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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 7, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, january 7th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news. an urgent rescue is unfolding right now to reach 17 minors trapped nearly 800 feet underground in new york state. >> vice president joe biden says he regularities his decision not to run for the white house. can a cup of coffee a day keep the doctor away? new federal health guidelines on what makes a healthy diet. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. 17 are trapped 800 feet underground in new york outside of ithaca. >> first responders race to
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rescue a group of minors. >> the workers stuck in an elevator at a cargo salt mine. >> u.s. features in the u.s. pointing to a brutal open. >> extreme weather. a third el nino fueled storm is slamming california. >> there he goes into safety. >> no powerball winner. sad's jackpot will be an estimated 675 million, the largest in u.s. history. >> donald trump is suggesting, saying that you had a canadian passport. >> not true. >> reporter: the war of worlds is heating up between donald trump and ted cruz. scientists casting doubt on north korea's claim of a hydrogen bomb test. >> the event is not consistent what north korea claims. >> a federal grand jury subpoenaed 'cchipotle after e. coli and norovirus incidents.
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>> the only way to jump was that their window. all should be okay. >> all that. >> favorite late night show host in this room right now. >> i don't know. what do you think, jay? >> i like it. >> 42nd annual people's choice award. >> someone tried to turn the spot all right. >> you ain't pulling no steve harvey up here. >> and all that matters. >> looks like kim is lying again. >> north korea says they have tested a hydrogen bomb and we have their exclusive footage of the test. >> on "cbs this morning." >> we came back from a beautiful family vacation, which i call let's pay a lot of money to go fight in a hotel. i've been there! lights fight on bikes! let's fight on badpaddle boardsd fight on how those other children seem to be. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this
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morning." there is an urgent effort under way right now to rescue 17 miners trapped deep underground in upstate, new york. workers are stuck in an elevator about 800 feet below ground in lansing. >> the drama is unfolding at the kayuga salt mine, one of the deepest salt mines in north america. demarco morgan is following this breaking story. >> reporter: this image behind me shows the crane that arrived on the scene a short time ago to help end the rescue effort. we have been told that emergency responders just brought four of the miners to surface so good news there. they are in communication with the rest who with are all in good condition. so far, what we know is around 10:20 p.m. last night the miners got stuck in an elevator while working in the kuyaga salt mine and 7500 feet under ground according to the ithaca fire department. that is about half of the size of the empire state building and
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happening in lansing, new york, an hour south of syracuse. the mine dates back to 1915 and one of the deepest salt mines in the country. we are told first responders have been able to send down food, water and blankets. the miners who are still trapped are not in any immediate danger as of now and no timetable how long this rescue operation will take. >> thank you, demarco. we have got more breaking news. police in paris just stopped what may have been a new terror attack. officers shot and killed a man with a knife as he tried to enter a police station on the one-year anniversary the deadly attack of the offices of "charlie hebdo" newspapers. charlie d'agata is following willing story. >> reporter: a man brandishing a knife try to enter there before he was shot dead by police. he was shouting allah akbar. the suspect in the question may
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have been wearing an explosive belt or suicide vest. two officials say he had wires extending from his clothing and a bomb squad is now at the site. as you said, this comes at a time when paris is on edge and high alert. a year ago today that two men attacked the offices of "charlie hebdo" and two days later, another attack on a jewish supermarket. the whole place is cordoned off and the police are treating this as a potential terror incident at the moment. financial markets are turmoil. the shanghai composite index slid almost 250 points. that is more than 7%. officials froze the market after only 29 minutes. it was the shortest trading day. stops dropped also in britain and germany. >> the dow industrials fell near 1.5% on wednesday. down 252 points.
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the dow hit its lowest level in three months. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us this morning. what is the fear here and could you create more fear by shutting down the stock market? >> the chinese government is seeing much worse growth than we know. therefore, they decided to devalue their currency today and makes their exports cheaper overseas. if they slow down the world slows down is the fear and bad for stocks. i believe the new trading figures they put in effect has really exacerbated the problems. we know from the triggers, at least in the u.s. market, when you put them in place for a short period of time, you let there be a breather. then markets can resume trading. that is good. when you shut them down just after 30 minutes it can get the anxiety level pretty high. >> the u.s. stocks put too a tumble yesterday in due in part of what happened in china yesterday. what do you expect today? >> i think a bad day. monday we started off with a
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horrible day and looks like on the road to a 3 rs% loss. what happens in the two or three hours, remember the pepto-bis l pepto-bismol. we have no evidence of a slow down here, at least at this point. >> jill schlesinger, thank you so much. >> thank you. the presidential race heats up, vice president joe biden says he still thinks about what might have been. biden said on wednesday, i regret it every day when asked by an interviewer about his decision not to run. julianna goldman is in washington with more. >> reporter: the vice president did a round of interviews to talk about president obama's executive actions on gun control, but just months after announcing he wouldn't challenge hillary clinton for the democratic nomination, the vice president made clear it's still something he thinks about daily. >> i regretted every day, but i know it's the right decision for my family and for me. >> reporter: in an interview with hartford, connecticut,
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station joe biden says he is still conflicted about his decision not to run for president. >> i plan on staying deeply involved and we got two good candidates. there is real robust debate between hillary and bernie, as there would have been if i had gotten in the race. >> reporter: biden's remarks comes nearly three months after he announced he would not run for president. >> i believe we are out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> reporter: the vice president always said it was the grief over the death of his son beau from brain cancer that made the decision so difficult. >> i went out to denver and i landed at a military base. i met a whole group of military families. and a guy in the back yells, major beau biden! star, sir, served in iraq. all of a sudden, i lost it. how could you? >> reporter: days after he announced he wouldn't reach for the white, biden told norah
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o'donnell how he felt about it. >> some said, beau said dad, you got to run and there was this hollywood moment. nothing like that ever, ever happened. as a matter of fact, it was almost the opposite at that point. it was almost, dad, you got to stay strong, because the family is going looking to you, dad. >> reporter: biden made a point of praising bernie sanders and hillary clinton for debating the issues and not attacking each other personally and not so subtle dig at the republican candidates. and, gayle, he made clear that even if he is not running, biden is intent on staying relevant throughout this campaign. >> in the republican race, donald trump says that ted cruz should ask a judge if he can be president. this is the latest twist in trump's new challenge to the canadian-born texas senator. cruz is fighting back not to drive away the voters. major garrett is in pocahontas,
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iowa, where tes crd cruz will ma stop today. >> reporter: ted cruz graduated with honors from law school and once a collegiate debate champion and none of that prepared him for the birther debate by donald trump or trump's unsolicited legal advice. >> i don't like the issue. i don't like even bringing it up. >> reporter: against all evidence, donald trump claims an aversion to birtherism. >> i'm doing this for good of ted because i like him and he likes me. >> reporter: for cruz born in calgary, canada, to an american mother, the issue is a unwelcome and possibly damaging distraction. the real estate mogul offered cruz a harvard trained lawyer some legal advice. >> you go to federal court and ask for a declaratory judgment. >> reporter: cruz denied having a canadian passport and said the legal question is moot. >> as a legal matter it's quite straightforward. i would note it's occurred many times in history.
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john mccain was born in panama but he was a natural born citizen because his parents were u.s. citizens. >> reporter: mccain faced similar questions during his white house run in 2008 with his birth on a military base overseas. >> that is different than foreign soil. i am not a constitutional app scholar on that but i think it's worth lookinging into. >> reporter: in new hampshire, jeb bush called the issue phony. >> this is donald trump trying to put everybody into his own reality tv show. i'm not going to play it. >> reporter: rand paul says one thing is for certain. >> he is qualified and eligible to be the prime minister of canada. >> reporter: cruz is in the middle of a week-long bus tour of iowa and helpless to avoid the seas of doubt, trump is trying to plan. cruz's strategy is simple. harvest votes whenever and at whatever quantities he can. the math works this way here in
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pocahontas. population here is about 7,000. four years ago, charlie, rick santorum carried this county with 101 votes. >> all right. >> thank you, major. well done. the west coast is bracing for more rain this morning after a series of drenching storms. record breaking rain in the west flooded busy roads and created mudslides and damaged homes. el nino is expected to bring more scattered showers and lower temperatures today to southern california. ben tracy is in a mobile home park in california covered in mud in newhall, california. >> reporter: charlie, good morning. the relentless storms have caused mud to come flowing out of this canyon the past two days. they brought in this heavy equipment to move it out and stay ahead of the mud flow. the reason they are doing is that because all of the mud is coming down here and ending up inside these mobile homes right at people's front doors. last night firefighters evacuated ten of these mobile homes and just one more probable el nino has brought ashore.
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record breaking rainstorms are creating serious problems in southern california. firefighters scramble to pump 8 inches of water out of this orange county driveway, while those in other flood-proned neighborhoods. >> we had probably 3,000 tons of mud yesterday and we have ruffle 6,000 tons. >> reporter: across the region, emergency crews are a life line. in arizona they pulled a man and his grandson from a hummer after they were swept up in raging floodwaters. >> thankful. >> reporter: in the los angeles area, utility worker was killed while responding to a service call during the storm. neighbors say he appeared to slip, falling on the live electrical wires. further north, powerful storms downed power lines and toppled trees. an electric strike last night
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set this on fire. >> there is a good chance we will see more snow this week than all last season. >> reporter: skiers taking to the slopes in the mountains while l.a. county is collecting billions of gallons of storm water in these recharged basin to restore water supply. in an average year how much water are you capturing? >> we are capturing about 65,000 billion gallons of water and in el nino capture two or three times that amount. >> reporter: the worse of the storm is expected to end later this morning and the area will dry out the next couple of days. forecasters say this is just the beginning of what is expected to be a very wet winter. norah? >> ben, thank you so much. south korea vows this morning to retaliate against north korea's nuclear teverst. it will resume propaganda broadcast across the border and north uses it as an act of war.
7:15 am
pyongyang says they did not detonate a hydrogen bomb rather than a less powerful atomic weapon. margaret brennan is at the white house with the white house response. >> reporter: overnight, president obama told the leaders of south korea and japan the u.s. response will be strong. short of military action, it is not clear how to stop north korea's expanding nuclear program. the nuclear blast sparked cheers in north korea. >> i condemn it unequivocally. >> reporter: u.s. officials made a flurry of calls to reassure allies. the u.n. held an emergency meeting. to plan how to punish leader kim jong-un for exploding an atomic device that his regime trumpeted as a hydrogen bomb, a powerful addition to north korea's arsenal. the u.s. is skeptical of those claims. >> that in its shown analysis is not consistent with the claims
7:16 am
that were made by the north koreans that they had successfully conducted a test of a hydrogen bomb. we have determined that they conducted a nuclear test last night. >> reporter: u.s. aircraft flying out of japan will now test for radiation to determine exactly what type of device north korea exploded near the city of killju. a tight used for the past three nuclear tests. president obama continued a decades long policy of slapping sanctions on pyongyang. nothing has worked so far. the white house is still trying to figure out what to do and chinese official came here yesterday to consult. charlie, more financial sanctions are expected, but north korea is already the most severely sanctioned country in the world. >> margaret, thank you. the restaurant chain chipotle is promising to cooperate with an investigation
7:17 am
into food safety. the probe looks into a noro virus outbreak linked to a restaurant in california last year. the stock dropped yesterday 21 to close to 426. michelle miller is here with what the investigation could uncover. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. recent norovirus and recent e. coli outbreaks could have taken a bite out of chipotle earnings with sales down nearly 15% in the last quarter of 2015. now the justice department is investigating the chain and exactly what it's looking for is still unknown. >> chipotle under pressure once again. >> bad news for the chain whose motto is food with integrity. >> reporter: news of the criminal investigation, along with disappointing earnings, said chipotle stock plunging on wednesday. in a federal subpoena issued last month, chipotle was ordered to hand overpaper work from
7:18 am
their restaurant in simi valley, california. an alleged norovirus outbreak there made 200 people sick in august. >> it's unclear exactly what the reasons are for launching the subpoena, based on previous investigations, they tend to stem from a series of problems and without adequate corrections being put in place. >> reporter: several of these incidents have plagued the popular chain. december sales fell 30% when more than a hundred students in boston became sick with norovirus after eating at one of chipotle's restaurants. earlier in the fall an e. coli brow yaek li outbreak sickened xem people in states. in a statement on wednesday, chipotle said we do not discuss details surrounding pending legal action. we will cooperate fully as the investigation moves forward.
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>> got it, michelle. thank you. the dream, keep hope alive and lives on this morning for anybody hoping to claim that massive powerball prize. can you believe nobody won that big drawing last night for about $500,000. that means this saturday's drawing is $675 million. the largest jackpot for a lottery game in the united states history. the odds of wing ning is pretty good. 1 in 192 million. the last jackpot was 564 million and a woman from north carolina won. one winner for that so you got a chance on saturday. >> got a chance. the federal government is out with new advice for a healthier diet this morning. how favorite treats stack up. dr. holly phillips is here with the new guidelines that contain
7:20 am
she was forced out of a hospital despite complaints she
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couldn't breathe. >> ahead, you'll hear a florida woman's very frightening words to police in the moments before she died. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! ♪ ♪ ♪ the all-new tacoma. toyota. let's go places. we also want to loose weight. what's great about the smartpoints program is you do both, it's not counting calories it's counting points. which actually is like kind of a game. having the points literally gives you accountability.
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ahea good morning, i'm nicole brewer. lets get a check of the the forecast with lauren and warming up, so some good news. >> especially after arctic start to the week temperatures feeling much more comfortable, if you are stepping outside on this thursday morning. we are up in the lower 30's in philadelphia but we still do have some cloud in place but we are just about three minutes out from sunrise now, sun coming up at 7:23. we will start to warm temperatures up for a milder day in store, calm wind also so no wind chill in fact in philadelphia same case down the the shore at 32 degrees but poconos, chilly, 13 right now is your current temperature, temperature change over last 24 hours, pretty significant on the order of ten to 20 degrees, and we do have a more mild day in store, storm scan three
7:27 am
showing us a whole lot of nothing lower included around, that is the trend, mixture of sun and cloud, up to 44 for a high with dry conditions. >> well, 44, it feels so much better then what we felt earlier this week. i'll take it. let's look the at silver shrining. the 95 south coming and that s curve. we are seeing brake lights, that is letting you know you are traveling less than posted speeds still. manny young norristown delayed 15 minutes, chestnut hill west running new schedules on monday. we will go wide and see it is all slowing down back to you. next update 7:55. up next on cbs this morning, fbi on the trail of jewelry thief. i'm nicole brewer have a
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♪ so here is my impression of the white house. okay? i was hanging around there and i'm talking to them and then we try and leave and then don't let him leave. he can't leave. >> i literally can't leave the white house? >> no. not unless it's all organized. guns and helicopters and, you know? he is like a guy captured by aliens. right? and the aliens bring him back to their planet. >> the planet white house? >> planet white. they keep him there. the only show they get is the "beverly hillbillies." so they build him a house and they say we have brought you to our planet to solve all of our problems because you have an incredible brain and he can do that. as soon as he starts to solve the problems, they go, "we don't agree with that." >> a good take from there jerry
7:31 am
seinfeld. >> how good ask this that? >> planet white house. >> some truth in it too. new federal guidelines are out this morning for a healthy diet. we all want one of those. dr. holly phillips will show us the dietary suggestions just released, including how you could benefit from drink not one, not two, but multiple cups of coffee a day! >> all right! plus, take a good look at this. surveillance images of a pair of armed robbers. investigators believe they are getting away with millions in jeweler. since the thieves are so easy to see, why is it so hard to find them? we will explain ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "usa today" reports on big cuts at macy's after a disappointing holiday season. the department store revealed the list of 36 stores nationwide it will close by the spring. more than 4500 jobs will be
7:32 am
eliminated. the "los angeles times" reports on the gas leak in porter ranch. enhanced video shows a massive leak which was discovered back in october. thousands of residents evacuated the neighborhood. the emergency declaration calls for a thorough response to the gas leak by the state. it also requires stepped-up inspections for all natural gas storage facilities. >> "the houston chronicle" reports on a grand jury indicting a state trooper who arrested sandra bland. rhine encinia will be fired. he pulled over blabbnd in july r failing to use a turn he plans to plead not guilty. "wall street journal" reports on a huge global expansion by netflix and brought their stocks higher yesterday. it added 130 new countries
7:33 am
including russia, india and singapore. it is in 190 countries now and they are adding arab and korean to the languages it supports but it is still not inside china. "the new york times" reports two of baseball's greatest players will join the hall of fame. ken griffey jr. was elect with a record 99.3% of the vote and the second mike piazza holds the record for most home runs by a catcher. among those not making this year's cut? barry bonds and roger clemens. both have been linked to alleged steroid use. the family of a woman who died after being forcibly removed from a florida hospital is calling for a federal investigation. 57-year-old barbara dawson was admitted for stomach pain and later complained of shortness of breath and she died less than two hours after a police officer arrived to remove her from the hospital. elaine quijano of cbsn is here with more.
7:34 am
>> reporter: barbara dawson was discharged by hospital staff in the early morning hours of december 21st when she removfus to leave her room she called police to place her under arrest for disorderly conduct and trespa trespassing. >> walk out of here peacefully or i can take you out of here. >> reporter: barbara dawson said she was in pain and couldn't breathe. but officer john padlock with the blountstown police department tried to remove her oxygen mask. >> let's take this offer. >> you can't take that off! >> i can. >> no, you can't! >> yes, ma'am. >> wait! >> you have to leave. >> reporter: dawson arrived by ambulance to calhoun liberty hospital around eight hours earlier. angela donor was with her niece throughout the deal. >> i said she need her oxygen. no, she don't, she fine, she fine. [ screaming ] >> leave me alone! i can't even breathe! >> reporter: officer padlock suggested dawson was trying to invoice going to jail.
7:35 am
>> behind your back. >> i can't breathe! no, i can't breathe! >> put your hands behind your back. >> i beg you. >> reporter: dawson collapsed outside of the hospital just feet from the police car. >> falling down like this and laying down, that's not going to stop you from going to jail. >> she is sick. >> she's okay. >> reporter: dawson remains next to the police car for 18 minutes. officer padlock and medical staff tried to get her in. >> she is just dead weight. >> lay her back and somebody grab her feet. >> reporter: minutes later, a doctor demanded dawson be readmitted to the hospital where she died. calhoun medical hospital continue to grieve the loss of a patient and setting up a medical and community task force to review better practices and better communication. >> in that piece, she was begging for help. >> reporter: martha smith dixon said her cousin was a pillar of her community. >> everyone knew barbara.
7:36 am
she was a jewel. >> reporter: benjamin crump is representing dawson's family. >> nobody should die like this. today, it was barbara dawson. if we don't speak to this, it will be someone else tomorrow. >> reporter: barbara dawson was uninsured. a medical examiner found she died from a blood clot in her lung. hospital staff told police, dawson was okay and had been discharged. two florida agencies are investigating. gayle? >> very disturbing story. thank you very much, elaine. new dietary guidelines released minutes ago could change the way some of us eat and drink. the ferguson has new advice this morning including how much sugar and coffee you should have in your diet. the guidelines could have a big impact at a time when two-thirds of americans are overweight or obese. dr. holly phillips is here with the recommendation. >> good morning. >> what is the big recommendation? >> i think the most radical change this year had to do with sugar intake. now, excess sugars have always
7:37 am
been discouraged. but this year, the guidelines took it a step further and they actually put an upper limit on how much excess sugar we should have which is less than 10% of our daily calories. that translates into ruffle 10 to 12 teaspoons of added sugar a day. when you put it in context one soda or sports drink has more than 10 to 12 teaspoons sugar a day and takes those things off the table. >> this is big because they have never gone specifically after sugar in this way. >> right. they have always said limit added sugar but now they said limited to exactly this amount or under. >> i think that is fascinating, because if you think about it, we have known the war on sugar exists but the idea that one can of soda or one sports drink could put you over the edge. i think that rings a bell for everybody. what about fat? >> fat, you know, here. if the guidelines have a theme it's to focus less on specific nutrients and look at sort of overall dietary patterns. so in that way, they actually got rid of two really important
7:38 am
numbers. with one was the total fat intake daily. and the other was total dietary cholesterol intake daily. they got rid of those upper limits. but they are not saying have a high fat, high cholesterol diet. they want the focus to be on the bad fat, saturated fat and make up less than 10% of our daily calories and if we do it replace the bad fats with polyunsaturated fats we will take in less cholesterol and fewer total fat calories. >> what did it say about coffee? >> good news for java drinkers. i'll throw myself in this camp. they offered very strong evidence that moderate coffee consumption, three small cups, three to five small cups a day, they saw no link with chronic diseases and actually cited some evidence that coffee consumption could decrease the risk of diabetes, and cardiovascular
7:39 am
disease. these are three to five small cups and not talking about the large mocha frosty drinks with the whip cream on top and the flavoring. >> important to point that out, even though they are tasty. dr. holly phillips, thank you so much. daring jewel thieves hitting state after state. how they think this couple would have inside knowledge about the jewelry business. >> if you're heading out the door, dvr us. we will be right back.
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♪ the fbi needs your help this morning to find a pair of jewelry store robbers. terrorizing the south. you can see they are making no real effort to hide their faces. yet, investigators believe they have hit at least half a dozen times in five states. mark strassmann is at an outlet mall in woodstock, georgia,
7:44 am
outside atlanta. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this outlet mall is where a string of robberies gang last april. the jewelry thieves have a plan and they stick to it. find a jewelry store near a highway for a quick get-away and hit the store when it first opens and there are no customers. this surveillance video shows one of the brazen thieves pulling off the latest heist earlier this week. the woman, believed to be in her late 20s or early 30s, locks the front door at a jared vault jewelry store in north carolina before making her way to the expensive merchandise. this was after the fbi says she forced two employees into a back room at gun point and zip-tied their hands. federal agents believe the woman and a man are behind at least six jewelry heists in georgia, florida, south carolina, tennessee, and north carolina. >> these are very well-planned jewelry store robberies. they are not just walking into the jewelry stores. they have some knowledge about the industry.
7:45 am
i believe they are possibly bringing them to a larger city such as new york city or some of the larger cities where these theft rings operate from. >> reporter: authorities say the teen carefully inspects their targets. in panama city beach, the woman spoke with a woman the day before she was caught shoving diamonds and watches into a plastic bag. she wears gloves to hide any fingerprints. but for some reason, has never hidden her face. >> the most frustrating part of the case or the most challenging part of the case is the pictures are so clear and we have such good surveillance footage, that nobody has come forward yet with information to help us identify these people. >> reporter: it's believed the thieves have stolen millions in high-end jewelry. they tend to pick stores by the interstate, presumably for an easy escape using a different car each time to avoid further detection. >> with social media these days, somebody knows who these people are. they are using service in the community such as hotel rooms and restaurants and gas stations. they could be anywhere.
7:46 am
>> reporter: again, the fbi is hoping somebody will identify the woman at least very soon because she is making no effort to hide her face as we have seen in that surveillance video. and they are also worried that these thieves are becoming more confident and their robberies could become more risky and violent. >> thank you, mark. i have a thoroueory. you want to hear it? i think those are disguises. doesn't make sense you can see their faces and nobody comes forward. when you catch them, i don't think she is going to have dark hair and i don't think she is going to wear glasses and i think he is wearing stuff. we will see. >> detective king! detective king! >> i have the king detective agency. whoopie. just a theory. thank you, mark. >> it makes sense. >> i was waiting for you to weigh in, mr. rose. potential new treatment for concussions to get teen athletes back in the game that doesn't involve medicine or surgery is ahead. plus, don't mess with the ladies of "the talk" especially on their big night.
7:47 am
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7:52 am
back to your intespeech, girl. >> security, security. according to our patterns at "entertainment tonight "the man was kicked off and arrested. they were even kicking him! go, go, girls! congratulations to them. >> congratulations to them! that's right. don't stand in their way! >> don't take no stuff! >> that's right. leonardo charlie rose coming up. pe blood clots. xarelto® is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there is limited information on how xarelto® and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. you know, taking warfarin, i had to deal with that blood testing routine. i couldn't have a healthy salad whenever i wanted. i found another way. yeah, treatment with xarelto®. hey, safety first. like all blood thinners, don't stop taking xarelto®
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good morning everyone i'm nicole brewer. we are waking up to some warmer temperatures, so that is good news, lauren. >> nicole, we have had winter reality check this week with arctic blast, temperatures were just brutal especially during morning hours but now, not the so bad as we wake up on thursday morning. 33 degrees in philadelphia not feeling too shab any wildwood 36 degrees but colder in the the lehigh valley, temperatures still hovering in the teens right now, storm scan three showing us quiet conditions, low clouds, continuing to filth inner across the delaware valley and obscuring our sunshine and we will see mix of sunshine and clouds, high temperature milder at 44 degrees. the nice light wind and overnight tonight partly cloudy conditions, chilly, light wind speeds as we head in the overnight period,
7:57 am
meisha. >> forty's are feeling good, lauren, we will see them earlier in the weekend and, 42 freeway north bound at creek road looking busy, as you can see volume levels holding steady and we have an accident speaking of 42, this is 42 southbound, this is before route 168 that left lane is blocked right now and also, in the world of mass transit the norristown high speed line has delays because of equipment the problems and you can see this also manayunk norristown line 15 minutes delays as of right now. nicole back over to you. next update in 25, coming up on cbs this morning, should you join a gym after new years or wait a bit? i'm nicole brewer, we will see you soon.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it is thursday, january 7th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including donald trump telling ted cruz to go to court to certify i ehe is a natural born citizen. here is today's eye opener at 8:00. emergency responders are bringing up the miners four at a time. the miners got stuck in an elevator while working. french officials said this morning a man brandishing a knife tried to enter a police station in paris before he was shot dead by police. >> the big fear is the chinese government is seeing much worse growth than we know.
8:01 am
months after announcing he wouldn't challenge hillary clinton, the vice president made it clear it's still something he thinks about daily. >> he says he is a natural born citizen because his mother is a u.s. citizen. >> well, i hope he is right. >> forecasters say this is just the beginning of what is expected to be a very wet winter. overnight, president obama told the leaders that south korea and japan, that the u.s. response will be strong. >> this is the mall where a string of robberies began last april. the jewelry thieves have a plan and they stick to it. >> "american idol" begins its 15th and final season. >> things will be different without it. now if you want to see mentally ill people sing, you have to go to the bus station. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. paris police stopped this morning what may have been a new terror attack. a man with a knife attempted to enter a police station in northern paris. officers shot and killed him. >> paris was already on edge because it's one year to the day
8:02 am
after the deadly attack at the "charlie hebdo" newspaper. charlie d'agata is in london with new information. >> reporter: the man charged that police station shouting allah akbar before the police shot him dead. he appeared to be wearing a suicide belt. two sources said he had wires sticking out of his clothing. the police say that belt appeared to be a fake. the bomb squad has been called in and the neighborhood is on lockdown. some of the city's transport services have been closed as a precautionary measure. this comes a year to the day the attacks at the french magazine "charlie hebdo" and attack on a jewish supermarket two days later that left 17 people dead. police say today's incident is more likely terrorism than a criminal act. >> charlie, thank you so much. the first votes in iowa will be cast in 25 days. a dispute between the two top republican candidates is heating up. donald trump says questions over
8:03 am
ted cruz's citizen ship could put questions. >> a child of a u.s. citizen born abordroad is a natural bor citizen. people will continue to make political noise about it, but as a legal matter, it's quite straightforward. >> donald trump is asking what he did to ted cruz what he did to president obama. the republican front-runner consistently questioned the president's birth place. >> i mean, i have my own theory on obama and someday i'll write a book and do another book and it will be very successful. ted, he should ask for a declaratory judgment because that would clear it all up and i'm doing this for the good of ted. because i like him and he likes me. we have a good relationship. >> ted cruz may be saying, please don't do me any favors. white house press secretary john earnest said iron if voters chose a president who was not
8:04 am
born in the united states. john dickerson, "face the nation" moderator, is in washington. good morning. >> good morning. >> what does donald trump think he is doing and accomplishing here? >> he is just doing this for the good of ted cruz! >> that's right. >> he mentioned this once before during this summer about the question of ted cruz's birth place. i asked him about it a month ago and said will you bring it up again? he said only if he becomes in the final two. so, congratulations, senator cruz, you're in the final two. this is the prize. which means he is close enough to donald trump that donald trump wants to raise doubts about him, wants to create issues and he is usually a counterpuncher. in this case, he is going at cruz here without being provoked. >> you saw senator mccain weigh in and, john, do you think this was just mccain essentially taking the knife in donald trump's -- i mean, excuse me, cruz's back and twisting it a little bit. >> yeah. mccain, you never know which of those two he would go after. you're right.
8:05 am
he is not a fan of ted cruz so he is happy in this case, you know, to pile on a little here. >> but, john, is there any evidence this will work and how does it work? >> here is the way it would work. there is no evidence there is a real burning question among conservatives about the citizenship requirements to the presidency. where these things work is if they are a stalking horse for some other set of concerns so people start to furrow their brow about this issue but ted cruz doesn't seem to have that problem among conservatives. if it were to grow into some bigger issue only because people would have some other concern they couldn't articulate outloud and use this as an excuse for it and he doesn't seem to have that problem. >> ted cruz is not gauging. he certainly is not taking the bait and making the jumping the shark reference. do you think this is a good strategy? >> he hasn't taken the bait on any of these needlings that donald trump has done. usually candidates have to respond, right?
8:06 am
you don't want to be defined by your opponent. that is kind of in the playbook but he has done the opposite and ted cruz has stayed away. it's very interesting. because if he were to engage and make this a big back and forth fight, there is the view, among some, that it actually gives weight to and people start to hear the attack, the underlying attack, even if it's being debunked and start to believe the underlying attack even when it's been debunked. for right now, he is just going to stay away from these fights. >> what is the latest we have, quickly, on momentum in iowa? because it's so -- >> cruz has the momentum because he's got, a, the support idea logically and a strong ground game. people say he is winning in a landslide but they are exciting set the expectation super high if he doesn't win in a landslide they will say, oh, well, poor ted cruz only won by ten points. >> john dickerson of "face the
8:07 am
nation," he talks on sunday with chris christie, represent candidate, and paul ryan, the house speaker. that is sunday on cbs. adele is getting ready for her new world tour and posted a new photo showing she is getting ready by trying to get fit. like a lot of us, she is not so thrilled about the exercise. i get it. coming up, some tips on how we can all make the most of those
8:08 am
new thinking on recovering from concussions. the research that could lead to a major shift in how doctors treat teenage athletes with traumatic brain injuries. that is coming up next on "cbs this morning."
8:09 am
withof my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ordinary objects often seemed... intimidating. doing something simp
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or who's had a bad reaction to namenda xr or its ingredients. before starting treatment, tell their doctor if they have, or ever had, a seizure disorder, difficulty passing urine, liver, kidney or bladder problems, and about medications they're taking. certain medications, changes in diet, or medical conditions may affect the amount of namenda xr in the body and may increase side effects. the most common side effects are headache, diarrhea, and dizziness. he's always been my everything. now i am giving back. ask their doctor about once-daily namenda xr and learn about a free trial offer at ♪ concussions often go undiagnosed and unreported. but the national institutes of health estimates there are 300,000 sports-related sports traumatic brain injuries in this country every year. many of the victims are teenagers who are often eager to get back in the game p.m.
8:13 am
jericka duncan is at the inwood academy gym in "the new york times" so show us how ways doctors are using ways to speed up the recovery. >> reporter: good morning. the basketball court is one of the place where doctors have seen an increase in concussions among young people. at the moment, no specific treatment for concussions, but researchers at the university of buffalo are looking into weather prescribing exercise might just be that magic pill. at the jacobs school of medicine and biomedical science is, dr. john levy examined 16-year-old cameron sullivan for concussion symptoms. in early december the high school junior got that concussion, her first, playing basketball. >> i was going to take a charge and a girl went up for the layup and pushed as she went, and i fell back and slammed my head against the ground. >> does that hurt? >> no. >> reporter: leddy examined
8:14 am
cameron and invited her to join a new clinical trial on acute concussions among teens 13 to 17, the age group that takes the longest to recover. >> can you go a little faster? >> yep. >> reporter: unlike most, those taking part in the trial are prescribed exercise days after the concussion instead of just rest. >> one study we showed that the exercise actually changed their brain from abnormal to normal. >> reporter: it changes their brain? >> changed the blood flow in the brain to abnormal to a normal pattern we saw with healthy people. >> reporter: cameron walked on a treadmill every day at a gentle pace while monitoring her heart rate. how could this be a game-changer? >> we don't have any treatment for concussion right now. no pill you can take. really all you can do is wait until the symptoms go away. >> reporter: but in this case? >> in this case, we are hoping that by engaging the beneficial effects of exercise and the physiology of the brain this
8:15 am
will actually speed recovery in kids with acute concussion. >> reporter: a concussion occurs when a blow to the head causes the brain to move inside the skull, that can change the way the brain functions. >> you see the spinal cord coming up into the brain stem. >> reporter: an mri or cat scan typically doesn't reveal evidence of a concussion. and teen concussions often happen as a result of athletic activity. >> the power of this study is that it's in young athletes. >> reporter: pediatric neurologist of u.s. presbyterian and cornell medicine is eager to do the study's results. >> we have guidelines and try to get them going faster and everybody can benefit as long as it's done in a controlled way. >> reporter: 16-year-old goalkeeper julio whipple was the first to enroll and successfully complete the trial. in september, she collided head-on with an opponent. as an athlete, was it hard to not want to push yourself a little bit more than you should?
8:16 am
>> it was extremely hard. i'm used to doing work jous wou my team and walking around every night with a specific pace was hard because i knew i wanted to go faster. >> reporter: dr. leddy says that is the biggest challenge. >> the risk is that someone who is doing this approach could do it too aggressively. that is possible. >> reporter: has that happened yet? >> it's happened in some of my patients. but they learn pretty quickly that they can't really push it too far because they get symptoms. >> reporter: julia's mother says she is glad to see her daughter is healthy and hopeful this new study will make athletes safely compete again easement a lot of damage can be done by these concussions. the more information you have, the better. they are just kids. >> reporter: now dr. leddy was adamant if you suffer a concussion, you shouldn't go out and exercise. remember, this is a study that they are conducting and it will be at least another eight months to a year before the results
8:17 am
come in. norah? >> thank you. that is important information. >> absolutely. >> we both shook at the same time, norah. that mom had the best point. the more information you have, the better it is. >> thank you. great reporting, jericka duncan. one new year's resolution you might want to put on hold. we will look at the best time of the year to join a gym. plus, how you can work out for free. that is next on "cbs this morning."
8:18 am
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i feel like i have more energy. it was hard at first, but now if i go a day without working out, i miss it. >> i'm proud of us, guys. first week is the hardest. we are over the hump. joining that gym was the best decision we ever made. >> we never went back to the gym again. >> yes! yeah. >> after a little of this. >> that's real. >> how i met your mother gang never returned to the gym and gyms are counting on you not to show up as well. that's right. health club memberships at all-time high more than 54 million in 2014 but the percentage of members who never use the gym is a massive 67%. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger it back at the table. good morning. >> good morning. >> if you look at the dynamics of this, the business model, they make sure that they sign up way more people than they have capacity for. >> absolutely. you know what? it makes sense because we are
8:22 am
human beings and what do we do? we get say we are going to the gym new year's resolution and we sign up for the annual membership and project we will do that throughout the year. when most people blow it off after the first few weeks. the real issue is here you've got to be clear with yourself. how much are you going to use this gym? does that annual membership really make sense? maybe doing a monthly membership and testing it out for a few months is a better idea and then do the annual membership. >> monday is the busiest day? >> monday is the busiest day. january, of course, the busiest month. so if you have not signed that paper work yet, i would advise you to wait because in february, when the gym empties out, you might be able to get a better in fact, many gyms offer the best discounts in the dead of summer when everybody is hanging out outside. so you want to check around and try to get a deal that is good for you. >> can you get some rider to your contract issays you can
8:23 am
cancel at well? >> most of them can but it's if you look back and say how many times did i use the gym last year? you have to be realistic. people ended up spending $17 per class they did or $17 per gym appearance, right? you can buy many of these packs for ten bucks a spot and so the reality is with all of the extra exciting ways to go work out today, you may be better off skipping that annual membership. >> and paying per class. how can technology help us in this regard? >> i think this is huge, because, obviously, there is an entire industry that is actually built on us saying we want to be better fit people, right? so fitbit just introduced their newest device. we also have a lot of social communities that are built around sharing your information. we know that people who share their information about working out and weight loss tend to do better than those who don't. that is kind of a cool one. yeah. and the other thing that is really interesting about technology is there are all of
8:24 am
these new services that allow you to stream. so you may be able to just go to a youtube channel called be fit and for free! work out in your home! how cool is that? >> i really like that. >> except one little problem. >> what? >> you still have to do it and that means you have to get up off of your touche. >> i like the advice you gave sign up for monthly. i didn't know you could do that. all morning we have been teasing for going for free. how do you do that? >> a lot of gyms will offer a try before you buy week. so you get to do a week. this is great. you go one for a week and next a week and another for a week. one of our producers here says she likes to that the first couple of months of winter and then she can throw owner sneakers on and run outside when it's springtime. look around and check your health insurance and medicaid may be covered as well and corporate memberships observe offer a discount. >> does cbs do? >> they do. >> i'll check that out. thank you, jill. leonardo daicaprio tells
8:25 am
charlie why good morning, everyone i'm nicole brewer. one man is in the hospital after a serious car crash in the lawn dale section of northeast philadelphia. this driver, had to be cut out of his car, after it flipped over on to a used car lot in oxford and levick street at 1:00 this morning. we're told vehicle hit a fence and another car before it overturn. victim was taken to aria torresdale and so far there is in word on his condition. lets check out that forecast and we are hearing about a warm up we like the sound of to that, lauren. >> warm up kicks off today and temperatures this morning are better, certainly then they would have been over past several mornings, 34 degrees in philadelphia, not too much wind there, 32 down the the shore, and chilly in the poconos, 18 degrees to start off on this thursday. storm scan three is showing us
8:26 am
breaks in the cloud deck but we are seeing lower clouds moving in and obscuring sunshine and kind of a mix of clouds and sun behind up to 44 . the tonight the light wind all throughout the day, overnight tonight partly cloudy, quiet down to 31 degrees. the fast forward in the upcoming weekend even milder conditions, in store, 50 on saturday, 58 on sunday, and we are going to have to deal with damp conditions all throughout the week and especially sat the day night, nicole. >> checking traffic right now there is an overturn vehicle on i-95 south at route 420 just past airport, left lane is blocked in that area. another accident on route 42 southbound before sicklerville left lane also block in this situation, in mass transit, septa's are in is town high speed and manny young norristown lines are delayed and chestnut hill west line will start a new weekday scheduled on monday. our next update is at 8:55. ahead on cbs this morning charlie rose and leonardo dicaprio, you don't want to
8:27 am
miss that, that is it right there, i'm nicole brewer have a great morning see you soon.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ there you go. yeah. look right towards me. toes out. toes up. just like that. keep hanging on. >> woo! >> heck yeah. that's what i'm talking about. >> yeah. oh, now he is down! >> you couldn't do it. >> we had it, man. it was a high five that gotcha! yea! >> the reporter in utah didn't quite finish on his feet when he celebrated learning to ski and learn to ski in snowboard month. made it most of the way down and then chitty chatting and down he goes. welcome back. one reporter who is having no problem staying upright on a ski slope is our own don dahler. he is on a mountainside in
8:31 am
pennsylvania's poconos where winter started late. >> where he is happy. >> can you talk and ski at the same time, don? that is the question. >> we are going to find out, aren't we? >> feel no pressure! we just saw a reporter go down. he'll show us how resorts in the east plan to win the battle with nature and win back business. plus, what makes you happier? saving time or money? dr. holly phillips is in our toyota green room with new research. see how age can make the difference and how the trend may be changing. that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. bloomberg reports on a class action lawsuit against fitbit of false advertising. suit claims the activity trackers are inaccurate. one woman reported her heart rate was under by 50 points. >> at least 20 universities have banned or restricted hoverboards. school officials are concerned some could catch fire.
8:32 am
at one university in new jersey any hoverboards found on campus will be confiscated. >> britain's "telegraph" prince george completed his first day at nursery school on wednesday. his mother the duchess of cambridge took photos for the family album. little george bears a striking rerve resemblance to his dad. >> i'm pleased with the school of their choice. "the san francisco chronicle" reports a judge ruled a monkey cannot own the copyright to its own selfie. >> what kind of monkey? >> wakhak. this selfie was taken after picking up a camera owned by a british nature photographer. >> he is a very handsome dude! >> needs a little teeth
8:33 am
whitening, though! the animal rights group peta want to use the proceeds from the image for the monkey's benefit. >> okay. >> there you go. >> all right. "the washington post" reports on new research showing wine may have a higher alcohol content than africa. experts studied more than 127,000 bottles sold over nearly two decades. they found in 1992, wines were 12.7% alcohol. by 2009 up to 13.8%. researchers say consumers taste for sweeter wine is leaving grapes on the vine longer makes them sweeter and more alcoholic. overall the studies find 60% of the bottles had more alcohol than listed. >> is this a good thing? >> it means happiness begins a little bit sooner. >> leonardo dicaprio is generating buzz this morning for his role in "revenant."
8:34 am
he plays a capture man brutally mauled by a bear. i spoke with the director for my pbs program. dicaprio describes it as his most physically challenging role ever. this is what you said. i decided to embark on what i would characterize as more of a chapter of my life than a film commitment. >> yeah. absolutely. and i think it was that for a lot of us. absolutely. >> a chapter of your life? >> yeah. >> did you come out of this experience with a different sense of how you and what was important? >> yeah. i mean, we looked at this -- all of the actors involved there for nine months in subzero temperatures in calgary, far off locations. we looked at this as a grand sort of artistic experiment. we have never been a part of something like this. we rehearsed meticulously all day long to pull off some very
8:35 am
crucial and hard-to-do shots and hour and a half of live shots and natural theater and this propensity that we needed to keep up with. but worse than that was for all of us, it was just about allowing ourselves to put our trust in somebody else's unique process, and that is what this was for us as actors, because a lot of this was thought about beforehand in great detail, but we needed to give ourselves over completely to something entirely new, and, you know, it created a great camaraderie between the entire cast and crew and director. >> but also the most demanding and toughest experience you've had as an actor? >> well -- >> by nature or physical? >> by nature of doing a movie, yeah. this was certainly the toughest film i've ever been a part of. >> the interesting thing about the performance, your performance is that you probably
8:36 am
have said less in this movie. >> yeah. >> than most other movies you've done. >> right. >> i mean, it is about expression. it is about pain. it is about all of the things that you do with your eyes and your body. >> i thought what was interesting for me for an actor from the onset is how to push a narrative along without words. that is what was attractive, i think, from the onset. it became about something different. when you're there, he set up a landscape for us so incredibly authentic. the people around us, the costumes, the actual locations that we were in, you do so much preparation beforeland learning about the time period and reading fur trapper's journals, you know, meeting men that were nostalgic about this period and look at the mountain man as almost a spirituality. once you get there and you're put in these conditions, it's just about trust and it's about trusting the director you're working with, and saying, you
8:37 am
know, how are we going to persevere? what do we do day-to-day and you just rely on instinct as an actor and all that stuff, all of that preparation, all of the things you thought about sort of dissolve away, and that is what this experience, i think, was for the entire cast, was, you know, a trust in -- within one another we are going to do something, you know, completely different sin mcinematically. >> everybody agrees he is a good arc. >> uh-huh. >> uh-huh. >> i don't know. gayle, you've seen the movie. >> i love this movie. loved it. i think he is going to win the oscar. he is very good good looking. that is part of the appeal but he is very good at what he does. he is also very smart. when you sit and talk to him about his acting and how he feels about the environment, something about him that is extremely likeable. you like good, smart, good looking guys who are talent. my prediction right now he is going to win the oscar this year, finally.
8:38 am
>> smart, good looking and talented. >> there is no downside. >> we can all wish, can't we? >> that's right. you can see more of my interview with leonardo dicaprio tonight on my pbs program. no winners last night powerball drawing. it now sets at $6 time is worth more than money. our dr. holly phillips is with us again. holly, good morning. >> good morning. >> they weren't setting $650 million in front of you. i think we would think that might alleviate some pain. >> make you very happy. >> i don't think it will dissuade anyone to play the next time. >> how do we value time and money affect our happiness? >> this is a really interesting study. right? so researchers did six separate studies on more than 4,000 people. some of them asked specific
8:39 am
questions like, would you choose an apartment that is more expensive but requires a longer commute to work? or an apartment that is less expensive with a very short commute to work? and they did all of these exercises to figure out who values their time more than money and who value their money more than time. now out of all of these people they looked at, about a 50/50 split. some valued time and some valued money. the people who valued their time most recorded the greatest amount of happiness. a small difference but still statistically significant. >> doesn't it matter where are you in life? when i was younger and given the choice between vacation or pay, i always took pay. now that you're older and a little bit more financially secure, if you asked me the same question, i would definitely take the vacation. >> absolutely. gayle, you really nailed it. what is interesting here is things like gender, income, marital status. those didn't seem to change whether or not you valued money or age. age did. older people were much more likely to save. they would choose time over
8:40 am
money. >> what is older, holly? >> but, gayle, what is interesting is this may change. millennials are more than ever demanding a better work life balance. >> that's good. >> they would choose happiness and they would choose flexible work hours even over talks of pay and money. >> i think you need to have a great thing that occupies your passion. at the same time, you need to have loving and supportive people around you. >> absolutely. charlie, one other things that they found here is people who value their time make choices around that. they choose jobs that may give them more flexible work hours but they also may at that time time to choose jobs that they love. so time spent on the job is also enjoyable time. >> are people becoming less materialistic? >> not necessarily. but there is a huge body of research which shows experiences bring us more happiness, longer lasting happiness, than material things.
8:41 am
counterintuitive. >> the experience of doing things. >> experience, right. spend your money on a vacation, it's a little counterintuitive. you spend your money on vacation after a week, it's over and done with. a couch will last longer but it doesn't bring you more happiness. >> go for the vacation rather than the new piece of furniture. >> i get it. i totally get it. thank you, dr. holly. snow lovers in the northeast, winter did not come soon enough. i'm don dahler. the warm weather has kept the ski industry on the east coast pretty much in hibernation. now that it's gotten colder, the business is going downhill -- in a good way! that is coming up on "cbs this morning"! >> look at that don dahler! skiing and talking at the same
8:42 am
no place has more world class culture. is my home. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully restored theaters, that are now important centers for the performing arts. and museums that preserve the glories of the past. winter in new york state means more great things to do than ever. plan your trip at there's something for everyone.
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♪ december's record warmth in the northeast wasn't welcome by everyone. that is especially true if you like to do anything in the snow. but a colder january is finally helping the east coast ski season get under way. don dahler is in the pennsylvania poconos on shawnee mountain which opened to skiers on wednesday. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. these are the days i really hate my job! shawnee mountain was absolutely covered with snow by thanksgiving the past two years. but now, because of this heat wave that we have been going through in december, they had a hard time getting people on the
8:46 am
slopes until january. now, though, it got cold and skiers are rejoicing. for this group of joyful skiers, you can go ahead and mark january 6th as the best day of the year. that is because snow has finally arrived on the poconos shawnee mountain. well, not real snow. but a machine-made blend of water and compressed air that is now covering a third of the slopes, thanks to frigid temperatures. >> we are anxious to get this season started. it's, you know, it's a tough go this year. >> reporter: jim todd is a magazining partner at the shawnee mountain ski area. in his 35-year career here there hasn't been a season quite like this. >> tourism is the most important up in the pocono notice. >> reporter: but from a cabin named hope, he looked towards the brighter and colder future this winter and his machines could deliver. does it feel good to look out and see the big machines blowing snow? >> it's terrific.
8:47 am
i live close by so i can hear them at night and listen to that hum. i know when it's just from experience when it's really making some good snow. we are optimistic. three-quarters of the season lies ahead so we are looking forward to a good january and february. >> reporter: but december disappointed just about every ski resort in the northeast, where the number of usable trails is still only 43%. compared that to the 99% that sis skiable out west. this is footage of my family skiing in wyoming a few weeks ago where the snow was over 11 feet deep. can you blame this boom or bust season on the el nino weather pattern which kept temperatures high and dry in the east. how long have you been coming here? >> coming here about 40 years. my kids and my grandkids learned here to ski. >> reporter: douglas has concede shawnee since it first opened in 1975. he has never waited so long to get on the mountain. been a slow start this year?
8:48 am
>> a pathetic slow start. >> reporter: this late season freeze hasn't held up those eager to hit the slopes but never every local business connected to the ski economy. >> right now, it's not at all as close to what it was last year. >> reporter: nicolette laboy works here where sales have not only stalled, they have dropped 75% compared to a year ago. and for those resort employees as seasonal as the snow, it's been no vacation. >> the past few years, we have opened black friday. so to open this late is not typical. >> reporter: nicole fox is shawnee's more than 150 seasonal employee who went more than a month without pay. what is it like for you when you haven't gotten that phone call and end of january comes around? >> what it's like for me, it's just hard. i'm not used to starting this late in the season.
8:49 am
it's hard. you know, there is bills to be paid. >> reporter: that is the one that hurts the most. >> having to tell people, gee, we just don't have work yet. >> reporter: in winter's long awaited arrival, jim sees an opportunity for crowds looking to make up for lost time. calling in sick to school? >> i hope! that is okay! take a snow day. all right with me! >> reporter: a lot of online -- excuse me. a lot of resorts are offering online incentives to convince people even though it hasn't been snowing, it doesn't mean you can't come skiing. gayle? >> at least they figured out a way that people can do that. >> great story, don. >> nice assignment, don. >> i'll say. you're watching "cbs this morning." we will be right back. 7
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that does it for us. be sure to tune into the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley tonight. >> can you see
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good morning, everyone i'm nicole brewer but philadelphia police hope you can help them track down three burglary suspects caught on camera. surveillance video shows the suspects inside a home on the 1400 block of north howard street in kensington. once inside men took a washer and dryer, stainless steel stove and three twin mattresses. they got away in a ford pick up with a extended cab. if you recognize any suspects scene on surveillance video please call the police. let's check on the forecast lauren, good morning. >> good morning, nicole. the not the the brightest of days after series of uni skies. low clouds have moved in place in the delaware valley but that is stabilizing temperatures. not feeling too bad in philadelphia, 34 degrees. thirty-two in atlantic city. improvement in allentown in
8:56 am
the 20's after after a start well down in the the teens. storm scan three showing us fairly quiet conditions but see those low clouds continuing to expand a across the a area and we will see mix up of cloud and sunshine today, milder high temperature of 44 degrees, nice light wind all throughout the the day and overnight tonight partly cloudy conditions, quiet dropping down to 31 degrees and sunset doing better later this afternoon, 4:52. getting more sunshine. >> thanks, lauren. lets look at at traffic. crews are working to clear this overturn vehicle on i-95 south at route 420 just past airport. left lane is block in that area, tow truck is on the scene so it should be cleared, very, very shortly. on ramp from 896 southbound to i-95 northbound in newark delaware was recently closed due you to an accident, that ramp just reopened moments ago and the accident is now cleared. good news there. an accident on i-76 southbound at the route 130, market street in bellmawr, new jersey, that right lane is,
8:57 am
block, there. also mass transit, manayunk high speed lines, both are experiencing, delays. that is it for your traffic, that is it for "eyewitness news" for now, joining us for "eyewitness news" at noon i'm nicole brewer have a great morning, we will see you soon.
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