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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 11, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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this morning, as you can see, we have some activity out on the roadways, i'll get to it? just a moment. katie, how is it feeling out there? >> definitely chilly. definitely the breeze, i shouldn't say anything, because every time i do, like right on cue when the breeze kicks in, not too bad yet. have only been out here for minute or two, see how we do, but definitely chill in the air for sure. did just have cold front, why it was so wet over the weekends with all of the soaking rain, but now the reinforcements are going to be brought in here in the next couple every days. at the moment, storm scan totally quiet, high pressure keep control for our weather here, over the course of the entire day and night for that matter. but as we look forward in the forecast, yep, looking for some snow folks, another front is coming our way. obviously, not amounting to heck of a lot. if anything, we might see a tent of an inch or so but even if it does in fact happy don't think you will have a chance to see it stick and accumulate. just haven't had enough of cold spell where we've seen these grounds temperatures
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stay cold enough. so, yes, it likely is going to be our first snow event, we call it, of the year, or of the season i should say. how much, probably doesn't amount to much. we got it start small anyway. 32 degrees the current temperature at the airport, there it is, right on cue, not sure if you can hear it through the microphone, breeze starts to pick up, meals it -- makes it feel colder, more like the 20's at best how it feels here today in any given location, so make sure you not only grab your heavy winter coat but hug it tighter because again the wind will get you it, doesn't matter where you are. expect that sunshine, however, no matter where you are here today. all courtesy again of our good old friends, high pressure. meisha? >> katie, crazy to think we're still looking for the snow, isn't it? >> i know, bizarre. >> just so bizarre, good morning to you, katie, and all of you at home, just waking up with us, an accident, chester, 95 north, commodore barry bridge, you can see just string of brake lights now, and it is only 5:00 in the morning. right around this bend, you are blocking two left lanes,
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because of this accident, everyone's trying to squeeze over, maneuver by, as they can, in fact, see the truck just trying to squeeze by there. not good. if you can avoid this area, for right now, you certainly want to. otherwise, just know, you will be sitting in something that looks like that. no fun. boulevard at ridge avenue and kelly drive ramp from the boulevard southbound to ridge avenue is closed right now, i'll let you know when it does lift. other than that the boulevard basically anywhere that i look right now actually looking pretty good. then we have a fire earlier this morning, feasterville, now since been cleared, good news, for in you that area. but we do have this flooding here, route 413 close in the bristol, new falls road to bath road, use alternate, 95 or bristol oxford valley road, your best bet right now. i'll let you know of course when it does clear. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. ♪ >> david bowie singing his 1970 hit young americans, on
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the dick cabot show, recorded much of the albumn right here in philadelphia at sigma studios. this morning, we're learning bowie passed away this weekend after 18 mentulate l with cancer. his agent says he passed peacefully surrounded by family and friends. bowie released albumn black star just last friday on his 69th birthday. much more coming up at 5:30, including celebrity reaction. >> new this morning, a chain east restaurant catches fire in bucks county, also, damages at least three other businesses. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us in feasterville with the latest on this situation, jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning. fortunately, there are no injuries to report this morning. but as you mentioned, four businesses are now dealing with a lot of damage. the fire crews just pulled out of here, but you can see, what's left behind. now the fire started right there at the business at the center of your screen right now, hong kong king buffet.
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told the smoke traveled from the fire to david's bridal on the left, and the smaller dose shop next-door. so four businesses in total impacted this morning. now, if you take a look at the video, slyk fire crews were up against earlier this morning, and this fire started here, on the 700 block of bustleton pike, feasterville, right around 1:00 this morning. fire crews were able to extinguish this fire, after just about 90 minutes. it was just a one alarm earn, but the fire was able to do a whole lot of damage in that time. the buffet, we're told, herly damaged by fire, likely total lost, david's bridal, we're told, had a lot of smoke and water damage. and the owner of the vip fashions said smoke got into her store too, horrible, timing she says. she had just moved about 2500 dresses therefore prom season. take a listen. >> whatever work we it, we will have to start all over. this is the life. thank god everybody is okay. hope the guys working on the
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roof, they are fine, you know, as long as everybody's safe and healthy, that's all that matters. >> and that was a new shop for vip fashion, as well, they have a bridal shop located nearby. they say they had just moved all of their new merchandise, especially all of that prom merchandise, into the store, they say, it was a much bigger store, big and beautiful, they'll fear what they'll find when they go back in later on today. they say they will work with customers though to get everyone covered with everything that they've purchased and they wanted. fire crews although they've left the scene right now they say they'll be back on the scene to investigate the cause a little later today. they say right now just too early to determine the cause of this fire. and of course a lot of clean up needed later today, as well. reporting live in feasterville, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. in other news this morning, philadelphia police and the fbi are investigating a possible new threat, this is linked to friday's ambush shooting of an officer. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now,
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live at police headquarters with the latest details for us. justin, good morning. >> good morning, this tip has launched joint investigation between the philadelphia police and the fbi, one that says that officers are possible targets of an attack by group linked to the man accused of shooting officer hartnett last week. and this morning, we know that officers are working in pairs, as this investigation continues. >> this is what the fbi and local law enforcement are working to avoid, another violent ambush of a philadelphia police officer, like this attack last thursday night, of officer jesse hartnett. >> shots fired. >> the suspected shooter, 30 year old edward archer every yeadon, remains behind bars, accused of attempted murder, but over the weekend, philadelphia police got a disturbing tip from a woman who claims archer is part of a group that consists of three other, that archer is not the most radical of the four, and that the threat to police is
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not over. john mcnesby, president of the philadelphia fraternal order of police -- >> comb through every possible lead, just to be sure, i mean, and i am app sure there are other leads that we still have not, you know, made aware of. >> tipster also alleges that archer and the others were radicalized at philadelphia international airport area mosks. >> our mosque is open, you know, to the general public. if he had come here, you know, on occasion, that's a possibility. we're not aware of that because we have been extremely vocal about radicalization and extremism. i don't think you will fine any of our members being anywhere remotely involved in this tragic event. >> meantime, officer hartnett continues to recover from three gunshot wounds to his left arm. >> as days go by, settles in little bit of actually what happened, actually how lucky he was. >> lucky indeed. we are hearing officer hartnett is due in surgery perhaps today, or this morning, and he has a lot of bone damage, we are told, and possible nerve damage, as
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well. he's had long list of visitors while at the hospital, including local officials, and members of the 18th district police department. the fbi and police pursuing all tips, at least we are told, and they encourage even more. as for that suspected shooter edward archer, we hear he is due back in court on january 25th, erika, back over to you. >> justin finch for us, thank you so much. meanwhile, officer hartnett has a long road to recovery justin mentioned there is but getting help from strangers. go fund me page set up for him last friday has already raised more than $21,000 in donations. now, that shattered the goal of $15,000. if you want to donate we have put a link for you on our website stay with "eyewitness news" for the latest on the officer ambush and that possible new threat for officers. as soon as we get any new development, we'll have it for you on tv and on line at >> check out this scary situation for another police officer protecting officer hartnett at penn press bee
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tire yan medical center. he got into a fire with a man who tried to steel the gun out of the officer's holster on saturday night. the officer managed to subdue the man with the help of hospital security. we're told the officer was not hurt. he actually give that suspect $5 earlier in the day when the man asked for some money for food. >> pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane, does not plan to appear at senate hearing that could decide her fate. tomorrow's hearing is part of process that could lead to kane's removal from office on ground she can't perform her duties while her law license is suspended. kane battling perjury and other criminal charges. 5:09 right now. big question: are you feeling lucky? the powerball jackpot continues soaring to record height. we'll take you to the local store that some say is a lucky one for lottery tickets. >> also, one of the world's motion wanted drug kingpins coming to the u.s. to face justice. howell chapo's hollywood dreams help lead to his
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downfall. >> and the golden globe goes to ... sylvester stallone. >> yes, yo adrian, silver at the stallone bridges its crowd to it feet after winning its first ever goal end globe award. we'll show you the other big winners at last night's award show. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and remembering the iconic career of david bowie all morning long. british singer died after long battle with cancer. he was 69 years old. >> ♪ >> ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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>> el chapo guzman sits in the same security prison he escaped from six months ago. authorities are looking into an interview guzman did with actor sean penn. their conversation was published in a rolling stone article. don catch john has the latest. >> drug kingpin el chapo guzman back in the same mexican prison he tunnelled out of six months ago, but his day there may be number. authorities have gun the
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process every sending guzman to the u.s. to face charges. while his lawyers have already filed motions to fight extradition, an us law enforcement source told cbs news el chapo is expected to be in the us within the next four to six weeks. guzman was captured friday after violent shoot-out with mexican marines, he has been on the run since july, always managing to stay one step ahead of investigators. his downfall may have been a meeting with actor sean penn in october. >> it was my -- >> mexico's attorney general, says, guzman reached out to producers, and actors, because he wanted to make a by graf call film about himself. actress kate del castillo helped bring guzman and penn together. the two were photographed in the mexican jungle, and ma meeting hemmed them find el chapo's hide out. after years of denying he was in the drug trade, guzman told penn and rolling stone magazine, quote, i supply more
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heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana than anybody else in the world. those words may come back to haunt guzman if he eventually faces trial in the u.s. don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". happening today, the driver of the baltimore police van where freddie gray suffered his fatal injury goes on trial. officer ceasar goodson charged with second degree murder. if convicted he faces up to 30 years in prison. goodson only one of six baltimore officers charged in gray's death who did not speak to investigators. >> 5:15. after yesterday it was so nice, spring temperatures, and back to cold today. >> great that we had the wind and rinked yesterday, but okay, cool, i can handle temperatures that mid mid 60s, not impossible. >> different store. >> i completeliment back edge of the column front being the exact polar opposite. it is definately a lot colder
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outside. grab the winter coat for one thing, hug it little tighter. you will need tonight definitely chill in the air for now. it will get reinforced and actually helps bring us our first round of snow showers. >> hold on, snowflakes. >> phinally, i know. >> only what january 11th? >> that's what's been so bizarre about this whole thing, waiting this long to finally see some snow. and even at that, it doesn't look like it will amount to much guys. shot outside in bethlehem. northampton county things definitely chilly, but certainly very calm and quiet here. and as we look over, overlooking the south bonn man here, see the light lighting up the mountain top there. nice, tranquil, clear for one thing, go next to storm scan3, which is actually showing some signs of life. far inland, though, would you have to go to find any kind of snowflakes, namely, all just lake enhancement from the passage of the cold front we just talk about. at this point the wind is helping to get some of the snow in action here. but there is a reinforcing cold front actually going to
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cross through tomorrow. so that's where we turn our focus tomorrow afternoon, we start to see some snowflakes through the far north and west most suburbs, at least how the time something looking right now, and at most by the time we hit 11:00 p.m., at night, talking couple of tenth of an inch if that. ground even though cold starting to turn chillier, ground still little too warm. so even if it does actually fall to the ground, i don't see it having much of a shot to actually stick let alone accumulate, especially if you are only talking couple of tent after inch. just won't happen. that bodes very well for commuters. not so much if you are hoping for snow day, kids. we only get to you b minus for the school day, grade for the day, just because despite sunshine it is you have ally chilly outside with the wind fact towards in, temperatures at best in the 30's, below average anyway, probably don't feel any better than the 20's, now, looking forward, little roller coaster ride, again cold front coming tomorrow. rebounds to the 40's, then stuck back to below freezing on wednesday. meisha, over to you. >> i tell you, that windchill, it will get you every time.
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good morning, everyone, happen mine day, outside we have an accident. chester 95 north commodore barry bridge, see where all of the flashing lights are, blocking the two left lanes, but, when you look at this picture, you can see, just a sea of brake lights, letting you know even if you are squeezing by then maybe far outer right lane possibly it doesn't matter, still going to be sitting here little bit. so if you can avoid that right now, that area altogether, i certainly would do so. this isn't so much of a back up camera per say, but this area could get backed up. if that accident doesn't get out of the way, 95 north at 452, delaware county, these travelers moving in the northbound direction. not looking bad at all. moving in the southbound direction, we don't typically see there is but looking heavier in the southbound direction than it is in the northbound direction. so, avoid the area at all costs if you k looking at the ben franklin bridge, looking good as you mover in the westbound direction, still nice and quiet as we push toward that 6:00 hour, we will of course see that change as we move into the 6:00. flooding route 413 closed
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bristol, new falls road to bath road. use alternate such at 95 or bristol, oxford valley road, your best bet right now. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. biggest stars of film and television came together in beverly hills for the 73rd annual golden globe awards. the globes are seen as early indicator for who just might take home oscar next month. chris martinez has more on last night's big winners. and the goal end globe goes to the rev than the. >> won top honors at the golden globe a wart taking home statues for best picture, drama, best director, and best actor. leonardo dicaprio. >> i want to share this award with all of the first nations people represented in this film. >> oh, i can't believe this. >> larson took home award for best actress in a drama, while jennifer laurence won best actress in a comedy for her performance in joy. the martian won top honors for best picture comedy and best actor in a comedy, matt
5:20 am
damian. but it was sylvester stallone who earned among the night's most thunderous applause winning best supporting ac for for his reprice al of boxer rocky balboa in the movie creed. >> i want to thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa for being the best friend i ever had. >> the globe's also honor the best in television and this year for the first time streaming services like netflix garn earned more nominations than cable and broadcast networks. amazon's in the jungle took home two globes for best tv series, musical or comedy, and best supporting actor. >> relax, i'll try and be nice. >> often controversial comedian ricky gervais returned to host the award broadcast, ankle tore danzel washington honored with the cecil b de mill lifetime achievement award. chris martinez, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> now, for many stars, the other big competition is before the goal end globes right there on the red carpet, j-lo looking great, so which
5:21 am
stars wowed and who fashion missed the mark? we'll take a look at the winners and losers that's coming up. still ahead this morning, the eagles are still looking for that new coach. and the latest candidate who is having a candidate today very similar to ... >> when the eagles longest season ticket holder passed away recently at the age of 92, his family soon found out that the franchise is just a big after fan of him.
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>> a special tribute for life-long eagles fan. when the teem's longest season ticket holder passed away, the team made sure he was remembered. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff shows you how the eagles honored that dedicated fan. >> the code here is respect the game. >> on sunday in cinnaminson, they wear green, no matter who is playing. >> can't even kick it all the way to the end zone. >> they aren't just a coaching
5:25 am
dynasty, but man whose dedication to the eagles out lasted most any other. >> they started the restaurant in 1948. and then he got the ticket the same year. >> the son after italian immigrant, fresh off world war ii, he brought his first group of season tickets in 1948, perk for his new business. >> he would plan it so he was home by 11:00 to get to the game. that will was his passion. >> from 1948 on, he seldom missed an game and never a season. >> he said oh, i'm going to get them. don't worry. i said you can't break t you can't break it. >> from the guy that opened the door to the elevator named ray to guest services to sitting in our seats. >> by 2012, he had become the longest consecutive season ticket holder on record, and achievement that put him on the big screen and brought everyone in the stadium to their feet. >> he said he felt it. everyone cheering. >> but soon the games and tailgate began to wear. >> in 2014 he made it to quite a few. except when they got real
5:26 am
cold. >> placido died four month ago, at 92. but just last week, this arrived. >> it says game ball present today placido val airy, and forever an eagles. >> when the team heard about his death they sent a gift of gratitude. >> they had bad teams, but he was the man that still went to every game. >> it turns out the team he was such a fan of was a fan of his, as well. >> oh, i was taken back pretty much because i didn't think they would do something like, that you know? but i'm happy they recognized him. >> paul, along with his sons, have all bought into these tickets, so that they can keep up with this well seasoned tradition, and in doing so, they kept them under their grandfather's name. reporting from lincoln financial field, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> wow, just 1948. just incredible. >> so awesome, isn't that? and you get choke up when you see someone else get choke up. >> the organization loved him as much as he loved the team.
5:27 am
>> and to send that football, just to be honored that way. >> fun little fact, too. told placido's favorite player, chuck bet nerve i can. >> love that. >> great honor. >> and cute store. >> i 5:27. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", remembering the life and legend of david bowie. >> also this morning, $1.3 billion, authorities fathom, but someone could become an instant billionaire with wednesday night's powerball drawing. we'll take you to one of the local stores known for selling those winning tickets. katie, i would like to know which store this is in. >> yes, have my pen and paper ready to go so i can write down the address, tell you what folks, definitely looking at winter's final return here, not only is it going to get a lot colder outside, but finally looking ahead to the first snow of the season. we'll have all of the detail coming up.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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and learn about a free trial offer at >> the voice of so many generation, david bowie has gone silent. this morning learning the singer passed after 18 month long battle with cancer. we'll have more on his death coming up in just a few moments. first quick check on traffic and weather together. what a change from yesterday, headed back to school, baco


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