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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 7, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> did i hear that right? did i not win the power ball? i was almost sure i did. >> all right. well, next time, we will pool it together and maybe increase our odds. every single time. good morning, everyone roadways are looking g nice and dry. no major problems. we have a water main break. lauren, you are outside. i know it is still cold out but feeling warmer then it was earlier this week. >> yes, for sure, we will hit the the jackpot with milder eras we head in the upcoming weekend but we will to have contend with some rain but boy, a cold start, to our workweek, the wind chills especially on monday, monday night were brutal. this morning no wind chill factor. the nice calm wind. 31 degrees. still need jacket but temperatures feeling much more mild across southern new jersey and down the the shore, 30 degrees in a atlantic city. still chilly in the the lehigh valley. temperatures in the teens to start off on this thursday morning. storm scan three is quiet, lower clouds creeping in across the delaware valley a
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and contend with a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day but to get you out the door 29 k hour. no precipitation in the forecast for today, chilly for first half of the day but temperatures milder as we head in the afternoon. we will talk about that and also talk about near 60-degree high temperature, for the upcoming weekend but it comes with the catch, meisha a and we will have details coming up. i'm's hanging on every word you say, lauren because 60's sounds so great. >> is there a catch. >> well, we will wait and see, thanks. good morning, happy thursday to you. we are taking a first look at the roadways. things are looking good. this is what we can expect in the 5:00 o'clock hour. things are looking g the nice and quiet. ninety-five southbound, anywhere we look at 95 looking quiet just like this as it should a as we move in the 5:00 o'clock hour as we want to it look. vine street the expressway westbound now opened. so is eastbound side. for those waiting for that
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construction to clear before you hit the the roadway it is all g you can see they are opened, nice and quiet. we have construction route 130 north bound bellmawr, new jersey 76 to market street that left lane will be closed until 6:00 a.m. for the next hour just in the going to cause you any slow downs but left lane is closed. also, septa a regional rails, chestnut hill west start ago i new schedule that starts on monday. the just make sure to check your schedules on line, nicole, back over to you. well, no one in our area, including meisha, is waking up an instant millionaire but don't feel sad we have another chance to strike it rich to the tune of 675 million-dollar. a a lot of money. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live in mayfair where power ball fever is running high, hi there justin. >> reporter: good morning. maybe more power ball hang over but i don't know we all have a chance to win again, that is right. we have until saturday to choose winning six numbers that will net us 675
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million-dollar. no doubt tv's were tuned into the lottery drawings. the winning number 47, two, 63, 62, 11 and power ball number 17 with the multiplier of three. that was for 500 million-dollar. now there is 675 million up for grabs, largest lottery prize in u.s. history. that breaks down to a 413 million-dollar lump sum. last winner of the power ball prize was back in november, but since we have had more than a dozen winless drawings. now 675 million will buy you a lot of fancy cars, rolls royce, lamborghini if you are into some foreign flare, maybe you are into some million-dollar listings though, there are more than a few of those across the delaware valley like this seven million-dollar mansion we found in rittenhouse square. now in the lottery lines there are also meeting lots of power play players feeling quite charitable and check out what they have to say. >> definitely give back to the
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community and the the city of philadelphia, as would i never see it ever again. >> i would give half money again. >> take care of my family. >> take care of my family and friend. >> if you take lump sum and you have no knowledge of money or very little knowledge and not typically good with money, you will blow it and then this great experience will be a horror story. >> so you don't want to do that if you get that lump sum, however, option two is an annuity that will pay you out over several years, perhaps two decade or more, that financial expert also advises you not announce your winnings when you win, meisha or nicole or me right away to keep people that want money off your back. hire lawyers and accountants. you want to keep a budget. even that much money can go very quickly. back over to youy can't wrap my mind someone blowing through 675 million-dollar. i know pay off is much slower but geese, if you waste that money, you've got problems.
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>> justin, thank you. in case you won a smaller prize here are the numbers once again, two, 11, 47, six 263 and power ball is 17. a viral video that "eyewitness news" showed you yesterday has prompted neshaminy school district to put a coach on administrative leave. in the video head basketball coach at the neshaminy high school a appears to head butt a referee. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco says the the debate continues a as to what really happen here. >> neshaminy varsity boys basketball team took the the court away a a against pen ridge with their a assistant coach at the helm. >> teacher a and head coach jerry divine was placed on leave of absence with the school after this confrontation with the referee a a night before in what looks to be a head butt that left the referee laid out on the court. >> unaudible. >> it is a sport, it is a game. i know, it is intense but for
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an adult to act like it ace little out of control. >> reporter: it shows divine getting up the in the closing moments with pennsbury after a foul was called on one of his players. then the referee toppled on to his back landing on to the floor. >> i was very difficulties a appointed, as a teaching professionals we are held to a higher standard. we are responsible for teaching children. >> reporter: the school investigates, the the veteran sportscaster vince reid broadcasting from court side it appears that divine accidentally bumped the ref and did not deliberately head butt him or try to knock him down but one junior player's dad we spoke to who did not want to be on cameras a and was at the game said it was a heated moment and it should be about the the kids. >> many including neshaminy students are standing behind the four three-year old ten year veteran coach and hope to see him court side at their next game friday. >> good coach. he loves the kids.
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he is dedicated. he is committed. he sacrifices his family to coach these kid. >> reporter: pennsylvania athletic association is also looking into the incident and they ruled coach divine must sit out wednesday night's game begins pen ridge which he did. police are looking into whether or not charges will be filed n perkasie i'm diana rocco, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile a republican congressman will announce plans today to introduce legislation a allowing president obama to strip bill cosby of his presidential medal of freedom. cosby was awarded the highest civilian honor in 2002. president obama has said there is no mechanism for revoking that medal. the cosby's january 14th court appearance on sex a assault charge in montgomery county has been postpone. a los angeles county prosecutor is declining to file criminal charges against cosby in connection to allegations that he sexually abused two teenagers in 1965 and 2008. they are citing time limits
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and lack of evidence, behind that decision. well, this chester county man is due in court today after being accused of sexually abusing a young relatives. radnor police say charles robinson of paoli molested a family member for four years. now detectives are warning there could be more victims out the there. >> we now know through investigation that mr. robinson had an affiliation with boy scouts of america, as well as very few groups where he was a coach, basketball coach, involved in a lot of programs, and also he was involved with the the christ, excuse me, church of the savior church, where he was involved in the adoption services. >> police say robinson even took victim's cell phone so they could not call for help. he is free, on bail, this morning. you have heard a lot about the fire threat from hoverboards, right? now the the hot holiday toy is turning into a target for thieves here in philadelphia. check out this surveillance video a group of three men on bikes punched a 16 year-old boy as he rode the his
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hoverboard down north 19th street in francis villas month and then took off with the hoverboard. a similar scene in west philadelphia here police say two men with guns threatened a a pair of teens outside a recreation center at 57th and haverford they got the away with an hoverboard and i phone from one of the teens. police are looking for suspects in both robberies. well, the white house is casting doubt on north korea's claim of successful test of a hydrogen bomb. that blast registered a as a magnitude 5.1 near a nuclear test site. white house spokesmen josh earn is says u.s. is working closely to learn more about the test. the it may take weeks, or longer to either confirm or contradict the the communist country's claim. 5:09. joe biden is opening up as his time in office starts to wind down. hear about his one decision he says that he regrets every day. plus... >> i'm danielle noting ham in new hall, california, coming up, more rain, snow,
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and thunderstorms as the the the west coast feels the impact of el nino. also he was just monkeys around and ended up igniting a legal battle will why that selfie caused so much controversy. ♪ a moving moment at the peoples choice awards last night, as a star gets emotion aal paying tribute to one of his friend. we will have that video for you, coming up, stay with us.
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truvia. life with less sugar is just as sweet. welcome back. el nino remitted storms continue to pound california, strong wind, took down trees and knocked out power lines near san diego last night. heavy rain has closed road around the region as well. cbs news correspondent danielle nottingham joins us from california where threat of mud slides has forced people from their homes, danielle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. ten mobile homes were evacuated in this community, northwest of los angeles, and now a fire burned here last year which left the area baron. the perfect conditions, for
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mud slides. crews are working to sure up that hill side to stop mud flow through this community. parts of the southern california already soak by days of rain are bracing for more wet wet they are morning. fueled by el nino. a third round of heavy rain, and strong wind on wednesday up rooted massive trees in the san diego a area. >> the whole house shook, you know, for two minutes, i hope my roof doesn't go off and me with it. >> reporter: launching tree limbs into homes. >> it came where i was sitting. i don't know it would have hurt. >> reporter: many drivers had to be rescued from their vehicles as road were transformed into rivers. the deluge saturated hill side triggering mud slides that spilled on to highways. >> you can drive along and drive right into it and then you are up to your window shade, shield here, in mud. >> reporter: here in new hall a mud slide threat forced residents some elderly and disabled to leave their home,
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and even more rain is on the way for weekend and beyond. >> number five on saturday, and a sixth storm of the month will hit the top of next week leading to widespread rainfall totals for the entire state of california, nevada a and arizona of at least 1 inch from the coastline from top to bottom and phoenix getting an inch or 2 inches have rain. >> reporter: system has brought a foot of snow to the mountains help to recharge the the region's snow pack. and, this is just the beginning, forecasters expect the impact of el nino to only get worse, as the the winter drags on. officials say it will take several years of more storms like these, to reverse the impact of a four year drought. live from new hall, california, danielle nottingham, nicole, back to you. >> danielle thank you for that report. we do appreciate it. meantime a dramatic water rescue caught on cameras take a look, fire fighters in northern california, rushed to
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rescue a woman trapped inside of a truck with water rising, very scary situation. authorities say that the truck got swept away in flood water and became wedged against a telephone pole. the man managed to escape but would the man had to be rescue. she was taken to the hospital, where she is said to be in good condition. thankfully they made it out alive but it is a amazing what weather can do. it is powerful. >> it is very powerful. >> we're dealing with this powerful el nino. across the country, so many area. >> we have seen different results in different areas. our result has been that warmth, record warm december in philadelphia, warmest since the 1800's. >> that is crazy. >> we have more warmth heading in the upcoming weekend, very a-typical for this season, temperatures more typical right now. thirty-one in philadelphia chillier in the lehigh valley. temperatures in the teens, 20 in lancaster and feeling more mild in wildwood at 32 degrees right now. storm scan three showing us quiet conditions, couple of false returns, not worried
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about this, no precipitation in store, seeing some low cloud though spreading from south, to north across the the area, we will contend with patchy low clouds on and off throughout the the day-to-day but what we have not been contending with so far this season is the the snowfall, our normal snowfall amount to date will have it close to 4.7 f snowfall so far this season, nothing. we have precipitation in the the forecast but it will be just rainfall kind. checking in on future weather we will see those patchy clouds around through the day-to-day, otherwise pretty quiet. high pressure will start to retreat off to our east as we head in the day, last day of the workweek, we will stay dry during the daze time hours but we could see a few showers building in heading into friday and early morning hours of saturday and then again, dry during the the day time hours on saturday but a more potent system starts to move in, a lot of moisture in association with this system and that will bring in rain for saturday night especially midnight. we could see heavy period of
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rain saturday night and first half of sunday but for today nice and dry mix of sun and clouds and milder. overnight the tonight still quiet down to 31. i'm not worried about wind chill. sunset at 4:52 this evening. we are kicking off a warming trend. forty-seven on friday. increasing cloud, high temperature of 50 degrees, on saturday, and then we will have to deal with cloudy, damp conditions, drizzle a around, morning rainfall and then as i mentioned we will deal with heavy rain saturday nate but most people will be on the not on the roadways and hanging on watching netflix. >> weekend are quiet, lauren too you say 58, even they there is rain in the forecast, i smile. that is good news. the it is warming up. the roadways are warming up too. it is looking busier in new jersey. just about ten to 15 minutes ago we were peeking a at 42 freeway heading in the north bound direction. as you can see traveling north bound it is a steady, volume, influx. it is getting heavier and
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heavier as we progress through the 5:00 o'clock hour. still traveling at posted speeds. forty-two freeway is an area that tend to slow down quickly. it is a lot like nine 56789 i keep my eyes on 42 and 95. we have another point as you are moving from new jersey in the westbound direction looking good here. again, westbound you can see it is very, very, low volume, on the ben franklin bridge. we have seen this all week. ben franklin bridge has looked great. all of the bridges have all week long as i have looked at those. vine street expressway all opened. for those hopping on the vine east and westbound all clear. so head on out there. that is good thing about waking up early, nicole, back over to you. vice-president joe biden now regrets his decision in the the to run for president, in october, he said time had run out to make a decision that he wouldn't run. weighed heavily on his decision was the death of his son beau from brain cancer last may. biden said he made the right call for himself and his
5:20 am
family and pledged to stay deeply involved in this years campaign. president obama is working on his final state of the union address. white house released a video of the president previewing his speech. the president painted an optimistic picture for this year. >> since i took office seven years ago in the middle of crisis i don't think i have ever been more optimistic about a year ahead then i am right now. >> senior obama administration officials say the the president will deliver a non-traditional speech. the the president's final state of the union a address is next tuesday, you can see it at the 9:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. 5:20. latest, greatest gadgets are shown off right now you in las vegas we will show you advanced features that could on your next television and cool new technology forecaster. also, this could be the most fancy doughnut you have ever seen, the the expensive price tag with a bite out of the golden doughnut. i don't know why you want your doughnut covered in gold but
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we will find out next, stay with us.
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welcome back. do you love gadgets, then vegas is place to be this week as all kind of new tech toys are unveiled at the consumer electronics show. kara suboy shows us the future of television. >> thin is in at least for televisions at this years ces conference in las vegas. samsung, sony and other manufacturers are slimming down the screens, like this latest offering from lg. >> i think it is a tenth of an inch thick, about the depth of four credit cards. >> reporter: but they say don't skimp on picture quality. technology has moved from 4k to high dynamic range. >> the idea there is you have improved color and you have improved range from the black to white. picture can look better. it is not more pixels but more
5:25 am
with hdr. >> reporter: before you upgrade be warned, this technology is in the infancy and expensive and in the much content to watch on these screens. >> there is only a few guys putting them out, handful of movies that handle it. we will see a a lot coming next year but how good it translates in the home will be really fun to watch. >> reporter: another screen soon vying for your a a attention will be smaller, able only inches from your face. the virtual reality has, taken off like these are set to hit the market later this year. >> people are very interested in trying to figure out how to make this look more interesting, be easier to use, be more affordable, and have a way to interact and be places that aren't just about putting it on your face. >> reporter: virtual reality feel more real, there are arm chairs that move and shake you in step with the movie. >> it is a bumpy ride, wow. >> reporter: for latest news and review from ces, go to c-net to the come. in las vegas i'm kara suboy
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for c-net to the come for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". notice anything different about this car? it doesn't have mirrors. that is different, right. bmw unveiled the new i8 at the consume are electronic as show, ces, the car has three cameras instead of mirrors and video is then project on the screen where rear-view mirror normally is. bmw says they eliminate blind spots but you won't find the car on the road anytime soon because it is illegal to drive, with a rear-view mirror. so that is an interesting thought there. a federal judge, isn't monkeying around when it comes to a famous selfie. he ruled that a monkey cannot own copy right to a photo have graph. at issue this 2011 photo, taken by him. the monk any indonesia used a camera left by nature's photographer david slate tore snap that selfie. slater owns the british copy right the to that picture. peta wanted judge to declare the the monkey top i right owner and use profits to
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benefit the monkey. companies like wikipedia says in one owns the copy right because it was taken by a a monkey. so there you have it. coming up next on "eyewitness news" job cuts about to hit hard at a local landmark. we will have details, jan. nicole, a new study shows something we know all too well about, adults are not getting enough sleep. coming up how much you need and what could happen if you don't get in those z's. can't is no longer in my vocabulary. >> she refuses to let her disability slow her down see how she's overcoming obstacle toss live her dream, lauren. after a frigid start to the week we will warm things up in the upcoming weekend but it will come with some rain and we will have details in the eyewitness weather forecast coming
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are you waking up a a little tired, a after maybe a night of tossing and turning in bed, well, you are not the only one. we will let you know the the surprising number of people who are not getting a a good night sleep and group that is suffering the most. but first they are making snow in the poconos. this is a good sign this morning but here around philadelphia it is starting to warm up. i think i heard temperatures nearing the 60's lauren. >> it is. >> little trade off with wet weather, yes. >> impact here. >> it will impact u


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