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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  January 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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well, the chillies still in the air but it will soon get a little bit warmer, how long will we have to wait? we will answer that question. also unbelievable video that is going viral a local high school basketball coach appears to head butt a referee during a game. we will have details on that. big money, big dreams, jackpot for tonight's power ball drawing sores to 450 million-dollar. so what are the the odds you will be the win senator well, we will let you know coming up. it is wednesday, january 6th good morning glad you are with us i'm nicole brewer in for erika here in the studio with justin and meisha, good morning. >> i'm feeling lucky. i will buy a ticket on that one. >> we will pool it together.
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>> happy wednesday, hump day to you, justin, it was freezing cold yesterday. feeling better this morning. road are nice and dry but what is in store for us. >> we're talking about a warming trend for the next couple days. if you weren't a fan of the weather past couple days you will like this forecast coming up. still down right cold. we don't have wind. that is good news. actual air temperature 22 in philadelphia a look the at these suburbs in the the pine land south jersey, millville it is 8 degrees. thirteen in allentown. colder then mount pocono checks in at ten. quake are town 9 degrees. fourteen in doylestown. eleven in mount holly, new jersey. funny thing is we are warmer in some locations compared to yesterday at this time. 9 degrees warmer in philadelphia. three in wilmington. eleven in mount pocono. the that is a sign of the warmer air trying to come back in, wind are calm to maybe 5 miles an hour. no nasty wind chills. the nice and quiet. we will see a lot of unshine. sun will warm up pretty
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quickly throughout the morning. 9:00 o'clock temperatures in the mid 20's. we are about freezing in mid 30's and afternoon high takes to us 40 degrees which is right on average this time of the year. same deal a at the shore mid 30's in the poconos for the the highs in the sunshine. each day gets warmer a and we're talking about 50's returning to the forecast along with rain chances, i'll time that out in the full forecast in a few more minutes but weather is quiet. the lets see the the roads. i see activity behind you. >> yes, good morning. good morning everybody. if you are just waking up, we are so happy you are here. thinks where we have an accident. it looks worse then it is. this is near downingtown involving three vehicles route 30 eastbound, on the off ramp to 322. off ramp is not blocked. that is good news. the it is involving three vehicles. because of that we will get flashing lights. i'll let you know if that ramp does get closed but right now it is opened. ninety-five south and cottman
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is looking just as it the should 4:59:30 in the morning. that is a gi sign there vine street still closed. for those waiting for vine to reopen, you are closed moving in both the westbound and eastbound directions, but that usually lifts around 5:00 a.m. i will keep you posted on. that 202 northbound near malvern route 401 to 209, two lanes are blocked and also another area where two lanes are block route 42 north to route 55, the 25, two lanes blocked in that area nicole, back over to you. meisha, thank you. a local basketball coach bad behavior is getting a lot of attention right now. it went down in the final seconds of the last night's game between pens bring and neshaminy high school. video a appears to show neshaminy coach jerry divine head butting a referee. eye witt the necessary news justin finch is live in middletown police department in langhorne with that video, good morning. >> reporter: that is right, those clips are shared on social media and watched on you tube, as you mentioned it does a appear neshaminy high
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basketball coach, a hit of some kind of a way, an official while on the court, this is of course all under investigation. trying to figure out what caused that referee to go down. the lets a's take you to video, that is now making the the round on social media. here's a wide look. this is video from wcbb14 live coverage of the neshaminy pennsbury game. a foul is call, and on the right have of your screen you'll see a man in the blue shirt, walking toward the the referee. the 29 essentially get the close a and that referee is down on the ground. that coach has been identified as coach jerry divine, and here is another look, this is now cell phone video that is getting lot of shares. seeing a man identified as coach divine getting close to the referee and from this angle will it does appear that they made some kind of physical contact, and the referee falls. let's bring you a photograph of coach divine. the it is unclear what if any
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charges or discipline he may face. we have reached out to the neshaminy high and school district officials this morning. we are awaiting a response. now back outside live as to what really happened, that is up in the a a air at this point. it does appear a possible head butt or physical contact may have happened. there are reports there was an official response, to the game last night, that is under investigation, too. we do know this is on the radar of middletown township police. we are here awaiting a a comment on this case and we will bring it to you on line, on air once we get it. nicole and erika back to you. justin, thank you. meanwhile the the u.n. security council is planning an emergency meet to go day as word comes that north korea has conduct a nuclear test this photo provided by north korea state media shows kim june unsigning order for testing an underground hydrogen bomb. white house says that the they cannot confirm the test but just minutes ago south korea's spy agency suggested it may have been an atomic bomb test.
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hydrogen bomb is much more powerful then an atomic bomb. this is north korea's fourth test since 2006. friend who allegedly bought at salt rifle used in the san bernardino massacre is scheduled to appear in the riverside courtroom. prosecutors say enrique marquez junior bought the guns that syed far room and his tashfeen fall i can used. he is expecting to face charges. president obama unveils his plan to curb gun violence here in america. the the president says that his plan will help keep guns from people who should not have them. now he wants gun dealers, including those at gun shows and on line to be licensed, and to conduct background checks. currently about 40 percent of sales have no background checks at all. >> we won't be able to operate our web site the the way we have in the past from here on out. >> we are keeping firearms out of the hand of people who
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should not have them. >> reporter: the president also wants to increase funding for mental health care and hire more atf agents, all of which would require approval from the republican led congress. well, now some are questioning whether the president's actions does through executive order are constitutional. "eyewitness news" spoke to a law expert who said those against the order might have a tough fight against of them. >> they can argue that these particular actions go beyond the scope of the power of the president, to take executive actions, and that is probably an uphill fight, president bush has done this in the face of the democratic congresses, and by the way, president roosevelt did this, even when he had a democratic majority. >> even if someone takes the matter to court becker says it could be years before the supreme court would rule on gun control. new philadelphia police commissioner richard ross is getting right to work. he has already named a new
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deputy commissioner, chief inspector myron paterson a 30 year veteran of the force will take the oath this morning. the just yesterday ross was sworn in as city a's top cop at his alma matter, central high school. mayor kenney swore him into the office and district attorney seth williams, hold the bible. >> we need to be more responsible a and accountable to our all of our neighborhood. we can't be afraid to show people who we are and why we do things. it is so, so important. >> ross is a 26 year veteran of the force. a former philadelphia a common pleas judge is on pennsylvania's supreme court. the justice kevin dougherty took the oath of office from chief justice thomas saylor. justice dougherty is one of the new democrats elect to the high court in november. risa vet try furhman is now a new common pleas judge. she chose not to seek a third
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term for d.a. furhman will survey ten year term. this morning a legal victory for bill cosby's wife, a judge agreed to postpone camille cosby's testimony in the defamation lawsuit, filed begins her husband. the the the testimony was supposed to happen today, but the defamation case in massachusetts involves seven women who have accused bill cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. the philadelphia born comedian has denied the allegations. philly's first base man ryan howard is reportedly filing a defamation lawsuit begins aljazeera. it follows documentary the news channel aired linking howard and other high profile athletes to the use of performance enhancing drugs. howard says the the a allegations are false. the odd are high, but so is the jackpot, a a lot of would be millionaires are placing bets for tonight's power ball drawing. the jackpot is 450 million-dollar, so that is why so many people getting in on the the action. that is the cash pay out at more than 275 million-dollar,
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as it the is the fourth largest power ball jackpot in history. odd of winning the grand prize is now one in 300 million, but not bad for 2-dollar ticket. 4:40. much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", from drought to deluge, severe storms put parts of the southern california under water, and more rain could be on the way. also, a shake up in the line up, could it he help the flyers shape their losing streak? we are back in two minutes.
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lymaking it more than just the "pungent stink" neutralizer. it's even the "prevent mold on the shower curtain for up to 7 days" spray. discover more ways you can use lysol to help keep your home healthier. southern callus bracing for more severe weather after rainfall record there national weather service says more than 1.4 inches of rain fell in los angeles international airport beating a record set in 1979. while the rain is a welcomed change from the drought the back to back storms this week could trigger floods and mud slides and that is the danger in all of that drought.
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>> an inch, inch and a half is problems for us but not a big deal. they are just not used to it. it is beneficial rains. we're dry. >> dry but freezing. >> it is cold but good news we will warm it up each day and temperatures back in the 50's by the weekend. a little rain unfortunately. the that is the trade off. we will break it down for you. it is a clear, calm morning, wind are calm in most locations, so that is pretty good. no nasty wind chills. the it is still cold. suburbs down in the single digits. taking a live look at center city, all is good with these conditions. yesterday was cold. high temperature made it up to freezing at philadelphia international airport. that makes it coldest day since march 6th of 2015. we started off the day at 13 degrees. here we go a warming trend average high is 40 degrees. that is what we should reach today. each day gets warmer, by the the end of the week into the weekend we have temperatures returning well above a average in the 50's. maybe even a good 15 degrees above average but check this
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out south jersey, millville, 8 . dover delaware checking in at 18. newark at 16. cherry hill 12. vineland 9 degrees. twelve in woodstown to the north and west same deal nine in quakertown. eighteen lafayette hill. reading and allentown both checking in at 13 degrees. storm scan three is quiet. we have high pressure over us keeping our skies clear but lock nothing that cold temperature again this morning. is there the high on top of us. that blocks any storms from developing, that is why we will see nice bright sunshine, conditions today. tomorrow maybe a few cloud start to develop a as this high pressure moves off shore and then that milder air from the south to move back in the region. one storm system passes off the coast, another one midwest in friday and bringing in a few more clouds and saturday, sunday we have a chance for some showers but for today a cold start but afternoon not too bad, right where it should this be time of the year, 40 degrees in the sunshine. tonight not as cold, 26, but colder in the suburbs and here
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we go with that extended forecast, decent sunshine next couple days, mid 40's for the high thursday, upper 40's friday. the few more clouds, showers saturday morning with the high of 50 and then sunday is the weather day, larger storm system will will bring periods of rain and another cold shot moves in for early next week, nicole, back to you. talking sports, the the flyers are back in the win colon home ice and shaking off memories of their own, free trip to the west coast. the flyers got off to a great start, brayden schenn gets behind canadiens defense and give orange and black a first period lead. schenn had two assists in the game and one of the assists came on sean couturier's third period goal here. the flyers beat the the canadiens four-three. flyers on the road in minnesota friday night. to college basketball and temple owls coach fran dunphy reaches a milestone on the road begins a very tough opponent. ten seconds left in last night's match up with number
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23 u-conn, josh brown gets a runner in the lane to go and temple grabs a two-point lead here. the huskies last second shot is no good, as the owls upset u-conn, 55-53. it is coach dunphy's 200 win at temple. hawks play east carolina saturday night. a atlantic ten and st. joes hawks hosting virginia commonwealth. hawks isaiah a miles had a career night but in a losing cause. miles had 31 points and 11 rebound but rams break st. joes seven game winning streak 85-82. hawks play sunday afternoon. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning how did north korea leader's rattle the markets. but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. now for another look at the head lines, video shows neshaminy high school coach
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jerry divine head butting a referee. yeah. reportedly happened during last night's match between neshaminy and pennsbury high school. "eyewitness news" is a awaiting comment from the school district, meanwhile, the u.n. security council will meet to discuss claims that north korea successfully conduct a hydrogen bomb test. state run tv calls it a perfect success. if confirmed it will lead for push for stronger u.n. sanction as begins north korea and its leader kim june un. estimated jackpot for tonight a's power ball drawing is up to 450 million-dollar, it will be the largest lottery jackpot the in year. theres has been no winner for biggest power ball prize since early november. 4:49. time for a check of business news, jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning to you jill. second day of trading for this year better than the the first. that is some good news. we're hearing it could be a rough start. what can you tell us. >> reporter: well, that is right, good morning, nicole.
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u.s. markets take a cue from a asia and north korea apparently to tested a hydrogen bomb that rattled most asian markets this morning sparking an end of day sell off in japan, south korea and hong kong. china's markets stabilized on word that officials could extend a ban on massive stock selling that was put in place this summer to stop a previous sell off, nicole. >> jill, so some big changes coming to twitter, what is behind this? >> reporter: okay. so, twitter is going long. jack dorsey hinted that the social media platform could lift 140 character limit. the the report is that twitter could a a allow tweets up to 10,000 characters long. this is all about attracting new users. twitter has been struggling while instagram and snap chat have been building their user base. i'm not the in to ity like 140 characters because you are forced to keep it simple and get the to the point.
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all these long posts, i'm with you, jill. >> it is like facebook, right. >> that is what facebook is for if you want to be long wined about it. okay, thanks. coming up, we will get another check of weather and traffic. stay w
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hi, justin. >> another cold start to the morning but temperatures, return to the weekend. we will see sunshine and overall it is a nice day, just throw that heavier coat on. we are still dealing with single digit temperatures in the suburbs, south jersey, millville checks in at 8 degrees. twenty-two at the a airport. thirteen in allentown. wind are calm. there is in wind chill. we can hand this will cold. it is wind that makes it feel worse but we do not have that this morning. look at storm scan three. we are dealing with clear conditions across the northeast and mid-atlantic. high pressure a compliment to that. it will keep us nice and dry
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for next couple days. today not as cold this afternoon. high temperatures gets back where it should be at 40 degrees and wind will stay light out of the southwest at 5 miles an hour. not as cold tonight around 26 for city, colder in the suburbs but we are in the dealing with single digit temperatures and extended forecast, we will be dry for rest of this workweek each day it is warmer, mid 40's tomorrow, upper 40's friday. then we are talking 50's for weekend. but we will have to deal with clouds and rain. best shot for steady rain comes in on sunday. early next week we are dealing with another cold snap, temperatures back in the 30's. it looks like winter is sticking around, meisha, how are the roads. >> that looks great, better than the ice storm we saw yesterday. >> the the road are looking okay, it looks worse then what it is behind me but this is where we do have an accident near downingtown, involving three vehicles, route 30 eastbound off ramp to 322. just moments ago, 15 minutes ago the the ramp was open. the the ramp now is closed. so for those in and around
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this area you want to use an alternate such as ukeland avenue. i'll update you later. lets check the bridge from new jersey moving great in the westbound direction looking nice and quiet. i show you this shot because i love it. it is one of my favorites. the it is beautiful. vine street expressway slowly starting to get opened now. westbound side might be just opening, eastbound still closed. eastbound usually follows westbound. we are waiting on. that it does open you up around 5:00 a.m. hopefully soon eastbound direction will be opened as well. this is where we had construction cleared, near malvern so all good on 202 now. construction still route 30 westbound, before willow grove in new jersey, the right lane is blocked until 6:00 a.m. probably won't cause too many problems but ab wear of. that looking at mass transit looking g patco is running a a new schedule. nicole, back over to you. now lets check some of the stories our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is following. philadelphia a mayor jim kenney talks about the
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so-called stop and frisk policies. plus new jersey lawmakers try to preserve a real estate tax exemption for non-profit hospitals. one of the the detroit's big three car makers is ready to connect drivers while they keep both hand on the wheel. check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we are live with overnight developments after a coach is a accused of hitting a referee. we will have the video. he has talk about banning muslims from america bye now donald trump could face his own travel ban. joe paterno's halo returns why the the artist decided to change this much talked about mural, again. we are back in the top of the hour, stay with us.
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have you seen this video yet. a lot of people are talking about the local basketball coach who lost control during a game last night. it looks like he helped butts the referee. we are live with the legal trouble he could be in right now. and he has only been on the job for one day but philadelphia's new police commissioner is already making changes. we will tell you the the the big difference you will notice when you see police cars in your neighborhood. a lot of people dreaming big about tonight's huge big power ball jackpot worth 450 million-dollar. so if you have your ticket yet? we will let you know which local state has sold the most jackpot winners. it is wednesday, january 6th, if morning. i'm's nicole brewer.
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erika has the the day off today. another frigid day, to start here justin is outside on the the sky deck and more than ace watching the roads, good morning, guys. >> happy wednesday, you guys, it is feeling better, justin, this is great news because yesterday was freezing cold. people could not even start their cars. this morning looking g we have an incident behind me but what is in store for to us day, looking better. >> it is looking better if you don't like this cold. it is under a warming trend over next five days. each day gets warmer. cold this morning but will there is no wind to deal with. we are dealing with actual temperatures hanging out the in the teens. some spots in the single digits a lot of sunshine will warm us up. the right the now at the a airport we are at 21 degrees. the it is pretty cold here compared to other cities that are normally colder then philadelphia. minneapolis coming in at 24. mid 20's in chicago. fargo, north dakota 27. vancouver is 39 degrees. we are feeling a chill here in the mid-atlantic. look the


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