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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  January 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> ♪ >> the from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> right now on "eyewitness news," we have new developments in the the ambush of a philadelphia police officer and the man accused of trying to kill him. but first tonight, crews just rescued a worker trapped in a sinkhole that opened up in olde city. this is a live picture here of the scene at the corner of fourth and market. a very active soon with police and fire on the scene. good evening, i'm natasha brown. the hole is 18 feet deep and it's still unclear exactly why it opened up. now, this is eyewitness cam video of the worker being rescued jus just a short time a. police say he's conscious and alert but the extent of his injuries are unclear. the sinkhole is disrupting service on the market frankford line and some septa bus routes as well. shuttle buses are running between fifth street and
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spring garden. of course stay with "eyewitness news" as we gather more information from that active breaking news story there. now returning to our other top story, we're learning more about the man accused of opening fire on officer jesse hartnett. let's get right out to "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon live at the scene of that shooting in west philadelphia. rahel. >> reporter:. >> reporter: natasha, this afternoon that suspect edward archer was formally arraigned and charged. he's facing a long list of charges including attempted murder aggravated assault and assault on a law enforcement officer this as we continue to dig deeper into his background including speaking with his former lawyer. >> he was very abrasive. he was very arrogant. he was very -- someone who wanted to get things done his way right away. >> reporter: criminal defense attorney doug saltzman tells "eyewitness news" he represented edward archer in the spring of 2013 for an aggravated assault firearms charge from 2012. he tells me this was after archer allegedly traveled to
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egypt. he says archer did state he was muslim but it wasn't discussed beyond that. he did, however, say archer was extremely demanding and abrasive. >> very demanding, very abrasive, very in your face, very -- just somebody who wanted what he -- when he wanted something he wanted it that moment. >> reporter: according to police archer confessed. he allegedly said he shot hartnett in the name of islam and that police carry outlaws that are contrary to the koran. >> he stated they pledges his allegiance to islamic state. he follows allah and that is the reason he was called upon to do this. >> reporter: police cameras caught each moment unfold in and appears to show archer allegedly approaching hartnett's patrol car and firing repeatedly. hartnett was struck three times in his left arm. police say his surviving the apparent ambush is incredible. >> the bravery he demonstrated was absolutely remarkable.
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his will to live undoubtedly saved his life. >> reporter: and again officer hartnett is expected to have a long road to recovery. so to assist with some of those recovery costs a go fund me page has now been set up and just in the last 24 hours or so about $5,500 has been raised. we're going to post a link to that go fund me page on our web site at archer's bail was denied earlier today. he's expected back in court january 25th for a preliminary hearing. reporting live in west philadelphia, rahel solomon, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, rahel, thank you very much. stay with "eyewitness news" for the very latest on the officer's condition. we will have new information tonight on "eyewitness news" after football and of course on our web site the search is on for a gunman who shot and killed a 19-year-old in west philadelphia. police responding to calls of a person with a gun found the victim on north 49th street
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about 1:30. he was shot several times in the chest arms and legs. anyone with information is asked to contact police right away. also now police are asking for the public's help in locating a missing 16-year-old girl. she was last seen at home on the 3300 block of north 22nd street on december 29th. police say she snow flurries bipolar disorder as well as depression and may be in need of medication. investigators think zariah may be in the area of 25th and indiana. turning to our weather. the temperatures are going up but the rain may be coming down very soon. meteorologist lauren casey is tracking it for us in the cbs3 weather center. >> hey, natasha. if you have plans to head out late tonight on this saturday night bring thal rain shirk. we'll have heavy rain developing. storm scan3 pretty quiet. clouds in place, a couple of sprinkles but a lot of moisture is up wind kind of encroaching right now on the delaware valley with a very potent system. still up wind at this point but you see all of this
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moisture starting to close in and that will approach as we head into the overnight period but temperatures right now they are very mild. 50 degrees in philadelphia. little bit of a breeze picking up out of the east-northeast. 51 right now down the shore and mild in the poconos in the upper 30's right now. for our headlines, windy, warm and very wet tomorrow especially for the first half of the day. temperatures, though, going to be up into the 60's but don't take it in for long. it's going to get much colder on monday, temperatures bumping down into the 30's and then dealing with the potential for, yes, a few snow showers. it is january. as we head into midweek and i'll have all the details on the heavy rain and the details of that cold coming coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> thank you. we'll see you soon. $900 million and growing actually. the powerball jackpot is now the biggest in u.s. history. and people are lining up for a chance to cash in. can you imagine winning that much money? wow. i just can can't. lines are out the door at many stores across the country
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including this one in california. as "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff shows us, folks are already dreaming big right nea here in philadelphia. >> reporter: the rising number has even flustered the lottery commission calling it uncharted territory. >> it's my birth day. would it be nice to hit a jackpot on my birthday. >> reporter: lines have been growing since wednesday night's drawing came and went without a winner. >> two dollars, four dollars. >> hear i have a better chance of being struck by lightning but i mean if you don't play -- somebody's got to win it. >> reporter: the day started out with an $800 million jackpot. paul bern heart professor of statistics at villanova crunched some numbers. a winner could buy every person in philadelphia 22 and a half cheesesteaks from tony luke's. that's mighty generous. that winner could take everyone in fill to hershey park three times. that's pretty sweet. >> i'd pay off my kids houses.
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i'd take them all on a vacation. >> i have a lot of family in north carolina and california and stuff like that. haven't heard from them in years and i'm sure i would hear from them if i won. >> i would keep my circle real tight. probably change my name and move to some island somewhere, become one of the indigenous people. >> after the feds take their share the amount a winner can take home will depend on where they live. players in delaware and other states without a state incan come tax will be extra lucky n pennsylvania lottery earnings are tax exempt. though in new jersey, a winner would have to fork over the highest tax rate in the country. i'm alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> so much to do with that money. of course we will have the winning numbers tonight for you on "eyewitness news" after the football game. good luck, everybody. the coaching search continues for the eagles as they look for the replacement of chip kelly. that search has taken a bit of an unexpected turn after reports say they're looking at a former division foe.
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lesley van arsdale joins us now with that story. who is this mystery. >> interesting one. the eagles interviews included. names but this morning added a twist. eagles have been granted permission to speak with former giants head coach tom coughlin. that's very interesting. he resigned on monday. he had been with the giants for 12 seasons and put together 102 wins which included two super bowls. he resigned with one year left on his contract. that's why the eagles had to ask the giants for permission. shortly after resigned reports then surfaced the 69-year-old would consider coaching again if the situation was right. as you might imagine twitter abuzz with the news from giants fans and eagles fans. giants fan ina olivia writes if tom coughlin ends up coaching for the eagles, that's a huge slap in the face: another says the tom cough flynn situation could be like the andy reid one. struggling in his final years
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but then thrives again when going to another team. in addition to coughlin the eagles will reportedly meet with former eagle now chief offensive coordinator doug peterson tomorrow but he has won a couple super bowlsly i wouldn't mind it. >> that would be huge. i mean the rivalry already, wow. >> yeah. >> okay, keep me posted. thank you lesley. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" new information about the capture of the mexican drug lord known as el chapo. find out how he may have brought about his own capture with one very huge mistake. also, an enormous wildfire has been declared a national disaster. find out where it's burning and also how many homes have already been destroyed. lauren. >> heavy rains set to move in tonightly we'll talk about the timing and how much rainfall to expect in your extended forecast and that's coming up. >> ♪
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>> welcome back everyone. we're learning more tonight about the recapture of mexican drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman. authorities were able to track him down because he contacted a mexican film crew about making a biopic about his lively we're getting a look at his most recent hideout a home in the seaside city. mexican police tour the place apart during that raid to recapture him. they killed five of his suspected associates and arrested six more. mexican officials say they are
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willing to extradite el chapo to the u.s. to face drug trafficking charges. also this massive wildfire has destroyed at least 131 homes in western australia. local officials have declared eight natural disaster. the fire is still burning tonight forcing authorities to issue more emergency warnings. at least four people are unaccounted for at this hour. the fire has stretched for 137 miles and burned more than 172,000 acres of land. crews are working to repair water main breaks at the korman suites in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" at 78th and lindbergh. this is a 12-inch main servicing the apartment complex that ruptured just before 7 o'clock this morning. no other homes in the area are affected. the philadelphia water department does not have a time frame just yet for when the repairs will ultimately be completed. and motorists seeking anything from car repairs to travel planning now have a one
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stop slop in south philadelphia. aaa midatlantic hosted a grand opening for their newest car care center today. this is auto club's first car care center in philadelphia. repair services are offered to aaa members and nonmembers. >> this past week we saw our emergency roadside assistance calls go through the roof because batteries are dying in the extreme cold so we're urging motorists to use this week as a warning that if you haven't winterized your car you may want to do so now because winter is here and you can now come do that here at aaa. >> aaa midatlantic has six car care centers in area. very convenient just go in there and get everything done. we did have some cold temperatures but it's kind of warming up now. >> it is warming up but then the bottom is going to fall out. get the car ready to go because we're going to deal with another round of arctic air as we head into next week. right now very mild conditions and dreary conditions as well. where are the buildings in center city? they're being
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obscured right now by fog, some overcast skies, east wind at around 9 miles per hour. overnight tonight those winds are going to pick up so we'll clear out some of this fog but we'll be dealing with gusty winds late tonight and through much of the day tomorrow but temperatures right now very mild by january standards. we're in the middle 40's in the lehigh valley, low 50's right now down the shore, even mount pocono 37 degrees. that is mild for you and temperature change over the last 24 hours in the positive numbers. we're up 7 degrees in philadelphia. up nearly 10 degrees in places like millville and atlantic city. as i mentioned we are dealing with some fog right now, reducing visibilities by about 3 miles in philadelphia, some dense fog reported up in the poconos. visibility down to 1 mile right now in allentown. but as i mentioned, as a breeze continues to pick up that will cause some of that fog to break down. winds right now out of the east and kind of northeast component to the wind flow. wind speeds up about 10 miles per hour. for the second half of
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overnight winds pick up and because of that we have a coastal flood advisory in effect for much of the area. this is 10 o'clock tomorrow morning to 3 o'clock in the afternoon. we are expecting to see some minor flooding because of those strong easterly winds kind of pushing that water up onto the shore and that's also going to coincide with some high tide times tomorrow morning from about 7:00 to 9:00 so we could see minor flooding but that could be enough to cause some closures of some roads especially down the shore. storm scan3 showing us pretty quiet for now. the clouds definitely in place. another cloudy dreary day to kick off the weekend but that moisture is starting to move its way from south to north pretty quickly. already a few sprinkles approaching the delmarva peninsula and overnight we'll see that heavy rain developing so chance of a sprinkle through the first part of the overnight period. tone need the umbrella but after midnight we'll start to see heavy rain building in across the area. and temperatures tonight not going to drop off too much. 48 degrees and a very mild day in store for tomorrow. how about 63 degrees? our record for the day is 69 so
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not too far off from that. but heavy rain especially for the first half of the day. then a little bit of sunshine and a lingering shower into the afternoon and it's going to be quite windy for us by tomorrow afternoon. future weather going to show us as we head into the evening hours, mainly dry but after midnight tonight that rain still coming up spreading across the delaware valley. some very heavy pockets of rain tomorrow morning, maybe even a few rumble of thunder. most of the rain is going to fall by midday tomorrow but we still could see a few lingering showers so if you're out and about tomorrow afternoon have that umbrella on stand by but also some breaks in the cloud deck for late day tomorrow and then we clear out completely tomorrow night but with that clearing is going to come some cold air. and as i mentioned taking a look at some of our projected rainfall totals from four of or models they deliver a little bit but still pretty significant rainfall as we look through the day tomorrow. most of that is going the fall by about 10 o'clock in the morning. then we'll see a few residual showers but we could pick up an inch over an inch of rainfall in philadelphia and most locations across the area
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through this event with this heavy rain building in tonight and the first half of the day tomorrow. dry on monday, sunshine returns but with windy and cold conditions, a high temperature only of 36 degrees. tuesday we're up at 42 and, yes, some late day snow showers possible as we head into the evening hours. and not expecting much in the way of accumulation but it could be our first flakes of the season that we'll see. wednesday arctic air returns. windy as well. 31 degrees. that day is going to be bitter cold. 34 on thursday, still quite chilly and high temperatures in the 30's take us all the way into next weekend. so, 63 if you like the winter warmth, soak it in tomorrow. >> eke, i will. thank you very much. appreciate that. okay, we're still soaking in the fact that the eagles are looking for the perfect coach. >> not sure how we feel about this. the eagles set to interview former giants head coach tom coughlin on monday. that interview will happen one week to the day resigned as head coach of the giants. he still has one year left on his contract so the birds have
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to go to the giants and get permission to interview him. the giants stumbled in this last few seasons but in 12 years as head coach he had over 100 wins and did win the super bowl twice. one of the first people to interview for the eagles job has found a new home. dolphins announced adam gase will be their next head coach. at 37 he's the nfl's young of the head coach. he had been with the bears for one season and offensive coordinator for the broncos for two seasons before that. the flyers at home this afternoon taking on the islanders their first full game without ricky shayne gostisbehere. he had a lower body injury. after scoreless first flyers offense comes alive in the second period. sean couturier makes a great pass to michael raffl for that goal. one-nothing flyers. later in the second great passing by the flyers. puck ends up on the stick of
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medvedev. flyers win four-nothing. >> line mates are playing well so that's -- you know, that's a big credit to him. he's done a good job obviously on the score sheet tonight but he's also been a good two-way player and taking pride in that and he's done a good job. >> i think our whole team played a full 60 tonight. mason made the saves he needed to work. our forward took care of pucks when they had to. >> there's no letting off the gas today. that's the type of effort that wins hockey games and at no point in this game were we ever in doubt of not coming away with a win. >> dayton visiting lasalle. great basket right here. then check out johnny schuler.
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11 points. lasalle playing with only six players pulling up the upset. they win it 61 to 57. big rivalry at the palestra. princprinceton vis sitting penn. darien nelson henry leading the charge off the free throw makes that great move inside the basket. penn leading this game by five late now in the second half. so, so far pretty good day for our local teams. >> yeah, yeah. i'm very impressed.
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>> all right, one last check on the forecast. >> yeah, heavy rain moving in tonight but if you need to go out like we were talking about and get that lottery ticket real quick you can do it and you'll stay dry. heavy rain moves in after midnight tonight. windy and warm tomorrow. heavy rain through the first half of the day and then a few lingering showers and then much colder january returns on monday 36 degrees, blustery an few snow showers by late day tuesday. >> oh, really. 900 million. you wouldn't even care about weather at that point right. >> 900 million. >> who cares about the weather. i would be on an island. out of here. thank you so much. you still got time you guys to get your tickets. we're heading out right after this. that's going to do it for us for now. we've got errands to run. i'm natasha brown for lesley lauren i'm natasha brown. we're back with you at 10 o'clock on the cw philly and back here after football a little later tonight. have a great day, everyone.
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>> axelrod: nearly a billion reasons to keep your eye on the ball tonight. the largest lot friday jackpot ever means long lines to the deadline. >> is it worth it, it is worth it because it is life changing. >> lights, cameras, capture, mexican authorities say el pa cho, e el chapo's plan to star n his own movie led to this. >> new details about the gunman who ambushed a philadelphia police officer in the name of isis. and taking stock of stock photos, turning the focus away from the stereotypes. >> the goal right now is to get more images of real people. >> this is the cbs evening captioning sponsored by cbs >> axelrod: good evening. i am jim axelrod. less than four and a half hours from now at


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