that we could have bipartisan support, but the truth is, republicans are not interested in doing anything about gun safety. >> republican presidential couldn't ted ers are already threatening to undo any of the president's actions. donald trump led the charge during a appearance on cbs's "face the nation". >> i don't like anything having to do with changing our second amount: we have plenty of rooms, and regulations, there is plenty of things they can do. all they want to do is blame the guns. it is not the gun that pulls the trigger. >> several other gop contender express similar views. >> this president wants to act as if he is a king, as if dictator. >> we elect add president that has waged war on the constitution. >> president obama will meet with attorney general, lore eight lynch later today, to discuss new actions to help reduce gun violence. brian web, for cbs-3,
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"eyewitness news". sources tell cbs news, that one of those options president obama is looking into includes requiring enhanced reporting and tracking of lost and stolen guns. >> meanwhile, the san bernardino offices where a husband and wife killed 14 people last month reopens today. nearly 600 employees of the inland regional center are returning to home base. the centers executive director says extra security and grief counselors will be available to employees. >> i think it is going to be pretty hard for them to actually go back into the site where everything happened. basically it would be devastating for the people that witness it. >> the conference center where the massacre happened will remain closed. >> back in philadelphia, it is inauguration day. former city councilman, jim kenney, will become the city's newest mayor. kenny won the mayoral election in november with eight a % of the vote. recently he sat down with "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean. kenny says he's eager to begin
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the work of turning campaign promises, like universal pre k into a reality. >> the inauguration ceremony is this morning and kenly take the oath at 11:00 a.m. you can watch it live right here on cbs-3. >> 5:37 right now. in business news this morning, a menu change at mcdonald's and possible battery charge for change for the next iphone. money watch's jill wagner joins us now from the new york stock exchange, that and more for us, good morning. >> good morning, it is the first day of trading for 2016. invest remembers homing for a better year than last. the dow and s&p both had their first negative year since the financial crisis, in part, because every falling oil prices. the nasdaq did manage to fin shall the year in positive territory. >> this morning crude oil prices surging, saudi arabia, one of the worlds' largest oil producers says it is cutting diplomatic ties with iran
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concerned things could get worse, could threaten the global oil spry. investors will be also watching as the consumer electronic show gets underway in las vegas. >> this year companies are expected to show off more virtual reality technology, and also, 4k high definition tv's. at long last, iphones could be getting better battery life. there are rumors the battery in the iphone seven plus will be about 13% bigger than the iphone 6s plus. it is also rumors to have a lot more storage. mcdonald's is gig booed by to it popular dollar menu. starting today the new mc pick menu pick two items for $2, but only from four choices, mc double, motorcycle chicken, small fries, moderil a sticks. all part of the strategy to turn around sluggish sales. erika? >> still some tasty options there. jill, thanks so much. >> mark zuckerberg makes major new years resolution, the founder every facebook says his goal for 2016 is to create
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an artificial intelligence system. zuckerberg says the system will run his home and help him with his work. zuckerberg is known for keeping up with his resolutions, you may recall back in 2010 he vowed to learn manned erin. recently gave 20 minute long speech in that language. >> a life-long lakers fan making plans for sudden windfall after wing 100 grand at a game. david won $95,000 by hitting a half court shot between quarters of last night's game between the lakers and the phoenix suns. think he's excited. he said he has never hit that shot before haw hey no time like the present. he said he is using some that far money to buy tickets for kobe bryant's last game in l.a. congratulations. well, not so much fun, the buffalo bills kicker dan carpenter, he miss rad extra point against the jets yesterday, and see what happened, when he did afterward? he slammed his helmet down, but right when he slammed it down, watch, yup. pops back up, hit him in the face.
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can't giggle. at least the carpenters bills did win the game, nothing the jet out of the afc east, it plays to be a good sport. still ahead this morning, are you still hanging onto your christmas tree? if so, we'll let you know the easy way to get rid of it starting today. also, living live to the fullest, pennsylvania man making the best every his final days with his dog. don't miss this emotional story coming up. >> star wars continues rewriting the record books. hit movie expected to break any day now. >> ♪ you. >> need more than a sweater this morning. bundle up t feels like it is below freezing right now. if you are headed out grab the paper, maybe walk the dog, justin has your chilly back to work forecast coming up next. good morning.
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i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i say "don't eat me now." >> here is a look at your headlines on cbs-3, police investigating deadly pedestrian accident on the new jersey turnpike. we're told a truck hit a person on the turnpike, near interchange 7a in hamilton
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township. meisha will have more on the back up coming up in just a few moment. >> also, today sin august ration day, in the city of philadelphia. mayor michael nutter says, good-bye, ann marie elect, jim kenney, will be sworn in. we'll have live coverage as kenny takes the oath of office right here on cbs-3, at 11:00 a.m. >> president obama getting back to work today after his hawaiian vacation. his first action, taking up gun control. the president plans on expanding background checks, through executive action. so, did you take your christmas tree down over the weekend? if so, starting today, you can re psych they will tree in philadelphia. all do you have do is drop your tree off at one of the six different locations across the city, we'll have those for you coming up in a moment. recycling centers are open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. monday through saturday. we do have them on our website at justin, yesterday, not bad day to take down the decorations, outside just down right cold again. really need to bundle up when
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you head out. >> that's right. first true cold air of the season, arriving today, and temperatures, really aren't that bad right now. twenty's, 30's, but just have level off. not going to get much higher than where we are right now, the trend for the next 28 hours, check in with weather watchers, current air temps, 20's, three's, okay? that's typical. but the wind that's starting to kick up little bit. so, some of the windchill values, gilbertsville, eileen, 24 degrees, 21 bath, 24 in middletown at jason's house, bill, 25, saylorsburg, windchill of 16. this is what it feels like on exposed skin. these numbers will lower, through the afternoon, as the wind picks up. windchill values tonight dropping down into the single digit. in a lot of locations, and if you're not a fan of the cold air, wait couple of days. because it set unless today, tomorrow. there you go. highs in the low and mid 30's, and then by wednesday, we're back to average, low #'s, average high 41 degrees for this time of year. thursday, friday, even warmer. mid and upper four's, really not until friday we see the
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next storm system bring some rain in the forecast, i'll show that you in the seven day. storm scan3, you can see, lake effect snow showers coming off erie, ontario, the flow coming out of the northwest, that's the cold rush of hair coming on in, again, you may sigh passing flurry from time to time in the morning. into the afternoon. but overall, high pressure still in control for the next several days. we're just lock into a cold and dry weather pattern, so a loft sunshine in our forecast, sun just not going to help things out much for the next few days, finally this high starts to leave the region wednesday. allowing more of southerly winds flow, bringing back milder air. here is the trend over the next ten days, we have the cold pocket of air over us right now, watch what happens. it moves on out as we head to this coming weekends, little milder air moves in. indicated by the red here. don't get used to it, though. patterns kind of changing up little bit. so through the middle of the month we get some shots of colder air looks like by the middle of next week, another round of arctic air building. today brisk, cold, 35 degrees,
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some some sun told. eighteen, colder in the suburbs, will feel like single digits. tomorrow morning lows up in the poconos single digit. not factoring in the wind. teens, lehigh valley, philadelphia and 20's in south jersey. feeling much colder with the winds. here is the trends this week. little milder by the end of the week. rain arrives late thursday or right friday into saturday. meisha what's the latest on the roads? >> at least we have the sun. roads looking okay. but dow want to pull your attention right now to fatal accident here in hamilton township. this is in new jersey turnpike northbound before 195. the left lane of the outer drive is still blocked, and as you can see, the officers are on site. we have crews there trying to get this remedy for you. there are a loft flashing lights obviously, this is very serious accident, if you can a individual this area, i would highly recommend you doing so, even though they are saying that just the left lane is blocked. no real backups right now. but i can assure you, that more can become blocked as we progress in the morning if this doesn't get cleared out of the way. right now just left lane, no major backups in and around
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that area. ninety-five south at cottman, where we have another accident, still lingering on that right shoulder, pulled all the way up to the right shoulder, see the flashing lights, did have disable vehicle also blocking right lane. that's now since been moved out of your way. now just dealing with the accident again, that's 95 southbound at cottman. we know that that's a hot spot in the morning, she can cause real slow downs. blue route taillights, past route one, looking pretty good this morning, erika, back over to you. >> meisha, a thank up. western pennsylvania man is making the most of his time with his dog. after his pet was diagnosed with cancer, he started crock cents off items off a bucket list with his best friend. cbs news correspondent jamie uke as reports, their adventure has turned them into huge on line hit. >> a drive-thru the car wash, swimming for the first time. >> nice job, hon. >> i french fries at mcdonald's, and walk down the aisle. with just months to live, this
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beagle poodle mix is checking off a 81 item bucket list with her owner, todd. diagnosissed when lymphoma just before thanksgiving. >> it was the toughest day of my life. >> he's posting each adventure to facebook, some are simple, there is number 43, build a snowman. other are sweet, like number 66, take a relaxing bubble bath. and once all dog own kearse identify with, like number 12, watch a sunset with my best friend. >> why did you create the bucket list? >> we just wanted to do something that would be special for her in her last days. >> it seems to be striking a cord with people from across the country, who write back words of encouragement. the duo still needs to check off about 30 items. >> i tried to, you know, give her as many hugs and kisses and as many treats as she wants now. >> it is a journey no one really wants to take,
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especially with their best friend. jamie, cbs news, new york. >> if you have little animal at home, you can so relate to that, make the last days special. >> one of those things, too, where both humans and animals can relate, because life is so fragile. so when you see bucket list like this, i think that everyone kind of relates on any end of the spectrum, anyone. >> great activities, have to love some of that stuff. >> oh, french fries, in a drew through, who doesn't life that -- love that? >> love that story. so sweet. coming up next. ment prince williams roam but fatherhood, how he says it has changed him as a man when we come back.
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and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. >> police? state college looking for vandals who damaged several sculptures that attract donations for local event. one sculpture that was damaged is the piggy bank, in sydney freedman park t had an estimated $300 inside of it that would have gone to the city's activities on new years eve. the events organizer says he's not surprised because it didn't happen before. but he is frustrated. >> you know, something that gets the whole community joy.
5:54 am
and, you know there is took a loft effort. this ice sculpture wade over 1,000 pounds, so to knock it over, take couple of hundred dollars out of it, that i don't get. >> state college police say if they do identify those vandals, they will face criminal mischief charges. >> well, it may be new year, but the same oil result at the box office, for star wars. >> calling to you. >> the force awakens continues to re-write the record books after brinking in another $88 million. the seventh movie in the star wars franchise is now earned whopping $740 million in less than three weeks. it just blew by titanic as the second highest grossing movie ever, and it will easily pass after tar in just a few days. >> well, here's the rest of the box office how the weaken shaped up for up. daddy's home finished second with $29 million. into the movie hat full eight debuted with $16 million.
5:55 am
sisters and val vin and the chipmunks road chip rounded out top five. question: are miley cyrus and williams hemsworth back together? buzzing over this one. apparently the pair were making out at music festival in native australia over the weaken. they met in 2010 while filming a movie, gotten guage in the 2012, then broke up in 2013, but they've apparently stayed quite friendly. >> welshing dozens every philadelphia area balance reason's showed off their best moves. >> ♪ >> so poised. the american ballet held 2,016 auditions yesterday at the school in pennsylvania ballet on north broad street. auditions are part of a 18 city tour, and only 200 of the more of the 2,000 people who tried out will make that. good luck to everyone who did try out. prince william says ac father has made him more emotional. the royal is the father, the
5:56 am
family photo, two year old prince john, princess charlotte, born in may. in a interview, the 33 year old said that becoming a parent has made him more aware of how precious life is. he also admits he's more prone to welling up now. nothing wrong with. that will. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", a check on traffic and weather together. and just so cold out there, justin has the details. >> also the eagles win but the season over for the birds. pal gallon joins because look at what's next, in a off season, full of uncertainty. that and more when we come back. after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate?
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, a live look for you right now from skycam, at jack frost big boulder, and you're seeing something we haven't seen in ages. finally coal enough, to make snow. people living in that area could see a real flurry today, too. time to break out that heavy winter coat you're going to need it. justin has your forecast coming up. >> also, it is inauguration day for philadelphia mayor-elect jim kenney.
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we're live with a look at some of the big plans kenny has for the city of brotherly love. and, new this morning, two people escape burning home overnight. now, investigators are trying to determine what sparked those flames. >> good morning, it is monday, january 4th, i'm erika von von tiehl. we check in with justin and meisha a kids, watching at home, don't be like justin, don't ditch your coat, hat and gloves before you head outside. meisha, it is cold out there. >> it is cold, erika, i'm right there with you. justin, i'm shaking my finger and head at you. right now the roadways looking pretty good. we do have very serious accident on the new jersey turnpike, i'm going have updates coming up in just a minute. first, going out to you, roadways nice and dry, which is good. and i hear that we might see some sun despite the cold? >> yes, we will see a lot of sun this week. don't get me wrong. i did bring my coat in today. i think it is just more laziness, just don't feel like putting on when i'm out here for minute or so. but yes, cold, temperatures in the 20's, three's, windchill values in the teens right now some spots. but again,


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