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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 10, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EST

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two years ago, you obtained a premise permit for a 9mm. you still own that gun? it's in my closet. you understand anything you say can be used against you, right bruce? (kids shouting playfully) bruce: wyatt used to love it here. every morning, i'd bring him out here. then agaht after school. now look at him. he begged and begged us to send him to soccer camp, in rig but his mother wouldn't have it. i always said she was too overprotective. "what harm could... one week could do?" i s i'm gonna need you to roll up your sleeve and let me take a look at your right arm, bruce. maybe aid.ld talk to that lawyer. look, my heart aches for you and your family. i shou honestly, it does, bruce. but if that was you last night,
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then you took a shot at my family. so, i'm gonna ask you right now, was it you? i read about the shooting in the paper; i wanted that son of a h to think it was me. wish i had the balls. bitc (sighs) jackie: well? it's not the guy. huh, you look relieved. you know what, as bad as i want to nail this son of a bitch, the last thing in the world i really wanted was for bruce richmond to be that son of a bitch. the poor guy. heartbreaker, huh? the worst. all right, why don't we start over, okay? walk it through from the beginning, see where we're at. well, i was thinking, why don't we just take a ride to staten island? what do you mean, staten island? what i patrick got into a beef with one of the other cons inside the halfway house? or someone outside the halfway house. good thinking, partner;f ca.
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baker: where were you? urgent police business. i've bee weingall over for you. we've been trying to cover... thank you, baker. carry on. where have you been? mrs. reagan. you've gained some weight. you left without teln looknyone. i went out. i can do that, you know, garrett. not without your detail, you cant. i looked both ways before crossing the street, and i didn't talk to strangers. ling a where's your pin? in my pocket. frank? your spin is not necessary here. my spin is not all i'm good for, frank. i know that. look, you're talking to a guy who's on wife number three. i know how the start of an affair can be logistically challenging. boy. i never could get one past you. i can help you. going forward, i can put out your schedule in ways that won't raise any questions. thanks, garrett, but i'm not sure it is going forward. oh, sorry to hear that. at can you do?
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just curious-- why not? whtoo young? too o more like the type that asks jutoo many questions.t? been there. baker... ld? where were we? (door closes) crowd (chanting): halfway, no way! our neighbors have been going at it like this for about a month ever since they turned this joint into a halfwae. i got to tell you, reagan, i got kids, and they put murderers and molesters next door to me? i'd be right out there with them. you and my wife both. y hous well, there's nothing like a mother protecting her young. halfway, no way! so how is she? (sighs) all right. so you really think one of your neighbors here is the shooter? i don't know. crime's up ten percent since they opened this place. look at them. they've clearly had enough. staten island, you know, not exactly known for turning the other cheek. mm.
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yeah, well, why don't we swing by the local precinct. see if any sector car took any coms. (phone ringing) good idea. hold on. hey. o-okay, slow down, slow down. plaint what happened? he what? okay, i'm, i'm on my way. all right. what happened? (car starts) hey. hock? he's okay; he's fine. what do you mean, he's okay? you said he was crying. he came home from school; he never comes home from school. he just, he wanted to come home. because of last night? w's ja yeah. the nurse said that he just keeps... seeing the flash from the gun. (exhales)
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where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remisis possible. always point it in a safe direction. number two? you're ready to shoot. never touch the trigger sion and rule number three? assume every gun is loaded. that's right. unless i was just a little bit younger than you but he trusted mey dad to be responsible and safe. the same way i'm trusting you. you understand? n. (quietly): yeah. okay? mm. all right. chamber's empty. gun's clean. okay. give me your hand. get your thumb under there, right there.
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watch the trigger. keep your finger outside the trigger guard. support it with your other hand. keep it aimed down. okay. down is safe 'cause no one's below us right now. all right? it's kind of heavy. yeah, it's heavy. it's not a toy. jack, what you saw the other night... there are times in life when you're gonna have to stand up for yourself. you're gonna have to defend yof and your family. i'm so sorry you had to see that. ursel but you did. you gonna be all right? yeah. what's going on? hey. jack, give that back to daddy right now.
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linda, it's fine. you heard me, jack. it's all right. go on upstairs. go ahead. (gun clicks) linda, he was afraid. he was curious. he asked if he could see it. so you said he asked it's time.d see it. two days after he's almost shot is-is time for him to play with your gun? he wasn't playing with it, linda. yes. i'm teaching him about it. look, we-we can either make him a part of it with my supervision, or we can wait. we can wait until him and his kid brother are snooping around in the closet one day when we're not home, and then god forbid. those are wonderful options, danny. look... the biggest mistake we can make is to pretend that my gun does not exist in this house.
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okay. listen to this. cops at the took a robbery complaint just three hours before the shooting. oh, what do we got here? an irate father threatening to kill somebody after a 16-year-old girl was held up 1-2-5 at gunpoint for an iphone? what's the connection? keep going. why would a guy pissed off about a robbery want to hunt down carl patrick? look at the description she gave of the perp. six-two, male, whitereddis. that's carl patrick to a tee. what do we got here? a case of mistaken identity? well, i'm thinking the guy's in such a rage that he goes after , out of that halfway housesees cg that fits the description. (tapping on computer keys) come on, give me a name. the unbelievable. i know this schmuck. a friend of yours? no. our boys were on the same football team together, that is, until he yelled at my son, and we almost came to blows. oh, so this should be fun. (thud, grunts) come on, harder, harder.
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square your shoulders up. i can't. i'm sorry. i don't know the meaning of that word. come on, let's go. be a man. there! welcome to the nfl. come on, get up. hey, wayne. how's it going? reagan? this is my partner, detective curatola. i see dylan still hits like a bull. yeah, well, tice, practice, practice. uh-huh. you got a second? go on, take a blow. prac what's up? we understand your daughter was the victim of a crime the other day. yeah. jennifer. one of those halfway house dirtbags mugged her ri richmond avenue. i'm sorry to hear about that. she did get a good look at the guy though, right? i thought you worked in manhattan. what? you get bumped down to staten island now? i take aght onal interest in cases close to home, you know? yeah. well, what do you want to know? i-i already told the cops down at the precinct everything. yeah, sure you did. we just want to know if you or jennifer have see speciguy since. no. no? you didn't go after him, go looking for him? try to find him?
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yeah, well, you told the cops down at the station n the re gonna find him yourself. how'd that work out for you? no. no, i, uh, had something to do that night. mm-hmm. what'd you have to do that night? you we dinner. dinner? where'd you go, locally, restaurant? hollie: no, it was here at home. hello, hollie. anny. how's linda? she's good. will you tell her that i said hello? i will. so, mrs. rivano, you had, uh, dinner here on sunday? hey, d that's right. and who was here with you? the kids. anyone besides a family member who could corroborate your story? corroborate ry? we're just trying to sort out what happened that night. yeah, well, one of those animals from the halfway house stuck a gun in my daughter's back. that's what happened. yeah, told us that already. my sto do you own a gun, wayne? what's going on here, danny? do we need to call a lawyer? i don't know, hollie. wayne, do you need a lawyer?
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you know what? this conion is over. get the hell off my lawn. as you wish. well, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck... versat must be a duck. erin: but i'd have to prove it, which i can't. not with what i got, which is nothing. it's just a warrant. let me run his dna against the blood i found at the crime scene. omise you it'll match. based on what? based on he took a shot at my kids. your nephews. that is a low blow, even for you. i pr (sighs) you're right. i'm sorry. can i get the warrant? i'm sorry. (slams shopping cart) hey, hollie, nice to see you. wish i could say the same. one phone call from your father-in-law,
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that's all it would have taken to i hat damn halfway house. i'm sorry, you know, but that's not exactly true. you reagans... you-you walk around like you're big shots, but when it's time down tyou to put that big name of yours to use, you don't lift a finger. you know what, hollie? i don't have a clue what you're talking about, but, as usual, it just sounds like a bunch of trash. for excuse me. you think you're so much better than the rest of us, don't cha? no, hollie. just you. you tell your husband the next time he steps foot on my property, he'd better have a warrant. or a swat team. it's 4:00 in the morning, pop. you should be asleep. i was about to tell you the same thing. i know you were. i got a full day tomorrow. knock it off. we live in a hundred-year-old house. you think i haven't heard you working the floor every night?
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francis... why do you still wear your wedding old habit. mary got sick. band?asn't your fault. pop, you sound like a shrink. it wasn't your fault when the mayor offered you the pc job a month later either. that w the department needed you to step up. she wanted me to take the job. you never told me that. what she didn't want was her youngest joining the family business. oh, yeah, she was so proud when he graduated law. and relieved. francis, that was jamie's choice. well, i still see it as my job to worry for both of us. when tom costello took that bullet standing next to you, how'd you feel?
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every cop's worst nightmare: their partner dying in their arms. did you ever ask yourself, why him and not me? every day. was there a moment you were glad it wasn't you? john mckenna's not doing well. oh... you guys went through a lot together. competed for diffei lost touch.ns i hadn't seen him since he went on disability. . we were side by side in the north tower. when the south tower went, we just looked at each o and we knew that twice as many people were trapped above the impact in our building.
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ther, (sighs) we lost almost 3,000 that day, but it's not over. people are still dying. son... (sighs) i don't know why chief mckenna got sick from the air down there, and you didn't. just like i don't know why he took mary and joe from us too soon. but i see god's light in this family every day. and though i may not understand it... i trust in his plan for us all.
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is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. linda: heavenly father, we thank you for this food we are about to receive, for the love that you show our family and for the wisdom that you grant us in making the right decisions. amen.
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others: amen. what a beautiful blessing, aunt linda. really nice. yeah, especially the bit there i'm just sayingabout making grace, danny.t decisions. yeah, and erin's potatoes aren't soggy. beg your pardon? everything all right down there? everything's fine, gramps. fine, my ass. you two still fighting? could we talk about this another time, please? you brought it up. grandpa never misses family dinner. why isn't he here? well, he just said that something came up, and he didn't have time to explain, tall. i'm waiting, detective. honestly, gramps, it's nothing. just because your father isn't here doesn't mean... hat's that the rules have changed. everything has been fair game at the reagan family dinner table. always has been. always will be. yeah. so... what's going on?
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well, linda wants me to drop the case. i didn't ask you to drop the case. i asked you to hand it off. same difference. no, it's not. oh, great, you're lawyered up now. no, she didn't lawyer up. i just happen to agree with her. oh. danny, no one wants this guy who shot at our kids nailed to a wall more than i do, but, you know, this is just-- this is too much. it's too close to home. what, is there 300 other first-grade detectives who could take the case? yeah, but none of 'em are as good as uncle danny is. nicky. i'm sorry, but it's what i think. thank you. isn't that a rule at family dinner? everybody's opinion counts. that's right. it's my opinion, too. danny's the best we got. nothert to let him see it through. you you goi... i'm done playing second fiddle to the nypd.
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know, frank: the only thing harder than being a cop is being married to one. what'd you used to say about danny? he is cursed with the gift for the job. i'll tell you this, he's got the reagan temper. yeah, i know, now that i'm a big-time diplomat, i got to sit on mine, but... i see myself in danny every day... ...and it makes me proud. worry about erin-- the divorce. (sighs) raising kids by yourself can be rough... and daughters are special... as you well know. oh, here's one for you: my youngest, my harvard lawyer is a cop--
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something mary didn't want. when you went outry i haon three-quarters, i...ou. i'm not gonna blame it on the job. (sighs) life plays tricks on you. (footfalls, door opening) (sighs) bye, old friend.
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(sobbing) (garbage truck stopping) whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on. this belong to that house? yeah. okay, great, know what? leave it with me, i'll take care of it. all right? hey! you stay right there, all right? what the hell do you think you're doing, reagan? i said don't move.
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get the hell out of my trash. you leave trash out on the curb, and it can be searched without a warrant, wayne. i'm calling a lawyer. you go do that. what are you gonna do with that? i'm gonna lift the dna off it and match it to the blood you left at the crime scene when i shot you in your arm. you're out of your mind. i'm out of my mind? you say i'm out of my mind? hey, take it easy, all right? and i'm out of my mind? hey. killed my kids take it easy, would you, reagan, all right? what's the matter? not so tough without your mask? i didn't do it, all right? , good, prove it. come on, roll up your sleeve. just listen to me. i'll give you three seconds to roll up your sleeve. ho, ho, ho, just take it easy. three... listen to me. two... all right, all all right. one! all, all right. right, this is for my family. (screaming) yo the right to remain silent.
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anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. u have i still remember the first time i saw you in your dress blues. that wside of pizza amore. yeah... and you were in trouble with me, then, too. as out why do you think i wore the uniform? now i only ever see you in it when we're going to a funeral. i was going to wait till late
2:34 am give this to you, but... what is that? r... open it. danny. i love being a cop, linda-- it's always been more than a job to me-- but nothing on this planet is more important to me than you and those boys. (sighs) i do not want you to stop being a cop. i just need you to know that i would. (sighs)
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oh, danny. i love you. i love you more. (bagpipes playing "amazing grace" inside church) where were you on 9/11? that question has become part of the fabric of our lives as americans. on 9/11, i was with a hero. i was with john mckenna. on that beautifucloudlessg


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