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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  January 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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red my spinal column oh and five ribs broken, so... ♪ my dining room was changed into a bedroom ♪ and the insurance company was giving me a hard time. ♪ pond lehocky helped put my life back together. ♪ >> the bad news is no one winds the powerball jackpot. the good news nobody did. if you get luck think weaken your honor slated to win the largest lottery prize in us history. good afternoon to you, i'm nicole brewer. erika von tiehl is off this noon. now, many of you bought those tickets and of course dreamed about what you would do with over $500 million.
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it is a huge purse there. but, there is no winner yet as we said. saturday is next drawing, for an estimated $700 million. so it is really getting up there. justin finch caught up with some hopefuls, who are dreaming. >> time for the favorite jackpot game, get ready, everybody. >> six numbers side line millions of powerball hopefuls wednesday night. no big winners, were called. rosa had nothing to lose. >> i'm not that good with the lottery, never played a day in my life. >> record breaking jackpot, could change her mind. last night, with no big winners, it jumped above the half billion dollar range are you playing. >> i played two bucks, didn't win. >> are you going back again. >> $2 between now and saturday willie plans to get the lottery one more go, despite the odds of winning the powerball, nearly one in
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300 million holding on to the jackpot. >> not thinking clearly, not making fun as you're playing. that will get in you financial trouble. >> lure of luxury always looms, but in the city of brotherly love, and sisterly affection, giving back is the winning way. >> give back to the community and city of philadelphia as i would never see it again. >> last big powerball jackpot $656 million back in march of 2012. this time $20 million more odds are low. in mayfair, justin finch, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> go ahead and check the tickets: two, 11, 47, 62, 63, and powerball is 17. >> well, another day and more
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stock market turmoil in the in the first week of 2016. this is the third triple digit decline of the week. correspondent hena daniels reports now from the new york stock exchange. >> the stock market tumbled right from the opening bell, with dow jones industrial average, dropping hundreds of points, within seconds. the trouble continues to spread from china. where circle breakers suspended trading after the stock market lost more than 7%, and weakness in the world second largest economy has reignited concerns, about a global slow-down. >> china was the main driver of global growth, for most of the last decade. >> with china's troubles darkening the mood here on wall street, it has been a rough start to the new year. it the dow's third triple digit decline in just one week. analysts say the most important thing for investors right now.
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>> that means don't do anything, no panicking, no emotions jumping in, friday's unemployment report, may turn investors attention back home. signs points of no news about hiring, evidence even with the turmoil abroad us economy is -- he? is staying on track, hena dan yachts, wall street. >> stock continuing to fall, the dow is down about 200 points, right now, we'll have the closing numbers for you at 5:00. first though, take a look at this scrap metal mess, all over i95, in lawrence township, mercer county, tractor trail he overturned there, and spilled it load, all over the highway. and this is live look for you at the scene, from chopper three, traffic backed up for miles, as crews work to clean up the highway headache, the truck overturned around 9:00 this morning, along 95 northbound near exit seven, route 206. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter, cleve bryan, joins
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us now live from that scene, clever, what's going on out there? >> hopefully, the traffic, behind me, traffic only third whatever was on the highway, it was across all the lanes, they've now push it to the side, and they're about to open two lanes. soy, this whole thing happened on a pretty simple turn, the tractor-trailer was coming down from route 206, getting onto i-95, northbound, and when it got to the bottom of the ramp it wiped out, landed on it side, all of the scrap fell across the highway. when we arrived little while ago, they had right sided the tractor-trailer at the, the driver taken to the hospital, and the state police say that his injuries were not very serious, he had few cuts on his face, but they took by ambulance, just for precautionary reasons. a little bit of a spill, with the fuel tank, but no fire at any point, no other cars
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involved in the accident. really just a matter after truck with a lot of metal pushed across the highway, and just took time for them to clean this up, but then a very dangerous situation, for the people to work on the highway, with the traffic going by, so they had to of course close off all of the lanes at route 206 diverting three lanes of highway, onto route 206. that's slowed things down, now all of the scrap pushed to the side re-opening traffic shortly, cleve bryan, "eyewitness news". >> let's hope, cleve, thank you. meanwhile two feel have been transported to the hospital. after rush hour accident on i95, south, this morning. chopper three over the scene, right by the exit for route 420, prospect park, delaware county. now one of the vehicles, is on it side against a guardrail there. police are still investigating. >> a man is in the hospital this noon, after first responders had to cut him out of his overturned vehicle.
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the suv flipped over onto an used car lot oxford avenue and levick street in lawndale, happened just after 1:00 this morning, we're told that vehicle hit a fence, then another car before turning over. there is no word right now on his condition. >> all right, it is 12:07 right now, we do want to check on the forecast with lauren out on the cbs-3 skydeck, how is it looking out there? streak of nice sunny days to kick off the start of the week, but those sunny skies came with bitter cold temperatures, not feeling too bad out here right now this noon hour. 42 degrees the current temperature if philadelphia, also, not dealing with any windchill, nice, calm winds, and mild day in the poconos, 41 degrees, 1 degrees shy of the philly temperature, little breeze there, having impact on that feels-like temperature, 36 what it feels like right now in the poconos, temperature change, over the last 24 hours, we are in the positive numbers at all of our reporting site, up to about
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7 degrees in philadelphia, from this time yesterday. and we're going to continue to warm things up over the next several days, and as we head specially into the second half of the weekend. storm scan3, shows us clearer skies to the north and west of the city, clouds still locked in place, in philadelphia getting you off the rest of your day, doing chores, hitting the roads, getting home from work, 42 degrees for the 3:00 hour, 39 by 5:00 in the middle 30's by the 10:00 hour with some increases cloud cover. really are going to warm things up headed into the upcoming weekends talking possibly near 60 degrees by sunday, but that is going to come with some wet weather in tow. i'll have all of the details coming up in just a few minutes. >> lauren, thank you. philadelphia police hope you can help them. surveillance video shows suspect outside 1400 block of north howard street kensington, the men took a washer and driver, stainless
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steel stove, twin mattresses, got away in ford pick-up truck with ex tanned dollars cab. if you recognize any of the suspect please contact police. >> well, philadelphia police release surveillance video in a new years attack on 75 year old woman in northeast philadelphia. officers say the man who robbed and shot the woman on erdrick street as she walked home with groceries was driving this silver or white nissan maxima. he got out of the car, took her handbag, shot her in the face. the daughter spoke today about her mother's condition, and asked for the public's help. >> doing women considering, pretty feisty. so, this is something that hopefully this guy is off the street and it doesn't have to happen to anybody else. of course we're all naive. we don't think it will happen to us. so if anybody knows anything or recognizes the car, you know, i mean, this could happen to anybody in your family. >> and if you have any information that could help
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police locate that suspect, please call 911. >> all right, it is 12:10 right now, coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" trapped more than 900 feet below the earth. minors ... and we'll get you an update.
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>> more than 900 feet underground. the workers got stuck last night while descending to the floor of 2300-foot deep salt mine in lansing, new york, outside syracuse, took rescue crews more than ten hours to free them all. >> their smiths are tremendous,. >> inspired by them to be quite honest with you. the first four that came out of the mine, the last two that came out of mine. >> mining operations there will be shutdown for the rest of the week, while federal safety inspectors investigate what caused that elevator to malfunction. >> well, paris is fueled by more terror fears, as police kill an armed man, who was wearing what turn out to be a fake suicide vest. this as the city marks the one year anniversary of the attack on the french newspaper charlie hebdo. correspondent jonathan with the latest from london.
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capped tiped the moment after french security forces shot and killed man with butcher's knife outside of police station north of the capitol. authorities say the suspect shot fueling fear of possible terrorist attack. armed officers blocked off paris streets as the bomb squad moved in. the suspect was wearing a heavy jacket, with what appeared to be wires, sticking out. but police say the suspicious de voice turned out to be a fake. french prosecutors say the man carried a piece of paper with the isis flag. locals say the man was known in the neighborhood as mentally unstable. the incident took place on the one year anniversary of the deadly millitant attacks on france's charlie hebdo magazine. it comes nearly two month after suicide bombers terrorized the french capitol killing 130 people. jonathan, cbs news. and, still ahead on "eyewitness news": are you
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trying to get health think new year? new dietary guidelines are out, to spell out what we node to do to get our sugar intake under control. we'll explain coming up. lauren? >> and after arctic start to the work week, we will warm things up significantly, as we head into the upcoming weekend, but it is going to come with some soggy weather, and all of the details in your eyewitness forecast coming up next.
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>> people ' choice awards were on last night on cbs-3, some big winners, vin diesel accepted the award for furious seven, which won favorite movie. the big bang theory won favorite tv show and megan trainer, winning with her 2015
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graying out debut albumn title. but the moment everyone is talking about from last night's awards when a person stormed the stage, crashing the talk's speech. >> my name is ... >> no steve harvey up in here. >> no, no, sir. no, sir. security. >> the talk won favorite daytime hosting team. many saying this manaquine yeah, when kanye west stormed the stage when taylor swift, how could we forget that moment? well, see what the ladies have to say today about what happened last night, watch the talk today and every weekday at 2:00 right here on cbs-3, casino of crazy, i mean, she said he pulled a steve harvey. but it was more like a kanye west, totally, storming the stage. >> stormed the stage. he had a purpose. he had a goal. he had a script. he went for it. anyway, so let's talk about nor cast, lauren, not that bad
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out there. >> not that bad. specially after the start to the week. monday and tuesday, just down right bridal. monday night windchills in the sit that i were sub zero, when we combine the gusty wind, and that cold arctic air, so right now, not feeling too shabby. i think we've certainly turned our casino of comfort level around, with the temperatures, after our very warm december, but we got reality check earlier in the week. now 42 degrees, live in the neighborhood network, doesn't feel all too bad. but casino of gray looking skies there. in the scene after what has been kind of nice and sunny start to the month so far. last month we had 19 cloudy days, in philadelphia, so it was certainly overcast, we needed some vitamin d. we've been getting it so far. five clear days so far in philadelphia. zero partly cloudy days and one cloudy day unlikely today will go down as cloudy day, as well. with the sunshine came some cold arctic air. and temperatures running below average, for the first half of the week. as we head into the neck couple of days, though, we
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will put in some red boxes there in our month, temperatures will be running above average specially for the upcoming weekend, but right now pretty seasonable, 42 degrees in philadelphia, chilly up in the lehigh valley and in the middle 30's, feeling mild down the shore, temperatures in the middle 40's, right now, and also, no windchill factor to talk about, though. that's nice after several breezy days, earlier in the week, generally calm to light wind speeds being reported and storm scan3 quiet up and down the 95 corridor, although we do have ban of lou level cloud cover in association with some of the more mild air working in so it is obscuring or sunshine specially in the city and parts of southern new jersey but high pressure remains in control for today, starts to shift off to the east, as we head into tomorrow. so we'll have some sunshine to start, then clouds return, temperatures in the upper 40's, so tomorrow afternoon, up near ooh degrees by saturday, but conversely it, won't be great outdoor day, because we will have cloudy
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conditions, drizzle around, fog, mostly cloud cover, then into sunday we are going to see mourn rainfall actually develops after midnight saturday night. continues through the first half of the day on sunday, but temperatures very warm, in the upper 50's, but on the back side of that front you know what's in store, another round of some cold air. but for today, not all too bad, 42 degrees, mostly cloudy, light wind, as we head into tonight, three is degrees, partly cloudy very quiet. sunset occurring at 4:52, and we've actually had later sunsets, we've gained about 17 minute as far as sunset time from our earlier last month and tonight as i mention 4:52, getting closer to the 5:00 mark. by february we will be setting well after the 5:00 hour, by march, close to the 6:00 hour, gaining about one minute of daylight each day. so there is some positive news. as far as a winter forecast is concerned, and tomorrow, 47 degrees, there are your mild high temperatures, ooh saturday, 58 on sunday, and as we head into monday, there is that colder air on the back
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side of that frontal boundary that bridges thaws soggy weather over the weekends, 39 with return of sunshine but it will be windy, brisk, and then tuesday and wednesday, in the middle 30's. so, warming up, and then cooling back down. >> all right, well, lauren, thank you. we have to take it, right? no choice. trying to get healthy for the new year, aren't we all, right? new dietary guidelines from the government say we're taking in too much sugar specially with soda, sweets, and other sugary foods. the new guidelines say no more than 10% of your daily calories should come from sugar, that's about 12 teaspoons of sugar per day. to put that into perspective, can of coke contains about 10 teaspoons, health reporter stephanie stahl will have much more on those guidelines coming up later tonight on "eyewitness news" at five. we'll ta
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live look for you from the poconos where ski conditions are finally getting back together after warm stretch this winter. coming up new at 6:00 while the frigid conditions have helped business there, thank goodness for the cool down for the poconos. on cbs, series premiere of the new comedy angel from hell starring jane lynch and maggie lawson, story of angel who is on mission to help ambush young doctor see life from new perspective. erika von tiehl spoke with the show's stars, and their characters. >> your character amy claiming to be guardian angel. i up stand that her compassion is part of what really drew you to the role, is that
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right? >> exactly. amy is an angel. and has a huge heart. she totally is compassionate. specially for this one over here, who she feels is her life is so bunched up, painted herself into a quarter. >> sounds like your character not buying the whole guard jane angel play, right? >> , no i play doctor. and, you know, i'm into science. so for me it is first off angels, can you proof it, super natural, i don't know. >> the series premiere angel from hell airs tonight at 9:30, right here on cbs. i just love that jane lynch. >> yes. >> remember her from glee. that will be interesting to watch. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm nicole brewer, for erika and kate how are off, lauren, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we're always on line at the young and the restless is next. have a great day everybody.
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>> kevin: i just spoke to natalie. >> mariah: did you convince her to stall? >> kevin: she won't move forward in the search for an investor until billy is out of surgery. >> mariah: that's just a few hours, kevin. >> kevin: yeah, time is of the essence. >> mariah: but it's not like billy's gonna hop off the operating table and take his wallet out. >> kevin: we'll -- we'll work out the details on the next phone call, after the surgery, but billy deserves a shot at this. >> mariah: sometimes you're a very good person. >> kevin: [ scoffs ] "sometimes," as in any time i listen to you? >> mariah: exactly. giving billy first crack at this, it's nice, even if it is a little risky. i mean, natalie could take her mega-million-dollar idea, bail on you, and go work with somebody else. >> kevin: no, natalie wouldn't do that. she trusts me. we have a mind meld. in tech, that's like almost better than sex. [ sighs ] besides, i want billy to have this. and i want you to have this.


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