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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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with a catch. rain is also headed our way and we're tracking when it will arrive. but first a philadelphia police officer ambushed while on patrol. a suspect fires more than a dozen shots at point blank range. miraculously the officer survives. tonight how he's being hailed a hero and for the first time we are now hearing from a relative of the alleged gunman. good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. police say the shooter confessed to the crime saying he did it in the name of the islamic state. we have live team three coverage of the ambush. diana rocco spoke to one of the suspect's family members, and we begin with natasha brown life outside police headquarters with the surveillance video that captured the attack. natasha? >> reporter: well, we can tell you that the suspect is here at police headquarters awaiting a rain many at this hour. meantime as you mentioned, this attack was captured on cam ran the video is chilling to watch. surveillance video shows the crimple worthy ambush on officer
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jesse hartnett in west philadelphia. the suspect moving closer and closer firing multiple shots until he reaches point blank range. >> reporter: his car riddled with bullets, his left arm punctured by 39 mill neither rounds officer hartnett gets out of his police unit and gives chase injuring 30-year-old edward archer who is then quickly captured. >> the bravery he demonstrated was absolutely remarkable. his will to live undoubtedly saved his life. and we're ever so thankful to god that he's here today. >> reporter: police questioned the suspect as to the motive behind the unprovoked attack. they say he confessed and continued to utter these words. >> he stated that he pledges his allegiance to islamic state. he follows allah and that is the reason he was called upon to do this. >> according to him he believes that the police defend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the quran. >> reporter: sources tell cbs
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news archer traveled to the middle east including trips to cairo and saudi arabia in 2011 and 2012. and that while in prison he may have converted to islam. police and fbi officials stopped short of commenting on whether are a kerr had any known ties to any organization or other suspects. >> i won't confirm that for a variety of reasons. the one is, so we don't let soaks that probably or maybe know what we know. >> the layers involved in the investigation continue to be unraveled, officers rally around their brother in blue as he travels a lengthy road to recovery. >> well officer hartnett was last in stable condition at the hospital. we are told tonight that will he need several surgeries to repair this severely injured arm. at police headquarters, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, natasha. tonight for the first time we are hearing from the suspect's family while local and federal authorities have descended pop his neighborhood to search for more information.
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"eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco was in yeadon delaware county right now where she talked to one suspect's relatives. diana. >> reporter: ukee, tonight edward archer's family didn't have many words as they now try to sort all of this out. investigators were here for much of the day searching the home and removing evidence. meanwhile tonight neighbors are also looking for answers and say while they've seen him come and go, they never believed him to be radicalized. outside he had car archer's mom's home a female relative who answered the door friday says the family is still in shock. >> we're just trying to get through right now. report roar okay. >> figure everything out. >> reporter: officials from the atf and fbi spent most of the day searching the familiar's home street in yeadon. investigators in white suits carried out boxes of evidence. >> i was a little surprised when they said it was him. i was -- i was really saddened. wouldn't think that he would go
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as far as to do something like that. >> reporter: while most neighbors didn't know him, donald king who lived across the street often i was archer coming and going where muslim gash and took him to be a loner. >> mostly he was by hisself. couldn't associate any particular characteristic about him other than he would come and go. >> reporter: yeadon's mayor archer was recently released from prison and he was known to them for drug and weapons charges. >> well he has been on our radar screen and i believe he was scheduled to be in our county court next week. >> reporter: earlier investigators serve served a wan warrant at a home on west 61st street and pine streets near the shooting scene. an apartment belonging to the archer family. possibly his grandmother. archer was believed to be headed there after the alleged shooti shooting. sources say he had a key from the apartment on him when he was caught. and archer is also believed to have an address in chester that police may be checking out.
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he was due in a delaware county court on unrelated charges on monday. we're live in yeadon delaware county tonight, diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> diana, thank you. new philadelphia mayor jim kenney only been on the job since monday says does he not believe the suspect's actions are representation of islam. >> in no way, shape or form does anyone in this room believe that islam or the teaching of islam has anything to do with what you've you've seen on that screen much that is abhor rant. it's just terrible. it's it does not represent the religion in any wake shape or form oy any of its teachings and this is a criminal with a stolen gun who tried to kill one of our officers. has nothing to do with being a muslim or following the isla isc faith. >> tonight members of our local islamic community say they agr agree. >> islam is dedicated to the service of god and the service of all humanity. and any act that violates a service of humanity also violates a service of god. what this man did has nothing to do with true islam.
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>> rasheed says all religions should unite against extremist ideology. >> those who officer hartnett are describing him as dedicated and compassionate. he's a native of east lansdowne and served on the police force there before joining the philadelphia police department. among those praising the officer today, his father and police commissioner richard ross. >> i love him. i'm very proud of him. he's an excellent person. it will be a tough road. he's a tough guy. he's an excellent philadelphia officer. >> he was a compassionate police officer in that even an individual he arrested not long ago for narcotics he stopped and got food for that individual's son. very person he arrested. >> hartnett is a five year veteran of the philadelphia police force. and tonight fellow philadelphia officer is giving his dramatic and moving account of the shooting in a letter to a hero. the facebook post celebrates the bravery of officer jesse hartnett and has already been tens of thousands of times.
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>> the post by johnny castro to fellow officer jesse hartnett begins "you were working solo, probably bored out of your mind because it was a quiet night. it goes on what you didn't see was a man approaching your driver's side window with a fully loaded handgun by his si side. without warning, or provocation, he raised his weapon and began firing into your vehicle. castro then describes hartnett's miraculous reaction. you ducked your head down and just the right moment that rounds actually missed your head by inches. without hesitation, you fought your a attacker almost instant instantly. castro call eight fight for life and death. i was only two minutes away but it felt like it took me an hour. he continues, two officers through you in their car and rushed to you presbyterian hospital where their trauma unit and surgeons work through the night. castro admits it's hard to believe hartnett is alive. god was watching over you. you did great last night. you made the 18th district and
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the entire department proud of you. you are a hero. january 7th will forever be your alive day. rest up jesse hartnett. in the wake of the attack on officer hartnett and a attempted attempt on officers in paris yesterday the new york city police department wants its officers to be extra vigilant. in a letter to officers the nypd wrote, these two incidents demonstrate the continued threat that members of service face from individuals seeking to target law enforcement personn personnel. the new york city police department strongly add advises all members of service to exercise a high degree of vigilance. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the officer ambush. you can get the latest developments and see today's press conferences in their entirety at temperatures are on the rise for the weekend but rain is also heading our way. meteorologist lauren casey in for kate tonight. how about a timeline of sorts. how is it looking. >> it's lookin looking rather wt
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especially as we head into the second half of of the weekend but conditions dry right now for our friday night. they will mainly stay that way with the exception of an isolated shower on storm scan3 pretty quite conditions right now clouds still certainly in place. a couple of snow showers up towards the poconos. otherwise a few specks on storm scan3. overnight tonight chance of isolated shower otherwise dry conditions and for the day tomorrow, a little misty. a little foggy. a little mild and and that we get seriously warm into sunday and seriously wet as well with heavy rain moving through and then as we head into next week, cold and wintry conditions return and i'll have all the details in your extended forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> new tonight community gathers to remember a young mother and her two-year-old son killed in a house fire. family and friends placed candles and stuffed animals near the burnt out home on north fourth street in west ken sipping ton. elizabeth perez who was eight months pregnant initially escaped but then went back
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inside to rescue her to-year-old son. they both became trapped by the fire. officials say five space heaters were running in the home did not have any working smoke detectors. >> two men at the center of the deadly building collapse at 22nd and market have learned their fate. demolition contractor griffin campbell apologized to the victims and their families before being sentenced today to 15 to 30 years in prison. ex today indicator operator sean benschop received a sentence of 7.5 to 15 years in prison. in 2013, six people died and 13 were injured when a building under demolition collapsed on to a sal vague army store. the stock market closes out its worst week since 2011, and it was another down day for the marks. investors have been rattled by concerns over slow down in china's economy and plunging oil prices. strong jobs report was not enough to stem downward tied. the dow finished down 167 points to close at 16,346. the nasdaq lost 45 points.
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the s and p was also in the red losing 21 points. the record powerball jackpot has grown even larger tonight it now stands at astounding $800 million. that's by far the biggest lottery jackpot in us history. the drawing happens tomorrow night. we'll of course have the winning numbers for you on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. get this. if there's no big winner tomorrow night the jackpot is expected to surpass a billion dollars. >> it's not going a billion. >> you're going to take it? i got this. >> it's all you. >> i got this tomorrow night. >> we'll check in with you tomorrow getting a good workout and having some fun at the same time. >> vittoria woodill found the perfect placing to fort entire family. >> what's you up to. i'm um. i'm jumping we're live in wilmington went funnel the spot to be this weekend. if you want to get healthy and have fun. whoo! i'm already out of breath. those details coming up. >> also ahead, one of the world's most wanted recaptured
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after six months on the run. how authorities finally caught up with the drug kingpin known as el chapo. and justin beiber told to leave a popular tourist spot. we'll tell was the pop star reportedly did that got him kick out when we come back.
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>> pennsylvania state trooper woundewounded in a ambush will a guest at president's state of the union address. alex douglas will attend the speech. authorities say douglas was ambushed by shooting suspect eric frein outside the blooming grove barracks in 2014. another trooper corporal brian dixon was killed. frein was captured aft a 48 day manhunt. new tonight fundraiser for the family of a philadelphia police officer who died from colon cancer. the event was held at the ballroom of the holiday inn on packer avenue. officer gary hawkins died at the age of 60 in notify. he spent 23 years on the force. 12 in community relations. he served his entire career in the third and fourth police districts. he leaves hyped a wife marie and two grown children. crime lord el chapo is recaptured after six months the run. he was arrested following a gun battle this morning. he had been on the run since july when he made a spectacular
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escape from maximum security prison in mexico. el chapo is thought to be responsible for 34,000 deaths and controls mexico's largest drug cartel. more trouble tonight for justin beiber. the singer and his entourage were asked to leave mexico's ruins yesterday after the pop star apparently tried to climb on them. visitors can climb some pyramids in mexico but officials restrict access to some ruins considered vulnerable or unstable. if you're looking for some family fun, we found a place that's hospital how longing. >> vittoria woodill is bouncing her way into the weekend much she joins us now in wilmington at the stratus fear trampoline park. okay, tori, got the whistle on. go ahead. >> reporter: i do. i'm trying to teach these folks, okay? they think they know what they're doing. earlier i was getting my jump on, too. no really you want to talk about a fun fantastic place fort and tire family. this place has got it all, and it's out of this world. check it out.
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are you looking for something fun to do with the whole family that's out of this world? jump on into stratt tis fear you can jump and jump many until you can't jump no more. >> keeping them jumping. you work off that energy. >> right. >> that's the good thing about it. >> rita is the regional manager of stratt fear their motto is save healthy family fun. >> a lot of parents come in with the kids they tell us they'd prefer them doing something instead of being in front of the tv playing video game. they're getting a workout and having a good time at the same time. >> you can practice their ninja course. as a certified ninja i geared up and gave mike here some coaching. >> i want energy. i want passion. i want you to run at that thing there's like a million dollars up top. you got that. >> i got it. >> you got that? >> go, go, go. >> you go down you get back up. that's right. the big one, mike. remember what i taught you. >> there you go. whoo!
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>> taught him everything you knew. right, mike? where did he go? >> since i had the whistle why not keep these whipper snappers in line on the jumping dodge ball court. >> i'll hold your wallet. you ain't getting this back. no problem. >> whoa! mike, you're so in it. >> man i was tired. intermission icy break. now time to ball. >> going for the michael jordan on this one. >> oops. >> did you get that. >> if you aren't exhausted already they are not just trampolines. they have arcade games. a rock climbing wall. >> remember when i climbed down that building? >> even a hurricane simulator. and what family fun night would be complete without taking a ride on mechanical bull. >> whoa! >> i think too many tastes of tori. no joke i worked off a lot of calories. let me tell you look at these
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guys. they've been bouncing off the wall literally for about 40 minutes. i was giving them a queue. really i was just testing their agility. but this place is fantastic. they have soup to nuts when it comes to family fun entertainment. and really when i said i think i had too many taste with tories, everyone including newborns were showing me up today you guys. >> come on now. >> that looks like a lot of fun. pat croce was involved in slam ball that's take it to a whole new level. that looks like a lot of fun. >> they really are. >> thanks. >> thanks tori. >> let her rest for second. >> i'm tired looking at that. lauren joins us with the forecast. you're watching rain move in. >> rain especially for sunday. i don't really wanted to anything, the weather had give you a nice excuse first half of the day on sunday lay around lay on the couch. watch some tube. because the rain is going to be falling and fairly heavily at times we do have that heavy rain in the forecast for sunday but
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right now conditions fairly dry and still seeing clouds lingering we'll get live look right now at center city philadelphia. temperature 42 degrees. we topped off at 45 degrees today. so fairly seasonal. actually a few degrees above our average. average high temperature now about 40 degrees. northeasterly winds at around 6 miles per hour making it feel hibernate degrees. but not too bad for a january day. 38 right now is your current temperature in allentown near that freezing mark in mount pocono. still pretty mild in wildwood at 43 degrees. storm scan3 showing us those clouds firmly in place a couple of break in the clouds across the extreme southern new jersey but otherwise overcast conditions are going to take us into the overnight period. and a couple of snow showers working through the poconos had one little stray snow shower work over mount pocono over the last two hours and because of that this we have a wint weather advisory in effect overnight tonight into 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning for parts of carbon, monroe and northampton counties. we'll see kind of apachi freezing rain/snow mix again it won't be widespread not worried
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about a lot of accumulation could see a trace of ice a dusting snowfall that could make for slippery conditions on roads and sidewalks in the poconos keep that in mind if you're out and about. overnight tonight in the city cloudy and isolated shower possible. 38 degrees. as we head into the day tomorrow, maybe a stray shower in the morning. otherwise cloudy very mild 52 degrees but we'll have the fog, some drizzly conditions around as well but as we head into the afternoon hours, future weather shows us sin shine will be sparse as we head all throughout the weekend into tomorrow midday into the afternoon hours clouds still in place. fog in place. mist around and then as we head into your saturday night the first half stays dry. second half gets a little wet. then sunday morning gets very wet. widespread rainfall activity. see a lot of yellows, a lot of reds on our simulated reflect activity rain through the first half of the day on sunday if do you need to get out and about sunday the second half of the day late afternoon early evening going to be better just a few
11:21 pm
spotty showers lingering as we work on the back side of that cold front. but rainfall potential taking a look at four different models. they varied a bit but gfs our driest model picking half an inch of ran fall in philadelphia through 6:00 o'clock on sunday. our wettest model the nam about an inch an quarter. it's going to be fairly soggy sunday especially the first half but for tomorrow passing shower mainly in the morning. otherwise fog and drizzle stays with us through the day. mild day at that, though. 52 degrees. more than 10 degrees above our average. very warm on sunday, 62 degrees. but it's going to be windy and wet and then much colder as we head into monday. blustery conditions. some shine but 38 degrees. the high temperature. we're in the 40s. low 40s on tuesday. but we could see a few snow showers sneaking in tuesday night. then much colder wednesday, thursday, friday in the 30s. brrr. >> yeah. those sneaky snow showers. >> thanks lot lauren.
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>> lesley has a look at what's next in sports. >> till looking for the eagles next head coach and one of the eagles candidate may be off the market. i'll tell hugh has a second interview plus desean jackson ripping his former boss. what is he saying now about chip kelly? we' the one with the high-strength military-grade,the f-150. aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating... on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested."
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fans are talking to you. >> they hate me for what reason chip did it he let me go. that's his fault. >> that was desean jackson talking to sports director don bell after washington eliminated the eagles from play off contention one of the reasons chip kelly was fired. desean was not finish ripping his former coach and here's what he said in the interview with
11:26 pm
monday morning when you ruin a team like that you do things to people's families, you release people, you trade people, you get rid of good players who build something with the community, with the fans, with the kids to have a guy come in and change up a team like that i just believe in karma. chip kelly reportedly met yesterday with the 49ers for their vacant head coach spot. the 49ers fired jim, on sunday after a five and 11 season. they have 12 draft picks this year and potentially 40 million in cap space. over to the novacare complex the eagles did not bring in another coaching candidate today. reportedly former player and assistant doug peterson will be coming into town on sunday to interview. the dolphins have scheduled a second interview reportedly with adam gaze tomorrow. the bears offensive coordinator met with the eagles on tuesday impressed jeffrey lurie but the eagles did not offer him the job. stay tune. the flyers will be back in action tomorrow against the islanders. shane, will miss that game due
11:27 pm
to a lower body injury suffered in last night's four-thee overtime win over the wild and the sixers will host the raptors tomorrow night at the center. what a surprise today for army sergeant first class jameel ali the life long phillies fan thought i was going to take a tour of citizens bank park but got a lot more than that the phillies held a press conference and thanked him for his service to our country and also got a free trip to phillies fantasy camp in clearwater, florida. enjoy your time down in in order. you definitely deserve it. thanks for keeping us out of harms way. >> nicely done. >> enjoy the trip. this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's." seriously? at giant, prices are down. savings are up. my giant.
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my giant. ♪ highly anticipated film the revenant is now playing in theaters it's expected to be a big success and could even bring leonardo dicaprio his first best actor academy award. i sat down in center city with one his co-stars will older who play jim bridges in the film. we pre viewed the project today at 5:00. you had a question you wanted me to ask will and that question was -- >> i was very concerned about the bare. i wanted to know if twenty two i was cgi bear. computer bear or if it was real. >> let's find out. will? >> i have to unfortunately break the mystique and say the bear is not real.
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>> with that being said i think it is some of the most impressive cgi i've he have seen. >> it was unbelievable. >> when you see -- i saw the trailer in the theater and it is so -- it's so clear. i mean clearly no bear will attack him. but sometimes they blown the two things together. >> i was just going to same you have to see it on the big screen. >> um-hmm. >> to feel it. they had heart monitor some people who were watchin watchint screenings for different parts of the film to see how people would reaction. >> intense. >> if you saw it ton services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
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>> our morning team back tomorrow from five to seven a a.m. for lauren, lesley everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jess today dean. the late show with stephen colbert is next, it's live tonight from new york with
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matthew broderick. have a great night and s (cheers and applause) >> announcer: welcome to the colbert! (cheers and applause) ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ( band playing "late show" theme ) welcome to "the late show," everybody! and i mean that! (audience chanting stephen) >> stephen: thank you so much! (cheers and applause) in there, out there, all around the world! thank you so much! (cheers and applause)


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