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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 7, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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are you waking up a a little tired, a after maybe a night of tossing and turning in bed, well, you are not the only one. we will let you know the the surprising number of people who are not getting a a good night sleep and group that is suffering the most. but first they are making snow in the poconos. this is a good sign this morning but here around philadelphia it is starting to warm up. i think i heard temperatures nearing the 60's lauren. >> it is. >> little trade off with wet weather, yes. >> impact here. >> it will impact us but it will be this weekend, right.
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>> yes, true. >> it will be light levels. >> just hang inside, watch rainfall, winter warm up is on the way, a after a cold, start. >> i know. >> to the week. >> shocking news. >> yes. >> shock to the system. >> we will warm up as we head in the upcoming weekend but temperatures right now are chilly, 28 degrees as we look at our live neighborhood network palmyra cove nature park getting a nice view of center city from a a far. wind speeds are light to come, also not much wind chill impact and that is refreshing, after what we have dealt with earlier this week, wind calm right now in center city, 31 degrees getting a close look at in wind chill impact, feels like 31 degrees. storm scan three showing us a a few false returns, low clouds starting to build in from south to north across the delaware valley, clear sky conditions leading colder temperatures in the the lehigh valley and up in the poconos, we will see these patchy lower cloud continue to hang with us throughout the day-to-day in your daily planner, chilly
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start, 33 degrees for the 9:00 . we are up to 41 degrees above the average high by the noon hour and heading in the second half of the day a mix of sun and clouds as we look toward second half of the afternoon, 43 degrees, we will top off at 44 degrees, later today but we have that big warm up in store and i'll talk about that with your seven day forecast in a few, meisha. >> music to our ears, lauren we love those warm ups especially in january. good morning, happy thursday to you just waking up with us, as always we are so happy you are here, here's i-95 north at 452, look good, still looking nice, quiet all the way pushing northbound toward that airport, this is what you're looking at and air port, you are looking good no major delays there. i-95 slow at cottman just starting to heat up, 20 minutes ago at this camera shot it was a ghost town and now we are seeing what it looks like, a as we push in the 5:00 o'clock hour. 5:32 to be exact. already we are seeing levels build, both northbound and
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southbound i-95 a at cottman. ben franklin bridge still looking good and nice and quiet. anywhere i look we are traveling at posted speed. water main break in norristown powell street, and also some construction, through bellmawr, new jersey route 130 northbound 76 to market street left lane is closed until 6:00 . we have 30 minutes there back over to you. well, something that people worked this early in the morning already know we are not getting that much sleep. jan carabao is telling us about a new sleep study and how much we really need. that is the big question. >> this does hit close to home. we know all about it too well. new study shows how important it is for adults to get seven hours of sleep a night. of course that is easier said then done for particular groups of people. jackie cohen is, busy she's an entrepreneur and single mom of a two-year old. >> i never get seven hours of sleep in a night. i'm going to say, ever. >> reporter: so cbs news asked
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cohen to chronicle a typical night of sleep. >> it is now 1:30 in the morning and i have not gone to sleep. so i'm a bit more tired. >> reporter: forty-four year-old is not a alone, a a report by national center for health statistics finds nearly a third of adults don't get recommended seven hours of sleep daily, single moms have had greatest difficulty, 40 percent get less than one hours compared to 31 percent of married woman. cbs news correspondent doctor john lepuke sat down with doctor daniel barone a neurologist at new york presbyterian center for sleep medicine. >> what does our body a accomplish while we are a asleep. repair and recovery of the cell level of every organ system that we have. our hearties given a break, blood vessels are allowed to relax, blood sugar goes down. there is in way of getting around the need to sleep. even if you want to live every
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minute of your day, you still have to go to sleep, for about a third of your life. >> great equalizer, and we all have to sleep. >> sleep deprivation can cause more than just being tired, it has been linked to problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, mood disorder and weakened immune system. there is recent evidence it may contribute to dementia and obesity a lot of issues related to not getting enough sleep, serious issues. >> reporter: you don't think about all those individual things but you feel so much better. >> reporter: we could be a case study. >> muse disorder, you know, who are you talking about jan? i want names. >> reporter: yes, exactly. >> good stuff, thanks, appreciate it. dozens of local, macy's workers could lose their jobs after the department store chain makes a major cut. macy's announced it is closing 36 stores this year including one at suburban square in ardmore after a rough holiday season. clearance sales will begin
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monday and stores will close this spring. seventy-four people work at the suburban square store. some will lose their jobs all together but others will be moved to other stores, so some good news there. all right. 5:36. in business news this morning some good news for the u.s. economy but not such good news for wall street. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange with more on that, hi there, jill. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. shaping up to be another rough day on wall street, earlier today china's stock market halted trading for second time in three days. this time stocks plunged 7 percent, after just a half an hour. so that triggered an automatic circuit break error stop to trading. big concern is china's economy, the second largest in the world is slowing down and china is one of the united states biggest trading partners. futures are pointing to a huge sell off, yesterday the dow jones fell 252 points, and will get below 17,000 mark, nasdaq dropped 55. now to some good news on the
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economy, job growth, surged in december here in the u.s., payroll processor adp says private companies added 257,000 jobs that is way more than expected. apple says customers spent american a billion dollars on app and in app purchases over the holidays. new years day was the biggest day ever for the the store, christmas day was second: >> that is interesting. >> all right. >> good information. >> appreciate it. more trouble this morning for chipotle to tell but, mexican food chain is facing a criminal investigation in the aftermath of the noro virus out break in california. federal investigators are looking into the the out break that sickened 100 people last august. the sales at chipotle restaurants across the country have suffered because of the food safety issues. chick-fil-a is hoping diet conscious cuss hers will enjoy their new offering, kail, they call it a super food side, the chain is offering a blend of chopped kail and broccoli meat
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in a mapel dressing. it is topped with sour cherries and roasted nuts, it is 140 calories, the large is 170 calories, it joins the menu later this month. >> i don't know i don't go to chick-fil-a for the salad but that is just me. local make up artist is making a name for herself in the fashion world but she isn't your average artist. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown shows us incredible obstacle this is would woman has overcome to live her dream. >> extremely fiber look. >> reporter: for jessica ruiz every face is a fresh canvas that she transforms into a work of art. for this 27 year-old artistry began the moment that she picks up a make up brush with her mouth. >> it has motivate meade to the fullest. >> reporter: born with a congenital muscle disorder that effects all four limbs, jessica refused to let her disability become a disadvantage, by middle school she was applying her own make
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up and practicing on friends. >> i got to be honest it wasn't the perfect outline error perfect mascara, but it was a mess. >> reporter: after applying to beauty schools after high school she said that she was reject by everyone. >> they told me that cosmetology was not in the best effort for myself, because of the way i did make up with my mouth. they say it wasn't sanitary. >> reporter: jessica studied videos and taught herself a technique that she has mastered. >> the good thing about me doing make up with my mouth is i am so close to the face. so lines are precise. >> first time i was amazed, i was wondering how well she do my make up with my mouth and when i seen have aftermath it was beautiful. >> it is perfect. >> reporter: her work landed her lead make up artist role for philly small business fashion week and she has received several mentionness national publications like glamour and people magazine.
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>> it is all about giving people opportunities and platform for small business toss showcase their talents. so if i would have turned her situation down it would have been contradicting myself. >> reporter: despite limited maine built in her arms, opportunities seem limit less for jessica who is living out her dream one brush stroke at a time. >> good to go. >> can't is no longer in my vocabulary and a disability is all within the mind. only you you can limit yourself to what you are cape aable of doing. >> reporter: for now jessica works out of this small studio in south philadelphia but she's well on her way to accomplishing her dreams of one day owning her own salon and creating her own make up line. in south philadelphia, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> wow, isn't that amazing. >> so she goes from being rejoked to being the lead make up artist. it just goes to show you that anything is possible. you cannot let anyone or anything keep you back.
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>> amazing don't let other people tell you what you cannot do. >> what the body can do. >> she's so talented. >> make up is not easy, for the the gentlemen who is listening, it is not easy. think about what she's up a against and she's doing it a and now lead make up artist. >> talent is amazing, spirit is extraordinary. well, what do you know, what do you do when there is no snow. you make it yourself. we will show you how a teenager turned his backyard into a winter wonder land. plus stealing the spotlight you have to see when a stage crasher tries to interrupt the ladies of the talk, while collecting an award. not the view. this doughnut the may be too rich for your taste but you can eat it the with a jaw dropping price tag. you why are eating a golden doughnut? i don't know but we will have details coming up next, stay with us.
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what...before the sugarcane.f was discovered... all our favorite sugary foods would be our favorite truvia-y foods. truvia. life with less sugar is just as sweet. word is rube describing the man who crash the stage at the peoples choice awards. >> um-hmm, um-hmm,. >> unaudible. >> you ain't going to pull no steve harvey up in here. no, no sir, no sir. security. >> all right. well, it happened as host of the talk were accepting their award for favorite daytime tv hosting team, the stage crasher gave a shout out to kevin gates before sharon osborne as you just saw literally kicked him off the
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stage. >> ♪ it has been a long day without you my friend ♪ >> vin diesel, surprising the audience there at peoples choice award with his mini rendition of see you again, he sang that song as a tribute to his late friend and co-star paul walker who died in a car crash in 2013. diesel was on stage to accept two award for furious seven, favorite movie and favorite action movie. it took 20 days for star wars to smash biggest record in movie history. >> force is given to you. >> the force awakens just passed avatar for highest grossing move any north american history. the seventh movie in the star wars franchise has now earned more than 750 million-dollar, the movie opens up in china this weekend so it could end up passing the
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2 billion-dollar mark worldwide, amazing. some of us might be happy there is no snow yet, right but a virginia teenager was tired of waiting, 15 year-old mason crave even took matters in his own hand. he built his own snow making machine and fired it up at his home in richmond, virginia. they were skeptical but mason said he had it all figured out and he found plans on line. >> i bought all of the parts on line and i put it together and now, it is cold enough, i have been blowing snow in my backyard for the last few days. >> pretty cool stuff. >> since his construction project mason is the most popular kid in the neighborhood. you can understand why. lauren, we are waiting for our first sign of snow around here, not that i'm waiting with baited breath because would i rather it hold off for quite sometime but no snow to speak of, not yet. >> no snow to speak of and we're in january and so there could be some in our future but as is typical but no snow and only rain for the next
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seven days. the let's check with our weather watchers this morning and see what they are up to. we have chilly temperature especially where we have had clear sky conditions throughout the overnight period. we will check in 23 degrees right the now with ed in chesterfield, new jersey and his wind speeds, calm, right now, not dealing with any kind of wind chill component that we were dealing with earlier this week and he said so much warmer this morning, and no frost, and there is no light. of course we have in light but we are seeing warmer days, we are gaining a minute of daylight each day as we head into the next couple of days. we will check in a little chillier 16 degrees, clear sky conditions, up towards lehigh valley and overnight period and typically leads to colder temperatures, radiational cooling. john reporting 16 degrees right now in perkasie and he says, slowly but steady warming up and that is the trend as we head in the next several days. 31 degrees right new in philadelphia, so chilly, but in the too bad considering on tuesday our high temperature
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was 32 degrees, we have chillier temperatures up toward lehigh valley where we have had clear sky conditions in place. bundle up there. temperatures in the teens but we're heading in the positive numbers four hour temperature change, 24 degrees, in millville, about 10 degrees in philadelphia. we're up to 20 degrees right now in wildwood and storm scan three is showing us pretty quiet conditions, you do notice those lower clouds building in but those have stabilized our temperatures in philadelphia, points south and east, clear sky conditions up toward lehigh valley and in the poconos leading to those chillier temperatures. what to expect heading in the next several days? a fourth day and tomorrow, very quiet pattern not worried about any precipitation, high temperatures in the the 40's, for the the upcoming weekend very mild another dose of warmth climbing up in the 50's meisha but we will deal with damp conditions especially saturday night. >> that is all right hey, if you are saying 50's, even pushing in the later 50's, that is okay, lauren we can deal with the rain.
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good morning, happy thursday. live look outside at 676 in new jersey. headlights moving in the north bound direction here towards ben franklin bridge at route 130, looking good, love this shot too. still dark out and still quiet but we are seeing volume levels pick upright now. looking westbound looking good there but we are seeing levels build on the ben franklin bridge as well. forty-two freeway northbound another camera shot at new jersey, creek road, looking good but as you can see every time i show this shot it is looking busier, busier, busier. still traveling at posted speeds there, that is good but you will slow downing moving on into the 6:00 o'clock hour. the chestnut hill west, septa regional rails starting a new schedule on monday so check them on line. and also, construction aramingo avenue is closed york street to delaware avenue 9:00a in m to 3:00 p.m. running until tomorrow. so use an alternate again today, richmond street is your best bet that water main break
5:50 am
in norristown has been all cleared. nicole, back to you. pair of the pennsylvania natives are the only members of the the baseball hall of fame class of 2016. ken griffey junior of the washington county what's electric with the record 99 percent of the vote. griffey was a 13 time all-star and had 630 home runs on the the all time list number six. mike piazza was also elect, two time all-star was pick on his fourth try. pretty cool. eagles will have a second interview with bears offensive coordinator adam gase as they search for chip kelly's replacement. dolphins like gase. eagles won't be getting sean payton. the former eagles quarterback coach says he is a staying with the a saints. new this morning devon still has signed with the houston texans, we can tell you that much. still as father of lea still whose battle with childhood cancer inspired fans and non-fans alike. her cancer is in remission and
5:51 am
she has a final treatment set for tomorrow. devon still was born in camden and went to howard high school. he was big ten player of the year with penn state. a brooklyn restaurant is putting a lot of carrots in their latest doughnut and we are not talking about vegetable but actual gold. the social club is offering this 24 carat gold doughnut for, hundred bucks. some things you just don't get in life. it is doused in crystal champagne icing we're told and made with the yam used in filipino deserts. it is said to have a honey flavor and they sell, a dozen of these things for a thousand dollars. >> wow. >> i mean why. >> all of the things i can do with a you this dollars. >> don't include a dozen doughnuts. >> no one eating gold. >> i don't think it is real gold. >> but a thousand dollars would you think it would be real. >> a thousand for a dozen. >> who is buying. >> i'll try it.
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>> yes. >> by the way, you have to try the the doughnut there they don't ship the the doughnuts. all right, ladies we are talking about a major milestone for prince george. who doesn't like pictures of the royal family. see pressures pictures of the young royal heading off to school for the very first time. already time for that. okay, we will have his pictu what makes this simple salad the becalifornia walnuts.r? the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts.
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it would feel really good to be a alive to win the power ball drawing this weekend, right it is worth a record breaking 675 million-dollar after no one matched all six numbers last night and don't be surprised if the jackpot grows once again before saturday night. we will talk about even more money. speaking of money lucky woman in atlantic city just struck it rich playing a penny slot machine. i never thought you would win with those but do you. she was playing wheel of fortune game at taj mahal when she hit three million-dollar jackpot. casino says that the 50 year-old woman place add a 4-dollar bet on that game which is connect to the same type of machine in other casinos. she won a grand total of
5:56 am
3,084,922 doll arts, to be exact, and the new jersey division of gaming enforcement it says that the jackpot is largest one in ac, in more than three years. so, pretty exciting stuff. duke and duchess of cambridge are sharing some adorable picture of prince george on his first day of prek. these photos released shows prince george in front of the mural outside a school in are in foulke a hundred males from london. george is william and kate's oldest child, of course and by these pictures he seems to be very happy heading to school. i cannot believe he is nursery school age. they grow up so fast. coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news", first ever drone that can carry a a human. yeah, i read that right. we are getting more high tech gadgets a at consumer electronics show including a segway turned robot. no hoverboard is a loud at one new jersey university find out why school is banning the popular tea vice coming up next.
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when we go to the store,
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i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me.
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well, no frost on the windshield this morning, that is some good news for you, we are waking up to milder temperatures and lauren hacking more change's head in the forecast. if you fell asleep before
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the power ball drawing last night we are or toy tell you did you not win, be in did but that means is there a even bigger record breaking jackpot for this weekend. some more trouble this morning for bill cosby, this time, congress gets involved in the comedian's high profile case, we will get the details coming up. it is thursday, january 7th, good morning, glad you are with us, i'm nicole brewer. we are getting your day started with weather and traffic. we have meisha and lauren on the sky deck and you guys in control, you've got some information for us, good morning. >> things are looking good. nicole we didn't win this time but we will get them next time. >> fingers crossed. >> even more money. >> even more money. >> yes. >> all right. roadways are looking good, nice, dry this morning and i think overall thing is everyone is so happy, it is getting warmer this week. rain not until this weekend, such great news for our morning commuters, lauren, what is in store how is it feeling. >> it is chilly but if i were out here two days ago i would be much less happy.


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