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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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this is a church where members are very dedicated and they are very heart broken right the now at the vandalism. >> for someone, or who are ever to do this to this parish, there is no words to describe it. >> reporter: members of the st. lawrence church say that it feels like a personal attack, destruction and desecration, of sacred property at their church building. >> it is a terrible thing to wreck a house of god. >> reporter: authorities believe just before noonan wednesday a person lashed out in the sanctuary smashing half dozen stained glass windows with prayer candles and knocking down papal flag and, easter candle. he or she took the cross off the alter and threw it the to the ground. >> i was in shock, and i just don't know how anybody could do that. >> it is disturbing. it is a shame because the church is opened all day. it is a shrine church which means it is a place for people to come during the the the day to spend quiet time in prayer. >> reporter: which is how
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police can pinpoint that the vandalism happened between what one parishioners left around is 11:30 and another at noon. nothing was stolen and considering the location, police have to explore the possibility, that this was some kind of a hate crime. >> we don't want to assume that it was a religious motivation, but it is something we're considering. >> reporter: so far police have not found any surveillance video, but they did list a set of fingerprints which may help catch the suspect if he or she is in the crime database. the father joseph capela says as police figure out who vandalized the church and why he is stick to go what he does best, prayer and counseling. >> i just wish we had a chance to help them out in anyway we could, talk with them, see is what going on, see is what bothering them because obviously they're angry or they are in pain or something. so, we feel badly for them. >> reporter: the church dates back to the 1890's and stained glass, the the 1950's. the the pastor says that it
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will be difficult for them and expensive to replace that stained glass, and he says that they were in the process of getting a security system, but this vandalism happened just before and that was up and running. reporting live from lindenwald, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> keep us updated. out on the roads chopper three overseer just crash along the roosevelt boulevard where at least two cars collided in the southbound lanes between ridge avenue and schuylkill expressway in east falls. there are several injuries, reported and right now, all lanes are blocked. let's give you a live look from chopper three over the scene, traffic on the boulevard is backed up all the way past broad street, drivers stuck in the the jam, up ahead are being forced to exit, at ridge avenue. a plea for help, philadelphia police released surveillance video in a new years eva tack on a seven five-year old woman in northeast philadelphia a. officers, say that the man who robbed and shot would the man, as she walk home with a groceries was driving this silver or white nissan maxima. he a apparently got out of the
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car, took her handbag and shot her in the face. her daughter says her pot mother into recovering and asked for public's help. >> of course, we all don't think it will happen to us, so if anybody knows anything, or recognize the car, you know, i mean this could happen to anybody in your family. >> if you do have any information, that could help police locate the suspect call 911. a portion of i-95 is back opened after crews spent hours cleaning up this scrap metal mess in lawrence township mercer county. tractor trailer overturn around 9:00 this morning on the northbound side, near exit number seven, as you can imagine, the mess caused a huge backup, traffic was forced to exit off the highway at route 206, and the driver was taken to an area hospital for minor injuries. well, it seems like the temperatures keeps getting milder but there is a a trade off coming, lets get first look at forecast with meteorologist kate bilo outside on the sky deck. >> it doesn't feel too badly
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outside on the sky deck maybe in comparison with what the rest of the week has felt like, clouds are in and we know what happens object a cloudy night with clouds in the sky at night, it traps that radiation that the earth emits and keeps it close to the surface like a blanket when you sleep. it keeps us warmer. expect tonight to not be quite as how much as recent nights have been. lets look outside on storm scan and not a whole lot of problems out there right the now just a few clouds and that will be the case as we head into tomorrow as well. we have to wait until the weekend before we track any significant precipitation. end of the week looking quiet, temperature wise, we're much warmer then we have been at this time all week, 44 degrees in philadelphia right now. forty-one allentown. chill any lancaster at 35 and mount pocono sitting at the 33. it has been a steady warm up for much of this week. coldest day, of course, tuesday when we didn't crack the the freezing mark. wednesday, 40 degrees. yesterday that was our high about 44 and then 50's, a as we head into friday and saturday, the question is, does that warm up come with anytime for to you get outside
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and enjoy? i'll have your full outlook coming up when we join you inside. back inside to you. >> kate, thank you. philadelphia a police hope you can help them identify three burglary suspects caught on camera. they were seen outside a home on the 1400 block of north howard street in kensington. police say that two men and a woman took a washer and dryer, a stainless steel stove and three, 25 mattresses. they got away in the ford pick up with an extended cab. markets here and across the globe plunged again today amid fears about the stability of the china's economy. it was the worst day in three months for wall street. look the at dismal numbers, dow jones closed down 392 points closing at 16,054. the the nasdaq was down 150 points and the s and p dropped 47. correspondent henna daniels gives you some perspective. >> reporter: sell off began at the opening bell and pick up momentum as the the day went on. dow jones industrial average closed down more than 390
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points, it was the third, triple digit loss of the week. once again, the trouble started in china, where trading was automatically halted after stocks fell more than 7 percent. the market had been opened for just 30 minutes. >> just that sense of oh, my god what is going on. >> reporter: chinese regulators say they are suspending those circuit breakers since they might be adding to the sense of panic. >> they realize it is not a great the idea, market is way too volatile. >> reporter: feeding in the volatility is concern about a down turn in china's economy and whether that weakness will have a domino effect. >> if things slow down in chine at fear is that the rest of asia will will slow down, europe slows down and then naturally the u.s. economy will also slow down. >> reporter: wall street is hoping to find some comfort in friday's labor report. signs to a up pic in hiring that would indicate despite turmoil overseas the u.s.
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economy is still on track. henna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". if this unsettled market has you worried burr finances, jim donovan is on your side with a new trend, on the job training about finances. the that is coming up at 5:30. nobody won last night's drawing, for the power ball that is now the largest jackpot in u.s. history, 700 million-dollar. and it could grow by the the time the drawing comes saturday night closer to the 1 billion-dollar market. tickets can be used quickly and the dreams remain real big. >> i will look to give a whole lot of montoya whole lot of people. >> take care of my family, my close friend and my church. >> in new jersey, some people are richer after last night's drawing, seven, third prize winning tickets were sold that matched , four white balls and the power ball, six of those, won $50,000, and worth $150,000. two of them in our area one in
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burlington township, and the other in williamstown. and, maybe you have the the winning ticket? let's look at those winning numbers, one more time, two, 11, 47, 62, and 63, and the power ball is 17. >> i would be afraid to look at it. >> yes. >> having a heart attack right there. >> one half of south philadelphia's famous cheese stake corner tries something new today for a good cause. >> path the path's serves up a cheese stake minus the stake. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon is live in south philadelphia with more on a veggie creation, rahel. >> reporter: jessica, to this is something new pat's is trying every few weeks or so they will invite a chef down here and that person will then make a cheese stake of their choosing with all proceeding to go charity. the now folks here at the pennsylvania path's tell me they figure why not start the new year and with a healthy alternative to the cheese stake. with new years resolutions still fresh on our mind, pat's
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steaks is also trying something new. >> anything you want. >> reporter: 2016 spin on the age old philadelphia favorite. have the the cheese stake. >> it is an healthy alternative. >> reporter: inside is saute broccoli robb, avocado, red onion, mango, lime juice, egg and cheese. >> it looks great. >> reporter: those who wanted one were only asked to donate what they'd like. proceeds for the sandwich goes towards ovarian cancer research a cause chosen by the creator of the sandwich. >> my sister passed away from ovarian cancer nine years ago and this was a cause very special to her heart. >> reporter: sandwich lovers say it is a good cause but also just a good sandwich. >> very tropical, yet spicy and delicious. >> reporter: with one added bonus: the no resolutions broken. >> you have to have at least a few more weeks before you break those resolutions. so veggies, good cause, it is all good.
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bone appetite. >> reporter: now sandwiches were served from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. and i'm told in just that time 1,000 was raised here and pat's is donating 2500 for ovarian cancer research. i have got to tell you these sandwiches were very good because i'm still hearing people asking for those veggie sandwiches. a very good sandwich and very good cause. reporting from south philadelphia, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> nicely done indeed. thanks, rahel. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 frightening moments in new york when 17 minors get stuck in the elevator hundreds of feet underground. we will show you their dramatic rescue. they are calling it a resurrection, just one year after the burholme baptist church and steeple came crashing down a new one has listen, i'm alexandria hoff with that story coming up. and some coffee to sugar, health reporter stephanie stahl breaks down the new federal diet guidelines out today, all when we come right back.
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as parents remembered the one year anniversary of the attacks on french satyrical newspaper charlie hebdo another act of violence fools terror fools. video shows moments after police killed and armed man outside a paris police station. authorities say that man had a knife ape was wearing what
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turned out to be, a fake suicide vest. french prosecutors opened up an anti terrorism investigation to determine the man's motive. cold, but alive. that is how manager of the new york salt mine described 17 workers who were rescued from an elevator 900 feet under ground. the workers got stuck last night while descending a floor of the 2300-foot deep salt mine in lansing, about 40 miles south of syracuse. it took rescue crews more than ten hours to free them all but everyone is doing well. >> their spirits are tremendous. i don't know, i'm inspired by them to be quite honest with you. the the first four that came out of the mine waited for the last two that came out of the mine. >> operations at the mine will be put on hold while safety investigators looked into what caused that elevator to malfunction. series of storms caused mud slide in southern california. storms courtesy of the el nino weather pattern has led to
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walls of mud in some neighborhoods. crews are working around the clock to clear streets and protect homes. there is one upside, l.a. county a has collect billions of gallons in rainwater helping to fill depleted reservoirs. san diego area was also hit hard, some homes and business there is were damage by the storms, a lot of power lines came down and that kept utility crew is very busy. some areas near san diego saw wind gusts of more than 60 miles an hour. on the the cbs-3 healthwatch, the obama administration released new diet guidelines today, this latest report which has been revived every five years backs off previous recommendation about cholesterol but gets tougher on sugar. >> health reporter stephanie stahl joins with us those new guidelines. >> big changes here, guys. the first with cholesterol, studies have shown there is no clear connection between eating foods, high in cholesterol, and the amounts of bad cholesterol, that end up in the blood. so now, the new bad guy is sugar. ann cut back on sugar about
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six months ago. >> i lost about 20-pound, without even trying to do anything else. >> reporter: new federal diet deadlines, getting strict about sugar, added sugar to no more than 10 percent of calories. >> about half of the added sugar in peoples diet, comes from sweetened beverages, usually soda. >> reporter: get a break with the updated guidelines, limit on diet cholesterol used to be no more than 300 milligrams a day which is about two eggs. that recommendations is gone now. >> it is an excellent source of protein. there is about 70 calories in one egg and 7 grams of protein. >> reporter: but report says teenage boys and men eat too much protein, and should cut back on eggs, meat, poultry, instead they should eat more fruits. >> vegetables. >> i get the a stake and my stake comes. >> reporter: and is there good news for coffee lovers, guidelines say three to five small cups a day are healthy,
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as long as you don't add the sugar, flavorings or topping. now, the report recommend also limiting a saturated fat to no more than 10 percent of daily calories, and keeping salt, to 2300 milligrams a day, that is equivalent to about one teaspoon, most people eat a lot more than that. these recommendations are designed to cut down on disease and obesity. food does matter. >> sugar makes a big impact. >> huge impact. >> thanks, stephanie. >> kate joins us with the the forecast and are taking us back into history on this day. >> i just did the math in my head and it depressed me a little bit that it was 19 years ago that the blizzard of 96 hit philadelphia. the eye remember it very vividly. >> you and i both. >> you and i both. >> but, lets take a look, we have some history to talk about today. luckily we are not tracking any snow in the the forecast but 19 years ago we were. take a look at this, here's a image of this man, old eagles jacket the, you may remember eagles lost to the cowboys
5:18 pm
during this blizzard to add insult to injure, and this was, 20 years, my goodness, i was thinking of 2015. twenty years ago, that is even more depressing. thanks for that. lets take a look at what is going on, people had snow up to their waist, the the entire city was paralyzed for days and days, the 20 year anniversary of this crazy storm. i remember school was closed for a entire week. we were sledding down the the streets in our development because be in could get out and b we made a big igloo in our backyard. it was amazing if you were a kid but for grown ups that had to dig out and get back to work like this gentlemen was doing, it was not so fun. this still stands, by the way as our biggest snowstorm ever in philadelphia, 30.7 inches of snow. take a look at that snow. we were right in the heaviest snow belt here, blizzard of 96, 20 to 30 inches, just north of d.c., baltimore and here in philadelphia a, 30.7 inches.
5:19 pm
the the snow landscape looking different this year. look at our current snow cover in the the northeast not seeing much of anything at all. most of the state of the pennsylvania we do have some significant snow on the ground up across northern maine. that is bit. the it has been a much different winter then that one was. the here's our live neighborhood network and i will show you this because we have been looking at beautiful sunsets on this camera all week long. the not tonight. cloud have rolled in and brought a bit of the glummy evening to the the area. but that will keep us a little bit milder through the overnight hours as well. storm scan three, clear skies, all across the northeast, just a few clouds thanks to this system off shore but here's the next one to watch. thinks pulling moisture in from the the south as we head through the upcoming weekend and unfortunately it does look like it will be a damp weekend for us, we will time that out in just a moment. that is heading our way. in the meantime it is quiet, it is mild, especially, in comparison with the past few days, it is 44 degrees in philadelphia, 41 in allentown. forty-six in millville, and it is 41 in reading, right now. temperatures climbing again,
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sun giving way to clouds, 40 for tomorrow. near 50, cloudy and damp on saturday. the a saturday is not a total wash out. it is not the nicest day we have ever seen. we have got some fog, drizzle and mist out there and a high of 50 degrees. the and then on sunday that is when rain moves through, saturday night into sunday and heavy at times. timing out precipitation, watch for scattered showers late tomorrow night, daytime hours are dry, sat the day, cloud, fog, drizzle at anytime throughout the day but saturday night into sunday morning, that steady rain, will come through. strong gusty wind and milder air moves in as well. and, overnight mainly cloudy, and, for your low tomorrow. a shower late, in mainly under cover of the darkness friday night. 47 degrees is our daytime high which is above average and eyewitness weather seven day forecast, well, there is the warm up but notice how quickly it erodes. sunday, 50 degrees. sixty. that may not sound like much after being in the 07's in december but 20 degrees above
5:21 pm
average. rain mainly through early part of the day. then we're chilly, monday, tuesday, wednesday and we will get reenforcing, shot of cold air, next thursday, and, 32 degrees. another blast of snow. so enjoy 50's and 60's, and a i know it the will be rainy, and damp out there but it is cold again good 20 years ago. >> twenty years ago. >> how about that. >> 2015. >> yes. >> back toward a snowdrift in front of my front door it looked like a ski drift. >> what did you do. >> i tunneled through. >> that is all you could do. >> yes. >> thanks. >> still to come adele gets real with her struggle at the gym. coming up photo that is going viral. and then a stage crasher stuns the ladies of the talk during the peoples choice awards. we will hear from the the ok, so the government crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade,
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don bell joins us now. is what happening in the sports world today. >> well, what is happening happened not too far from here and kids had a good day in school. kid love three people: santa claus, tooth fairy and philly fanatic. today big fury green guy made an appearance at st. francis xavier school in fairmount. pitchers and catchers report next month but fanatic is in mid season form. cbs-3 photographer tommy gardener doing the honors. >> he is always jolly, that is the best part about it. >> ♪ >> it is hilarious. it is just hilarious. >> he walks funny. he dances. >> he is fantastic. the the kid love it. >> he is green and he jumps on
5:26 pm
people. >> when he jumps around, and that it what it is all about. he is clumsy. >> yes. >> having fun with the fanatic and phillies faithful and great high hopes for the the next year. >> one, three... >> old ballgame. >> kids had a blast, right. >> those faces. >> it is funny because i talk about how much kid love fanatic. but, adults love the the fanatic too. >> still the greatest sports mascot of all time. >> yes. >> good stuff, thanks, don. coming up next, new details about which macy's stories closing in our area, plus this. they are calling this a resurrection a local church that lost its steeple in the
5:27 pm
wind storm has now got a new one, i'm alexandria hoff with the bird eye view coming up. are you worried about the stock market? consumer reporter jim donovan talks about new ways employers are helping you maximize your financial future. new at 6:00 mountains of memories up for auction, recently closed delaware county restaurant is selling off nostalgia
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ after the storm, church steeple rises again, a local congregation is rejoycing. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. hello, i'm ukee washington. i'm's jessica dean. that church steeple was badly damaged during a storm but now is restore. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live in northeast philadelphia with
5:31 pm
the story, alex. >> reporter: good evening, church leaders tell me a miracle happened here last february, they say, that because when this church steeple came crashing down it landed between two buildings not causing any damage. they say there is a second miracle that happened and that was today. early architects designed steeples as a way of directing eyes toward the heavens. pastor charles junior, never stopped looking not even when high wind caused the fire department to interrupt his services 11 months ago. >> they said your steeple is missing a and we don't necessity where it went. >> reporter: steeple of the burholme baptist church toppled without incident between two buildings. they believed that was a miracle from god. the new dangling steeple left that, came from kentucky. >> i built that on a job. >> reporter: by early afternoon a steeple that had come from campbellsville, kentucky had been placed. >> i can't believe it. >> reporter: cradled in a lift, went the final piece.
5:32 pm
>> wow, great. >> reporter: though architecture clearly does in the make a church it certainly helps to raise spirits. >> split is, folks. i can't believe that. thank you. >> yes. >> i get enjoyment out of it. >> so good for them. so glad to have the the steeple back. >> it is just perfect. my faith looks up to me. >> that does sound perfect. steeple is extremely heavy and it cost around $80,000, luckily the the church did have insurance. reporting live from northeast philadelphia, i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia's latest public school progress report is out and today city leaders recognized 19 schools for excellence. "eyewitness news" at ann frankel meantry in bustle will ton, spr measures school on a
5:33 pm
achievement, progress and climate and then places them in four performance tears. 80 percent of the cities nearly 300 district and charter schools ranked in the bottom two tears. >> 80 percent of our work is to address all of the schools, but 20 percent is an urgent and infusion of quality for schools that have lanning wished there toward the bottom. >> we have a link to the school progress report on the web site at cbs now to the lateness campaign 2016. current and former g.o.p. presidential candidates are questioning, whether ted cruz is eligible to run for the nation's highest office. senator in 2008 republican presidential nominee john mccain told a phoenix radio station that cruz's citizenship is quote worth looking into. yesterday donald trump advised cruz to go to court to verify his status. texas senator was born in canada to an american mother and cuban father. >> a child of the u.s. citizen born abroad is a natural born
5:34 pm
citizen. people will continue to make political noise about it the but as a legal matter it is quite straightforward. >> right now cruz is leading donald trump and marco rubio in the new poll of g.o.p. voters in iowa. >> reporter: local macy's is closing its door for good after more than eight decade, department store chain is on track to close 36 stores this year, including the one in suburban square in ardmore. macy's has been at that location since 1930. clearance sales start monday and the stories set to close this spring, and 74 people work out of the suburban square store and some will lose their jobs, others will be moved to other stores. it was the worst day on wall street in three months as the dow jones fell 400 points. as the stock market takes us on a wild ride aloft people wonder what do do you with your investments a lot of people didn't learn about things like this in school. >> that doesn't mean you cannot learn right now. three on your side consumer
5:35 pm
reporter jim donovan find some employers are offering a new kind of perk. >> that is right, we're talking about on the job financial training and education, the result, we're told, happier em please. >> unaudible. >> reporter: it was a setting like this helped jonathan, buy a house and create a comfortable future with his wife a all without leaving his office. jonathan's companies one of the growing number of businesses that offer free financial advice, and insight for employees. his office calls these monthly lunchtime information sessions, wisdom wednesdays. they are optional opportunities where different experts give advice on how employees can make the most of their money. >> not everybody has taken a course in finance. not everyone has had their upbringing, giving them a great perspective on financial matters. our job is to help fill in these gaps. >> reporter: recent survey shows 40 percent of employees are overwhelmed or intimidated by financial decisions, figuring out 401k's, the stock market, planning for
5:36 pm
retirement and balancing a budget. >> when employees are less stressed about their financial realities day to day they are able to be focused at work. >> reporter: employers are offering sessions honorary timer planning, health care strategies, debt management, understanding your credit score and financing a home or a car. seminars like wisdom wednesdays hope to prepare employees for the financial long hall. >> it helped me plan out my finances for the the future. >> reporter: experts say that if you are interested in having your company create a financial literacy program you may want to chat with your human resources department. >> great idea. >> yes, of course it is. >> i used to sit there when she would write out the checks and would i double-check the math. sometimes she would throw me tricks. most people, don't learn that at home you are how are. >> with the twitch and whole 9-. thank you, mom. pennsylvania farm show kick off their 100 anniversary with the sculpture that packs on the pound. "eyewitness news" was in harrisburg as dozens gathered to watch the unveiling of the
5:37 pm
1,000-pound, butter sculpture. the the theme this year our commonwealth blue ribbon experience. the the eight day extravaganza a runs from saturday to friday from 8:00 a a.m. to 5:00 p.m. wow. >> how about that. >> yes. >> still to come on "eyewitness news", the the list of the talk interrupted during last night's peoples choice awards. had hear what they had to say about it today, that is next. and adele is feeling your pain if you head back to the gym for your new years resolution, the grammy winner shares her struggle coming up, the the photos you do not want to miss, kate. temperatures are on the rise, we may be 20 degrees above average for part of the weekend but before you break out flip-flops you may want to have umbrella a handy, i'll have your full forecast when we come right back.
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ladies of the talk were mike jack on stage last night while accepting their peoples choice award.
5:41 pm
>> the insider's louie joins us from los angeles with more, louie? >> reporter: ukee and jessica, i was with the daytime talk queens, the morning after. >> did he come to you and explain sort of how this possibly could have happened? >> they asked us. we all went backstage to see the press and they were like, what happened? >> they were like a mountainly crew. >> unaudible. >> i got to say, i could understand what he was saying, and then i was worried something was not quite right with him. >> don't go pull no steve harvey up in here. >> talk bin stinks kick nothing to gear, situation handled in just 12 seconds, not by security but mighty duo of cheryl underwood and osborne who were still on fire with me this morning d that surprise you that they were able to pop up on stage. >> i don't need security. we have done this before, with other people and he got arrested as he should because, you know what, when it is his
5:42 pm
time and if he wants to be a celebrity, then find your talent and work for it. >> the the stage crasher whose name is zachary nazario had motive that is were thankfully not more sinister but just self promotion and attention. his previous credits including party crashing chris jenner's birthday bash. >> here's my question with all that crazy security at these awards shows, how is it even possible? ukee and jessica, back to you in the studio. >> good question. >> good question. >> for more on this story and latest happeningness hollywood tune into the insider tonight the a at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. so do you believe, in guardian angels. >> comedian jane lynch plays one in new cbs show angels from hell. >> i bet you are a a very sweet person, doctor allison. >> how did you know my name? i'm a doctor, have we met. >> allison isn't so sure that she has a guardian angel or maybe she just has a strange new friend.
5:43 pm
check it out for yourself tonight, watch the series premiere at 9:30 right here on cbs-3. we will be right back.
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that is how i feel. trouble is real, adele, the singer posted this video on instagram with the caption getting ready, what do you think she's getting ready but it the is a photo owe. it had has gone viral since many stars post these pictures and they have make up, you know, no sweat, everything, and adele is keeping it real. >> good for her. >> does she have a trainer. >> wow. >> she looks like she's in pain. >> wow. >> my goodness. >> she must have a trainer. >> new years resolution. >> yes, i have been hobbling around. >> yes, i have for days. >> you have been working out. >> yes, a little tight. >> took the holidays off, went back on money cannot go down the stairs, and it is only thursday. >> no pain, no gain. >> yes. >> it is terrible it is working. >> but i feel your pain, adele. solidarity. anyway, we have some nice weather out here, it feels good, temperatures in the 40's, some clouds, but we have
5:47 pm
clear skies, warmer weather, that is what we have done. we have got milder weather for the weekend but eventually that mild push will be accompanied by some pretty steady rain, coming up we will tell you when to expect. that lets start with what is happening right now and take a look at the poconos even though it was milder day, jack frost big boulder lights are on, people on there, guy with the snow board working on some tricks here and there, and looking pretty nice, finally got some snow on the slopes. it has been so warm we have not had a day below average until this week, since before thanksgiving, and finally got some cold weather, finally got snow machines going and looking good out there at jack frost big boulder tonight. not sure how weekend weather will impact snow on the ground up there because temperatures could surge near 60 degrees on sunday. we may hit 60 in philadelphia right new we are looking at 40's which is comfortable. lynn spring inner cherry hill. she has got some cloud and she send us a a photo of sunrise in pennsauken this morning.
5:48 pm
beautiful sunrise. lots of colors thanks to the cloud just starting to filter in. more cloud cover we have had more particle matter in the atmosphere those sun rays bounce off at a low angle to get brightest colors, sunrise and sunsets. jerry a aubrey in blue bell a at 41. jerry says i will take it cloudy, warmer over clear and freezing. the question is will you take warm, wet over cold and clear? it all depend on just how cold and just how wet. i think on sunday we will not have a whole lot of time on get outside and enjoy milder weather. 43 degrees in fountainville. stacy is mostly cloudy. hi stacy. waiting for warm up even with the rain. she would pick the rain and the warmth. interesting. let me necessity on twit error facebook what you think would you like it warm or rainy or cold and clear. well, we had cold and clear. we are all ready for a change. forty-three in reading the at dave's house. dew .30.27. warmer day. i will take it. dew points were around two. we had that clear, crisp blue
5:49 pm
skies. now dew points in the 209's. more humidity. that will rise as we head toward the the the weekend. looking at storm scan three shows that next system impacting us. is there one off the atlantic coast moving away. that is what is bringing our cloud cover today. it is a squeeze play. we have southeasterly wind picking up, wind will be north and east for a bit tomorrow thanks to the system off shore but as we head in the weekend as this system over here progresses toward us and starts to kick up that southeasterly flow a and temperatures start to sky rocket. for now we are seeing outer cloud bands impacting the area clouds keeping us milder overnight hanging on to the mid 40's here in philadelphia 46 in millville. forty-three in wilmington and 41 in reading. right now. temperatures jumped 17 degrees in the past couple hours in millville, 6 degrees warmer in philadelphia warm up continues. notice tomorrow we will see some sun early and then clouds really start to build back in tomorrow night. couple showers at 11:00 p.m. most of saturday is rain free, damp, drizzly and this big batch gets in early on sunday.
5:50 pm
so as far as overnight hours are concerned seasonal night at 31 degrees, mostly cloudy. your friday, clouds, sun shower around late 47 degrees, late, overnight, probably around 11 or midnight. another arctic blast waits in the wings, a after the the weekend we will get cold to dive in on monday but take a a look at wednesday and thursday. look at that black color an indication of very cold air, moving through portions of eastern canada. brief warm up. we will hit 60 on sunday with rain early in the day and bottom falls out again and then by next thursday that high once again not reaching or not exceeding, the the freezing point. ukee and jessica, back over to you. there is new help for families of the philadelphia police officers kill and injured in the line of duty. >> kyw news radio's john mcdevitt has more. >> reporter: variety of non-profit have stepped into assist children left behind with officers kill in the line of duty, at police headquarters, commissioner richard ross acknowledged the latest. >> it just demonstrates to the
5:51 pm
men a and women who wear this uniform who put their lives the line each and every day what it means to have their backs. >> reporter: for years the philadelphia police foundation has been raising much needed fund for things like body arm or as a form of protection for law enforcement. today a new layer of protection was announced, not only for police officers but for their families as well. maureen rush is board president of the philadelphia a police foundation. she says that the new police scholarship or cops fund build a need for elementary school choices where children of philadelphia police officers killed or injured in the line of duty. >> a good example is our most recent tragedy with sergeant wilson. sergeant wilson has two young children. they will be definitely in that range and that would be a great example of a family who needs the assistance. >> reporter: fraternal order of police lodge five will be working with the organization and its supporters to identify scholarship candidates. the the public can described to the fund too, more information at cbs
5:52 pm
john mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> looking out for philly a's finest and their families. still a ahead on "eyewitness news" a game of thrones star, who is in search for missing sister in japan and discovered something terrifying in the forest. >> i'll give you behind the scenes look at the new horror movie that is getting a a lot of buzz, that is up next. the one with the high-strength military-grade,the f-150. aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating... on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested." this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history.
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5:55 pm
remember what the movie jaw did his for beach goers
5:56 pm
way back when? a brand new film released tomorrow might do the same thing for campers or players that lose their golf balls. >> yes, film makers would love that, designed to be a fan filled super natural thriller based on real events. if you don't like spooky things. if you take a break now time to step into the the forest. >> um-hmm, girl, don't go in that basement, you know is there always nothing good happening when you do. >> we will revice tonight a bit. but why should people see this. >> there is a a whole host of reasons, ukee why people should go see this. >> here's the the story line. >> unaudible. >> when something happens, we want to run. >> and action. >> there is plenty of that as twin sister of natalie's character goes missing in the forest and, it is not your average woods. the first off they are in japan. >> your sister went into the the forest, it is where lost
5:57 pm
people get to commit suicide. >> reporter: forest actually exist a at north west base of japan's mount fuji, as it was shot in dense woods in serbia as part of the research national thely visited the site and fund out firsthand the history of violence and its reputation for paranormal activity is legitimate. >> my driver, took me out there and he refused to step off the path. it is completely legitimate and completely legitimate that people go into that forest with intention of not coming out. >> how do you feel going by yourself. >> keep it coming. >> reporter: the guard, does come, but just who is this random american that she meets in japan. um. >> met i have is pure, is he what he says he is? is he a good guy, bad guy? it was fun to play to say the least. >> reporter: natalie plays the role of the lost twin as well which adds a very special twist in the end by the film
5:58 pm
makers. >> it is not horror, it is a psychological dissent into madness but it has a beautiful relationship at the center of it. you don't see very often in these movies. >> reporter: so much for reasons to see it. back to the basement. come on, she's not down there. >> i can feel it. >> she needs me. >> freeze it. >> and, at a theater near you. y told her not to go in the basement. there is always something in the basement. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00. >> it is nostalgia on the menu now, thousands of items that made millions of memories, from people, at the town house restaurant in media, it is all going up for auction but you'll get a sneak preview, coming up. also, a place of worship targeted by criminals, south
5:59 pm
jersey church vandalized a closer look at the the damage, kate. and it is a pretty seasonable thursday night, clouds have rolled in and as warmer air moves in so does the chance for rain, you may want to make indoor plans for the weekend i'll break it down coming up at 6:00. and the the home grown hall of famer, we hear from mike piazza's high school coach about phoenixville native entering into cooperstown. they remember specific items that would catch their eye when they came in the restaurant. >> it was part of the community for decades but now that the doors are closed those that love the town house restaurant is taking a piece of it with them for a price. the at an auction will be held to sell some unique items inside. i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean.
6:00 pm
walt hunter is in media where hundreds are expected to show up, to get their hand off a piece of history, walt. >> well, jessica why would there be crowds at a closed restaurant? it is not for the meals? it is for the memories. this weekend, the at an auction like none other in the history of delaware county, right here at the town house restaurant we got a sneak peak at the the things that people who dine here for generations, hepp to be taking with them for memories. what would that be? >> it is actually the pedal car, a child's pedal car but in the form of the airplane. >> reporter: veterans auctioneer john turner told me he often asked himself what is that as he went room to room for an entire month, trying somehow you to catalogue and comprehend the the thousands of items that filled the the now closed, town house restaurant, in media. >> a lot of signs, a lot of pictures, a lot of, you know,


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