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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  January 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> new at 500 million, that's how much you could win if you hit the jackpot in tonight's powerball drawing. people of course lining up all morning long, getting their trinket for the big drawing, two bucks, and you could be a multi-millionaire. >> tonight's powerball is one of the largest, in us history
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and that is prize big enough to entice the most skeptical of players to buy in, as "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo tells us many in our area are dreaming big. >> yes. five of them. >> that's all i need is one. >> all i need is one. >> they can have it. why not? >> why not me? >> tom brown playing it cool for now. but he thinks this is the winning ticket. >> tomorrow likes his chances even if one in 192 million. >> nice big boat. >> a yacht? >> a yacht, maybe travel around the world little bit. >> already planning how he would spend his $275 million lump sum and so is
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else. from the responsible purchases. >> in. >> pay my kid's college funds, buy a local. >> start working my regular job, then pay all my bills. >> to the items only dreams are made. >> probably get an exotic animal. >> like what? >> like a tyinger. >> few dollars gets you in the 4 states, dc, the us virgin islands, puerto rico. >> being looking for bucky place to buy your ticket, pennsylvania may be the spot there is state sold 17 winning jackpot tickets since it joined the game in 200 it, the most out of any statement. ticket to be purchased until 9:59 tonight. in philadelphia, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and one woman we spoke to this morning said that she would buy a castle and fill it with penguins, now, that's a big dream. so, we didn't quite hit the jackpot weather wise, but it is nicer than yesterday. so little -- first look at your forecast with meteorologist, justin drabick out on the skydeck. >> nicole, feeling whole lot better out here, winds calm, maybe little breeze, five to 10 miles per hour, a loft sunshine, so it actually feels pretty good. finally temperatures return above freezing, and just warming trend really for the next several days, there you go, 35 degrees, current temperature if philadelphia, wilmington, 37 in millville. after this morning, they were around 7 degrees.
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thirty-six palmyra, 33 doylestown. back to near average for average, compared to 24 hours ago, anywhere from about seven to 15 degrees, warmer, so that's a sign of that warmer air mass, pumping into the delaware vale, each day gets little warmer, the winds, really not issue at all, no harsh windchills this afternoon, so it does feel better, if you are headed outside maybe taking down the christmas lights on your house. quiet, compliment of high pressure locked into dry weather pattern through the rest of the week. enjoy this afternoon temperatures where it should be early january, 40 degrees for the high from philadelphia, the shore, mid 30's in the poconos, talking 50's returning to the seven day, along with some rain chances get to the details coming up in a few more minutes, nicole, back to you. >> thank you, bucks county high school basketball coach side lined after video circulated on line that appears to show that coach
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striking a referee. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch tells us, not one but two investigations are underway to get to the bottom of this court side controversy. >> caught on cell phone camera, the moment in question. after a foul call on his team on home court, neshaminy high varsity basketball coach jerry devine approaches the referees. >> coach devine gets close to one ref, then goes down. the coach comes off the court. >> no basket, offensive, and a technical. oh. >> but what caused the fall? what did physical contact a possible head butt? this this clip from wbc1490's live stream of tuesday night's pennsbury neshaminy boys basketball team, announcers way in. by wednesday morning, the neshaminy schools district released a statement. announcing that devine is on administrative leave from teaching and coaching duties as the mat is her investigated. though not called to the gym last night, based on the video, middletown township police on the case as well.
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>> we will do an investigation. we will reach out to anyone that might have witnessed it first-hand, you know, see what we can come up with, just take it from there. >> saws he has taught for 15 years, coached high school basketball high for ten. and now two investigation g, underway, neshaminy schools, middletown township police, meantime, neshaminy high's boys basketball team will play tonight, with out their long time coach. outside neshaminy high school, justin finch, cbs 3, "eyewitness news". >> ryan howard reportedly filing deaf mission lawsuit against al-jazeera. it follows the documentary the news channel aired linking howard to the use of performance enhancing drugs. howard says the allegations are false. >> cambria street kensington skeleton remains were found in a lot by city workers.
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right now no word on how long those reese main have been there or if they are human. stay with "eyewitness news" for the latest on tv and on our website >> police say 54 year old david solo had called 911 state that he was suicidal and dane rug, before officers arrived. well, when police got to the scene, they found him armed with a knife, in the parking lot of the apartment complex on bishop street. police say they opened fire when the man charged at officers. >> the male continued coming forward in a aggressive manor >> feel strongly about the officers in their actions were justified in what they did. >> police say soloo first heard from significant mental
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health issues. it is under investigation. >> police department veteran gets big promotion. myron patterson was sworn in by commissioner richard ross during ceremony at police headquarters. patterson promoted from the rang of chief inspector will lead patrol operations. he emphasized officers and residents have to work together to make important changes. >> if any resentment, that's on all parties, about past circumstances, there is never no forgiveness. and you have to be able to forgive and move forward on different issues, and pledge to work together. >> commissioner patterson 30 year veteran of the department. congratulations. >> well, nuclear weapons experts are trying to determine if north korea successfully test add hydrogen bomb. correspondent kenneth craig with the latest from the united nations where leaders from around
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meeting to discuss those claims. >> north korea made the announcement on tv claiming its first ever test of miniaturized hydrogen bomb was perfect success. blast that registered as 5.1 magnitude quake, quickly triggered international condemnation. including china, one of its few al eyes. south korea called the test a threat to the peace and stability of the world. in a statement the white house said the us will responds to any north korean provocation. if it was high jen bomb, will demonstrate leap forward for north korea in they are on the verge of minaturization, that means that they're very to being able to put that on war head, potentially deploy it well beyond the korean peninsula. diplomats her at the united nations quickly scheduled an emergency closed door meeting to discuss the development. >> emphasizing for security. >> japan mobilized planes to collect air samples to test for radiation.
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analysts say it could take weeks to determine exactly what happened. >> kenneth craig, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". three brothers convict in the terror plot to kill soldiers at joint base dix want their sentences thrown out. they were found guilty in 2008 along with two other men. the brothers are challenging their life sentences on the grounds that their defense attorneys were ineffective. told camden county judge that he was prevented from testifying in his own defense, claim his trial lawyer denies. searching for two suspects they say stole a man's hoverboard.
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take a look at this surround vale end video. ly say two teens were outside recreation center at 57th and haverford, when they were threaten by the men with guns. now, the suspect got away with the hoverboard, iphone six, other items. this all happened on december 18th. if you have any information, please call police. another hoverboard is stolen in the francis ville section of philadelphia. police say three men on bikes punched a 16 year old boy and then pushed him off his hoverboard. it happened on the 700 block of north 19th street on december 27th. again, if you have any information, you're asked to call police. well, coming up on cbs-3, "eyewitness news", advice from a woman who is happy and healthy, and almost 100 years old. plus how ernie, bert and big bird are getting one woman into some legal trouble. turns out they can't help her get elected office. >> and, we'll have that crazy story coming up. the one that got away. but almost did some damage as it left. this is big fish story you won't want to miss. we'l
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well take a look at this, very close call for the fishermen in australia. while boating off the coast of port stevens, the men started reeling in a marilyn. a fish almost impaled one of the now, you can see the fish fly out of the water there, and just knock into that fisherman, before making its way back into the water. one of the fishermen wrote the catch was, quote, pretty much as close as it gets. i'm say. >> well, ernie, bert and big bird, are getting a denver woman into trouble. the muppets' names were listed on the woman's election petition, she hoped it would get her on to the ballot for city council. but election officials say it is no laughing matter. they say cory got that petition signed in a bar, and what resulted was a joke. now, muppets, even the names of dead people, were listed as people supporting her bid for office. she is now facing charges.
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>> the allegations really relate to a number of the other names people's names she forged, that someone north dollars, including at least three people who are dead. >> north signature the former election's mother who has altzheimers' disease, they've been looking for but cannot find her. pope francis marks the epiphany today, the day the bible says the three kings visited the infant geez just bethlehem. event marked with huge parade in saint peters square at the vatican. pope francis says the long journey of the wise men is a parallel to the journey men and women make to find answers to life's questions. the pope also says in front of jesus all divisions of race, language, and culture disappear. well, still ahead on "eyewitness news", traffic drives by, as a tornado touches down in dallas. we'll have that video for you coming up. also, just about 100 years old, but it is not stopping her. this lady's secret to staying
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young. justin? >> after very cold start this morning, we're in the sunshine, and it will feel whole lot better over the next few days. we'll talk almost spring like temperatures over the weekend. details coming
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here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. j lards to imagine, this family under siege when sudden and relentless mud flow surrounded their hillside home. now, thinking fast, they were able to divert the flood water until public works crews arrived with sandbags. miraculously, not drop of mud got into that house. thank goodness. at least three tornados struck the dallas suburbs over
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the weekend. one of the twister was actually caught on traffic camera. take a look t passed over a highway, so you can see traffic still moving along some of the ramps. the twisters of course causing a lot of damage there, and residents still dealing with that aftermath. so a big mess out that way. unfortunately, but back here at home, pretty good. >> yes. >> the only thing thousand dollars deal with was the cold, winner, january, so you can expect. >> long time coming too. >> yes, it has. now we warm it up for few days, don't expect it to last forever, because it is january, but, you know, maybe talk about some 50's coming up in the forecast, little rain though as we head into the weekend. but let's take you up to the poconos, where they were cranking out the snow over the past 24 hours, finally shut the guns off because we're actually above freezing now, even up in the mountains. but they were able to throw down snow, pretty good base there, live look at big boulder, groomers out there. >> ski session opens up later this evening, talk about what's happening. today back to average after the chilly morning.
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>> temperatures where they should be for highs around 40 degrees. then on bit of warming trends over the next five days with couple of rain chances in the forecast 40's this time every year. only made it to 32 degrees, today where we should reach this afternoon, and then each day just gets little warmer. >> temperatures uniform, mid to upper 30's across the south jersey, delaware, same deal around philadelphia right now, so to the north and west, lehigh valley, little cooler, 33 in reading, 31 pottstown, there is mount pocono checking in at 34 degrees this hour. look at storm scan3, nothing is happening, so just locked into this dry weather pattern, that's the trend for the rest of this work week by weekends bit after change. tomorrow, in the sunshine, high starts to leave us, starts moving eastward, this bridges it little milder air each day. so that's why thursday, friday, we're getting close to
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that 50 degrees mark, then by the weekend, winds start to switch off the ocean, still mild flow. there will be clouds around, not going to be nice 50 degrees day. maybe little bit of drizzle. then better chance for some steady rain coming in here on sunday, let's time things out for you, nothing happening today. full sunshine tonight. it. same deal for your thursday. pleasant conditions into friday. start you off with some sunshine. then some clouds start to roll in later friday. then saturday, cloudy day, but here is the thing. again, short lived, warm up, because the pattern at least through mid january, pretty much like this. jet stream will take a dive to the south. so we have frequent hits of the colder air, that's (we had our first shot of the arctic air monday, tuesday, see another one arrive for next week. so looks like january, ends up pretty much typical, maybe even below average if we continue to see this coal air. but today, not as coal, 40 degrees for the high temperature. tonight, 26, so still chilly night. but not talking single digits. and then here we go, the extended forecast, nice days ahead. today, tomorrow, friday.
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mid and upper 40's. saturday, again, overcast, little dreary, fog, mist, ooh degrees. and then stronger storm comes in here sunday, looks like periods of some steady rain, especially sunday morning, could dry out by the afternoon, if it moves out fast enough. fifty-five. then next week there you go tuesday start to see the colder air returning, temperatures back to the 30's so again little something for everybody. if you like the warmth, you will like the next few days, then bring back the cold next week. >> 50's little more speed, but it is nice making snow in the poconos. >> that's good thing. >> happy for the resorts, that's goodment well take a look at this justin, team of female bowl nerves louisianna are proving you don't have to let your age slow up down. they call themselves the golden nuggets bowling league. now members have to be 55 and up to get in. and the oldest member right here turns 100 in about two weeks, so every tuesday she is at the bowling al which her team and spends the other days keeping busy. >> i play bridge three times.
12:22 pm
i have a club, i work in my church, pretty busy for 100 year old. >> and you still drive? >> i drive. i drove today here. >> wow. she looks great. and i mean you're only as old as you feel, right? mildred by the way former school teacher who now spinned her days schooling her league's younger players. as you can tell, she's fierce. we'll take a short break. we'll be right ♪ we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®.
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>> are you frustrated with being on hold with customer service all the time or maybe dealing with the phone, voice tromps? jim donovan on your side with some new high-tech ways to get your problems solved immediately. that's today at 5:00. well, award season is here, hollywood gearing up for the first of them tonight. the people's choice awards, can be seen here on cbs-3. this year, it is hosted by jane lynch of glee fame. also stars in the new cbs comedy angel from hell it, makes its debut this week. lynch of course no stranger to hosting awards shows, she actually hosed prime time emmy award back in 2011, our err vai con teal talked with meg i lawson about tonight's show. >> i understand you're both taking part, hosting, but then you're presenting as women, maggie? >> yes. >> we had rehearsal yesterday, the set is gorgeous. >> beautiful. >> go on twitter feed, see how beautiful the set is.
12:26 pm
>> opening number. >> oh, good. thank you. >> some signature dance moves. >> hang job can we get little preview? >> little something like there is but that's all you're getting. >> i like it. >> little glitch going on, too. >> i like it, can't wait to see that. >> oh, got some moves there. you can see tonight's people choice award, beginning at 9:00 right here on cbs-3, i like that, jean lynch getting down. >> all right, that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm nick oil brewer, for erika and katie who are off, justin who is here, and all of us, at cbs-3, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. and we're always on line at >> that's right, the young and the restless is next, have a great day everyone. stay warm out there. >> ♪
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>> dr. neville: he's giving you bad advice. >> and you're a charlatan! >> ashley: dr. dellafield, please. >> victoria: billy's mother already signed off on the surgery. >> dr. neville: and it's a bad decision. >> who even asked your opinion?! dr. shelby may have put up with this, but now that i'm covering for him, i won't tolerate it. >> dr. neville: well, the fact is that barton likes me even less than you do, dellafield, so welcome aboard. we want the same thing. how we get it is entirely up to the family. >> victoria: ashley, you don't want billy to undergo this procedure? >> ashley: no, victoria, i did, but dr. neville is raising some questions. i think we should discuss our options. >> victoria: options? i thought that billy might not recover if he didn't undergo the surgery. >> ashley: didn't you say that the procedure was really risky? >> it is. it's also necessary. >> dr. neville: in your very narrow opinion. >> [ sighs ] the facts are these. mr. abbott suffered a traumatic brain injury. you were in the room when we almost lost him. >> victoria: yes. it was terrifying. >> we can't let that happen


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